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save humanity i really really not getting anywhere. this is al-jazeera. out of there i mean this is a new life and coming up in the next 60 minutes coronavirus cases surge in south asia with india and pakistan reporting the highest ever infection numbers. at least 60 people killed in northeast nigeria in the latest attack carried out by a splinter group for poker her. protests and destruction in the u.s. city of atlanta roster another black man is killed by police. and 3 is
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a tragedy virtual tribute to the 72 people who died in one of the deadliest fires multan british history. and fire in a small have all the day's sport including byron media close in on him to bring this league title and they're now just one win away from sealing the championship. so there are warnings that the health care systems in pakistan and india are on the verge of collapse both countries have seen record rise in the number of new coronavirus infections as lock downs are eased india reported nearly 12000 new cases in the past 24 hours the government has announced new measures for delhi including increased testing and converting railway coaches into makeshift hospitals pakistan recorded almost 6 and a half 1000 new cases on saturday the world health organization is warning that the
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acceleration of infection could overwhelm its underfunded health care system and in neighboring iran more than $100.00 people have died in 24 hours for the 1st time in 2 months president hassan rouhani had warned that a lot may be reimposed of the situation does not improve. well speak to us had begun in tehran about that increase shortly but 1st let's go to kemal who is in islamabad for us and. so multiple days of record spikes and you can only imagine the strains on the healthcare systems that must be immense. it did engage and then had some prizes mainly because of the main. flaw. that this was not the. situation right away then control is what it had and all that i said was also saying that budgets on the 300000. by
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the end of july however given that have you know that number is automated so think i'm getting 15. minutes of full lining of the bed up and down the dome are what's making a. 'd bank going to go over 300000 by the end of it on i don't want another 11200000 by day and go on by saying that august on it. may get tragic. and you're late i. think i said. but i don't know once august on. medicare the system that infected medicaid well don't. think going to the front line to get that coleridge my date back to and there are only so hard . and the number of infections writing particularly in the province and then end up
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on jobs and i've heard also suggest because of the population density the government saying that despite advice from the warhead it's all going to ensure that they can go into i don't think they're going in the us market on certain subjects they're livin na mo ma have already been sealed off for the next 3 days said maybe it's the same game and they think that they were doing that in any part of the gun thing wherever they. are thinking maybe i didn't define it. so it isn't because if you look through the headlines back in early may we will see why that was soon a few coronavirus cases in south asia and now we have these extraordinary spike. engaged dad didn't fastening every board a had because 'd they were the veil. and initially and then came to. plug it's on the right. that. made all clear to me it's hard to think that the
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particle. down there don't put anything for ages that that government what they think they when they opened it and of ramadan everybody gets painted and all of them all these big shopping holiday that there's a brand epidemic guard because they put 100 using them on they were never told. me that if it didn't then i think where that i desired families living and well ok . so you're not distancing your daughter most important but and storing the gift on it saying they have fake 'd dorning it's god as you may think it is a said many experts write it to you and i did not think that race thought it all that all right come on thanks for that update a couple 100 reporting from islamabad and that's enough from toward a celine who's a don't trip the pipes on institute of medical sciences and she explains how much of a strain there is own hospitals and stuff. we have run out of the beds there are no
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beds available night during the isolation centered quarantine centers our pool our hiding know when to later spirit when to later if somebody dies and then some other comes of this is a situation you are not going to find some sort of way you can claim to later our beds are and you are in isolation and i see use or even the corentin centers because. this is getting beyond our capacity and the had not prepare well for it so this is getting worse and it is still not cold people still even for now and though worse and that is the situation that you in our health care workers getting infected and fact i can tell about my department out of 10 people the are woking 5 of them have been infected and imagine the workload on wrists i feel them and how much exposure data getting because you work in such a situation you have to plan that for how are just going to expose your healthcare
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workers and how you are going to equip them with the personal protective equipment and you are even liking that we are not having a proper person protective equipment provided to us and more on the health strains we are having and we are not even has proper places that those ciphered also has a god in fact there are not even getting the proper place where they could isolate themselves like we are in this sort of crisis situation or even the health care workers are right let's get the latest out of iran we can speak to the bank use in tehran for us a message numbers drop but since easy of restrictions we have this. yes absolutely the last time we saw the number of deaths over 100 was april the 13th that's 2 months ago and generally generally we've been seeing a decline in the number of people dying from the krona virus but the health
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ministry has reported that in the last 24 hours 170 people have died from the virus but it's not only about the number of deaths is about the number of infections in the last 24 hours has been around 2400 new infections that similar to the numbers we saw at the peak of the crisis which has raised some concerns about a possible 2nd wave now we don't have a breakdown in terms of provinces how many people have died and been affected in the different provinces of iran that's because the government stopped reporting those back in mid march after some of those areas affected posted figures that were higher than the government official figures but we believe some of the hardest hit areas are the southern and western provinces of the country and president rouhani saying that there may be reimposed may be reimposed if the situation does not improve. yes he did want president rouhani came out and warned the lockdown measures could be reimposed if people continue not to abide by the health ministry
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measures now that's after the health minister reported that those abiding by those measures had decreased from 80 percent to 20 percent and now we have seen an increase in number of infected cases but iran is in a difficult position going into this crisis. was around 41 percent there was a rise in unemployment and according to the international monetary fund the economy had shrunk in the last 2 years but there's also the issue of the united states sanctions against iran that has drastically reduced its oil revenues so any decision to remain poles locked down measures considering the state of the economy will be very difficult and will be taken reluctantly by the government but president rouhani has said that in the last 2 years this country has faced some of the toughest sanctions but according to him iran has done much better than some of the european countries or as a thanks for that update from tara on. to china now where
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health officials are reporting 57 new coronavirus infections vibrance the highest number of daily cases in 2 months more than half of them were detected in beijing and a district in the capital is now under strict lock down due to this cluster of the city's biggest wholesale market the new cases have sparked fears of a 2nd wave of infections to make appalling reports now from hong kong. after nearly 2 months of no new local infections and life slowly returning to normal china's capital is once again drastically stepping up measures to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus cluster dozens of cases are linked to the asian the wholesale market one of asia's biggest cities governments rushed to shut down the sprawling complex which supplies nearly 90 percent of beijing's fresh seafood vegetables and fruit but it might be one week we were told last night that this place is closed now i can only sell my pitches in the street there happen very few people buying them so i'm going to be at a loss for sure a walk
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a do life and health always come 1st the market is in the southern district home to more than 2000000 people and the area that is now under is strict lockdown plans to open kindergartens and primary schools on monday have been delayed sports and athletics advance have been postponed all public facilities have shut down and movement in and out of the city is restricted state media says the virus was initially detected on a cutting board used to prepare imported salmon prompting supermarkets to take the fish off their shelves additional tests found that the virus could be carried and spread through produce and packaging meaning it could have travelled well beyond the city's limits cases linked to the markets have been confirmed in 2 other provinces beijing's government has launched an extensive operation to test 10000 workers from the market and screen anyone who visited it this month and very finally there was panic in the 1st wave but there's no need for that in the 2nd way
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people are vigilant we have big data and the government can strictly control things there should be no problem. beijing downgraded its emergency response level only a week ago easing restrictions on wearing masks and having temperature checks this latest cluster is raising concerns due to parallels with hu han city where the virus was 1st discovered last year it too started at a market and led to months of lockdowns until china said it had overcome the outbreak in march the hope is that that declaration was and premature if you go pollen hong kong putting more head on the news hour including using ancient methods to fight a modern pandemic we have an ecuadorian indigenous communities story of success. a reshuffle in chile's capital made spiralling active coronavirus cases and death rates. coming up it is getting crowded at the top is this a p.g.a.
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tour event reaches a long awaited final round. 2 coordinated attacks in northeast nigeria have killed at least 60 people including civilians and soldiers a group called the islamic state of west africa province says it carried out the 3rd raid in borno state within a week or so hard as this report. this is mortar operation lawfare doll looks like from the nigerian military posted video on social media showing what it says is its response to saturday's attack in mt do you know it was followed by another attack in both a local government areas in borno state in northeast nigeria where both soldiers and civilians were killed a military spokesman didn't answer calls for comment on the attacks but local reports suggest that dozens were killed and hundreds injured with hospitals
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overwhelmed by it is reported to have opened fire after arriving on motorbikes and in cause soldiers and a united nations humanitarian center targeted there the latest major casualties in less than a week on wednesday at least 81 people were killed when a herders village was raided a group of fighters called the islamic state west africa province claimed responsibility for that attack the group broke away from boko haram 4 years ago previously boko haram was seen as closer to al qaida but in 2015. pledged alliance to i saw the nigerian army has been battling boko haram 3 years as its fighters bombed churches and kidnapped schoolgirls in recent weeks army commanders claim significant success against the group but soldiers have often been outnumbered and of resourced and suffered heavy losses. tens of thousands of people have been killed. and more than 3000000 displaced by this fighting. was so high
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that al-jazeera illustrate not ahmed address it joins us from our bed so the latest round of violence in this blown running spate of attacks. absolutely make this very growing for a while probably for the last decade or so and it looks like it's. it's a it's a difficult thing to say exactly how far this fight is has gone by the military has claimed victory several times in the book but we've seen how this group has evolved over time. by the way according to some reports trying to organize or other trying to merge among the various factions to see how they can confront regional armies in the lecture region what the military has been able to do that's been different from what we've seen over the over the years was to move smaller military camps into
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a larger wants to create what they call. super cams and these have become of particular interest to book or and this is why you have the largest concentration of fighting troops and equipment and they believe that whatever attack that will make headlines will be on the super cams but unfortunately for some of these attacks or fortunately whichever way you look at it the military has been able to repel this attacks with devastating consequences for example the video just shown a few minutes ago aerial videos book or on flight of the approach a particular location and then you have the military responding on a on a very very devastating scale over the last 2 weeks the army chief saying that the nigerian army or the nigerian military has killed over $1400.00 fighters in the north east of the country over the past 2 or 3 months and boko haram of course would not lie low to allow such statement to go unnoticed so they want to feel that
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they are still a force to reckon with in the northeast of nigeria in the lake chad region and the rest of the sellers we see in booking a fossil in mali and other places in the nick corridor when thanks very much indeed but it was there in the boogy give us that context let's take it all we can speak now to. day who's the political analyst joining us live from nigeria's capital of lagos coming to us via skype so. this as it was just saying this is done on for 10 years and more why is the nigerian military unable to contain these attacks. well i do and they think saying that the problem here has to do with perhaps strategy don't forget that the government has just celebrated its 5th anniversary in office and that became are on the back off base security problems in nigeria they told the nigerian people that this is
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a piecemeal for them to fix to this moment it has gotten worse it was only recently that is chief of army staff met with president bush already and he told president bashar that they were within the wall not long after that. car i'm on list what you would call one of the dead yes the attack setting at the recent times killing about $81.00 people it has to do with strategy because every time they move towards chod they get repaired and that is that i think the casualty is high on the part of the oran and the swat but now when they come back to nigeria their advice is the case don't forget that the pharmacy had to come under general right and he had spoken in a vial feed you where he said. that tactics to end. the equipment they were using to prosecute this war were a sufficient just after he beat that well he was removed and now we're getting to
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see that the men perhaps demoralized because that in the o.e. everyone likes a command at who is that fighting for his welfare since general identity has been out of. government state and if you have a command we have someone who is now taking charge but they think because you have to feed go on the side of the government and the military has continued to rise that's why a lot of people say. yeah you want to let me jump in then say we have this when it comes to this is a type we have this new offshoot group islamic state west africa province. still presumably part of boko haram what do we know about them you know i think what do they do in trying to get a feel it but if you look at the age. old it's a big get into our own kind of mess in areas to prosecute the wall or i'm actually
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just started in nigeria and you would have seemed that they when they were decimated that they form an alliance with all the terror group so get in swat back on track and get in some or that unknown groups is what that nation is dealing with the military we come back to the military i think inexcusable now after 660 is our 5 years on the saddle to still bit talking about casualties go on the side of deny care not me. some of the military people you speak with they would tell you that it said his chiefs are all that due to leave now we're talking about says 29000 is supposed to have been retired you only keep a man or woman who's jeanette fantastic job on his seat even when it's done and dusted so that is why they're still asking the president what is keeping these men
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who haven't actually done pretty well for the people. 'd and soon i mean it's great to get your perspective on this we do appreciate the sentiment and today speaking to us from lagos nigeria. 2 united nations peacekeepers have been killed in an attack on a convoy in northern money un's mission chief for the west african country says they were part of a logistics convoy that happened on the tested legal route when the gunmen attacked comes after the u.n. appealed for more support for the rest of the whole region which is seen hundreds of civilians targeted in recent weeks. the police killing of another black american has triggered new protests racial brooks was shot off a struggle at a fast food restaurant in atlanta on friday night atlanta's chief of police has resigned and an officer involved in the shooting has been sacked those jabari has more. repair for walking traffic the last moments of ray short brooks's life. he was reported to police because his car was blocking
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a fast food drive through in atlanta on friday night lights take a deep breath and let him out of the office was hard can talk to you stop after a breathalyzer test police said he wasn't sober to drive and it's tempted to arrest him. the 27 year old father of 3 appears to have resisted arrest and police allege brooks stole her kayser gun and turned it on them away from the cameras 3 gunshots are heard. other videos show the body of brooks on the ground before he was taken to hospital where his death was confirmed. by the immediate reaction to his death as protesters on friday evening continued on to saturday near the scene of the shooting ever would have gotten worse over the fast food restaurant was set on fire by protesters demanding answers i don't know how to get his. son never knew i was going to do this. i'll bust this on in
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the arm from the whole jaw slow it situation saw it coming together like blows. in this whole dying man on my don't stop the car following an outcry over the use of deadly force the city's chief of police erica shields offered her resignation wow atlanta's mayor kesha lance bottoms accepted calling the police action unnecessary. i firmly believe that there is a clear distinction between what you can do and what you should do i do not believe that this was a justified use of deadly force and have called for the immediate term a nation of the officer. the shooting happened weeks after 2 students were dragged from their car by 6 atlanta police officers charges against the students were dropped 4 of the officers were fired and all 6 face criminal charges now the city is facing another crisis we talked to some witnesses today who said that the
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officers went in put on plastic clothes and picked up their cell casings after they killed. before rendering me. with helmets to minutes and 16 seconds before they even sucked us paul both georgia's bureau of investigation and the district attorney's office have launched investigations it's reported to be the 48th police shooting this year 15 of them were fatal. as protests continue against the killing of george floyd in minneapolis 3 weeks ago the police killing of another black american seems sure to fuel further anger dore such a pari al jazeera. so if korea has held an urgent security meeting after the sister of north korea's leader threaten military action can be a young's warning is the latest escalation of tensions involving defectors from the north you've been sending food and propaganda over the border south korea has tried
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to discourage the defectors campaign in an effort to improve ties and let's say the north is trying to pressure the cell phone denuclearization talks which have stalled and let's get now to john nielsen right to use the career foundation fellow at chatham house and senior lecturer at cambridge university joins us now from paris mr wilson right welcome to the program just how serious is this situation and how worried should south korea be. i think it is a serious situation the south koreans are clearly worried isn't a case that can be that important security meeting this morning from the point of view of north korea's intentions the message coming out of pyongyang loud and clear is that they already are on the point of breaking up all communications the hotlines have already been severed with south korea as to the north dismantling the liaison mission which was established as part of the improvement in bilateral
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relations and i think the mood at the moment is that we may see some sort of lower level of attention tension even the use of military force that could take place or dispatch perhaps in the northern limit line the maritime space between the 2 koreas . it's even possible the newest might contemplate yet another nuclear test although i think we should be cautious about overemphasizing the danger of that but there's no doubt that pyongyang feels a profound sense of impatience that its failure to get any relaxation of international sanctions the route to washington at the moment is going through so that's why it's increasing so much pressure on the main administration but i think that's a misread it's mistreat of the american position and i don't think it will immediately produce results of the north koreans are hopeful right said that leads to 2 questions then the festal how should south korea and how will south korea play this and secondly what will be the international reaction particularly from washington.
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i think the south koreans will want to be very proportionate in their response if there is military provocation to do something at a comparable level to sort of demonstrating influence to terence president of course has been at the forefront of reaching out to korea and that's been very popular with preprogrammed his opinion the term he needs to protect himself politically from is the right flank if you like from those conservatives in south korea want to see him to get tough line and everything he's done actually as president suggests that he recognizes the balance supposed to terence and engagement so i suspect if there is a provocation there will be some proportionate response from the south as to the international community here the problem i think is is partly the united states donald trump is distracted correspondence at home. he has also extraordinarily in a speech given to west point cadets yesterday evoked if you like the spirit of neville chamberlain by saying that americans don't need to be engaged in nature
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conflicts in faraway places and every little about it i mean it's an extraordinary statement and i think it has the danger of sending a signal to the north koreans that the united states is losing interest i think that reflects the reality that donald trump having put so much energy into those unsuccessful some meetings has not given up on talks with the new right but the north itself of course has very pressing issues and most important of all getting access to international economic support of course and i mean i still have that disturbance my running out of time just one final quick question because what you're curious here is the kind of ongoing presence if you like of kim jong un's sister who seems to be coming more and more to the fore now. yes definitely i mean her profile has increased the fact that her statements have been so well telegraphed both at home and abroad is an indication i think of a rising prominence and we should take whatever she says extremely seriously
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because it's indicative 'd of the views of the leadership at the very top level including of course he's a brother great to get your perspective on this john nelson ride today appreciate that thanks a lot pleasure. ok on the weather now and jenny standing by in some sunshine and i know i know i would shock you this time around because i said all i ever do is talk about rain so yes some sunshine because the sunshine comes with the rain so you can see here on the satellite you know there's lots of clouds and this is where you'll see some rain as well but having said all that people are being floating to the beaches a safe people boat is really just in a mass here on this beach involves learning the sun has come out because people are able to go out so i think for me i prefer to have the top johnsons in southern poland because you can see has a beautiful view some nice weather and not as many people now there is plenty of rain continuing throughout sunday can see here across central areas late countries germany some very heavy amounts of rain it will send right the way east was across and romania and it will also mean woman to sheilds across into a few showers into western areas of france and also the u.k.
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now by monday as you can see that rain across germany it doesn't really be very fathers another band that sweeps in across western areas of france and also across the u.k. but much of southern spain and portugal is fine and dry and one of the better places which has been like this is several days and will continue to be so is scandinavia very warm and also much of western russia is fine and dry so as we go into day into tuesday that rainy chemically will widespread across the west and then as i say when it comes a time which is that's how it puts the temperature gradients on you can see where the warm air is all this red shading it is there having said all that very warm across into the north and in fact board day time it is well below the average of that rain coming in and then look at this and i'll slow 30 celsius on wednesday against an average of 20 cent that's the place to be nick apprentice going to corinth jenny will gather thank you very much still ahead here on al-jazeera how you can fashion stores are hoping to attract customers they prepared to open for the 1st time in weeks plus. i'm treating you in beijing office and odd galleries
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have emerged from lockdown to expose the impact of the drone a virus pandemic ally every day lives. serious sparkles on by. let me return to write you with details coming up in. frank assessments tourism but the income stream is dead in the water what's been the result in poaching significantly informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal in israeli society in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for new policy save the country politically not only disintegrating but it's great to be this the leading to all continue inside story on al-jazeera. that america is a region of the wonder of joy of tragedy and violence but it doesn't matter where
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you are you have to be able to relate to the human condition. i've been covering all of latin america for most of my career but no country is alike and it's my job to spread light on how and why. org or. oh. better get watching al-jazeera rewind of our top stories this hour and health care systems in pakistan and india are on the verge of collapse as cases of cave of $900.00 spike both countries have seen record rises in the number of new infections
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in the past day. china is racing to stop a new outbreak of covert 19 in the capital of beijing which centers around a huge wholesale food market health officials reporting 57 new coronavirus infections nationally that is the highest number of daily cases in 2 months. a 2 coordinated attacks in northeast nigeria have killed at least 60 people including civilians and soldiers a group called islamic state west africa province says it carried out 3rd rate in borno state within a week. now britain is marking the 3rd anniversary of a fire in a london apartment block which killed $72.00 people prime minister boris johnson led tributes at a virtual service because of the coronavirus lot of the fires spread quickly through grenfell top because it's flammable crowding and inquiry is also highlighted significant failings by the fire brigade alright let's cross over to generalities in west london where a derelict still stands and janet how difficult has this been for those who fled
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grenfell to how to mark this important poignant events during the trend of our. yes i mean the coronavirus lockdown has clearly added difficulty to the moment people about to come here socially distanced of course they've been sort of choreographed visits to the building itself for families who want to be able for the 1st time to go and visit their apartments and what remains of their apartments inside that building but it had to do that over a 2 day period and again socially distance and you hear survivors talking about you know the need for a simple hug the need to come together at these moments as a community in the presence of others and that of course is lacking now there is another reason for poignancy within that context of coronavirus and that is that the pandemic has shone a light as the fire itself did 3 years ago on social inequality is an institutional
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racism that campaigners for justice for the victims of grenfell tower have been highlighting for 3 years and that is because for instance statistics have shown that black asian and minority ethnic people and many of the victims in the towers came from those groups are far more likely to have died from covert 19 than their white counterparts specifically black men up to 4 times more likely to die from covert 900 than their white counterparts and that's because of things like living conditions and multigenerational households less efficient access to public services and health care perhaps less job security all of which mean the people in those groups are less able to protect themselves from the virus than others are and campaigners point also at this moment to the black lives matter protests happening at the same time as well and they say that's precisely the point of those protests to highlight issues of racism and to try and force change and it's change that they say pointing to this tower 3 years old that is far too slow in coming i know that the opposition party is saying that tens of thousands of people still live in in
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apartment blocks still wrapped in the same flammable clothing has any progress been made in making sure this won't happen again. well there's been a public inquiry ongoing for quite some time now it was halted in march because of lock down that's made some progress that pointing to where failings lie but not very much progress in pointing to direct accountability yes the flow of the cladding was the problem the cladding that turned out to be flammable that allowed the flames to lick up the outside of the building completely defeating the fire crews below and the government has made some progress at replacing cladding on other buildings like grunfeld but the labor party kier starmer the leader of the labor party pointed out in a video message to a church service here earlier that there are still 2000 buildings in the country with this clouding on some 56000 people it's estimated live in conditions at risk of a fire just like grenfell in the fire brigades union says look in the next fire may not happen in a bar like kensington in london
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a pretty rich bar or be it many of the residents in the building were not they may not be attended by the number of fire crews who came here the victim the results therefore next time could be far far worse and again it all adds to campaigners pointing to the need for change change which i say this as i say 3 years on has been far too slow in coming our agenda thanks very much indeed general reporting there from london australia's prime minister scott morrison is apologize for comments he made denying the country has a history of slavery his remarks angered indigenous australians as well as descendants of pacific islanders who say their ancestors worked for little or no pay on sugar plantations morrison says he didn't mean to cause offense. i've always said we need to look at our history one of the comments i was referring to was to how the new south wales settlement was 1st established and the views that were communicated the time in forming the new south wales colony and you go back to people like william wilberforce and others they were very involved in that 1st
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fleet expedition and one of the principals was to be the destroyer in that case new south wales was was not to have lawful slavery let's say now from dominic o'sullivan who is associate professor of political science at charles sturt university and he says that many australians are not aware of the past many countries in the world australia doesn't know that history terribly well and it has a habit of. think you think nice bit of a history of history that it doesn't like or that could cause tension or embarrassment or. difficulty in the present and i think. one more since initial comment denying slavery my main and off the cuff remark that. was it was simply a mistake. the fact that he retracted it sort of quickly i think realized it was a sign that he had realised that he really couldn't if they'd just as
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a nation because what he said was not true and in the evidence that it's not true is compelling. so i rather than have a political fight have something to. it he offered his apology on the height that the issue would go away to some degree that i have been in other respects so i think. what it's done is just highlight they significance of any society knowing its history and also. put into the australian mind the idea that it certainly history isn't good in some respects. in venezuela the opposition leader one word who is refusing to recognize the appointment of a team to oversee the next parliamentary election the supreme court named new leaders for the national electoral council has been repeatedly accused of favoring the ruling socialist party opponents boycotted the presidential election won by nicolas maduro 2 years ago because they said voting was rigged so.
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not only are they clearly committing a crime they're making a huge political mistake it's a mistake that i'm sure will be there are doing in this moment venezuela is going through not only did they make a mistake and 2017 when they called for an illegal national constituent congress and in 2018 when they tried to push through a fake election once again they make a mistake that isolates them even further and also means venezuelans will suffer because it isolates us it prevents us from getting credit prevents us from solving social issues and prevents us from solving the humanitarian emergency this pandemic chile has a new health minister after his predecessor resigned in a controversy over the underreporting of corona virus cases yeah she was under mounting criticism mounting pressure to quit after it was revealed $5000.00 chileans have died during the crisis as 2000 more than the government's reported total a new daily record was reported on friday and chile has more infections per 1000000 people than any other country in south america and the repeller has more. it is
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a bit of a surprise to hear the resignation of chillis health minister on saturday especially given the fact that is right now going through the worst phase of the corona virus outbreak in the country there but health minister munnell each is a somewhat of a controversial figure he's been heavily criticized for taking what's being criticized as a as a relaxed role for not implementing more robust mitigation measures to contain the spread of coronavirus in chile comparing the the efforts and she led to efforts in neighboring countries like argentina which implemented a total lockdown so the president of. the has been under a lot of pressure from political opponents to replace the health minister all of that culminating now with the resignation of my knowledge but if we to if we look at right now just to reiterate a few of the of the statistics she was supposed to be an exception to the rule in
4:42 pm
latin america even before the outbreak began in the region in latin america was expected to be ill prepared it was said that latin america spends less on health policy than any other country in the world there was an expectation that she would do better than most of the other countries in the region unfortunately what we're seeing is that she lay again is one of the worst hit countries in the region according to the latest statistics of over 167000 infections and 3100 in one deaths. now there let me find a report about 0 series that looks at the impact kevin 1000 is having on indigenous communities we're focusing on equitable acquittal has the highest death toll per 1000000 people of any country in latin america but the indigenous community has used ancient a new method methods to fight back on latin america and its you see in human has this. is an especially world community perched on the high lands of ecuador. the centuries it's been the agricultural service center for the capital
4:43 pm
keep it all about an hour away. you might as well be another world this sign warns community under quarantine. for $132.00 checkpoints in around every single entry point. everything is disinfected and the indigenous community controls should jools entrances and exits of all vehicles and people. only a few outsiders are allowed in a curfew from 2 pm to 5 am it is strictly enforced it's now 2 pm and the town is closed till tomorrow. but a little circular where. you must understand that the endian indigenous people have their own philosophy their own cause my vision language and culture that's applied to our struggle for land water and self preservation we're also applying it now to the pandemic. those who disobeys by breaking could feel or other irresponsible
4:44 pm
behavior are submitted to indigenous justice. for. these young men are being punished with 8 to 16 hours of community work it could include everything from cleaning this plaza to public toilets it's a moral sanction meant to embarrass them before the community that you are. the police sometimes hands them over to us and we assign the punishment. the results are impressive. in this community of $120000.00 there hasn't been a single death from called 19 nothing short of miraculous to the country with the highest death toll per capita in latin america. they and there is nevertheless suffering on account of the pandemic. it's famous for its roses one of ecuador's main exports but with the world economy on lockdown there roses have been wilting away. in the flowers our main source of income around 80 percent of the population
4:45 pm
lives from them so this pandemic has hurt us badly. a few cargo planes are beginning to export their beautiful products again albeit in small quantities. but the indigenous community likes to say that their lives will again smell like grose's as long as they continue winning the battle against the intrusive new virus . you see in human al-jazeera london fashion week is normally an exclusive of it with high street stores struggling to survive because of lock downs everybody gets a front row seat this year that's gone digital for the 1st time it's one of the steps the industry has taken to reinvent itself to help keep as many shops open as possible he would reports now from stanford in eastern england. sarah's getting ready to reopen after having to close back in march she's kept busy by doing online deliveries under new rules though fewer people will be allowed in the shop at
4:46 pm
a time she recently lost her own father to coronavirus so wants things to run smoothly and safely we're going to risk assessment of that would put in distance stickers on the floor we're making sure people. ties it before they come in. and when they leave really as well. and then we're doing contact list of possible cleaning all the sides down thoroughly cleaning morning and night these are challenging times for retailers opening their doors for the 1st time in 12 weeks the period saw the sharpest drop in shop was in britain's towns and cities ever and it's likely some businesses will never reopen again from the early days of the wool industry to now clothing has been big business. the fashion industry is worth $44000000000.00 a year to the u.k. economy and $890000.00 people so there's a lot at stake we need to reset at this time of year people in the business are
4:47 pm
often looking to london fashion week to help plan ahead it's had to go digital because of the coronavirus pandemic according to many analysts we're going to see a contraction of 35 percent in that luxury industry and what we're seeing for the high street but also for designers are acceleration of what was happening at before there is in the timeline stories need to be experiential they need to bring something more to the equation designers are used to setting trends and working in a world agree invention adeline lee who designs high quality women's wear has along with a team of volunteers who are making thousands of masts for key workers she told us the whole industry faces challenges in the coming months i don't think the. core of the brand will change but obviously our externals have changed. many of our stores are only just starting to open up now so they've been closed for
4:48 pm
a while. which means that the seasonal nature of it is going to be off kilter we have a lot of stores that are moving their seasons one season over so that what was supposed to have been delivered a month ago will come into the stores as they open up now back in stanford sarah's feeling hopeful that our customers will come back determined that her business won't be a casualty of this pandemic and i would stamford. still ahead and support the biggest crowd in 50 minutes turns out what super rugby much news event or i would have all the details is. the plight of the syrian people and the violence they enjoy is playing football to see. behind closed doors a month's time
4:49 pm
a team inflicted on the women. from the brave few who survived my c.d.'s in dignity and down to town to take a. silent witness documentary on al-jazeera examining the impact of today's headlines i need to go to work because i need to make money risking our lives by going in setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion racially charged social unrest on a scale not suited to international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you to terrorist but you're here the story your city was the power. for now just iraq. you're the all.
4:50 pm
time sport has far the thanks so much german football giants byron minnick are now just one win away from sailing an 8 but displayed a title in a row on saturday the leaders beat brust year munchen glad back to one at home it means they are now 7 points clear of 2nd place for us here dortmund at the top the table barring conceal the title on choose day when they face verge of bremen away. isn't that sort of a division the 2 it will not be a walk in the park against bremen we will have to play in a highly concentrated and focused manner thomas miller a robot love and we'll be back we'll see what happens if we cannot be as successful as possible in all our matches and this is our aim as that is what we want and that is how we will approach the match. arcel on our return to action on saturday with
4:51 pm
a win and a goal from their star player leno massy in the argentinian forward scored in injuries time to seal a 4 nil victory away to may orca they now have a 5 point lead at the top of the spanish league as was barr says 1st match since the league was suspended in march. it is going to speak to one of the spurs to win this match today the way we did with the result we got gives us confidence and builds on the advantage towards the title we already had and i'm happy to start off like this because it's good for us going forward. 2nd plays around madrid play their 1st game back on sunday against bar it will be played at the $6000.00 capacity alfredo disadvantages stadium where l. have chosen to host all the remaining home games and that's to accelerate renovation works at their usual home the burn about. studying
4:52 pm
the stefano is our stadium it's true we're used to playing at the bernabeu but we have done what we have we trained the pitches the same sorry so we're ready to go. and napoli have booked their place in the final of the copa italia they knocked out to land to get there it was the 1st match for both clubs since football resumed in italy following the coronavirus hiatus. before kick off there was a tribute to the more than 34000 people in italy that lost their lives due to the virus now would go through thanks to star forward drees burtons the belgian scoring the decisive goal to seal the tie to one on aggregate it was his 100 and 23rd strike for napoli making him the club's all time leading scorer napoli will face eventis in the final.
4:53 pm
paris asian men's all time leading scorer me is on his way out of the club. will not be having his contract renewed and will leave once the season is fully completed spike lee gone finishing early because of the pandemic p.s.g. are still in the champions league given he scored 200 goals for p.s.g. since joining in 2013 teammate thiago silva will also be leaving. american golfers sander shaw fully tops the leaderboard after the 3rd round of the p.g.a. tour comeback event in texas softly had 6 birdies into bogeys to cart a 4 under par $66.00 at the fan free colonial country club he takes a one shot lead heading into the final round meanwhile world number one warren mcelroy who finished the day with a 69 says having no spectators at the tournament takes a lot of getting used to yeah it's funny like i feel you know for you know a saturday afternoon been in contention on the p.g.a.
4:54 pm
tour. i felt sort of weird i dare you know the 1st couple days it was fine but definitely today it's you know it's still a stringent i'm sure tomorrow i'll feel pretty strange especially with so many guys in and around the league. and major league baseball can't seem to agree on a return to action the players union are locked in a bitter dispute with the league over pay meaning we could see the shortest m.l. be season since the 870 s. well no such problems in south korea as its baseball season is well underway and this game the eagles beat the bears 76 and their 18 game losing streak going to avoid clinching the longest ever losing streak in korean baseball history. all the biggest crowd in 15 years turned out an ad in park in new zealand to watch a super rugby match sold out crowd of 43000 people attended to see the auckland based blues beat the wellington based hurricanes 3020 and no masks or social
4:55 pm
distancing was required at the stadium after new zealand declared itself covert 900 free assen a week ago. ok and that is all your sport for now back to you nic thanks very much thank you now china's scene is one of the 1st to emerge from the lockdown galleries in beijing have reopened to showcase work reflecting the impact of the pandemic on every everyday lives some artists can see a critical eye over the way governments have responded to the health crisis are you reports now from beijing warring governments and a global pandemic these are themes explored in artist should this latest work he believes the world leaders have used the coronavirus as a weapon to divide society i think this is really so really so sad people never get together before flying to each other. and conflict are frequently explored in animated films each is made up of thousands of painted wood carvings his team is
4:56 pm
working on the next 90 minute feature to be completed in 2022. so this is a really small part says it's important for artists to reflect on the outbreak especially in china where criticism is often censored and controls have increased you control the government is enough. don't need to control control too much. too much i think of china's problem is that you control too much and everything slow and a lot of people die you know we can do better. while some reflection on the way governments have responded to the health crisis others are examining our response as individuals the exhibition meditations in an emergency features the work of 26 international and chinese artists from mortality and illness to media and how are
4:57 pm
these awesome helping audiences come to terms with what it means to live in an age of a modern pandemic from installation speech or laptops endlessly scrolling online news articles to representations of human remains organizers say the exhibition is to reflect on the current of us as a universal experience in a what does the present icon has a taught us about our every day returns of their fertility what is it taught us about health about our bodies about our vulnerability for the 1st time in months this is all slowly returning to china's districts not every gallery has survived the lockdown but sunshine is confident that as the pandemic eases people will turn to ought to help make sense of this challenging time and history looking back on what was lost but a lot and. al-jazeera beijing. without that's it for this news i'll be back in
4:58 pm
a couple minutes with another form of our news that proceeded from a. because many companies around the world rely on mica to make their products glow but who pays the price for making the beauty business she'd written when i went east investigates. on al-jazeera. as surely as native fauna and flora are accustomed to bush riots but this season has been unprecedented landscapes usually left unscathed have been decimated. this bush tries season has burned through millions of head as of land destroying the how the tides of many native animals some of these forests will take decades to regenerate and others may never recover . these baby kangaroos joeys whole foods they're now in care but for many animals
4:59 pm
who do make it out of the fires they soon face all the problems to cats and dogs and and to crash as surely as famed plants and animals are strong part of the country's identity many of its species of found nowhere else in the world and the extent of the damage isn't clear again. for those who do survive it's a long and painful road to recovery. on calton the cost to induce labor reforms but is it reform when they cracked the job profit or made millions with their redress for what china's tightening grip on home call movies with financial hub status virtual jobs other stop gap the real deal. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
5:00 pm
al-jazeera. where every. corona virus cases surge in south asia with india and pakistan reporting the highest ever infection. but are there i mean this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up in the program at least 60 people killed in northeast nigeria and the latest attack carried out by splinter group of boko herat. protests and destruction in the u.s. city of atlanta after another black man is killed by police.


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