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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 21, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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you are about the increase in hostilities in yemen we listen this is the moment to stop all the 30 action this is the moment to concentrate on fighting over why did we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories of them on the edges there on. the on. a shared land border but not seeing eye to eye and escalation in the war of words between egypt and libya as internationally recognized government. watching al-jazeera life from london and also ahead u.s. president donald trump is accused of putting his presidency before public health after his torso rally. the polls are closed and counting begins serbians vote in
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the 1st major european election since the coronavirus crisis began. and a slice of paradise that's getting smaller by the year the battle to save the last pocket of tropical rainforest in north america. hello thanks for joining us libya's u.n. recognize government has warned egypt that any move to interfere in its internal affairs would be seen as a blatant declaration of war on saturday the egyptian president has sisi said his country had a legitimate right to intervene in neighboring libya and ordered his military to be ready he also said any move to attack this strategic city of sirte would cross a red line and trigger intervention searches under the control of the libyan warlord. but the turkish backed g.n.a.t. forces have been advancing for several weeks traina is in misurata with reaction
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from the tripoli based government. several d.n.a. officials have responded to the president of the for the his cc's remarks on saturday the mystery that's the speaker of the high state council has said has denounced his remarks calling them a violation to libya's sovereignty of the g.n. a military commander was spoke to a little while ago he said that their forces are adamant and they will answer search now it's important to note that these are forces that know the territory and certain very well in 2011 forces primarily from here in this russia were responsible for entering search and capturing and killing walmer gadhafi they did that of course with nato support in 2016 these same forces are the ones who went to sirte and liberated it from isis they did that of course with american support so these are forces that know the territory well they are confident they can enter
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syria and they say that they will and you know the commander earlier told me that the d.n.a. or our forces will not stop until we in his words liberate all of libya from have to control and so what we're seeing is the genie forces of the political of this in here are adamant about. getting them well before have to out of the picture they say they won't negotiate with after and they're adamant about retaking or taking control of all of libyan land or yemen southern separatists to seize control of. the southern transitional council said it had taken over a government facilities on the island and deposed the governor the government is calling it a coup a separatist group which wants an independent state of self gammon is supported by the united arab emirates i was there as hashim head about it has covered the war in yemen extensively and he explains the strategic importance of the island. the
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2 key players have teamed up in 2015 of the u.a.e. and saudi arabia in yemen saying they're all to his goal is to defeat the who these seem to be now with 2 different political agendas to see the separatist who took over the island of circuitry are backed by the us while the internationally recognized government has fighting against the us to see is backed by saudi arabia and this is a major victory for the city because so qatar is an island which is located at the mouth of the gulf of aden and it overlooks 3 strategic shipping routes for oil and gas tankers basically the gulf of aden burble amende and the red sea all the way through the. suez canal so from a s.t.c. perspective this is something that would further expand their political influence and the s.t.c. made it quite clear that this is just part of
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a long political process until they decide finally to break away from the northern part of yemen and reinstate the southern republic of yemen that existed until 1990 and this is definitely a major setback for saudi arabia canadian police have warned an exiled saudi dissident that his life may mean danger the guardian newspaper reports are marginalising is was told his upper 10 top target of the saudi government he was warned to take precautions i did as he is was a close associate of the saudi journalist. who was killed by saudi operatives in turkey in 2018. my. criticism continues of the u.s. president donald trump's decision to hold a campaign rally against the advice of medical experts at least 6 members of his campaign staff tested positive for corona virus before the gathering began ahead of
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his tell all book release former national security advisor john bolton repeated his allegation that the president is more focused on reelection than public health mike hanna reports. a federal court ruled his books publication could go ahead john bolton was once again in the spotlight. the former national security advisers book will be released to the general public on tuesday among the many statements critical of his former boss that obstruction of justice is a way 'd of life in the white house just a view he says was shared with others in the president's inner circle look these were things that i could see some evidence of and they bothered me greatly members on both sides of the aisle in congress remain shop be critical of bolton who is refusal to give evidence an impeachment proceedings and his apparent willingness to profit from his criticisms and john bolton is a political opportunist any profiteer he had the opportunity to step forward and
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participate in the house impeachment inquiry and share any information that he had about wrongdoing by president trump and other members of his administration and he declined the problem is that when you're selling a book you're not putting yourself in a position to be cross-examined so for 2995 you can monetize as national security clearance but under oath he would have an opportunity to answer questions and not just make assertions the white house has made clear it is contemplating civil or criminal charges against bolton but apparently unruffled by this threat he continued to lash out at president trump i don't think he's fit for office i don't think he has the competence to carry out the job there really isn't any guiding principle that i was able to discern other than what's good for donald trump's reelection other critics point to the president's decision to go ahead to the campaign rally in tulsa as evidence of his willingness to put people at risk in
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advancing his political agenda his supporters in oklahoma and to through scanners and temperatures were taken but you wore mosques in accordance with government health guidelines including children. and of course the president refuses to do so the highest risk gatherings are those that are large indoors where people can stay apart from each other more than 6 feet and where people travel from out of town 6 campaign stop those tested positive before the rally even began the incubation period is estimated to be up to 2 weeks so the president could be holding another rally or any infections during this one a fully accounted for. the organizers say they had been at the occasions for a 1000000 tickets if so the majority of those who applied stayed away the shade told speeches by president and vice president to the expected tens of thousands in
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the area will be canceled a possible sign that while the president may act as if the pandemic is over many of his rank and file follow is not my kind of. washington to talk users and k. pop fans claim to have registered for hundreds of thousands of tickets for donald trump's tulsa rally so they could ruin the event didn't fail the 190-0000 seat arena on saturday night people on social media say they tried to encourage people to register for the event and then not turn up many people behind the movement were teenagers who posted videos of themselves dancing with trump's web site behind them corona virus infections in latin america have now serves pos 2000000 and brazil's capital protesters have marched against president john your boss and are as response to the pandemic the number of deaths in the country is now nearing $50000.00 while sonera has shunned social distancing measures insisting job losses
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would be more deadly than the virus itself. venezuela's vice president says radical new restrictions will come into force from monday to stop what she's calling a dangerous increase in coronavirus cases they'll see rodriguez says the metro in the capital caracas and some railway systems will be shut down passengers will need to prove they're essential workers venezuela has reported almost 4000 cases and 33 deaths but rights groups believe the true figures are much higher let's speak to daniel who's joining us from argentina's capital brightness i read 1st about brazil in the situation there was the president's popularity holding up in light of the response to coronavirus. well there's no doubt the president has lost a great deal of popularity but he still seems to hold according to opinion polls a hardcore popularity rating of around about 3033 percent but the country is
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becoming increasingly polarized you are seeing a very strong and demonstrations people calling for his impeachment in relation to several investigations going on in his handling of the coronavirus corruption scandals involving himself and his 3 sons rule 3 of them involved in politics at the same time those very staunch supporters are often out on the streets in brazil or in sao paulo and rio de janeiro usually not wearing masks as the president himself really does expressing their strong support asking for more emphasis to put on trying to save the economy. a lot like president trump has said it's much more important to keep the economy rolling rather than deal with the virus a virus that he has called just a minor flu but we are seeing increasing demonstrations and they say both for and against indicative of the polarization in brazil and daniel in venezuela there are
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signs that governments could not be facing up to the real scale of the crisis. yes i mean these comments by the vice president are really some of the 1st comments we've heard demonstrating that they are taking this virus very very seriously they're talking about imposing measures in the capital crackers the been imposed here in one of cyrus in the argentine capital for more than 70 days of the metro system has not been running you have to seek permission from the government to travel you're not allowed out of the house after certain hours so a very tight lockdown here which has been very effective as you mentioned very few people take the number of 33 fatalities from the pandemic from the virus in venezuela seriously they think it's much much more than that the health system is in disarray the infrastructure is in a very poor state then the soil also has the problem that up to 4000000 people have
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left the country in recent years escaping economic and political difficulties tens of thousands of those exiles who've been in countries all across latin america trying to get back to venezuela to try to go back to their homes with the economy as having shut down in the countries that they've been exiled in that is going to present a huge problem some of them will no doubt be infected and they're going back to a country as i say which is facing its own economic difficulties systemic problems and i think those numbers that we've been we've heard touted a really a very long way away from the from the reality of the pandemic in venezuela right daniel shimer thank you very much for that update. now germany's coronavirus reproduction rate has jumped sharply from $1.00 to $2.00 an hour rates of less than one is needed to gradually contain the disease the increased infection rate has been partly attributed to outbreaks and slaughterhouses the owner of one meat processing plant in northwest germany has apologized after more than
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a 1000 employees were infected all 6 and a half 1000 workers at the factory and their families are now being put into quarantine while spain has opened its borders to visitors from most of its e.u. neighbors after lifting a state of emergency imposed more than 3 months ago all member states citizens and those from the u.k. are now allowed to enter without being subject to quarantine the land border with portugal remains closed until the 1st of july at the request of lisbon visitors have their temperature checked on arrival and they must provide their trip details in case they need to be traced. still to come on al-jazeera as new york city starts easing social distancing measures the u.n. considers whether it can bring the world's diplomats back to work. and back by the u.s. but israel's prime minister is still weighing up a workable plan to annex parts of the occupied west bank details coming up.
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and other cells in very heavy right across all central and in particular eastern areas of year the cloud doesn't look particularly threatening on the satellite but within there the have been some really strong thunderstorms have a look at this in moscow right the city center there's been some very very heavy rain some very deep water it has led to flooding and of course a swiss limousines right here but it is a nice clear view of this nice sunny skies and it's warming up last across much of western europe as a people are flocking to the beach as you can see in a ball slowness so we have got this ridge of high pressure beginning to build in across much of the west forcing the rain coming in from iran take to take a more northerly track heading across northern sections of the u.k. bickel some fairly heavy rain across southern sections on the navia and then look at the bulk of the rain continues to be poland across into batteries ukraine right way down into the balkans but as i say out across the west we'll see the skies
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gradually clear it will gradually begin to warm up but what it does tend to do is squeeze east a line of severe thunderstorms further tools east on the will be some very heavy downpours we could have some localized flooding and you can see elsewhere we have got those nice case guys a look at the time which is paris for the next few days the average is 20 to 10 degrees above father time we get to say similar story in london 30 celsius a wednesday against an average of 21. 0 to 0 expose. prominent figures of the 20th century and how influenced the course of history with the giants of the struggle for civil. rights over there with the press. and continue to. be defend that with me but. next. came face to face.
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and over again the top stories on. the un recognized government has warned egypt that any move to interfere in its internal affairs would be seen as a blatant declaration of war on saturday the egyptian president. said his country had a legitimate right to intervene. criticism continues of president donald trump's decision to hold accounting rally against the advice of medical experts his former national security advisor john bolton repeated the allegation that trump's focus is
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reelection not national health. as well as vice president as radical new restrictions will come into force from monday to stop what she's calling a dangerous increase in coronavirus cases in the capital and some railway systems will be shut down. on new york city is getting ready to ease its coronavirus restrictions 3 months after the pandemic brought life there to a standstill on monday some offices nonessential businesses will be allowed to partially reopen but the united nations headquarters which is based in the city will not be following suit our diplomatic editor james bays explains why. life is slowly returning to the neighborhood around the un in new york after 3 months in which this city was one of the global hot spots of coded 19 but united nations headquarters itself stays closed only essential staff have been allowed in the building since the 16th of march it's
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a place that's been transformed on the floors markers 2 meters or 6 feet apart to show physical distancing rules masks must be worn when close to others in the elevators and now limited to 2 occupants normally on a weekday well over 10000 people pass through these gates on some recent days the numbers have been well below 100 when you take a walk in the corridors you see virtually nobody cafes a shuttered conference rooms are closed and the places where ambassadors and officials used to brief reporters a silent while is just a skeleton un staff working the number of cleaning crews has been increased it's possible that the glass steel and marble here has never gleamed this much in the neighborhood around the u.n. where many diplomats and officials live life is slowly returning to normal from monday with new code 900 rules many shops and businesses across new york city can
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reopen for the 1st time. but inside the u.n. things will remain close this is the main visitor's lobby it's only teeming with people and i'm the only person here normally there are diplomats from all over the world it's a melting pot but that's the problem it could become a fresh incubate or for the virus the secretary general antonio good terrace has ordered that a phase reopening of the complex won't start until august at the earliest jamesburg days al-jazeera at the united nations. israel is a few days away from beginning to annex nearly a 3rd of the occupied west bank but as the july 1st start date set by prime minister benjamin netanyahu approaches a workable plan remains unclear the us is backing the annexation if netanyahu can reach agreement with his coalition partner benny gantz harry fawcett reports.
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benjamin netanyahu has plans for an accession have already been delayed he was told to slow down by the white house out of the unveiling of the trump plan in january now that being complicated by the differences with his former rival now coalition partner benny gantz has called for coordination not just with the u.s. but also with arab neighbors. the trump plan and visit israel an extinct 30 percent of the occupied west bank with a future palestinian state given israeli territory elsewhere israeli officials have leaked various options in the media one is to begin with some or all of the major illegal settlement blocks ario ma'ale adumim and the etzion bloc near bethlehem the marrow of a frat within the etzion bloc argues for moving quickly and taking what's been put on the table by the us administration and i think prime minister that i now understand that you can't postpone such an opportunity relying doubt there will be a better one in the future because i don't recall ever in the past having such an
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opportunity i don't think he'll give it up this time a 2nd option though fraught with risk given jordan's vehement opposition to any annexation would be to begin with the jordan valley israel says it needs a defined and defensible eastern border here but it has economic interests to $11000.00 israeli settlers live in the illegal jordan valley settlements using disproportionate water allocation for a year round agriculture 85 percent of the land is off limits to palestinians and it's here in the jordan valley that benjamin netanyahu is finding some of the store just opposition to his plans for annexation to the truck plan as a whole and it's coming from a powerful settler leaders here they're lobbying against annexation based on the trump plan because it means agreeing in principle to a palestinian state. ought if the meaning of extending sovereignty is to get a palestinian state we say no thank you we give up on sovereignty we keep living as we are right now out of national responsibility because a palestinian state would endanger the existence of the state of israel. perhaps
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the least likely option of all the one still floated in the netanyahu friendly newspaper would be to start with the 15 so-called enclave settlements these would be small israeli islands within the trump lands palestinian state for the palestinian leadership the precise nature of the 1st step doesn't matter any annexation is illegal and must be stopped what we hope is that israel should not continue to be above and got a national law. what we hope is that there really is that i should feel very heat over international pressure for any of the options to happen 1st the united states says gansu netanyahu need to agree potentially giving got some leverage in his argument against unilateral moves. but netanyahu has leverage of his own in the form of rising poll numbers if guns doesn't agree to an accession he could simply engineer another round of elections are a full sit al-jazeera in the occupied west bank british counterterrorism police are
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joining the investigation into a stabbing attack which killed 3 people others were injured on saturday apparently at random they were sitting in a park in the town of reading not far from london a 25 year old man was arrested and police are not looking for other suspects from our inquiries undertaken so far offices of found nothing to suggest that there was anyone else involved in this attack and presently we are not looking for anyone else in relation to the incident. however counter-terrorism to sectors work closely with the security services and will work closely with thames valley major crime colleagues and we continue to make inquiries to ensure that that is the case priority will always be to ensure there is no outstanding threats to members of the public. ballots are being counted in serbia's parliamentary election the 1st major vote since much of europe went into lockdown president alexander of which is that
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serbian progressive party is expected to win an absolute majority a number of opposition parties boycotted the polls saying it wouldn't be free nor fair because of his control over the media the poll was originally planned for april but was delayed by the pandemic that's. more on the candidates on the boycott from belgrade. the 1st on the least is serbian progressive party the ruling party since 22 while by a president of the state mr alexandre and they do have a huge support among of voters and every research before they showed that the serbian progressive party will easily win these elections we even moved in a 50 percent who votes also after many years in serbia we have part of the opposition. boycotting these elections they are gathered now around alliance
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of for serbia have to say among them there are very known well known of politicians here in serbia a former representative seen parliament also former ministers and as they said and as they've been saying over the past couple of years that everything in countries controlled by a serbian progressive party a day and they didn't want to participate today and they called voters to stay home . biologists and indigenous leaders in mexico are battling to save the last pocket of tropical rain forest in north america so 90 percent of the rain forest is believed to have already been lost to deforestation. traveled into the heart of the jungle and they chop us region in southern mexico. the luck and the rain forest in southern mexico it's the region's last great tropical jungle.
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flying above the forest canopy reveals the scale of this wild expanse dotted by lakes waterfalls and agent ruins. al-jazeera followed a team of scientists with the nonprofit group now to tell me he counted. for the past 40 years conservationists here have been engaged in a dedicated effort to save what remains of the rainforest and. we work on monitoring projects to increase our watch over the forests where we are now is on disability from trap cameras we watch the different mammals in the area that serve as indicators of the health of this ecosystem the luck and go to is home to hundreds of rare species many of them critically endangered like the jaguar. these scarlet macaws are part of the last wild population of this species in mexico. in the absence of conservationists these vibrantly colored parents would likely disappear from the region altogether the lek and the rain forest accounts for less
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than a quarter of one percent of mexico's land mass yet is home to more than 25 percent of all the country's animal species. a young man as he needs more for generations the luck and have maintained a philosophy of living in harmony with the forest and. today they are part of conservation efforts led by scientists and are calling on the mexican government to do more to stop the forestation up but if you look good enough for the federal government fall from scaling back the extent of cattle ranching continues to promote and this one the main cause of deforestation. livestock farming and agriculture remain the most significant threat to the rainforest it's estimated that all but 10 percent of the luck and donna has been lost. the local communities have begun developing new ways of making a living this but. if life form for instance breeds a number of rare species and the sale of souvenirs keeps business afloat. the growth of adventure tourism in the region has also created jobs and helped generate
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important environmental awareness among members of the community and they were meant. in the past people who didn't have a form of income to sustain themselves many people like myself would immigrate to the united states but now thanks to this project we could no longer have that need . at the current pace of deforestation one percent of the likened to the jungle is destroyed every year but those who are fighting to preserve what's left insists it's not too late to reverse course and reclaim this important ecosystem. biosphere reserve while monday is world rain forests they will join us with another report on just how bad the destruction of mexico's law can do in a rain forest has been. record high temperatures have been reported in a siberian town located right above the arctic circle temperatures a 38 degrees celsius were felt in
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a very on saturday its previous high was 37.2 degrees the town and the soccer republic has the most extreme temperature range in the world with a low of minus $68.00 degrees and much serbia has seen unseasonably high temperatures this year causing a number of large wildfires watch more on that story online you can head to al-jazeera dot com. headlines on al-jazeera this hour libya's u.n. recognize government has warned egypt that any move to interfere in its internal affairs would be seen as a blatant declaration of war on saturday the egyptian president and fattah has sisi said his country had a legitimate right to intervene in libya ordering his military to be ready he also said any move to attack the strategic city of certs would cross
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a red line and would trigger intervention criticism continues of president donald trump's decision to hold a campaign rally against the medical advice of against the advice excuse me off as medical experts his former national security adviser john bolton repeated the allegation the trumps focus is reelection and not national health but bolton himself still being attacked from both parties for his book that will be released this week john bolton is a political opportunist and a profiteer he had the opportunity to step forward and participate in the house impeachment inquiry and share any information that he had about wrongdoing by president and other members of his administration and he declined the problem is that when you're selling a book you're not putting yourself in a position to be cross-examined so if it's we don't know if i think it might have ties as national security clearance but under oath he would have had an opportunity
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to answer questions and not just make assertions but as well as i was president has radical new restrictions will come into force from monday to stop what she's calling a dangerous increase in coronavirus cases they'll see rodrigue says the metro in the capital and some railway systems will be shut down passengers will need to prove they're essential workers venezuela has reported almost $4000.00 cases and $33.00 deaths but rights groups believe the true figures are much higher. germany's coronavirus reproduction rate has jumped sharply from $1.00 to $2.00 and our rates of less than one is needed to gradually contain the disease the increase says been partly attributed to outbreaks and slaughterhouses the owner of one me processing plant in northwest germany has now apologized after morna more than a 1000 employees were infected those are the top stories i talked to al jazeera is coming up next.
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he is one of the leading figures in the world of classical music he's conducted. and performed at some of the world's most prestigious concert venues maestro daniel barenboim was born in argentina his 1st performance came at the age of 7 back in 1952 years later his family moved to salzburg and then to israel where he became
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passionate about politics and the palestinian israeli conflict.


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