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tv   Mothers Of Rinkeby  Al Jazeera  June 16, 2020 12:33pm-1:01pm +03

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to have so much and put in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else. as you know is that it tends to be about it but the good because you have a lot of people that if i did political issues. with the people who believe to tell the real stories just mended has to do in-depth generalism we don't feel in fear of a good audience across the globe. i wonder when someone.
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some of that with oh yeah i miss that yapping about i says that i'm so bad why one. would ever learn i look normal when i look at least believe in it you know london. xian. xian. it's like. i said not the minimum awesome i'm the mom little possible to rebel getting fat yeah. i saw. some. on that not that i lie i made her life as it went.
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when i had been a 5. year plan if you've. ever. you're
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. worth moving forward. or are.
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some such. kindly says it in a delay he said he was adamant over from the law his goodbye the man look at didn't the mythical isn't a see the it would have. yes and. that's my say that we. had to come in so close and get them being discovered that.
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when you. have been watching them. then you know they need or below condition it to one key but they had to she looked it up they had it. you know minimal. external of the her head not one that you have a collective that extraordinary because someone on the unit. wasn't . willing to talk about them a way to meet that one to. go. in the biggest days or behave so many were
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100 and i look all of my you go off and we look at them and i'm winking my grandmother so and i have them on the head of the hay and i look at me so i mean has or had no one is a nazi kind of forgotten. i'm not go how can i show you do little show the police can only. have done it airco how lucky i was to they literally you know for men or i don't have a gun. in her off arms in the middle school when the clear weather hasn't really washed i certainly how much training one has some i like you're in a so good to stand up. well you home a living not all. along to see the shape they take. all of the comforter you're awesome making us feel very thick. well who knows. about a kick. in she. knew we were going to see this was
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something it's not the nobody in of them. who bomb like dumbo. go steps isn't going to look i. think it was me who doesn't know how much fun hello to them do we know what the how wholesome and i mean must be in thing they're incredible how does good they are in that you love well i love the show. as well of the media. as it were into what made the armor for a son i saw off kilter how could and i'm addicted either way and i would exist like human progress than i expected i have thus not expressed because i what i said i'm thinking about going toward a center but i think you're cool then i'm about to behead lineker and i put a hostile seesaw monitor. in front of that mother and the car dealer janet has mark a little seahorse a little market that's adult only in
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a tiny bit of africa where they don't go off on expected or expected without us of course how could i hand i'm half a dork and then i wouldn't you know what i still have to live now could have been ask a legit fan of them and if they were all well go. i don't got all this on myself guy like their a.o. i am and all that i like there. in the heartland of mel that i get it oh ok you have. your mother so why not have. what it was like you know. yes we can yes. yes we can have yes we got yeah oh yeah you're going to. go out ok though. local me because what a minimum i. mean. i don't
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go. so far in marijuana but you know her and she likes it in a shit school not because she's in clique and that may be similar in manhattan or in. half a minute admission at book to an infant isn't going to. have them go do i look. but they didn't get that it's sad that we bond.
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but oily but. i do not. and they're allowed to. well tell us that up to. me but owing to. police and no money to hire. me i'm paying my.
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if you're going to. assure an inhabited only. plan an afternoon on the show feel that in. america. where you. are not only mission i think. job. or not jewish. know.
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how to. run. i'm on the no go zone. but our law hoffa. kept us. it would just go hand into by then man in my cock in a head on tie plaque me shake. my. head. hard as a little girl and i think i'd see the like of that. adam
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was following our own brother doesn't love then i was not feeling so good. and i got isaac. and in league a little. liability you know. there was a. little really good you say get out so hard on me again. we're not making this about. the middle of embroidery on. i'm used to leave the audience you did the had to even if you didn't. get there but i would have gotten caught and i want to let it be that adam was. going to have to me i'll have the. goods by god if
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you. get to that in a minute then in the oval office it's not a bit of a look at the building in the morning and then i'm not. going to get out of there was the night that you demand of. what a drunk well how for a bit didn't. you
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know that in the. fall. on the. living. there. so there. we do you not have. the you. don't really believe. that. it's because. of the low level of further oh. yeah they think they are. doing also something smart down there in and tear off some of the stuff that has really stunned us for the color a local korean dumber example are down the city down the road to tripoli is also his activism bike impurity had a. big deal to fish to spit so new high level teams and there was a knock on the field to get us to stand up and massacre this girl could have some
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of our feet are smart enough not to smoke the non comedy in town have all of us obvious like to listen to more noted without talking to me. for most of this and more government not another top 40 mar for tour but really lucky for us i walked off the thought and who had. a group within his ear that a group on the money and i in a cheetah with. my band oh well if he. would have. had they would and i had their heart in the song what i. saw at that height. back up to make good on the. butt out there so. they don't. grow.
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thank. you we're going to thank. you. diana didn't mean to. i'm not into joke minister. but what a moment to not come if you didn't absolutely want to. go in and said i know nothing of that i'm an innocent and that he meant at least that's what i'm at it minutely. knock down below what.
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we ought to put out a little as you just you know i'm here i grab your money yeah i am a dollars are you yeah. this is you know this this. no holy book oh i hope. for a top. karoly. too late.
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org. org. board. that's in my mind or your bar or to much to my hometown the most good for the no
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fundamental. receipts. but the steer receives a. book food clean up to the photos from a new mini song movie who decided new to give it. to. the kids at that would fall more due to the. thank.
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you my. thank. you. thank you. thank you. let. me thank you. but then.
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i have had not the minimum. that a mom will but i don't get he said yeah it's going to broaden it out at the board well you know something about it think. you know how do the much lead clock the committee that the mom that is what i'm good at that a lot of so that is what they had in the end of may. we've got to admit the you made them or you or they didn't leave and they had a bomb by your your way it is from an aluminum in me with him at dinner and at mr spence come or somehow trip bomb or you know the 3 year i'll turn your had drama from in a bomb not so but it is from home. so they are and make
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to where most understanding of a little metal for a visit if some of it you have believed me as they have it there but it may. have it into sawyer i'm staring at it the extra extra extra men and oh yeah and i learned so at school young i don't commit in front of me live it or you earlier in the dog the moussaka to worry about a little this clue or a bit of fact in one man bertie askin even a say you're stuck at only when a man brought them drink it be for the battle make. brought on born with you be the brother of the noble and throw them in a pool. about a proud day this marial folks go at kaamelott a shame to make in the tempest with me. can we stop a new. ok deborah.
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in germany's capital there is a barber like no other that accredited they have involved
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a lot of those from prostitutes. but as he said he changes he's moving with the time. and going on the road. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them. the master barber of berlin 0 an out of the era. i've worked out of their existence it's lord sugar as a principal presenter and as a correspondent with any breaking news story we want to hear from those people who would normally not get the voices heard on the international news channel one they would all be very proud of was when we covered the fall of quake of 2050 a terrible left shoulder such stuff in a story that needed to be told from the heart of the affected area to be then to tell the people story was very important of the time. the brazilian journalist investigating a political establishment land grab all the farmers how to get those who are not
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elected and he's repay them that's empowering everyday people to profit from the destruction of the rain forest people are almost willing to give their lives away to guarantee the occupation are to go and so is journalism the last home in the fights of the of the amazon the says not only a land conflict but a construct of narrative presume the age of both n.r.o. whose truth is that anyway on al-jazeera. when a prime minister takes a lump of coal into his own parliament that coal means
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a lot of the country's fortunes we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in get gregg's it done that was a slogan that one of the prime minister boris jokes in counting the cost on al-jazeera. 0. 00 i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes up in smoke north korea blows up a liaison office it shares with the south fueling tensions. a saudi coalition attack kills 4 children and yemen just after the u.n. or moves it from a blacklist of parties that endangered children and conflicts. china brings back lockdown restrictions and steps of testing in baby.


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