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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 20, 2020 2:00am-2:34am +03

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but. a grim milestone for brazil has a becomes only the 2nd country to cross 1000000 coronavirus cases. i'm comfortable this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a march against racism in the u.s. as thousands marked the anniversary of the end of slavery. egypt calls for u.n. security council intervention after ethiopia says it will start filling up the controversial ground for next on stand. and saying afloat will tell you why
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a strategic iranian forces been spared from tough u.s. sanctions. brazil has become the 2nd country to cost more than a $1000000.00 confirmed coronavirus cases the country's leading a surge in infections across america was i'm concerned their health systems are now at breaking point or that america editor of c. and human has. shot the 1st football match of the rio de janeiro state championship was anything but a joyous occasion that i don't really fans of brazil's most popular team fleming go protested outside the magic on ask him against president jade bush nat'l he's been betting that the return of football matches will send a message to brazilians that it's time to get back to normal and back to work the clock up in the bud quickly
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a movement is against the reopening of the championship it's a fascist irresponsibility of the government which is not committed to helping people they are only concerned about the economy the game in arguably the world's most football crazed country was played without fans inside. while right next to the stadium at least 2 more people died from corona virus in an emergency tent hospital. in brazil the number of infections and deaths is unrelenting and with more than a 1000000 infections now confirmed former health minister luis enrique monday tells al jazeera that the pandemic is still a long way from subsiding but i think that we are in the middle of the pandemic season we have a country of really a culture that we had some cities that really went through the problem was in the middle and other ones that didn't start here so i think that we're. struggling with from latin america's atlantic coast to chile on the pacific the
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pandemic is accelerating chile now has the highest number of infections per 1000000 inhabitants in the world and despite months of partial or total lockdowns less than 40 percent of chileans are staying home prompting the government to limit permits to go out to buy food and medicine to twice a week the president has asked congress to fast track a law raising penalties for violating quarantine to 5 years in prison but many are questioning the strategy the vast majority of the people in the cars that you see here are returning home from work legally there are countless industries and businesses that are operating like for example this well known coffee chain and that are supposed to be providing essential services but the clearly are not and what's also clear is that the government is turning a blind eye because of economic considerations all the while telling people that they have to stay home hospitals are at
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a breaking point and while countries from europe and asia worry about a 2nd outbreak here in south america it will be months before the 1st one even begins to subside you see in human al-jazeera santiago. the world health organization is warning of a new and dangerous phase in the pandemic after a record number of infections for a single day more than 150000 cases were reported on thursday alone w.h.o. is urging people everywhere to maintain extreme vigilance the world is in a new and dangerous phase many people are understandably fed up with being at home countries are understandably egger to open up their source eighty's and economies but the virus is still spreading fast it is still deadly and most people are still susceptible. we call on all countries and all people to exercise extreme vigilance. the u.s.
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is marking the end of slavery a day known as juneteenth and it's taken on added significance this year with recent protests against racism and police brutality bellies have been taking place in new york washington atlanta and many other cities so if you close a look at the history of the day on june the 19th 865 an order was issued to free thousands of slaves in the state of texas slavery had already been abolished for more than 2 years there were enough soldiers to enforce the new law and many whites in the confederate south kept the news from the in slaved and now there are growing calls in the u.s. to make juneteenth and national holiday it's bringing gabriel elizondo who's live at a protest there in new york gabriel just tell us what's what's the mood there on the ground. well it's a little after 7 pm local time the protests are still going very strong as you can
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see these protests are over 40 are more than our words in your city this is currently a protest of the terms of the oceans are people right now on 6th avenue in the arm of the york city we've been talking report all day and there's a festive little bit but there's also a. heavy hitter mixed with a little bit over here a little bit victory victory because. you're the governor. the mayor have been out but they are pushing for reforms within the new york police department as many of protesters want to see different forms being announced from police departments all over the country but there are there are still a lot of bankers why so many people are still out on the streets white black asian latino is because they tell me over and over to this characteristic that they're
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tired and they really are. i want to ask this they said they've been tired of in years past taking to the streets for water 3 days nothing ever happening and that's why we're now on almost. 3 weeks of protests here in new york and throughout the united states i will point out i will point out that you're going to survive we're a couple and you'll see that almost all the protesters are wearing masks as well it's important to remember that new york is still very much in the middle of the coronavirus damage and so that's why we're all taking precautions but everyone says we're might be in or grow the virus petkovic but we're also a civil rights pact epic as one man told me and that's why you're seeing so many people take to the streets it really really historic numbers that we have not seen it through your. head here. the story numbers on an historic day thank you for that
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gabriel elizondo our apologies to any of us who may have seen some i guess in delicate language on some of those ben is there now canadian prime minister justin trudeau says he's disappointed china has charged to alter his citizens with spying the businessman and a former diplomat were detained in late $28.00 team what's being seen as retaliation for kind of his arrest of a chinese business woman but beijing's rejecting accusations of hostage diplomacy and brian reports. these are the men at the center of a case that's left relations between china and canada at their lowest in decades. michael spader a businessman promoting links to north korea who helped set up a high profile visit to pyongyang by former basketball star dennis rodman. has something at stake and michael covert a former diplomat who works for the ngo the international crisis group a role that saw him appear on this channel's program inside story the i.c.j.
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says cobra is an unfortunate porn and the largest struggle because more than $550.00 days after their wrists both men have been charged with espionage. the indictment charged michael coverage of secretively gathering state secrets and intelligence for overseas organizations with particularly serious circumstances the facts are clear and the evidence solid and sufficient details of the evidence against either men were not revealed but they've both been called victims of hostage diplomacy because their detention and 2018 came just 9 days after the arrest of mung in canada. she's a top executive a chinese telco giant weiwei and wanted by u.s. authorities over alleged violations of sanctions against iran just last month the canadian court ruled the extradition case can proceed analysts say there's little doubt the 2 cases are connected. would be sent to the united states to
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face trial then it will canadians who seem to be punished for the x. old canadian coach munger's out on bail and living under house arrest in one of her mansions in vancouver supporters of the so-called to michael say they haven't been allowed visits by lawyers no loved ones and meetings with consular officials have been put on hold because of the corona virus pandemic canada has repeatedly appealed for the men to be free to continue to. ask attorneys and put pressure on attorneys general to cease the arbitrary detention of these 2 canadian citizens who are being held for no reason and they are the chinese government is disappointed with the independent. judiciary we will continue to stand firmly on the return of the 2 like the 2
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michaels face life in prison if convicted brian al-jazeera. egypt has called on the united nations security council to intervene in a dispute over a controversial dam that's being constructed by ethiopia on the nile river cairo is blaming ethiopia for the stalled negotiations ministers of water resources from egypt sudan and ethiopia have resumed talks on june 9th after months of deadlock the egyptian government war eased the dam would take away water its people need to survive ethiopia sees the dam as an important step in helping to pull millions out of poverty. to fit joseph siegel is director of research at the african scientific strategic studies based at the national defense university he joins us now live from washington d.c. via skype thank you time why is egypt going to the security council mean what can it do here. well i think what egypt is trying to do is raise the
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stakes keep pressure on ethiopia and attempt to try and exact is as strong a deal as it can from ethiopia. you know both sides and sudan have actually been meeting even earlier this week at the technical level and. you know according to the sudanese irrigation minister they have an agreement to 90 to 95 percent of the issues and so there is a dialogue happening and so i think what the egyptians are trying to do is to try to keep the issue as high up in high profile as possible to to put pressure on ethiopia for a better deal what is the main stumbling block all blocs hair is it purely technical or is it more deep seated issues of national identity and survival
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really well that's a good question and i think that is part of how we're seeing this debate be posited . i think in fact it's a technical issue and all sides have been negotiating this for for many years and as mentioned they are close to agreement on on almost all the issues there are many outstanding issues are really. what to do in the event of a multi-year drought they need to agree on a protocol for resolving future conflicts since it will be ongoing joint management situation you know one of the long term sticking points was how quickly it would take to fill up the dam and they've compromised and agreed to do it you know they would take if you would so take 4 to 7 years to fill up the d.m. so in practice it's a technical issue but. all sides have
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a lot of you know. pride and identity in this project i mean obviously the river is that traill to egypt 6 distance and it's and its identity and its economy. meanwhile ethiopia has spent $4600000000.00 of its own resources to build this dam minutes seen. as a point of national pride where it is going to be able to generate power for itself and for the entire region as a means of lifting the country out of poverty and they've gone through a very. long process of raising funds from everyday citizens so they have a lot invested in seeing this through thanks very much here now to st joseph siegel director of research at the african center for strategic studies. so it's come here on al-jazeera no return we'll have more on why the u.s.
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navy is refusing to reinstate a captain who wanted better protection for his crew. thousands of protesters called for mommies president to resign for the 2nd time this month. how low we have thunderstorms warning in force across central parts of the u.s. rod across the plains you can see how the thunder heads have been busting out across the region they extend their way up into central parts of canada through pushing across into ontario look at the heat ahead of it $34.00 celsius and alter a 30 that for a toronto just around the middle of the states of the u.s. there we have still got the showers they've been here for about a week now they're still here as you go on through the weekend not quite as heavy as they have been recently the really heavy rain well that's going to be just
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around the midwest toppling a little further east was in there to some very heavy rain just pushing out there through the central part of canada the showers there list then down across the plains once again as we go through sunday southern areas also seeing some showers for the west it stays dry through the day with some rain here fire is continuing down towards the southwest phoenix $42.00 degrees celsius some rather heavy rain sioux across the caribbean just coming out of the bahamas down across cuba in sioux the yucatan peninsula southern parts of mexico central america seeing some lively showers some of the wet weather too for time making its way across the lesser antilles so the east nolens telling rather wet for saturday and sunday. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when miss was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and go around the
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world college chinese are not that stupid things guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our 1st president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part one on a jersey you know. georgiades there are a reminder of our top stories this hour brazil has become the 2nd country to cross more than a 1000000 confirmed coronavirus cases the world health organization is one of the new and dangerous phase of the pandemic of more than 150000 cases reported on thursday. millions of people across the united states are commemorating what's
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known as juneteenth the anniversary of the end of slavery this year the date significances roland because of protests against racism and police brutality. canadian prime minister justin trudeau says he's disappointed china has charged 2 of his citizens with spying a business been known to former diplomat were detained in late 2018 more to being seen as retaliation for candidate arrest of a chinese businesswoman. the u.s. navy says it won't to reinstate captain britt crozier who was fired after writing a letter calling for better protection for his crew against coronavirus military officials say the former captain of the theodore roosevelt the aircraft carrier failed to act quickly enough to protect to say glutes a previous investigation had recommended reinstating him more than 1200 sailors aboard the ship tested positive then once
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a live died from the virus mike hanna has more from washington d.c. on the investigation into the outbreak. well admiral michael ghil de who's the head of naval operations was the senior officer who originally asked for the captain to be reinstated he has been at the top of that investigation and he's now made an announcement that if he'd known then what he knows now he would never have recommended reinstatement he says he found a number of command if used with both the captain and the strike command off the field which theodore roosevelt is a part and he along with the captain have now been basically reassigned they will not get any further promotions so essentially their careers have been called on hold but key to this according to. gilday is the fact that chains of command were not probably followed by the admiral commanding the strike force had not being told by the captain aboard the same vessel he was on that this letter was going out so
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he found in retrospect after this lengthy investigation that there were real command and control issues involved and that the reassignment of the captain should go ahead. u.s. officials say they're investigating taliban claims that i saw was plotting to assassinate the american peace envoy to afghanistan so michael it is the u.s. team that secured an agreement with the taliban in february and to end nearly 19 years of conflicts. former allies in the yemen's war of betting to control yemen's island of sumatra southern separatists have stormed the security department building in the city of her evil in so culture the southern transitional council is backed by the united arab emirates and is fighting government forces supported by saudi arabia s.t.c. had originally supported the saudi u.a.e. coalition against to the rebels and now wants to break away from northern yemen yemeni minister has called on the coalition to end the fighting and restore order on the argument. catherine. is the director of the yemen unit at the next
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century foundation a think tank that operates in conflict zones she says a resurgence in fighting is possibly because of turkey's growing involvement in yemen it was a real fear that they would try to encroach on to the south and problems of yemen and try to open up you know and use when i've been through if you will and i think that the u.a.e. reacted to that and this is what is happening now in secret and we need to remember about as far as the u.a.e. is concerned the whole intervention in yemen anyway i was always about having control of that which you raise in yemen so in the south and making sure that for example secrets how we know who read in someone else's jurisdiction as far as they are concerned that it was a matter of. national security so i think that the fact now that we see around in religion and it's a very tall tale sign to me that there is
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a lot of anxiety like the animosity towards syria and that potentially we seeing new crocs appearing in terms of the creation and mary. that underpins these very very tentative lines. the last of 3 medical aid shipments has arrived in yemen as the u.n. suffers a funding crisis there more than 40 tons of equipment including ventilators and testing kits are being flown in to help the country battle coronavirus earlier this month the u.n. appealed fellow $1000000000.00 short of what was needed forcing 75 percent of its programs to become in yemen. and i jerry military says it's killed several high ranking boko haram leaders in a series of airstrikes on a village in the northeast the settlement was reportedly being used as a training ground for fight it's a prodigious has more from. the strikes were carried out over the course of 2 days after days of surveillance according to the general military and they were sure
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that some of them leaders of boko haram fighters who were there at the compound when it was struck as well as several fighters were also using the surroundings training ground in the community or the villages on the fringes of the somebody so for us to know what's interesting by the way this information was released by the nigerian military on the day the nigerian president met with all heads of security agencies from the army navy air force the police and the intelligence agencies where he was quoted as saying he was not happy with the way the security operations in the country were going to remember that not only the bottom fight in the northeast of the country but also the banditry attacks in the northwest of the country where in the last 2 months hundreds of people have been killed now the military said they were sure that they have gotten very value very high value
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target as they put it in that compound and that the information they got after the attacks were completely completed was that several of such leaders have been killed . demonstrators have gathered in mali's capital for the 2nd time this month wrapping up pressure on president abraham because to resign his opponents accuse him of corruption and sailing to contain violent groups the president has promised to hold talks to establish a unity government reports. independent square a defiant crowd unwilling to call silent until president abraham black arcade resigns because i want to limit the regime has shown its limits we need change one a complete overhaul of the system it change of regime as in a change in leadership a change in our institute. and a change in a political culture which has shown its limits in the absence of opposition leaders
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who abducted by armed groups while he was campaigning for parliamentary elections in april influential. has become the voice of the opposition bringing together union civil society clerics and the political parties together all united to see an end to the regime 2 weeks ago a large crowd surrounded the presidential palace we can bring this country to a standstill but we have promised the vote will be no violence i want this promise to be respected the ball is now in his court the president says he's willing to dissolve the newly appointed national assembly after he was accused of rigging with the vote. i've decided to start talks to form a unity government he's offering a pay raise to civil servants teacher some has not been paid for 7 months we've been run through the night before. and i thought it. was the morning.
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french forces killed. captured a senior member of the ice affiliate in the north of mali while french defense minister says military operations are making progress attacks are multiplying a un report accuses security forces of committing human rights violations and killing civilians they are meant to protect will need more than a helping hand from france to overcome these demonstrations and rebuild trust and what the protesters view as a broken political system failing the mali and people nicholas hawke al-jazeera. the u.k. france and germany say they would back washington's efforts to reimpose u.n. sanctions on iran u.s. has threatened to trigger sanctions if the u.n. does not extend to soon expiring weapons embargoed foreign ministers from the 3 european countries say that could jeopardize the 25th a nuclear of course america's top soldier in the middle east is called iran the greatest threat to regional submit the 2 countries were on the brink of all out
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conflicts just 5 months ago a behind the scenes that continue to cooperate when it comes to the strategic importance same bus ravi has more from tehran trouble her port insist on baluchistan province is one of iran's economic lifelines this hub of activity is unique it's the only iranian entity of its kind that has been spared from american sanctions a u.s. state department spokesman told all jazeera after extensive consideration in november $2800.00 the administration granted a narrow exception to allow a limited number of activities that support the reconstruction and development of afghanistan a key u.s. national security interests the exception provided for the reconstruction and development of afghanistan and allowed for the operation of chebaa haarp ort in support of these goals. of going to stone can import iranian fuel and humanitarian goods but the port also serves other american interests in the region it's an
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alternative to go other port in pakistan operated by the chinese it gives india a u.s. ally assisting with afghan reconstruction access to land locked up gonna stand. it's also a trade link for india to lucrative markets in central asia and beyond for iran the port is an important part of shaping its economic future to hear. more him one of our major projects insist on baluchistan province was reviving and using the port of java still undergoing development system baluchistan is an important province to a country that is sensitive in regards to our national security to say that insist on baluchistan of the forefront of iran's national security and that's very true. has become a kind of political bermuda triangle where the normal rules of america's hostile iran policy don't seem to apply in iran is influence in the region is not going on in iran can influence the whole security apparatus and in egypt this is the good
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reason to let. the porters on the gulf of oman near the mouth of the strait of hormuz were flashpoints between the u.s. and iran are common. the old american embassy in tehran was renamed the den of espionage museum it's an ever present reminder of the broken relationship between the united states and the islamic republic of iran but despite decades of animosity and no direct diplomatic representation in each other's countries there are still a few examples of quiet cooperation recent prisoner exchanges between the 2 were a significant step in the same direction. after $911.00 iran was instrumental in helping the u.s. fight the afghan taliban. and in charge america and iran are indirectly cooperating on afghan reconstruction. port is a kind of open door that experts say could be opened
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a little wider and perhaps bring both sides back to the negotiating table. a joint russian german mission has published stunning photos revealing the nature of the universe the 165 gigabyte pictures shows some of the most energetic objects in space taken by an orbiting telescope called evil see to function 2019. watching algis there these are the top stories brazil has become the 2nd country to cross more than a 1000000 confirmed corona virus cases will tell the organization is warning of a new and dangerous phase in the pandemic with more than 150000 cases reported on thursday the world is in a new and dangerous phase many people are understandably fed up with being at home countries are understandably good to open up their source
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a to send economies but the virus is still spreading fast it is still deadly and most people are still susceptible. we call on all countries and all people to exercise extreme vigilance. millions of people across the united states are commemorating what's known as juneteenth the anniversary of the end of slavery rallies have been taking place in new york washington atlanta and many other cities several states observe the day as an official holiday and there's a push to declare a national holiday. egypt has called on the united nations security council to intervene in a dispute over a controversial dam that's being constructed by ethiopia on the nile river cairo is blaming ethiopia for the stalled negotiations egyptian government worries that the dam would take away water from its people that they need to survive ethiopia sees
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the dam as an important step in helping to pull millions out of poverty. canadian prime minister justin trudeau says he's disappointed china has charged 2 of his citizens with spying a businessman and a former diplomat would tainted late 2018 and what's being seen as retaliation for canada's a wrist of a chinese businesswoman u.s. navy says it won't reinstate captain britt crozier who was fired after writing a letter calling for better protection for his crew against coronavirus military officials say the former captain of the theodore roosevelt aircraft carrier failed to act quickly enough to protect to save lives more than 1200 same is aboard the ship tested positive and one sailor died from the virus was the headlines more news here on al-jazeera after witness away. a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the
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small matter of a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. that's. b.s. is that what. i think i'm looking at but it remains to be clear last minute they will be in. this not undertake to look after. so we don't know if they're going to want to meet.


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