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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 22, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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international filmmakers are world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you the terrorist but you hear the story of your city with the power. on al-jazeera 'd. this is al jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from london i'm daddy navigator coming up in the next 60 minutes coronavirus outbreaks in german slaughterhouses pushed the country's infection rates up forcing thousands into quarantine. u.s. president donald trump is accused of putting his presidency before public health after his tolson rally. a shared land border but not seeing eye to eye an escalation in the war of words between egypt and libya as an internationally
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recognized government and a slice of paradise that's getting smaller by the year the battle to save the last pocket of tropical rainforest in north america. with the. joke of a tennis tournament in the balkans. and that's because one of the players involved . becomes the highest profile player to test positive for the current of the. welcome to the news hour we begin in germany where the reproduction rates of the corona virus has jumped sharply from 1.79 to 2.8 that's a 60 percent increase on the day before the our number indicates how many people one person can infect and it needs to remain at less than one in order for the virus to be contained so the increased infection rate has been partly attributed to
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outbreaks and slaughterhouses the owner of one meat processing plants in northwest germany has apologized after more than 1000 employees were infected all 6 and a half 1000 workers at the factory and their families are now being put into quarantine. police have been called in to enforce quarantine measures in germany and north rhine-westphalia regions tense situations and mass isolation has seen tempers flare and authorities are struggling to get people to stick to the rules a riot broke out at a block of flats and guts again on saturday when about 200 people tried to leave mandatory quarantine. what citee water. recently the mood towards the measures in the lower in force is worsened as a result of the ringleader a group started spreading resentment insults were made they were attempted assault after the ringleader was taken into custody on june 19th things calmed down but on saturday however things escalated again. the police had bottles stones metal bars
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planks of wood household objects and fireworks thrown at the night during the deployment police were forced to use measures like mild physical force but a lot of pippa sprite was also used meanwhile in spain their state of from urgency has been lifted more than 3 months after it was imposed to stop the spread of the corona virus its borders are now open to almost all if it's in your neighbors without the need for quarantine many hope it's not too late to salvage the lucrative summer travel season emma hayward reports. the freedom to travel once again both within spain and further afield as its borders with most of the european union are finally reopened i'm one of the longest lockdowns imposed in march to stop the spread of the virus is completely left it isn't the end of the government of us is that not i feel good because i can finally go harm and i'm not scared to take this flight because there are health precautions in place i'm happy to be
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going back home. spaniards were told to stay within their own province until now so with the state of emergency ending roads and trains to take them but they are a field soon filled up spain's economy relies heavily on tourism visitors are now starting to come back but it will be a wait to see if the numbers are enough to sustain the industry you know here's a pretty accurate but it's the 1st time i've seen this many people and it's good because we need to reserve if not we will be in trouble but this is much more than just about the economy for many people it's personal a lender who lives in a care home in madrid is now able to see more of the family and more often get able to. it's a long time since i've seen him she says after being reunited with her grandson. spain is trying to move forward from this crisis but more than 28000 people died
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from corona virus here and remain very much at the forefront of everyone's mind emma hayward al-jazeera. in latin america corona virus infections have now surged past 2000000 in brazil's capital protesters have marched against president you're both scenarios response to the pandemic the number of deaths in the country is nearing 50000 and both are narrow has shunned social distancing measures insisting job losses would be more deadly than the virus itself let's speak to daniel who's joining us from argentina's capital how is the president's popularity over brazil holding up in light of his coronavirus response. well there's no doubt that his popularity has plummeted quite substantially since the coronavirus crisis began but he still enjoys a substantial support of around 3033 percent according to the opinion polls and while you've got these demonstrations in but of syria as you mentioned also in sao
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paolo asking for him or demanding that he treats the crisis with greater seriousness he also has his supporters out on the streets especially in brasilia very rarely wearing masks or any kind of any kind of covering cheering him in his support and really kind of supporting his measures which really kind of undermine the whole coronavirus crisis he thinks it's more important to keep the economy running so the country really receiving very mixed messages many people asking for him to be impeached also in connection with investigations of corruption investigations into himself and his 3 sons are also politicians. and states around brazil trying to impose measures in the face of their president the president saying that they're not necessary and urging people to get back to work so a very mixed message is highlighted today in rio de janeiro when people having police had to move people off of these iconic beaches in the city and people really not
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knowing where they stand so the country very much polarized very difficult situation whereas meanwhile president joe just urges people to go about business as usual and as you mentioned 2000000 cases of coronavirus around latin america harf of those a 1000000 cases are in brazil alone population about 200000000 but they now have a 1000000 cases of coronavirus and as you mentioned approaching 50000 deaths a serious situation there as in many other parts of latin america but the focus very much there with that high number of people infected with the virus dennis from the report from monasteries daniel thank you. well u.s. president donald trump is facing criticism over his decision to hold a campaign rally amid concerns over a spike in corona virus cases at least 6 members of his campaign staff have tested positive for corona virus before the gathering began there were also fears the event would provide fertile ground for the virus to spread and ahead of his tell
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all book release the former national security adviser john bolton repeated his allegation that the president is more focused on reelection and public health why can't a report's. a federal court ruled his books publication could go ahead john bolton was once again in the spotlight. the former national security advisers book will be released to the general public on tuesday among the many statements critical of his former boss that obstruction of justice is a way of life in the white house a view he says was shared with others in the president's inner circle look these were things that i could see some evidence of and they bothered me greatly members on both sides of the aisle in congress remain shop be critical of bolton was refusal to give evidence in impeachment proceedings and his apparent willingness to profit from his criticisms and john bolton is a political opportunist any profiteer he had the opportunity to step forward and
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participate in the house impeachment inquiry and share any information that he had about wrongdoing by president trump and other members of his administration and he declined the problem is that when you're selling a book you're not putting yourself in a position to be cross-examined so for 2995 you can monetize as national security clearance but under oath he would have an opportunity to answer questions and not just make assertions the white house has made clear it is contemplating civil or criminal charges against bolton but apparently unruffled by this threat he continued to lash out at president trump i don't think he's fit for office i don't think he has the competence to carry out the job there really isn't any guiding principle that i was able to discern other than what's good for donald trump's reelection other critics point to the president's decision to go ahead to the campaign rally in tulsa as evidence of his willingness to put people at risk in
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advancing his political agenda his supporters in oklahoma and to through scanners and temperatures were taken but you wore mosques in accordance with government health guidelines including children. and of course the president refuses to do so the highest risk gatherings are those that are large indoors where people can stay apart from each other more than 6 feet and where people travel from out of town 6 campaign stop those tested positive before the rally even began the incubation period is estimated to be up to 2 weeks so the president could be holding another rally or any infections during this one a fully accounted for the organizers say they had been at the cations for a 1000000 tickets if so the bus majority of those who applied stayed away the shade told speeches by president and vice president to the expected tens of thousands in
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the oval area will be canceled a possible sign that while the president may act as if the pandemic is over many of his rank and file followers do not my kind of his hero washington earlier we spoke to julie fisher who's director of the elizabeth r. griffen program at georgetown university medical center she says surges if infections across the u.s. are likely to be caused by the gatherings of people without taking protective measures. across the whole u.s. we are seeing a fairly stable plateau right now with increased testing which says that the overall epidemic nationwide is stabilizing but we are seeing these surges in states $2.00 to $3.00 weeks after they relax social distancing measures which are most likely associated with people mixing again without having adequate public health measures in place to to identify those who are infected and prevent them from spreading the the infection to others the politicization of the response to
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cope and 19 i think has been unprecedented there's always politics when outbreak when when we must respond to outbreaks because it's a demand for resources and there will be differences in opinion on how best to use those resources the politicization of basic public health control measures is certainly contributing to the eaves and spread of disease and to these surges in community transmission in states that have opened early without the public health measures in place to try to protect their populations so trumps handling of the pandemic seems to have had an impact on his approval rating on day 1248 of his presidency this is how the american public is rating him so political website 538 has collated all the polls to show trump disapproval rating a 55.2 percent his approval rating based on the same polls as 41.4 percent and that compares to the average approval rating for all u.s. presidents from 938 to now
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a 53 percent that's according to gallup while head to head and access survey monkey poll taken a week ago found 53 percent of adults would vote for the democrats joe biden so would trump needing to make up ground only 43 percent of adults said they'd vote for him let's talk about all of this with peter logies the associate press professor of media and public affairs at the george washington university he's also served as a senior advisor within the obama's food and drug administration thanks for your time with us on the al-jazeera news hour or so to what extent do you think that trumps handling of the pandemic over in the u.s. has impacted his approval rating. i think it's had a significant impact the american people don't see clearly to ship out of the president they don't see a sense of empathy and they're increasingly seeing that his claims that the pandemic was suddenly vanish magically go away or simply so be disconnected from their day to day reality he's not offered the reassuring words that give us correction he's also not modeling good behavior because of the future here's the
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thing though i mean his approval rating standing at 41.4 percent right now but we all know that the polls can change we saw that back in 2016 so what does he need to do from now until event it to climb up back up the polls and you're absolutely right this year is going to remind us that a lot can happen in 5 months and a former 3rd is just over 5 months from now so a lot probably going to happen i think if i were advising the president i would suggest that he a calmer demeanor if he reach out to bring people together to acknowledge that we're at a difficult time in this country would depend with record unemployment with with social and civil strife and to say you know what now as a country we've had our political battles that we need to come together to to make sure that our families are cared for to make sure that we can develop a new ministry vaccine to make sure that america can get back to work and that every american is treated fairly i think if you did that then and that would certainly help i think would help in the most of course is a miracle cure for miracle
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a rebound to the economy neither of which are likely to happen between now and november are you getting a sense though. about his base i mean is his base moving away from him. no his base is not going to move away from him there's some group of people who will support trump about a way just as there is some group of people support no matter what is the people in the middle right it's the folks who sent president obama to office and then sent president trump to office and it's also the people who to stay home in 2016 going to be motivated to come out to my to vote for 3rd party candidate who might now be persuaded to vote for vice president biden and whoever his running mate is and there could also be some number of republicans who decide that they're going to vote for other republicans in the u.s. senate or governor or other offices but simply take a pass on the top of the ticket. away and on the it's also rally for us for just a moment because he said that he viewed this rally as the relaunch of his re-election campaign which of course has been put on hold because of the coronavirus was he able to reset the narrative there. no not at all his narrative
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simply reinforce what it already was this is a nonevent roughly the same of it keep people attended the event as attend a typical 3rd division football match in england this is not huge roaring success more troublingly you know he encouraged tens of thousands of people to come together cheek to jowl indoors in the middle of a pandemic with even his supporters apparently thought was it was not a good idea because he simply didn't show up further the content of the address was the opposite of what i think he's doing as a president he dismissed it endemic he made jokes about it he claimed there were people outside the arena who weren't doing what he said they were doing it was just not it was not a good good thing to do and it was poorly executed yeah and why is it that you think people didn't show up because the trump campaign had said that tens of thousands of people would show up some estimates but the number of course a much smaller than that i mean are people losing enthusiasm or is it as he says people are scared away the media scare people away because of health concerns and
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also there were protesters who were blocking people from going inside to the arena . my understanding is there are very few protesters blocky anybody from going anywhere if there were marches around tulsa they were not near to your rena it had some feel like a big storm they're all watching on television you know we're all watching social media t.v. to see the big storm hit the stormers out of juice maybe diverts landfall but we're still stuck with the t.v. cameras right yes to focus on the one downstream the one down power line it just wasn't it may have that he was i think trying to that's a 7 happened the idea that he would blame the media because people wanted to stay home and dockets 2nd not affect their communities a sort of an odd thing. you know sort of blaming the press for for his supporters doing what they ought to be doing which is taking care of themselves and their families and communities certainly some people say that way because of that something and something i think is probably the level of exhaustion right he's been running at with the volume turned up to 11 and all caps and all exclamation points
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for it was long since he came down that escalator knesset campaign and at some point that's just exhausted and i think people are tired and i think people want a politics that's a little bit quieter it's a little bit more predictable and they want to know that you know we're going to be ok that america is going to be ok through that and demick through the unemployment into the right peter lows we thank you very much for speaking to us thanks for your time and al-jazeera many thanks i mean. coming up on the news hour in just a moment backed by the u.s. about israel's prime minister is still laying off a workable plan to annex parts of the occupied west bank serbia's president toasts his party's election success after exit polls predict a sweeping victory. and in sport saudi arabia announced a crackdown on t.v. piracy that could impact their takeover bid at newcastle. the 1st libya's u.n. recognized government has warned egypt that any move to interfere in its internal
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affairs would be seen as a blatant declaration of war on saturday the egyptian president has said his country had a legitimate right to intervene and neighboring libya and ordered his military to be ready he also said any move to attack this strategic city of sirte would cross a red line and trigger intervention searches under the control of the libyan war lords. but the turkish forces have been advancing for several weeks now matic traina is in misrata with reaction from the tripoli based government. several d.n.a. officials have responded to the president of the for the his cc's remarks on saturday the mystery that's the speaker of the high state council has said has denounced his remarks calling them a violation to libya's sovereignty of the g.n. a military commander was spoke to a little while ago he said that their forces are adamant and they will answer
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search now it's important to note that these are forces that know the territory and certain very well in 2011 forces primarily from here in the struct were responsible for entering search and capturing and killing walmer gadhafi they did that of course with nato support in 2016 the same forces are the ones who went to sirte and liberated it from eisel they did that of course with american support so these are forces that know the territory well they are confident they can enter syria and they say that they will and you know the commander earlier told me that the d.n.a. or our forces will not stop until we in his words liberate all of libya from have to control so what we're seeing is the genie forces of the political of this in here are adamant about. getting well before have to out of the picture they say they won't negotiate with after and they're adamant about retaking or taking
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control of all of libyan land yemen southern separatists to seize control of the island of. the southern transitional council said it had taken over government facilities on the island and deposed the governor the government is calling it a coup the separatist group which wants an independent state of south yemen is supported by the united arab emirates al jazeera has covered the war in yemen extensively and he explains the strategic importance of the island just a cultural. the 2 key players have teamed up in 2015 of the u.a.e. and saudi arabia in yemen saying the ultimate goal is to defeat the who these seem to be with 2 different political agendas to see the separatist who took over the island backed by the us while the internationally recognized government who's fighting against the us to sea is backed by saudi arabia and this is a major victory for the us to see because so qatar is an island which is located at
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the mouth of the gulf of aden and it overlooks 3 strategic shipping routes for oil and gas tankers basically the gulf of aden burble amende and the red sea all the way through the. suez canal so from a s.t.c. perspective this is something that would further expand their political influence the s.t.c. made it quite clear that this is just part of a long political process until they decide finally to break away from the northern part of yemen and reinstate the southern republic of yemen that existed until 1990 and this is definitely a major setback for saudi arabia canadian police have warned an exiled saudi dissident that his life may be in danger the guardian newspaper reports that omar abdel aziz was told his upper temple target of the saudi government he has warned he was warned rather to take precautions. was
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a close associate of the saudi journalist. who was killed by saudi operatives in turkey in 2018 let's bring in now that hashimi he's the director of middle east studies at the university of denver that is where he's joining us from thanks for your time with us on the al-jazeera news hour how concerning is this. what's very concerning because it's clear that the saudi crown prince has learned nothing from the murder innocent summation of jamal and he's once again on the prowl and this i think unless he's stopped it sends a message to all authoritarian regimes around the world that they can also imprison i think and also intimidate and go after dissidents wherever they may be living right and he is among several activists all that is he's among several activists including one who had been given a similar warnings by the north which of police thought was in 21000 what is that about a lot of these and he had about died was warned by norway that were had been some
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man. who both of the the men that you mentioned are very active on social media they've a huge amount of followers they're very influential and many saudis used twitter in particular as a form of communication so i think that's fundamentally the concern that the saudi crown prince has he wants to intimidate political dissidents silence them by threatening their vice un special rapporteur i guess special report on human rights has tweeted that this is not surprising and she says that as long as there is no cost associated with this behavior that saudi arabia will continue to threaten silence dissidents i mean is that it is the silence of the international community partly to blame here. when and that's exactly the problem i think the saudi crown prince is acting like a schoolyard bully who will continue to act aggressively until there are consequences to his behavior and if you look back over the last roughly 2 years since the murder of jamal his show g 8 there have been really no serious
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consequences for the saudi crown prince he continues to. intimidate dissidents he continues to have very close relations not just with the trumpet ministration but with many other western liberal democracies that claim to uphold human rights none of them have taken a serious position they continue to sell arms to saudi arabia they continue to have work very warm relations and this november most of those leaders of western liberal democracies that claim to uphold international law and human rights will be traveling to riyadh for the g. 20 summit so i think this is part of the problem yes so what does canada and particular do next because obviously all mobs of these is living right now in canada canada does continue to speak out on human rights yet at the same time it did sell a record amount of arms and $29000.00 to saudi arabia and this is precisely the problem it's the double standard in the hypocrisy. that we see from countries like canada i think what needs to happen is prime minister justin trudeau these to pick
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up the telephone he's to call the saudi crown prince in tell him to cut it out to back off and let the saudi arabia backs off from intimidating and threatening dissidents living on canadian soil then the government of canada you know has to. has to warn the saudi government that they're going to raise this issue in every international fora possible perhaps that might send a message to the saudi crown prince so i got to ask you though i mean how likely is that scenario. well it's not likely because when it comes right down to it the reason why many of these western liberal democracies have close relations economic political. and military relations with saudi arabia is because they want to make money off of saudi arabia that's the fundamental i think problem here that there are powerful business interests in all of these western capitals that are pressing elected governments to maintain close relations with saudi arabia regardless of the human rights record that the saudi crown prince has so i think that's the
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fundamental problem so citizens in western liberal democracies are upset over the behavior of the saudi crown prince they fundamentally have to blame their own elected governments are right now there has been we thank you very much for speaking to us on al-jazeera thank you things now serbia's president says the kurd what he described as an historic victory for his party in the country's parliamentary election xander of serbian progressive party was widely expected to win an absolute majority in sunday's ballots i suppose so the center right party took more than 62 percent of the votes a number of opposition parties boycotted the polls saying it would be free nor fair because of which is its control over the media. which is what over there. we won the greatest confidence from the people tonight the biggest ever in serbia in times when a few believe we can do it this is also a warning from our voters to be even more responsible and much more diligent and to
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get the best results for our people. coming up on the al-jazeera news hour as new york city starts easing social distancing measures the u.n. considers whether it can bring the world's diplomats back to work. and bob ways urban wetlands under threat environmentalists blame government officials on developers for an ongoing water shortages. liverpool return to action in the premier league we will be here with sport to tell us how they did. and other cells in very heavy right across all central and in particular eastern areas of year the cloud doesn't look particularly threatening on the satellite but within there there been some really strong thunderstorms have a look at this in moscow right the city center there's been some very very heavy rains and very deep water it has led to flooding out across
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a system of things right here but it is a nice clear view of those nice sunny skies and it's warming up last across much of western europe as a people are flocking to the beach as you can see in a balsa lane a so we have got this ridge of high pressure beginning to build in across much of the west forcing the rain coming in from the atlantic today a couple northerly track heading across northern sections of the u.k. bickel some fairly heavy rain across southern sections on the navia and then look at the bulk of the rain continues to be poland across into batteries ukraine right way down into the balkans but as i say out across the west we'll see the skies gradually carry it will gradually begin to warm up but what it does tend to do is squeeze these a line of severe thunderstorms further tools east on the will be some very heavy downpours we could have some localized. fighting in the busy elsewhere we have got those guys a look at the time which is paris for the next few days the average is 20 to 10 degrees above by the time we get to thursday cinna story in london 30 celsius a wednesday against an average of 21.
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in germany's capital there's a barber like no other sort of what it is to have them both struck by what you have . but as he said he changes he's moving with the times. and going on the road. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live down. the master barber of bringing this is europe on al-jazeera. when the covert 19 pandemic hit iran. a filmmaker cut adrift from his crew began documenting life from the lock down made on growing international sanctions. an intimate portrayal of isolation and one of the world's least understood countries
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coronavirus locked down iran people in power on al-jazeera. kind of a down the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour germany's coronavirus reproduction rate has jumped sharply from $1.00 to $2.00 in our rate of less than one is needed to gradually contain the disease the increased infection rate has been partly attributed to outbreaks in slaughterhouses. libya's u.n. recognized government has warned egypt that any move to interfere in its internal affairs would be seen as a blatant declaration of war on saturday the egyptian president at the c.d.c.
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said his country. right to intervene. criticism continues a president decision to hold a campaign rally against the advice of medical experts is former national security advisor john bolton repeated the allegation the trunks focus is really not national how. new york city is getting ready to ease its coronavirus restrictions 3 months after the pandemic brought life there to a standstill on monday some offices on non-essential businesses will be allowed to partially reopen but the united nations headquarters which is based in the city will not be following suit our diplomatic editor james bays explains. life is slowly returning to the neighborhood around the u.n. in new york after 3 months in which this city was one of the global hotspots of coded 90 but united nations headquarters itself stays closed only essential staff have been allowed in the building since the 16th of march. it's
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a place that's been transformed on the floors markers 2 meters or 6 feet apart to show physical distancing rules masks must be worn when close to others and the elevators are now limited to 2 occupants normally on a weekday well over 10000 people pass through these gates on some recent days the numbers have been well below 100 when you take a walk in the corridors you see virtually nobody cafes a shuttered conference rooms of closed and the places where ambassadors and officials used to brief reporters a silent while there's just a skeleton u.n. staff working the number of cleaning crews has been increased it's possible that the gloss steel and marble here has never gleamed this much in the neighborhood around the u.n. where many diplomats and officials live life is slowly returning to normal for
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monday with new code with 19 rules many shops and businesses across new york city to reopen for the 1st time. but inside the u.n. things will remain close this is the main visitor's lobby it's only teeming with people and i'm the only person here normally there are diplomats from all over the world it's a melting pot but that's the problem it could become a fresh incubate or for the virus the secretary general antonio good terrace has ordered that a phase reopening of the complex won't start until august at the earliest jamesburg days out zira at the united nations israel is here a few days away from beginning to annex nearly a 3rd of the occupied west bank but as the july 1st start date set by prime minister benjamin netanyahu approaches a workable plan remains unclear the u.s. is backing the onyx ation if netanyahu can reach agreement with his coalition partner benny gantz harry fawcett reports. benjamin netanyahu has
12:35 am
plans for an accession have already been delayed he was told to slow down by the white house after the unveiling of the trump plan in january now that being complicated by the differences with his former rival now coalition partner benny gantz has called for coordination not just with the u.s. but also with arab neighbors. the trump plan and visit israel an extinct 30 percent of the occupied west bank with a future palestinian state given israeli territory elsewhere israeli officials have leaked various options in the media one is to begin with some or all of the major illegal settlement blocks ario ma'ale adumim and the etzion bloc near bethlehem the mare of a fraught with in the etzion bloc argues for moving quickly and taking what's been put on the table by the us administration and i think prime minister that i now understand that you can't postpone such an opportunity relying doubt there will be a better one in the future because i don't recall ever in the past having such an
12:36 am
opportunity i don't think he'll give it up this time a 2nd option though fraught with risk given jordan's vehement opposition to any annexation would be to begin with the jordan valley israel says it needs a defined and defensible eastern border here but it has economic interests to $11000.00 israeli settlers live in the illegal jordan valley settlements using disproportionate water allocation for year round agriculture 85 percent of the land is off limits to palestinians and it's here in the jordan valley that benjamin netanyahu is finding some of the stores just opposition to his plans for annexation to the truck plant as a whole and it's coming from a powerful settler leaders here they're lobbying against annexation based on the trump plan because it means agreeing in principle to a palestinian state emotional ought if the meaning of extending sovereignty is to get a palestinian state we say no thank you we give up on sovereignty we keep living as we are right now out of national responsibility because a palestinian state would endanger the existence of the state of israel. perhaps
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the least likely option of all the one still floated in the mess and you know friendly newspaper would be to start with the 15 so-called enclave settlements these would be small israeli islands within the trump lands palestinian state the palestinian leadership the precise nature of the 1st step doesn't matter any annexation is illegal and must be stopped what we hope is that israel should not continue to be above and got a national law. what we hope is that there really is that should feel very heat over international pressure for any of the options to happen 1st the united states says gansu netanyahu need to agree potentially giving got some leverage in his argument against unilateral moves. but netanyahu has leverage of his own in the form of rising poll numbers if guns doesn't agree to an extension he could simply engineer another round of elections are a force at al-jazeera in the occupied west bank in an interview with al jazeera if
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yo p. as foreign minister has accused in egypt of trying to interfere in destabilize ethiopia's internal affairs over the controversial ground renaissance down to and dar got you also rejected in egypt's call for the down dispute to be handled by the un security council the $4600000000.00 dam is under construction on the blue nile and could affect water supply for millions of people and if you know pia egypt and sudan the 3 countries are yet to reach an agreement on the downs operation they took their politicos to politico's. cairo always seeks to exploit the differences within ethiopia and interfere in our internal affairs and they try to open the door for anyone who opposes the government and provide them with direct and indirect support . gyptian agenda is based on destabilizing ethiopia we have that documented they have tried everything under the sun either directly or indirectly through their
12:39 am
agents and allies we see how they act when we disagree with them. they rice to ignite sedition and fuel strife and divisions everyone who opposes us is due to them welcomed and honored in cairo and they give them a media platform. despite all of this we never not a single day dealt with egypt in the way they deal with us we treat them always with discipline and diplomatic behavior no precious government in ethiopia if a middled in a gypsy internal affairs. violence at the border between sudan and here has left several people wounded that attack near a gal about sources any militias class with ethiopian fighters it's the 3rd outbreak of violence at the border this year and it's less than a month after the previous attack. teenagers in the netherlands and belgium have come to the forefront in the black wires matter movement after being inspired by events in the united states they've started petitions held protests and campaigned
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on social media stuff awesome reports. sending a big message to the world from a small town in the south of the netherlands 3 sisters between the ages of 12 and 14 produced this video and posted it to nearly 300000 followers as part of the black lives matter. it was a few more than a 1000000 times what's going on with the racial crisis. change just at 20 twentieth's now it is time and we have to change we don't have to wait any longer and i think it's very good people are now coming to the streets and one just having experienced racism themselves at a young age they urge other teenagers to learn about the history of slavery and colonialism the same message no one is spreading in belgium the 14 year old has collected nearly 80000 signatures after initiated
12:41 am
a petition to remove statues of king leopold the 2nd the colonialists leader has been accused of mass murder in the former belgium colony of congo but it is like you put a statue of hitler in the middle of it i think jewish people would feel very uncomfortable in berlin if that would happen i feel the same here someone who has murdered so many people does not deserve to be on. protests also in the netherlands against colonial statues like this one honoring a man accused of mass murder in the former colony now indonesia my greatest i know you played a prominent role to complain against blind but also here against racism o'neill's actress who had been say that model on your generation that is increasingly concerned about the future. of the planet researchers say previous to. and aeration grew up to be more focused on their own lives and successes while young people now show more solidarity with us i think people are fed up they've been trying to say
12:42 am
hey we should be mindful of our history we should leave mindful of institutional mechanisms of in an exclusion of institutional racism and the politicians aren't doing anything if it were up to these girls in amsterdam the 1st thing politicians should change is education inspired by the protest in the united states they file a petition to make it mandatory to teach about racism in dutch gould's it receives so much support that parliament has to consider it i think is. part of connecting to other people no matter what their race is no matter what their color is it's just a way to connect and you get inspired by older. people protesting or whatever and then you want to do the same thing that. the other 2020 is the year of change that's what all these young activists would like to believe stuck fast and al-jazeera in the south of the netherlands. see read native to the northwest
12:43 am
pacific is invading the rich marine waters of the strait of gibraltar on preventing traditional fisherman from catching to know they say the brown algae is clogging up their nets and endangering their way of life victoria again the reports. sea weed is washing up all over the beaches of southern spain it's an eyesore but it also threatens an ancient way of life. is a fishing technique dating back more than 3000 nets all positioned in sections of the sea close to the strait of gibraltar to catch chuen as they migrate from the atlantic to the mediterranean in recent years fishermen say their nets have been clogged up with nothing but seaweed. 40 foot sea weed is proliferating in this area as never before i've been fishing for 35 years and it's become a huge problem it's causing great economic hardship and it's in danger of fishing
12:44 am
a. fisherman cast the net to march and pull them up in june they say the invasive sea weed is scaring away the fish. sticks to the net and then grows creating an underwater wall the white and the tension that breaks the news it's also turner's a fish that likes clear water so when it sees darkness it swims away from the seaweed causing the problems originates in japan and scientists have been studying how it ended up in the waters around spain when. the seaweed may have come from the mass a area from a lagoon installed in 2002 to facilitate the cultivation of japanese oysters ships probably carried it from there to here all this kind sided with the highest temperature recorded in the south of the berrien peninsula and 2015 so the stars aligned in this species has increased dramatically. scientists are
12:45 am
developing a coating that could be applied to nets to stop seaweed attaching to them the fisherman who didn't catch the quatre of tuna last year and won't this year a solution can't come soon enough victoria gave him be there. now zimbabwe has endured years of drought and environmentalists blame property developers for making it worse they're accused of causing a drastic fall in groundwater levels by building homes on protected wetlands. has more from harare. and dorothy wakeling strongly objected when a property developer tried to build houses on this protected area is one of several with lands in harare ecosystems such as marshes and urban areas that soak up and store extra rainfall and water. open spaces that are lived unfortunately that is the target to develop with just. these.
12:46 am
scientists say wetlands purify and still groundwater which is then gradually released into rivers and lakes years of drought in zimbabwe have made these water bodies even more precious in history you've had cities over the thousands of years that have dried up and people have moved away from those cities we heading in that direction and i cannot say that strongly enough. we are i don't know anyone in the city who does not have a water problem. many dams rivers and lakes are slowly disappearing several parts of the country apart just as the economy worsens wars of bobbins are coming to harare from smaller towns and rural areas and it's a method $2000000.00 people live in and around the capital putting a strain on its already depleting water sources. city council's approved development permits after an environmental impact assessment has been done miscible
12:47 am
officials deny allegations made by some environmental activists that they are purposely allowing land owners to build illegally on with lands and more of that is being used to the board for auction guns. meaning other institutions yet those resources can be used to predict this somewhat. they're full of going towards heroes just took a board woodlands but they're not fond of coming to council droppers council to release a piece of land that they presume is in protected zimbabwe is a signatory to the international ramsar convention a cittie for the conservation and to stand will use up with lands but as urban migration increases the even more pressure to build and grow food in marshy areas conservation a say protecting these few remaining water bodies left in urban areas needs more political will and environmentally friendly policies. al-jazeera had already. still
12:48 am
to come on the al-jazeera news hour the sports news why the broadcast rights for german football in my free to decrease in price. in a 2 part series. observes the lives of 2 children. over 20 years. where insights into circumstances that chip lives. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of me starts with blood and land to produce story on how to 0. the latest news as it breaks the early warning on evacuation same draft prevented many deaths and now people face the struggle to rebuild their lives with details coverage of the confines it's so cold in the middle of
12:49 am
a deepening cold cold between china and the united states from around the world by the government close to bankruptcy many say such initiatives will not be enough to deal with what prime minister has found yet warns could be a major food crisis. all over again biologists and indigenous leaders in mexico are battling to save the las pocket of tropical rainforest in north america 90 percent of the law can do in a rain forest is believed to have already been lost to deforestation. traveled into the heart of the jungle in the chop us region in southern mexico. the luck and the
12:50 am
rain forest in southern mexico it's the region's last great tropical jungle. flying above the forest canopy reveals the scale of this wild expanse dotted by lakes waterfalls and agent ruins. al-jazeera followed a team of scientists with the nonprofit group now to tell me he counted. for the past 40 years conservationists here have been engaged in a dedicated effort to save what remains of the rainforest and. we work on monitoring projects to increase our watch over the forests where we are now is on disability from trap cameras we watch the different mammals in the area that serve as indicators of the health of this ecosystem the luck in the is home to hundreds of rare species many of them critically endangered like the jaguar. these scarlet macaws are part of the last wild population of this species in mexico. in the
12:51 am
absence of conservationists these vibrantly colored parents would likely disappear from the region altogether the lek and the rain forest accounts for less than a quarter of one percent of mexico's land mass yet is home to more than 25 percent of all the country's animal species. say yemen as the means most for generations the luck and have maintained a philosophy of living in harmony with the forest and. today they are part of conservation efforts led by scientists and are calling on the mexican government to do more to stop the forestation up but if you look at an affair the federal government fall from scaling back the extent of cattle ranching continues to promote that there's one the main cause of deforestation so livestock farming and agriculture remain the most significant threat to the rainforest it's estimated that all but 10 percent of the luck and donna has been lost. the local communities have begun developing new ways of making a living this by. if lifeform for instance breeds
12:52 am
a number of rare species and the sale of souvenirs keeps business afloat. the growth of adventure tourism in the region has also created jobs and helped generate important environmental awareness among members of the community and there are many . in the past people who didn't have a form of income to sustain themselves many people like myself would immigrate to the united states but now thanks to this project we could no longer have that need . at the current pace of deforestation one percent of the like and do in a jungle is destroyed every year but those who are fighting to preserve what's left insists it's not too late to reverse course and reclaim this important ecosystem. this is who lives biosphere reserve on monday is world rain forest day on monday well rob lowe will join us with another report on just how bad the destruction of mexico does not condone a rain forest has been let's let's get an update now on all the sports news with
12:53 am
lee during thank you very much and let's start with novak djokovic is the tennis tournament in croatia which is being called off because one of the star players involved grigor dimitrov has tested positive for the carnivores the ball gary and former world number 3 is the highest profile tennis player to contract the disease he withdrew from the 2nd leg of the i.j.a. and so on through sickness and on sunday announced on social media that it was coronavirus that's all was set up by the number one joke of it you need volves of the top 10 players alexander's ever and dominant team thousands of fans have been allowed to attend despite the pandemic in serbia last wakened while dimitrov anyone who's been in contact with him to get tested and apologised sunday's final involving djokovic has been called off. because the village. we're really sorry we tried our best to respect all measures and we did respect all measures imposed by the governments of serbia and croatia from our side we did all
12:54 am
we could but greegor is unfortunately positive at this moment we're organizing all medical services to check all people who have been in contact with him they will be tested i've already contacted all players of the advocates or and their families all of the people that are involved in the organization absolutely none of them have any symptoms before he came to zara greegor was in his home country we don't know if he got the virus there. saudi arabia has announced a major crackdown on broadcast piracy and it's fabulous and has made a move to writing to major governing bodies including faye for you a for and the english premier league vowing to take on piracy it's something that could impact their proposed takeover of newcastle united the english premier league is weighing up whether to accept the $370000000.00 bet from a consortium led by saudi one of the main potential stumbling blocks is that the world trade organization has ruled saudi is behind a pirate ball costa could be out q which steals sports content including premier
12:55 am
league games but on sunday saudi's authority for intellectual property won't infringements could be met with significant fines or jail time and said it has brought more than $230.00 websites illegally streaming sporting events where newcastle potential buyers will be pleased to see them all but secure their place in the premier league for another season but sheffield united 3 no in their 1st game back so maybe 11 points above the relegation places. the opening goal and took the knee in support of the black matter movement leaders liverpool were how to a scoreless draw by everton in their 1st game back it means that if they want to wrap up the title at home in their next game they now need manchester city to drop points against burnley before that on monday. in italy there was an emotional tribute to the victims of the current virus in the city of before the sorry our much between like insane atlanta i swallowed more than 60000 people have died in
12:56 am
the lumber the region and bergen i was one of the main centers of the outbreak. and it was atlanta who were sharpest on their return after 3 months so while doing tons of potter scored 2 goals as they rushed to swallow for one they'd have a lot doria i didn't spine rial madrid one comeback guy. germany's blunders. is expected to award its new domestic board cost rights on monday but the value is likely to drop with the 1st major white still since the coronavirus disrupted football all over the world last time the value jumped 85 percent to $4640000000.00 euros but reports suggest it will decrease to $4200000000.00 it was the 1st european league to restart and by munich have since wrapped up the title for the 8 year running fifa has paid tribute to iraq's football hero ahmed roddy who has died from the corner virus the 56 year old was hospitalized in
12:57 am
baghdad last week and despite briefly returning home he died on sunday for asian footballer of the year scott iraq's only ever goal at a world cup finals against belgium in 1996. the n.f.l. players union is recommending the old players stop group walk outside the risk of catching coronaviruses just too great medical direct sunlight the recommendation off to for change because of positive coverage 19 tests among the players tom brady's new tainted by buccaneers have closed parts of that same training facility off the 3 players that caught the virus sport trying to come back to finding a struggle yes sounds like it ok thank you very much for the update for the time being and thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera we'll have more news coming up right at the top of the hour that's in less than 3 minutes time for the time being you can always head on line to al jazeera dot com there you'll find the latest top stories all the day's headlines at al-jazeera dot com thanks for
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watching see you in a minute. as countries begin easy coronavirus restrictions scientists warn of a 2nd wave of infection in the last few. neighborhood and many fear the economy is be prioritised about for human life until fall your cleavage focus on the out here what spike in public places we bring you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus on that special coverage on
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a. if you're in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships. somehow time is aiming to replace america and. around the world all the chinese are not that stupid guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our 1st president george washington if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china walked one on a. kenyan journalists in pursuit of press freedom and justice i have this thing is for a situation where someone says but they cannot afford pain killer that's investigating government corruption and the national health care system some of the transactions espionage and the killing. of money that is unexplained to africa uncensored and publish those things up people don't want to even if it doesn't work the oscar
1:00 am
truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. revealing ecofriendly solutions to come back threats to our planet on al-jazeera. the world health organization reports the world's biggest single day increasing coronavirus cases since the pandemic began. watching us their ally from london i'm betting you know also ahead they were us president all trump is accused of putting his presidency before public health after his tall surrounding. a shared land border but not seeing eye to eye an escalation in the war of words between egypt and libya is internationally recognized governments.


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