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tv   Ferguson City Under Siege  Al Jazeera  June 21, 2020 1:32am-2:01am +03

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to carry out any mission with no home soil good if required beyond our border lines . one of the democratic republic of congo's most high profile politicians has been sentenced on corruption charges a court in kinshasa found. guilty of embezzling more than $50000000.00 from a public housing fund he will serve 20 years in prison with hard labor aid workers are concerned the monsoon season could contribute to the spread of the coronavirus in range of refugee camps there are nearly a 1000000 range in makeshift camps on bangladesh's border with me and mar the 1st case of covert 1000 was confirmed there in mid may those 2 are the top stories rewind ferguson a city under threat is next and my colleagues in the house will have more news in half an hour thanks for watching. counting the cost as economies can count losses increase government that's ahead in. the mass back it's
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a record high. in reality plus the pandemic devastates indigenous communities across latin america. counting the cost on al-jazeera. hello and welcome again to rewind i'm elizabeth purana since we launched al-jazeera english more than a decade ago we've tackled many difficult and sensitive stories across the world today we rewind into august 2014 when the frontline series traveled to ferguson missouri and the midst of street on rest following the police shooting of
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a young african-american michael brown was just 18 and a mom when he was shot by a white police officer after being stopped while walking with a friend and hours after the shooting the residents of this mostly black area of service and took to the streets to protest against the killing and to demand that the police officer should be named the police responded by flooding the area with armed officers and riot gear and military style equipment by the time night fell the streets of ferguson looked like a war zone it was the beginning of more than a week of street protests which divided public opinion in the united states and within days sebastian walker and his faultlines crew and ferguson to see for themselves the nature of both the uprising and the police response from force lines and august 2014 his 1st.
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ferguson in missouri. the spark for what would become daily street protests was the killing of an unarmed african-american teenager. in the days that followed the police responded to the demonstrations with massive force. such as it was sickening forces the message to little kill if necessary. an autopsy would show the brown was shot at least 6 times twice in the head. he was the 4th black man to be killed in the united states by police in the span of a month the street protests and police tactics brought ferguson into the national and international spotlight things quickly spiral reports of gunshots fired from the crowd a state of emergency was declared the national guard was deployed and the u.s. attorney general launched a federal investigation into the killing fault lines i was in ferguson to witness how michael brown's killing sparked something bigger exposing tensions that had
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been bubbling beneath the surface for years always the last. week. this is the area ferguson's residents are calling ground 0 the epicenter of the protests. when we arrived it was the 4th day in a row that people were marching on the street just a few blocks from where michael brown was shot. and. the police had still not released the name of the officer involved and people were angry the. mistrust. the police here runs deep while moving 60 percent of ferguson's residents
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are black 50 out of it's 53 police officers a warrant. african-americans account for nearly 90 percent of police stops such as under arrest. the demonstrators made it clear they would remain peaceful and requested the police to do the same. or about how to. write their final back but for no reason that we could see the mood shifted very quickly. so the police are now bringing out these heavy armored vehicles you can see it's a lengthy truck this is something that's designed for basically conflict zones to fight in places like iraq and afghanistan this is an extraordinary display of force to be honest i mean these guys on to the team there's more riot police arriving
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behind them this is a crowd of just a few 100 people and it's being completely peaceful the news our guys on top of these vehicles are actually training a high powered weapon examination the crowd. the police refused to explain why they needed such heavy weaponry. suggest why they're bringing this equipment in fact some of you know want to bring in ahmed pickles. it wasn't hard to see why the crown would see the police presence as anything other than inflammatory. would you like. machine gun. you don't think that. is peace. here comes to be like this the last few days is me like this for years.
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for years this kind of policing yes this is been like this for years. but the anger over the way police was handling the situation grew. only. the police are saying we're going to leave the area we're going to get right back now from the police line the gas is coming down now. there's more gas coming over here. we're going to get out of here now. daschle firing canisters of gas at us as we're running away. a jack calls a picture here i mean. it's about as feeling nothing like her moses was driving down the stretch it was be a sudden module every time our light you'll see i didn't know how in a scene why do you think they started firing gas why they started firing them
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because they're trying to get those this out a riot all the time they're trying to think cold you know 1st amendment rights. when the. police are now using an orderly instrument to try to disperse the crowd this is a crowd control you can see the protesters are still in the streets and they're saying the lead not going anywhere. they seems like they're going flash bombs now because the explosions going off we're not quite sure what the police are far in but keep coming down to we're going to get out of here.
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in a matter of hours on the streets of ferguson had gone from peaceful protest and calls for justice to scenes out of the conflict zone. there's a lot of pace or vox a force a crowd here there's 2 dots everywhere to the explosions for black crash bang grenades another one. as the military vehicles advanced rubber bullets were fired. the 1st said anyone on the streets including media was in the line of fire. off the days of launch really staying silent missouri's government finally showed up in ferguson promising changes. today i'm announcing that the missouri highway patrol under the supervision of captain ron johnson who grew up in this area will be directing the team that provides security and ferguson yeah governor
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how can you explain the nature of the presence that we saw on the streets yesterday i mean that was on personnel carriers about 100 police in military style uniform high powered rifles being trained on the crowd i mean who is in charge of making those decisions and on they're going to be held to account for mistakes that you clearly think of the men i think that those yesterday tonights tonight tomorrow tomorrow kevin johnson i appreciate this in a very busy responsibility looking forward to a new face for the police commander captain von jones who was born in the community . the scene on thursday was very different from the previous nights of take ason military vehicles this seems to be fewer police and those who were there and look the streets with the protesters. the change in approach seems to lift the mood. but that atmosphere was short lived. the next morning
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ferguson's police chief finally announced the name of darren wilson the officer who had killed michael brown but almost in the same breath he also released this video footage. it allegedly showed brown stealing cigars from a convenience store in an unrelated incident his grieving family was incensed. that here. the motives for releasing the video and its timing were immediately questioned did he know that he was a suspect in a case or did he not know and you say you can sign. safety what it seems like you leave this on the budget office you say you are not going to read us they've been here michael brown's families beyond outraged at the devious ways the police chief has chosen to disseminate piecemeal information in a manner intended to assassinate the character of the sun what's the response to we have given you everything that we have now and everything that we can give you so that's from from our police department we have you have off everything we've got
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there's no line about it yes he's gotten the finding of the release of this video michael brown's family held an impromptu press conference outside the police station in response to something that people try to determine. what the real problem is condemning what they branded as an attempt to criminalize him and justify the officer's actions so whatever that took place there had nothing to do with an individual getting down on his hands and knees raising his hands in the air is saying don't shoot this is the universal call for eyes to brenda and i can hear my cousin's voice right now is that speech saying don't shoot. down at ground 0 later that evening news of the video's release had spread.
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people were angry. but instead of trying to diffuse the tension by minimizing police presence the vehicles were out once again. it didn't take long before things started to happen. soon a small group started smashing store windows ok well this looting starting now you see people about how i can't last but i think i got a little. it's got to get out. but then another group of young men quickly moved in to stop looting why why you stand. and there. is a good. one is no loaded up with. that on the line. so the guys protecting the convenience store is saying that they blame the police for
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inflaming the situation appearing in this manner in the allman vehicles and the why and carry again and they say that's the reason why people got angry started looting stores going to go and try to speak to the police and also why they deployed like this often everything is happening. so the media. who's who who's in charge here what you need who's the commanding officer very neat to speak the commanding officer a right here thank you. be the colonial office know but we need you to get to a safe spot we just we we've been spending time with the crowd and they're asking why the police deployed in this way with the armored vehicles and the military give we stayed there on a standing mission and i was going to be there trying to maintain state but why did you feel it's necessary to bring out the only vehicles i mean we're talking there's a reason for talking you need to either go ahead where you ask are you want to be or don't talk is really when i can speak to. and anyone there's no media contact
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they were told not right now that's what sheriff we're down to. the state had promised a different approach. but the militarized response was back and no one could tell us why. meanwhile down the street the police continue to advancing on the protesters no going back to back the looting had stopped but it seemed like anger and distrust were growing once again started on. the 1st riots yeah. 43 it was a crime just pure emotion. i feel the way these kids is the war that these kids have no outlay and you want to know to choose. to go 1st. during the protests on the streets of ferguson we've met ronald and solomon. they'd be now demonstrating every night since the shooting.
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they're from northern st louis county an area that includes ferguson and is predominantly african-american. their anger and frustration at the police ran deep as they had they just all the harassment on date night she just like you don't belong to her do the previously have got some strikes the next black and male. 2 strikes all we had was mr blanco and we stretched out in the middle of the street that's what people say you know you strikes you make a face at a cop strike 3 you're you going to jail facility where it's not just the perception of unfair treatment they have no connection to don't call julie a live in as police officers patrolling the area and enforcing the law all adult has proved his head of the local and double a.c.p. chapter which found a federal civil rights complaints against the st louis county police for disproportionately targeting blacks a young black kid can live in the urban area and when he leaves his house and any
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lawful wall coy's going to work he's going to school he said to be stopped by police he says to be questioned he said today had to produce identification he said to be ran through the system as c.b.s. announced in the wants and the case in some cases that happen for no reason at all in autumn and even if they avoid the police these young men have stacked against them. the unemployment rate for african-americans in this county is 3 times that of whites st louis is very probably one of the most segregated communities in the country. both right. only and socio economically as african-american moving and whites move out and what happens also with that is some of the highest paying jobs so in the best of living conditions go with it. among black males aged 16 to 24. in there the unemployment rate has reached nearly
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50 percent and come back to losing hope what we have to bank on after school i went to college. medical if i wanted to be in the medical field i found out i had a felony guess what happened i spent $20000.00 for nothing. i get my hands dirty war going on course not. because i'm a yoof feel like a bag of. what i'm posed to build. some or you're angry and you know you. so when people talk about. the anger that they they feel. it's not just about more in full swing it's that it's about it's about life in general do you some people want to roll over and say we got older generation they just be like hey don't talk that authorities like they still like them we want peace and crazy it was i don't know just be quiet just be quiet and i would have
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been a freedom of speech why is my modify what happened in. the ferguson police department declined our repeated requests for an interview this is big in my ground he says begin to trayvon martin this is about making sure it does i have been a game i don't pacifiers for many homes on fire with a bone and they think you're going to be able to get away with the with the guild auto mohsen you know the easy stops issue never happens. after moving 2 weeks of protests. august 25th the community of ferguson came together for a day of mourning as michael brown's family laid their son to rest. the family who danced for calm.
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but since peter symmetry a crowd of family members and friends watched as michael brown's coffin was buried . as the mourners went home michael brown's mother said her final goodbyes to her son . i know that that's got to be a proud but michael choice you know what got me apart but my moment but you know what do you weigh in for a policy young brothers who ain't got nothing on me right back and that's why they competed they are much better so that's of course they want to harness. so much for i think you hear me. the day after the funeral in
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downtown st louis people gathered to announce the foundation of a new movement it's called hands up united states government well well well i guess particularly the demonstrators here say they are going to march to the office of the u.s. attorney here in st louis and they're calling for an investigation a nationwide investigation of systematic police brutality. the u.s. department of justice later announced it was launching a broad civil rights investigation into the practices of the ferguson police department. said. print from its investigation of the michael brown shooting. the for this group and the community they represent their underlying message is unlikely to change. their calls for justice are bigger than just ferguson michael brown. they're about fighting to change
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a system they say is stacked against them from. what. ferguson says he on the sage from the fault line series finding has already won a return to ferguson to see what a change and how far the community had managed to move on. award winning say you know we still make a crisp ellipse lives just a few meters from where mike brown was shot has a unique perspective on the divisions that remain in ferguson today. i've lived in ferguson in excess of 13 years. you know this is basically this was home for me but in this part of town this is where all of your social public
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services are this is where your economic development is emphasizing this is predominately where or for the most part where most of your white residents stay. so as we go on to this overpass here that's going to be pretty much we're going to approach this intersection of ferguson avenue and west florissant that's where the big standoff between the people and the police were. you know it was pretty much a peaceful protest people were standing on the ground you know sitting on the ground people had their hands up. and it was just you know it was just a standoff in v.n. as the evening progressed and i got to around like 9 10 o'clock. that's when other activities kicked off. and that's the actual spot where the quake shirt was and that got blown down so it's on the left here. but a lot of the businesses that are on this side of town. you know. haven't recovered or haven't rebuilt since what happened in 2014.
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adolphus pruitt the prison name of a st lucie bring to the national association for the advancement of colored people . you know there's been some improvement the. state legislature did act you know then you have to lead and then you have to do things like what the urban league is going on the site were quick troop was the things they do want to deal with unemployment mail thing given the training and given the background you know those are improvement but at the end of the day is equivalent to a prison in the ocean trying to call the police. the racial make a dent. police department many of the have nots a stance earlier dramatically changed well well well well well frankly. most of it is never going to achieve we have keyed in this country as it relates to
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the civil rights advancements the vandeman joining them happened due to legislate to do chords and so. the rules that we get in the day that happened those could not have happened without the protest the willing to sacrifice themselves because they had a day the brutality that they suffer and which we took to the courts and got free will ruin somebody's head to head to be on the receiving end in. you know when i look at where his body is right and my apartment was right around the corner here right so this spot in the pavement right here on this patch of payment this is where his body lay after he was shot 6 times this is where they said they had the stands up and then for 4 or 4 and a half hours his body laid out in d.c. so he laid out here and cooked for that amount of time and so really
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a lot of the crowd presence to happen was not necessarily because somebody mislead a shot of course people are here because of that but being out here one hour 2 hours 3 hours in the body still appear for a portion of that time it wasn't even covered up is very horrific it's very shocking the images in the video started splitting towards social media and so when the police talk about their response as far as the crowd and how that happened they're responding to a crowd because you left a body here for 4 and a half hours and what we know being here in missouri in a lot of other places across the country is this would not happen in white communities. well that's it join us again next time. but for now.
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capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. people are. providing a glimpse into someone else is what you are pursuing in the dream or off your life inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. witness on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. every. one the covert 19 pandemic hit iran. a filmmaker cut the drift from his group began documenting life from the naacp down amid ongoing international sanctions. and intimate portrayal of
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isolation in one of the world's least understood countries coronavirus look down iran people in power on a jersey. the stage is set in oklahoma for trump's 1st major campaign rally in months and invents mired in controversy and concerns over the coronavirus it comes as a quarter fuses to block the publication of a controversial book about president top by former national security advisor john bolton. i wrote about this and this is all to 0 live from doha also coming up egypt's president warns libya's u.n. recognize got.


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