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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2020 7:00am-7:34am +03

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and who do they contain. the right to live anywhere in the world the right to leave their country. goes head to head for the pool. on al-jazeera. a blow for press freedom in the philippines the court convicts a prominent journalist activists say it's not tempt by the president to silence the media. hello i'm daryn jordan this is out there at live from doha also coming up new video shows the moments before a black man in the u.s. was shot by police in atlanta as the killings spots a fresh wave of protests. turkey launches an offensive in northern iraq against
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kurdish fighters in the p.k. k. targeting their bases. and blaming brazil's bowl tomorrow thousands rally against the president's handling of the coronavirus on the. one of the philippines most prominent journalists has been found guilty of libel in the case seen as a major blow to press freedom maria ressa denies the charges concerning an article published on her news website rappler that linked a wealthy businessman to criminal activity it's one of several charges against the site which is highlighted extrajudicial killings and abuses during president roderigo to test his time in office rest as expected to appeal which carries a sentence of up to 6 years in prison. i appeal to you. the journalists in this room the filipinos who are listening. to protect your rights
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we are men. a cautionary tale we are meant to make you afraid. right so i appeal again. don't be afraid because if you don't use your rights you will lose them if we don't tolerate a brazen move to try to roll back the rights guaranteed in the constitution we will lose them. as more from outside the court. this is not the 1st time though and not the only case that journalists are facing as you know just over a month ago the biggest media network was shut down a b a c.b.s. also was shut down because of its failure to renew its license there was also another broad sheet that was also threatened to be closed so no the united nations
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all of the rights organizations have called this of course a dark day in journalism but this is not new this is been going on for the last 4 years although there is no official reaction again from the philippine government that the support from the office of the president you know many many actually believe that this has been the case simply because there has basically which the war against journalists by calling them feet fuse for the previous statement he made a few years ago that some journalists do this serve to be killed so right now at this point maria ressa still at her press conference she's sharing her sentiments with other journalists a lot of people say they continue to support maria they think that this is the 1st time that basically cyber libel was weaponized it was something that was passed during the previous administration but a lot of rights groups over the past few years have actually been calling on the government to decriminalize libel they worry though that the case of maria despite being prominent actually has a greater impact to lesser known community journalists who may not have the same
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gravitas who will feel intimidated every time they write a story every time they write they speak truth to power every time they face bigger challenges and go out against powerful people with robertson as deputy director of human rights watch she says the vote expects a dangerous precedent for journalism in the philippines. the verdict actually highlights the ability of penes abusive president rodney got to tear to dominant manipulate laws to go after critical well respected media voices and whatever the cost of the country we think that the government should reverse this verdict we think they should squash it and they should you know step back and unfortunately what we're seeing is part of a well played out plan by the government to try as maria ressa said very clearly to shut them down and to make them a cautionary tale to other journalists in the philippines who would dare criticize the president if you look at this case here in front of us what happened was there
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was an article published was based in part on government documents it was published for months before the cyber criminal law came onto the books there was one change in the article afterwards after the law was in effect to especially fix a typo and the philippines department of justice were encouraging the president went out went to the private litigant and said look you you should sue and came up with an entire new legal theory of continuous publication to enable this to happen i mean this is a targeted hit it was a private petitioner but it really the government's behind it the death of a black man at the hands of police in the u.s. city of atlanta has been treated as a homicide an autopsy has revealed 27 year old rae shon brooks died from 2 gunshot wounds to the back after a struggle with offices on friday the killing a spot more protests and the police brutality on the gallatin reports after
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a weekend of protests following the death of racial brooks the restaurant where he died is now a symbol of this nation's racial tensions it's being cleaned up now but the anger here hasn't subsided the 27 year old father of 3 was shot and killed by police on friday following a struggle with 2 offices. as he fled mr brooks was shot and later died on saturday night the restaurant was set ablaze and city leaders condemned the police's use of deadly force his children will continue to grow up for the rest of their life without a father now we can't we can't magically make ryszard brooks reappear this building we can build this building this wendy's back up we can fall in insurance claim to ensure that this building is built back up i don't condone this but i understand it and i'm hurting just like everybody else is despite the resignation of atlanta's chief of police and the firing of the officer who killed ray sean brooks calls for police reform and accountability
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a growing we're going to make sure that if you shoot somebody in our state you're going to be prosecuted if you're long before someone. if you change someone down for and not the other crime you're going to be prosecuted as law enforcement. our government is going to can't ask people here all right across the u.s. on to races protests continue to grow in los angeles the gay pride parade took to the streets in support of black lives matter in south carolina a 1000000 man march was held as protesters marched on the state house lawmakers to address police brutality racism and economic disparities with a shocking plan probably i feel here. this was every bit of the system that was the 1st time ever that happened was you know many of us have had it with
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you know it's been 3 weeks since george floyd died in police custody now another african-american man's name has been added to a long list of victims of police violence police forces across the u.s. are now banning practices like cho cole's others a promising more transparency as a mentor. the change continues many say that simply no nuff to tackle systemic racism inequality and police brutality calls for real pleas for a former now growing here and across the world i think gallacher al-jazeera miami florida for tiffany williams roberts's from the atlanta based southern center for human rights she says the calls for change are growing louder what we're saying in the community this is tremendous sadness and grieving that sometimes express back anger let's remember that this issue is any sanction violence is the only country the likes of added the well the martin king jang auburn and others have lamented.
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the problems well we're seeing communities all over the country including atlanta is that folks are accepting when they're at a boiling point and want more of a reform you need these watching information and that means that we have to take very seriously the ways in which we deal with the wrong governing not only police officers but every afternoon. and certainly we have taking money from police forces that conduct crime to communities and best in that money and resources that the community is absolutely essential right now in the city of atlanta so i have a number of rides with the black on a landmark in asia and initiated a campaign that resulted in a fast worth of neurons and brain to be found with e.j. on reality and even that lee and you are feeling that when the same way that we repurpose thing are g.l. we're shutting down the jail we invested in beyond form and other names we need to support organizing on the ground who are willing to creatively about what millions
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and millions of dollars it is for humility. and so harms i think the racism that is in bed in our. turkey has launched a military operation against kurdish targets in northern iraq defense ministry says warplanes that struck the condo mountains targeting separatists fighters from the kurdistan workers' party or p.k. k. strikes also reported that mount single turkey frequently targets p k k find as in northern iraq what's nearly a 4 decade long conflict correspondence then costello has more now from istanbul this is another operation to turkey come back saying iraq against the outfield could solve or could spark if it k.k. what we know was that this time the operation is in a wider scale than it has been ongoing since 99 times before turkey used to do appreciably targeting this best victoria area but this time it's multiple realities
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and misunderstandings the ration come back to by the turkish forces that's why it is why they're scared and surprisingly just 'd 2 days ago turkish intelligence chief how come fidel was in baghdad he paid a visit to bark that so. presumably they might the turkish intelligence also might have a talk about how true he is to use the p.k. paste threat from from the other side if it's border because according to turkish defense minister straight men and operation it's come back to try to protect the borders. time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back bearing fruit the indigenous community flourishing despite ecuador's coronavirus crisis and why desperate farmers in italy are flying in foreign seasonal workers to help them pick their crops more and then stay with us.
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wind the northerly he's getting hotter there's not much else to talk about the risk cloud around the coast of amman hasn't yet seen the kurdish city in salalah and of the few showers potentially in turkey but in between is just heart of courses on the strength of the wind probably is at its highest at the moment so focus wise was slowly bringing it down never less it comes out of iraq and goes down towards amman the u.a.e. with temperatures it 48 in kuwait it's a hot with in fact in kuwait we get it to about 50 on tuesday yeah that's a high temperature during the days the record of course is nearly there 45 in doha 48 in baghdad is still pretty warm away trust western society where you might get a shower or 2 up in the mountains though it does seem likely the monsoon wind is
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blowing up the coast of tanzania kenya and somalia and of course the monsoon is broken now in a long way north so there isn't much rain on this wind itself is a bit on the coast particularly once again in somalia so we look to showers which are building quite nicely of these here for her hardens both sudan and south sudan indeed the forecast for juba was suggested to sherry if not every day that at least very frequently with thunderstorms properly by thursday. isolating time the listening post cuts through the noise leaving looking at another side of the story not so much the information around the outbreak but the misinformation separating propaganda from fact this reality only has to reach us exposing the optics try to feel if their rhetoric but they cannot manipulate
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the listening post your insight guide to the media on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera a prominent journalist and government critic in the philippines has been convicted of nybble maria ressa denies the charges over an article published on a rock rock news website the verdict is being seen as a major blow to press freedom and. the death of a black man at the hands of police in the us city of atlanta is being treated as a homicide the killing of ray shock troops on friday has again fueled tensions over police brutality to block new protests across the country. and turkey's known
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similar drop aeration against kurdish targets in northern iraq war planes that struck the come don't now turns targeting separatist fighters in the kurdistan workers party for people thinking. that the world health organization is urging the u.k. not to rush into lifting its coronavirus lockdown europe's regional director says the government should have an effective contact tracing system in place before easing begins non-essential shops are set to reopen in england on monday prime minister bars johnson says safety measures will be in place or shop staff will have to follow guidelines on disinfect import outs until customs france's president emmanuel claiming its 1st victory in the fight against covert 19 a some of the last remaining lockdown instructions are lifted the entire mainland will be under a lowest rate of alert from monday that means restaurants and cafes in the capital will be allowed to operate at full capacity more people can also return to work.
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thousands of protesters in brazil have marched in sao paolo to denounce the government's handling of the pandemic a smaller counter-rally was held in the capital brasilia by supporters of the president both an era continues to downplay the outbreak well the country has the 2nd highest number of covered 19 deaths around the world about reports. get out ball tonight or chanted this people you know of any that probably stuck in brazil financial capital. and even having now was one of the thousands who felt it was necessary to be on the streets on sunday. i'm here because thousands of people are dying of coronavirus and the government doesn't care about it this is a genocide the government is marking the working class and the police are killing our families and communities black people can't live in peace in this country we are afraid to die because of our problems brazil has become the epicenter of 1000 in south america more than 40000 people have lost their lives many blame president
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handling of the crisis as he opposed imposing a logged on to preserve the economy and disregarded the virus as a little flow. his supporters have also been taking to the streets to defend the precedent but i think it's an epidemic it's clearly people but it's not that much i don't think the koran the virus by the south by itself jews that much i think the most part of people that die by it has another kind of disease but in this hospital in sao paulo many do not agree recess the vice 41 and is recovering from covert 19 she has been in touch with her family on a video called. take it seriously because this is not a little some said i couldn't breathe and i know how bad it is i thought i was going to die it's awful stay home if you can and if you need to go out take all
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necessary. precautions because it's not easy. for survivors like back in their minds who is 50 years old covered 19 was a life changing experience you soon to get out now i am very grateful for life my life has changed i'm grateful to god to my brother in law who saved me to my wife my sister and everyone my life started over because the doctor said i was going to die and today i'm here thank god i thank everyone here. brazil is struggling with the spread of kuwait 19 and death that death toll continues to rise there's widespread discontent over the president's response. and. the leaders of somalia breakaway state somaliland have met in djibouti for talks president. wants a 2 state process to defend what he calls the region's independence somaliland split from somalia in 1901 but has never gained international recognition ethiopia
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and djibouti are brokering the talks after the last round of negotiations collapsed in 2015 well further south in the horn of africa somalia has officially recognized the contested leader of the semi autonomous state of jubilant but only as an interim leader former warlord. was reelected as president of juba land in august but somalia boycotted that vote and backed another candidate in a power election is rejecting the interim leader designation not to coordinate attacks in northeastern nigeria have killed at least 60 people including civilians and soldiers but it reports. this is what operation life your dollar looks like from the air the nigerian military posted video on social media showing what it says is its response to saturday's attack in mumbai that was followed by another attack in both a local government areas in borno state in northeast nigeria where both sought your
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sense of billions were killed a military spokesman didn't answer calls for comment on the attacks but local reports suggest dozens were killed and hundreds injured with hospitals overwhelmed fighters are reported to open fire after arriving on motorbikes and the cause soldiers and a united nations humanitarian center were targeted they are the latest major casualties in less than a week but the government has just celebrated its 5th anniversary in office and advocate are on the back off base security problems in nigeria they told their lighter and people that this. piecemeal for them to fix to this moment it has gotten worse it was only recently that the chief of army staff met with president bush and it was president bush era that they were with in the war on one today at least 81 people were killed when they heard his village was raided in could be a book or arm fighters allied with the islamic state in west africa province
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claimed responsibility for that attack the group broke away from the main book around 4 years ago previously boko haram was seen as closer to al qaida but in 2015 its leader will because chicago pledged allegiance to eisele. the nigerian army has been battling book or around for years as its fighters bombed places of worship and kidnapped schoolgirls in recent weeks army commanders claim significant success against the group but soldiers have often been under-resourced and suffered heavy losses. tens of thousands of people have been killed and more than 3000000 people displaced by 10 years of fighting. the continuing loss of life and property in the northeast fueling a lot of anger and frustration there is a growing feeling among some of the ideas that this is going to be a long drawn battle contrary to what the government is saying greece al-jazeera i would you. health officials in china's capital are moving swiftly to get on top of the say a 2nd wave of infections a district in beijing is in strict lockdown after
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a coronavirus cluster was discovered in the city's biggest wholesale market difficult pollen reports. after nearly 2 months of no new local infections and life slowly returning to normal china's capital is once again drastically stepping up measures to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus cluster dozens of cases are linked to the asian the wholesale market one of asia's biggest cities governments rushed to shut down the sprawling complex which supplies nearly 90 percent of beijing's fresh seafood vegetables and fruit. much money we were told last night that this place is closed now i can only sell my pledges in the street there happen very few people buying them so i'm going to be at a loss for sure a walk a do life and health always come 1st the market is in the southern district home to more than 2000000 people an area that is now under a strict lockdown plans to open kindergartens and primary schools on monday have
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been delayed sports and that lead to give vans have been postponed all public facilities have shut down and movement in and out of the city is restricted state media says the virus was initially detected on a cutting board used to prepare imported salmon prompting supermarkets to take the fish off their shelves additional tests found that the virus could be carried and spread through produce and packaging meaning it could have travelled well beyond the city's limits cases linked to the markets have been confirmed in 2 other provinces beijing's government has launched an extensive operation to test 10000 workers from the market and screen anyone who visited it this month in birmingham there was panic in the 1st wave but there's no need for that in the 2nd way people are vigilant we have big data and the. government can strictly control things there should be no problem beijing downgraded its emergency response level only
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a week ago easing restrictions on wearing masks and having temperature checks this latest cluster is raising concerns due to parallels with rouhani city where the virus was 1st discovered last year it too started at a market and led to months of lockdowns until china said it had overcome the outbreak in march the hope is that that declaration was in premature if you go pollen al-jazeera hong kong for the 1st time in 2 months iran has recorded more than 100 coronavirus deaths in one day after gradually relaxing its lockdown since mid april iran has seen a sharp rise in new day infections on saturday president hassan rouhani warned that strict measures will be re-imposed if the outbreak doesn't come back under control . ecuador has the highest death toll per capita of any country in latin america but the indigenous community is using both ancient and new methods to fight back as a lot of america at its reports. is an especially rural community
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perched on the high lands of ecuador. the centuries it's been the agricultural service center for the capital keep it all about an hour away. you might as well be another world this sign warns community under quarantine. for $132.00 checkpoints in around every single entry point. everything is disinfected and the indigenous community controls should jools entrances and exits of all vehicles and people. only a few outsiders are allowed in a curfew from 2 pm to 5 am it is strictly enforced it's now 2 pm and the town is closed till tomorrow. but a little of the circular where. you must understand that the endian indigenous people have their own philosophy their own cosmo vision language and culture that's
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applied to our struggle for land water and self preservation we're also applying it now to the pandemic. those who disobey by breaking curfew or other irresponsible behavior are submitted to indigenous justice to. these young men are being punished with 8 to 16 hours of community work it could include everything from cleaning this plaza to public toilets it's a moral sanction meant to embarrass them before the community that you are. the police sometimes hands them over to us and we assign the punishment. the results are impressive. in this community of $120000.00 there hasn't been a single death from cold 19 nothing short of miraculous in the country with the highest death toll per capita in latin america. a of a is never the less suffering on account of the pandemic. it's famous for its roses
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one of ecuador's main exports but with the world economy on lockdown there roses have been wilting away. in the flowers our main source of income around 80 percent of the population lives from them so this pandemic has hurt us badly. a few cargo planes are beginning to export their beautiful products again albeit in small quantities. but the indigenous community likes to say that their lives will again smell like roses as long as they continue winning the battle against the intrusive new virus. you see in human al-jazeera. and farmers in italy have banded together to fly in foreign seas no workers to save their harvest pandemic restrictions which stop them from traveling threaten to leave projects rotting in the fields or the honey reports. it's summer harvest time in italy and crops are ripe ready to be picked but this year does this shortage of foreign
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workers from sudden meant to rein in countries such as a morocco and tunisia without them all of the best crops could go to waste 70 tons per day. the farmer owns $200.00 hectares in a boot so in central italy. to overcome the labor shortage and other farmers got together to save their livelihood. my company paid around 4 and a half 1000 euros and in coordination with the farmers association we were able to bring back our workers from morocco's lawfully the only ones who can do this job the specialized workers who were trained over the years to carry out this kind of job loss. italy has low relied on foreign labor but this so-called green corridors were shut down because of the cove in $1000.00 pandemic just a few days before harvesting was due to start without the seasonal workers many
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farmers face bankruptcy in a matter of days. trip we needed this workforce we needed them already in march then throughout the summer you had the bulk of the harvest when farmers were unsatisfied with the government's initiatives many try to switch crops but they couldn't compete with the large scale distributors. hundreds of moroccans were flown in on private charters the 1st non e.u. workers to land in italy among them 3rd ical cuss me after testing negative for the coronavirus he was allowed to work at angelou choose finance fields something he has done for the past 15 years with your mood. we're happy because if we weren't important to them they wouldn't have brought us back here or paid for the plane ticket i mean those a costly we stayed at home for 14 days and they'd call us continuously to see how we're doing until we took blood tests that had good results and we went back to
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work. but the number of seasonal workers who made it to italy full short of the 350000 needed every year and while many italians are now seeking jobs india the culture the expertise of moroccans and tunisians is what the farmers need to harvest the crops but at the summit edges of it. are tough a quick check of the top stories here this hour prominent journalist and government critic in the philippines has been convicted of libel maria ressa denies the charges are of an article published on her rap the news website the verdicts being seen as a major blow to press freedoms for. i'm appealed to you the journalists in this room the filipinos who are in this. to protect your rights. we are men.
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canary peo we are meant to make you free. right so you again. don't be afraid because you don't use your rights and you will lose them. calling a brazen move to try to roll back the rights guaranteed in the constitution we will lose them. the death of a black man at the hands of police in the us city of atlanta is being treated as homicide the killing of rae shot brooks on friday has again field tensions of a police brutality and sparked new protests across the country turkey has launched a military operation against kurdish targets in northern iraq warplanes of struck the condo mountains targeting separatist fighters from the kurdistan workers' party or p k k. thousands of march in the brazilian city of stop our load to denounce the
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government's handling of the pandemic brazil has the 2nd highest number of cope with 19 deaths worldwide with more than 43000 thanks allergies. france's president emmanuel mccraw is claiming its 1st victory in the fight against cope with 19 some of the last remaining lockdown restrictions lifted the entire mainland will be under a lower state of alert from monday restaurants and cafes in the capital will be allowed to operate at full capacity and more people can also return to work and the leaders of somalia and breakaway state somaliland have met in djibouti talks somalians president wants a 2 state process to defend what he sees as the region's independence somalia and split from somalia 991 but has never been internationally recognized. those are the headlines that is continues on al-jazeera after listening post station thanks for watching. june 9 16076 days that redrew the map of the middle east this
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record is. indeed one of the greatest tragedy in the history of islam 50 years later al-jazeera expose the events leading to the war and its consequences which is still felt today we tried everything we went to the united nations and tried to make. contacts through different countries and it was clear all this was she knew of the rule in june. so thousands of people technology race is a test for sex. trade. thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks trick question thanks for the start of something big. hello i'm richard just been you're watching the listening post working from home here are some of the media stories that we're examining this week a statue of a slave trader takes the fall in the u.k. as britain confronts its colonial leg.


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