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undocked from power defines our world we should not have to change our culture for oil and gas we leave here we make the rules investigating exposing and questioning the use and abuse of power across the globe people in power returns to al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. the whole robin and this is the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a health system on the brink of collapse a world health organization warning after another spike in corona virus infections in pakistan. the casualties of an attack by
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a splinter group of book overarm in northeastern nigeria dozens are killed. take a deep breath and. hard to get out and stop the moments leading up to another police shooting of a black man in the u.s. that's inflaming new protests. also 3 years after london's grenfell tower inferno killed 72 people are those in public housing and he say so. bearing fruit have an indigenous community in ecuador is flourishing despite the coronavirus crisis. and it's for a huge crowd welcome sort of a new zealand's eden park all black star bowden barack getting off to a winning start for the police in france and more than 40000. could have you with us why. to the news hour we begin in south asia where is
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surgeon coronavirus cases in 2 of the world's most populous countries is putting even more strain on health care there have been record increases in new infections in pakistan and india as lockdowns that eased pakistan reported more than $6800.00 cases on sunday and the world health organization is warning the acceleration could overwhelm pakistan's underfunded health system it's the 2nd hardest hit in the region after india which has nearly $12000.00 new infections there the government's taking extra steps to combat the virus in delhi including more testing and converting railway coaches into makeshift hospitals in neighboring iran more than $100.00 people have died in a day for the 1st time in 2 months as it has some rouhani warns lockdowns may be reimposed if there's no improvement well we'll have more on that situation in iran in a moment but 1st to has more from the pakistani capital islamabad. most of the operators
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head in the city of islamabad are overweight and it's turning back patient shortage of all care jen and obviously rented a tent that ran as this crisis becomes bigger and bigger now or early warning health organization edgewise progress done to go for another 2 weeks of lockdown for just less than 48 hours ago all but the pakistani prime minister saying northern option they were going to drink model down and that god's word maintaining all. where there was a number higher number of infections and then some up ought to. have been completely shut down major by jarhead so it's true that the military better military and the police now and that they're here to ensure that no feeds are followed and budgets on because of what border guards what stores are distancing because this is their fault country people live in congested areas and
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a lack of awareness that exacerbated this problem because progress on decided to ease down on the low down towards the end of ramadan and god has managed to get news. stories on the pledge and deaths in iran that's called levittown sebag lunsford's in the capital tehran assad numbers have dropped really and he may but sort of since restrictions eased the story really has changed in the role. yes absolutely the last time we saw the number of deaths over 100 was back on april 13th so that's 2 months ago the health ministry has issued figures today in the last 24 hours 107 people have died from the virus but it's not only about the number of people dying from the virus about the new cases now in the last 24 hours there's been over 2400 new cases in the country that's similar to the figures that we're seeing at the peak of the virus here in iran back in march so there are
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concerns about a 2nd wave but president rouhani has been speaking today and he said he doesn't believe that this is a part of a 2nd wave he believes that the virus is passing through the country in different provinces in the country experiencing their peak at different times but we don't have a breakdown of those provinces that's because the government stopped issuing provincial breakdowns back irag made march that's because when those areas affected publish their figures their figures were higher than the official figures but we believe some of the worst affected areas are the southern and western provinces of iran so of course what all the the government of the authorities doing really to contain sort of these new breaks they really don't want them to spread across the capital at least. yes president has warned that they could be a reposition of lockdown measures if people continued not to abide by the health ministry measures that they've put in place now that's after the health ministry issued a report saying those observing those measures was down from 80 percent to 20 percent
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that's a massive decrease in people observing those measures that people here are wearing masks people sanitizes. sanitise and disinfectants and shops and public malls but the government is in a difficult position that's because going into this crisis inflation was at 41 percent unemployment was on the rise and according to the international monetary fund the economy has shrunk to over the 2 over 2 years but also the country is under united states sanctions which has hit the country's oil revenues so the country the government doesn't really want to lock down the economy because of the state that it's in now president rouhani has said that the country is doing better compared to some european countries considering the sanctions the country's been suffering under for the last 2 years. thanks for the update. the health officials in china's capital moving swiftly to get on top of affairs 2nd wave of infections
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a district in beijing is in strict lockdown after a kroner virus cluster was discovered in the city's largest wholesale market to get a pall of has more from home go. after nearly 2 months of no new local infections and life slowly returning to normal china's capital is once again drastically stepping up measures to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus cluster dozens of cases are linked to the wholesale market one of asia's biggest cities governments rushed to shut down the sprawling complex which supplies nearly 90 percent of beijing's fresh seafood vegetables and fruit but it was my the one we were told last night that this place is closed now i can only sell my pictures on the street there happen very few people buying them so i'm going to be at a loss for sure a walk a do life and health always come 1st the market is in the southern district home to more than 2000000 people an area that is now under
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a strict lockdown plans to open kindergartens and primary schools on monday have been delayed sports and athletics events have been postponed all public facilities have shut down and movement in and out of the city is restricted state media says the virus was initially detected on a cutting board used to prepare imported salmon prompting supermarkets to take the fish off their shelves additional tests found that the virus could be carried and spread through produce and packaging meaning it could have travelled well beyond the city's limits cases linked to the markets have been confirmed in 2 other provinces beijing's government has launched an extensive operation to test $10000.00 workers from the market and screen anyone who visited it this month in birmingham finally there was panic in the 1st wave but there's no need for that in the 2nd way people are vigilant we have big. and the government can strictly control things there should be no problem beijing downgraded its emergency response
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level only a week ago easing restrictions on wearing masks and having temperature checks this latest cluster is raising concerns due to parallels with who han city where the virus was 1st discovered last year it too started at a market and led to months of lock downs until china said it had overcome the outbreak in march the hope is that that declaration was and premature if you go pollen hong kong to africa to work to coordinated attacks in northeastern nigeria have killed at least 60 people including civilians and soldiers as well. this is more to operation lawfare doll looks like from the nigerian military posted video on social media showing what it says is its response to saturday's attack in mangino was followed by another attack in both the local government areas in borno state in northeast nigeria where both soldiers and civilians were killed
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a military spokesman didn't answer calls for comment on the attacks but local reports suggest that dozens were killed and hundreds injured with hospitals overwhelmed by it is reported to have opened fire after arriving on motorbikes and in cause soldiers and a united nations humanitarian center targeted their latest major casualties in less than a week the government has just celebrated its 5th anniversary office and became on the back off base security problems in nigeria they told the nigerian people that this is a piece meal for them to fix to this moment it has gotten worse it was only recently that the chief of army staff met with president bush already there and that it was president bush era that they were with in the war on wednesday at least 81 people were killed when i heard his village was raided in good b.-o. a group of fighters called the islamic state west africa province claimed
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responsibility for that attack the group broke away from boko haram 4 years ago previously boko haram was seen as closer to al qaida but in 2015 leader of a bucket of pledged alliance i saw the nigerian army has been battling boko haram for years as its fighters bombed churches and kidnap schoolgirls in recent weeks army commanders claim significant success against the group but soldiers have often been outnumbered on to resourced and suffered heavy losses. tens of thousands of people have been killed. and more than 3000000 displaced by this fighting. certify that. our correspondent emma just joins me now from the capital of the really of the ongoing situation there in the northeast of the country what more do we know about the circumstances of these attacks and really how the authorities are going to react not just to this but previous ones as well that they're still finding it very difficult to deal with. i basically
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say all this has been an ongoing crisis for 11 this is the 11th year now by the way and things were quite and for some time and then pick up we were told 2 weeks ago by the army chief that the war is being won it's just a matter of time fighters are surrendering and then all of a sudden within a space of one week we've seen 2 deadly attacks more than 150 people have been killed and thousands more have been displaced in this conflict now a lot of people are wondering whether or whether there are enough strategies on the ground to do with the problem in neighboring countries we've seen how china was able to launch a week long operation that ended i think a month ago over a month ago in which the president of charges saying that they have decimated bookworm and chased them from childhood territory and they're looking towards their neighbors to do the same and since then we've seen attacks by boko haram in
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addition to what is happening in the northwest of the country where a lot of experts now security experts are also thinking that the attacks in northwest nigeria that has led to the killings of 200 people in 2 weeks or 2 months could be partly. or other extreme is good maybe responsible for this so instead of these this crisis being contained in the region of northeast nigeria we've seen how it's beginning to spread after the nigerian government initially brought it under control way back in 2015 people are wondering what happened between then is it lack of equipment to the lack of manpower is that the security architecture needs an overhaul for now things are getting a little bit dicey for communities for military operators for the government itself and there is a lot of frustration in this land in addition to what's happening in the northwest of the country go to the pages of newspapers and social media and see how
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frustrated nigerians are with how these conflicts have been being handled across the country. let me just say no thank you for the update well let's stay on the continent because 2 united nations peacekeepers have been killed in the turk in a convoy in northern mali the un's mission chief for west african countries says that they were part of a logistics convoy it stopped on the tesselated ghar road when the gunmen attacking 2 comes after the u.n. appealed for more support for the rest of such hell region which has seen hundreds of civilians targeted in recent weeks still ahead here on the news out of. the online cup for how british fashion shops are reopening for the 1st time in weeks and hoping to set a new trend. and in sport by munich's clothes in a straight german league title and he said if that's true.
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the police killing of another african american has triggered new protests in the u.s. ryszard brooks was shot after a struggle to fast food restaurants in atlanta on friday night atlanta's chief of police has resigned and an officer involved in the shooting has been sacked also jabari has more. rip you're providing traffic the last moments of ray sharp rocks like. he was reported to police because his car was blocking a fast food drive through in atlanta on friday night i just take a deep breath and try out on an arby's was hard to get at a stop after a breathalyzer test police said he wasn't sober to drive and it tempted to arrest him. the 27 year old father of 3 appears to have resisted arrest and police allege brooks stole the taser gun and pointed it at them as he ran away. away from the
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cameras 3 gunshots are heard. other videos show the body of brooks on the ground before he was taken to hospital where his death was confirmed it was the immediate reaction to his death as protesters on friday evening continued on to saturday near the scene of the shooting ever had gotten word from the fast food restaurant was set on fire by protesters demanding answers i don't know how to get his. son never knew i was going to lose. i'll watch this on the internet i'm from the whole just floored situation to come and it's not about clothes on. and this whole dying man and omar don't step on the court following an outcry over the use of deadly force the city's chief of police erica shields offered her resignation atlanta's mayor keesha lance bottoms accepted calling the police action
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unnecessary i firmly believe that there is a clear distinction between what you can do and what you should do i do not believe that this was a justified use of deadly force and have called for the media term a nation of the officer corps. the shooting happened weeks after 2 students were dragged from their car by 6 atlanta police officers charges against the students were dropped 4 of the officers were fired and all 6 face criminal charges now the city is facing another crisis we talked to some witnesses today who said that the officers went in put on plastic clothes and picked up their cell casings after they killed before remembering that we counted to minutes and 16 seconds before they didn't set this. both georgia's bureau of investigation and
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the district attorney's office have launched investigations it's reported to be the 48th police shooting this year 15 of them were fatal. as protests continue against the killing of george floyd in minneapolis 3 weeks ago the police killing of another black american seems sure to fuel further anger dorsetshire pari al jazeera steve clemons is the host of the bottom line al-jazeera is weekly show he joins me now on skype from chestertown in maryland good to have you with us steve on the program i mean the issue of institutionalized police racism is one that sort of can be tackled in house with firings and suspensions as we're seeing but now it seems the public want the politicians to act but there are sort of several levels to get through this local state national not involved sort of different levels of political involvement where do you start. well i think it's going to start everywhere and to your earlier point you know the notions about firings or putting
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people on administrative leave for this is highly rated reactive it's not proactive and we've seen police departments move very much in the wrong direction you might want to argue that there are just a few bad apples out there but that's not the case we see these killings all over the united states virtually in a every major urban city police department and what we've seen since really 911 and it happened in part because of the sale of military equipment and machinery from the iraq war and others that was circle us we've had a militarization of these departments and along with that a kind of training that has really set a different course for the culture in these police departments about them a candidate potentially to be vice president joe biden's running mate has said we need an office of law enforcement standards and a department of justice if you look at seattle seattle has its people taking it into their own hands and saying we're going to create an autonomous zone and show
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how to have no police so it's going to happen at every level this is an inflection point i think for departments and it's a very very tense time that police departments on their own have shown themselves unable to make the changes needed so let's talk about the buzzword which is reform because we see joe biden as you just touched upon a little trouble making that positions on lower told a very clear but sort of the at the top i mean how does reform begin because when the police takes the lead and who politically begins to sort of the changes of too rich retrain offices nationwide in new techniques the way to deal with the public. they're going to have to do a combination of things so where and on one hand departments are going to have to figure out a way to reestablish trust with their communities their communities are on edge and most often these are mayors who work with heads of police to say we need a bottom up review of police culture police training and police tactics in my view
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something that president trump has been what unwilling to do is to ban the chokeholds that they've been using and to create reviews of every single use of deadly force in these police incidents so that happens more at the local level but there's an absence of national standards in my view and that's what belgrade means was talking about but i think it really has to in part if you're going to get fundamental and real change through departments each department is going to have to dismantle itself and look at how the training has gone wrong and what it needs to ban like chokeholds and what it needs to begin implementing in new forms of training that don't take such a a miserably low look at human life i mean the proclivity to kill inside these departments for relatively minor incidents is astonishing and we're just seeing it now as the spotlight is focused on so many people of color being murdered and it is
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a changing of the change in the fold that we're talking about can it just be may break nationwide one sort of big brush stroke or do the 50 states individually have a say in a voice in the way that they implement the lol baseball you know the constitutional almost of the past higher up the chain. your question is so important because most of this is controlled at the state and local level there is very very little other than trying to encourage by setting standards and creating various potential hunnish ments that the federal government can do at the national level so there is no way for a joe biden or a trump if he were to be reelected to come out and institute institutionalize a different set of rules for everyone but they can come up with standards that become guidelines that departments can potentially and hopefully adopt that are
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require morientes but it's got to happen more at the local level of difficulty turning point of that for the americans at the moment steve clemons thanks for joining us from maryland. thank you that people are gathering at london's grenfell tar to pay tribute to the victims of a massive fire 3 years ago 72 people died in the blaze with more than 70 others injured many of the victims are from ethnic minority communities the fire spread quickly through the tar because of its flammable cladding well earlier the anniversary was marked online with a virtual service because of the coronavirus lockdown in the u.k. 3 years 36 months $1096.00 days too many seconds to count in between the minutes and hours of watching the waiting for justice to come will turn holocaust ponta does in london he says the investigation is making slow progress. well there's been
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a public inquiry ongoing for quite some time now it was halted in march because of lock down that's made some progress at pointing to where failings lie but not very much progress in pointing to direct accountability yes the flow of the cladding was the problem the cladding that turned out to be flammable that allowed the flames to lick up the outside of the building completely defeating the fire crews below and the government has made some progress at replacing cladding on other buildings like grunfeld but the labor party care starmer the leader of the labor party pointed out in a video message to a church service here are that there are still 2000 buildings in the country with this crowding on some 56000 people it's estimated live in conditions at risk of a fire just like grenfell in the fire brigades union says look in the next fire may not happen in a bar like kensington in london a pretty rich bar albeit many of the residents in the building were not they may not be attended by the number of fire crews who came here the victim the results there for next time could be far far worse and again it all adds to campaigners
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pointing to the need for change change which i say as i say 3 years on has been far too slow in coming well before the blaze both the fire department and an independent assessor had flagged dozens of safety issues in the turner residence had been warning of fire safety concerns for years the day after the fire then prime minister to resign they visited the scene she met emergency workers but was criticised for failing to meet families and survivors when she did visit residents the following day she was heckled and booed september 27th team her public inquiry into the fire began on its 1st hearings since then proceedings have been repeatedly delayed 2 years old and it still hasn't completed its investigation. my good fellow is a political commentator and author of hostile environment how immigrant immigrants became scapegoats joins me now from london via skype good to have you with us on the program by sort of how does the sort of graeme fill disaster reflect the
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general problem of discrimination of working class communities and low income families in a country that's really trying to find itself very difficult times and yeah i mean i think when people according to the justice it's made him fall into and what that means and so why is recognising that at least $72.00 people died that night their names who they were to be allowed to fall off the news agenda as it often happens but you've said that only use in campaigners are still struggling for justice and i think reflecting on how little has actually changed in the u.k. so not only this issue of clashing on buildings across the country but actually how it was even talked about so to today to resume a he was the prime minister at the time was tweeted about this being a tragedy almost as if it was a sense of unavoidable tragedy actually this was entirely preventable and we've not saying that is that the ground fell action which was a group of people who lived in the building had full years been term painting and
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not being full of their concerns about health and safety to take seriously if you go back and read some of the blokes that they were there with those ones presented to particular what they wore and that they think they won't be taken seriously and something happens in which people lose that night and so this tells us a lot about how an account that you can look at shows how it can have people and also whose lives are treated expendable and of course those people are still looking for justice those that survived and those that lost loved ones the the inquiry has taken what over 2 years now when do you think there will be some sort of conclusion to this is that any light at the end of the tunnel for those that are looking for justice. i think it's hard to say because there's also been a lot of concerns raised about about that very high rate of people who should be in the hospice you know that the people who are the victims are the people who become painting around this and i think it's whether the inquiry in and really pushing for a meaningful inquiry but there is some accountability this is also about how we
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talk about how we treat housing in the u.k. you could if you live in the city not in london you know how incredibly expensive it is it's treated as a commodity in that it is human right which is what it should be but one other thing i want to highlight in relation to graeme bell and this moment that we're living in is who was living in that tower as well so in the u.k. often the working class is treated it's entirely white but what grandchild showed what it reminded you not people was actually. the working class in the u.k. in multi-racial ground black white people not how it died in the toilet but also people of all different immigration status is where you are documented or not and so i think when we're talking about brad bell as well as for real justice for the people who suffered and the people who died that night in that home it's also about what it tells us about granite how we should understand who have power who does not and usually we should be listening to and whose world does not get it indeed i mean
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that does bring me to this next question which is really possible you've already answered in the protests that go beyond granville and beyond george floyd's death has really sort of exacerbated the debate about the an adequate seas of opportunity to advance to access services and sort of the general perception that if you come from a poor background and happen to be nonwhite the struggle is so very much harder for you and your children and that's really the conversation that i think that many in the united kingdom a trying to force the politicians to you might say come forward with and give them answers if there are any answers to have to be had. yeah i think that that's right and one i'm specifically the anti flatness not in the u.k. and i think that specifically needs to be understood as a distinct form of racism but try again and thinking about how we think about inequality in the u.k. often there is an assumption in the whole media debate that racism is just the other way which will make of that the racist statement if only the fascists in the street that we saw yesterday in westminster well that is incredibly worrying and we
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should be very concerned about if also racism is also structural as also the material inequality how in caste different racial groups in different ways and that actually should be the center of what we're talking about systemic racism what we need to do and too often i think is not understood not right and it's just simply can we see politicians who are responsible of policy that we could use bases and so under stereotype is being women of color the whole groups in that in your case that sort of the most will never see the same politician to incumbents disparity saying how much they will racism but actually these do you think he brought together they need to have that and understand that racism is not only as i said these are the comments is also the material is also the structural difference they will the politicians come up with certainly in the coming months or even years my goods and i thanks for joining us from london. still ahead here on al-jazeera.
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i'm treating you in beijing office and odd galleries have emerged locked down to expose of the growing a virus pandemic in our everyday lives. and in sports robots players get ready to make a return to spanish to be sure to stay with us. and across areas of the middle east and in some areas of town which is actually all of the rise of the north across areas of turkey and we could see a few more of those as you go through monday in fact at times that rain could be fairly heavy in and around. 25 so cool in those showers and very nice to the eastern end of the med again we got 25 in beirut the same across into jerusalem but you had for the south a look at these how much is 42 a city 46 in baghdad the winds
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a strong 2 over the next couple of days coming through the goals of these hot dry winds and look at that on tuesday 50 celsius in kuwait 122 degrees fahrenheit how much cooler than that into southern africa in fact here the temperatures have been a little bit below par for the last few days quite a bit of cloud in the last few hours but in reading the way of rain some showers on monday along these coastal areas of south africa temperatures as you can see about 16 degrees celsius time which is beginning to come up actually across into namibia and also bowls one where they did get as low as just to 10 or 11 celsius but by cheese day we'll see the temperatures again steadily beginning to rise but one or 2 showers into areas of south africa again along these coastal areas and fairly widespread throughout mozambique and the same across into eastern. frank assessments tourism income stream is dead in the water what's been the result
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. quite significantly informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal in israeli society in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for new policy gives us a country like not only disintegrating but he's great to meet this stability or we all continue inside story on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for others here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for it as you know that it turns liberally particularly because you have a lot of people that are deployed their own political issues we are with the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
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welcome back to the al-jazeera news are with me so ho romney a reminder of our top stories the nigerian military says it's been striking back against fighters who killed at least 60 people in northeastern nigeria a group called the islamic state of west african province says it carried out the twin attacks against civilians and soldiers in borno state. also the police killing of another african american has triggered new protests ryszard brooks was shot after a struggle at a fast food restaurant in atlanta on friday night. and health care systems in pakistan and india are on the verge of collapse as cases of covert 900 spike both countries have seen record daily increases in infections. let's get more on
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this with dr say the shar who is a consultant cardiologist at the ship international hospital and a member of the pakistan islamic medical association covert 900 task force he joins me now via skype from the capital islamabad in pakistan good to have you with us on the program sir before we begin with who you've been treating can we just start with the conversation that you're having with your colleagues across pakistan about covert 19 and the situation that they're facing in terms of treating patients who are infected thank you very much main message only getting there is no clarity. and in big groups he from the government can leave. small step forward policy or something beaches for coast we're also corner where and where the 'd public hospitals or which we call government hospitals but also the private institutions because probably
6:36 pm
hospitals are out there literally better equipped and people are going well more often but still things are bad every bit of speed turns are full on and the main issue of these people don't know what to do because of this information the source or media and the confusion because people are holding up. there and buying maybe kitchens which have gotten more than the other evidence and management and a piece like this one up exchange of plasma ok. all of these gains ever going to try here and people are desperate ok let's just let me just what let me just get in there dr because then let's just talk about the most acute cases and clusters that you are dealing with how do you medics treat everyone in a country that is so vast and difficult to access from either urban and even rural
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areas. re seem to be getting more in the open media and don't know really what the situation the situation in the real heat is not that there aren't these we don't know much about but. the big cities are all well and it's something we started as a thing better or as a jewel has actually effected us badly medics everyone patients come the dog can find a very big pool from one hospital another 'd 'd be deceived literally scores of holes people asking for barracks asking for maybe tuition's people asking from our instant desperate situation what sort of help have you received from the international community at large all the w.h.o. in terms of advice and practical needs in terms of p p e all medical equipment. actually on
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a story are not to be aired on much going to ends or support and it is easy to has not translated into something substantial 'd after all social evil whatever we try to do use more be our own initiatives this is what we are looking here a daily conference season on a press conference on the knees coming from the garment getting charged diddy's not working state in charge of the fierce in terms of the shifa hospital it's a private hospital in the capital islamabad and obviously people pay for treatment what sort of help you giving as a hospital if you can speak on behalf of the hospital to those that don't have money and i'm looking for treatment is there any provision in place. shifa hospital it is so one of the mean last detail in the region so probably hospitals and it's at the moment there are hardly any beds suggest the what
6:39 pm
a unique solution of north solution as we can that be supporting the patients at form and this is given that it is just one institution in this country which is leading that perhaps something that i just think as they are not able to look after for the needs 'd of all much bigger numbers i'm a member of the sinus numbing medical research should be the biggest suspicion of 'd doctors in the country it's a code name team tossed course and we have planned to provide what to call it what you are the last victim facility to the people all of which will consist of 4 helpline we give them that why support them cheat then the money to them and also if needs be even give them a logistical support but this is something much beyond modern sources and this is
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something that the amendments. want because this is a no win and in a review by india and the government with all of its of an ability sources can do can do it much better than an institution more like that's ocean see what they do in the future for the moment to say cha in a slum about thanks for joining us on al-jazeera thank you very much. well in the final report of a series that looks at the impact of covert 19 and what it's having on indigenous communities we're focusing on acquittal it has the highest death toll per 1000000 in any country in latin america but the indigenous community has used ancient a new methods to fight back in america at its early c. in human has the story. is and fresh world community perched on the high lands of ecuador. the centuries it's been the agricultural service center for
6:41 pm
the capital keep it all about an hour away. you might as well be another world this sign warns community under quarantine. for 132 checkpoints in around every single entry point or everything is disinfected and the indigenous community controls should jools entrances and exits of all vehicles and people. only a few outsiders are allowed in a curfew from 2 pm to 5 am it is strictly enforced it's now 2 pm and the town is closed till tomorrow. you know the circle of where. you must understand that the endian indigenous people have their own philosophy their own cause my vision language and culture that's applied to our struggle for land water and self preservation we're also applying it now to the pandemic. those who disobey
6:42 pm
by breaking could feel or other irresponsible behavior are submitted to indigenous justice. these young men are being punished with 8 to 16 hours of community work it could include everything from cleaning this plaza to public toilets it's a moral sanction meant to embarrass them before the community that you are not sure none of the the police sometimes hands them over to us and we assign the punishment . the results are impressive. in this community of $120000.00 there hasn't been a single death from cold 19 nothing short of miraculous in the country with the highest death toll per capita in latin america. am there is never the less suffering on account of the pandemic. it's famous for its roses one of ecuador's main exports but with the world economy on lockdown there roses have been wilting away. in the flowers our main source of income around 80 percent of the population
6:43 pm
lives from them so this pandemic has hurt us badly. a few cargo planes are beginning to export their beautiful products again albeit in small quantities. but the indigenous community likes to say that their lives will again smell like roses as long as they continue winning the battle against the intrusive new virus. you see in human al-jazeera. venezuela's opposition leader who is refusing to recognize the appointment of a team to oversee the next parliamentary election the supreme court named new leaders for the national electoral council it's been repeatedly accused of favoring the ruling socialist party opponents boycotted the presidential election won by nicholas majority years ago because they said voting was wrecked.
6:44 pm
not only are they clearly committing a crime they're making a huge political mistake it's a mistake that i'm sure will be there and doing in this moment the venezuelans going through not only did they make a mistake and 2017 when they called for an illegal national constituent congress and in 2018 when they tried to push through a fake election once again they're making a mistake that isolates them even further and also means venezuelans will suffer because it isolates us it prevents us from getting credit prevents us from solving social issues and prevents us from solving the humanitarian emergency this pandemic . south korea has held an urgent security meeting after the sister of north korea's leader threatened military action. warning is the latest escalation of tensions involving defectors from the north who have been sending food and propaganda over the border and will is say the north is trying to pressure the cell phone denuclearization talks which is stalled australian scientists are heading deep underground to unearth new details about extinct megaphone or
6:45 pm
researchers have used secret tunnels to explore a new section of the not a core to caves in south australia the team neil for hours in the dark to extract ancient earth and bone it's the 1st time paleontology to logical dig has been carried out in this part of the unesco listed cave network the site is well known for famous discoveries of important fossils i often say a joke that we care 10 scientists can work out of a taste of sediment now we can learn so much more so we don't excavate as much but when we do excavating you thought it's for a very good raise and we're hoping that we actually do cover a different time span as i'm being looked at before in this this cave which is about 100002 maybe 200000 the bracket london fashion week is normally an exclusive affair but with high street stores struggling to survive because of lock downs everyone gets
6:46 pm
a front row seat this year as it's gone digital for the 1st time i'm hayward reports from stamford in eastern england. sarah's getting ready to reopen after having to close back in march she's kept busy by doing online deliveries under new rules though fewer people will be allowed in the shop at a time she recently lost her own father to coronavirus so wants things to run smoothly and safely richard a risk assessment value added of that would put in distance because on the floor we're making sure people. ties up before they come in. and when they leave really as well. and then we're doing contact list of possible cleaning all the sides down thoroughly cleaning morning and night these are challenging times for retailers opening their doors for the 1st time in 12 weeks the period saw the sharpest drop in shop was in britain's towns and cities ever and it's likely some businesses will
6:47 pm
never reopen again from the early days of the wool industry to now clothing has been big business. the fashion industry is worth $44000000000.00 a year to the u.k. economy and $890000.00 people so there's a lot at stake we need to reset at this time of year people in the business are often looking to london fashion week to help plan ahead it's had to go digital because of the coronavirus pandemic according to many analysts we're going to see a contraction of 35 percent in that luxury industry and what we're seeing for the high street but also for designers are acceleration of what was happening at before there is in the timeline stories need to be experiential they need to bring something more to the equation designers are used to setting trends and working in a world agree invention adeline lee who designs high quality women's wear has along
6:48 pm
with a team of volunteers they're making thousands of masks for key workers she told us the whole industry faces challenges in the coming months i don't think the. core of the brand will change but obviously our externals have changed. many of our stores are only just starting to open up now so they've been closed for a while. which means that the seasonal nature of it is going to be off kilter we have a lot of stores that are moving their seasons one season over so that what was supposed to have been delivered a month ago will come into the stores as they open up now back in stamford sarah's feeling hopeful that our customers will come back determined that her business won't be a casualty of this pandemic would al-jazeera stanford's well still ahead in sport big crowds to watch superstar players of top level rugby continue its return in new zealand.
6:49 pm
water scarcity has become a major global issue the demand is going straight up and the supply is going straight down turning an essential natural resource into a commodity traded for profit just because lloyd's. be proud of what about the guy that can afford it guys tell me is water in a new 2 part series al-jazeera examines the social financial and environmental impact of water privatized station loads of water on al-jazeera reporting in the field means i often get to witness not just news is breaking but also history as it's unfolding tossing up on the record when there might be covering politics and we actually might be covering protests. but what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they are going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. we believe everyone
6:50 pm
has a story worth hearing. oh . look back at sports time not his only thank you so much so a huge crowd is welcome sullivan robbie back to new zealand's adan park stadium more than 40000 fans in attendance for this one the game between the all combined blues in the hurricanes of wellington is the biggest crowd in 15 years for a super rugby match at this stadium with no limits on crowd size and no social distancing required by the many there to see the blues debut of all black star bone barons who previously played all of his super rugby matches for the hurricanes the blues going on to win this game 30 points that's what's. our look at that's leach
6:51 pm
records great ceased to hear so many kids so many fans for years is just a start for us where we are there. are plenty of games to come and a tough one around the corner against chiefs are going to keep their feet on the ground is plenty of work to be done now spain's top football league is to take legal action against a fan who ran on the pitch during bassline his game against me yorker the game might be taking place behind closed doors of course the family claims he scale the 2 metre high fence to gain access to new york a stadium so he got a selfie with a little messy legace said it considers the incident a criminal acts going on to win the game itself for male if it is going to speak to another spurs to win this match today the way we did with the result we got gives us confidence and builds on the advantage towards the title we already had and i'm happy to start off like this because it's good for us going forward. 2nd place around madrid they're getting ready to play their 1st game back
6:52 pm
a little later on against i bar it'll be played at the 6000 capacity alfredo di stefano stadium where russia have chosen to host all of their remaining home games that is to accelerate renovation works in their usual home the burn a bear. it is define as a must to study the stefano is our stadium and it's true we're used to playing at the burn about but we adapt what we have we trained there the pitches the same size so we're ready to go when what book obama unica now just one win away from sealing an 8th straight german league title on saturday may be to pressure much england back to one at home it means there are 7 points clear of 2nd post boss should all men at the top of the table find can seal the title on choose day when they face vertebra men away from home. isn't at sea the vision the 2 it will not be a walk in the park against bremen we will have to play in a highly concentrated and focused manner thomas miller and robert love and those
6:53 pm
will be back we'll see what happens we cannot be as successful as possible in all our matches and this is our aim that is what we want and that is how we will approach the match now police have booked their place in the final of the italian cup they knocked out in samoa and to get there it was the 1st match for both clubs since football regime in italy following the coronavirus lockdown. because kickoff there was a tribute to the more than 34000 people in italy that lost their lives to to the virus. natalie would go through thanks to staff for drinks merton's the belgian scoring the decisive goal to seal the tight c one on aggregates it was his 100 and 23rd strike for napoli making him the club's all sign leading scorer natalie will face the events this in the final. price on your hands all time leading scorer in sin carney is set to leave the club the euro go on will not be having his
6:54 pm
contract renewed or will leave once the champions league is finished despite the french league finishing early because of the pandemic p.s.g. still going in that sort of its goals appears jesus joining in 2013 teammates of a silver also on his way out but a series of tolerance organized by tennis world number one of a joke of it shows had a setback the 1st event was played out in front of some big crowds in djokovic she's home country of serbia but the tournament 3rd leg scheduled to take place in montenegro has been cancelled due to travel restrictions to limit the possible spread of coronavirus the regular a.t.p. so well that suspended in seoul at least the end of july if it's still going to take a while until the normal tour continues tournaments or event events like the other 2 are super important for players that we can complete the game for fans that they can see 10 isn't for all tennis fans around the world because they can fall on the
6:55 pm
t.v. . and there were more for our rally has been the latest events ago virtual former winner and f one great and i want so much those teaming up with e-sports drivers to take part in the legendary insurance race event that has to be suspended swipes while they reset the computer server it has just been won by the rebellion williams in school same. device maybe more sport for me throughout the night but that is it for the things i do don't go too far though you have been going to like this next story because that trying as art scene is one of the 1st to emerge from the crown of i was locked up galleries in beijing have reopened to showcase work reflecting the effect of the pandemic on everyday lives screaming you as more. warring governments and a global pandemic these are themes explored in baiting artists to ensure this latest work he believes the world leaders have used the coronavirus as a weapon to divide society i think if this is really so really so sad people never
6:56 pm
get together before flying to each other. and conflict are frequently explored in solutions animated films each is made up of thousands of painted wood carvings his team is working on the next 90 minute feature to be completed in 2022. so this is a really small part says it's important for artists to reflect on the outbreak especially in china where criticism is often censored and controls have increased you control the government there is enough. hospital school you don't need to control control too much and too too much i think of china's problem is that you control too much and everything slow and a lot of people die you know we can do better. well some reflection on the way governments have responded to the health crisis others are examining our response
6:57 pm
as individuals the exhibition meditations in an emergency features the work of 26 international and chinese artists from mortality and illness to media and how these offices help audiences come to terms with what it means to live in an age of a modern pandemic from installations featuring laptops endlessly scrolling online news articles to representations of human remains organizers say the exhibition is to reflect on the current of us as a universal experience in a what does the present icon has a taught us about our every day returns of their fertility what is it taught us about health about our bodies about our vulnerability for the 1st time in months this is all slowly returning to china's districts not every gallery has survived the lockdown but sunshine is confident that as the pandemic eases people will turn to ought to help make sense of this challenging time and history looking back not
6:58 pm
only on what was lost but what was learned. al-jazeera beijing. about sets for the news i'll be back with more news on the other side of the break i'm told i like to talk and you can pick. a are. taught to oldies their own windows let me ask you how worried you are about the increase in hostilities in yemen we listen this is the moment you stop already 30 action this is the moment it also trades on fighting everything i did we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the 00. what was
6:59 pm
described as the world's longest long downpour the largest exodus and the creation of an independent india and 947. experts believe india is still at an early stage of infection but the lockdown has already created a humanitarian crisis and driven the unemployment rate up for the 6 to 23 percent it's also highlighted an equality religious tensions and a health care system that isn't equipped to deal with a pandemic the following weeks will tell of the peace and mass movement of people will also accelerate the spread of the kowtowing to juarez from india's cities to its rural hot. at night in a stalking somalia patrolled streets police get it i'm not going to hide i would like of my children the me i'm him i'm tired of gang violence the youth the maternal approach to prevent crime. did i had.
7:00 pm
a. little bit in. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who lived the mothers of rincon. this is europe and al-jazeera every generation has a higher purpose. ours is. a health system on the brink of collapse a world health organization warning after another spike in corona virus infections in pakistan. alarms the whole robin you're watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha are coming up in the next 30 minutes the casualties of an attack by a splinter group of back of her arm in northeastern nigeria dozens are killed.
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might just take a deep breath and. these was hard to get out.


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