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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 21, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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we will interact. with. the mixed messages from egypt on the battle for libya president sisi warned of military intervention his foreign minister says he abouts of the circle solution. hello again i'm the stasi a tale this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. president's 1st campaign rally since the coronavirus crisis brings empty seats and more insults and a china. has more days that in the disease. i can.
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conclude. u.a.e. about southern separatists in yemen seize control of the island of sumatra. and trying to preserve their patch we go inside north america's last great tropical jungle to see what's being done to save us. now libya's parliament in tripoli calls it a direct threat egypt says it's all a misunderstanding a day after president up the 1000 l.c.c. threaten to send his army into libya his foreign minister says he backs a political solution to the conflict as he warned of military intervention if forces belonging to libya's u.n. recognized government advance on the city of such a stronghold of the war that egypt is backing khalifa haftar. but i'm with. you are
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ready to carry out any missions what i witnessed is a living proof of our keeping billets i can see egypt's army is one of the mightiest armies in the region i am certain if we need a few sacrifices like those being carried out over the past 7 years along our borders with libya you are prepared to carry out any mission with no home soil or if required beyond our border lines and then a few hours later gyptian foreign minister some pushed for a political solution saying the government in tripoli had not properly read the ideas of l.c.c. meanwhile the united states says the road map to stability involves a ceasefire the immediate restoration of libyan oil production and also the launch of a political process when a train as in misrata with reaction from libya's internationally recognized government. several d.n.a. officials have responded to president of the fatah has c.c.f. remarks on saturday called the mystery that's the speaker of the high state council
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has said has denounced as she says remarks calling them a violation to libya's sovereignty of the g.n. a military commander why spoke to a little while ago he said that their forces are adamant and they will answer search now it's important to know that these are forces that know the territory and certain very well in 2011 forces primarily from here in misrata were responsible for entering search and capturing and killing one more good that they did that of course with nato support in 2016 these same forces are the ones who went to sirte and liberated it from eisel they did that of course with american support so these are forces that know the territory well they are confident they can enter sirte and they say that they will and you know the commander earlier told me that the d.n.a. or our forces will not stop until we in his words liberate all of libya from have to control and so what we're seeing is the genie forces of the political officials
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here are adamant about. getting aletha have to out of the picture they say they won't negotiate with after and they're adamant about retaking or taking control of all of libyan land mike hanna is in washington d.c. with the reaction from the united states. very cautious response from the state department a senior state department official says that all parties must establish a cease fire a lie that is observateur they say too that a key to achieving a lasting peace is a resumption of oil production in libya they also their fact that they continue to support un backed efforts to achieve a lasting truth and also make mention to the of the berlin meeting in january at which various parties made various commitments which are not being observed at present but underlying and butlins in the us position is perhaps
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a gap between the executive president and state department in the past president trump has supported khalifa haftar in complete reversal to what the state department position was now officially the u.s. approach position remains support for the government troops based in tripoli however there is that the lack of clarity in terms of where president trump stands now it must be mentioned as well that some 2 weeks ago president did have a conversation with the turkish president. which said that they came to a lot of agreement on the situation in libya now there was nothing official out of the white house on that particular conversation but certainly it's a very important one given the nature and the power of the one support for the government forces based in tripoli now donald trump has stoked more controversy at his 1st reelection rally in months the u.s. president insulted china and told his supporters that coronavirus testing had
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turned up too many cases trump also went against advice and holding that rally in tulsa oklahoma where it drew a smaller crowd than expected health officials warned it could wesson a pandemic that's already killed nearly 120000 americans she has a chance at reports. that have been. this rally was intended not just to energize the president's supporters but to lift the spirits of a man who's craved the adulation of his base during the long months of lock down you are so lucky president that's all i can cook you with the trump campaign's hopes of a turnout of 100000 supporters inside and outside this great american comeback rally fell short in fact the president canceled what had been planned as a pretty rowdy address at the outdoor overflow area because of a lack of numbers those who filed into the 20000 capacity arena had their temperatures checked having waived their right to sue the trump campaign if they
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contract it covert 19 earlier it had been reported that 6 members of the trump advance team had tested positive for the virus and on saturday a location of the rally hit a new daily record of infections but the president mocked caution and suggested throughout his speech that protesters have been causing trouble outside and discouraging attendance but there were few protestors and no incidents reported before he spoke your ears thank you we answered very people out there was the usual blame for the chinese too but here with racially offensive language has more names than any disease look i can. kung flu i don't blame for public health officials for the spread of the virus in the u.s. when you do testing to that extent you can find more people you can find more cases so i said to my people slow the testing down please the administration officials
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quickly briefed journalists that the president was just joking as for the unprecedented demonstrations banning race and close across the country against police violence and systemic racism the president once again presented them as unchecked anti american anarchy and he presented his general election opponent joe biden as a man with a questionable record on race in failing mental health amid these historic protests if the democrats cave. then the riders will be charged and no one will be safe and no one will have control joe biden who's not the leader of his party joe biden is a helpless puppet of the radical left by far the longest section there was a defense of the president's cautious use of a ramp following his speech of the west point military academy the week before that had led to speculation about his health it had no handrail it was like it ice
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skating this event wasn't simply about abusing the president there a 1000000 people were reported to have registered for the event giving their phone numbers as well as email and whom addresses this is essential information for ensuring turnout in november election especially as a significant proportion of trunk space owned regular voters these events all crucial for the trump campaign is momentum we will know. that the rally did seem like a public health experiment what would happen if you packed thousands of people into an indoor arena many refusing to wear or take a minimal precautions for several hours of singing. i'm shouting in a city experiencing. my own team infection we should move in 2 to 3 weeks. i would use it. a one story that is gaining traction online could explain why a trans rally was one 3rd empty uses on social media say they tried to encourage
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people to register for the event and then not show up the movements most active supporters were teenagers who posted videos of themselves dancing with trump's web site behind them 51 year old woman from iowa is credited with inspiring that pairing i recommend all of those of us that want to see this 90000 seat on a tour in barely filled or completely empty go reserve tickets now and leave them standing there alone on the stage what do you say. that you just watched as more than 700000 likes in about 20 sorry about 2000000 views it's thought to have support from fans of the south korean music genre k. pop were also known for backing social justice corson's trumps campaign predicted a 1000000 people can be at that rally and it's blamed protesters for the empty seats. sudden separatists have seized control of the island of sumatra the southern transitional council said it had taken over government facilities on the island and deposed the governor the government is calling it
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a coup the separatist group which wants an independent state of south yemen is supported by the united arab emirates. has covered the war in yemen extensively and he explains the strategic importance of the island of sumatra. the 2 key players who teamed up in 2015 of the u.a.e. and saudi arabia in yemen saying the ultimate goal is to defeat the who these seem to be in with 2 different political agendas to see the separatist who took over the island are backed by the us while the internationally recognized government who is fighting against the us to see is backed by saudi arabia this is a major victory for the us to see because so qatar is an island which is located of the mouth of the gulf of aden and it overlooks 3 strategic shipping routes for oil and gas tanker is basically the gulf of aden burble amende and the red sea all the way through the. suez canal so from s.t.c.
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perspective this is something that would further expand their political influence the s.t.c. made it quite clear that this is just part of a long political process until they decide finally to break away from the northern part of yemen and reinstate the southern republic of yemen that existed until 1990 and this is definitely a major setback for saudi arabia now canadian police have warned an exiled saudi dissident that his life may be in danger the guardian newspaper reports that i'm sure as he is was told he is a potential target of the saudi government he was wanted to take precautions and as he is was a close associate of saudi journalist mark a shocking who was killed by saudi operatives in turkey in 2018 well the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings and yes catalogue said on twitter that the report isn't surprising she said that if there aren't consequences for saudi arabia
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the kingdom will continue to threaten and silence dissidents she also questioned why saudi arabia is being allowed to host an upcoming g. 20 summit. off to a head on out of their. head to the polls despite rising cases of climate 19 but it's not just fair. and the same way of invading the waters around spain and threatening an ancient way of life. how a man might still be prone to wanted to shout up in the northeast and see the clouds rather ragged at the moment and sorrow to be watching for the overcast 3 months the hermes finished certainly on his way otherwise we are hot and dry of course and quite a strong pick yet again this is monday's fall caused the temperature in baghdad has
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come down to 41 the still quite hotly q 8 so what about 40 for the most part off the breeze changes the temperature of course is often full of dust which is the case recently the breeze eases on tuesday the temps has risen in q $8.00 to $46.00 as a result the onshore breeze from that straight is keeping things rather cool never than down through to jerusalem and north egypt otherwise nothing much to say it is hot and dry time of year that's true throughout north africa even the coastal breeze is doing no more than edge the temps down to about $29.00 in tunis and a sort of orderly bengazi cheryl weiss well this is the time to watch what develops over get some pretty big shower lumps the move slowly west was there's nothing developing in the immediate future just daily showers but west africa is seeing some pretty big showers mostly on the coast not entirely they've certainly come inland in for example sierra leone.
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rewind returns. to 0 entry but early on. the whole long. rewind the games we practice in city under siege for sick at. least one. shot 60 on al-jazeera. blue.
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and again you're watching al-jazeera let's remind you about top stories this hour egypt's foreign minister is renewing the push for a political solution to the conflict in libya and comes only a day after president arafat's l.c.c. threatened to send in the army a move denounced by libya's un recognized government. yemen southern separatists have seized control of the island of sumatra the southern transitional council said it had taken over government facilities and deposed the governor the government is calling it a coup. and u.s. president donald trump has held his 1st reelection rally since the crying about this crisis began the crowd in tulsa oklahoma was smaller than expected after critics said the event threatened to spread it had 19. well there has been a spike in corona virus infections in several u.s. states with new delhi cases at their highest level and west 2 months florida reported more than 4000 new cases on saturday while in south carolina another 1200 infections were recorded that's as lockdown measures continue to ease in both
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states and new york city is getting ready to loosen some of its coronavirus restrictions 3 months now after the pandemic brought life there to a standstill on monday some offices and non-essential businesses well be allowed to partially reopen but the united nations campus will not be following suit as diplomatic editor james bays explains. life is slowly returning to the neighborhood around the u.n. in new york after 3 months in which this city was one of the global hot spots of coded 19 but united nations headquarters itself stays closed only essential staff have been allowed in the building since the 16th of march. it's a place that's been transformed on the floors markers 2 meters or 6 feet apart to show physical distancing rules masks must be worn when close to others in the elevators and now limited to 2 occupants normally on
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a weekday well over 10000 people pass through these gates on some recent days the numbers have been well below 100 when you take a walk in the corridors you see virtually nobody cafes a shuttered conference rooms are closed and the places where ambassadors and officials used to brief reporters a silent. well there's just a skeleton un staff working the number of cleaning crews has been increased it's possible with the gloss steel the marble here has never gleamed this much in the neighborhood around the u.n. where many diplomats and officials live life is slowly returning to normal for a monday with new code with 19 rules many shops and businesses across new york city to reopen for the 1st time. but inside the u.n. things will remain closed this is the main visitor's lobby it's normally teeming with people and i'm the only person here normally there are diplomats from all over
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the world it's a melting pot but that's the problem it could become a fresh incubate or for the virus the secretary general antonio could terrorists has ordered that a phrase reopening of the complex won't start until august at the earliest jamesburg days al-jazeera at the united nations or venezuela's vice president says radical new restrictions will come into force there from monday to stop what she is calling a dangerous increase in coronavirus cases does he rodriguez rodriguez says the metro in the capital caracas will be shut down as well as nearby railways and passengers along here to prove that they're essential workers venezuela has reported almost $4000.00 cases and $33.00 deaths but rights groups believe the real figures are much higher well spain has opened its borders to visitors from most european countries now a compulsory to require an team will be waived for new arrivals but the land border
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with portugal will stay closed until july the 1st spain's kind of 1000 outbreak has been one of the worst in europe with 28000 deaths and nearly 300000 factions. well the 1st major election since much of europe went into coronavirus lockdown has less than an hour to run and sabba more than $6000000.00 people are eligible to vote for a new parliament now that election was originally planned for april opinion polls predict the savvy and progressive party of president alexander the church will get about 50 percent of the voters but some opposition parties are boycotting saying the election won't be fair because of egypt his media influence on the church has more on the candidates and that boy course from belgrade. the 1st on the list is serbian progressive party the ruling party since 22 while by president of the state mr alexander and they do have a huge support among the voters and every research before they
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showed that serbian progressive party will easily win these elections we even more than a 50 percent who vote also after many years in syria we have part of the opposition. boycotting these elections they are gathered now around alliance of 4 serbia have to say among them there are very known well known of politicians here in serbia a former representative in parliament also former ministers and as they said and as they've been saying over the past couple of years that everything in countries controlled by a serbian progressive party a day and they didn't want to participate today and they called voters to stay home . now british counterterrorism police are joining the investigation into a stabbing attack which killed 3 people others were also injured on saturday
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apparently at random they were sitting in a park in the town of reading not far from london a 25 year old man was arrested and police suspect. from our inquiries undertaken so far officers and found nothing to suggest that there was anyone else involved in this attack and presently we are not looking for anyone else in relation to the incident. however counter-terrorism to work closely with the security services and will work closely with times valley major crime colleagues and we continue to make inquiries to ensure that that is the case per se will always be to ensure there is no outstanding threats to members of the public. now china's controversial new security law could be enforced in hong kong within weeks china's top legislative body announced it will meet for and now that 3 day session next sunday but it's unclear whether the proposal is actually on the agenda details of the law and maj don fasten a revealing that mainland courts will have jurisdiction of assassin national
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security crimes well anthony de perrin as i know and also an author of books and hating city on fire and the fight for hong kong he says people did not expect china to create a new national security agency in hong kong people knew that the law would introduce 4 new criminal offenses to hong kong those of secession subversion terrorism and colluding with foreign forces but what they weren't expecting and what has been revealed in the last day or 2 was to such a deep and intrusive intervention into the very governance structure and legal structure of hong kong including creating an entirely new national security agency in hong kong and new departments within the prosecutor's office and the police force here in hong kong to both investigate and prosecute national security offenses so it's a very wide and deep intervention into the very structure of the hokum government legal system they are sensitive to their international reputation they want to be
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seen to be playing by the rules and upholding the rule of law and indeed one of the sections of these documents released over the last couple of days specifically included references to the rule of law to the i.c.c. p.r. to human rights and so on and so china do sensitive to their international reputation remaining intact and so to that extent i think international pressure it's a national attention to the issue can at least cause china to press moderate some of their worst instincts and ensure that this is done as far as possible in about ordway and consistent with the principles of the the rule of lauren and fundamental human rights. now scientists and indigenous leaders in mexico are battling to save the last pocket of tropical rainforest and north america and thought that 90 percent of the lackland on a rain forest has already been lost to deforestation. traveled into the heart of the jungle and. the like and in a rain forest in southern mexico it's the region's last great tropical jungle.
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flying above the forest canopy reveals the scale of this wild expanse dotted by lakes waterfalls and agent ruins. al-jazeera followed a team of scientists with the nonprofit group now to tell me he counted. for the past 40 years conservationists here have been engaged in a dedicated effort to save what remains of the rainforest. we work on monitoring projects to increase our watch over the forests where we are now is on disability from truck cameras we watch the different mammals in the area that serve as indicators of the health of this ecosystem the luck of the is home to hundreds of rare species many of them critically endangered like the jaguars. these scarlet macaws are part of the last wild population of this species in mexico. in the absence of conservationists these vibrantly colored parents would likely disappear
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from the region altogether dellec and go to rain forest accounts for less than a quarter of one percent of mexico's land mass yet is home to more than 25 percent of all the country's animal species. said young man as he needs more for generations the luck and have maintained a philosophy of living in harmony with the forest and. today they are part of conservation efforts led by scientists and are calling on the mexican government to do more to stop the forestation up but if you look at the federal government fall from scaling back the extent of cattle ranching continues to promote and this one the main cause of deforestation. livestock farming and agriculture remain the most significant threat to the rainforest it's estimated that all but 10 percent of the luck and has been lost. the local communities have begun developing new ways of making a living this butterfly farm for instance breeds a number of rare species and the sale of souvenirs keeps business afloat. the
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growth of adventure tourism in the region has also created jobs and helped generate important environmental awareness among members of the community and there are many . in the past people who didn't have a form of income to sustain themselves many people like myself would immigrate to the united states but now thanks to this project we could no longer have that need . at the current pace of deforestation one percent of the like and do in a jungle is destroyed every year but those who are fighting to preserve what's left insists it's not too late to reverse course and reclaim this important ecosystem. biosphere reserve while monday as wild rain forests hello we'll have another report on the extent of the destruction of the lock and honoring forest that's from 10 pair on their. that's native to the northwest pacific is now invading the rich the strait of gibraltar preventing traditional fishermen from catching tuna there
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they say the brown alligators coming up their nets and endangering their way of life they trade ports. sea weed is washing up all over the beaches of southern spain it's an eyesore but it also threatens an ancient way of life. is a fishing technique dating back more than 3000 net positioned in sections of the sea close to the strait of gibraltar to catch chuen as they migrate from the atlantic to the mediterranean in recent years fishermen say their nets have been clogged up with nothing but sea read. only for seaweed is proliferating in this area as never before have been fishing for 35 years and it's become a huge problem and it's causing great economic hardship and it's in danger of fishing or. fisherman cast the net say march and pull them up in june they say the
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invasive sea weed iscariot away the fish. sticks to the newt and then grows creating an underwater wall the white and the tension breaks the news it's also turner's a fish that likes clear water so when it sees darkness it swims away from the seaweed causing the problems originates in japan and scientists have been studying how it ended up in the waters around spain when. the seaweed may have come from the mass area from a lagoon installed in 2002 to facilitate the cultivation of japanese oysters ships probably carried it from there to here all this kind sided with the highest temperature recorded in the south of the berry and pollutes you and 2015 so the stars aligned in this species has increased dramatically. scientists are developing a coating that could be applied to nets to stop seaweed attaching to them the fisherman who didn't catch the equator of tuna last year and won't this year
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a solution can't come soon enough victoria gave him be there. well sunday is the northern hemisphere is longest day and shortest night of the year the summer solstice coincided with the so-called ring of fire solar eclipse it was visible along a narrow band from west africa to the arabian peninsula india and southern china. had again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines egypt's foreign minister is renewing the push for a political solution to the conflict in libya it comes only a day after president arafat's l.c.c. threatened to send in the army a move denounced by libya's un recognized government many trainers in misrata with reaction from the tripoli based government they are confident that karen answers are they say that they will and you know the commander earlier told me that the
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judiciary or our forces will not stop through we in his words liberate all of libya after has to drop so what we're seeing is the jubilee forces. of this year are out of about. getting well before have to out of the picture they say they won't go shoot with after they're adamant about retaking or taking control of all of libya one u.s. president on trump has held his 1st reelection rally since the crowd of virus crisis began the crowd in tulsa oklahoma was smaller than expected after critics said the event threatened to spread had 19 yemen southern separatists have seized control of the island of the katra the southern transitional council said it had taken over government facilities and depose the governor the government is calling it. canadian police have warned an exiled saudi dissident that his life may be in danger and the guardian newspaper reports that him under the us is was told he's
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a potential target of the saudi government he was warned to take precautions now otherwise he is was a close associate of saudi journalist. who was killed by saudi operatives in taki and 2018 there's been a spike in corona virus infections in several u.s. states with new daily cases at their highest level in almost 2 months florida reported more than 4000 new cases on saturday while in south carolina and over 1200 infections were recorded that's as down measures continue to ease and both states and spain has opened its borders to visitors from most european countries a compulsory to be quarantined will be waived for new arrivals spain's current 1000 outbreak has been one of the west in europe well those are the headlines i'll have more news for you here after inside story stay with us.
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could egypt and turkey go to war in libya egypt's president threatens to send in the army its turkish back troops make more gains how does that further complicate libya's civil war this is inside story. welcome to the program. the battle lines of libya's civil war are changing quickly a few weeks ago after us forces were on the outskirts of the capital tripoli they fought a 14 month battle to remove the un recognized government of national.


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