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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 19, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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the development of test treatments and a vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the woods and in the land now more than ever the wounds needs w.-h. and making the healthy a world. everything. justin trudeau calls on china to drop the espionage charges against 2 canadians amid speculation it's in retaliation for the case against a one way executive. but i'll get my mistress' he obtained this is al jazeera life about wild headquarters here and also coming up celebrating an end to slavery the special day in the u.s.
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that now has extra meaning these are live pictures from you. taking aim at boko haram nigeria's military says it's killed several leaders of the armed group. and waiting to be reunited a father who's one of thousands of palestinians separated from his family because of the coronavirus. now canadian prime minister just introduced says he's disappointed that china has charged 2 of his citizens with spying the business men and a former diplomats were detained in late 2018 and what it's being seen as retaliation for canada's arrest of a chinese businesswoman but beijing is rejecting accusations of hostage diplomacy alexia bryan reports. these are the men at the center of a case that's left relations between china and canada at their lowest in decades.
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michael spader a businessman promoting links to north korea who helped set up a high profile visit to pyongyang by former basketball star dennis rodman. has something at stake and michael covert a former diplomat who works for the ngo the international crisis group a role that saw him appear on this channel's program inside story the i.c.j. says cobra is an unfortunate porn and a larger struggle because more than $550.00 days after their wrists both men have been charged with espionage. the indictment charged michael coverage of secretively gathering state secrets and intelligence for overseas organizations with particularly serious circumstances the facts are clear and the evidence solid and sufficient details of the evidence against either men were not revealed but they've both been called victims of hostage diplomacy because their detention and
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2018 came just 9 days after the arrest of mung in canada. she's a top executive a chinese telco giant weiwei and wanted by u.s. authorities over alleged violations of sanctions against iran just last month the canadian court ruled the extradition case can proceed analysts say there's little doubt the 2 cases are connected. and would be sent to the united states to face trial then it will canadians who simply be punished for the ex over canadian culture among us out on bail and living under house arrest in one of him mentions in vancouver that supporters of the so-called to michael say they haven't been allowed visits by lawyers no loved ones and meetings with consular officials have been put on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic canada's repeatedly appealed for the men to be freed continue to. ask
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attorneys. pressure. to. arbitrary detention of. reason and they are. disappointed with independent. we will continue to stand in for. the return of the 2 michaels the 2 michaels face life in prison if convicted brian al-jazeera. well let's get more now from david massa who is in calgary for us david we've just been hearing there from prime minister just entered our just in the last hour and he does appear to be holding family. yeah that's right i mean trudeau saying that he was disappointed very disappointed that the chinese have decided to go ahead and formally charge the 2 michaels as they're known here in canada this businessman and former diplomat but you know
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he also said and while he said that he offered his sympathies and support for the family members some of the reporters were asking him whether canada has taken too soft of an approach on the chinese and whether they are kind of the should use more more than their tools and what they're using right now trudeau answered that and said that in fact that the measures that are being taken by the canadian government are are in fact appropriate tactics now there was also a couple of questions that came out from the press about whether the 2 michaels should be considered as hostages being held by china now trudeau did not respond to those questions obviously not wanting to make matters worse and worse in this diplomatic spat with china that has some pretty serious economic consequences in addition to everything else that's going on he did say that the canadians that the canadians cases were in fact linked to the charges or the extradition
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hearing going on against among one joe but he said that canada would not interfere in the independent judicial process against the way executive saying that that needed to take place on its own and that he would not get involved in it maybe trying to show the different approach that he is taking than what people here in canada are accusing the chinese government of doing so a lot of uncertainty going forward with both the cases against the chinese and the case the extradition case against the chinese way executive more to be seen here indeed and it's a story we'll continue watching very closely indeed david meserve our 4th in calgary calgary all right thank you dave. now strangely as intelligence agencies believe the country is facing unprecedented cyber attacks from an unnamed government prime minister scott morrison wouldn't be drawn on whether they're part of a straight is increasingly hostile dispute with china and beijing has denied being
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involved the gates has gone from canberra. after a warning from its jolly spy agencies prime minister scott morrison addressed the nation based on advice provided to me by now cyber experts astray and organizations are currently being targeted by sophisticated state by state sought after sophisticated continuing and widespread targeting everything from all levels of government and political organizations to health education and critical infrastructure the government says cyber experts identified it as a state by stop because of the technique and scale of the. you could describe it as malicious and that is why now. when its leaders need to be right but morrison reassured saying they didn't appear to be any large scale breaches of
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people's posts no information it's a form of ice maciek warfare. information wolf and the. scouts ran the usual declarations of hostilities in the a dedication of who's doing the attack and a lot of it is about denials cyber attacks but the government says they are increasing in frequency and scale it won't say which state it believes was behind the attack but it comes at a time of heightened tensions between its trailer and beijing. since is generally a cold for an independent inquiry into the current of ours pandemic china has imposed tariffs on bali hole to be thin imports and also warns chinese students against studying in a stroller. well the government has been careful not to point the finger at beijing publicly it's the country most widely speculated by intelligence experts to be behind the cyber attack and one of the few states along with russia iran and north
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korea which would be capable of carrying out such an attack but whoever is to blame the government is urging businesses to strengthen their technical defenses as the attacks increase nicola gage 0 camera. now the u.s. is marking the end of slavery a day known as juneteenth and it's taken on added significance this year with the recent protests against racism and police brutality you're watching live pictures now of some gatherings that are taking place in harlem new york as part of the observance of juneteenth today on june the 1865 an order was issued to free thousands of slaves in the state of texas that slavery had already been abolished for more than 2 years but there weren't enough soldiers to enforce the new law and so many whites in the confederate south kept the news from there and now there are growing calls in the u.s. to make juneteenth a national holiday well let's not bring in cable as at
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a protest in new york for us as we've been saying this is a day usually mounted by african-americans but this to it does seem to be being observed by an unprecedented number of americans is just a turning point for the country. it really is so without a doubt june was always celebrated here in the united states primarily by the african-american community by others as well but this year it has taken on added significance because the plaque lives. matter movement that is swept over the united states and also the police reform those calls for police reform are being rope right brought right to the steps are being employed people headquarters that's where we're at right now we're at this protest is taking place and they just tell it in 8 minutes the moment of silence that was new dedication today we have made it
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so that george floyd our lady of the ground in minneapolis with the police officer with his knee on his neck before he tragically passed away now is chanting no peace no p.c. again this is right outside of the n.y.p.d. police headquarters p.d. is going through some made. reforms. governor and the mayor have both called for reforms of the n.y.p.d. many of the protesters calling for as much as one bill with the $8000000000.00 annual budget for n.y.p.d. to be dedicated to social projects because of this search but really what you're seeing here is just one more than all the different protest vigils and gatherings that are scheduled new york city and the surrounding metropolitan area over the course of this you know what you're. calling all these developments
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thank you get. a president trump who is planning to have his 1st campaign rally and months on june 18th today but postponed it to saturday after a backlash and he's tweeted a warning ahead of that rally saying any protesters on his words lowlifes who are going to oklahoma should understand he'll be treated differently to those in new york seattle and minneapolis while the un human rights council is now launching an inquiry into systemic racism against black people following the police killing of george floyd last month the member states unanimously adopted that resolution put forward by a group of african countries the un's rights chief michel basher lay now has one year to report back on her findings an initial draft of the resolution called for an investigation specifically in the united states but that's been taken out following closed door negotiations well a u.s. court is hearing president trump's last ditch attempt to stop the release of a tell all book by his former national security advisor the justice department says
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john bolton's memoir contains classified material and has called for a temporary restraining order but many media outlets of already obtained advance copies of the book and bolton has asked the court to dismiss the case against him well alan fishes in washington d.c. with more on just what that court will be hearing. the trumpet ministration through the department of justice is going to argue that the book has a number of classified paragraphs which contain information which should not be out in the public the problem that they have got is that the president didn't see that what he said is the book is full of lies the other problem they've got is the book is out there the media have it extracts have been published people have copies of i have a digital copy of copies circulating here and many many many thousands of copies have hit the bookstores in the u.s. and beyond ready for the publication date on tuesday so it is very difficult for
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the court to argue. that they've ministration to argue to the court that this book needs to be stopped john bolton well he's opposing it obviously it's the actions against him rather than against the publisher john bolton says donald trump doesn't want to stop foreign governments leaving his boots the problem he's got such is the american people reading this. still ahead of you here on al-jazeera mass testing and rapid action china says it plans. to stamp out the 1000 outbreak in beijing and piling up the pressure on the president protests in mali the 2nd time.
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how the weather's looking lossie dry across much of japan over the next couple of days cloud in the process of pulling out of the way follow that cloud the seasonal rise right down into the central areas of china will see some very heavy rainfall once again pulsing away here possibility of flooding rains as a result of that this system is a little further north which is rico on through sunday with some very heavy rainfall coming through but to the north of that with that clear dry sunny and warm $31.00 celsius in sol woman still for beijing at $35.00 degrees $25.00 in tokyo not too bad little here inside but it should be dry by the end of the weekend sunshine and shows meanwhile across a good part of southeast asia the heaviest of which likely to be around the philippines northern areas of the philippines into lose all could see some lovely shower some heavy showers it says some areas of vietnam into thailand joining up with the heavy rain that we have in myanmar lots of cloud and right pushing across the by of being goal to that western side of me and ma pushing up into the fall
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northeast of india the possibility of some a localized flooding bangladesh seeing some very heavy rainfall as well as we go through the next couple of days tending increasingly wet just around behind. the brazilian journalist investigating a politically stacks and grab all the farmers how to get those who are not really liked and he's repave them that's empowering everyday people to profit from the destruction of the rain forest people are almost willing to give their life away to guarantee the occupation of the land is journalism the last home in the fight to see the amazon this is not only a land conflict but a conflict of narrative presume the age of both n.r.o. whose truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. the and.
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hello again i missed all of your tender heart let's remind you of our top stories this hour the canadian prime minister says he's disappointed that china has charged 2 of his citizens with spying michael coverage and michael spot who have been held since 2018 and see him as a retaliatory move by beijing after canada detained while way executive monk show. a strategy as prime minister says the country is being targeted by a sophisticated cyber attack on all levels of government including critical infrastructure scott morrison won't say who is behind it but there are suspicions it's part of a growing rift with china. and commemorations are being held across the united states marking the end of slavery the day known as juneteenth has gained significance this year after nationwide protests for racial justice. now the
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nigerian military says it's killed several high ranking boko haram datas in a series of airstrikes on a village in the northeast the settlement was reportedly being used as a training ground to fight his. more from a breach or. the strikes were carried out over the course of 2 days after days of surveillance according to the general military and they were sure that some of them leaders of boko haram fighters who were there at the compound when it was struck as well as several fighters were also using the surroundings training ground the community or the villages on the fringes of the somebody so for us to know what's interesting by the way this information was released by the nigerian military on the day the nigerian president met with all heads of security agencies from the army navy air force the police and the intelligence agencies where he was quoted as
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saying he was not happy with the way the security operations in the country were going to remember the not only the bottom fight in the northeast of the country but also the banditry attacks in the northwest of the country where in the last 2 months hundreds of people have been killed now the military said they were sure that they have gotten very value very high value target as they put it in that compound and that the information they got after the attacks were completely completed was that several of such leaders have been killed. former allies in yemen's war battle to control an island off the horn of africa southern separatists have stormed the security department building in the city of how do you on the island of so-called the southern transitional council is backed by the united arab emirates and is fighting government forces supported by saudi arabia now the s.t.c. had originally supported the saudi u.a.e.
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coalition against the rebels but now wants to break away from northern yemen yemeni minister has called on the coalition to end the fighting and restore order on the island where earlier i spoke to catherine checked and she is the director of the yemen unit at the next century foundation that's a think tank that operates in conflict zones and she says the resurgence in fighting is possibly because of turkey is growing involvement in yemen it was a real fear that you would try to increase once you miss out on problems of yemen and try to open up you know and use one i've been through if you will and i think that the u.a.e. reacted to you know and you see what is happening now in secret trials and we need to remember about i suppose the u.a.e. is concerned the whole intervention in yemen anyway i was always about having control of that which you raise in yemen so in the south and making sure that for example secret how would not fool we've been someone else's jurisdiction of spies they are concerned that it was a matter of. national security so i think the fact now that we see around
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not believe humans it's a very tall tale sign to me that the reason a lot of anxiety like the animosity toward stewart and that potentially we seeing new crocs appearing in terms of the creation and very kind of. the chances that underpins these very very tentative lines. well a u.n. funding crisis means the last of 3 aid shipments has now arrived in yemen more than 40 tons of medical equipment including ventilators and testing kits have been flown in to help the country battle the coronavirus earlier this month a u.n. appeal fell $1000000000.00 short of what was needed forcing 75 percent of its programs to be cut in yemen now demonstrators are gathering in mali's capital for the 2nd time this month increasing pressure on president abraham to back acacia to
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resign the protests and by mco are being encouraged by opposition to it and. cages opponents accuse him of corruption and of failing to contain violent groups the president has promised to hold talks to establish a unity government with nicholas hackers following the developments from senegal capital dhaka he says the unrest is being felt across the region. the west african body echo was sent a high delegation. to the capital bamako to try to mediate what seems to be intensifying conflict part of this delegation we have the foreign minister of nigeria i rico and the air and the head the commission head of echo was to try to find some sort of agreement between the 2 parties because the protest the protestors are gaining momentum now there's less people than last week partly because people couldn't afford to come to the capital bamako from the countryside and because of the security situation but still we have thousands of people on the
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streets of moscow protesting asking for president. to once again resign so it seems that the concessions that the president had made on tuesday raising the salaries of teachers and. suggesting that he would dissolve the newly elected national assembly in the constitutional court calling for a national unity government while all of that was not enough to quell the crowd of protesters and in the absence of. who is the main opposition leader who's currently has been abducted a few months ago during the parliamentary elections in the absence of stimulus he said well it's the influential leader mahmoud who's leading the charge against kate so following this high level mediation by the west african body he's conceded that he's willing to hold talks with as long as he fulfilled his promises.
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turning to the corona virus pandemic and the world health organization is urging vigilance after a record number of infections for a single day more than 150000 cases were reported almost half of them in the americas as well as the large numbers in south asia and the middle east the world is in a new and dangerous phase many people are understandably fed up with being at home countries are understandably good to open up their societies and economies. but the virus is still spreading farce it is still deadly and most people are still susceptible. we call on all countries and all people to exercise extreme vigilance oath or it is in china's capital say a coronavirus outbreak there that put parts of beijing and lockdown is now under control
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more than 180 new infections have been condemned since monday and hundreds of thousands of residents and workers have been tested katrina you reports from beijing. this time last year long queues were a common sight outside beijing sporting or entertainment venues this week thousands have been queuing to be tested to cover don t. many here who work in the restaurant industry. no money it's because many in the restaurant industry buy their me and fresh produce from shin 40 market i think this is why we need to reassure customers beijing's should body wholesale market is reportedly the source of the latest outbreak it's applies 80 percent of the capital's food dozens of people have been infected and more than 29 neighborhoods are under lockdown now authorities say the new cluster is under control. the city detected the damage blocked a source and it took measures at the earliest time after the outbreak they managed
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to cut off further transmission and it kept all the break withing a minimum range chinese scientists have published the genome for the virus strain saying it came from outside the capital more than 700000 people have been tested since the latest outbreak was discovered more than a week ago beijing authorities are using mobile phone data to help track contain the virus residents of possible high risk areas recently received this message it says according to big dust analysis may have cost the russian flooding all. sell market recently we urge you to stay home and report to authorities those who do not will be held legally responsible the new infections continue to rise in the capital hundreds of flights were cancelled after beijing raised its alert level on wednesday travel restrictions and social distancing measures have been reinstated raising questions about the government's transparency but the outbreak in walk on
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had disastrous consequences and now just after a few days the beijing authorities say this outbreak is under control do you think this can be trusted. in the early days there is some cover of infection numbers and situation that i don't think this will happen in beijing. we didn't know about the virus and how to deal with it. authorities say the new cases are not severe but despite reassurances that the outbreak is under control people fear normal life or something like it may still be a long way away katrina you al-jazeera beijing. well thousands of palestinians stranded abroad because of the pandemic are asking to return home the palestinian foreign ministry says it's working to help some of them but the only border crossing to the occupied west bank has been closed since march now that you bring him reports. they do so want how doesn't know when her husband will come home their
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house is in nablus in the north of the occupied west bank he finished his ph d. studies in italy and has been stranded there since march he shares recipes with him through video calls and they try to stay connected the family says it became increasingly difficult when shared his father passed away a couple of weeks ago he says it was already hard enough for him to be studying abroad in his own and his father's death brought immense pain in me. i couldn't say goodbye the last image of him was wondering as funeral i watched it online it also hurts me that i can't support my children after this was especially that my father used to live with them shut his grant has come to an end which adds a financial burden on the family but the psychological effects have hit them harder yeah much eric massa want to we couldn't be together during our sadness we are afraid that we won't be able to share our joy we are scared that shaddy will miss
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our son's high school graduation and. this hole is normally bustling with travelers during the summer time and is almost never empty but now palestinians living locally cannot return home and from abroad come many palestinians abroad who have other citizenship to spend their vacation here with friends and family now they can't the majority of palestinians living in the occupied west bank can only travel through a now and crossing with jordan known as the allenby bridge after the 1st coronavirus cases emerged in the region jordan and israel closed that border in march a few 100 have come back already after special coordination but more than $6300.00 palestinians are waiting to return most of them are students. their families protested in saying the loved ones have waited long enough i want. some on social media accused the palestinian authority of neglecting its people that. we
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are stranded as a country under israeli occupation we don't have airplanes or airports and we rely on other countries to open their borders to let our people in. the foreign ministry promises to help return those who have been stranded soon until then families like the world are thankful for the technology that is keeping them closer to him. the occupied west bank. where again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the canadian prime minister says he's disappointed that china has charged 2 of his citizens with spying michael coverage and michael spambot have been held since 2018 it's seen as a retaliatory move by beijing off to canada detained while away executive. astray as prime minister says the country is being targeted by
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a sophisticated cyber attack on all levels of government including critical infrastructure scott morrison wouldn't say who is behind it but they're also specials and part of a growing rift with china what i simply can confirm is there are not a large number of state by state actors that can engage in this type of activity and it is created by strongly advise that we have received that this has been done by i stopped by step with very very significant type abilities now commemorations are being held across the united states marking the end of slavery the day known as juneteenth has gained significance this year after nationwide protests for racial justice you're watching live pictures right now from washington d.c. . a u.s. course is hearing president oral trumps last ditch attempt to stop the release of a tell all book by his former national security advisor the justice department says
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john bolton's memoir contains classified material and has called for a temporary restraining order that many media outlets have already obtained advance copies of the book the nigerian military says it's killed several boko haram leaders in a series of airstrikes on a village in the northeast the settlement was reportedly being used as a training ground for fighters demonstrators are rallying in mali's capital bamako for the 2nd time this month increasing pressure on president abraham to back a case or to resign the protests are being encouraged by opposition leader. rivals accuse case of corruption and of failing to contain violent armed groups or thirty's in china's capital say a corona virus outbreak that put parts of beijing into lockdown is now under control more than $180.00 new infections have been confirmed since monday and hundreds of thousands of residents and workers have been tested. well those are the headlines i'll have more news for you here after whose truth is it anyway brazil
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the age of false and. my name is modi t.v. i'm an investigative journalist in brazil. it is a very challenging time to be a journalist right now because of our president. i. think. of the.


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