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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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what are you telling your congregation. we have to be conspiracy to massacre anti semitism in america on al-jazeera. brazil's coronavirus death toll surges to become the 2nd highest in the world the un's health agency wants the country's hospitals are under huge strain. number by the sun and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up several districts in beijing are locked down after the 1st locally transmitted virus infections in nearly 2 months. cities across the u.s. have heard the call to defund the police following the death of george floyd we
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report 'd from one the did just that. and a 2nd night of protests in lebanon over the government's handling of a deepening economic crisis. brazil's president once dubbed coronavirus as a little flu it's now become a health crisis the country has the 2nd highest number of deaths from covert 900 in the world on friday another 900 deaths were reported and that makes the total number of fatalities in the $42000.00. reports. workers at the largest cemetery in seoul paulo oryx uming more than double the amount of bodies they usually do to make room for fresh olds as the number of $1000.00 deaths in the country overwhelms capacity but even if the country is now the world's 2nd highest death toll after the u.s.
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people are returning to the streets in mass the world health organization is again sounding the alarm although says so far the national health system is holding up to the pressure over all the health system is still coping in brazil though having said that with the sustained number of severe cases. it is that remains to be seen and clearly the whole system in brazil across the country needs significant support in order to sustain its efforts in this regard president jacques he had both so narrow west threaten to leave the w.h.o. all together is this missing concerns about a lack of beds calling on his followers to go into hospitals to demonstrate that this is just a political ploy against them. is there a field hospital near you or a public hospital find a way to get in and film it a lot of people are already doing this more people have to do it to show if the beds are occupied or not. that also narrows dismissive response to depend there
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mick has further entrenched and already deeply divided country with weekly protests in favor and against the president which at times have turned violent. adding to the torah moyle both are not only sons are under investigation for corruption your position is calling for the presidency impeachment while it's allies or saying a military intervention is necessary to keep him in power. with the current of virus pandemic he had in fact an increase in political instability and a political crisis meaning more conflict between the powers the executive branch the supreme court the national. congress. has the number of coronavirus cases rice the political divisions are widening testing the health and the stability of latin america's largest democracy alyson that m.p.'s and. mexico has recorded its highest daily number of corona virus infections since the start of the pandemic
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more than 5200 new cases were reported on friday bringing the total to nearly 140000 at least 16000 people have died from covert 19 despite the rise in infections now sicko said he plans to live to transport restrictions next week allow people to get back to work. some districts have been locked down and several food markets have been closed in beijing after the 1st locally transmitted corona virus infections in nearly 2 months in china's capital 2 men working at a food research center visited the markets before they were confirmed to have covered 19 officials and now investigating how the men picked up the virus at least 8 new locally transmitted cases have been discovered in the past 2 days beijing is also delaying the reopening of some schools as a result. a dire picture is emerging of how the world's 2nd most populous nation is coping with corona virus india has more than 300000 cases but the number is
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climbing rapidly and the health system is struggling the supreme court says conditions are deplorable for patients and the worst affected states there are reports of people being denied treatment and of bodies not being disposed of properly and as a baton i'm reports from new delhi. hundreds of doctors in hyderabad smain hospital for coronavirus patients on strike just one of many protests by health care workers across india a doctor here was attacked by relatives of a patient he had just declared dead who rushed towards us and they just throw the children. at me and it was broken it was hard to my left and i guess i was trying to escape and. i still. get it thrown at me doctors in hyderabad want the government to enlist more hospitals to treat covered 9000 patients nurses in india's leading public hospital protested for 8 days in
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delhi until the all india institute of medical sciences promised to improve working conditions in the river there in 830-0000 cases and more than 8000 deaths along with a public health system that has faced years of cutbacks indeed by big. and just because you know animal shit is that i mean it's. the 1st limitations it's dreams it's not. real for the whole world to see. his father is interested in proper treatment in hospital but he was admitted here yesterday and a doctor came to check a lot of time since and no doctor has come to check on him my father is 60 years old and a heart patients he has a severe cough and a fever. his uncle died from the corona virus at the same hospital this week. but we couldn't sort of talk about it we kept on walking from the more to the
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hospital with great difficulty we got the body and did the funeral he too was admitted here there were no beds available in all of delhi we had to put in a huge effort to get him limited here the worst cities of delhi and mumbai to have some of the best healthcare infrastructure in the country reports of people being turned away from hospitals continued and here unfairly there are discrepancies in the number of deaths municipal council said then buried twice the number of patients and those being reported by the government the sweet. delhi's chief minister says they're expecting more than half a 1000000 cases by the end of next month because. by that there be 1st of july really 1000 births this will be a huge challenge. delhi try to restrict the territories beds to its residents but the central government has overruled that decision india's supreme court says the situation facing patients is deplorable and ask the worst affected
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states to explain why the people aren't receiving proper care elizabeth pran of al-jazeera new delhi. and the rare climb down donald trump is reshuffling a rally that was due to be held on a day that commemorates the end of slavery and follows a growing outcry from black leaders for days the u.s. president had defended his decision to hold his 1st rally in 2 months on june the 19th also known as juneteenth it'll not be held a day later than planned in tulsa oklahoma that's the site of one of the bloodiest massacres of black americans in u.s. history says he's making the change out of respect new york has become the latest state to introduce reforms to its police department following the death of a black man as he was arrested almost 3 weeks ago george floyd's died after an officer in minneapolis pendant to the ground and knelt on his neck lied to death sparked protests across the u.s. calling for racial justice and demanding
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a change in policing the governor of new york describes the new laws as the most aggressive in the nation aimed at ending police brutality against african-americans there is no quick fix to this there is no stop tear gas. change the uniform that's not what this is about my friends and it would be a mistake if we went down that path this is systemic reform a police departments this is sitting down and taking a look at exactly what they do and have been doing and looking at it through a new lens of reform in reinvention because this has been 4050 years in the making demonstrators and some politicians across the united states have been calling for major changes in the way the police operate in some cities like minneapolis where george floyd was killed moves have been made to
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dismantle the police department christensen and we visited one city that did just that. a lot has changed in camden new jersey since muhammad 1st bought his business here 15 years ago 2012 the city had the highest murder rate in the country and a police department with a troubled reputation mohammad credits the creation of an entirely new county police force for making his street safer doing their share. is chris. baker now going down to what he said is was the brain head for the new camden county police department points to this incident with a knife wielding man caught on video as evidence doing away with the old department was a good move they say this kind of disciplined nonviolent response has led to a sharp reduction not only in crime but also in the taliban complaints officers including sergeant raphael thornton had to reapply for their jobs with the new
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department i would say the biggest thing that allow people such as myself who are the minority to be the majority. it changed the culture camden chief actually joined demonstrators recently who were protesting the police killing of george floyd violent crime has gone down dramatically here in camden since the county took over the local police department but they've also nearly doubled the number of officers on the streets and some local activists think that is exactly the wrong approach i n d merrill believes there would be even less crime in camden if there were more opportunities he's with a local group that supports what's become a national movement to cut funding for police if you look at the communities that the police are occupying people's lives getting better are you improving overall quality of these people's lives the people feel safer they don't and the relationship is just as sure as a previous administration more accountability and local control of camden police
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not disbanding them altogether is what he's calling for and he hopes the growing reform movement will get more people to listen christian salumi al-jazeera camden new jersey. canada's prime minister says police video of the violent arrest of a prominent indigenous chief is shocking and raises questions about the use of force but as comfort is it shows federal officers tackling chief adam to the ground and punching him in the face the incident in march began over an expired license plate the video is being used in a legal challenge to criminal charges filed against adam the police known as the r.c.m.p. say they used reasonable force after he resisted arrest. i think everyone who's seen this video has serious questions about what exactly happened about how it happened this way and about that use of force that we saw that's why we're calling for an independent transparent investigation that will get the
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answers that so many question people are asking right now the events that have been brought to light over the past days highlight that without question there is systemic discrimination within our institutions including within the r.c.m.p. . brazil's government is being accused of trying to cover up police violence after excluding complaints from its annual human rights report that follows a wave of protests against police brutality and racism government critics say allegations of police violence were left out for political and ideological reasons president's job also not 0 has repeatedly backed police crackdowns saying criminals should die like cockroaches last year a record 1900 people were killed in security operations in rio de janeiro alone. still ahead on al-jazeera. they are there with guns in their repressive force the debate over police reform in the u.s. moves from the street to the schoolyard. and why u.s.
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politicians are calling on video conferencing from zoom to clarify its relationship with china. hello those a few showers across areas attack here the last couple days and there is some more showers in the full cause not see bad temperature wise you can see in ankara 23 degrees with those rain showers they could be quite heavy at times the system worked its way through eastern areas of the country meanwhile a fairly brisk home sial flow on the mediterranean shoreline say $31.00 in jerusalem and $27.00 in beirut so should be feeling pretty nice the sunny skies but of course away from their father to the south the temperature has a whole different story 42 in baghdad 45 in kuwait the winds a fairly strong as we go throughout the weekend by sunday really quite strong further to the south pushing across cattle down again across into these areas of
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saudi and touch as well generally made it to high forty's celsius 4643 and 40 celsius across into dubai and now being very cool for the last few days across the areas of southern africa that is set to improve all the time just. below the average ready for namibia across into both want to much of. south america as well 14 celsius in johannesburg and the night has some rain beginning to push in its the fall south of the south africa now this will bring the rain shower and the 17 degrees in cape town 19 importance but meanwhile to the north through central regions the usual showers and thunderstorms. for many years i kept my promise to secret. every time fine and to extremism is mentioned it bothers me. computor i believe that we were superior how could
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i be took all the women want to if they really had started a race war. how far would i have gone. looking in the mirror to confront the past x 8 a witness documentary on al-jazeera. you're watching how does it i don't mind of our top stories this hour brazil now has the 2nd highest number of covered 1000 deaths worldwide health ministers reported more than a 900 for toilets is on friday but in the total and $42000.00 it also has the largest number of infections after the u.s. . some districts have been locked down and several food markets have been closed in
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beijing often the 1st locally transmitted coronavirus infections in nearly 2 months in china's capital. begun a governor of the u.s. state of new york has signed a package of sweeping police reforms into law include a ban on child holds the measures for the nationwide protests over the death of george floyd in minneapolis last month. in the wake of those demonstrations many u.s. school districts are under pressure to remove officers from campuses boards in minneapolis portland denver and oakland are just a few that have decided to end or phase out their contacts with police departments while brunell's reports. fueled by protests against systemic racism and policing the executive board of the los angeles teachers' union has called for cutting the public school police force. in many us cities police officers are permanently stationed in schools to provide security
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a trend that accelerated after deadly school shootings like the one at columbine high school 21 years ago. but now activists want to divert school police funding to hire counsellors librarians and mental health workers to support students only not while is a co-founder of the black lies matter movement and the mother of 3 children in l.a. schools there is an embedded racism that's. says that white children are children who should be nurtured and black children are children who should be surveilled they traumatize our children they are there with guns in their repressive force if there's anywhere police don't belong it's our schools that read kate levin is the mother of a 1st grader and a university professor specializing in policing what the research does show. is that having police in schools funnels students particularly students of color
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black and brown students into the prison system. here in los angeles the school police officers make hundreds of arrests each year issue hundreds of citations each year disproportionately to black students and we know that that has devastating effects not just on the students but on their families and in their communities others including many classroom teachers say it would be a mistake to remove police from school campuses an affront seka has taught l.a. high school students with special needs for 6 years i've worked with the district long enough to know that there have been times on several campuses l.a. u.s.d. where there have been knives present on campus where there have been guns present on campus where there have been people who have come onto campus trying to threat threaten our students this is
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a place to look good after so many incidents of actual deadly violence at schools the los angeles school police association says pulling cops off campus would make students and teachers less safe it also cites specialized training for its officers on a yearly basis we recover somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 shotguns rifles and other weapons that are firearms on school campuses. a nationwide movement. driving change in policing from the street to the schoolyard robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. the u.n. refugee agency is appealing for almost $200000000.00 to cope with a wave of displaced people in this a hell of a region more than $2000000.00 people are fleeing violence there with another 5000000 in urgent aid of need armed groups have bases in mali but fighting has spilled over into new booking a fossil philippa grant is the united nations high commissioner for refugees he
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explains just how serious the crisis is in this hell it's a combination of factors all coming together poverty lack of investments in development for years climate change the action of armed groups of terrorist insurgency weak governments all of this is coming together now we called it as an additional stress factor and the reason why we are raising the alarm is that from the perspective of my organization the refugee organization we see the force displacement of people escalating exponentially this is why it's important to focus on this crisis the risks are high of even look at it from our angle population movements towards europe population movements maybe even more of an imminent risk towards the coastal state of west africa linking up with the
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situation of blockade in even in nigeria there are many many complicating factors and if we don't address the situation from different angles the risks are going to increase. if you hope is army has warned opponents of the country's controversial mega dam on the nile river that it will strongly defend itself over the project egypt's worried rapidly filling the grand renaissance town will take too much of its water and hit the water its people need to survive the warning comes amid renewed talks between ethiopian egyptian and sudanese politicians after months of deadlock. a french researcher has won the right to review former french president francois mitterrand archives on the rwandan genocide accords ruled the documents would allow false one granny to shed light on france's role in the 1994 mass killings of one to accused france of having direct involvement in the assassination of then president is juvenile mana which triggered $100.00 days of ethnic violence
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. protesters are rallied for a 2nd night in lebanon over the government's handling of a deepening economic crisis hundreds voiced anger over the spiraling cost of living despite a government pledge to bolster the local currency the torah gave me reports was protesters have no confidence the lebanese government can stop the worsening economic crisis that anger and frustration is feeling violent protests as people lose hope. and they reach demonstrate history fireworks and rocks at riot police. they were met with a volley of tear gas. shops in the capital were attacked. and in the northern city of tripoli protesters holed petrol bombs at soldiers.
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they should all resign so we can live and so those young unemployed men can live instead of becoming robbers and thieves. since october the local currency has lost 70 percent of its value but they banks are still maintaining the official price paid at $1500.00 lire to the dollar black market prices have surged inflation is soaring there are shortages of food and fuel and unemployment has spiked to 35 percent after an emergency cabinet meeting on friday the government promised to stabilize the current say by injecting more dollars into the market but feel. the value of the dollar against the lebanese currency will be reduced as of today but in reality it will not appear before monday $1.00 will equal less than $4000.00 lebanese lira and it will go down to 3000 or 3200. but for these protesters this crisis is not
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a and they want those empowered to be held responsible the jezus. it's management and production victoria gates and b i which is their. base in hong kong have arrested at least $35.00 people those hundreds of anti-government demonstrators gathered across the city they defied a ban on public gatherings to mark the one year anniversary of a major rally that kicked off months of protests demonstrators accuse the police of using excessive force when they tried to block a vote on the now withdrawn extradition law that also angry over the new law that criminalizes mockery of the chinese national anthem. several members of the u.s. congress have lost a video conferencing from zoom to clarify its relationship with china as well as its data collection practices and comes a day after the company admitted suspending the accounts of rights activists at the request of the chinese government zoom initially said it was following local laws when it disrupted their meetings on the 31st anniversary of the chinaman square
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massacre the firm says it will no longer allow requests from beijing that affect users outside of mainland china not sure why is a chinese china researcher at human rights watch and she says beijing's censorship of sensitive content will only get worse. i think you know what have impacted because you know we're literally banned chinese people from joint national meetings if you know the chinese government doesn't approve but to you know i think the situation has again become worse in a word is so i mean eventually you know the population they really wanted to jump over of the great firewall and to know the you know stance a sense intervention is coming if they can do it but i think the majority of people i think you know they are. it's not something that is there any concern that they're much and the situation is getting worse and worse and it probably is getting harder for them to jump over them warm. companies like apple i mean the error the our reputation is tarnished because they have removed hundreds of b.p.
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and. when china requested and they have removed emily g.s. and other things to the chase coming requested and but i think gave the c.e.o. that interest and profit to is huge and they just want to make the money even you know they are being chastised for. cutting to the chinese government more than 200000 south korean children have been adopted over the last 60 years tracing their birth parents is notoriously difficult but now one woman's search has led to a landmark ruling a court has officially recognized as the daughter of her biological father she was adopted by an american family at the age of 2 but she was refused help when she tried to look kate her birth parents friday's ruling means boss will be able to access official records on her father's family police in nepal have opened fire on a group of indian villages trying to cross the border of killing one person and
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injuring 2 others the pali police say a scuffle began when god stopped the group indian authorities say the villagers were trying to visit a relative in the poll it was the latest in a series of incidents along the border which has been tightened since nepal impose a coronavirus lockdown in march the total tensions between the 2 countries have been on the rise since india opened a new road into a disputed zone a group of international scientists in cambodia are working on the 1st clinical trial of a universal vaccine against mosquito borne viruses they believe saliva could be the key to stopping the next epidemic sakata report. they're small they suck your blood and their bites to days but the saliva from these mosquitoes could help save lives scientists dissecting them at this lab just outside cambodia's capital and they're extracting this line from age of protein in an attempt to create one vaccination against all mosquito borne diseases. we have much innate
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and incubate the mosquito saliva gland if we see a yellow color it means that the patient has developed antibodies against the protein in this alive very gland. only existing vaccines inject a small dose of the pathogen like malaria is an antidote but this type of vaccine is unique enough to uses the carrier in this case in the ski type to train our immune system to recognize proteins in the mosquito saliva and then respond by weakening or even preventing the infection but mostly talk by 'd each then only inject the viruses and other packages but also they inject certain level herbs and all routinely left bacteria and viruses also into the human body so this study has been working on. finding those routines that can facilitate the what is a predator and using that when a vaccine and destroy it appears that it needs
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a strong immune response has been very little side effect which is certainly encouraging hundreds of thousands of people die every year for mosquito borne diseases and more than half the world's population lives in areas where one type of species transmits multiple diseases including the cat and meaning only one type of vaccination would be needed to protect us from mosquitoes one of the most dangerous insects in the world and scientists believe that they are getting closer to finding a way to prevent the next epidemic. so high you know it's all just. this is all you see are these are the top stories brazil now has the 2nd highest number of coronavirus deaths worldwide the health ministers reported more the $900.00 for talent is on friday putting the total at nearly 42000 it also has the highest number of infections after the us the world health organization has voiced
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concern but says the health system is standing up to pressure for now. the health system is still coping in brazil to having said that with the sustained number of severe cases. these that remains to be seen and clearly the whole system in visual approach will treat significant support in order to sustain its effort in this regard mexico has recorded its highest daily number of infections since the start of the pandemic more than $5200.00 new cases were reported on friday bringing the total there to nearly 140000 at least $16000.00 people have died despite the rising infections mexico city will live transport restrictions from next week. some districts have been locked down and several food markets have been closed in beijing after the 1st locally transmitted couple of virus infections in nearly 2 months in china's capital 2 men working at a food research center visited the markets before they were confirmed to have
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covered 19. the governor of the us state of new york assigned a package of sweeping police reforms into law include a ban on chokeholds and allowing the release of officers disciplinary records and measures for the mission why protests over the death of george floyd lee apple as last month. but testers have rallied for a 2nd night in lebanon over the government's handling of a deepening economic crisis hundreds voiced anger over the spiraling cost of living despite a government pledge to bolster the local currency. the un refugee agency is appealing for almost $200000000.00 to cope with a wave of displaced people in the sahara region or than $2000000.00 people are fleeing violence there on groups of bases in mali but fighting has spilled over into new jersey and booking a fast so those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after whose truth is it anyway goodbye. on counting the cost india's labor reforms but is it reform when they cracked the job bank head and made millions with no redress also
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what china is tightening grip on hong kong movies with financial hub status virtual jobs other stop gap for the real deal. counting the cost on al-jazeera. the. my name is mine to challenge me and i mean to chen least my job is to find numbers in all sorts of different places and then turn them into images that people who understand and connect. i always try to think of ways to connect the subject matter with the wii.


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