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tv   Saudi Women Reform Or Repression  Al Jazeera  June 20, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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will the presidential candidates ever hit the road and so their brand of politics to americans before the vote follow the u.s. election on and just. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera supporters are arriving in tulsa oklahoma where u.s. president donald trump will hold his 1st public rally since the coronavirus crisis began the rally follows weeks of anti racism protests across the u.s. and is being held in the same city as the 1921 race massacre there are also concerns that indoor event could contribute towards a surge of infections in the state jay gray is in tolson for the rally where there has already been a health scare. 6 members of the president's advance team did test positive the
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campaign says that's out of more than 100 tests given to those who are working this a bent they were immediately quarantined according to the campaign and contacts right so those that were around them have been removed from the mix as well non will be in the arena tonight when the event takes place take a look behind me this is the be ok center where the events going to take place in lines already gathering where more than 5 hours away from the president being on the stage here and already you've got people lined up and in fact we've seen a handful of people camping out on the streets here in downtown tulsa for a full week ahead of this rally a lot of people very excited to see the president here and when you talk to those supporters as you mentioned they're going to have a hand sanitizing stations inside the arena here they're going to have face masks that are being given out to everyone most will tell you they don't plan to wear those face masks that they're not concerned about the virus it is the city though
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and officials in this city that are extremely concerned worried about people coming in from different areas of the country in areas that may be heavily influenced by the virus right now and worried about what's going to be the lasting effect of this event at a time when they really can't afford to see more of a virus introduced to this community. a tell all memoir by the former u.s. national security advisor john bolton will be released next week after a court refused that request by the white house to block its publication the trump administration had argued the room where it happened contained classified information and had not gone through the necessary clearances the judge said it was too late to block the release but said bolton had likely jeopardized national security. education president of the fact that a c c has ordered his army to be very happy to carry out missions abroad including in war torn libya he also warned turkish back to g.n.a.t. forces against the packing the strategic city of see it saying that that would
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cross a red line and trigger a military intervention from egypt. but i can if you are ready to carry out any missions what i witnessed is a living proof of our capabilities i can see egypt's army is one of the mightiest armies in the region i am certain if we need a few sacrifices like those being carried out over the past 7 years along our borders with libya you are prepared to carry out any mission with no home soil order for quiet beyond our border lines. crowds in paris have protested against racism and police brutality some of the messages called for justice for iraqi member a black man who died in a french police operation in 2019 racial justice protests have spread from the united states to several cities in europe in the past weeks. one of the democratic republic of congo's most high profile politicians has been sentenced to 20 years in
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prison with hard labor for corruption a court in kinshasa found vito's come a day guilty of embezzling more than 50000000 dollars from a public housing fund. aid workers are concerned the monsoon season could contribute to the spread of the coronavirus in range of refugee camps there are nearly a 1000000 people in makeshift camps on bangladesh's border with mia. and pope francis says praise the doctors and nurses from the coronavirus ravaged region of long ready for their selfless work and heroic sacrifice the pope welcomed the health care workers at the vatican in one of his 1st post lockdown audiences he called the medical staff angels for helping the sick recover those are the top stories out there while the saudi women reform or repression is next.
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are women equal to men a bishop absolutely we are all human beings and there's no difference in what the crown prince telling us. how can i help you know 5 years in terms of opening up saudi arabia and i think especially what you've done for women committed to empowering it's use empowering women your age your.
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uncle for your stock i'm confused you sound for that mean but you know yet that all . i. the rights of women in saudi arabia have been a subject of debate for many years. the government has said it supports the empowerment of women and young people and they have been reforms including lifting the ban on women driving in june 28th they can also now attend sporting and musical events. but at the same time the arrest and detention of women speaking out against the government seems to have continued and this potentially undermines
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the kingdom's public desire to improve the status of women. in this program and al jazeera arabic team examines claims that over a dozen saudi women activists are awaiting trial that several are in detention and that many have fled the country because of how this meant over their political views what is now happening as a woman has the choice to bring a woman has a choice a green answer to an action a woman to don't have to say i couldn't find a car i couldn't find a driver because now you can't i'm saying what's happening it's like a revolution in a very positive way and i want to just thank you i live in a tent in the region of the till i'm going to the shops and just up and out i was on and i thought the ha. ha ha can feel. funny had. a sober faith and. and mubasher to be a many here at a 10 when. how would you describe how things are changing for women. they
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are nice amazing it's totally different because a couple of years ago we couldn't walk like us it's different it's really different . so where between these 2 poles does the truth lie al-jazeera examines the state of women's activism in saudi arabia hearing from female detainees international human rights organizations and seeking responses from those at the center of decision making within saudi arabia. this is a story that begins with a series of arrests. of saudi women. starting in september
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27th when an academic. was arrested after talking about corruption in one of her lectures. then in january 28th a student in women's rights campaigner. was arrested after criticizing the foreign relations between saudi arabia and israel. then in may 28th there was a wave of a rest including 12 prominent women's rights campaign is. the eldest was a 70 year old doctor. a veteran campaigner for the right to drive others included hasa. and mahdi. who opposed the country's conservative guardianship system. others included lou shine i'll have knew him on love john. uses and
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why. are all campaigners against the guardianship system. their arrests were widely reported in saudi arabia where local media described the women asked traitors and agents of embassies. at the head of a crime can actually. lead to any welcome. when tomorrow but a. well. sad note that he had minister but so mayor badawi is standing up against 2 of the most significant challenges facing women. in saudi arabia some are has translated her personal efforts into broader campaigns encouraging more women to speak out for their rights you are making
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a difference and we thank you for that. and shot. a form of death out on hope or consensus or do you want to follow your. own a few yet and not for a nobody it's none of your must. know how cometh or a tone or bad muffy to hum a pleasure had the. long what ezine dish up and the hostile fire. the case is. an example of many many other similar cases in saudi arabia with persons or detained without to be lawful basis for a prolonged period of of time very often and subjected to very harsh inhumane conditions. are thought to be helpful. and
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who are the target of the release the month of the matter. with to hold. someone but there we have to. let at the flathead they need they had you don't know what. they are why even when. you have a plea that someone but there we. sit in a band where bucky had to knock or to add whether to hear whether jane has any use if i should then and izzy were a man in this fan. he just said. what i had never see your for a minute a tussle at that was sort of the hadley that kind of and it acts at that but it also that bit of a separate other thing that i thought that given that under the guardianship system
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as it's enforced in saudi arabia women cannot leave prison without their male guardians permission even if their sentences expired and these are many cases that of course we've documented validating this in addition women who have gone to shelters government run shelters can't off leave the shelters unless their guardian who is oftentimes their abuser agrees that they should be able to leave. when we spoke to have been someone who made it very clear that the royal court was ahead of the popular and that actually many women didn't want to go out to work at this is an american foreign demand i think it's unfair of him to say that about women if he just takes the long waiting list of women waiting for a job in the education sector he would be amazed by the big number also the jobs are limited compared to the number of graduates i don't think they're working hard enough in my. regime that had their own but took
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a lot of men feel i should hear what they did in a suit you and later learned what. would she had to lay her. whatever mohammed bin so man most of the bloomberg. people have seen the indictment and the charge sheet against the women and the only charges against them relate to their talking to foreign media and foreign organizations like human rights watch and amnesty international there is no evidence no allegation of evidence that they talk to any foreign intelligence and it would just be ludicrous because even if they did talk to foreign intelligence what they talked about is public knowledge and that is the conditions of women in saudi arabia. led to a lot canaday men to have those lakin and. and no.
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one national but. national. janan had their number one national then my candidate national berman as. they are that in my. for how they elected a to say yes that. and what that why even say a set. of a number. a lot what's your best part of the political opportunity of facetious. are detected in. some of the so i. said i don't know who seemed delighted for consumer.
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come up in the air but when. the all solly what darwin did when one of. and if your mom. says genocide it can make. you diplomacy in one. by monumental i'm just of. a start enough of can i am a number see and then what on. the trial of the 11 women began in a criminal court in march 29th. initially no charges seem to have been brought against the women but one london based human rights organization said that the eventual charges related to the promotion of women's rights as well as sharing information with journalists and international human rights agency.
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following an international outcry however some of the women were granted temporary release but others still remained in custody but with the outbreak of the covert 1000 pandemic all their trials have been postponed indefinitely. the al-jazeera arabic team looked for accurate 1st hand information about the prison conditions of the women activists their search took them thousands of kilometers away to soften africa where they tracked down a human not deciding a former female detainee in saudi arabia crucially she'd been held in prison and long side the high profile women activists. my dad wanted me to become a teacher he told me to go over for a year and try it out and see if i liked it and i could continue with it so i went to saudi arabia for a year basically that morning before i could go to work and i got
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a call saying that i should come to the admin building a in the us if i supervise i was there just tell me that i had a problem with my passport and i need to go with somebody to the. what office. the moment i left the university premises i saw the secret service says take about 6 cows in a line and they were all fully armed soldiers as well as policeman it took me to mop ottman then they even raided my apartment and from the we lifted us taken to the security headquarters in i. didn't know about night that day the supervisor came to me he came with his own phone and he said to me i'm doing a favor i'm going to allow you to find your pianist please don't tell your parents where you are just tell them with your ok and investigate my death tell me that
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it's not only your. brains have been arrested as well that same night around 11 o'clock i was flown to today that's the present the habana that was my 1st night in prison. i did meet her nephew says in the demand for the. krauts retired for the help of c.s.c. well crafted apparatus yes future duck. in tax cuts. details of the bond prison can be pieced together from sources in the public domain and the testimony of former detainees is iran 20 kilometers from jeddah on the west coast of saudi arabia. it's
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a maximum security facility completed in 2015 with space for $7200.00 prisoners according to the saudi media baron is the most advanced prison facility in the country former prisoners have criticize it heavily but the authorities claim it offers top class facilities including gyms and swimming pools. bess's a sketch of a present the fact that a jew in death is just a sketch shows a female section eldrick this entire section here is the cells of we call it includes we as a retina grouping is for those who come out of solitary confinement and then transfer to the group where. the side here the cells for such a confinement. so we are here in the middle east's a new wing that has been opened it's called the activity wing so basically the floor homes where girls can do activities this is basically their old investigation
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at home so when we came out for investigation we were being taken out from our cell and then taken to the investigation at all to change that and there opened a separate wing for investigation as you can see here interesting question was very close to that group cells and we d.m. many things so i think for that reason they moved their investigation forms very fast so we basically say anything in best saved up. in the british capital london a male saudi dissident has a family connection with. his elderly mother and 2 of her other sons have been held there for over 2 years with no scheduled released. and they're not out of town with the can talk to. the last a little under. mao them in the. hague when the. mothers
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are a lot of that of the one in the house. in a. lot of the what all the while the. north and what i did know you how obviously that's the law so no. longer available . show last year and looked at a quality holy see out of 10 with a hammer to see a kind of collusion with the best most anything that's
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a lock to be. out of he just. did the demo took the bit from the take you know their phone and said the bible or to college. say that i don't want to deal with name and have die how want to toss my slip ups for the. public afraid to call look if you're called to. marry her nick sort of so the l.s.a. died alarmingly more to care more how come by. germany would help. the less that america places some of the colony and can only later date on which the idea was hatched and as i understand no call the magistrate in the middle. some couple 100 a lawyer will not come sammy had taken the fight and come.
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city weeks after i was arrested the investigate this came in the room where the picture myself holding my dad's weapon and he said to me that you have photos on your phone of woman that oppose the government when i can't comment on something i haven't seen so he took out the photo from his folder and he showed it to me and i asked him do you know who is this they said no i said this is me. the crime in south africa is very high so most helms least wanted to guns and it went astray and had to use the gun so that in case anything happens they can defend themselves. sound you arabia uses a communication lawn to bring charges of cyber crime against so-called dissidents as well as foreign nationals like you not to sign with the law what is. it's not
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clear and certain and it can therefore be manipulated and used by prosecutors and charges to justify any action to to to to get a conviction and sentence in the end of course every country does need to herb's proper cybill tools but you can't have them used in this way where there are so general and wherewithal to be evidence. you are not allowed international calls if you will. so i was obviously just able to call my parents for those entire 3 years that aesthetic asked if he was my sister. can't decide the arabia she came because we didn't have as we didn't have a phone call and then we ended up phony her and the she was with the 2 of us to give us and that's how i was by so i family. and after 6 months
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my family came and the time for a visit they were obviously denied a visit the 1st time they asked for they asked quite a few days eventually my mom went see human rights and death and she asked them to help her and they came with my mom to the present when ever we go to prison the difficulties that you experience it's not like other prisons it's a mess a messy home security prison it's set on by military it's not a civilian prison so it becomes very very difficult for example the room if you do your visits that the room is like a prison cell it has a steel door you're right the military guards who love you they will open that door for you and they on a cell phone know they're on the walkie talkie you get instructions and be open then the prison is going from one influence if they all go one food.
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after about 7 to 8 months we were told that we are innocent then all 4 of us will be released a few weeks out to investigate they came back to me and he said to me that unfortunately you want me to you still have to face the court. when did you you were released it was like but if you destroy the savoy you were in all we will miss you know love we were x. that we needed a would you even have but you can imagine you bought you without a greek so we were never really. so this we were never in it was in the concern was always as a family we. will leave. because it was 3 years was that i will. confide in them just to last was only.
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what she came in at least we all said his father. but unfortunately it is that he is a pseudonym on. coming up in part to saudi dissidents in exile way out there limited options remain a brought all returning to saudi arabia. it's fine just come back i don't think you will see too many saudis taking up that offer given of course the experience that we're seeing in the country right now. international trade to switch gears of food having free trade would not change your money or the japanese or chinese dogs or germany controversial immigration policies that anyone who has a well founded euro persecution should be able to count him as a wolf minister from syria is closer to the syrian refugees like the buffalo mehdi his son goes head to head with senior trump advisor stephen moore this year the
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trumped up as across a trillion dollars due to your will not to reelect him from well no not because out of the 4 now just 0 examining the impact of today's headlines i need to go to work because i need to make money risking our lives by going in setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions racially charged social unrest on a scale not seen in direct international filmmakers or moon class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you to terrorist burden your hear their story your city walk the path for now just 0. does the mind play tricks the damn car is always parked right there are they really out there and you have a family by like in call up of motor and dragons here and like there in the car a filmmaker takes the f.b.i. to court to find out approximately 33120 pages of records and in the process
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mobilizes her community as long as people are free to talk and there is one check against that feeling of being watched on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on our iraq supporters are arriving in tulsa oklahoma where u.s. president donald trump will hold his 1st public rally since the coronavirus crisis began the rally follows weeks of anti-racism protests across america and is being held in the same city as the $921.00 race massacre there are concerns the indoor event could contribute towards a surge of infections in the state 6 members of the trumpet advance team have tested positive. staying in the u.s. that tell all memoir by the former u.s.
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national security adviser john bolton will be released next week after a district court declined a request by the white house to block its publication the trumpet ministration had argued it contained classified information the judge said it was too late to block the release but said bolton had likely jeopardized national security. education president of the fact that he has ordered his army to be ready to carry out missions abroad including in war torn libya cissie made the comments during a tour of an air base near egypt's western border with libya he also warned turkish backed g.n.a.t. forces against the tap attacking the strategic city of c. it. but i can if you are ready to carry out any missions what i witnessed is a living proof of our capabilities i can see egypt's army is one of the mightiest muse in the region i am certain if we need a few sacrifices like those been carried out over the past 7 years along our
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borders with libya you are prepared to carry out any mission with no home soil or if required beyond our border lines one of the democratic republic of congo's most high profile politicians has been sentenced on corruption charges a court in kinshasa found vitale can marry guilty of embezzling more than $50000000.00 from a public housing fund he will serve 20 years in prison with hard labor. aid workers are concerned the monsoon season could contribute to the spread of the coronavirus in range of refugee camps there are nearly a 1000000 range and makeshift camps on by the vicious border with me and mine the 1st case of covert 19 was confirmed there in mid may al-jazeera world continues next that i'm going to have the al-jazeera news hour for you in just under half an hour. the health of humanity is at
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stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering life saving tools supplies and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and a vaccine working with scientists and health workers to learn all we can about the virus keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the land advocating for everyone to have access to essential health services now more than ever the world needs w.h.o. making a healthy a world for you. for everyone. 3
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dozen countries including all $28.00 members issued saudi arabia with its fast rebuke at the un rights forum on thursday we are particularly concerned about the use of the counter purchase of more of emotional security provisions because to give it to us peacefully exercising with rights and through. that rebuke of saudi arabia by the united nations human rights commission in march $29000.00 was in direct response to the detention a year earlier of women's rights campaigners in the kingdom. it came after a group of british m.p.'s and international lawyers had made a formal request to the saudi authorities to allow them to access the country and speak to the detainees but they never received a response. the cases had a shot to international political and media attention and 3 of the women were temporary released at least 7 remained in prison. human rights
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organizations european governments western governments have protested many many countries not just western governments have signed letters and issued resolutions calling for their release so why. remains detained why assad by the way remains the tamed while others were released on bail is really a question that should be addressed to the saudi government. many of the girls that come in the president and absolutely nothing against the will of oil family they love the state but because of the conditions a good thing because of the way that. jail by the time they leave the president they obviously hate the state their hate. and. claims to be fighting terrorism by the way they're going about i think being best they are themselves. amongst the people.
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what we do know for a fact that the saudi government is spending millions and millions of dollars to try to address a damage to its reputation that its behavior has caused including of course the detention of these women's rights activists and of course it's really disappointing that rather than spending all of this money on propaganda and public relations to try to restore the damage that its actions are causing to its reputation why it doesn't just release these women activists as well as other political activists that it's attaining in the country. the al jazeera arabic team examined the case of . a saudi woman who'd up to and asylum in sweden in march 27th. claims that she was tricked into returning to saudi arabia after receiving assurances she said from the saudi ambassador to sweden the last anyone heard from
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. was this tweet from riyadh and. ringback i shall marsal who returned to sound arabia after assurances on senior staff that it was safe for me now the police at king holiday airport have arrested me i want to warn all women and girls do not return this situation is the same she tweeted. picking tim's ambassador in sweden guaranteed my safety wrote i shot from assam at the airport before being taken away. al-jazeera wrote to the saudi ambassador to sweden abdul aziz as i read to ask him if this account i shall marzouk was accurate in his view had a guaranteed a safety if she were to return to saudi arabia no reply was received.
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marty is another saudi human rights activists also living in sweden. she keeps a low profile and initially declined to be interviewed all meet the al-jazeera team but eventually in may 2019 she agreed to tell her story filming the interview at a location away from her home but in a starting in a yemen one today at. a smaller feel. this book to work them smooth again people. had much i mean men shut up one. side and. let and man left candidate while they are out of the lead and the. how early in the. long.
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term doesn't seem. yet and is admirable how are. you. going all. along. yeah truck i meant. a spec monarch about to head down hard to fast at the end of a wet alaska and there are a team. member. that it is someone that. limited up. the. put it to son. of ed after $911.00 a study and course stunt well an. acidic.
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saudi government has a well known campaign underway of trying to bring saudi dissidents critical saudi voices who are outside the country back to the country and we know that the saudi government has through intermediaries like mr arkwright danny attempted to reach out to many other distance outside the country trying to persuade them to come back in some cases as you mentioned by signing some kind of apology or confession but in other cases just saying it's fine just come back i don't think you will see too many saudis taking up that offer given of course the experience that we're seeing in the country right now. al-jazeera contacted the saudi government through its ministry of media it asked if the former quarter devices sound would bin abdul qahtani was involved in efforts including threats to persuade saudi women's rights
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activists outside saudi arabia to return to the kingdom. ringback and no reply was received. i mean at that ok for right now and the job was. just 3 men and one it lacking. and lastly and just. 100. 10 in the hunt. at. that. little joe was one hell he was honest so it would just walk into the original to work. but to. see who i meant when i listed had to.
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remember so the insanity modest in the chapel. likely malice noticed so it. is mystery why it. happened to your mom has lee. and what about that. pastor left. it to our one of the. men that i am but that i lent and. but that. may have been that you had to do as moms that i like i did on best. added. at. the net and immediate high ability i mean with. many of you know most of the.
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so called just. say that. house. style how larry moneta mr brown. i'm sure. if there. was a surgeon who some. of them. according to the information received held in an informal facility that was referenced and cold the hotel the we don't know specifically where that is what our initial investigations received is that that's where the interrogations took place and that's where the initial torture and abuse of the women detainees take place. little is known about the facility they call the hotel in fact there's no
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independently verifiable evidence of its existence. the claim of torture at this location said to be close to pond prison comes from a group called kists meaning justice based in the u.k. it's an organization that documents alleged human rights violations in saudi arabia . and. qatar. the al-jazeera arabic team tried to find out more about the so-called torture hotel one source a family member of a detainee who asked to remain anonymous did shed some light on it.
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the source claimed that the villa is in a densely populated area and that detainees are transferred there from their place of detention by private check it's. not decide the soft african teacher who was held in prison had testimony about the so-called hotel one of the detainees they tell we are at the place near the place before she were india before she was taken a bit so she said to me the public see is that how it'll end i think it's where princess they but they don't actually know what happens in. the mccann has and can make an madras saga kind can can can. can can find out of that leave if you know out of it that the well you may talk a little sort of. the get
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a new fee no i'm not with them if they. have to have that. sort of story i mean you know struck them i can probably one of the turbulent ability to go out and that sort of people i like. woodward for the job and i'll be much sort of. in terms of the investigations that we've been conducting in saudi arabia for the past several decades i would say that the torture allegations that we've documented over the past year are certainly unprecedented i know that in 15 years at human rights watch it's very very rare if ever that we documented torture of anyone male or female we don't know of course if that's necessarily means that people weren't tortured before but certainly in terms of what we've been able to document this is a significant escalation. and
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northumbria watch with the short footage that she is. sometimes he home or much us it will. be sensitive list as we can see if you. have little you've got a. forceful hugging the threats of rape. one of the women was having difficulty walking after the torture she endured another of the women tried to kill herself because of the torture she endured and of course a prolonged psaltery confinement has been another means of torture that the government has been using. i myself have seen quite a few girls that had to commit suicide there was an 18 year also did go off that i myself had to go and how she makes it died there. and at the back of the way hidden
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that is kept on the head and i think i must often take pulls out of the bottom and take out the beckett and. well we had sort of. a. job or. 2 what would be. the fuck up. and why did the men who. elect to have. a ballot. for the counter to and who can have a new deaf in there and. can and you had taken a. one of the girl that i spoke to also that while she was being interrogated they would line up prisoners on the chair and they went like the prisoners. in order to force her to speak and the prisoners would like. to have our
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say so that they would until. the time that i spent she was born in prison and for one and a half years i said it was like the most. touching thing ever watching her learning her only world was us 4 walls watching her learn to call learn to speak learn to walk starting to eat things living us 4 walls and i thought of a. government saudi human rights ministry did indeed carry out an investigation report claims to have. seen the women as well as the saudi prosecutor said that it did its own
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investigation of the prison conditions as well to no surprise they concluded that there was no evidence of torture over there were. was another torture that there was another report a saudi government report that was leaked that did corroborate injuries to the women. he. took the only job you want out of to me you will have to look at incentive do it in the united use a dream about a killer on that in many of your multiple feet at her. posy eloquence took a lot of clock when i succumb most book on why don't we spoke on our free will means our last resort you could miss charlecote 110 we have to. why don't we look at what are you know how jamila well know sort of 80400 shellac over how to dial a lanyard to tell you to look in which to rest rudy bill in 70 of. al-jazeera wrote to the chairman of the saudi human rights commission asking for a copy of their december 20. 4th of the prison no reply has been
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received. i am an incident. during lie time in the band that i learned that one f.o.'s cellmates passed away the night that she passed away we had. unusual activity we really didn't have any idea what exactly was happening but we did know that something was happening in the wing we later learned that one of the girls passed away that night it was it was that she was she didn't have a natural death she was actually tortured then when she passed away. on another saudi activists a reef previously campaigned for the right to drive now living in exile in australia she actively supports the detained women absence. from all the fun i met her couple who are stuck them in their thoughts who didn't
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hear the noise and who we thought was a boxer. my now al sharif has also campaigned in the united. states in support of the detained women there she received a surprise invitation to meet the new saudi ambassador to the us princess rima bint bandar bin sultan bin abdul aziz assad is the 1st woman to be appointed to this key diplomatic position but. the invitation with caution just waited there really to iran for a meeting between me and prince esteem up into bender the new ambassador in d.c. . i'm happy to me turn this is really a good sign. my demands are simple the immediate unconditional release of the women's rights activists in jail all the prisoners of conscious. the lifting the ban on the family members of the travel ban and family members and my last demand is all new jobs on. a member of the al jazeera arabic team visited the saudi
11:53 pm
embassy in washington to request an interview with the ambassador. but he was refused entry. or a georgia scotland boss who drove me for could sweep through a bus in a remote. basset or princess rima has previously spoken in support of female empowerment in saudi arabia al-jazeera wrote to her asking for her view of the detention of women activists but she did not reply. the al-jazeera arabic team also wrote to the saudi public prosecutor the general directorate of prisons and the state security agency about torture against women detainees but did not receive any reply.
11:54 pm
and also learned that many of the president has set for you as well outside of the band because they had signs of torture on their body to investigate to and wait until those signs of torture disappear from their body before that they go to court because they don't want the president to go to court and then complain to the judge . a child in saudi arabia closed door trials to know what is allowed in had no lawyer it was clear from the beginning that the. judges intention wasn't to help me as a detainee you was just a to do his job or sentencing people is to vent our fee and send us through and he hasn't 2 months based on the picture which falls under cyber crimes in saudi arabia . the difficulty. being hunted. thank you. always
11:55 pm
take to thank you. but you do not just wanted to update you on where things are with the case of the u.s. so there except are now. wanting your consent to be able to just send it from here to the authorities in saudi arabia because they then receive it and once it's received they have to reply are. relegations ok ok. well on our side we've got absolutely no problem with that so yes you've got the full constant to proceed with the case.
11:56 pm
but we had to. live in a sad way and that indicates a lack of a time when the 2 of you have a good will have is that he. had. any news that. when they did a talk in a can hurt and i believed him and of course. at the last. man who has suffered. as we've already said saudi arabia has introduced social reforms including lifting the ban on women driving and the government has talked publicly about quote empowering its youth
11:57 pm
empowering women. but at the current time at least 7 possibly more women activists arrested in 20 teens remain in detention the exact number is unclear. in any case court proceedings in saudi arabia are normally closed to international journalists and outside observers it is known that a small number of the activists were granted temporary release but their cases remain active and no date has yet been set for them to be concluded. nor does the end of the detention of women's rights activists in saudi arabia appear to be anywhere in sight. from young idealist. to revolutionary things. from political activism
11:58 pm
to incarceration and halt one of the 2 part documentary series i just you know explores the single minded journey. of the 1st leader of an independent bosnia herzegovina. as a bag of from prisoner to president on jesse. head of the civil right in your forecast across the southeast of australia can see here on the satellite cloud this is not should have their precious steadily working its
11:59 pm
way across the southeast have a look at this though somewhere behind all of this mist and fog is the bay of a sydney and you can see here little bit clearer the offer has for the course plenty of folk that was south of the morning could be similar through sunday but it really is a very wet day across much of the southeast victoria new south wales in particular cloudy areas over a and so a down day really for malbon in sydney and feeling cooler to just 14 celsius looked about and hope on 13 degrees it should be mostly dry but we have some pretty strong winds on both new zealand should stay mostly fine and dry it's a good day sun to out across western australia 23. sunshine by monday the next front is beginning to push in the winds will increase the showers will increase and slightly later in the day on monday that rain will reach and really the showers never do kid away from the southeast even cooler in melbourne 13 degrees and the same in hobart by then some stronger winds that with plenty of rain still across the central eastern areas of china but it's been rather showery up into japan as
12:00 am
you can see the a few more showers as we go through sunday but really sunday on monday the rains very heavy again through the central and eastern areas of china. al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes a judge rejects a bid by u.s. president donald trump to block a tell all book by his former national security adviser. the stage is set in oklahoma for donald trump's 1st campaign rally in months and events mired in controversy and concern.


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