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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 19, 2020 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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from reality plus the pandemic devastates communities across lacks in the. county because. justin trudeau calls on china to drop espionage charges against 2 canadians amid speculation it's in retaliation so the case against a walk away executive. out of there i missed this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the wild is in a dangerous phase that's the warning from the world health organization as the number of deaths from the coronavirus spikes in brazil. celebrating the end of historic slavery rallies are held across the u.s.
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as the anti racism event their words and more divisions and yemen's war southern separatists seize the main security building on the court trial. now canadian prime minister just introduced says he's disappointed that china has charged 2 of his citizens with spying a businessman and a former diplomats were detained back in late 2018 and what's being seen as retaliation for canada's arrest of a chinese business woman but beijing's rejecting accusations of hostage diplomacy alexia bryant reports. these are the men at the center of a case that's left relations between china and canada at their lowest in decades. michael spader a businessman promoting links to north korea who helped set up a high profile visit to pyongyang by former basketball star dennis rodman. has
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something at stake and michael covert a former diplomat who works for the ngo the international crisis group a role that saw him appear on this channel's program inside story the i.c.j. says cobra is an unfortunate porn and a larger struggle because more than $550.00 days after their wrists both men have been charged with espionage. the indictment charged michael coverage of secretively gathering state secrets and intelligence for overseas organizations with particularly serious circumstances the facts are clear and the evidence solid and sufficient details of the evidence against either men were not revealed but they've both been called victims of hostage diplomacy because their detention and 2018 came just 9 days after the arrest of mung in canada. she's a top executive a chinese telco giant weiwei and wanted by u.s.
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authorities over alleged violations of sanctions against iran just last month the canadian court ruled the extradition case can proceed analysts say there's little doubt the 2 cases are connected. would be sent to the united states to face trial then it will canadians who seem to be punished for the acts old canadian culture among us out on bail and living under house arrest in one of him mentions in vancouver that supporters of the so-called to michael say they haven't been allowed visits by lawyers no loved ones and meetings with consular officials have been put on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic canada's repeatedly appealed for the men to be free to continue to. ask attorneys. pressure. to. arbitrary detention of. reason and they are.
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disappointed with the independent. we will continue to stand for. the return of the 2 michaels the 2 michaels face life in prison if convicted brian al-jazeera well let's get more now from david massa who is in calgary david as we were just hearing there from prime minister justin trudeau he does appear to be holding firm when it comes to men won't go. that's right absolutely no trudeau came out today saying that he was disappointed by china's decision to formally charge the 2 michael which by you know they've been held up as you heard in the package that you held for well over a year now trudeau saying or offering to his support and his sympathies for family members and friends of the 2 michaels now of reporters were asking him during that
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press conference if in fact his his his stance on the issue was too soft and whether he was not using strong tactics in order to try to gain their release trudeau denying this and saying that he was using the appropriate tactics and measures in order to gain that now he was asked questions about whether the 2 michael should be considered hostages in this case he he refrained from answering those questions obviously not wanting to stir the pot any more than it already is at this point in time but he did reiterate the fact that the chinese are saying that the chinese had linked the cases of these 2 canadians to the case of the way executive among one jew the extradition hearing to the united states that is under way in vancouver now he did also say that maybe alluding to the fact that the
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candidate was not going to try to interfere in the case against the way executive saying that it's very important for a candidate to maintain its judicial independence and to allow those proceedings to go ahead without any interference politically so maybe trying to show a little bit of the different tact that canada is taking in this then china is but obviously for the canadian government at stake here right now is the return of those 2 canadians truly saying that he was certain that they would be returning to canada but he didn't put a time frame on that the stage and that's a story we'll continue watching very closely indeed david mess that there for us and thank you deborah. now turning to the current a virus pandemic in brazil has reported more than 1200 deaths from the corona virus in a single day it comes as the number of cases in that country nears 1000000 well it's
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not the only nation being hit and the world health organization is urging vigilance after a record number of infections wild wide in the past 24 hours the world is in a new and dangerous phase many people are understandably fed up with being at home countries are understandably good to open up their societies and economies but the virus is still spreading for us it is still deadly and most people are still susceptible. we call on all countries and all people to exercise extreme vigilance now scientists and a city say they found evidence the corona virus was in 2 cities in december that's 2 months before the country's 1st cases were reported samples from so edgewater plants in milan and turin weapon to have traces of the virus on the 18th of december and in china where the virus originated the 1st cases were only confirmed
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at the end of december and is he is fast registered case was in mid february. now the united states is marking the end of slavery a day known as juneteenth and it's taken on added significance the c.l. with the recent protests against racism and police brutality on june the 1865 an order was issued to free thousands of slaves in the state of texas well about point slavery had already been abolished for more than 2 years but there weren't enough soldiers to enforce the new law and so many whites in the confederate south kept the news from their slaves and now there are growing calls in the u.s. to make juneteenth a national holiday well let's bring in our correspondent gabriel is. at a protest in new york right now this is a day usually marked by african-americans but looking at the crowds out today a lot of white faces too. there are these are huge crowds
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that are out here in new york city it's a little bit after 1 pm here local time we've been following multiple different protests and these are protests that are unprecedented there for june or seeing a lot of black faces but also a lot of white faces as well just very very large turnout as people seize on this day to make their voices heard i want to bring in one guest here for care gabriel can i talk to you you're sure you're a giver or dennis right so you're going to york announcers right yes they say yes bill just tell you why it's important in your new day it's important to celebrate the free leave there was finally you know they were finally free don't leave the city but we got you'll see them but i'm out now some personal time going on civil unrest protests of continued police brutality systemic racism are you committing all of this does this too do you have added significance for you because of everything going on in the country right yes or no but we celebrate g.c.d.
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recognize that we the slaves were freed that they were promised 40 acres and a nigger just trying to get those reparations. no because at the end of the day only seen this because you know other people and will write the you see you see crowds of people and it's not just that he believes it's now and makes you seem to want to get or not it's not in the faces so when united together to become a case i want to i want to ask you since you're wearing a mask i'm wearing a mask yes because we're still in the middle of a deadly pandemic you know sort of how do you feel about being out here even knowing there is a pandemic what do you think about that after the face of bigger than called the 90 percent some bigger bases and is going to diseases plague this country horses is assumption so the only way to medicate that is a generation standing up he's sitting down to see voting this nation change and voting the people in that's going to fit in then make them make those making changes thank you good reference you know pon my music there was
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a protest ok. well you're going there one of the protesters this is one of the spin around on the sidewalk here one second you can see this protest here closed down for well over several woks. and this is happening all over new york city right now as people come out and they're not their voices are not either out here to do this is it because we see it's unprecedented because we have seen now more than 3 straight weeks of protests like this we've seen nothing like this ever before in new york and certainly not the united states and to think about it this is just one of more than 40 different protests and vigils they're happening throughout the metro new york area on this friday came out of that on the streets of new york for us well continue coming back to gabe as those
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crowds continue to thank you very much. well president trump was planning to have his 1st campaign rally in months today on june 18th but then postponed it to saturday after a backlash and he's tweeted a warning ahead of that rally saying any protesters or in his words lowlifes who are going to oklahoma should understand they'll be treated differently to those in new york seattle and minneapolis well the un human rights council is now launching an inquiry into systemic racism against black people following the police killing of george floyd last month the member states unanimously adopted that resolution put forward by a group of african countries the un's rights chief michel bashfully has one year to report back on her findings an initial draft of that resolution called for an investigation specifically in the united states but that since been taken out following closed door negotiations. off still ahead on out as they're ramping up
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the pressure on the president demonstrators in mali gather for the 2nd time. mass testing and rapid action china says it's a land of the lessons from one hand to stamp out a new outbreak post. how i was saying some rather lively showers pushing out the southeastern parts of a year a brace needed to still see a fair amount of cloud just into the northwest of turkey where these dramatic scenes came from a woman falling into the water there it is swept away by the very heavy rain in the northwest of turkey thankfully she was rescued and we are now looking at a further showers coming in across northern parts of turkey that was a weather sliding into central and eastern i was as we go on through sas day south
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of that across the middle east it's generally dry with plenty of sunshine temperatures here in doha to around 43 celsius some places say winds have dropped lotsa lifted dust in the sand around in recent days as we go through the next couple days the winds not too bad 40 celsius here as we go through sunday similar temperatures but across the region the lower 47 still on the cards for kuwait you might cast around the southern end of the red sea chance of some showers there too just around the heart is pushing right across into the hearts of africa some very very heavy rain just around cameroon pushing into southern areas of nigeria those showers they stretch right across central parts of the continent but lousy dry around the whole. frank assessments tourism but income stream is dead in the us what's been the result you see perching growth quite significantly and in-depth analysis of the
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dates global headlines inside story on 00. a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. and again i'm the star let's remind you about top stories this hour the canadian prime minister says he's disappointed that china has charged 2 of his citizens with spying michael coverage and michael schiavo have been held for 2018 it's seen as a retaliatory move by beijing to canada detained one way executive and one child.
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brazil has reported more than 1200 deaths from a friend of ours single day it comes as the world health organization edges bija lands to a record number of infections wildlife in the past 24 hours. and commemorations are being held across the u.s. marking the end of slavery the day known as juneteenth has gained significance this year after a nationwide protest for racial justice. staying in the u.s. and a course is hearing president trying to last ditch attempt to stop the release of a tell all book by his former national security advisor the justice department says john. bolton's memoir contains classified material and has called for a temporary restraining order but many media outlets have already obtained advance copies of the book and bolton has asked the court to dismiss the case against him but our correspondent allen says says in washington d.c. with more on what that court will be hearing the trumpet ministration through the
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department of justice is going to argue that the book has a number of classified paragraphs which contain information which should not be out in the public the problem that they have got is that the president didn't see that what he said is the book is full of lies the other problem they've got is the book is out there the media have it extracts have been published people have copies of i have a digital copy of copies circulating here and many many many thousands of copies have hit the bookstores in the u.s. and beyond ready for the publication date on tuesday so it is very difficult for the court to argue. that they've ministration to argue to the court that this book needs to be stopped john bolton well he's opposing it obviously it's the actions against him rather than against the publisher it's john bolton he says is donald
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trump doesn't want to stop foreign governments leaving his boots the problem he's got such is the american people reading this now the u.k. france and germany say they won't back a u.s. push for the reimposition of u.n. sanctions on iran washington has threatened to trigger the sanctions if the u.n. does not extend a certain expiring weapons and foreign ministers from the 3 european countries say that could jeopardize the 2015 new care court they're urging terror on to fully comply with the deal. well former allies in yemen's war are now battling to control an island off the horn of africa southern separatists have stormed the security department building in the city of haditha on the island of sumatra the southern transitional council is backed by the united arab emirates and it's fighting government forces supported by saudi arabia now the s.t.c. had originally supported the saudi u.a.e. coalition against the rebels but now wants to break away from northern ireland
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a yemeni minister has called on the coalition to end the fighting and to restore order on the island but earlier i spoke to catherine check them she is the director of the yemen unit at the next century foundation that's a think tank that operates in conflict zones she says the resurgence in fighting is possibly because of turkey's growing involvement in yemen it was a real fear that they would try to encroach on to the south and problems of yemen and try to open not you know and use one i've been through if you will and i think that the u.a.e. reacted to you know and you see what is happening now in secret trials and we need to remember about i suppose the uys concerned the whole intervention in yemen anyway i was always about having control of that which you raise in yemen so in the south and making sure that for example secret how would not fool read in someone else's jurisdiction as far as they are concerned that it was a matter of. national security so i think that the 5 knowledge that we see around
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not in your hands it's a very tall tale sign to me. the reason a lot of anxiety like the animosity toward syria and that potentially we seeing new crocs appearing in terms of the creation and very kind of. chances that underpins these very very tentative lines. well now the last of 3 aid shipments has arrived in yemen as the u.n. suffers a funding crisis there and 40 tons of medical equipment including ventilators and testing kits have been flown in to help the country battle the coronavirus earlier this month a u.n. appeal fell $1000000000.00 short of what was needed for some 75 percent of its programs to be cut in yemen demonstrators are gathering in mali's capital for the 2nd time this month ramping up pressure on president abraham to back a case or to resign the protests in bamako are being encouraged by opposition leader mahmoud decode cases opponents accuse him of corruption and of failing to
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contain violent armed groups the president has promised to hold talks to establish a unity government nicholas haq is following the developments from senegal capital dhaka and he says the unrest is being felt across the region. it's significant enough that the west african body echo was sent a high delegation. to the capital bamako to try to mediate what seems to be intensifying conflict part of this delegation we have the foreign minister of nigeria i rico and the air and the head of the commission head of echo was to try to find some sort of agreement between the 2 parties because the protest the protestors are gaining momentum now there's less people than last week partly because people couldn't afford to come to the capital bamako from the countryside and because of the security situation but still we have thousands of people on the streets of moscow protesting asking for president. to once again resign so it
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seems that the concessions that the president had made on tuesday raising the salaries of teachers and. suggesting that he would dissolve the newly elected national assembly in the constitutional court calling for an national unity government will all that was not enough to quell the crowd of protesters and in the absence of. who is the main opposition leader who's currently has been abducted a few months ago during the parliamentary elections in the absence of stimulus he said well it's the influential leader mahmoud who's leading the charge against so following this high level mediation by the west african body he's conceded that he's willing to hold talks with as long as he fulfilled his promises. now india's prime minister has assured opposition leaders the country's borders are
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secure and that the military is capable of defending them rendered ready said the entire country was hurt and angry 20 indian soldiers were killed in violence on the disputed border with china on tuesday it's caused a flare up of and he chinese sentiment and one of india's biggest trading associations is calling for a boycott of thousands of chinese products and is a big problem reports. gathering the chinese products from the homes and setting them on fire. burning effigies of president xi jinping along with the chinese flag . already facing billboards advertising chinese products people have protested across india calling for both military and economic action after 20 indian soldiers were killed along the border with china for the 1st time in 45 years jean as you have what china's doing at the border has very young fortunate if a country is going to treat india like an enemy then we should also. we should not
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have any created lucian's with china here. that's a sentiment shared by many including an influential group of traders it's not just a campaign asking movie stars to stop advertising chinese products it's also $70000000.00 members to boycott $3000.00 chinese products starting with those which it says can be replaced with indian made items spending money on chinese products is a do would be good to hit the country because china will use the money i don't. report pakistan for it getting the respect of reducing our country or china over the money goods forces against forces. we asked the head of the trade association of he'll stop using his apple i phone and given many a mate or assembled in china there's a good idea but let me know not. all of. india imports $70000000000.00 with of products from china southern bazaar is one of
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the biggest markets in india selling everything from household items to any tronics toys clothes and cosmetics and like other markets elsewhere would sell things and both and at low cost many of the products here i made in china. shop owners say they support a boycott of chinese products. or do chinese dog you have to offer that people and no longer buy chinese and will make an effort to buy indian me even if you make less profit. but others told us they could make a living if they didn't sell chinese made products but were afraid of saying that in the current climate of anti china sentiment. china isn't just the biggest exposure to india it's also a crucial investor in some of its most successful e-commerce companies but i don't think it's practical because you know indian economy is is very
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closely interlinked with the chinese economy and you know we rely on giant no for a lot of critical paradoxes it's not easy to really replace all the boards. because you know you need to invest a $1000000000.00 to. you know manufacturing and that can't happen in a hurry. so while people destroy chinese products in public and the hash tag boycott chinese products trends on twitter the latest model of chinese smartphone one plus sold out online in minutes elizabeth al-jazeera new delhi and now the southern indian city of chennai is back under lockdown after a jump in corona virus cases there health officials reported almost $1400.00 new infections on thursday the restrictions will remain in place until at least the end of the month police have set up hundreds of checkpoints to enforce the rules and drones are also being used to monitor resident. and author it is in beijing say the
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recent krajina virus outbreak which forced parts of the president down that this week is now under control more than $180.00 new infections have been confirmed monday and hundreds of thousands of residents and workers have now been tested katrina you reports from beijing. this time last year long queues were a common sight outside beijing sporting or entertainment venues but this week thousands have been queuing to be tested to carve it during tea many here who work in the restaurant industry here know months it's because many in the restaurant industry buy their me and fresh produce from shinn 40 market i think this is why we need to reassure customers should body wholesale market is reportedly the source of the latest outbreak it's applies 80 percent of the capital's food dozens of people have been infected and more than 29 neighborhoods are under lockdown now authorities say the new cluster is under control. the city detected
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damage lock to source and it took measures at the earliest time after the outbreak they managed to cut off further transmission and kept to all the bridge withing a minimum range chinese scientists have published the genome for the virus strain saying it came from outside the capital more than 700000 people have been tested since the latest outbreak was discovered more than a week ago beijing authorities are using mobile phone data to help track contain the virus residents of possible high risk areas recently received this message it says according to a big dust analysis may have cost the russian flogging wholesale market recently we urge you to stay home and report to authorities those who do not will be held legally responsible but new infections continue to rise in the capital hundreds of flights were canceled after beijing braced its allowed level on wednesday travel.
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and social distancing measures have been reinstated raising questions about the government's transparency but the outbreak in walk on had disastrous consequences and now just after a few days the beijing authorities say this outbreak is under control do you think this can be trusted so it's all sure that. there is some combo of infection numbers and situation but i don't think this will happen in beijing. we didn't know about the virus and how to do was it. authorities say the new cases are not severe but despite reassurances that the outbreak is under control people feel normal life or something like it may still be a long way away between you al-jazeera beijing. a 12 year old boy a song about his fears of being a young black man in america has earned him a recording contract with a major record label take
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a listen to small movie. god. this video of kidron bryan song i just want to live went viral shortly after the killing of george floyd last month brian's posts one him accolades from former u.s. president barack obama and millions of likes on social media the songs release is to coincide with the juneteenth holiday marking an end to slavery in texas in the u.s. . however says al jazeera and these are the headlines the canadian prime minister says he's disappointed china has charged 2 of his citizens with spying michael coverage and michael spann who have been held since 2018 and seen as a retaliatory maria by beijing off to canada and while away executive my wangel. to continue to. release. the
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pressure. to seize the arbitrary detention of these 2 key citizens who were being held for the reason there. is generally is disappointed with the independent proceeds of the judiciary we will continue to stand for. the return of the 2 mike. brazil has reported more than 1200 deaths from the coroner virus in a single day it comes as the world health organization urges vigilance after a record number of infections worldwide in the past 24 hours well scientists and italy say they found evidence the corona virus was in 2 cities in december 2 months before the country's 1st cases were reported samples from so much water plants in milan and turin were found to have traces of the virus on the 18th of december italy's fast registered case was in mid february commemorations are being held
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across the us marking the end of slavery the day known as juneteenth has gained significance this year after nationwide protests for racial justice u.s. courses hearing president trumps a last ditch attempt to stop the release of a tell all book by his former national security advisor the justice department says john bolton's memoir contains classified material and has called for a temporary restraining order that many media outlets have already obtained advance copies of that book and bolton has asked the court to dismiss the case against him u.a.e. backed separatist fighters have taken control of the main security building on yemen secret trial and fighting between government forces and the s.t.c. continues despite calls for calm well those are the headlines i'll have more news for you here on al-jazeera after inside story.
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a win for the dream is that the u.s. supreme court upholds protections for the children of undocumented immigrants the will present trump try again to reverse the policy and how will this ruling shake the election just 5 months away this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program wrong call on the known as the dreamers the children of undocumented immigrants who sort of.


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