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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 14, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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china's aiming to replace america and around the world but the chinese are not that stupid guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our 1st president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part one on a jersey. a health system on the brink of collapse a world health organization warning after another spike in corona virus infections in pakistan. alone still romany watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes the casualties of an attack by a splinter group of burka harassment northeastern nigeria dozens are killed also. take a deep breath and. was hard to get
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a taste of the moments leading up to another police shooting of a black man in the u.s. that's inflaming new protests. eat the spiritual salutes the new church dedicated to russia's military but there's concern that sending mixed messages. could have you with us welcome to the program a surge in corona virus cases in 2 of the world's most populous countries is putting even more strain on health care there have been record increases in new infections in pakistan and india lockdowns that eased pakistan reported more than $6800.00 cases on sunday or the world health organization is warning the acceleration could overworld pakistan's underfunded health system it's the 2nd hardest hit in the region after india which has nearly 12. 1000 new infections that
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the government is taking extra steps to come but the virus in delhi blanketing will testing and converting will be coaches into makeshift hospitals and their own more than $100.00 people have died in a day for the 1st time in 2 months present hasan rouhani walls lock downs may be reimposed if there's no improvement but will have more sebag on the situation in iran in a moment but 1st his kemal hide in the pakistani capital islamabad most of the operators and in the city of islamabad are overweight and it's turning back patients that are shortages of all care jen and obviously rented a car that ran ads right becomes bigger and bigger now or early warning health organization edgewise progress done to go for another 2 weeks of lockdown for just less than 48 hours ago but the pakistani prime minister saying northern option they were going to drink marginal down and that of course would mean failing all. where
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there was a number higher number of infections in their. tea shops. i've been completely shut down major by jarhead those are the. military better military and the police and they're ensured that. followed by just on because of. what stories are just amazing because this is a country living and yesterday and the lack of awareness that exacerbated this problem because progress on decided to ease down on the low down towards the end of ramadan and god has managed to get news. it's not only about the number of deaths is about the number of infections in the last 24 hours there's been the run $2400.00 new infections similar to the numbers we saw at the peak of the crisis which has raised some concerns about a possible 2nd wave president rouhani came out and want to lock down measures could
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be reimposed if people continue not to abide by the health ministry measures now that's after the health minister reported that those abiding by those measures had decreased from 80 percent to 20 percent and now we have seen an increase in number of infected cases but iran is in a difficult position going into this crisis. it was around 41 percent there was a rise in unemployment and according to the international monetary fund the economy had shrunk in the last 2 years but there's also the issue of the united states sanctions against iran that has drastically reduced its oil revenues so any decision to remain poles locked down measures considering the state of the economy will be very difficult and will be taken reluctantly by the government but president rouhani has said that in the last 2 years this country has faced some of the toughest sanctions but according to him iran has done much better than some of the european countries. health officials in china's capital and moving swiftly to get on top of the failed 2nd wave of infections
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a district in beijing is in strict lockdown after a crowd of iris cluster was discovered in the city's biggest wholesale market devika pollen has wool from all goal. after nearly 2 months of no new local infections and life slowly returning to normal china's capital is once again drastically stepping up measures to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus cluster dozens of cases are linked to the asian fire the wholesale market one of asia's biggest cities governments rushed to shut down the sprawling complex which supplies nearly 90 percent of beijing's fresh seafood vegetables and fruit but it was my the one we were told last night that this place is closed now i can only sell my pictures on the street there happen very few people buying them so i'm going to be at a loss for sure a walk a do life and health always come 1st the market is in the southern district home to more than 2000000 people and the area that is now under
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a strict lockdown plans to open kindergartens and primary schools on monday have been delayed sports and that lead to get vans have been postponed all public facilities have shut down and movement in and out of the city is restricted state media says the virus was initially detected on a cutting board used to prepare imported salmon prompting supermarkets to take the fish off their shelves additional tests found that the virus could be carried and spread through produce and packaging meaning it could have travelled well beyond the city's limits cases linked to the markets have been confirmed in 2 other provinces beijing's government has launched an extensive operation to test 10000 workers from the market and screen anyone who visited it this month in birmingham finally there was panic in the 1st wave but there's no need for that in the 2nd way people are vigilant we have big data and the government can strictly control things there should be no problem. beijing downgraded its emergency response level only
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a week ago easing restrictions on wearing masks and having temperature checks this latest cluster is raising concerns due to parallels with who han city where the virus was 1st discovered last year it too started at a market and led to months of lock downs until china said it had overcome the outbreak in march the hope is that that declaration was and premature if you go pollen al-jazeera hong kong to coordinated attacks in northeastern nigeria have killed at least 60 people including civilians and soldiers reports. this is more to operation lawfare doll looks like from the nigerian military posted video on social media showing what it says is its response to saturday's attack in mangino was followed by another attack in both the local government areas in borno state in northeast nigeria where both soldiers and civilians were killed a military spokesman didn't answer calls for comment on the attacks but local
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reports suggest that dozens were killed and hundreds injured with hospitals overwhelmed by it is reported to have opened fire after arriving on motorbikes and in cause soldiers and a united nations humanitarian center targeted their latest major casualties in less than a week the government has just celebrated its 5th anniversary office and they came on that back off base security problems in nigeria they told the nigerian people that this is a piece meal for them to fix. this moment it has gotten worse it was only recently that the chief of army staff met with president bush and that it was president bush era that they were with in the war on wednesday at least 81 people were killed when i heard his village was raided in good b.-o. a group of fighters called the islamic state west africa province claimed responsibility for that attack the group broke away from boko haram 4 years ago
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previously boko haram was seen as closer to al qaida but in 2015 leader of a bucket of pledged alliance i saw the nigerian army has been battling boko haram for years as its fighters bombed churches and kidnap schoolgirls in recent weeks army commanders claim significant success against the group but soldiers have often been outnumbered under resourced and suffered heavy losses. tens of thousands of people have been killed. and more than 3000000 displaced by this fighting. so high that. i would address has more from the capital of birger. this has been going on for for a while and probably for the last decade or so and looks like it's. it's a difficult thing to say exactly how far this fight is has gone or the military has claimed victory several times for the book but we've seen how this group has
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evolved over time book around by the way according to some reports trying to organize or other trying to merge among the various factions to see how they can confront regional armies in the lectured region what the military has been able to do that's been different from what we've seen over the over the years was to move smaller military comes into a larger wants to create what they call. super camps and these have become of particular interest to book or this is why you have the largest concentration of fighting troops and equipment and they believe that whatever attack that will make headlines will be on the super cams but unfortunately for some of these attacks or fortunately whichever way you look at it the military has been able to repel this attack to devastating consequences and stay on the continent to un peacekeepers have been killed in the northern mali the u.n.
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says the logistics called voice had stopped on the road between a gal when gunmen attacked welly is the most dangerous peacekeeping mission the u.n. has warned that violence in the region is creating one of the fastest growing displacement crises in the world. the chief of police in the u.s. city of atlanta has resigned and officer has been sacked after a black bird was shot dead rashard brooks was killed after a struggle at a fast food restaurant on friday night triggering new protests also jabari how small. rip your remark in traffic the last moments of ray sharp rocks like when. he was reported to police because his car was blocking the fast food drive through in atlanta on friday night lights take a deep breath am i'm out of an arby's was hard to get out there you stop after a breathalyzer test police said he wasn't sober to drive and it's tempted to arrest him the 27 year old father of 3 appears to have resisted arrest and police allege
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brooks stalder taser gun and pointed it at them as he ran away. away from the cameras 3 gunshots are heard. other videos show the body of brooks on the ground before he was taken to hospital where his death was confirmed was the immediate reaction to his death as protesters on friday evening continued on to saturday near the scene of the shooting ever have gotten word from the fast food restaurant was set on fire by protesters demanding answers i don't know how to do list. some never knew i was going to lose. i'll bust this on the internet. from the whole just floored situation to us coming together like clothes on. and this whole dying man on my doorstep of the court following an outcry over the use of deadly force the city's chief of police erica shields offered her resignation at
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lana's mayor keesha lance bottoms accepted calling the police action unnecessary i firmly believe that there is a clear distinction between what you can do and what you should do i do not believe that this was a justify use of deadly force and have called for the media term a nation of the officer. the shooting happened weeks after 2 students were dragged from their car by 6 atlanta police officers charges against the students were dropped 4 of the officers were fired and all 6 face criminal charges now the city is facing another crisis. we talked to some witnesses today who said that the officers went in put on plastic clothes and picked up their cell casings after they killed before remembering that we counted sue minutes and
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16 seconds before the event sucked us all. both georgia's bureau of investigation and the district attorney's office have launched investigations it's reported to be the 48th police shooting this year 15 of them were fatal. as protests continue against the killing of george floyd in minneapolis 3 weeks ago the police killing of another black american seem sort of fuel further anger dore such a party al jazeera steve clemons is the host of al-jazeera his weekly show the bottom line that he says the u.s. police departments don't appear to be able to make positive changes themselves now the notions about firings or putting people on administrative leave for this is highly reactive it's not proactive and we've seen police departments move very much in the wrong direction you might want to argue that there are just a few bad apples out there but that's not the case when you see these killings all over the united states virtually in
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a every major urban city police department and what we've seen since really 911 and it happened in part because of the sale of military equipment and machinery from the iraq war and others that was surplus we've had a militarization of these departments and along with that a kind of training that has really set a different course for the culture in these police departments who value deming's a candidate potentially to be vice president joe biden's running mate has said we need an office of law enforcement standards in the department of justice if you look at seattle seattle has its people taking it into their own hands and saying we're going to create an autonomous zone and show how to have no police so it's going to happen at every level this is an inflection point i think for departments and it's a very very tense time the police departments on their own have shown themselves unable to make the changes needed. well still ahead all al-jazeera 3 years after london's grenfell tower insider killed 72 people all those in public housing any
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safer. and we'll tell you how farmers in italy banded together to save the harvest during the coronavirus pandemic. and they're still very whole sickles areas of the middle east and in some areas of time which is actually on the rise now to the north as they want to across areas of turkey and we could see a few more of those as you go through monday in fact at times that rain could be fairly heavy in and around. 25 well feeding cool in those showers and very nice for the eastern end of the med again we got 25 in beirut the same across into jerusalem but you had for the south a look at these how much is 42 a city 46 in baghdad the winds a strong 2 over the next couple of days coming through the goals of these hot dry
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winds and look at that temperature on tuesday 50 celsius in kuwait 122 degrees fahrenheit how much colder than that into southern africa in fact here the temperatures have been a little bit below par for the last few days quite a bit of cloud in the last few as nothing leading the way of rain some showers on monday along these coastal areas of south africa temperatures as you can see about 16 degrees celsius how much is beginning to come up actually across into namibia and also bowls one where they did get as low as just to 10 or 11 celsius but by cheese day we'll see the temperatures again steadily beginning to rise that one to 2 showers into areas of south africa again along these coastal areas and fairly widespread throughout mozambique and the same across into east america. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop their energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to make such demands as
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a global power development of investment companies brash power is uniquely positioned to deliver against the stigma we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for future generation the brush fire nearing future energy. rules. oh. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera means the whole drama a reminder of our top stories health care systems in pakistan and india are on the verge of collapse as case of covert 900 spike both countries have seen a record rises in the number of infections in the past 24 hours and chinese health
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officials are reporting 57 new coronavirus infections the highest number of daily cases in 2 months more than half of them were detected in beijing which is ramping up testing to prevent the virus from spreading in the nigerian military says it's been striking back against fighters who killed at least 60 people in northeastern borno state an isolating group says it carried out the 2 attacks against civilians and soldiers. south korea has held an urgent security meeting after the sister of north korea's leader threatened military action let's hear bryan has more. under cover of darkness north korean defectors send aid and propaganda over the border they're fighting against can jones idiology and sending food in it sent to some of the 10000000 people the u.n. says a going hungry to cross border messages provoking an angry response from pyongyang . kim jong sr of north korea's leader suggesting they'll be no more handshakes and
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smiles with south korea's president j.n. instead she's threatening military action if the south doesn't stop the defectives campaigns she told state media i believe our army will determine something for cooling down our peoples resentment and surely carry it out kim jong un sister is also an influential aide and his in a circle she was at his side during talks with south korea's president moon and later when he met u.s. president donald trump and their summit in singapore 2 years ago analysts say it's the north's frustration with the u.s. over those stories to denuclearize ation talks that's behind the escalating rhetoric there's no doubt that pyongyang feelings a profound sense of impatience and its failure to get any relaxation of international sanctions the route to washington is going through so that's why it's seeing so much pressure on the ministration but i think that's a misread mistreat of the american position and i don't think you immediately
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produce results for. the north has cut off all communication with the south for the 1st time in 2 years warning it of a regretful painful time if it fails to control the defectives in an effort to smooth relations south korea has tried to discourage the activists taking legal action against them and saying earlier this week. we will continue to abide by all agreements between south and north korea to maintain peace on the korean peninsula and prevent incidental military conflicts. but it hasn't stopped the out this from the north korea graphed protest against defect is junks described as human scum. the activists though are refusing to back down and say their campaign against the north will continue. next year brian al jazeera. churches across the
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british capital have rung the bells $72.00 times in memory of the victims of the grenfell tower disaster. many of those who died in the fire in london 3 years ago were from ethnic minorities the blazers fred quickly because of the terms of flammable cladding earlier the other verse 3 was marked online with a virtual service because of the coronavirus locked. 3 is 6 months 1096 days too many seconds to count in between the minutes and hours of watching and waiting for justice to come. before the blaze both the fire department and an independent assessor flagged dozens of safety issues residents had warned of fire safety concerns for years the day after the fire then prime minister trees in may visited the scene she met emergency workers but was criticised for failing to meet survivors and families she was heckled and
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booed when she did visit them the following day a public inquiry began its 1st hearings 3 months after the fire proceedings have been repeatedly delayed since then most recently by the coronavirus well jonah hill is in london he says the investigation is making slow progress. well there's been a public inquiry ongoing for quite some time now it was halted in march because of lock down that's made some progress that pointing to where failings lie but not very much progress in pointing to direct accountability yes the flow of the cladding was the problem the cladding that turned out to be flammable that allowed the flames to lick up the outside of the building completely defeating the fire crews below the government has made some progress at replacing cladding on other buildings like grunfeld but the labor party care starmer the leader of the labor party pointed out in a video message to a church service here are that there are still 2000 buildings in the country with this clouding on some 56000 people it's estimated live in conditions at risk of
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a fire just like grenfell in the fire brigades union says look in the next fire may not happen in a bar like kensington in london a pretty rich bar albeit many of the residents in the building were not they may not be attended by the number of fire crews who came here the victim the results there for next time could be far far worse and again it all adds to campaigners pointing to the need for change change which i say as i say 3 years on has been far too slow in coming the british government is considering easing travel restrictions on new arrivals travelers currently have to undergo 2 weeks of self isolation when they land 3 major airlines have launched a legal action against the policy and government ministers says it may be possible to open up some routes sooner than expected farmers in italy have branded banded together to fly in foreign seasonal workers to save their harvest pandemic restrictions which stop them from travelling threaten to leave produce rotting in the fields as reports. it's summer harvest time in italy and crops are
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ripe ready to be picked but this year does this georgia find workers from suddenly doing in countries such as a morocco and tunisia without them all of the distant crops could go to waste 70 tons per day. the farmer owns $200.00 hectares in a boot so in central italy. to overcome the labor shortage and other farmers got together to save their livelihood. my company paid around 4 and a half 1000 euros and in coordination with the farmers association we were able to bring back our workers from morocco's lawfully the only ones who can do this job the specialized workers who were trained over the years to carry out this kind of job loss. italy has low relied on foreign labor but this so-called green corridors were shut down because of the cove in $1000.00 pandemic just
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a few days before harvesting was due to start without the seasonal workers many farmers face bankruptcy in a matter of days. trip we needed this workforce we needed them already in march then throughout the summer you had the bulk of the harvest when farmers were unsatisfied with the government's initiatives many try to switch crops but they couldn't compete with the large scale distributors. hundreds of moroccans were flown in on private charters the 1st non e.u. workers to land in italy among them 3rd it will cost me after testing negative for the call of virus he was allowed to work at angelou cheese phenols fields something he has done for the past 15 years with their mood. we're happy because if we weren't important to them they wouldn't have brought us back here or paid for the plane ticket i mean those a costly we stayed at home for 14 days and they'd call us continuously to see how
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we're doing until we took blood tests that had good results and we went back to work. but the number of seasonal workers who made it to italy falls short of the 350000 needed every year and while many italians are now seeking jobs in the agriculture the expertise of moroccans and tunisians is what the farmers need to harvest their crops but at the hemi al-jazeera. the leader of the orthodox church in russia has consecrated a new cathedral dedicated to the armed forces but the monument is causing amongst many russians who say it shows more devotion to military leaders or not to religion so we're going to go explains. it is one of the tallest cathedrals in the altar docks church built just outside moscow at the military themed pitch park. the resurrection of christ cathedral is
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a shrine to russia's armed forces that we got to mourn you with this harmony between the might of the armed forces and the spiritual might of the church of the spiritual and material of church and state led the path of our people go into the future in peace and prosperity and of this path god willing let there be new victories new achievements and you know defeats. a military mega church built in just under $600.00 days the main dome stretching out a precise 19.45 meters symbolizing the year the 2nd world war ended and the atheist soviet union's victory over nazi germany etc i am absolutely sure that all those who will come here will remember our country's past heroic deeds and prepare for a future feast. replete with icons old and new as well as metal salvage from nazi military hardware but these secular flourishes have not impressed everyone in the
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orthodox church. i am afraid that this is not the subject of a religious orthodox cult it is a cult object of a new religion the civil religion our. religion a victory cult of victory it turns out that our altar is not decided to christ not to christ's victory but to something completely different their all why did concerns that using religion as a way to honor the military will lead to not just a loss of independence but create a mythologized history. this is not about religion this is for the army as current military and state leaders think russia needs an ideology we need political control of the armed forces and since for the time being official ideology is prohibited they invented that the russian orthodox faith will be an imitation of such an ideology it's a symbol of president putin's new state ideology elevating the army to a quasar religious rank and among the pomp and ceremony the creation of
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a new history so yeah go out his era. australian scientists are heading deep underground to unearth new details about extinct animal species researchers have used tunnels to explore a new section of the nara core to caves in south australia it's the 1st time such a dig has been carried out in this part of the us go listed cave network the site is well known for famous discoveries of important fossils. georgiades are with me said the reminder of our top stories health care systems and back is than and india on the verge of collapse as cases of covert 900 spike both countries have seen record rises in the number of new infections in the past day buckets are reported more than 6800 cases on sunday is the 2nd hardest hit in the region after india which has nearly 12000 new infections in iran more than 100
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people have died in a day for the 1st time in 2 months president hassan rouhani has warned that lockdowns may be reimposed if the situation doesn't improve chinese health officials are reporting 57 new coronavirus infections the highest number of daily cases in 2 months more than half of them were detected in beijing which is ramping up testing to prevent the virus from spreading and the nigerian military says it's been striking back against finders who killed at least 60 people in northeastern borno state and ice the linked group says it carried out the 2 attacks against civilians and soldiers to un peacekeepers have been killed in an attack in northern mali the u.n. says the logistics convoy had stopped on the road between tassel it and gar when gunmen attacked mali is the most dangerous peacekeeping mission the police killing of another african american man has triggered new protests rashard brooks was shot
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after a struggle with officers at a fast food restaurant in atlanta on friday and i'm just chief of police has resigned and an officer involved in the shooting has been sacked. so bring out across the british capital to commemorate the grenfell tower tragedy 72 people were killed in the fire in london 3 years ago the place quickly spread because of the towers inflammable clotting. britain's government is considering easing travel restrictions on new arrivals travel as currently have to undergo 2 weeks of self isolation when they land 3 major airlines have launched legal action against the policy those were the main headlines about the al-jazeera news hour in half an hour next to its inside story with iran to stay with us through.
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a global reckoning on racism at least killings in the united states target protests and debates on racial legacies in britain and elsewhere so can europe and the u.s. learn from each other this isn't. hello and welcome to the program on iran come on the killing of george floyd an american police custody has triggered protests around the world in solidarity with the black lives not on the mint in the united states other demonstrations.


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