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further to the south i should help with the flooding there but as you can see by thursday heavy rain across the korean peninsula and eventually pushing into western japan. the. al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sara this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes 20 indian soldiers are killed in clashes with chinese forces along their shared border beijing is accused of trying to change the status quo a coronavirus breakthrough the simple steroids treatment that is slashing the rate of covert decks bombed after weeks of escalating tensions north korea targets
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a liaison office which was built to foster better ties with the south and the u.s. president signs an executive order to reform the country's policing will go far enough to address the racism problem within law enforcement. and its core reaction to a report in the world trade organization that could end a saudi backed deal to point in the premier league see you cancel united. there's been an increase in the death toll from fighting on the border between india and china india the army now says at least 2020 of its soldiers were killed by chinese troops the army's clashed in the disputed gallow one valley territory in the himalayas india's foreign ministry described the fighting as
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a violent faceoff and said it was the result of an attempt by beijing to unilaterally change the status quo there. the nuclear armed neighbors have been locked in a standoff on the border for several weeks the border dispute between india and china goes back decades but the tension is increased recently the area is known as the x.i.i. chain not the uk and it's located along the himalayas the territory has been disputed since 1962 but these are the 1st casualties in 45 years as a result of fighting between the nuclear armed neighbors for weeks now beijing in new delhi have increased their military presence on both sides of the border they've accused one another of overstepping the so-called line of actual control that separates the 2 let's speak to our guest now michael kugel man who is a senior associate in south and southeast asia the woodrow wilson center he joins us from washington d.c. on skype sir thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera so as we've said
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this disputed a sense has been going on for decades but it has escalated in recent weeks how do you read it so who would you blame i suppose for beginning the escalation if you want to put it that way and crucially why do you think it's happening now. well i mean we still don't know the full story as to what happened back in may well when these tensions 1st broke out there's been over differing reportage there's been conflict conflicting reports from both the chinese and the indian sides but what i think is extremely surprising is that we had this incident that we had very recently where as you noted there were at least 20 indian fatalities we don't know the number of chinese fatalities and that's because a dialogue process had begun there was a process in place to deescalate this crisis earlier this month there was high level talks between the indian and chinese military and we were told that things are on their way to winding down and yet not only do we have a deadly incident but we have an incident a mass casualty
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a deadly incident so things are really escalated in a hurry and i think as much as both sides want to avoid a conflict and i think we will avoid a conflict it's going to be very difficult to deescalate quickly but when you have something like what you have right now. and i suppose from both sides i guess there's you know no one wants to lose face over this at a time when both countries both india and china like a lot of the rest of the world are dealing with coronavirus crises in their own countries. why 0 do you think or rather i mean you mentioned that you think that they will be escalated but do you think there is a realistic sense that because of these casualties that might mount that they might not be able to. well i think this is the the big concern that you know we were on our way to a deescalation and we had this sudden extremely deadly crisis and we still
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don't know the full story of what will happen you know these are 2 countries like much of the world that are fighting a deadly pandemic in india the situation has really gotten serious in china there are indications of it as a 2nd wave of the pandemic these 2 countries you really cannot afford to be in a position where they have to worry about an escalation of leading to things borrowing out of control and a conflicts so i think that you have to hope that better minds will prevail calmer winds will prevail i think the question is how india will respond right now i think that india is under a lot of pressure not to back down just because again we're talking about at least 20 dead indian soldiers that would be very politically risky for the indian government to continue with this position of we need to deescalate we need to deescalate but on the other hand india is the weaker of the 2 i mean china is a more powerful country than india so there's only so much that india could do if it were to try to retaliate the dynamic is very different between india and china
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than it is from india and pakistan where there of course there have been a number of tensions in the past india has retaliated from after provocations from pakistan but with china it's a whole other story it's a completely different be so i think india is in a very difficult position again i think it's very risky for it just to sort of not do anything and go back to dialogue but at the same time it needs to be careful because it doesn't want to escalate in a way that it would have to worry about things spiraling out of control and leading to the very real risk of some type of conflict michael google senior associate in south and southeast asia at the woodrow wilson center thank you for sharing your thoughts with us thank you. coming up on al-jazeera this news our schools out across beijing again is fears grow over the latest coronavirus outbreak calling for reinforcements armed police sent in after 4 nights of ethnic violence in france in sport to details of an important win off the pitch for this premier
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league striker. u.k. scientists say they found a drug that can successfully treat the most seriously ill coronavirus patients and there's even better news the steroids dexamethasone is both affordable and already widely available the drug has been found to cut the risk of death for those on ventilators by a 3rd that risk comes down to a face for those on oxygen dexamethasone is normally used to combat inflammation in conditions like arthritis and asthma it appears to limit the damage caused when the new system goes into overdrive to fight the virus its impact could be particularly beneficial in the developing world because it is low cost and easy to access what professor martin laundry is an oxford university professor co-leading the trial
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known as the recovery trial he joins us now via skype from brampton oxfordshire here in the u.k. sir thank you so much for joining us here on the al-jazeera so 1st of all do you think that this discovery the use 8 of this drug is a breakthrough. well it's certainly a major step forward all year you could look into a treatment that would reduce the chances of patients with kobe from dying and we found 2 of the you found one but it was right under our noses it was. just covered in every pharmacy in every hospital 'd pretty much in every country it's called dexamethasone so this low dose steroids damage inflammation. that might otherwise be attacking along and that prevents people from dying those particular people really on them which is as a yes you know one of the amazing things about these at the strike is that it's actually already available on the n.h.s.
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now sort of the national health service here in the u.k. i mean we've heard that it lowers the potential death rate by a 3rd for people on ventilators just talk us through briefly exactly what happens exactly how it acts. so the virus is worth thinking about is if this tuesday's it's particularly this 2 stage the 1st stage which most people get which is simply a viral infection flu like illness and people many people just get better now but there is a progressive is the new system which with nischelle it was child charger tackle the virus now actually goes into overdrive if you like starts to attack the lungs and cause the lungs to fail and they were the lungs they are people who documented and they ventilation and there is we will well know sadly many of those patients dark the detriments or chakras are problems that inflammation the stage where it would otherwise be tightly damaging the lungs and improves the chance of surviving which is fantastic. the thing with coronavirus and cope with 19 of course is that
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it was a new disease it's not just that there isn't a vaccine is that and that there isn't a specific cure but i guess a lot of doctors just didn't know how to deal with it especially in the early weeks and months do you think that this is a down train during the way that we see the disease that perhaps i suppose going forward we don't have to see it as deadly as it has been up until now. well i we still are we've still got a problem this is reducing of a scope dying to those people people are no closer to us by a 3rd that means that there are still quite large numbers of people who are dying which is of significance 1st if i think about what we do in other areas of medicine we very often used to say of all jokes in combination each time to lower the risk a bit well that started out of the 1st drug that lowers risk this is the 1st target those years it's really cheap it's really widely available that's a great start but it doubtless we'll need additional drugs and that's worked as you progress both in the recovery chart i didn't know there were other studies you
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mention that it's cheaper widely available how much of a game changer do you think this will be then in parts of the developing world we're seeing the coronavirus really take hold in latin america for example in parts of africa how much do you think that will change the ability of those countries that to fight the disease. i mean it is a global problem with that particular problem in settings where perhaps there aren't many ventilators available where patients are get very sick. and where you need cheaper for events and this is a treatment a drug that's on the revenue it shows essential medicines list it's available also probably less than a dollar to treat patients in many parts of africa and latin america. if you walk into a board with a patients on ventilators and you gave them all dexamethasone one of those patients who would otherwise have died walk out of there alive having just spent $1.00 to
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each patient so it's a big ears a big impact on a major issue and they're typically important result because this is not some expensive new drug developed by a big pharmaceutical company this is a drug we already have this fantastic. there's obviously been a lot of talk about the search for a vaccine for covert 19 do you think that perhaps the conversation should shift more towards the focus on crew member or do you think maybe it's just the perception that people perceive that all the talk about vaccine but actually behind the scenes the medical profession was dealing with the treatment 1st of all. you have to deal with both the problem here and now is the patience and sense of us who have severe kobasew 'd on ventilators and many of them sided dying that's a problem that needs to be tackled now and for that instruments but we also need to prevent back scenes are the prevention. that is often sets of actually specially
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the cure but it's not all that you get while you go to the other you have to do both you have to do both empower it out and that's exactly what we're working on the value to work really works it's not just finding one that that will be useful in one patient you have to deliver it in to millions or billions of arms. injected into billions of patients for that actually to have an effect that's a huge task it's a task that people are prepared to take odds your podcast but we also have to have treatments and this is the 1st treatment that actually saves lives and that's a great start just not the end it's a great stuff and because it's a great start about wanting to be overly optimistic are you not more confident that around the world people are starting to deal with the coronavirus data that we're getting canelo is better and can confront more. oh certainly medical science has laid enormous progress in just 6 months just take this child this job was so you
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moms started. you got to try to spin the chart of this guy's in the context of and gave it its true trust of all the medical science. nor the joys of the last few months there's a long way to go social distancing remains really able just because we have a treatment that makes some impact but it doesn't mean that we can suddenly all of it all out together again they're all of the major main it will. we be looking for a drug that will reduce the risk of dying and we found one issue before the widely available that's a really good result and stephanie great news professor martin laundry oxford university professor cole leading that trial so thank you very much it's the world health organization has warned the coronavirus pandemic is still accelerating across the americas the region has recorded more than 200000 deaths
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and is fast approaching 4000000 come from the fractions the u.s. accounts for just over half of those cases and brazil accounts for almost a quarter but the u.n. health body says it's concerned about rising infection rates in some caribbean nations including haiti and the dominican republic schools in beijing meanwhile have been ordered to close us part of the response to a new corona virus outbreak the chinese capital had seen 50 days without any reported cases but in the past 4 days more than $100.00 new infections have been confirmed priyanka gupta reports charlie scientists are working to find the origins of a new cause of $900.00 plus to does lead to parts of the capital b.g. green posing a lockdown authorities say the crew in a virus strain found in dozens of confirmed cases a sparse week appears to have originated elsewhere. the wisest stretch an epidemic in the. chain is different from what it was 2 months ago but it clearly
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indicated the why verstraete it's a major epidemic strain in that european countries so it from outside of china brought to beijing. the government stares the infection sunday edition fardy halting market to provide 80 percent of the capital's food 8000 workers from the market have been tested at 30000 restaurants across the city disinfected people living nearby have been sent to hospitals for testing almost 30 neighborhoods have been locked down people who recently visited the market have been told to sell vacillate for 2 weeks minister believed to say they're not taking any chances. judy sands i wouldn't grant gallanter since the epidemic occurred as she found the wholesale market on june the 11th there have been $106.00 new confirmed domestically transmitted covert 19 cases the epidemic prevention and control of
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beijing is in a severe situation. the government has reactivated social distancing measures entertainment and sporting venues have been closed and people are being encouraged to work from home. long distance buses leaving the city have been suspended between west and 7 told not to travel those who do must undertake to we quarantine periods at their destination the shin for the cluster has already reached 3 other chinese provinces the chinese government says the next few days will be crucial if the numbers from a stable the authorities say the current measures will be enough to contain the operate but a sharp increase will mean but stricter measures will be needed to prevent a possible 2nd wave product or are does either. the u.n. secretary general says north and south korea must resume dialogue after pyongyang
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blew up a liaison office and a border town of case on it follows theys of military threats by the north and south korea says it will respond strongly if the north does not dial down its actions and rhetoric bride reports from seoul the complete destruction of a building created at the height of improving into korean relations and with it any immediate hope of reconciliation. the north has become enraged by defectors who make calls human scum releasing propaganda balloons into its territory kim jong the increasingly influential sister of leader kim jong un had warned the military could destroy the building in retaliation. and confirmation came chews day afternoon with a faint plume of smoke spotted north of the border. this corresponds to the mindset of an enraged people to force the human scum and those who have sheltered them to
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pay dearly for the crimes the joint liaison office was established in 2018 i made the flurry of summit diplomacy between the 2 koreas and between the north and the united states since then all talks including getting rid of the north's nuclear weapon threat have stalled by this action north korea seems set on creating a new crisis on the korean peninsula it's already cut the hot lines across the demilitarized zone border with the south making any attempts at reconciliation far more difficult and possibly signaling a return to the extreme tensions of the past that's something the liberal south korean president moon j.n.t. has wanted to avoid at all costs but even his government seems to be returning to acrimonious warnings from which we stupidly warned that we will strongly respond if the north continue so take steps to worsen the situation adding that all
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responsibility for this destructive act falls on the north of macbride al jazeera sold. the u.s. president has signed an executive order to reform the country's policing in response to weeks of protests against racism and police brutality it bans the use of chokeholds unless an officer's life is at risk but that one can put back catcalls to defund the police saying americans want law and order alan fischer reports from the white house. after 2 weeks of being accused of not doing enough on the protests sweeping the country president donald trump gave his blueprint for the way ahead peace and dignity and equality for all americans in the rose garden of the white house with senior law enforcement figures looking on he signed an executive order which falls far short of the changes demanded by protesters the president wants to ban chokeholds unless the life of an officer is a threat set up
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a national database to stop but officers bones of your own police departments provide funding for better training including deescalation and provide social work support in certain police cases but he rejected the idea of defunding police departments which many are calling for or strongly oppose the radical and dangerous efforts to defend dismantle them dissolve our police departments especially now when we've achieved the lowest recorded crime rates in recent history. americans know the truth without police there is chaos without law there is an arche and without safety there is catastrophe. protests erupted across america after the killing of george floyd a police officer knelt on his neck for it minutes and 46 seconds 3 officers were also on the scene but did nothing to help all know face murder charges. but the president insists good course what but cops gone were tiny it's
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a very small percentage what we are seeing here is basically tiny steps by president donald trump to address the issue but what we're seeing from the president also is the president is waiting for and looking to congress that is now working on legislation both in the house and the senate to address wholesale systemic changes what was missing from the executive order was any suggestion of sweeping police reform there was no notion that racism may be a systemic problem or that black people receive different treatment from the police new legislation is come clean be considered by congress campaigners will be hoping that it goes much farther than the president's executive order alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house police reforms are also being implemented at state and local levels but there's a dispute over the best way to address systemic racism police unions say they're being targeted as an easy political ring while some activists say it's the unions
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that are the problem christmas salumi has more from new york. pepper spraying pushing and plowing into demonstrators the spotlight on the new york police department since the killing of george floyd has not been flattering and the state has moved quickly to pass reform measures but the unions representing police in the city say they're being used as political pawns and public safety will suffer what we're saying now is we're all demonized because someone is murdered in minnesota i'm going to say it again most restrained police the bobbin in the country activists say unions are a big part of the problem ya know smarthome is a civil rights attorney running for manhattan district attorney all across the country we have we've got to step forward one step back but we're electing better people we're passing better laws but these law enforcement unions are clinging to their power and they're going to do everything they can to undermine or forums into undermine individuals who are elected and. since a member of his staff compiled
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a list of local politicians taking campaign donations from law enforcement groups however many politicians have decided to give back the money signaling the tide may be turning new york's governor last week signed a law banning chokeholds named after eric garner who was killed by one and making the records of police officers accused of misconduct public and on tuesday the mayor of new york city announced that footage from police body cams must be released within 30 days if it involves the use of a firearm or force that results in injury or death police reforms here in new york and elsewhere around the country have largely focused on individual officers and holding them accountable for their actions but critics say racism is a systemic problem and more systemic changes are needed former police officer dennis kenny believes the issue isn't unions but rather a militarized approach to policing we've gone back to the effort militarized police
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easily evaluated tactical solutions and so forth and all of those have the effect of kind of driving a wedge. communities and. and i think that we need to go back and think sophocles again about why we not just how police in california the state's largest police unions have published their own reform agenda ignalina need for action it calls for lessening the use of force and increasing accountability to root out racist police officers but that will require communities and police to work together to make communities safer for everyone kristen salumi al jazeera new york. armed police have been sent into a suburb of eastern france after 4 nights of ethnic gang violence trouble erupted in the zhong neighborhood last week when about 100 chechen knew this the send that there to avenge an attack on one of their own passion reports.
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scattered debris and car still burning of their 4th night of finance in the eastern french city of deja city officials say groups of chechens and residents clashed some armed with machetes and guns after the alleged assault of a chechen teenager by a drug dealer last week. some chechens had reportedly travel to dijon from other parts of france and from belgium and germany france as deputy interior minister visited the city and promised police reinforcements. i've decided to strengthen this experience the personnel on the ground from this evening indeed there will be 2 mobile force units here so nearly $150.00 extra police officers. the violence the shocks people indeed most of the fighting took place in the deprive suburb of shadow of its main urge the french government to do more to help the bully then this involves rival gangs armed groups who take justice into their own
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hands and along with my colleagues i'm asking for human resources i'm asking for police i'm asking for justice i'm asking for specialist educators in our territories so that we can work on the root causes of this city officials hope that the extra police officers will calm the situation and 10 days of what appears to be brutal score settling the ship butler al-jazeera paris. still to come on al-jazeera the racism and discrimination blamed for higher coronavirus mortality rate among britain's ethnic minorities struggling for justice and a democratic republic of congo families found to keep fighting for the hundreds killed during public protests and so forth encouraging signs that colin kaepernick could make a return to the n.f.l. and is here but that story envoy.
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hello there yet more rain across central areas of europe that is where some of the heaviest rain is meihua out across the west are all the more shouty but even so is the generally very unsettled picture of course of how this flooding in hungary recently but not only did the rain cools flooding into the streets it also did a fair amount of crop damage as you can see here in the u.k. it's been very unsettled it's been cool as well this is the northeast on the coast so people out and about but not exactly summer weather it has been very nice though in the western end of the med is you can see him york has some nice sunny skies now having said that wednesday the could be a few showers heading your way across the valley erik's areas a spain as well tools and all these and again very widespread across france more rain across central all the regions of the u.k. and heaviest through the low countries central and southern germany and still we've got this line of what could potentially be some right severe thunderstorms really
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all the way from bellary sit down towards the southeast now no real change as we head into thursday into moscow but not cold a high of 26 degrees and it warms up again into also 29 just 21 se but towards the sunshine returns it does warm up and again the more unsettled weather across the u.k. through areas of france and again some heavy rain likely along the line of the als but not about temperature 22 in paris. june 19 16076 days that redrew the map of the middle east is a mecca to victory of the israeli army and it was one of the greatest tragedy in the history of islam 50 years later al-jazeera expose the events leading to the war and its consequences which is still felt today we tried everything we went to the united nations we tried mediation is contacts through different countries and it was clear that all this was just 2 of the will in june as countries begin easing
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coronavirus restrictions scientists warn of a 2nd wave of infections in the last few days. in front of the neighborhood and many feel the economy is the pirate heist about for human life until fall off to pull off yet again the focus on day out here a spike in public like you face as we bring you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus continent special coverage on a. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on our jazeera the indian army now says at least 20
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of its soldiers were killed by chinese troops in their border in that the spheres have got one valley territory india's foreign ministry described the fighting as a violent faceoff and an attempt by beijing to unilaterally change the status quo there u.s. president donald trump has signed an executive order to reform the country's policing in response to weeks of protests against racism and police protonix the order bans the use of choke calls unless an officer's life is a mess. south korea says it will respond if the north keeps raising tensions up to pyongyang blew up a liaison office in the border town of case song the north korean leadership had been threatening military action for days. the united nations is defending its decision to remove saudi arabia from a blacklist of countries that kill children in conflict zones human rights groups
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monitoring the 5 year war in yemen are appalled by the decision kathy a lot of us hold a young reports. outside of the united nations headquarters in yemen protesters are in disbelief they're condemning the decision to remove the military coalition led by saudi arabia from a un plaque next to you and me it's considered a list of shame for attacks like these exposing anyone who kills and serve uses children in war zones the saudi the coalition was listed for 3 years expose for its war record in yemen. it's a disgrace that the united nations removed saudi arabia from the list for killing children everyone in the world including saudi arabia knows it's a shame on humanity. hours after the removal announcement who the rebels say 13 people were killed in a saudi little attack in northwest yemen 4 of them children more victims of the emmons 5 year war because the coalition has consistently attacked schools and
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hospitals to also be listed fall for that violation knowing that they had attacked in 202020194 schools and hospitals and yet they are not part of that list of better traitors the u.n. says the coalition was removed from the list because it's taken steps to stop harming children but the u.n. also says $222.00 children were killed or injured by saudi led attacks last year. monetary make every. month who are sure and under complete a hold and you know. there are young victims on both sides of the conflict the u.n. says who the fighters are responsible for harming or killing $313.00 children and yemeni government forces account for $96.00 casualties but unlike the saudi led coalition both remain on the blacklist the coalition is blamed for pushing yemen
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into a deepening crisis with threats of famine and disease the saudis intervened in 2015 to support yemen's government against who the rebels backed by iran treaties and cease fires have been ignored and the violent struggle for power has continued the u.n. is warning the coalition it will go back on the list if it fails to reduce the number of child casualties but critics argue the u.n. has compromise the integrity of the list of shame katia locus of the u.n. al-jazeera. the world trade organization has ruled that saudi arabia broke international law over a sports piracy operation following in 1000 month investigation the w t o found the saudi government actively supported the illegal activities of the b. out q network which was pirating a catherine sports network without permission jim i live show you al has the story . it's been described as the biggest and most outrageous piracy operation in
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history which has been allowed to continue for the past 3 years but that might all change now after the wall trade organization one of the most important international bodies of jurisdiction issued its findings into the case of saudi arabia on the 5th of t.v. broadcasting rights in 2017 shortly after the kingdom and 3 of its allies imposed a land air and sea blockade on qatar a new television network was unveiled named b. out q the new channel was nothing more than a piracy operation that stole the signal and output from b. in sports the qatari own subscription base sports and entertainment network and rebroadcast it around the world the largest global sporting events including the $2854.00 wild cup the english premier league tennis grand slams and formula one will all illegally broadcast q. in a flagrant breach of intellectual property rights and several other international treaties
12:36 am
. according to the world trade organizations independent investigation b l g q was and is supported by the saudi government the report's name sounded funny the so-called right hand man of the kingdom's effective ruler crown prince mohammed bin said a man is being behind to be out q the w t o also confirms that through government owned entities such as arab sites be out q was able to operate and transmit it signal and that saudi arabia ignored numerous requests from the u.s. and british governments and sporting bodies such as the premier league and fifa to put an end to the piracy the phantom has reached a specific conclusion that the kingdom of saudi arabia is in breach of the w t o obligation for refusing to take any actions against the pirates be articulate not only that but also actively promoting these would be based broadcast of that pirates be out to q. the findings by the w t
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o do not come with any mechanism that will force saudi arabia to cease its piracy but there is another ongoing legal case that might where is the world trade organizations investigation was instigated by a request from qatar his government the b.n. network has filed a separate $1000000000.00 lawsuit be in a sport as a couple the company is pursuing its own illegal actions against the kingdom of saudi arabia in the form of an international arbitration and to the extent of my knowledge this arbitration is in its procedures and this is will be the platform for the. be in a sport to seek the compensation for the harm that happened to that company this case is important globally because aside from the 5th of some of the most sought after broadcasting television rights saudi arabia is also trying to buy one of the largest and oldest football clubs in england newcastle united that
12:38 am
takeover is now hanging in the balance was the world trade organization may not have the power to force saudi arabia to shut down its piracy operation its ruling is a very clear indictment of the kingdom is behind one of the vian largest theft of intellectual property rights in history many will view this is yet another failure of saudi arabia's policies under the actual rule of crown prince mohammed bin son man. the. saudi arabia has issued a statement it says anyone committing acts of piracy is not in saudi arabia it also says quote saudi arabia has a strong record of protecting intellectual property and this committed to applying international law and procedures in full conformity with the teal holes. the united nations special envoy for syria says he hopes to start the next round of
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talks between the country's warring sides by late august during his briefing to a virtual session of the un security council on tears day care pederson also detail the devastating impact that serious economic collapse is having on civilians our diplomatic editor james bays has more now from the un headquarters in new york. the security council's monthly meeting on syria was dominated by discussion of the deepening economic crisis. and u.n. special envoy person telling him the situation was now very grave the economic crisis is hitting every. regardless of territory from damascus and the so best to all of who and what best. medicine is more expensive and scarce food prices have skyrocketed and the large chains have
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been disrupted. through tracing problem or ordinary syrians as seriously diminished as nature's god i went and public sector are awfully inadequate to meet the demands of today the u.s. administration clearly believes the economic crisis is putting president assad under pressure pressure that will only increase with the fresh sanctions that are now coming into force as part of what's known as the seas act a lot of our aid is to deprive the assad regime of the revenue and the support it has used to commit the large scale atrocities and human rights violations that prevent a political resolution and so verily diminish the prospects for peace of course it's not news that the security council is divided on syria but it's not just russia and china who oppose the new sanctions there are other countries that fear
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that they are going to impact all marry people rather than the regime elite jamesburg is al-jazeera at the united nations iraq is facing its horse the economic crisis since 2003 worsened by the global drop in oil prices and the coronavirus pandemic the government led by most of us had the me has proposed reducing government spending including public wages amounting to 25 percent of the g.d.p. a couple salaries is being fiercely opposed a similar fault in reports now from back that. anger on the streets of baghdad after iraq's government announces austerity measures to reduce its monthly operating budget deficit of $5000000000.00 us dollars. these demonstrators were political prisoners under saddam hussein's regime and are legally entitled to monthly compensation payments many also receive other state income such as pensions . but
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a recent cabinet decision has kept the amount and the number of state salaries and pensions a person can collect in accurate implementation of the new policy has further fuelled outrage that the buy used to receive 2 pensions now his income has been cut by more than half what in america we depend on those salaries specially because of course at 19 because there is no other work continuing my entitlement as a political prisoner and now i only have mentioned left i have to support 12 members of my family and i spent 7 years in prison where is the justice 6500000 iraqis or 16 percent of the population depend on some sort of state income and even though the government is struggling to pay existing commitments unemployed university graduates in baghdad are demanding the creation of more government jobs you know you have it's my right and i studied for 16 years and the most basic of my rights is that the government offers me a job. not just like the 5 experts and the 5 is one of the bigger.
12:43 am
ones and that was change of mind for the 1st leaving the public sector salary isn't it by then and well bank officials say downsizing the public sector will have to come with creating other opportunities there should be it over there should be a way of looking at how to move people within their mindset as well as within practice away from the public sector into the private sector so that brings us to the question of creating the could use of environment for private sector investment . but that's a process that requires spending and time both of which the government doesn't have it has also encountered fierce political opposition inside parliament which ruled the cabinet decision unconstitutional. the problem it has decided to refuse any cuts to any salary to employees or pensioners directly or indirectly many parliament members hope they can resolve the country's challenges without
12:44 am
downsizing the public sector we expect the oil prices will go up their fuel exports will increase if that happens we will be able to overcome this crisis but even if the oil price rebounds to pre-con of virus levels some experts say iraq needs to reform the public sector yet amid such fierce resistance the government is running out of options on how to address its growing deficit simona 14 al jazeera but that . amnesty international is urging justice for hundreds of people killed then pro-democracy protests protests in the democratic republic of congo between 20152018 the demonstrations opposed president joseph kabila as attempts to remain in power beyond his 2nd constitutional term the human rights organization says call the security forces brutally and systematically cracked down on protesters by the end of 2018 at least 320 people were dead and 3 and
12:45 am
a half 1000 have been injured in the capital kinshasa more than 1000 arbitrary arrests and detentions were made in connection with the protests hammad of the reports 2 years after the killing resisted by police. still seeking justice there is kapunda join protesters in the capital crucial saying generally 2008 calling for former president joseph kabila to step down 6 after the expiry of the 2nd term. police deployed to quell the protests kept on with shootings beatings another. terrorist was dead within minutes of being struck by a single round. of measures paid we feel completely abandoned by the authorities our only hope is to see the government on our side one day and our quest for justice was launched complained several times asking for police officers and others responsible for the death of my sister brought to justice but unfortunately nothing
12:46 am
has happened so far is the presidential elections will finally held in december 2018 without could be a law on the ballot the winner felix chickadee formed a coalition with kabila spurred to secure my duty in parliament despite his promises of real changes and mr shaw has yet to act on repeated calls for the prosecution of those responsible for the killing so protesters show for. as minister of justice i haven't seen even a single file of a complaint from families of those killed during protests in the past i don't see how way as government can refuse to receive such complaints we have no vested interest in turning down any such petition. i'm most international is calling on the congolese president to live up to his promises an issue of justice for victims of police brutality it's also calling for transparent investigations into serious human rights violations committed by security forces during the protests for your
12:47 am
own crowd kapunda life he says does most has been made all the harder with the knowledge no one has been held accountable his vowing he won't give up the fight mohammed and all al-jazeera. it's been acknowledged that social inequalities of contributed to higher death rates from covert 19 among black asian and s. think minorities but now institutional racism has been added to the list as britain joins other countries facing black lives matter protests the latest findings only add to the challenges faced by the government john holl reports. razia queen lost her husband to cope with 19 in april he caught the virus in hospital while being treated for cancer he's death adding to a disproportionately high toll among black asian and minority ethnic groups over their white counterparts. who i can only see with my 14 little when.
12:48 am
he says. his own city hall has been his but he could. not see. death rate disparities of blamed on a broad range of social and economic inequalities but now a government commission report cites racism specifically as a factor the report points to racism and discrimination experienced by communities and more specifically by b a m e.q. workers as a root cause affecting health and exposure risk and disease progression risk among its recommendations change needs to be large scale and transformative to reduce inequality is so separate example in a portable like new heart may not have all the facilities debt you would get on a lower lesser principle list minister because of. our population because we have more in this community it is more neglected and why is that it is i think because
12:49 am
of. institutional racism itself the government had hoped to delay the final publication of this report in its entirety to avoid fueling further black lives matter protests the report had come out in draft form only previously hand without the rather damning section on racism and discrimination it was then leaked to the media and the moment couldn't be put off any longer the final version certainly suggests that black lives along with asian and other ethnic minorities may well 'd have mattered less during the covert pandemic coben $1000.00 has. expose the impact of social determinants and also to injustices so people who are living below the cloud housing people who are low paid jobs that once were the front line. moral war exposed to the virus in response to black lives matter protests prime minister boris johnson this week promised a commission of inquiry aimed at standing out all racism but he warned changing
12:50 am
attitudes in britain quote won't be easy joel al-jazeera london. for more reaction to the. report. proposed. newcastle united.
12:51 am
you. for. let's go to andy now in doha on this point. thanks barbara while the saudi arabian prince bitsa by premier league newcastle united has had
12:52 am
a major setback the world trade organization releasing a report confirming that the saudi government is supporting the t.v. network be out cue that illegally stream sports events including premier league matches it could now mean their proposed $380000000.00 deal is blocked by the league of all the rights to show premier league games in the middle east plunks accounts are based be in sports it's a deal that's being undermined by the b. out q. operation the offered supine new castle is largely being funded by saudis public investment fund whose chairman is crown prince mohammed bin salman any deal has to pass the premier league's owners and direct test that includes deciding whether potential owners of been involved in criminal activity but we spoke to simon chadwick a professor of eurasian sports about the impact this report will house. if there is evidence of saudi arabian government piracy or sorry arabian backed.
12:53 am
campaign of piracy and this is this is seen as being somehow a criminal act then what conceivably the premier league could do is to take that report to investigate further and potentially there may be a link between the saudi arabian government the entity by newcastle united and also the entity that has been involved in in pirating content in which case the premier league could judge could rule that the takeover may not go ahead because there is evidence of criminality so in this particular case i think essentially what we've what what what is happening that we've all always known would happen is that the premier league is being brought into sharp focus here because it potentially faces making a decision way you have a solvent investor that is bringing money into the premier league hence the premier league would see you may see that as an attractive proposition but at the same time
12:54 am
what you also have is an entity that is pirating the premier league's. content and has been deemed to be engaging in criminal activity potentially by the world trade organization and so the premier league has to make a judgment call on this one and it is a really a very big judgment call that asked the mic. now football's world governing body pfieffer has given this reaction fifa agrees with the panel's recommendations and demands that the kingdom of saudi arabia take the necessary steps in order that it conforms to its obligations the panel's recommendations are clear and piracy of football matches is an illegal activity and will not be tolerated on any level. by munich of one the german bundesliga title for 8 straight simon robert levin scoring the only goal in a one nil win of a vote of bremen that secured the trophy with 2 games to spare that's was 1131st
12:55 am
league goal of the season after a 3 month hiatus caused by coronavirus the premier league will resume on wednesday manchester city are taking on asked not a city manager pep guardiola lost his mother to the disease in april when we leave what i believe personally is the same like everyone leaves nothing different especially of course all the people who. are important or families or real friends so it was a difficult time but those were the only 2 together. manchester united striker marcus rush has pulled off an important victory for more than a 1000000 children in the u.k. the government's has agreed to his demands or provide mill vouchers for children from low income families during the upcoming summer holidays rushford had written an open letter to politicians asking for a policy change the 22 year old has raised more than $25000000.00 for charity since
12:56 am
the current of lock down coronavirus lock down even began in march. now if a commissioner roger goodell says he'd like to see colin kaepernick back playing in the league this season and has encouraged teams to sign him in 2016 the former san francisco 49 ers quarterback started nailing during the pre-game national anthem to protest against racial injustice capek left the team in $27.00 seen hasn't played since. if he wants to resume his career in the n.f.l. that obviously it's going to take a team to make that decision but i welcome that support the club making that decision and encourage them to do that if his efforts are not on the field but in continuing to work in the space we welcome to that to their table and to be able to help us and guide us and help us make better decisions about the kinds of things that need to be done in communities we didn't put him in before and we want to make
12:57 am
sure everybody's welcome at their table and try to help us deal with some very complex difficult issues that have been around unfortunate for a long time and new york's governor andrew cuomo has given the green light for the u.s. open tennis tournament to take place in the city no fines will be allowed send and some leading players have voiced concerns about traveling to the united states right now all top level tennis is suspended the u.s. open will starts at the end of august ok sport is looking for now let's get back to you barbara in london and the thank you very much for that and that is it for this news hour remember the your king get the latest on everything that we've been covering on our website there it is in our top story india saying trying to soldiers have been killed in border clashes with china i'm going to have more on vast and all the other stories we've been covering today in just a few minutes without back promotions. this
12:58 am
virus is destroying people's lives for essential workers on the front lines either a pride yes is it you share their experiences of the u.s. response to cold with 19 well i called it a liability. 18 people can go one paycheck that's a system that's fair we need to do everything in our power to change this system completely faultline america's pandemic workers.
12:59 am
revealing eco friendly solutions to comeback threats to our planet on al-jazeera. all does iraq explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how why will raise influenced the course of history beginning with the giants of the struggle for civil rights the mouth of no longer just 8 miles over a veritable who oppressed have a look at me and continue to think it make roll it be defense that what you mean by thought about malcolm x. and martin luther king face to face on 00. throughout history human kind has come together to prevail in our darkest moments this is a moment for pretty much the opposite side. saving humankind by really really not getting new every generation has its moment where individual
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sacrifice makes way for the good of those who will come after. this war is ours. the. the. bomb the after weeks of escalating tensions north korea targets a liaison office and now vows to send then soldiers. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching out is there a life like that also coming up 20 indian soldiers are killed in clashes with chinese forces along various shared.


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