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the coming war on china part one on a jazzy. play an important role. in. ringback the in the in. the in. the u.s. president's 1st campaign rally since the coronavirus crisis brings empty seats send more insults aimed at china. has more names in the disease and. i can. conclude. they are watching al jazeera live from doha with me fully backed people also ahead egypt's president says his military is ready to intervene in libya and made other
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efforts to calm the fight for control of the country as we look at what could be in store for hong kong as more detail emerges of china's controversial security law and running out of water why property developers are being blamed for draining wetlands in zimbabwe. thank you for joining us donald trump has told small controversy at his 1st reelection rally in months the u.s. president insulted china and told supporters coronavirus testing has turned up too many cases went against advice in holding the rally in tulsa oklahoma way drew a smaller crowd than expected health officials warn it could worsen a pandemic that's already killed 120000 americans she have a ton see reports. it has been reported that this rally
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was intended not just to energize the president's supporters but to lift the spirits of a man whose craved the adulation of his base during the long months of lock down you are so lucky president that's all i can begin with the trump campaign's hopes of a turnout of 100000 supporters inside and outside this great american comeback rally fell short in fact the president canceled what had been planned as a pretty rowdy address at the outdoor overflow area because of a lack of numbers those who filed into the 20000 capacity arena had their temperatures checked having waived their right to sue the trump campaign if they contract and covert 19 it had been reported that 6 members of the trump advance team had tested positive for the virus and on saturday a location of the rally hit a new daily record of infections but the president mocked caution and suggested throughout his speech that protesters have been causing trouble outside and
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discouraging attendance but there were few protestors and no incidents reported before he spoke you are warriors thank you we had some very people out there was the usual blame for the chinese too but here with racially offensive language has more names than any disease. i can. come flu and blame for public health officials for the spread of the virus in the u.s. when you do testing to that extent you can find more people are going to find more cases so i said to my people are slow to test things out please the administration officials quickly briefed journalists that the president was just joking as for the unprecedented demonstrations spanning race and close across the country against police violence and systemic racism the president once again presented them as unchecked anti american and. and he presented his general election opponent joe
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biden as a man with a questionable record on race in failing mental health amid these historic protests if the democrats cave. then the riders will be charged and no one will be safe and no one will have control joe biden who's not the leader of his party joe biden is a helpless puppet of the radical left by far the longest section there was a defense of the president's cautious use of a ramp following his speech of the west point military academy the week before that had led to speculation about his health it had no handrail it was like it ice skating this event wasn't simply about abusing the president there are a 1000000 people were reported to have registered for the event giving their phone numbers as well as email and whom addresses this is essential information for ensuring turnout in november election especially as a significant proportion of trunk space owned regular voters these events are
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crucial for the trim campaigns momentum we will 2. raise. the rally did seem like a public health experiment what would happen if you packed thousands of people into an indoor arena many refusing to wear or take a minimal precautions for several hours of singing cheering and shouting in a city experiencing a surge in crude 1000 infection we should know in 2 to 3 weeks she every time see al-jazeera every can is a fanatical analyst says says it's unlikely president triumphal escaped the controversy surrounding the valley unscathed. i think what the president is dealing with right now is the perfect storm the president is still reeling from a kobe kobe 19 outbreak that is only getting worse and even though the numbers tonight simply were not what the president expected there is still a concern
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a deep worry that those many thousands of people that are in that stadium tonight not only could be carriers but also could spread this virus throughout the country and that is something that the president is going to have to confront in addition to that as we look at all of the demonstrations over the last $25.00 days that occur and you see be just the enormous crowds many are going to look at this president look at what's taking place and began to wonder if fact if this president can draw audiences in deep red oklahoma no less does that mean that people simply are tuning out his message doesn't mean that the president simply is ineffectual at leading the country out of both of these crises and remember not only is it just a confluence of a pandemic and social and civil unrest but the present in the studio dealing with an economy that's at recession perhaps even great depression levels and right now there is still no no no sense that this president can grapple or address either of
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these crisis let alone all 3 at one time now the wild new zealand recognized government in libya is denouncing egyptian threats of military intervention president has warned the army could be sent in if d.n.a. forces advance on the it's a teaching claim porn city of say a $10.25 time money train and reports from misrata. after a 14 month military campaign orders khalifa haftar has failed to take control of the libyan capital the battle for tripoli has exposed how deeply involved foreign actors are in libya. have to has been backed by the u.a.e. russia and egypt while cherokee has given its support to the internationally recognized government or g.n.a.t. signing military and maritime agreements in november that prove to be a game changer. the g.n.a.t. has since retaken control of western libya and are now position to the west of sirte they say they will not negotiate with how to surf and run his forces to
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retreat from central libya. tricky agrees g.n.a.t. thinks and we support this idea that everybody should go back to their positions back in 2015 when they had this politically been political agreement we are said to enjoy needs to be evacuated by and the hot air force this is the position of the g.n.a.t. but egypt and president of fatah has sisi one of have to smain supporters doesn't agree and. bomb if some believe that they could cross the line in places that matter to us insert or jew for that's a red line sisi has called on his army to be prepared to intervene and. i'm certain if we are need of your sacrifices you are prepared to carry out any mission within our home soil or for acquired beyond our border lines while egypt appears to be intensifying its rhetoric on libya other regional actors are calling
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for calm algeria hosted the g.n.a.s. phases the ruds on saturday after hosting i give us all of the speaker of the eastern based parliament last week algeria's president. has said his country's position is neutral and it wants to see a political solution to the crisis. libya's internationally recognized government thus the g.n.a.s. denounced all sis's remarks on saturday saying that this constitutes a threat to their national sovereignty and that is a threat to their secure their national security now i spoke to commanders here on the ground and they say that they are adamant about entering sirte they say that they want to liberate all of libya from have to control they also say that their agreement with church is a legitimate one the g. and a and cherokee signed the military and maritime agreement in november this has helped the d.n.a. in capturing western western libya retaking western libya from have 2 forces and
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they want to continue on now to sirte and they say after that towards the eastern oil ports what we are seeing is a real effort from the d.n.a. to continue on they say that they will not accept a cease fire until have to force is really a retreat from syria and from a jew from and they want they want they will not negotiate with huffed or well until now egypt's president has pushed for a political solution to the libyan conflict earlier this month backed by the us russia and the u.a.e. sisi call for a ceasefire and propose an elected leadership council turkey dismissed the plan as an attempt to save half time after heavy battlefield losses what's changed now is that c.c. says egypt has a right to defend itself against so-called direct threats from fight as an oil to maybe as government forces and supported by turkey he says e.-m.
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of any military action would be to protect egypt's 1200 kilometer long western border with libya and how for a stalled peace sami hamdi is editor in chief of the international interest magazine he says a g.n.a.t. war so make sure it's in the most powerful position before negotiating. we have to remember that the dynamics have changed there in libya with turkey's intervention and we have to remember that we'll have to was strong he didn't want to negotiate and now that the d.n.a. are strong they are the ones that are rejecting that negotiation and the reason being is that turkey wants to maximize the gains for the genie as much as possible they want sit and go for us to make sure the genie is in the most powerful position possible before negotiations egypt stance is let's do talks now while sevenzo for are in the hands of the n.a.r. in the hands of the eastern government in order to ensure that ellen a continues to have a say in the potential political future of libya i don't think egypt wants to get
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involved i think egypt is genuine about negotiations maybe not necessarily for the reasons that d.n.a. want it to be. in favor of negotiations but we have to also remember that egypt has offered to empower us siler at the expense of have to so the issue here is not just there the issue here is not this idea of who want to negotiate who doesn't want negotiations the idea is that now out of the genome on top now that they are being backed by turkey given that hastert was not interested to go she asians when he was on top of the gene they are saying why should we be interested in it let's get as much as we can until we're forced to stop in other words what applies here is the famous verses of the tunisian poets custom should be that they can be no justice or in this case negotiations until the powers are balance right now the jna are struggling and this is why we see this the 1st major election since much of europe went into coronavirus long don is happening in say bia more than 6000000 people are eligible to vote for a new parliament election was originally planned for april opinion polls predict
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the serbian progressive party of president alexander change will get around 50 percent of the vote but some opposition parties are boycotting saying the election won't be fair because of which is just media influence that tally a new church has more on the vote from belgrade. polling stations are open from 7 o'clock local time this summer morning and 6500000 people has the right to wall today can choose between 21 electoral slate and the 1st on that list the serbian progressive party ruling party lead it by president oleksandr voted to end they do have a huge support among voters in the serbia they did win the last elections with the more than a 40 percent of the votes and every research before this they show that serbian progressive party will easily win this elections with more than
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a 50 percent of vote after many years in serbia we have part of the opposition who is boycotting these elections they said and as they've been saying for a couple of years now that there is no democracy in serbia and that everything is controlled media and the whole process in the elections our control is controlled by a serbian progressive party and the president himself so they decided not to run today and i have to say there among them they are very well known or politicians in the serbian political scene and we have a former representatives in parliament also former ministers and the called people to day not to vote still ahead on al-jazeera why columbia's government is being criticised for allowing a shopping frenzy to go ahead and at the end of coronavirus clamp down can't come
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soon enough for zoo animals in the philippines. hello the seasonal rains on this my you buy you system every now and again get little curl in them that lump which produces heavy rain readings for the yangtze of the moment which is where you'd expect to be the yangtze floods as time of the year and the orange blobs suggest a heavier rain which of course runs along the system much is over the ocean and then but look at this heading towards tokyo this japanese end could produce some pretty heavy rain in tokyo and then it moves slowly north was just grazing home sure then the thing appears to break are going to huge lump in it and that is tricky that turns into a proper circulation cut something quite serious the elysee don't think it will but certainly heavy rain the monsoon trough is also a long way north now it's. really keeping up with the average jumping ahead so
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we've got a good season you think but nobody would say on the front itself from a good burst stopwatch going on in them and in fact if anything it's well behind this circulation running up through bangladesh and bihar could well turn into something really wet really slow moving producing more than maybe the normal monsoon floods so it's the eastern side of india there are showers further west even more so up in new delhi but for the most part that is the place to watch. for. is saudi arabia publicly championing women's rights so good there is committed to empowering its use empowering women while privately punishing those who step out of line they've been aided. from day when if there was taking to the security gate pointed out is there a wild examines the alleged detention and torture of saudis women activists the
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only charges against relate to their talking to foreign organizations like human rights watch and amnesty international saudi women reform or oppression on al-jazeera. the at the. bottom back our top stories on al-jazeera this hour a u.s. resident donald trump us how his 1st reelection rally since the coronavirus crisis began the crowd in tulsa oklahoma was smaller than expected after critics said the event threatened to spread over 90 the un recognized government in libya is denouncing egypt's threats of military intervention president up to fatah sisi has warned the army could be sent in if d.n.a. forces advance on these are teaching born city of sirte and voters are casting
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ballots in serbia's bottom entry election which was postponed because of the global coronavirus pandemic both riddick's the governing body of president alexander every church will win a clear majority it's been boycotted by much of the opposition. now police in the u.k. say counterterrorism officers are joining the investigation into a stabbing attack that killed 3 people at a park in the southern town of reading a 25 year old man was arrested after saturday's attack police say they're not looking for any other suspects. china's controversial new security knock could be imposed on hong kong within weeks china's top legislative body has announced a 3 day session starting on sunday but has not specified if it's directly related to the proposal details of the law in nature on saturday revealing mainland courts will have jurisdiction over certain national security crimes and need a period as a lawyer and author he says people did not expect china to create
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a new national security agency in hong kong. mirror that the law would introduce 4 new criminal offenses to hong kong or those of secession subversion terrorism and colluding with foreign forces but what they weren't expecting and what has been revealed in the last day or 2 was to such a deep and intrusive intervention into the very governance structure and legal structure of hong kong including creating an entirely new national security agency in hong kong and new departments within the prosecutor's office and the police force here in hong kong to both investigate and prosecute national security offenses so it's a very wide and deep intervention into the very structure of the hokum government legal system they are sensitive to their international reputation they want to be seen to be playing by the rules and upholding the rule of law and indeed one of the sections of this document released over the last couple of days specifically included references to the rule of law to the i.c.c.
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p.-i to human rights and so on and so china do sensitive to their international reputation remaining intact and so to that extent i think international pressure it's a national attention to the issue can at least cause china to press moderate some of their worst instincts and ensure that this is done as far as possible in about ordway and consistent with the principles of the the rule of lauren and fundamental human rights. zimbabwe which has endured years of drought and environmentalist blame property developers for making it worse they're accused of causing a drastic fall in groundwater levels by building homes unprotected wetlands how much faster has more from harare. and dorothy wakeling strongly objected when a property developer try to build houses on this protected area is one of several with lands in harare ecosystems such as marshes and urban areas that soak up and store extra rainfall and water we've seen all of. these open spaces that are lived
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unfortunately that is the target of developers with just randomly butin on these. scientists say wetlands purify and still groundwater which is then gradually released into rivers and lakes years of drought in zimbabwe have made these water bodies even more precious in history you've had to seize over the thousands of years that have dried up and people have moved away from those cities we heading in that direction and i cannot say that strongly enough. we are i don't know anyone in the city who does not have a will to problem. many dams rivers and lakes are slowly disappearing several parts of the country apart just as the economy worsens was a coming to harare from smaller towns and rural areas and it's limited $2000000.00 people live in and around the capital putting
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a strain on its already depleting water sources. city councils approved development permits after an environmental impact assessment has been done municipal officials deny allegations made by some environmental activists that they are purposely allowing landowners to build illegally on with lands and more of that is being used to draw the board for action. drilling other institutions yet. those resources can be used to predict this somewhat. they're full of going toward just took a bored witless but as they are not fond of coming. to release a piece of land that they presume is works in predicted zimbabwe is a signatory to the international ramsar convention a cittie for the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands but as urban migration increases the even more pressure to build and grow food in marshy areas conservation
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a say protecting these few remaining water bodies left in urban areas needs more political will and environmentally friendly policies. al-jazeera had already. and zimbabwe's health minister has appeared in court accused of illegally awarding a company a multimillion dollar contract for coronavirus medical supplies more oil was arrested on friday legibly chose a company called drax international to provide the government with medical equipment at inflated price prices. in brazil police have clear sunbathers from one of the country's most famous beaches in rio de janeiro offices in copacabana where enforcing coronavirus restrictions as the worst 2nd worst affected country with more than a 1000000 reported infections and nearly 50000 deaths are despite the rise in coronavirus deaths across latin america countries are still pushing to reopen. reports. the police make sounds of some much needed relief to this for rio de
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janeiro. as it impair the band play their weekend internet streamed set on a roof overlooking the shanty town. of brazil mourning so many deaths from coronavirus people here say music helps and call. those coming back from work and those who stay at home don't have much to do so the music has become an emotional escape for lots of people but the response can only be temporary as the number of infections and deaths continues to climb not just in brazil but across much of latin america. mexico surpassed the 20000 mark on friday cemeteries in part of the country are struggling to find grave space for the dead while funeral workers try their best to protect relatives from the same fate. but despite the rising death toll quarantine restrictions are being eased allowing many
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shops in factories to reopen. without dorothy is struggling to find the right balance between the need to save lives and economic recovery. dimock continues we have to be extremely careful in the reactivation objective it isn't our streets where we congregate there is no doubt that we need to start recovering our public life as other countries have done because our daily sustenance depends on it and half the country lives from day to day. in colombia where the virus has had less impact there was a frenzy of shopping on friday as crowds took advantage of a day without value added tax the government promoted it to revive business activity although critics including the mayor of bogota were calling the measure irresponsible most although not less than some of them up on one this is not a party we are in a pandemic if you want to buy something it's better to buy online with that you don't run the risk of crowding after months of lockdown people across latin america
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are understandably tired of staying home and countries eager to jump start their economies even if the number of cases in deaths continues to set new records and there is still little clarity on when the outbreak will begin to subside alison that i'm here i'll just say you have. venezuela's vice president says a radical new restrictions will come into force from monday to stop what she is calling a dangerous increase in coronavirus cases rodrigue says a metro in the capital caracas will be shut down as well as nearby railway systems will need to prove their essential workers venezuela has reported or was 4000 cases and 33 covered 1000 deaths spain meanwhile has opened its borders to visitors from most european countries and they won't have to undergo a 2 week mandatory quarantine of the land border with portugal remains close until july 1st spain has been one of the worst affected countries in europe.
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zoos under lockdown in the philippines are pleading for donations of food and veterinary services animal activists say even if quarantine measures are lifted by the end of the month it's unlikely will be a priority for visitors i mean linda then reports. princess and her friend sir finally together in their temporary home the horses are well known to tourists who visit the town doctor just a few hours south from manila. but princess and her friends were left behind as people fled the eruption of a volcano last january some animals died but these horses were rescued. but the shutdown of tourist sites in the region of luzon in response to the growing of our respond demick means these animals are unlikely to carry any visitors again it's sort of a vote of the 5th this and some of them have to survive and we think our society
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can be seen. if they're good or if they're bad by how they treat their. manila zoo is the oldest and also one of its most iconic tourist destinations critics say it was neglected for decades by previous administrations and that's left many parts indicate it's now closed indefinitely but still receiving funds from the local government even a judge. we learn from one of. them all being good at least 1500000000. and make peace one of the best. manila's who is almost every filipino family's happy place this is why it's temporary closure is this appointing for many of its loyal visitors but animal doctors here tell us this period is seen as
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a respites here. diego and gabriella have been meeting more than usual animal doctors say the absence of tourists has left a silence that's coming for the end. like molly was the zoo's biggest attraction for more than 40 years molly's spent almost every day of his life performing for visitors but the lockdown means he can finally have a prolonged moment to peace and rest yet to still enjoys a treat from rear visitors every now and then. the officials at manila's who see bill have a much better shelter once the renovations are finished and they're in no rush they say the fact people are now forced to see home means these animals are enjoying a world relatively free of humans a world a lot less terrifying to dog an al-jazeera manila. sunday's the
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northern hemisphere is the longest day and shortest night of the year the summer soltis soul cisco insides with a so-called ring of fire solar eclipse this is how it looks from new delhi in india sky watchers along a narrow band from west africa to the arabian peninsula india and southern china witnessed the eclipse shortly after sunrise south of the equator it's the winter solstice the shortest day of the year these images were filmed in nairobi kenya where an astronomer enjoy if you. know what i'm fully back to you bore with the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. prison donald trump has had his 1st reelection rallies in seeker on a virus crisis began the crowd in tulsa oklahoma was smaller than expected after critics said the event threatened to spread over 19. the u.n. recognized government in libya is denouncing egypt's threats of military
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intervention present abdel fattah el-sisi has won the army could be sent in if g.n.a.t. forces advance on the strategically important city of sate traina has more from misrata now i spoke to the commanders here on the ground and they say that they are adamant about entering sirte they say that they want to liberate all of libya from have to control they also say that their agreement with church is a legitimate one the g.n.a.t. in turkey signed a military and maritime agreement in november this is hope to do in capturing western was through would be a real take us through libya from have 2 forces and they want to continue on out through sirte and they say after that towards the eastern oil ports the voters are casting their ballots in serbia's parliamentary election which was well spawned because of the koran a virus spend demick riddick's the governing party of president alexander who will
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win a majority it's being boycotted by much of the opposition but he's in the u.k. say counterterrorism offices are joining the investigation into a stabbing attack that killed 3 people at a park in the southern town of reading a 25 year old man was arrested after saturday's attack spain has opened its borders to visitors from most european countries and they want to have to undergo a 2 week mandatory quarantine but the land border with portugal remains close until july the 1st spain has been one of the worst affected countries in europe by covert 19 venezuela's president vice president says tough new restrictions will come into force from monday to stop what she's calling a dangerous increase in corona virus cases the metro in the capital caracas will be shut down and passengers will need to prove they're essential workers those are the headlines coming up next on jazeera and sigh story.
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he extends its sanctions on russia european leaders say moscow isn't keeping up its end of the cease fire deal in ukraine but all the sanctions were looking of what is the nail to end the conflict this isn't such a. hello and welcome to the program. the conflict in eastern ukraine is often cold at europe's forgotten will separatists backed by russia have been battling the ukrainian army since 2014 thousands of people have been.


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