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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2020 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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doctors mainly to expand influence experts on the island's health system draw a different conclusion you're making a big sacrifice why are you willing to go. because there are other people that need me people that are sick and dying and that isn't right people shouldn't be dying when there are people here to help them. raise a quality demonstrations begin across the united kingdom but it's counter demonstrators clashed with police. this is al jazeera life and also coming up fears of a resurgence parts of beijing back under lockdown as new local cases of corona virus are reported. brazil's that coronavirus death toll surges to become the 2nd
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highest in the world the un's health agency bourne's the country's hospitals are on a huge strain. and the poles parliament approves changes to the country's map to include areas under indian control. so then far rights protesters in london have been involved in clashes with police these are live pictures right now above london hundreds of people have been gathering near the house of the parliament despite police warnings to stay at home early we're looking at scuffles in london's trafalgar square as fireworks were set off and bottles were thrown at leaders of far right groups say they intend to protect statues and one humans from anti racism demonstrators who are also marching in the city speak to across want to join how who's just the other side of the river thames from westminster genocide to. what's the latest from your point of view.
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all well i think this is a very fluid situation for the police and for protesters here in central london in westminster across the river over their parliament square and just up whitehall trafalgar square the 2 focus is now of on going protests and rolling clashes between right wing protesters and the police it all began 3 or 4 hours ago in parliament square as right wing protesters gathered as advertised to protect the statues of bargain square some including that of winston churchill was the face last weekend in the black lives matter protests there so they've come these groups to guard their monuments in the words of the leader of britain 1st one of the groups represented there and there was an expectation that a number of matter protesters would still gather at the opposite end of whitehall essentially moving from hyde park towards trafalgar square even though their organizers had called for that march to be canceled the police believed
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a significant number still would and that worry was of course to avoid violence between these 2 groups to avoid these 2 groups confronting one another in the event it seems black lives matter protesters have not turned out in significant numbers at all very small numbers indeed at the moment there is a disturbing situation it appears in the making in trafalgar square with around 30 by some accounts black lives matter protesters being protected by a police cordon inside trafalgar square the square had until very recently been full of right protesters unclear at this moment what exactly the situation is there but trafalgar square is now blocked off by police from anybody even coming and some of those groups so far out protesters appear to have been exiting the square possibly making their way back to westminster where as i say they've been these rolling series of clashes with police bottles and other projectiles thrown flares set off as well. and
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a particular focus on the media in both locations they've been very keen to seek out people who they perceive to be journalists holding cameras or microphones at least 2 incidents involving young journalists having been beaten and other news crews having their equipment knocked to the ground and so on which is why we've made a retreat over here to the river so as i say a fluid security situation taking place at the moment no sign of it abating right recent events have brought intense focus onto the issue of racism of course and not least the ukase links with the colonial past but these when you look at these pictures these ongoing pictures of the far right protesters it seems as if they're more concerned with fronting up to the police rather than any great ideological issue. you have to forgive me at the big i just lost the beginning of your question there nick because my i be broke up i think you were referring to the statues and it has been pointed out by a number of commentators how odd it appears that these protesters who are here to
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protect their statues are now involved in confrontations with the police who also ostensibly are here to protect the statues the statues particularly winston churchill in the center tough and a number of others have been boarded up since last weekend but churchill statue had the words was a racist door across it by black lives matter protesters last weekend of additionally been threats by britain first's leader again this morning against nelson mandela's statue saying why do we need a communist terrorist mass murder in our parliament square so you know the statues have become the focus in the last week certainly of what people describe is a new culture war but right now this is tended to say to violence aimed squarely at the police or agenda thanks for that reporting from london. well sonia gago is with a group of. protesters as she's a high park in the city. it is a considerably smaller gathering that is taking place here in central london the
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black lives movement and partly because the leader of the london black lives organization has called this off officially instead concentrating on getting people to go to the local demonstrations marches instead to raise awareness for their issues the other issue of course is the fact that there is a counter demonstration taking place in london this saturday that a far right organization now they have been really very very very violently critical of the black lives matter movement there's already been scenes of tension between those far right organizations and the police that protest itself meanwhile what the black lives matter movement here want to do is focus on the issues rather than any possible eruptions between them and the far right organizations. all right let's move on and the district in the chinese capital beijing is on high alert after dozens of people there tested positive for corona
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virus a wholesale market and 11 neighborhoods in its vicinity have been placed under lockdown district officials say they're in a wartime footing katrina you reports now from beijing. video of chinese military police entering from thai district has been circulating on social media and you cluster of cases discovered here on friday has triggered what the government is calling a war time footing to contain the outbreak dozens of locally transmitted cases a link to a wholesale market the biggest in the capital for. the street has immediately launched the world. has set up a few headquarters to monitor the wholesale market and the surrounding community. we are putting people's safety and health 1st the area has been sealed off and is being disinfected thousands of be tested those who have visited the market in the
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past 2 weeks have been asked to report to authorities. 11 local neighborhoods have been locked down with residents told they cannot leave their compound to people in beijing the new infections are a stark reminder that months of pandemic are far from over where i am a little worried because this is happened somewhere very close to me we have to remember to wear a mask when entering an exit in different places and have a temperature checked officials say traces of corona virus were found on a chopping board you respond tortured salmon fresh salmon has been removed from supermarket shelves and menus everywhere in beijing and wholesale markets closed sporting events and large scale gatherings have big cancelled with further delays to the planned reopening of primary schools and entertainment venues residents in beijing are drawing parallels between this latest cluster and the original outbreak in the system of han park proportionally originated it was still food market now
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china's leaders on the immense pressure to do whatever they can to ensure that this time the outcome is vastly different to training new al-jazeera aid to. the world health organization says the americas are getting hit the hardest by the pandemic the region currently has 4 of the 10 worst hit countries in the world 19 is highly active especially in central and south america well brazil's president once described corona virus as a little flu it's now become a health crisis for his country brazil has the 2nd highest number of deaths recovered 19 in the world i was under impunity as this report. workers at the largest cemetery and or exhuming more than double the amount of bodies they usually do to make room for fresh. as the number of 1000 deaths in the country overwhelms capacity but even if the country is now the world's 2nd highest death toll after
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the us people are returning to the streets in mass the world health organization is again sounding the alarm. says so far the national health system is holding up to the pressure over all the health system is still coping in brazil though having said that with the sustained number of severe cases. it is that remains to be seen and clearly the whole system. across the country needs significant support in order to sustain its efforts in this regard president jackie both so narrow west threaten to leave the w.h.o. all together is this missing concerns about a lack of beds calling on his followers to go into hospitals to demonstrate that this is just a political ploy against them. is there a field hospital near you or a public hospital find a way to get in and film it a lot of people are already doing this more people have to do it to show if the beds are occupied or not. that also narrows dismissive response to depend demick
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has further entrenched and already deeply divided country with weekly protests in favor and against the president which at times after and violent. adding to the torah moyle both scenarios sons are under investigation for corruption your position is calling for the presidency impeachment while its allies or saying a military intervention is necessary to keep him in power. with the current of virus pandemic he had in fact an increase in political instability and a political crisis meaning more conflict between the powers the executive branch the supreme court the national congress. as the number of coronavirus cases rice the political divisions are widening testing the health and the stability of latin america's largest democracy i listened that m.p.'s. nepal's parliament
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has approved changes to the country's map further straining ties with neighboring india revised map seeks to include 400 square kilometers of disputed territory seen here in yellow there is been on the indian control for 60 years the latest spat was triggered after india opened a new road to a strategic and past a connecting china through territory nepal claims its own will not go to nepal's a house for approval or. lecture in the faculty of modern indian history at the university of cambridge and she says india will not respond well to the new map. i think what has changed in earl in recent yours is that the ball used to be a kind of historic code a buffer between the 2 as it were great sorts of position of nations like china and india and that we are looking into the oil has ended with as it were chinese expansionism and as a result this is exactly why the nipple of the government is now speaking as
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a tension in the of commandeer to dissolve this matter and it always uses the specter of the chinese god it was used and i think the indians are not biting that's where we are i mean the indians of say no we are going to go ahead with this road ok we have a problem with that we've done this but this is not new because i think india's attention to a focus on as i said the story on lovelock and the chinese and caution that so in a way this is a game of attraction and distraction in which is now triangulated between china india and of course so i think in the fields that yes it can kind of ignore for the moment it can ignore ignore those complaints by robot but having said that it is also a step change in a historic all relationship or a special relationship between nepal and india because in a way india has kind of downgraded power and the government there are saying going
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to know we exist we matter because we can do it with china and i think we need more but really so i think that that's really what this brinksmanship is about it's about nepal seeking attention from india and just saying well we've got other and bigger fish to fry. still ahead here and out of their face with its 1st recession in almost 70 years how pakistan is trying to escape the hole in its finances plus. the gates only. the challenge of informing mexico's indigenous population about coronavirus when there are 62 different languages. and this is the time of the year for rain of course for central and southern china
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as the seasonal stuff and that is the seasonal band is very easy to see at the moment is spreading through korea and into the major islands of japan tokyo may not get the brunt of it is mormon or inside of honshu orange beach further west and as this is moved north in the last few days it's allowed through a tropical depression here forecast to come on shore somewhere west of hong kong sort of area it's not going to be a windy affair but it will be a fairly wet affair that's the i think the exaggerated rain in this this public transit look at the forecast because if the for han heavy rain on monday and then becomes lighter on tuesday and wednesday but it's rain all the same that's where most of the energy is this sort of lot of latitude which means these clouds coming in here to sudden vietnam and cambodia maybe thailand will bring some particularly heavy rain again with it it's caused flooding recently says more to come that doesn't mean there are no showers for the south there are plenty in borneo in seoul
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away see potential in malaysia more than you might expect in peninsula malaysia at the moment the monsoon trough is making very good progress right right up through my russia probably causing floods in the next 2 days. for. sure. films of the hope and inspiration. snow stories of 3 young women challenging the world around them. al-jazeera selects. war.
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but again you're watching out there a reminder the top stories and protesters in london have been involved in clashes with police made is a far right groups say they intend to protect statues from anti racism demonstrators are also watching. the lockdown has been reimposed in parts of china's capital after 45 people in the wholesale market tested positive for crowd of ours it has been called a wartime emergency in beijing has 4 schools to delay reopening following 2 months of no intentions. brazil has ever taken britain to have the world's 2nd highest number of covert 1000 or the 903 times these were friday raising the total to nearly 42000 was ill is 2nd to the united states with the largest number of infections. mexico's indigenous population numbers upwards of 12000000 people they
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speak 62 different languages and this means giving public health information out to them on containing the spread of covert 19 can be challenging and or a fellow reports now from mexico city. this radio message is being broadcast in sample to one of 16 indigenous languages spoken in the mexican state of one haka. is already sold what is is a radio announcer part of her job is getting out the word about the worsening coded $1000.00 al break in the country or maybe you're the loud lead you through the radio we can give people suggestions and explain how they can care for themselves in our spanish language or in separate tech. harker is mexico's most linguistically diverse state here a 3rd of the population speak at least one native language some don't speak spanish at all. this poses a challenge to authorities when it comes time to informing people of changing
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policies for containing the spread of coronavirus one bomb of what they're seeing. and we have a world us that this takes our recommendations but they are not transmitted in a language that can be understood by everyone that is where we are falling shorting guaranteeing people their constitutional rights to access to information and public health when the bad bank waste. one government initiative that's proved popular is an online coded 19 information campaign available in nearly every indigenous language and dialect spoken in mexico. this excess of mexico's online information campaign depends almost entirely on a person having access to the internet. nationwide only about a half of all households have any form of internet connection now it seems to me to mexico's poor states like where haka connectivity is even more limited this makes radio information lifeline if we can for that because it's very important that the
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internet be a right for everyone middle class the poor without discrimination it's a right for everyone as human beings. according to health experts the corona virus outbreak in mexico is nearing its height mickie critical that people heed the recommendations to continue self isolation and social distancing a new. mexico city one of the 1st part of our series on the impact coronavirus is having on indigenous communities we'll take you to ecuador an indigenous community is using its ancestral knowledge to combat the virus you can see that here on sunday on al-jazeera. protest as a runny for a 2nd night in lebanon over the government's handling of a deepening economic crisis hundreds voice that anger at the spiralling cost of living despite a government promise to bolster the local currency torgan as it was protesters have no confidence the lebanese government can stop the worsening
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economic crisis that anger and frustration is feeling violent protests as people lose hope. and they reach demonstrators through fireworks and rocks at riot police. they were met with a volley of tear gas. shops in the capital were attacked. and in the northern city of tripoli protesters holed petrol bombs at soldiers. they should all resign so we can live and so those young unemployed men can live instead of becoming robbers and thieves. since october the local currency has lost 70 percent of its value but they banks are still maintaining the official price paid at $1500.00 leyritz of the dollar black market prices have surged inflation is soaring there are shortages of food and fuel and unemployment has spiked to 35
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percent after an emergency cabinet meeting on friday the government promised to stabilize the current say by injecting more dollars into the market but i feel. the value of the dollar against the lebanese currency will be reduced as of today but in reality it will not appear before monday $1.00 will equal less than $4000.00 lebanese lira and it will go down to 3000 or 3200. but for these protesters this crisis is not a and they want those empowered to be held responsible for years of mismanagement and her. victoria occasionally algis there. were anti-government protests continuing in the southern syrian town of schrader for days demonstrators in the government tell their demand of the resignation of president bashar al assad they blame his government for the collapse of the economy after years of civil war. to
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pakistan where the government announces new so called people friendly budget it's aim to avoid in the 1st recession there in 68 years many struggling with rising inflation high unemployment and the economic damage caused by coronavirus so what would you have 8 as this report. as politicians in pakistan met to discuss a budget in excess of $43000000000.00 for the next financial year 70 year old gorry was forced to sell masks in islamabad the adults in the family are unwell she must wait for customers to be able to earn some money. and meet. my mother is sick my father is sick i'm a sell masks and less to take home some food in the evenings. my son's economy was already struggling and the coronavirus pandemic added additional strain. government data indicates that a complete shutdown to stop the pandemic could see an additional loss of $18000000.00 jobs by cosign economy is predicted to suffer negative growth for the
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1st time in 68 years and the government says it understands people are suffering so no new taxes have been added to disuse budget the budget. to. the citizens of. even attractive offers such as not asking investors where their money came from have not worked investment hasn't improved enough to create jobs anywhere not. just me but more of a high what's a poor man supposed to how do we send them to school by inflation or broken or even my mobile phone is blocked a new law means now i must be to get out all these problems of the poor the rich keep getting richer. does the i made $12.00 in 10 days what should i do there's an additional allocation for the health budget to fight the pen demick many
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people ignored the government safety advice when markets reopen after bhatia lockdowns more than one 128000 people have been infected in 2400 have died including 40 medical staff 2000 others have also contracted the virus parkinson's doctors and paramedics have been critical of the government's response to the pandemic is a shortage of lifesaving drugs and many fear even specialist care facilities may not be able to properly treat patients hospital staff say people are panicking about the availability of oxygen tanks which are in short supply israel there's also a fuel shortage in many areas emergency workers say they do not know how to respond to the lack of fuel and oxygen cylinders yasir have done over the long distances is an issue because of the fuel shortage ambulances have to wait in line as well and we only get $3.00 to $8.00 worth of fuel we have to transport patients many of them are critical so fuel is a major issue only small oxygen tanks are available like this one which last only 3
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hours philanthropist and charities have stepped up efforts to feed the hungry at this center in islamabad a 1000 people are fed every day. organizers say most of those in queues a daily wage workers carpenters household help and even unemployed skilled workers . as politicians scramble to find and allocate appropriate resources to options to stem the rising number of those living in poverty remain in clear schama big job aid is there a court ruling in south korea is allowing adopted children to trace the biological parents cora boss was 2 years old when adopted by an american family then refused help to find her birth parents she says the momentous ruling means she will be able to access a father's family records more than 200000 south korean children have been adopted over the last 6 years and many face legal restrictions when trying to trace their roots. i think this is momentous for all of us adoptees just to have the right
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finally. took was. the struggles that we faced with not having any rights whatsoever to be able to contact our family and i hope that this can change and for you i hope that no one else wants to go through what i did to be able to come behind these details of knowing just a fundamental rights of who my parents are and who my family. farm laborers in turkey are facing extra competition and lower wages because of the pandemic hundreds of thousands of them rely on farm work during the summer to get them through winter but many other kinds of workers who've lost their jobs are also looking for a means to survive sit in kosovo has this report. hours spent bending and hawing farming is tough work it will take until august to harvest these cabbages planted in may and the seasonal workers have only 3 months to make some
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money for the winter so we work from 7 am and reach our tents around 8 pm but the farm work never ends you heard eric at the fertilizer. most of these workers have come here to pull out in the outskirts of the turkish capital on caracas from a southeastern city on lower far caught between the corona virus and poverty travelling across turkey at this year has been a difficult decision to make. my dad runs a family business organizing workers and a range in transportation and tents for them he oversees the needs of almost 300 people and their families. people who don't have any land or any income back home come here for work every summer to provide for their kids and for their winter needs. according to official figures 100000 seasonal workers left over from last year for seasonal agriculture works as
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a global pandemic has worsened existing economic problems in the city the numbers reached 170000 this year. and taxi drivers construction workers jewelers and barbers are among those who have joined. with so many people wages are lower and the work is completed faster as a job that usually takes a month to finish now ends in 15 or 20 days most of our friends on other farms also say they've already finished the work. due to corona virus restrictions fewer passengers are allowed in a vehicle that's made people's journey here from home at least 4 times more expensive. women must look take care of children and cook. these families are poor and most of the children are not familiar with the internet and
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can't follow the online education being offered during the pandemic. i miss my school friends everything back some of taishan here were sport and people are forced to work together closely rather than maintain social distancing that may increase the risk of catching the current a virus but many feel they're safer on the forms than back in their towns or cities seen on kosovo al-jazeera on kyra. so this is out there these are the top stories and protesters in london have been involved in clashes with police these are live pictures leaders of far right groups say they intend to protect statues from racism demonstrators who are also marching in the city. hall has more now from the. at the moment there is a disturbing situation it appears in the making in trafalgar square with around 30
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by some accounts black lives matter protesters being protected by a police cordon inside trafalgar square the square had until very recently been full of right protesters unclear at this moment what exactly the situation is there but trafalgar square is now blocked off by police from anybody even coming and some of those groups of far right protesters appear to be exiting the square possibly making their way back to westminster. a lot of time has been reimposed in parts of china's capital after 45 people in a wholesale market tested positive for corona virus what's being called a wartime emergency in beijing has 4 schools to delay reopening following 2 months of no infections. well brazil has overtaken britain to have the world's 2nd highest number of covert 1000 deaths more than 100 fatal it is reported on friday raising the total to nearly 42000 brazil is 2nd to the u.s. with the largest number of infections nepal's parliament has approved changes to
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the country's map further straining ties with neighboring india the revised map seeks to include 400 square kilometers of disputed territory seen here in yellow the area has been under indian control for about 60 years new delhi has rejected the proposed boundaries the latest threat was triggered after india opened a new road to china or through a strategic himalayan pass and territory nepal claims as its aim the ball the bill now goes to nepal's house for approval but this is ready for a 2nd night in lebanon over the government's handling of a deepening economic crisis there in strangers 3 rocks at police who responded with tear gas rubber anti-government protests are continuing in the southern syrian town of psuedo for days demonstrators in the government held area have to monitor the resignation of the president bashar al assad. you know today with headlines we have more news here announcer right after
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a chase and. told to go to sara. let me also you how worried you are about the increase in hostilities in yemen with listen this is the moment to stop all the 30 action this is the moment also trains on fighting over the idea that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the edges era. that it has led the way it. has never. missed it will learn the men has a lead vocal a lives gone. did that i was in love.


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