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tv   Lords Of Water 2020 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  June 14, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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to rid the world people. by a nation has taken indian cinema to its heart out just reveals the color and passion of moroccans hollywood dream. i'm charlie rangel in london the top stories on al-jazeera india is converting $500.00 railway coaches into makeshift hospitals after a surge in new coronavirus cases led to a shortage of beds in the capital the country reported another record jump on sunday with nearly 12000 new infections in one day the new carriages will increase new delhi's capacity by 8000 beds are the new measures include increased testing in a door to door health survey in the capital delhi. believe me your. plans to fight the war against crime a virus in new delhi would most shrink the federal government to shoot badrawi k.
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choose to move pace for cope with 19 patients in hospitals the federal government is completely back in new delhi spite against grain a virus with flu strain. neighboring pakistan is also seeing record rises in the number of new infections with more than 6800 cases reported on sunday the authorities have sealed off over a 1000 high risk areas the world health organization is warning that on pakistan's underfunded health care system could be overwhelmed nigeria's military has hit back at the i saw in boca her fight as it says were behind 2 coordinated attacks which killed at least 60 people by civilians and soldiers died when fighters opened fire on a village in borno state in the northeast of the country on saturday and united nations humanitarian center was also burned down a little dress reports. this is what operation life your dollar looks like from the air the nigerian military posted video on social media showing what it says is its
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response to saturday's attack in mumbai that was followed by another attack in both a local government areas in borno state in northeast nigeria where both sought your sense of billions like killed a military spokesman didn't answer calls for comment on the attacks but local reports suggest dozens were killed and hundreds injured with hospitals overwhelmed fighters are reported to open fire after arriving on motorbikes and in cars soldiers and a united nations humanitarian center were targeted they are the latest major casualties in less than a week the government has just celebrated its 5th anniversary in office and became our on the back off base security problems in nigeria they told the larger and people that this is a piece meal for them to fix. this moment it has gotten worse it was only recently
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that a chief of army staff met with president bush and it was president bush kerry that they were with in the war on one today at least 81 people were killed when they heard his village was raided in could be you quote i'm fighters allied with the islamic state in west africa province claimed responsibility for that attack the group broke away from the main book or around 4 years ago previously almost seen as closer to al qaeda but in 2015 its leader will because chicago pledged allegiance to eisele. the nigerian army has been battling book or around for years as its fighters bombed places of worship and kidnapped schoolgirls in recent weeks army commanders claim significant success against the group but soldiers have often been under-resourced and suffered heavy losses. tens of thousands of people have been killed and more than 3000000 people displaced by 10 years of fighting. the continuing loss of life and property in the north east fuelling a lot of anger and frustration there is a growing feeling among some nigerians that this is going to be
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a long drawn battle contrary to what the government to say. al-jazeera i would protest is in the us so again gathering where black journalists shot dead by police officers in atlanta on friday the fast food restaurant by satellite on saturday following the death of 27 year old race. the city's police chief resigned less than 24 hours after the incident and one of the officers involved has now been sacked. in brazil thousands of marching through south in a demonstration against racism and the policies of the country's president jab us not only is it is it facing increasing criticism over his handling of the corona virus pandemic brazil now has the 2nd highest number of covered 19 deaths worldwide and more than 42000. those are the top stories stay with us lords of war water is next. you're.
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pretty sure something to keep secret. accounts duty which you did not mean just press if rising northwards across the u.k. london 39 degrees breaking the july record cold you have. got a lot given that i'd like to believe god's got to me but i will soon have to kill a woman just for bill who called it all god's will to. be sure to do me don't i don't know specifically i'm sure. some $29.00 team in europe illustrated the urgency of the climate crisis which claimed its 1st victim. water. the demand is going straight up and the supply is going straight down i mean
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it is stark it's stark. and. anybody here when i'm granting. immunity on the money does you know money is going in a van going from this nearly 2 thirds of them are affected by this to fall most of us in their homes destroyed while all this might do to the climate which on the local bringing. today 70 percent of the earth's pure water that is used to be human consumption. it has become the most coveted resource on the planet. not doing anything because water to die and say hey you go. you won't be wearing
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any clothes you won't be using a mobile phone you might be driving in a car might be living in a house you might be having breakfast you might be having lots of be having dinner . watery is in paper thing that we do you know. to save humanity wall street wants to start a revolution. make water profitable and create water markets just like oil markets . water falls from the sky therefore should be free whenever i hear that i always say diamonds are current nature and they're not free. it's a financial product like any other financial product montes change your view of the way around i want to my life i'm going to not a $5.00 like a little box that you just at the beginning of to some. water financial revolution
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. what about the guy that can afford it that guy still needs water. the blue gold rush has begun. anyone stopped. the human right to water means that it's not a charity it's an issue of justice. this is the issue of our time this is the crisis of our time with financial pressure of human mobilisation rising the battle over water has already begun who will come out on top the planet the people on the markets. if you thought the hot weather was bad this weekend just wait until tomorrow the 5th day of our heat wave is expected to be incredibly uncomfortable and potentially dangerous as the middle of a very hot today it's moving in from the midwest where they've been dealing with this well 3 eights and now it's moving here to the east coast secret stick around
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for several days becoming. making water a commodity is listed on the stock exchange. bet on its price and if wall street replicates the australian model. money and new money and ever since the subprime crisis causing economic ruin for countries and individuals the financial giants have been looking for new areas to invest in. june 28th the investment bank goldman sachs starts to one. is water the new oil. the from invites his top clients to take a bet on the future. goldman
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sachs the conference that was me i used to work at goldman sachs and in 2008 that was a conference that i held there's this absolute into it of the peel that says population growth is outstripping the water supply that must mean companies are engaged in the water business are a sure thing that there can't mess they get mesmerized by these mega trend appeals and water. is water the next oil we set it up as a question and then mostly dismissed it. water does not have sophisticated trading market and has no substitutes. the question is not going to go away we're just probably not ready for it yet 6. goldman sachs and its investors must wait. public opinion is not ready and.
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it's not until 2015 and the international climate change conference in paris that the will lead is finally declare a state of emergency. we act here if we have no. replace our own short term interest behind. the air that our young people will bring even the food that they will eat no water that they will drink. in the hopes and dreams that sustain their lives then we won't be too late for the up. in the developed world for the last 100 years we haven't had to think about our water or worry about our water it's been essentially unlimited where ever we want it whenever we want it it's been really inexpensive no one thinks about their water bill they don't say oh take a shorter shower the water's too expensive. i think that era is over.
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climate change is going to have a huge impact on water availability around the world the same amount of water is going to be available in the big picture but we don't live in the big picture we live in a specific place we raise our food in a specific place and so the movement of that water will have a dramatic impact on how cities manage their water and how we are able to grow food to feed or. the climate that much unseen demands radical changes won't st grim box on its mission. citi group one of the largest u.s. banks publishes a report announcing the end of free water. and
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you're wasting water on a gigantic scale in certain regions like california southern spain b.r. seeing scarcity of water sent to extreme degrees i mean you have had thankless filters water. sailing to barcelona. there is no alternative to pricing water properly and making people realize that every time they take a sip of water there is an opportunity cost and they feel it in their wallet how else are you going to get people to use less if you give it to them for free. the dam has broken. the soft sounds of liberalism roll out to celebrate the union
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of finance and war time. you're going to see asset markets selling water dividends even the high frequency traders that funds would become interested so know everybody sees this as opportunity did will come your question is just when and who will push it 1st and hardest. what would be their motivation in coming profits while also you know it indirectly doing good for humanity so it's the best of all possible worlds it could be better it's very our morrow to tread water but i would be immoral to trade water because what is life he pay for health care. just because it's life doesn't mean it's cannot be priced.
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the last stage in the financial is a sign of 4 times. the long term a stock market index to bet on want to prices i'm a stack a stock exchange specializing in technology. this is the 1st time that water has been reduced to an hour. the man who came up with the equation works in central london. as a former trader in a swiss bank he launched the carbon markets industrialist trade rights to pollute
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in the form of credits. before he discovered water. water used to be free in the old but the world is changing is too much stress on the system and the most important commodity on earth can't be free forever if you wanted to put it into the creed scenario. if you don't control it and use it properly what will theoretically happen she says at the cash will have it and those are not the cash went to. loans coogan is the sort of man who looks to the future. in order to attract investors he's joined forces with the top water expert in the united states i want
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to drive around in your dad's gonna just pull around to the side and wall throw some hail. scoot way back up there. look like the great. cowboy living in idaho and the western united states the only man who knows the secrets of a market that was until now reserved for experts and insiders. landry runs a company that has recorded every water transaction since the year 2000. when i got the call it was unusual it was a little outside of our you know our normal focus i was intellectually curious you know from our standpoint it was relatively easy because we had the data. ok we're going to go here on their dinner now. because they like lots of food just like you. it isn't
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a reliable index to be clear where you're not buying water you're buying the price of water so if you're not taking physical delivery of the water so it's a little bit of the future is a bit you know it is a bet we're just betting whether the price is going to be high or low 6 months from now so. this is a. price is it a speculation i think we all are managing on what we think the future is going to look like. what is your free nobody wadih we are all happy that's going back into the dark ages i was in the call market 2006 to 2012. people are talking about what is known since a cheater now it's in the front page of the news. if
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what people are saying is coming you better be on top of your water situation we're going to be without water and what i'm doing is getting people to focus through financial instruments to see what is actually going on on the ground it changes the world. the world of water. as in australia both partners have gained the support of powerful local environmental organizations 10 years after the financial crisis finance you seem to be winning the environmentalists over.
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there see more nonprofit organizations forming to participate in that market and begin looking at ways to acquire water in areas where it's needed for stream flow either for fishery benefit water quality benefit or some other type of of habitat protection. environmental water trades make up about a quarter of the market. is it too late to stop a financial take of a bit on water. the wave of letting up in the midwest and northeast temperatures are rising to dangerous levels in the west
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except that he watches and warnings are posted tonight in parts of california at the same time nearly 40 large wildfires are burning across the west they are burning california has built up its wealth through water. here the reserves are in the north whilst the cities and farms are in the south. in order to domesticate ringback this resource. a huge canal had been built 7 transporting billions of gallons of water. climbing over the mountain irrigating and fertile valleys before supplying the people of los angeles. the california aqueduct is the essential artery that ensures the life and prosperity of 40000000 people. but climate change threatens the californian dream.
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california doesn't charge farmers for water if they drill a well and pump out of the ground they can pump as much as they want whenever they want not only is there no charge no one even keeps track of how much water they use and during the last drought which was just a year and a half ago some of the farmers in the central valley of california were pumping so hard that the ground was falling the ground was collapsing by an inch a month. that's a lawyer not so much water right down there so today i'm declaring a drought emergency in the state of california. record droughts and disastrous wildfires to california has been catapulted into the world of extreme weather phenomena. these humpbacks.
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these honestly say. in the middle of the last drought california passed a really important law. that's going to change water use in the state forever it may change what gets grown in california it may change who succeeds and who fails. under pressure from environmentalist's the government is forced to vote in the new law called the sigma which limits underground water extraction. from known california and foam is and cities will be entitled to a specific water quota based on their consumption. a revolution in the land of the free.
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sigma or the sustainable groundwater management act initially i think was viewed with fear and trepidation i think people recognize that it was a necessary piece of legislation just like balancing your checkbook for your home you can't live by writing checks for more money than you have and so i think collectively the value is endorsed it and supports the idea of sustainability. in bakersfield or the local water agency has decided to create a stock exchange to allow farmers to buy and sell their quotas. 10 years off to australia california is coming around to the concept of water mockeries maybe you're july and you say wow based on this projection i'm going to have a supply surplus you may decide you know i'm going to manage that i'm going to go into the market make that available and maybe generate some additional economic value so if it falls through afterwards we hit confirm and it falls through they didn't pay or they didn't you know doesn't work out how do we let you know again
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that i want take my water back you know maybe you can you know i that once you hit confirm this far as the district is concerned the transaction is complete and there's there's going to be some growing pains and certainly it's not going to be perfect every time but we're trying to structure something that seems straightforward. some of the people the wheels were beginning to turn and they were thinking you know can i turn this to my advantage is there a way for me to generate additional value and i think that just the word market invokes in people a sense of is there an opportunity can i somehow be advantaged by participating and that's by far the most common reaction that i have when people hear that you know we're creating a market for water i think they view it as an opportunity contract with the right project not a platform provider i don't have skin in the game in terms of your bottom line here again environmentalist are at the forefront encouraging the establishment of these markets you know we're here because we we see it as an important tool for
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flexibility as folks are dealing with more and more scarcity under sigma and in you know climate change in general so we've been talking to air for some time since this is ground 0 for ground water over draft it would be great to actually experiment with how water training could benefit this region you know the alley here is definitely ground 0 but there's groups in sonoma there's groups and eastern . fox canyon. and so many security involved and they were you're going to be ok i thought you were i mean and you know i'm very surprised of the pru environments are a pro markets i was to initially i think you know after we had a chance to talk and understand what their interest were recognized that we were very much aligned these transactions have to be evaluated not just from a financial standpoint but we also have to take into account environmental impacts water quality issues all of the things that they're concerned about and so it's
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good to have their input in their vision and so that if that answers your 1st question i mean we don't know we're right now we're just kind of trying to project into the future would you have imagined that situation before no this is i think taken many of us by surprise 45 years ago. this would not have been possible why supply has been constrained. by definition of sustainability and so the market i think is necessary. well california become the new australia. will intensive agriculture monopolize this resource. will small farmers disappear sacrificed in the name of water profitability wall street's new cream.
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as countries begin easing coronavirus restrictions scientists warn of a 2nd wave of infections in the last few games. in front of the neighborhood and many fear the economy has be prioritised about for human life until fall of people yet again the focus on the outfield was quite important like the faces we bring you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus fundament special coverage on a. june 1976 days that redrew the map of the middle east just america to victory of the israeli army in that war was the greatest tragedy in the history of islam 50 years later al-jazeera explores the events leading to the war and its consequences which is still felt today we tried everything we went to the united nations we tried mediation contacts through different countries and it was clear that all this was just north of the wall in june.
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now you see. where. this fire is the story people's lives for essential workers on the front lines the people either a pride yes is it you share their experiences of the u.s. response to calls with 19 when i called tonight will it be like it is 618 people can go one paycheck that's a system that's fair we need to do everything in our power to change this system completely. america's pandemic workers just say you know. if you want to help save the world's. sneeze into your own.
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the. i'm charlie engineer in london the top stories on al-jazeera india's government is hoping railway carriages will help with a shortage of beds for coronavirus patients 500 coaches a to be converted into makeshift hospitals offer another 12000 new coronavirus cases reported in one day new measures included increasing testing and a door to door health survey which being brought in in the capital debbie india is now the 4th worst affected country in the world in neighboring pakistan the government is warning that the number of coronavirus cases could double by the end
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of the month if people continue to flout restrictions commo hider explained. most of the audience for tears in this video gets lamo badar although there is turning back beige and there are shorter years of oxygen and obviously rain delay tears it rarely. becomes bigger and bigger get on because of court order issue regard or tortured there's the thing because if you're there for country people live in congested areas and a lack of awareness that extremely exaggerated the problem because margaret and decided to leave town on the long term towards the end of ramadan and god save today from us. at least 60 people are dead after coordinated attacks in nigeria the country's military posted this video on social media of its response which it says killed 20 eisel and boko haram fighters both of the attacks took place in borno state in the north east of the country 40 civilians died after a fight has opened fire on the village of and while
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a united nations humanitarian center was also down protest as there are again gathering at the site in atlanta where a black man was shot dead by police on friday brooks was killed at a drive through restaurant after resisting arrest for failing a sobriety test the city's police chief resigned less than 24 hours after the shooting and one of the officers involved has now been fired in brazil thousands of marching through south in a demonstration against racism and the policies of the country's president. roza facing increasing criticism over his handling of the corona virus pandemic brazil now has the 2nd highest number of code 19 deaths worldwide and more than 42000 those at the top stories stay with us loads of water continues next. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when
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miss somehow time is aiming to replace america and going to run the world well the chinese are not that stupid things guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our 1st president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china. on a just you know. will
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california become the new australia. will intensive agriculture monopolize this resource. and will small farmers disappear sacrificed in the name of water profitability. will streets you create. people been fighting over water since white people set foot in this valley it's our
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life if we don't have water we don't have an economy and we we don't have anything you have the growers you have the packers you have the shippers you have the manufacturers but it's all based on what comes up out of the ground and you need water for that. historically the central valley has been the courtroom that supplies the whole country the fruits and vegetables considered of national security it ensures food independence for the united states. but over the past decade the crops have changed. some of the said disappear and the valley has become an almond producing machine. i see in australia the financial eyes ation of water is transforming landscapes and encouraging monoculture.
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i can remember because i grew up in the valley in a driving up and down and all over the place that you had much smaller plots of land and farms and a lot more alfalfa and cotton especially cotton and now you have you know just as far as the eye can see in some areas on the trees. as the price of water increases and it becomes more valuable than the land and more valuable than the production of the land. well you have a commodity it's valuable somewhere if you can't use it on the land what else might you be able to do with that farm it to sell. so you know where water is a new crop yes $100.00 is waters and is probably the most valuable crop in the
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central valley right now it's more valuable than oil. so what if blue gold were to replace black own. journey that of age is what's known as a watered down a reference to the billionaires of yesterday who control deal it's.
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i knew were l.a. was and you were san francisco was this central valley is something that was foreign to me and after i bought the land was about 4000 acres i bought it bought it for 200 $70000.00 and had today's value had $12000000.00 with the water rights and today's value maybe more and. a lot of people feel that john bit of it is not a farmer that he is a water farmer that he buys these lands and gets themself involved in the stuff in order to get control of the groundwater. my strategy has always been that it's not so much the land but it's the water and maybe i was a little bit early maybe i wasn't how much have you invested in the only so infrastructures i will say in the hundreds of millions so.
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that's that's what i have invested hundreds of millions of dollars yes or does it worth it yes. absolutely the. john bit of beach is not afraid of soaring water prices nor the arrival of street investors know him the danger lies elsewhere. cities will always get the politics are there the money is there they can increase the cost of water so that the farmers can pay for.
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they're going to steal it by making it so expensive that the farmer. is that their mercy. that the fear is all going to go to l.a. because l.a. has all the money that's that's the fear remember m w d the metropolitan water district which is the big gorilla down south they have millions of customers where you could spread the cost out and it's not going to affect the individual customer. letter is money. it's power and it's money and it's becoming more and more and more valuable almost daily. in the land of free enterprise good competition is fair. city against countryside the colleges it's against fungus. some people are already
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preparing to become water bankers welcoming those who wish to stop their reserve before using all reselling them according to market prices. so much drop as we set up does a sponge to be able to capture as much water available when it's here and then we have a luxury when the surface water is not available we can fall back upon the stored water in the ground water basin. semi-tropical owns these canals we pay for the canals we maintain the canals we build the canals so if another lad the land owner was to actually have access to my canal them move water supply they acquired we're going to pay for.
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as a seller if it's more interesting to say we want to to cease than to farmers your body at a higher ability to sell water to cities. but then again where the city is getting their food supply on the import of the super food supply from outside the state outside the country or they want to have a local food supply. there while calving the natural stream system your home where is where is the value is it fishes of farms as a people. that's nearly at the end the day is the the hard issue for us to decide where is the best use for water supply and berries based upon where you are. the 20th century economy centered around the oil trade. nowadays water looks set to shape the 21st century.
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we have seen financial investors and others come in and look at ways to you know take advantage of that their goal is to get in before the market elevates the price of water and in some cases i've heard that they've done it. and how do you look at that. you know there are some that feel that that's kind of exploiting the system but you know there's nothing that we can do to prevent it but it may not like it but that's just that's the way our system that's what capitalism is set up to accommodate as you meant them personally. no. does it make sense should we be trading water and i think we're past that question we we are treating water in this country and our people are moving to the west. they need water. good just at the beginning
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of this water river lucian and water financial revolution. you can't let the market be the only decider of how water's allocated price can't be the only way you distribute water because then you have rich people with big swimming pools and poor people who are dead. down they get. to her for that that's. just the one that doesn't stop wanting success and that what that it's that body and the genitals that's the stuff that the global water rush is accelerating. privatization competition profit. key words of the liberal.
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faced with this one woman standing up. the canadian human rights activist. she has already won her 1st victory of the united nations in 2010 when the general assembly voted in favor of a resolution that recognized access to water as a universal right. it must be declared a public resource that belongs equally i was in the united nations up in the balcony the day that they voted and i thought we were going to lose i had staff with me they were trying we don't worry we're going to be back in 2 years or 5 years don't matter how long it takes we're going to be back and we'll do it and when they vote they vote they sit in their chairs and they voted electronically so you know right away so boom 122 countries voted in favor and 41 but they abstained
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they didn't have the nerve to oppose even though they actually wanted to oppose. among the nations that are staying that they were australia united states and great britain. countries that have chosen to turn water into a financial product. the human family took an evolutionary step forward at that point and since then every country has ratified it in one way or another it's it's now universal so you've got it now you've got it now. may have won the battle but she hasn't yet won the war in stockholm and december 28th seen the activist was invited by the nobel committee to continue her fight at a conference about the future of water. so we thought we'd focus on activism for a while to start and. give us a tour of the.
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united nations calls water scarcity the scour of the earth. to truly guarantee the human right to water we must protect it as a public trust and a commons not a commodity to be put on the open market for sale like oil and gas and we must challenge the current power structures and institutions that support an equal access to the planet's dwindling water supply. our goal must be clean affordable accessible public water for all for everywhere for all time. is it the end of cheap or free water well the corporations and citi group and others want it to be the end of free and cheap water that's their argument they're saying oh yes it's
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a human right because they can't fight that anymore because everybody says you're awful person if you if you deny. oh yes it's a human right but the end of free and cheap water when they say it's got to be a commodity it's because they know that the scarcer it becomes in a world where you desperately need water there's there's gold it's gold it's blue gold. stucco. appears as the grain of sand capable of bringing the water market machinery to a halt. there are an awful lot of people in elite circles and let's face it the nobels pretty elite that believe that the best thing to do for what the water crisis is commodified put it on the open market like oil and gas and see what seaward goes from there right so i think for me it represented a breakthrough in our in getting our message out that we have to see water as a human right as a public trust and something that belongs to everyone that's our goal it's
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a big goal and not one everyone shares i have to tell you thank you so much for coming in really really it was wonderful the activists now. and sometimes it'll be hard because sometimes you'll find nobody else it's like you know why me why don't why don't other people care and it's just the way it is and you guys do it i know you'll be your leaders. the wheels of the road full strength. during the fight against the financialization of water is fueled by the refusal to accept any sort of privatizing and in the streets of dublin rather lynn and paris citizens are spearheading the resistance.
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now you. know. it's true that real if you see the feel the sort of ability to get in the french capital politicians have also taken up the fight in 29 the city council ousted veolia and suez the 2 giants who. the water market created its own water management company. on that role as a bottle of but they just want to be the raw meat best song makers are the best sun best sun the posix errors. because the best ones are best so. far are we going to tell you on a could get off on the sun is that all the spaces i see from any sort of fed could exploit the level source sun all the way you course it to a young. adult. so not down trees are get it but you really can lose it pretty losing to previous in losing her daughter be difficult them.
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no. of them. don't want to. come in on. it. elemental in movies. like others also supposed to
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yes i'm a. how long will the european fortress be able to withstand the financial market pressure. in 2012 a petition called right to water i'm asked nearly 2000000 signatures a 1st for your. protesters demanding the water be given special status. be utopian to detention he said if it really changes the way we discuss about water in europe it helped create a movement and the whole. idea that water should be considers a human right. before all the documents from the european commission were starting
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to introduce market make any shame they were always pushing for and leaving. no. this is not something that you can easily do in a public way. so the official answer from the european commission was of course we support a human right to water and that happens now in rio in legislation. what is a problem to recognize me on my right to work there i mean it's a great record made by the e.u. it's something that is for life. the only problem is the business and profit. ringback the right to water petition has so far halted the ambitions of finance
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years around europe. but it remains a fragile victory. there are 2 paths and i don't know who's going to win this it's either water is a commodity and it's going to be put on the open market for sale or it's not it's going to be understood to be a human right you can't have it both ways it's time to choose now which path. i totally get the most but there was a different place and it's changing and it's changing fast. in the battle. zone i think also made in the true chill in the successful. search. for the. sea level they call this sort of. salt. water scarcity.
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is it a windfall for our business yes it is is that a bad thing well i suppose tom will tell. ah obvious sign didn't do it on this model table just talking to mike huge amount of money out of. you more i've got to have to sell you sol to get the ball would have to be out of some on. who live. today the fate of water is still undecided when originally over 4000000000 years ago water arrived on this earth from space and has since survived all manner of catastrophes. but it is now being
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threatened by the men who dream of turning rivers in to go. as if nature was nothing but a giant supermarket. hello
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the latest active front is just swept through new south wales and it's telling off 3 queens in and heading down towards new zealand now what follows is a fairly brisk and not very warm air mass but the sun is out for the most part not so much in melbourne not for i.c.t. but probably for sydney perth is still sitting at sunshine at about 20 old degrees and nothing much changes except the increasing breeze for the best straight across tasmania but of course for new zealand you've got heavy rain coming your way the normally means it's quite warm on tuesday in christchurch then the southerly which cuts off the rain cool things down quite considerably warm rain is your of the day at a moment in the immediate future through japan but that line takes you back into china and we've got all along the young sea valley proper right in the remains of nori is somewhere in here that was a tropical depression briefly it got stronger and went on land it's now just adding
11:58 pm
to the rain now japan comes out of the rain the sun should shine in tokyo for example on monday at 33 degrees hong kong's forecasts being in the humid air could well be a sherry one but not necessarily windy slow moving showers the school year on tuesday rather quarter come thursday and all this time humid and warm. they say to really know someone you must walk a mile in their shoes. follow in their footsteps the state forge their way in the world. how jersey i'm sure heads these snow journeys. inspiring stories of people persevering on their chosen path. with news documentaries on al-jazeera.
11:59 pm
al-jazeera. frank assessments tourism but income stream is dead in the water what's been the result in poaching quite significantly informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal in israeli society in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for new policy needs to say that we cannot all be disintegrating but it's great to be this debating team with all continues inside story on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the only warning on evacuation same draft prevented many deaths and the struggle to rebuild their lives with details coverage on home finds it so cold in the middle of a deepening cold war between china and the united states from there around the
12:00 am
world where the government close to bankruptcy many say such initiatives will not be enough to deal with what prime minister has found dead warns could be a major food crisis. 0. hello i'm johnny and this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up countries who thought it was safe to reopen a force to take new action as their coronavirus cases jump coordinated attacks killed at least 40 civilians and 20 soldiers in northeast nigeria. atlanta acts quickly firing one of its.


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