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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 18, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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and. donald trump is accused of asking china to help him get reelected in a book by former national security advisor john bolton. hello i'm down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up india and china trying to ease tensions after violence on the disputed border in the himalayas. you. black people in america the brother of george floyd makes a plead to the u.n. human rights council as
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a police officer is charged over the death of another black man in custody. and mexico pushes on with getting back to business what it missing its underestimating the true scale of its corona virus outbreak. former u.s. national security advisor john bolton says president from foreign leaders to help boost his reelection chances that's just one of a number of accusations made in exits of bolton's new book set to be released next week where both the u.s. justice department and the white house are taking legal action to try to block it mike hanna has more from washington. the democrat controlled house of representatives impeach president trump for his dealings with ukraine ruling that he'd withheld aid to leverage information about his political opponent joe biden john bolton refused an invitation to testify before the house but now alleges that
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this action was typical of president trump's dealing with a number of countries and he criticizes the house for limiting its investigation to use crain had they taken the time to inquire more systematically about trump's behavior crosses entire foreign policy john bolton writes the impeachment outcome would have been different in published excerpts from his book bolton alleges that president trump sort favors from foreign leaders like the one of turkey and in particular president xi of china bolton recounts president trump's conversation when he met the chinese president in a soccer on the 29th of june last year trump then stunningly turned the conversation to the coming u.s. presidential election alluding to china's economic capability and pleading with sheikh to ensure he did when he stressed the importance of farmers and increased chinese purchases of soybeans and wheat in the electoral outcome bolton continues i
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would print trump's exact words but the government's pre-publication review process has decided otherwise despite bolton's confirmation that the manuscript has been vetted by the national security council the department of justice has asked a federal court to block publication 50 years ago the supreme court held that a similar attempt by the nixon administration to block publication of the pentagon papers amounted to censorship the widespread publication of passages from the book is likely to reinforce the federal court in applying precedent and rejecting the trumpet ministrations case next week it's likely the public will be able to read the full account of a white house which practices in john bolton's words obstruction of justice as a way of life. mike hanna al jazeera washington john reuben is
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a former united states deputy assistant secretary of state and the president of the washington strategy group he says it's yet another example of the president using his office for personal gain. while these revelations are damning and it clearly shows the president trumps all of us out for his own personal political gain he made requests of china for example about their requesting that they interfere in our democratic elections to help him win in order for him to to safely stay in the presidency asking for a foreign power help one be the american president is deeply problematic and that is why he got impeached so these are damning revelations they're not surprising for those of us who have been arguing for years that donald trump is corrupting the presidency and it is disappointing that john bolton is only putting these on the book now president having taken a principled stand when he could have done something about it and that's what the president's men do and that's what we've seen them do throughout his presidency
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when they leave suddenly they find courage like general mattis finding courage to speak out about donald trump's failure to address racism in this country and worse so it's a real problem to see this administration continually deny that the president is engaged in illegal behavior with foreign governments to help him win politically and where there's smoke there's fire so lighthouses argument really doesn't stand much chance and john bolton got the records i think to prove it. bolton also says that trump told ping that he approved of china's repression of we get muslims and other minorities while publicly condemning the master tensions and early on wednesday trump signed into law and that that calls for sanctions against chinese officials who were involved the u.s. state department says up to a 1000000 muslims have been detained in camps china's government says the centers provide vocational training where beijing reacted to that new law by saying it was
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indignant in a statement the chinese foreign ministry says china will resolutely hit back and the u.s. will bear the burden of all subsequent consequences. the un has welcomed efforts by china and india to talk on these tensions after fighting on that disputed border in the himalayas 20 indian soldiers died in what's been described as a brawl in the goal one valley region china hasn't said if there were any casualties on its side. reports. in the remote western himalayas there is little evidence of what indian and chinese soldiers to their worst of violence indicates both sides gave different versions of the violence and how it unfolded. amid a call for deescalation the body of a soldier is laid to rest india's army said there were casualties on both sides with no shots fired according to media reports no soldiers drowned allegedly punched and shoved onto rocks and eventually falling into
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a river with severe head injuries. chinese military drills like this one have become more common both sides have increased their military presence in recent months with tension rising over who owns what land. the border has been disputed since india and china went to war in $1062.00 the line in yellow is the so-called line of actual control but there are several disputed areas on either side one of the main ones is exciting it's claimed by india that administered by china. china says their shared interests are stronger than their conflicts but it also has a warning which we once again ask india to act on our consensus and strictly disciplined us troops not to cross the line to provide it and not to take unilateral action that may complicate the situation. prime minister narendra modi says india wants peace but is ready to defend itself. i want to assure
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the nation that the 2nd feis our soldiers have made will not stories waste for us the integrity of india and our sovereignty is the most important thing and nobody can stop us from protecting them. from families it's a time of mourning his father says he can't believe his son a colonel is dead now don't you feel under deep shock after hearing about my son's misfortune i never expected. that indian officials have rejected accusations they calls this escalation furious protesters say china must be punished the debate over this border isn't new but beijing strained relationship with the u.s. may have fueled mistrust and it's true that india has taken several steps in recent times. to have a closer military relationship with the united states
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a political divide now raising the stakes for beijing and new delhi over where their vast frontier begins and ends. up a simple yawn al-jazeera. well shortly katrina you in beijing would tell us more about china's accusations against in the air but 1st this update from elizabeth purana in new delhi. both foreign ministries have released statements saying that they are going to deescalate the situation on the border as soon as possible that follows a phone conversation between the foreign ministers but what's really interesting is that they continue to blame each other for what happened for the violence in the strongest possible terms both sides maintaining that it was the other that trespassed on their territory started the violence and also that it was the other that broke the june 6th agreement to deescalate here and the of the government is under pressure to both explain how 20 soldiers were killed along the border for the
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1st time in 45 years and also to take action against what happened because for the past 10 days the government had been assuring people that any border disputes could be solved through dialogue and wall many defense experts were accusing china of encroaching on andy as territory the government said that the situation was under control now we are seeing those protests will be a small in many cities around and here with the burning of chinese flags but we've also got reports of residents welfare associations asking people to throw out their chinese products and we've seen videos of people doing so as well as that we also have a heightened nationalist media and who are blaming china for what happened and they've also joined the chorus here of us in the indian government what it's going to do to retaliate to respond to the deaths of the 20 soldiers china says it's in close communication with india and by both diplomatic and military channels foreign
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ministry spokesperson johnny jen spoke to the media today on wednesday and said that both sides were intent on resolving this dispute through peaceful dialogue and that china did not want to see any further clashes. at the same time jolly jen laid the blame for the deadly brawl on monday so we at the feet of india according to beijing the truce lives actually reached a consensus on the border dispute on june 6th but indian troops violated this consensus and he said they provoked and attacked chinese personnel he also went on to urge the indian military to discipline its troops he went on to say further that the location where this altercation took place the golden valley he said that this was and has always been chinese territory something that's heavily disputed by india and he said that clearly it was clear about who was on the right and the wrong side of this clash that resulted in the deaths of those soldiers on monday now according to indian media there were chinese casualties as well but the chinese
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government is yet to release any numbers and there is some speculation that they may never release these numbers a state media here are saying that this is in fact a sign of goodwill from beijing an example of beijing wanting to pursue peace with india and not wanting to spark any confrontational sentiment that nail lead to all out conflict. that's more sort of coming out is there including rising concern in the u.s. that despite more covert 19 infections many states are reopening and outrage across france of the way police treat the contestants accused of throwing objects at offices borno state. and though that everyone across united states we have got mostly clear skies to the bulk of the country but you see here just city again for the carolinas this one
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it'll stop an area of low pressure bringing more in the way of rain but out across the west it has been dry it has been hot on the winds have been strong there are dozens of wildfires burning now this one is in southern ca. when you look at this you can see exactly why the how to shut that stretch of route one o one the fall is really all raging really fueled by the dry conditions and the very strong winds this particular fire has already burned over 458 has or about 182 hectares now there's more in the way of the hot dry weather is a go through thursday but is there also some rain working its way in from the northwest working its way across the northern plains the midwest seeing some very heavy downpours throughout thursday still not system sitting across the virginia virginia both virginia and also across into the carolinas a few scattered showers in the south and that band of rain extends further south into the central plains on friday not this could be good it could how to extinguish some of the fires that you cross into oklahoma but at the same time it could actually bring with it some thunderstorms and if the lightning is just without the
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rain of course that also could actually spark off some more fires so plenty february in across the southern plains as across the west it is still dry it is still warm with a high of 26 in l.a. . the brazilian journalist investigating a politically strikes and land grab both the farmers out yet also not really liked and he's repay them that's empowering everyday people to profit from the destruction of the rain forest people are almost willing to give their life away to guarantee the occupation out of the land is journalism the last hope in the fight to see the amazon this is not only a land conflict but a cultural narrative brazil the each of those in our role whose truth is that anyone on al-jazeera.
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welcome back and get them out of our top stories here this hour donald trump has been accused of asking the chinese president to help him win the u.s. election it's one of a series of allegations which will appear in a new book by former national security advisor john bolton both the u.s. justice department and the white house are taking legal action to block the book's release and president trump has signed into law not to that authorizes sanctions for chinese officials and bone in the detention of about a 1000000 we the muslims and other ethnic minorities china is warning the u.s. to stop using the issue to interfere in its internal affairs and the u.n. is welcome the efforts by china and india to talk in these tensions are to fight on that disputed border in the himalayas 20 indian soldiers were killed. now france has accused turkey of an extremely aggressive intervention against one of its navy
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vessels participating in a nato mission in the mediterranean a turkish military official has dismissed the allegation as completely untrue meanwhile turkey's foreign minister met cover suit has been meeting libya's internationally recognized government turkey as the government's main backa and has been instrumental in stopping an offensive by warlords after all now us police officer who fatally wounded a black man in atlanta last week has been charged with murder and assault go out roll shot ray shot brooks in the back on friday during an incident at a fast food restaurant the officer was dismissed the next day brooks death has heightened racial tensions just weeks after the killing of george floyd. and george ford's brother has urged the un human rights council to work for justice for black people in the u.s. in a rare urgent debate on racism and police brutality a group of 54 african nations call for action diplomatic editor james baines reports from the u.n. in new york this was
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a meeting that was only organized in the last few days we're here this afternoon to hold some debate on the current racially inspired human rights violations no mention of the u.s. all the protests following the killing of george floyd in minneapolis last month but that was the main focus more of the main speakers by video message was mr floyd's brother if you want to hear matinee says are your brother the 1st escape of air america and you have the power to help workers get justice from barbara other jurors blow it up x. if you can help him exit you to help me i'm back you help earth black people and america it was a number of african nations that organized this last minute meeting and it was the most senior african in the u.n. secretary at the deputy secretary general of the united nations i mean a mohammed who addressed the gathering by video link from here u.n.
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headquarters in new york she described the fight against racism as today's sacred battle so people are saying. enough. the united nations of the duty to respond to the anguish that has been so many so long. as the heart of our. equal rights are shined in our founding charter just as we fought to fight. so fight the hatred oppression and humiliation today. president trump doesn't like other nations involving themselves in u.s. affairs back in 2018 the administration pulled out of the human rights council the united states is officially withdrawing the debate on racism and brutality will continue on thursday and the final declaration document is still being worked on with after intensive work by diplomats from the u.s. and some of its allies in geneva it appears the proposal to create
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a formal commission of inquiry has now been dropped jamesburg out 0 of the united nations the u.s. is forging ahead with efforts to reopen its economy even though there's a surge in coronavirus cases and 6 states oregon nevada arizona texas oklahoma and florida have all posted recording creases and infections more often rob reynolds. social distancing and mask wearing are being ignored by many americans with predictable results more than $20000.00 testing positive per day with large spikes in several states including arizona texas florida and oklahoma where president donald trump plans to hold a mass campaign rally on saturday. florida now has more than 82000 cases a 17 percent jump in just the last week they include a group of 16 friends in jacksonville who took advantage of the state's decision to
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reopen bars to have a night out all have since tested positive and the bar is closed again it was one of. more than 3000 people in florida have died from the virus hospitals are filling up we know already that social distancing and wearing of masks helps to prevent this disease and we're not seeing that right now. weeks of protests over police brutality and systemic racism may have led to more infections in massachusetts the governor ordered new pop up test sites for demonstrators in arizona cases are surging with record high numbers reported the state's republican governor threw open businesses bars and other public places in mid may in nevada the democratic governor as opted for safety halting the state's next phase of reopening now is not the time to abandon these protective measures it is
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a time to double down on them we can only stay open if we stay safe please for caution. often going unheeded rob reynolds al-jazeera. well mexico is also opening up again even though the outbreak there is showing few signs of slowing down the government says keeping a lockdown in place would be devastating for the poor john holdren has more now from mexico city now half of miscarry states have gone through orange in a traffic light system here which is meant to gradually reopen the country and under orange in the traffic light system that means that half the hotels parks restaurants and sports centers can all open to half their capacity so it's no small thing and even in mexico city which is always been the focal point of the infection here the government is transitioning towards that despite the fact that they're not meeting their own criteria they said that they were only going to do that when they got down to 65 percent of hospital bed capacity there around 75 percent but still
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next monday they say they're going to go to orange so miscarry sort of seems to be a little bit ignoring where it's at the moment with this pandemic and instead focusing on getting the country back to work chile meanwhile is clamping down where its previous restrictions have worked and the capital santiago people are now in the allowed to leave their homes twice a week those who break the rules could be jailed for up to 5 years nearly 5000 new cases have been confirmed in the past 24 hours. now hong kong disneyland has reopened its doors after being shut for nearly 5 months over coronavirus fears. social distancing rules are being enforced and guests are required to book up to 7 days in advance hong kong is the world's 2nd disney theme park to reopen during the pandemic shanghai disneyland began welcoming visitors back in may well adrian brown
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joins us live now from hong kong agents a big moment for hong kong with the reopening of disneyland but away from code 19 there are growing concerns about china's new security law tell us what's been happening in asia. quite a bit speed happening about this proposed security law darren the g. 7 group of foreign ministers who represent some of the world's most developed and advanced economies have issued a statement in the early hours of thursday basically urging china to rethink this security law and also pointing out that if china goes ahead with this law it will breach not just hong kong's mini constitution the law of hong kong the basic law but also the agreement that britain and china signed before the handover in 1997 the foreign ministers point out this is a legally binding agreement that slots with the united nations now while that was happening one of the signatories to that statement is the u.s.
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secretary of state mike pompei o and he's been meeting china's top diplomat in hawaii of course plenty for these 2 men to talk about hong kong and shin jang on the agenda as well as other points of friction in this fractious relationship between china and the united states in beijing meanwhile the standing committee of the national people's congress has been meeting now this is the committee that's basically going to finalize the wording for this law but there's no sign that hong kong is actually on the agenda now parallels all over this and we have one of china's biggest technology companies listing making its debut on the hong kong stock market on thursday it share value is soaring and analysts say that is proof that actually china does want hong kong to continue to function and develop economically but many people i've been speaking to say the exact opposite they say what worries them most is that this new law
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could be very eagerly worded and broadly applied. i ended of a busy street up a narrow staircase where walls were 1st stood with stickers advocating hong kong separatism and mocking china's leaders the building is home to a bookstore specializing in literature sympathetic to hong kong's protest movement and that the only concedes makes him a potential target for china's new security law something pops especially the us. where folks there are tight toes on separatism on the hong kong and ins that we sell so these might be things that got us in trouble some time later he has reason to worry in 2015 another hong kong bookseller disappeared into chinese custody for 6 months following a visit to the mainland the clock is ticking for the imposition of a law that journalists say could severely restrict freedom of speech in shrines in
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the deal that britain and china did before the handover in 1997 so we're concerned over many questions as to whether we can interview the parent advocate you know film people calling for an end to one porta potti rule or criticizing the government but beyond that we're concerned that we won't get on to the top of these questions and this law is going to be. broadly applied in a thing way to mainland to stifle dissent. not so say china's leaders they insist the new law will only target a minority of one or termed troublemakers who threaten china's national security. but in a sign of what may be to come 15 veteran pro-democracy figures have gone on trial accused of taking part in an illegal assembly they include albert ho who says he's prepared for jail i may have to risk my safety my liberty that is something i'm
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prepared for but i won't give it up the new security law could be in place by july the 1st the 23rd anniversary of hong kong's return to chinese rule the timing of this new law comes ahead of elections which are due in september critics say it creates the conditions for china's leaders to disqualify candidates that they consider disloyal or a threat to national security adrian brown al jazeera hong kong. the volunteer arrest of a nurse at a protest in paris is causing outrage in france police were filmed removing the woman from a crowd of demonstrating health workers who were demanding better pay for their work during the pandemic police say she was arrested for throwing objects has been . posted online video of this arrest caused a flurry of indignation on social media a nurse at a protest in paris will choose day is held down by police officers surround her
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before school in her own way blood is again on her face health workers were demonstrating for higher pay their dedication has been revealed to during the convict pandemic so the image of a nurse being roughly handled by police sparked outrage the nurse is due to tweeted this woman is my mother 50 years old a nurse she's worked 12 to 14 hours a day for 3 months she had covert. made to further pictures emerged at the nurse moments before her arrest this time throwing stones at police officers outside the police station where the nurse was held overnight campaigners say to her actions didn't justify her treatment why in fam them it's gone here we have a woman just 5 foot tall held down by 4 heavily armed police officers it's totally disproportionate there's clearly a problem with the orders that are being given to the police and the way they are trained or the nursery that was just released from this police station she had
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spent the night in custody now we managed to speak to her one on one he was visibly very shaken very traumatized so she didn't want to be filmed but what she did do was tell us a little bit about how she felt very angry very upset she rolled up the sleeves of her jacket and she had bruises all over her arms she said to be very roughly treated in fact she still had a few i blood on her forehead police say the videos show the hostile conditions they face one officers reportedly filed a complaint against the nurse into new. it seems looking at the images broadcast yesterday and today that this arrest followed defenses carried out by this woman. the video has come at a time when police phyliss in the spotlight in throngs of the recent anti-racism protests and. demonstrations whether the videos show the police using a heavy handed approach all reasonable force is being fiercely debated in france to
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talk about al-jazeera paris. for non-governmental organizations are released a report on efforts to clean up vast areas of the niger delta that are contaminated with oil the u.n. issued its cleanup play a decade ago but the ngos including environmental rights actions say works only begun in 11 percent of affected areas. part time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera donald trump has been accused of asking the chinese president to help him win the u.s. election it's one of a series of allegations which will appear in a new book by a former national security advisor john bolton both the u.s. justice department and the white house are taking legal action to block its release has more from washington d.c. . fulton's publishers are absolutely insistent that there's no national security issue here what there is is
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a great embarrassment for president trump and that is not something that could lead to the banning of the publication but certainly the details of very damaging and they are very detailed indeed and we'll wait and see if as it is likely the court rules in favor of the publishers that the public can get a full look at this account within a week's time. president trumper signed into law and that authorizes sanctions for chinese officials involved in the detention of about a 1000000 we can muslims and other ethnic minorities china is warning the u.s. to stop using the issue to interfere in its internal affairs the un's welcomes efforts by china and india to talk and ease tensions after fighting on the disputed border in the himalayas on monday 20 indian soldiers were killed. france's accuse turkey of an extremely aggressive intervention against one of its navy vessels participating in a nato mission in the mediterranean a turkish military official though has dismissed the allegation as completely
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untrue meanwhile turkey's foreign minister medvedev cover soon has been meeting libya's internationally recognized government turkey's the government spain vaca a former us police officer who fatally shot a black man in atlanta last week has been charged with murder and assault garrett rolfe shot brooks in the back on friday during an incident at a fast food restaurant the officer was fired the next day after the release of the surveillance video brooks's death has heightened racial tensions just weeks after the killing of george floyd. and george lloyd's brother serves the u.n. human rights council to work for justice for black people in the u.s. in a rare urgent debate on racism and police brutality a group of 54 african nations called for actions for those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after whose line is it anyway station thanks so much for that. the soon as the sun goes down. i. challenge you
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to work. from mile. loop. my name is. i'm an investigative journalist in brazil. it is a very challenging time to be a journalist right now because of our presidents. i. do think the i. think you did.


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