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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 14, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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ek don't locos it just nothing we are now approaching across route this is an opportunity but we must go to the stream on al-jazeera. the. protests in the u.s. city of atlanta after another black man is killed by police. they are watching al-jazeera live from our world headquarters in doha fully back to also coming out china reports its highest number of corona virus infections in 2 response of the capital beijing are under lockdown. an embarrassing u. turn australia's prime minister apologizes for comments he made about slavery and
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how u.k. fashion stores are hoping to attract customers as they prepare to open for the 1st time in weeks. the police killing of another black american has triggered a new protests re shot brooks was shot after a struggle at a fast food restaurant in atlanta on friday night the drive through was since been set on fire police say rocks at fallen asleep in his cough ailed a sobriety test and then resisted arrest an officer involved in the shooting has been silent and atlanta's chief of police has resigned and began again reports. facing off against riot police setting cars on fire and blocking roads protesters in atlanta gather close to where a short brooks died on friday night the 27 year old father of 3 was reported for being asleep in his car at this fast food drive through officers say mr brooks was
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drunk following a violent struggle with mr brooks it's alleged the 27 year old to the police tasered and turned on the offices he was then shot and later died in hospital i don't know how to do this listen never knew i was going to do these. i'll bust this on in the arm from the whole just floored situation to us coming together like this blows. in this whole dying man and i don't step out of the code following an outcry over the police's use of deadly force the city's chief of police erica shields offered her resignation blunt as mickey châlons bottom's accepted calling the police action unnecessary i firmly believe that there is a clear distinction between what you can do and what you should do i do not believe that this was a justify use of deadly force and have a cold for the media term
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a nation of the officer. corps all this comes just weeks after 2 students were violently dragged from their car by 6 atlanta police officers charges against the students were dropped 4 of the officers were fired and all 6 face criminal charges now the city is facing another crisis following the shooting of rae shot brooks his family lawyer says the receiver is questions about what happened we talked to some witnesses today who said that the officers went in put on plastic gloves and picked up their cell casings after they killed before and during it. we counted sue minutes and 16 seconds before they then set this off both judges bureau of investigation and the district attorney's office have launched investigations into mr brooks death according to reports this is the 48th officer involved shooting this year 15 of them with fake lawyer the death of ray shot
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brooks comes at a critical time in this nation's history protests over the killing of george floyd in minneapolis continue across the nation the death of another african-american man at the hands of police will surely only add fuel to a long butting fire and it gallacher al-jazeera miami florida jason nicholas is a senior lecturer of african-american studies at the university of maryland condit's pocky says officials are listening to the outcry that followed george burley's death but more needs to happen had there not been the outcry that we've seen over the past couple of weeks you would not see the level of accountability or transparency that you're seeing right now and i think part partly whether we like to admit it or not it was a large scale rebellion that included destruction of property that i think is pushing people towards making the right decisions and not trying to cover things up and trying to keep the population more in line
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and let them know that change is coming i think what we need is in terms of accountability is when you have an active force and it's going to lead to a lawsuit you better believe that mr brooks is family is going to sue. the city of atlanta who are this incident and so what they need to do is make sure that when they get a judgment that that judgment doesn't come out of the taxpayers' pockets it comes out of police pensions they are the ones who are responsible for these acts of violence so they need to be the one that puts the bill. on protesters a rally in japan in solidarity with the black eyes madam movement. through the yard dozens of people carrying on tie races impulses have been marching through a busy commercial district of tokyo it follows mass anti-racism demonstrations in the capital and in osaka last week in france riot police have fired tear gas to
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disperse a largely peaceful protest against racism and police brutality. thousands of people defied a ban to join the march in central paris on saturday the rally was held by supporters of out of his a french black man who died in police custody in 2016 under unclear circumstances no one's been charged despite multiple autopsies public anger in france has grown after the death of george boyd in the us and complaints against offices accused of using excessive force against immigrants. personally i've never had a bad experience with the police but i'm not going to lie to you yes i'm scared of the police i don't want to put a police officers in the same camp there are good police officers but the problem today is that there are too many bad ones so of course as a person of color when i walk in front of the police i feel bad i'm scared and above all when you see the videos you think to yourself that could happen to me.
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meanwhile french police converge on the arc de triomphe in central paris on saturday night in defiance of the government there resisting moves to implement reforms including the suspension of officers accused of races attacks it comes days after just so the judge stays after the interior minister promises 0 tolerance policy for racism within french law enforcement. in other world news 2 coordinated attacks in northeast nigeria have killed at least 60 people including civilians and soldiers 40 civilians died when fighters on motorbikes and in cars opened fire at the gun zion local government area elsewhere in bono's save soldiers were targeted and a united nations humanitarian center burnt down a group called islamic state west africa province says it killed more than 80 people in a raid on herd is on ahead of last week. the coronavirus pandemic in chinese health officials are reporting $57.00 new
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coronavirus infections the highest number of daily cases in 2 months more than half of them were detected in beijing a district in china's capital is under a strict slow down because of a cluster at the city's biggest wholesale market the new cases of spawns fears of a 2nd wave of infections officials are calling for increased testing and sampling to prevent the virus from spreading diego palin is in hong kong and she explains why the chinese government is particularly concerned about this crossing. the 1st thing they're doing is testing people they say they're going to test the 10000 people that worked or are staff at that market in particular then they want to test anyone who's gone to that market or is linked to the markets since the end of may so that is a huge once again a huge endeavor they also are shutting down the neighborhoods around that market about 11 neighborhoods will have very strict restrictions they won't be a people will be locked and they won't be able to move up paramilitary forces are in the area to try and enforce that they were supposed to open cools and
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kindergartens on monday from grade one to 3 but that's not being shelved that's not going to happen they're also closing less events sporting events major public facilities now there's a massive worry about this because there are certain parallels between this outbreak and the outbreak where the coronavirus 1st sir phrase surfaced in china back at the end of last year if you recall it 1st came out or was detected in the city of one that's a city of about 11000000 people and it was also in a market and it spread quite rapidly thousands of people there were infected and trying to put in these stringent and some would say draconian measures to try and lock in people and stop the movement but yet it did spread across the country. archie clements is an epidemiologist at curtin university in perth australia he says a size of the market itself is a big risk for the spread of the fine. i don't think there's
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a lot of evidence that the virus spreads. i think it's that. plus to stop it and in fact that we may have trouble in other area where we might have been on the ice on our visit or the market others are worked out or as a customer and set up a chain of transmission that was over that's what's the i think. the risk for the china is not of. this distribution system i think it is not through the very people in and out of them up it's a very very large market. you know many thousands of visitors to the market. and it supplies a lot. of pressure so i think the really the big risk there was is that they'll be a lot of on the. recent market other than potentially spread it around the city it must have got there through one of 2 ways either they were on the ice in beijing. the minute kerry is actually spreading the virus to other people it may not have
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become symptomatic. and there are some point in the market people who visited the market people concent the medic in the past it was that that's one possibility the other possibility is that a person has come in from outside potentially international business or. they went there in the orange in process and then they. set up the chain of transmission in beijing. india has recorded another big single day jump in 1000 cases with over 11000 new infections the supreme court says patients are being treated worse than animals with reports of people being turned away from hospitals and bodies not being disposed off properly the rise in infections comes as a government nationwide knock down india now has more than $300000.00 cases the 4th highest number in the world and at least 8 and a half hours into people have died european governments have signed
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a contract with a pharmaceutical company to supply the region with a potential coronavirus 5 scene it's being developed by oxford university where trials are already well underway a contract with british swedish firm astra zeneca is for 400000000 doses which would be manufactured and distributed on a no profit basis the 1st doses could be ready by september but may not reach the e.u. until the end of the year the friends chief executive says china brazil japan and russia have also expressed interests. still ahead on al-jazeera no coffin no burial why fans of a popular kenyan musician to the drastic measures setting off a violent confrontation with police to stay with us.
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i know there are plenty of rain and thunderstorms across much of indonesia plenty of cloudy can see in the last year as now sitting over this time of year we see these heavy rains across areas of mammal thailand on through cambodia and we have of course had some recent flooding is a similar story through choose and again the rains a very heavy across into much of borneo and the southern areas of sumatra by cheese day so if you showers across the philippines but they should be a lot lighter and much more scattered down across into australia it's mostly fine it's mostly dry but again we've seen this cloud just to work its way eastwards and that is clearing away from the east coast of new south wales of brisbane but still on monday sunny early in the day we could see a few showers in and around brisbane this system working its way across both islands of new zealand so severely brisk winds and some showers out across the west it is fine and dry not about to much of monday 21 degrees in celsius little bit
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cooler in alice springs with a high of 90 but really the weather again is across the southeast in tasmania fairly cloudy skies the chance of a few showers such neutral sin to adelaide and melbourne and as we go into cheese day it's a similar story temp is not really moving a tool on again cloudy skies with a chance of showers that very brisk winds through the bass strait and again a fairly unsettled and her boss with a high on choose day 50. rewind a care breyer people back to life i'm sorry. but it's on the best of al-jazeera documentaries destro continual from back did till now or use distance rewind continues with baltimore anatomy of an american city i have close friends who are lost to the streets i can literally see the future of baltimore to the ass of my students and it does not look good rewind on al-jazeera.
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order. to home. welcome back a recap of the top stories on al-jazeera this hour the police killing of another black american has triggered new protests brooks was shot after a struggle at a fast food restaurant in atlanta on friday night atlanta's chief of police has resigned and officer involved in the shooting sounds chinese health officials are reporting 57 year coronavirus infections the highest number of daily cases in 2 months more than half of them were detected in beijing officials are calling for increased testing to prevent the virus from spreading. and to coordinated attacks
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in northeast nigeria have killed at least 60 people including civilians and soldiers a group called islamic state west africa province says it carried out the 3rd raid in borno state within a week. in other news australia's foreign minister scott morrison has apologized for comments he made denying the country has a history of slavery is remarks on good indigenous australians as well as descendants of pacific islanders will say their ancestors worked for little or no pay on sugar plantations morrison says he did not mean to cause offense i've always said we need to look at our history one of the comments i was referring to was to how the new south wales settlement was 1st established and the views that were communicated the tom informing the new south wales colony if you go back to people like william wilberforce and others they were very involved in that 1st fleet expedition and one of the principles was to be the destroyer in that case new south
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wales was was not to have slavery dominico solvent is associate professor of political science at charles sturt university he says many australians are not aware of their past. many countries in the world australia doesn't know its history terribly well and it has a habit of. thinking nice bits of it history of its history that it doesn't like or that could cause tension or embarrassment and so the difficulty i'm facing and i think. what americans initial comments and i knew slavery my campaign and off the cuff remark that. was it was simply a mistake. the fact that he retracted it quickly i think realized it was a sign that he had realized that he really couldn't give a disposition because what he said was not true and in the evidence it is not true this is compelling. rather than have a political have
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a fight or something because when he offered his apology on the height that the issue would go away to some degree that that might have been exciting in other respects i think. what it's done is just hard right they significance of any society knowing its history and also. put into the australian mind the idea that a certain history is in the sector a good in some respects. canada's prime minister justin shows no has call for an investigation after police video of a mad showing the violent arrest of an indigenous leader the footage has provoked outrage and spock's debate over police brutality and institutional racism they've had my sorry for some conquer me through. this was the moment canadian police arrested a prominent indigenous leader while one officer tries to grab chief alan adam a 2nd rushes in and tackles him once on the ground adam is punched in the face as
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his wife a nice plead with officers to stop on friday prime minister justin trudeau demanded an inquiry like many people i have serious questions about what happened the independent investigation must be transparent and be carried out so that we get answers police dash cam footage shows adam being questioned about an expired license plate outside a casino early on march 10th chief adam accused the officer of harassing him and his wife the 12 minute video shows him swearing at the officer and taking a fighting stabs before being jumped tackled to the ground adam released this photo after being released from police custody my point did not want to come forward with this he waited for a long time he was suffering from trauma and finally came forward because i think this is the example of the systemic racism that exists in north america it can no longer be denied adam himself spoke about as arrest during
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a solidarity march on june 6th were $310.00 violation. i took the bird it. got better the bruisers. for all the ortiz who could speak or would have to alter it for local r.c.m.p. canada's national police force said officers used reasonable force when adams resisted arrest but after the video surfaced a senior official made an abrupt about face earlier this week i made the statement that i did not believe there was systemic racism within the r.c.m.p. or canadian police. i expressed my belief that racism is found in all aspects of our society in our institutions and in our police services chief adam is an outspoken indigenous leader known internationally for his work against oil sands projects near his community but while his fame has focused public attention on discrimination and abuse of people of indigenous descent his
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experiences are all too common indigenous people make up less than 5 percent of kind of the population but they count for around a 3rd of the prison population and 30 percent of death in police custody the question is now what authorities will do about a system that many here say is racist david mercer al-jazeera in calgary canada prince government says the international criminal court should be able to work independently and without fear of sanctions the statement follows present donald trump's approval of restrictions on some course employees the u.s. president opposes the course investigation into alleged abuses by american soldiers in afghanistan the i.c.c. says sanctions amount to threats and coercion. in venezuela opposition leader why do is refusing to recognize the appointment of a team to oversee the next fall men train action as supreme court names new leaders for the national electoral council it's been repeatedly accused of favoring the
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ruling socialist party opponents boycott of the presidential election won by nicholas model or 2 years ago because they said voting was great. not only are they clearly committing a crime they're making a huge political mistake it's a mistake that i'm sure will be there are doing in this moment the venezuelans going through not only did they make a mistake and 2017 when they called for an illegal national constituent congress and in 2018 when they tried to push through a fake election once again they're making a mistake that isolates them even further it also means venezuelans will suffer because it isolates us prevents us from getting credit prevents us from salt in social issues and prevents us from solving the humanitarian emergency this pandemic . chile has a new health minister after his predecessor resigned in a controversy over the under reporting of coronavirus cases jaime mannerly was
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under mounting pressure to quit after it was revealed $5000.00 chileans have died during the crisis that's 2000 more than the government's reported total and your daily record was reported on friday by new apple has more. it is a bit of a surprise to hear the resignation of chile's health minister on saturday especially given the fact that is right now going through the worst phase of the corona virus outbreak in the country there but health minister. is a somewhat of a controversial figure he's been heavily criticized for taking what's being criticized as a as a relaxed role for not implementing more robust mitigation measures to contain the spread of coronavirus in chile comparing the the efforts and she led to efforts in neighboring countries like argentina which implemented a total lockdown so the president of. the has been under a lot of pressure from political opponents to replace the health minister all of
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that culminating now with the resignation of but if we took if we look at right now just to reiterate a few of the of the statistics she was supposed to be an exception to the rule in latin america even before the outbreak began in the region in latin america was expected to be ill prepared it was said that latin america spends less on health policy than any other country in the world there was an expectation that she would do better than most of the other countries in the region unfortunately what we're seeing is that she lay again is one of the worst hit countries in the region according to the latest statistics of over 167000 infections and 3100 in one deaths. police in kenya have been accused of heavy handed tactics after firing tear gas at mourners who were trying to stop the funeral of a popular singer the government has ordered burials to be held as soon as possible because of the cone of silence has a story. that should have been a funeral ceremony a celebration of life turns into these chaotic scenes. fans mourning have been
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egypt she gives death in his hometown rocked the lowering of his body into the ground precinct assume a county responded with tear gas and gunshots as hundreds defied crazy 19 restrictions. refused to bother him today he did not die of coronavirus i could police were unable to stop them feeling with his caskets until eventually getting it back again during the night that we woke community in kenya has elaborate burial customs she has fans and family are accusing government leaders and the police of disrespecting the dead they refused to rush burial and demanded more time to mourn. requesting. the condemnation of them and. it's not all our fault. that a banner was bought in piece of the family we are going to. give us one we let the
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fun lead their lives we love the farm the 33 year old singer died on thursday after being taken to hospital with chest problems his family and fans insists he had pneumonia not 19 but the kenyan government introduced strict pandemic measures ensuring burials as soon as possible and banning social gatherings the recall is killing. police are again being accused of violently cracking down on these breaking for a new virus for strictures protest against police brutality were held in kenya's come to mind robey on monday they followed the police watchdog saying 15 people. creating a 13 year old i've been killed since a curve 19 curfew was introduced in march. police eventually buried benny and secrets in the middle of the night allowing just one of his brothers to attend. his mother who couldn't be at the funeral sat on his grave to prevent mourners from examining his body. relatives never thought they'd ever have to face such
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a height of just you know. venice is coming back to life after months overall down. there have enjoyed the quiet life and don't want to see tourists return protesters formed a human chain along one of the city's main famous canards they complain that holds a visitors willing their neighborhoods and demanding stricter regulations for the tourism industry. but london fashion week is normally an exclusive affair but with high street stores struggling to survive because of lock downs everyone gets a front row seat this year as it's gone digital for the 1st time it's just one of the steps the industry has taken to reinvent itself to help keep as many shops open as possible and the hayward reports from sanford in eastern england. sarah's getting ready to reopen after having to close back in march she's kept busy by doing online deliveries under new rules though fewer people will be allowed in the
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shop at a time she recently lost her own father to coronavirus so wants things to run smoothly and safely we're going to risk assessment of that would put in distance stickers on the floor we're making sure people. ties it before they come in. and when they leave really as well. and then we're doing contact list of possible cleaning all the sides down thoroughly cleaning morning and night these are challenging times for retailers opening their doors for the 1st time in 12 weeks the period saw the sharpest drop in shop was in britain's towns and cities ever and it's likely some businesses will never reopen again from the early days of the wool industry to now clothing has been big business for britain the fashion industry is worth $44000000000.00 a year to the u.k. economy and $890000.00 people so there's a lot at stake we need to reset at this time of year people in the business are
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often looking to london fashion week to help plan ahead it's had to go digital because of the coronavirus pandemic according to many analysts we're going to see a contraction of 35 percent in that luxury industry and what we're seeing for the high street but also for designers are acceleration of what was happening at before there is in the timeline stories need to be experiential they need to bring something more to the equation designers are used to setting trends and working in a world agree invention adeline lee who designs high quality women's wear has along with a team of volunteers been making thousands of masts for key workers she told us the whole industry faces challenges in the coming months i don't think the. core of the brand will change but obviously our externals have changed. many of our stores are only just starting to open up now so they've been closed for
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a while. which means that the seasonal nature of it is going to be off kilter we have a lot of stores that are moving their seasons one season over so that what was supposed to have been delivered a month ago will come into the stores as they open up now back in stanford sara speeding hope that our customers will come back determined that her business won't be a casualty of this pandemic and i would al-jazeera stamford. you know again i'm fully back tomorrow with the headlines on al-jazeera the police killing of another black american has triggered new protests brogues were shot after a struggle at a fast food restaurant in atlanta on friday night atlanta's chief of police has resigned and officer involved in the shooting was sacked the noya representing a brooks family has accused police officers of using unnecessary force and as we
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are just getting this case the details are just getting more horrific because there were multiple witnesses out there we talked to some witnesses today who said that the officers women put on plastic clothes and picked up their shell casings after they killed him before remember roommate we tell it to minutes and 16 seconds before they even check this. protesters are rallying in japan in solidarity with the bloc lies matter movement. dozens of people carrying anti-racism posters have been marching through a busy commercial district of tokyo it follows mass on thai racism demonstrations in the capital and osaka last week 2 coordinated attacks in northeast nigeria have killed at least 60 people including civilians and soldiers a group called islamic state west africa province says it carried out the 3rd raid
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in borno state within a week chinese health officials are reporting 57 new corona virus infections the highest number of daily cases in 2 months more than half of them were detected in beijing officials are calling for increased testing to prevent the virus from spreading australia's prime minister has apologized for denying the country's history of slavery scott morrison says he was referring to the settlement of the 1st colony his remarks have angered some indigenous australians and descendants south pacific islanders and defend his weight as opposition leader one guy do is refusing to recognise the appointment of a team to oversee the next farm entry election the supreme court names new leaders for the electoral council opponents boycott of the presidential election one by my dura 2 years ago because they said the vote was great. those are the headlines coming up next on al-jazeera rewind stay with us.
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how would you say. hello welcome to rewind i'm richelle carey since al jazeera english launched more than a decade ago we have built up an extraordinary archive of award winning documentaries here on rewind returning to some of the best of them finding out what's happened in the years sense back in 2009.


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