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some of the transactions espionage a decline in the money that is unexplained to africa and some 6 unpublished we'll see some people don't want to publish even if it does mean that the us truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. the say just sat in oklahoma for donald trump's 1st a major campaign rally in months an event mired in controversy and concerns over the coronavirus this as a judge rejects a bid by the president to block a tell all book by his former national security adviser. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up egypt's president puts his military on standby for operations in war torn libya and
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in the d r c the president's chief of staff is sentenced to 20 years of hard labor for embezzling millions of dollars. u.s. president donald trump will head to oklahoma soon for his 1st major public rallies since the coronavirus crisis began for his supporters that's good news but there are major concerns over the timing and the venue of the rally it will be held in tulsa a city which supported the president overwhelmingly in 2016 but one where race divisions run deep it was here in 1021 were 300 african-americans were killed when a white mob attacked the affluent greenwood community the rally follows weeks of anti-racism protests across america and the world in response to the police killing
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of george floyd and there's also a health warning officials are concerned the number of people attending the trump event could lead to a surge in coronavirus cases oklahoma recorded its highest 7 day average of new infections in the past week. you can see live pictures there supporters are gathering outside the 19000 seat stadium in tulsa where trump is due to arrive in several hours from the campaign says it received more than 1000000 applicants applications for tickets masks will be given out of the organizers say it's not mandatory to wear one and that indeed must sign away their right to sue if they contract the virus at the indoor event. well. gray joins us live now out from. obviously i suppose there is an obvious risk especially because it's an indoor venue of a coronavirus contagion an interesting line up of just that news that 6 members of donald trump's own staff have now tested positive for covert 19 what else do we
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know. barbara troubling news for this community where they've seen a spike in covert 19 infections over the last week or so in fact reaching their highest level of the pandemic here 6 members of the president's advance team did test positive the campaign says that's out of more than $100.00 tests given to those who are working this event they were immediately quarantined according to the campaign and contacts right so those that were around them have been removed from the mix as well non will be in the arena tonight when the event takes place take a look behind me this is the be ok center where the events going to take place in lines already gathering where more than 5 hours away from the president being on the stage here and already you've got people lined up and in fact we've seen a handful of people camping out on the streets here in downtown tulsa for a full week ahead of this rally a lot of people very excited to see the president here and when you talk to those
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supporters as you mentioned they're going to have a hand sanitizing stations inside the arena here they're going to have face masks that are being given out to everyone most will tell you they don't plan to wear those face masks that they're not concerned about the virus it is the city though when officials in this city that are extremely concerned worried about people coming in from different areas of the country in areas that may be heavily influenced by the virus right now and worried about what's going to be the lasting effect of this event at a time when they really can't afford to see more of a virus introduced to this community. jake gray live for us from tulsa where that campaign rally is take place soon jay for the moment thank you. saying in the u.s. a tell all memoir by the former u.s. national security advisor john bolton will be released next week after a district court the klein the request by the white house to block its publication the top administration had argued that the room where it happened to contain
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classified information and had not gone through the necessary clearances but was more than 200000 copies already distributed bolton argued it was too late to stop the book's release on trumpets called the memoir a compilation of lies and made up stories. mike hanna joins us live now from washington d.c. and it has to be said a lot of those stories in the book have already done the rounds in the global media but what inside did the judge give into why he came to the decision that he that he did. what it was precisely for that reason the exact words by the judge used by the judge were the horse is out of the barn referring to the widespread b.-d. of publications of sections of the book in recent days the judge making very clear that the administration now could not argue that it would suffer any harm or indeed that the public would suffer any harm because of this widespread pre-publication of
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excerpts from the book however the judge as well was highly critical of john bolton he said that he had gambled with national security and added that he has opened himself up to simple or possibly criminal prosecution now this was a point that was seized on by president trump in a series of tweets describing it as a big court victory and saying that the judge has made very clear that bolton has broken the law indicating that the white house is not going to let it stand here it is going to go ahead with action against john bolton i the civil or criminal it's not very clear a subsequent press statement released by the white house made very very certain that it could believes that john bolton has broken the law at the very least it says it will withhold all profits from the book from the former national security adviser so a pyrrhic victory of
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a kind for the white house on the one hand it's urgent injunction has been completely thrown out by the judge the book will go ahead in widespread release on tuesday on the other hand it claims the judge has argued that bolton broke the law . by can i would the latest on that development joining us from washington d.c. thank you. a powerful lawyer who's prosecuted several associates of the u.s. president has refused to step down even though the attorney general has named his replacement jeffrey berman says he found out about his apparent resignation in a government press release alexey o'brien has the story. as the top federal prosecutor in manhattan jeffrey berman has led several investigations into corruption close to the u.s. president's inner circle today an indictment charging love. igor. in october last year he announced charges against 2 men linked to donald trump's
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personal lawyer rudy giuliani they were accused of trying to buy influence over us policy in ukraine and a case that added fuel to the calls for trump's impeachment they saw political influence not only to advance their own financial interests but to advance the political interests of a foreign official these cases and an investigation into giuliani have concern to the trumpet ministration on friday night attorney general william announced berman was leaving his position saying that the president intends to nominate jay clayton the current chairman of the securities and exchange commission a lawyer with no experience as a prosecutor statement ending by thanking jeffrey berman describing him as stepping down after 2 and a half years of service their only problem is jeffrey berman says he's not going anywhere releasing his own statement i learned in a press release from the attorney general tonight that i was stepping down as united states attorney i have not resigned and have no intention of resigning my
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position the trumpet ministration has a growing reputation for forcing out anyone seen as disloyal in recent weeks the president has fired a number of agency watchdogs including the inspector general of the intelligence community whose actions led to the impeachment inquiry bob offered no explanation for attempting to replace berman a republican who once donated to trump's campaign democrats have accused barr of politicizing the department of justice and acting more like trump's personal lawyer far right. and i heard. what. senate democrat chuck schumer of new york has tweeted the dismissal reeks of potential corruption of the legal process questioning what action by berman had motivated the president burmans laid cases against transform
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a personal lawyer michael cohen and convicted sex offender jeffrey abstained he says he'll continue to pursue justice without fear or favor until a presidential he appointed replacement is confirmed by the senate and exam brian al-jazeera. egyptian president of the fattah el-sisi has ordered the army to be ready to carry out missions abroad including in war torn libya cissie made the comments during a tour of an air base near egypt's western border with libya he also warned that turkish backed g.n.a.t. forces against the packing the strategic city of c. it saying that that would cross a red line and to trigger a military intervention from egypt turkey has been providing military support to libya's u.n. recognized government which rapidly turned the tide of the war. but what.
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you are ready to carry out in the missions what i witnessed is a living proof of our capabilities i can see egypt's army is one of the mightiest armies in the region i am certain if we need a few sacrifices like those being carried out over the past 7 years along our borders with libya you are prepared to carry out any mission within a home soil order for quiet beyond our border lines. well turkey says there will only be a sustainable ceasefire if warlord tell if a half hearted pulls his forces from the city of syria a spokesman for the turkish president has also accused france of jeopardizing nato security by backing half that after us forces had been pushed back from tripoli to syria to in recent weeks. and the head of libya's internationally recognized government has been visiting algeria for talks with the president. met president that delma geed tbone who's been trying to mediate the conflict in libya
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a week ago algeria as leader met sally the parliamentary speaker of libya's rival government based in took a high profile politician in the democratic republic of congo has been sentenced to 20 years in prison with hard labor for corruption vit outcome and it was found guilty of embezzling more than $50000000.00 from a public housing fund mohamed that though has more now from nairobi. was once seen as a potential candidate for president of the democratic republic of congo but the high court has now convicted him of corruption and disqualified him from holding public office for 10 years to come metta has been in detention in kinshasa central prison also known as mccullough since 8. is sentenced to 20 years hard labor after serving his sentence for talcum is forbidden from voting or running for election or from holding public office at any
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level for 10 years the case against committee is unprecedented while some argue it's the right step towards covering widespread corruption. he supporters see it as a means of settling political scores up to remove him from the 2023 presidential election. yesterday so did bush hear the case focused only on be talcum area when other people should be investigated people receive certain benefits when they work for the presidency i condemn a justice system that sets its sights on a single person to talk america can marry has been a central figure in congolese politics for the past 2 decades he pulled out of the race during the last elections in december 2018 clearing the way for president felix secured other time the 2 men made a pact and the which cameron was to become prime minister and eventually the presidential candidate in the 2023 election once in office security instead
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appointed committee as chief of staff because he had to dissolve the prime minister post to a close ally of his predecessor just kabila in accordance with another political part. the public money committee has been convicted of stealing was earmarked for building the homes in poor areas by the president early last year the verdict incomers trial not only removes a major political player from the scene but it's also a boost for president to katie's role against endemic corruption in the democratic republic of congo however the president loses one of his closest allies in his past trouble with former president just of kabila huisman still control most of the country's institutions how about all jazeera nairobi. still to come here on al-jazeera we have more on donald trump's campaign rally why many of the city of
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tulsa don't want him there coronavirus restrictions are easing across the board cans despite a steadily rising number of infections. still plenty more rain and some pretty strong thunderstorms across central and eastern areas of europe but there is a change all of the cause but before we get to that that's a look at where we have had some nice warm sunny weather up into lithuania's how much is having in the high twenty's low thirty's and there's been some very nice sunshine is the more typical to see showers and thunderstorms on a lightning like this over the skies in istanbul the 4 calls there as well and still these eastern areas is where we're going to see some pretty heavy rain is to go through sunday particularly across areas of poland to the east up into the baltics right the way down into the balkans not cheap out across central europe
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a fair amount of cloud still a few showers across areas of the west but as i say things all set to change of high pressure beginning to build across the southwest of europe said the next system coming in from the sick diverse has pushed across up into the north of the u.k. but fine and dry elsewhere but still we've got all this rain these thunderstorms even. really trading right the way across these eastern regions and this again is where we could see some heavy downpours we could even have some localized flooding but look at these temperatures for the next few days in paris the average is 22 up 230311 wednesday on a similar pattern in london sunny skies are the highest. rewind returns. i. points in the past about a serious documentary i would compare it to a $100000.00. dollars order to rewind to
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games with fags in city under siege for sick. people. this is one way every shot 6 times on al-jazeera. already. told. home. a reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera supporters are gathering in tulsa oklahoma where u.s. president donald trump will hold his 1st public rally since the coronavirus crisis began there are concerns the indoor event could contribute towards a surge of infections in the state a tell all memoir by the former u.s.
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national security advisor john bolton will be released next week after a district court declined a request by the white house to block its publication the trumpet ministration had argued the room where it happened contained plants hide information. and one of the democratic republic of congo's most high profile politicians has been sentenced to 20 years in prison with hard labor for corruption a court in kinshasa found a veto canary guilty of embezzling more than 50000000 dollars from a public house. to get more now on our top story the controversy surrounding the u.s. president's 1st campaign rally in months mark lewis is a community activist said the group we the people of oklahoma he joins us over skype from tulsa sir thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera considering the weeks of protests that we have seen in the united states from the black lie. movement considering the history of tolls as well
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a just under 100 years ago it's 300 african-americans killed by a white mob in light of all of that what do you make of the president's choice of tolson as the 1st place for him to hold this rally since the pandemic started. well thanks for having me i think the president of united states is making a great mistake i think he wants a culture war 'd he knows our history here in seoul so he knows we're celebrating juneteenth and he also knows about that so it's also $21.00 race massacre we don't want him here we have requested our governor see him to not come here and he does it everyone is not doing anything to actually execute what he wants. what i mean you say he wants a cultural war a culture war what about your organization's i want people within it reacting to
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his video visit all more widely people in tulsa who was not trying to support his one who do you sense of the city right now well as his mood of anger you know it's a move to calm on the backdrop or came to come on we. were asked there juneteenth celebration where 'd the slaves were creek. slaves were free in galveston texas so we celebrate that june 19th every year also we are 99 years from and it's also a race matter so a lot of people are upset but what what our organization is doing is really providing support to the protesters that are in opposition donald trump i just created before the interview a. group on facebook. protest support because we now have people are getting arrested right now as we speak and they're going to new bells 'd finding i mean really if the mission are going to need things
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attorneys they're going to need the resources so we want to be able to provide those things for them i mean you make sure people are arrested right now are you worried that there will be violence because during or after this rally. yes i do believe that there is violence i believe the president wants to charlottesville to cornell and that's why we saying at all sure i believe that the president has a lot of white supremacists in his administration that wants to cede off that narrative somehow he is a president of conflict and i have conflict that's something he enjoys doing but you know we're not going to stand for we're making sure everyone remains peaceful but in any event if things do get carried away we least want to be your 'd support so those who need it the eyes of the world are on tolson right now because of this rally but obviously the been in the united states generally over the past few weeks because of all the demonstrations since the killing of george floyd do you sense
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that there has been a shift i mean you started your organization back in 2014 because of a shooting from a police officer so do you sense a shift not just in the mood but are you more optimistic now that realistic long lasting change will finally come to the united states well i tell ringback you what i definitely was saying right now we're getting a bit like we've never gotten this or in the history of the united states we have never had any form of legislation that directly stacks policing in our our united states and so yesterday i testified before the the oversight committee to the congress and they are passing the bill they're going to have a bill to the floor that actually restricts a lot of the policing practices that we have so yes we do see change coming but i honestly i'm not going to breathe a sigh of relief until we actually make it into law we do have a long 'd ways to go but we cannot see dead black bodies on the streets of america
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mark lewis community activist the organization we the people of oklahoma so thank you so much for sharing your views with us thank you thank you now for the 4th weekend in a row black lives matter protesters have been rallying in cities across the u.k. hundreds joined the demonstrations in london's hyde park from where it needs parker now for points. thank you. for your. black lives matter is more than a movement it's a moment for p.j. matheson a young campaigner finding his voice anger over police brutality against black people in the united states has recalled here to britain a country with its own unique and all too similar problems with racism there are different things on like some levels going on but a universal feeling is the same we always feel sometimes threatened by the police
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there's a feeling of civil unrest racism is defined by deep differences and societal bullish young black men are 10 times more likely to be stopped and searched by the police in the u.k. and less likely to go on to hold top jobs covert nineteen's exposed the grave consequences of discrimination and poverty with black asian and other minorities a greater risk of dying of the disease in britain today being black remains an obstacle to success one at a difference between black people speaking white people speak in is white people because they don't have the same barriers and the same putdowns that we have they have a much more damage a nation is a long winded and i was about people say we can't get that far because you know we've been told you can't do that. black lives matter it's a powerful slogan is intended for people here and an amiable truth but for some
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people in the u.k. it's a slogan that they struggle with taking it to mean for some reason black life should matter more than otherwise when that's not what it means what it does mean is a call for parity equality and a call to be heard but. recent protests are prompted the reevaluation of british history stand choose upon the slave owners of toppled the national heroes including winston churchill have faced scrutiny for their racist views. it's some settled many of the political right just because your skin color as you know something or you you know you are a woman or you're a man doesn't mean that something that happened decades ago centuries ago to someone who looked like you it's not shouldn't affect you this is collectivism this is i did see politics that the government's been accused of downplaying the protests with the foreign secretary dominic facing criticism after saying the black lives matter action of taking the knee it regenerated in the t.v. show game of thrones. for many here the protests are
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a chance to take stock of britain's past. in the hope of redefining its future. the fuck outta syria london. 20 people are displaced every minute somewhere in the world that's according to the un refugee agency which has released its latest figures to coincide with world refugee day 79 and a half 1000000 people have been displaced because of war persecution and human rights abuses 40 percent of them are under the age of 18 and in the past year alone 10000000 people were forced from their homes 32 percent of the global population of refugee come from arab states even though the region only makes up 5 percent of the world's population. but there are nearly a 1000000 range of refugees living in makeshift camps on bangladesh's border with me and maher and they'd workers are concerned the monsoon season can contribute to
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the spread of the coronavirus the 1st case of covert 19 was confirmed there in mid may and dozens of people have now tested positive for the virus heavy rain has forced people inside their tents with basic sanitation and social distancing is nearly impossible live sheep to joe very crowded circumstances they often say that the population density of the camp is double the map and so you can imagine. diseases are quite hard to control. countries across the balkans have been easing coronavirus restrictions since late may the number of infections have been low especially in comparison to most western european countries many a worried that relaxing the rules could see a resurgence montenegro had the cleared itself coronavirus free for 28 days and change their earlier this week there are now 31 active cases in a population of just over 620000 serbia heads to the polls this weekend for the 1st election in europe since the corona virus outbreak began that's the spy the
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announcement of 94 new cases 260 people have died in almost 13000 cases have been recorded and croatia had kept its number of confirmed cases to 2229 but in the last 24 hours it's recorded another 9107 people there have died but that has an update from belgrade. number of people infected with corona virus is on the rise through the balkans region northern macedonia and serbia recorded the highest increase of newly infected in the past couple of days with bosnia and herzegovina close behind them because of that croatia that still has a low infection rate compared to its neighbors is tightening borders so serbian citizens and citizens of boston and her sick are allowed to enter the country only if they have a valid reason the only country in the region that had previously declared itself
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coronavirus free was montenegro but even there infections are on the rise again new daily infections the serbia are on 100 for the last couple of days regardless of that the country's preparing for parliamentary elections on sunday with health officials advising everyone to use protective measures everything meola just claim that there is no reason for alarm yet new coronavirus hotspots keep emerging around the country despite the calls to keep distance and follow health advice authorities allowed football matches to be held with up to $25000.00 spectators at the stadiums with summer calm an increase in tourists traveling around the region and people are starting to get worried that early easing dialogue down across the balkans may bring even more infections of kovi 19 pope francis has praised nation
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these doctors and nurses from the region of lombardy for their selfless work and her roic sacrifice during the country's coronavirus crisis the pope welcomed the health care workers at the vatican in one of his 1st post lockdown audiences pope francis called the medical staff angels for helping the sick recover or accompany them to their deaths. and i'll remind you of the top stories on al-jazeera supporters are gathering in tulsa oklahoma where u.s. president donald trump will hold his 1st public rally since the coronavirus crisis began there are concerns that the indoor event could contribute towards a surge of infections in the state the rally follows weeks of anti-racism process protests across america and is being held in the same city as the $921.00 race last
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year a tell all memoir by the former u.s. national security advisor john bolton will be released next week after a district court declined a request by the white house to block its publication the trumpet ministration had argued it contains classified information or than 200000 copies have already been distributed. egyptian president that the c.c. has ordered the army to be ready to carry out missions abroad including in war torn libya secy made the comments during a tour of an air base near egypt's western border with libya he also wore a war and turkish fact g.n.a.t. forces against attacking the strategic city of syria. but i couldn't if you are ready to carry out any missions what i witnessed is a living proof of our capabilities i can see egypt's army is one of the mightiest muse in the region i am certain if we need a few sacrifices like those being carried out over the past 7 years along our
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borders with libya you are prepared to carry out any mission with no home soil order for quiet beyond our border lines. one of them across hc republic of congo's most high profile politicians has been sentenced to 20 years in prison with hard labor for corruption according to found a veto outcome are a guilty of embezzling more than 50000000 dollars from the public housing fund aid workers are concerned the monsoon season could contribute to the spread of the coronavirus in range of refugee camps there are nearly a 1000000 range a makeshift camps on bangladesh's border with me and are the 1st case of covert 1000 was confirmed there in mid may. those of the top stories of the listening post is next looking at the fake news laws in russia and the have more news for you in half an hour hope you join me that.
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the number of fires cases in russia has been soaring despite calls from a strategic i think that i mean it's just a good time. i said fresh air and every time i am pushing by the team to a starting break. hello i'm richard just britain you're at the listening post working from home the media stories we're looking at this week will take us from moscow to minsk via the no we examine russia's fake news problem with cope with 19 the official numbers just don't add up bellow ruses state of denial on the career.


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