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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 21, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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an intimate portrayal of isolation and one of the world's least understood countries coronavirus lockdown iran people in power on a. 4th. floor. the best is yet to come. trying to rally his supporters but donald trump's 1st campaign event in months brings empty seats and controversy. play watching al jazeera live from a world headquarters in doha. coming up egypt's president puts his military are notice suggesting they may be deployed to intervene in libya. one of new york's top prosecutors has been investigating donald trump finally agrees to step aside after
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a standoff with the white house and a ring of fire colors a sky. box of africa and asia bringing out. donald trump called it the kickoff of his presidential reelection campaign but is for us radi since a coronavirus outbreak in the u.s. fell short of expectations the event in tulsa oklahoma drew smaller crowds than expected and his appearance was mired in controversy with some saying the event pose a huge risk to public health she ever tuns the reports. that have been reported this rally was intended not just to enjoy the president's supporters but to lift the spirits of his crave the adulation of his base.
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down you are so lucky i'm president. of the trump campaign's hopes of a turnout of 100000 supporters inside and outside this great american come back rally fell short in front of the president. as a dress at the outdoor area because of a lack of numbers those who filed into the 20000 capacity. arena had their temperatures checked having waived their right to sue the trunk campaign if they contract it covert 19 it had been reported that 6 members of the trump advance team had tested positive for the virus and on saturday tells them the location of the rally is a new daily record of infections but the president mocked caution and suggested throughout his speech that protesters have been causing trouble outside and discouraging attendance but there were few protesters and no incidents reported before he spoke you are warriors thank you we answered very people out there was
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the usual blame for the chinese too but here with racially offensive language has more names than any disease all i can. flu i don't blame for public health officials for the spread of the virus in the us what you do testing to that extent you can find more people are going to find more cases so i said to my people slow the testing down please. administration officials quickly briefed journalists that the president was just joking as for the unprecedented demonstrations banning race and close across the country against police violence and systemic racism the president once again presented them as unchecked anti american anarchy and he presented his general election opponent joe biden as a man with a questionable record on race in failing mental health amid these historic protests if the democrats cave. then the riders will be charge and no one will
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be safe and no one will have control joe biden who's not the leader of his party joe biden is a helpless puppet of the radical left by far the longest section there was a defense of the president's cautious use of a ramp following his speech of the west point military academy the week before that had led to speculation about his health it had no handrail it was like it ice skating this event wasn't simply about abusing the president there a 1000000 people were reported to have registered for the event giving the phone numbers as well as email and whom addresses this is essential information for ensuring turnout in november election especially as a significant proportion of trunk space owned regular voters these events are crucial for the trump campaign as momentum we will. raise. the rally did seem like
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a public health experiment what would happen if you packed thousands of people into an indoor arena many refusing to wear or take a minimal precautions for several hours of singing cheering i'm shouting in a city experiencing a surge in crude 1000 infection we should know in 2 to 3 weeks she every time see algis or. kalam held man is a political strategist she says trump was a pain to tell supporters how much he'd done for the black community well what's remarkable about donald trump is that he has inspired the largest black lives matter the largest movements in protests in u.s. history so 3 weeks of his sustained protests in major cities and small towns across the united states and if you look at what is different about this particular wave of protests i think it's because we've lived through 3 years of donald trump who overtly throws racist red meat to his base and if you look at numbers from 2016 we
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know that people with high levels of racial resentment far more likely to turn out to vote for donald trump because he was the titular head of the birth or movement they tried to label our 1st black president has been born elsewhere he calls you know mexicans rapists he said a lot next judge couldn't do his job because he was like max he put up a muslim and put brown children in cages he said that the central park 5 his boys who've been wrongly convicted should still get the death penalty during his 2016 election he said that the white supremacists and charlotte's well you know good people on both sides he retreated a video of george floyd that showed that had the right wing commentators saying that somehow you know george floyd was not a good person insinuating that he may have deserved to be murdered by police so yeah his legacy is definitely tied to race but i would say it's the opposite of what he's claiming that he has actually made it so clear to white americans that racism is not a theoretical thing that they might you know know happens but they don't witness it
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we have seen it in front of our very eyes he hasn't hidden it and so for that you know we can thank donald trump for moving the needle on anti-racist legislation further than anyone else simply because he has been so racist during his presidency . a town federal prosecutor in new york has agreed to step down after standoff with the u.s. attorney general jeffrey behrman had initially refused to resign volleying to continue his corruption investigations into people close to the u.s. president that's just one of the legal battles the white house has been fighting after he failed to block a tell all memoir by the former national security adviser mike hanna reports from washington he's. from bolton was president trump's 3rd national security adviser and had a front row seat to some of the administration's most sensitive then perhaps controversial decisions now he's set to release a book about what he witnessed and it's not good reading for the white house that's why it tried to stop the book's publication but
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a federal judge has now ruled that while bolton had gambled with national security the administration had not shown how it would suffer harm if the publication of the book went ahead and he refused to grant an emergency injunction the phrase used by the judge was the horse is out of the barn he also indicated the administration may have had greater success if it had brought the injunction at the time that john bolton allegedly walked away from the review process and before the widespread publication of quotations from the book it's been a rocky few days for the attorney general william barr and his justice department late friday he tried to demote the prosecutor of new york's powerful southern district court. but jeffrey berman refused to step down they should just tell you that over the last night i have nothing to add to that. this morning i'm just here to do my job just waiting in his office though was a letter from the attorney general confirming that president trump had agreed to
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ply him with immediate effect on the 33 year old bar. where you know that the bar got by far. but we have a very good very good really i got it. says berman's deputy will run the department until the president's new choice is in place and he will now supervise among other cases the investigation opportunities bank that has been indicted on fraud money laundering and sanctions offenses we've had a great relationship in his book john bolton alleges turkish president to one offs president trying to use his influence to get the charges dropped and the president said to aaron i want one point look those prosecutors in new york are obama people wait till i get my people in and then we'll take care of this and i thought to myself and i'm a department of justice alumnus myself i've never heard any president say anything
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like that ever highly classified as usual the response of the white house is to attack others president trump lashed out at john bolton in a series of tweets pointing to the judges criticism as i quote a big court when he continues bolton broke the law and has been called out in rebuked for so doing without really big price to pay he likes dropping bombs on people and killing them now he will have bombs dropped on him. for 30 hours a. week. we've got to think the federal judge has ensured the public will be able to read john bolton's allegations in full on tuesday that president trump appears adamant civil or criminal charges against the former national security adviser inevitable economic. washington. in other world news libya's un recognized government. of military intervention
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present. his army is ready to step in if libya's g.n.a.t. forces advance on the city to city of sirte that's after the g.n.a.t. capture significant ground against wall italy for have to are over the past months money train a report from misrata. after a 14 month military campaign orders khalifa haftar has failed to take control of the libyan capital the battle for tripoli has exposed how deeply involved in actors are in libya. have to has been backed by the u.a.e. russia and egypt while cherokee has given its support to the internationally recognized government or g.n.a.t. signing military and maritime agreements in november that proved to be a game changer. the d.n.a. has since retaken control of western libya and are now position to the west of sirte they say they will not negotiate with how to serve and want his forces to
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retreat from central libya. tricky agrees g.n.a.t. thinks and we support this idea that everybody will go back to their positions back in 2015 when they had this politically been political agreement where certain. needs to be evacuated by the hot air force this is the position of the g.n.a.t. but he gyptian president of fatah has sisi one of have to smain supporters doesn't agree and then i. know if some believe that they could cross the line in places that matter to us insert or jew for that's a red line. sisi has called on his army to be prepared to intervene. i'm certain if we are need of your sacrifices you are prepared to carry out any mission within our home soil or for acquired beyond our border lines while egypt appears to be intensifying its rhetoric on libya other regional actors are calling
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for calm algeria hosted the genie's phases on saturday after hosting i give us the speaker of the eastern based parliament last week algeria's president. has said his country's position is neutral and it wants to see a political solution to the crisis in the g.n.a.t. turkey are calling for a ceasefire and insist the have to forces must retreat from sirte but the language from have to as main supporter egypt suggests that you may not go without a fight now traina al jazeera. misrata. a separatist group fighting for control of the many island of so-called tri says it's taken over most of the government run military camps in what one source says amounts to a coup a silent transitional council which is supported by the u.a.e. is fighting to take control of the island from the saudi banks here many government the s.t.c. also arrested military staff opposed to its presence on the island. still ahead on
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al-jazeera building on protected wetlands in zimbabwe hot property developers have made a worsening the drought. because of protests hundreds of businesses have been ported up artists are using that as an opportunity i'm gabriels on to new york that story coming up. still plenty more rain and some pretty strong thunderstorms across central and eastern areas of europe but there is a change on of the cause but before we get to that we have sunny weather up into lithuania's how much is having in the high twenty's low thirty's and this means verna sunshine is the more typical to see. a lightning like this over the skies in istanbul there are 4 calls there as well and still these eastern areas is where
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we're going to see some pretty heavy rain is to go through sunday particularly across areas of poland to the east up into the baltics right the way down into the balkans not cheap out across central europe a fair amount of cloud still a few showers across areas of the west but as i say things all set to change with high pressure beginning to build across the southwest of europe said the next system coming in from the. diverse has pushed across up into the north of the u.k. but fine and dry elsewhere but still we've got all this rain these thunderstorms even. really trading right the way across eastern regions and this again is where heavy downpours we could even have some localized flooding but look at these temperatures for the next few days in paris the average is 22 up 230311 wednesday on a similar pattern in london sunny skies of the hive. assessments
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tourism but the income stream is dead in the water what's been the result seen perching go up quite significantly informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal and it really is citing in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for new policy it's a country i think not only we seem to grady but he's threatening this stability over all continues inside story on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from doha with me for the. top stories u.s.
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person donald trump has held his 1st reelection ronny since the corona virus crisis began the crowd in tulsa oklahoma was smaller than expected opposite critics say the event threatened to spread go big $91.00 of new york's top federal prosecutors has agreed to step down after a standoff with the white house jeffrey behrman had initially refused to resign vowing to continue his corruption investigations into president trump's inner circle and libby is un recognized government has announced the chips in president threat of military intervention abdel fattah el-sisi says the army could step in if need be as g.n.a.t. forces advance on the strategic city of sirte. the polls have opened in serbia for europe's 1st parliamentary elections since it went into coronavirus lockdown 3 months ago opinion polls predict a win for president alexander who searches serbian progressive party some opposition parties are boycotting they say the vote is a hoax and the president too much power over the media turnout of the 6 and
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a half 1000000 eligible voters could suffer over fears of infection and it's not just serbia with coronavirus concerns the number of new infections has been on the rise across the western balkans as restrictions are eased nataly a new search has more from belgrade. number of people infected with corona virus is on the rise through the balkans region northern macedonia and serbia recorded the highest increase of newly infected in the past couple of days with bosnia and herzegovina close behind them because of that croatia that still has a low infection rate compared to its neighbors is tightening borders so serious citizens and citizens of boston who are sick of ina are allowed to enter the country only if they have a valid reason the only country in the region that had previously declared itself coronavirus free was montenegro but even there infections are on the rise again new daily infections the serbia are on 100 for the last couple of days epidemiology
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claimed that there is no reason for alarm yet a new coroner virus hotspots keep emerging around the country despite the calls to keep distance and follow health advice authorities allowed football matches to be held with up to $25000.00 spectators at the stadiums with summer calm an increase in tourists traveling around the region and people are starting to get worried that early easing dialogue down across the balkans may bring even more infections of kovi 19. now despite the rise in coronavirus status across latin america countries in the region are pushing to reopen. the pally rhythmic sounds of some much needed relief to this vision a go. at it impair the band play their weekend internet streamed set on a roof overlooking the shanty town. of brazil mourning so many deaths from
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coronavirus people here say music helps and. those coming back from work and those who stay at home don't have much to do so the music has become an emotional escape for lots of people but there were a spike can only be temporary as the number of infections and deaths continues to climb not just in brazil but across much of latin america. mexico surpassed the 20000 mark on friday cemeteries in part of the country are struggling to find grave space for the dead while funeral workers try their best to protect relatives from the same fate. but despite the rising death toll quarantine restrictions are being eased allowing many shops in factories to reopen. without tory t.'s struggling to find the right balance between the need to save lives and economic recovery. the epidemic continues and we have to be extremely careful in
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the reactivation of activities in our streets where we congregate there is no doubt that we need to start recovering our public life as other countries have done because our daily sustenance depends on it and half the country lives from day to day. in colombia where the virus has had less impact there was a frenzy of shopping on friday as crowds took advantage of a day without value added tax the government promoted it to revive business activity although critics including the mayor of. we're calling the measure irresponsible most of them are not less than some of them up on them this is not a party we are in a pandemic if you want to buy something it's better to buy online with that you don't run the risk of crowding after months of lockdown people across latin america are understandably tired of staying home and countries eager to jump start their economies even if the number of cases in deaths continues to set new records and
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there is still little clarity on when the outbreak will begin to subside alyson the m.p.'s i'll just say you have a. black lives matter protests have been held in cities across the u.k. for the 4th weekend in a row despite a ban on large gatherings because of a corner virus pandemic hundreds joined the demonstration in london's hyde park made back i was saying. i think. black lives matter is more than a movement it's a moment for p.j. matheson a young campaigner finding his voice her anger over police brutality against black people in the united states has rippled here to britain a country with its own unique and all too similar problems with racism there are different things on like some levels but a universal feeling is the same we all feel sometimes threatened by the police
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there's a feeling of civil unrest racism is defined by deep differences and societal bias young black men are 10 times more likely to be stopped and searched by the police in the u.k. and less likely to go on to hold top jobs covert nineteen's exposed to grave consequences of discrimination and poverty with black asian and other minorities a greater risk of dying of the disease in britain today being black remains an obstacle to success one at a difference between black people speaking and white people speak in is white people because they don't have the same barriers and the same putdowns that we have they have a much more damage a nation is a long winded and i was about people say we can't get that far because you know we've been told you can't do that. black lives matter it's a powerful slogan is intended for people here and an amiable truth but for some people in the u.k. it's
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a slogan that they struggle with taking it to mean the for some reason black life should matter more than otherwise when that's not what it means what it does mean is a call for parity equality and a call to be heard. recent protests are prompted the reevaluation of british history stand choose upon a slave owners have toppled a national heroes including winston churchill have faced scrutiny for their racist views. it's some settled many on the political right just because your skin color as you know something or your you know you're a woman or you're a man doesn't mean something that happened decades ago centuries ago to someone who looks like you it's not it shouldn't affect you this is collectivism this is i didn't see politics the government's been accused of downplaying the protests with the foreign secretary dominic facing criticism after saying the black lives matter action of taking the knee in region 8 in the t.v. show game of thrones. for many here the protests are
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a chance to take stock of britain's past. in the hope of redefining its future leave mark out of syria london and the midst of the pandemic and black lies matter protests the soho district of new york has been turned into an art gallery hundreds of artists have painted the plywood of boarded up storefronts with protest aren't depicting expressions of hope and healing karen ellis on to has a story. where some people see an eyesore artists see a canvas the stores in new york's soho district 1st closed in march because of the covert pandemic but then were boarded up for protection during the recent protests and spread occluding and now weeks later the entire neighborhood has become an open air art gallery of sorts of protest art work on almost every block artists have converted boarded up businesses into artistic statements to mark these
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unprecedented times i think. we're living through the greatest period of change in. i don't know maybe think the berlin wall found on one corner we find artists trevor croupe painting his 2nd mural in the neighborhood hundreds of people of the bank you to me as they're walking by. you see an outpouring of creativity some artists i haven't painted for years are painting out here on another street lydia benny ery she's originally from greece and has painted faces of black people that have been killed by police and we have 30 members of them not to forget them this is their. day and they decide to say to it work in process because every few days they continue to kill somebody eventually all these stores will reopen and this would be it's been put here to protect the doors and
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windows will all be taken down and with it all of this art will be lost forever. it's already happening with the looting over shops are preparing to reopen a group called soho social impact is trying to preserve as much of the art as possible and there is a lot from the hopeful to the defiant to the art that makes you think telling the story of new york and america the past few weeks on the most unlikely of canvases gabriels on. new york. to zimbabwe now where years of drought have led to water shortages and in many urban areas landowners are being blamed for invading and building on wetlands how much costs are reports from harare. and dorothy wakeling strongly objected when a property developer try to build houses on this protected area is one of several
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with lands in harare ecosystems such as marshes and urban areas that soak up and store extra rainfall and water we have seen all over most of these open spaces that are lived unfortunately that is the target of developers with just randomly booting on these. scientists say wetlands purify and still groundwater which is then gradually released into rivers and lakes years of drought in zimbabwe have made these water bodies even more precious in history you've had cities over the thousands of years that have dried up and people have moved away from those cities we heading in that direction and i cannot say that strongly enough. we are i don't know anyone in the city who does not have to problem. many dams rivers and lakes are slowly disappearing several parts of the country apart just as the economy worsens was a bobbins
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a coming to harare from smaller towns and rural areas and this emitted 2000000 people live in and around the capital putting a strain on its already depleting water sources. city councils approved development permits after an environmental impact assessment has been done municipal officials deny allegations made by some environmental activists that they are purposely allowing landowners to build illegally on with lands and more of that is being used to drug a board or action guns drilling other institutions yet those resources can be used to predict this. they're full of going. to talk about woodlands. coming. to lease a piece of land. in predicted zimbabwe is a signatory to the international ramps a convention a cittie for the conservation and sustainable use of quick lands but as urban
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migration increases the even more pressure to build and grow food in areas conservation a say protecting the few remaining water bodies left in urban areas needs more political will and environmentally friendly policies how do. you know than hemisphere's longest day and shortest night of the year the summer solstice coincides with a so-called ring of fire. it looks from new delhi in india sky launches along a narrow band from west africa to the arabian peninsula india and southern china witness eclipse shortly after sunrise south of the equator it steve winter solstice a short to say of the year these images were filmed in nairobi kenya where an astronomer looked at the solar eclipse from her garden.
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hello again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has held his 1st reelection rally since the coronavirus crisis began the crowd in tulsa oklahoma was smaller than expected after critics said the event threatened to spread over $1000.00. but american shipyards left wing radicals burned down buildings shared vision destroyed private property your 100 year dedicated police officers. these police officers they get injured they don't complain they're incredible and injure south asia upon thousands of people only day here the radical. saying what a beautiful rally of quotes one of new york's top federal prosecutors has agreed to step down after a standoff with the u.s. attorney general geoffrey bennett and had initially refused to resign volleying to continue his corruption investigations into president trump's inner circle the un
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recognized government in libya is denouncing egyptian threats of military intervention egypt's president has warned the army could be sent in if jna forces advance on the important city of sirte the many separatist groups fighting for control of the island of socal atrocities it's taken over most of the government run military camps in what one source says amounts to a coup 7 transitional council which is supported by the u.a.e. is fighting to take control from the saudi backed yemeni government and voting is underway in said for europe's 1st parliamentary election since it went into coronavirus lockdown 3 months ago opinion polls predict a win for president alexander is serbian progressive party some opposition parties are boycotting they say the vote is a hoax those are the headlines on al-jazeera i'll have more news for you right after inside story to stay with us. can even cost as economies tank can drop losses increase government debts are headed toward world move through
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levels when asked that his arrest hold a strong bond is divorced from reality plus the pandemic devastates indigenous communities across latin america. counting the cost well now this year on. the extends its sanctions on russia european leaders say moscow isn't keeping up its end of the cease fire deal in ukraine but all the sanctions working and what hope is there now to end the conflict this isn't such. a. hello and welcome to the program i'm in wrong can the conflict in eastern ukraine is often called europe's forgotten will separatists backed by russia have been battling the ukrainian army since 2014 thousands of people have been killed
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and one and a half 1000000 ukrainians have been displaced russia and ukraine signed a cease fire in the by the russian capital minsk in 2015.


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