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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 22, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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will the presidential candidates ever hit the road and sell their brand of politics to americans before the vote followed the u.s. elections on a. protest against president pandemic response as brazil recalls more than 50000 coronavirus deaths. the whole rommany watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes u.a.e. back southern separatists in yemen seize control of the strategic so called trial and from the saudi backed government. egypt says it supports a political settlement in libya a day after president sisi threatened military action against the un recognized
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government. and we go into the heart of one of mexico's last remaining rain forests and the battle to save it from deforestation. welcome to the program the world health organization has reported a recording creasing global krone virus cases with more than 180000 new infections on sunday while some countries around the world are winding down their fight against the pandemic for many the scale of their battle continues to grow latin america has recorded more than 2000000 confirmed cases with more than half of those in brazil protesters marched against president response to the pandemic as deaths cross 50000 in europe the rate of infection in germany has jumped sharply to partly to the relaxing of restrictions the country has recorded its single largest
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outbreak in a slaughter house with more than 1300 workers testing positive meanwhile spain has reopened its borders to the rest of europe they're hoping an influx of visitors can steady the struggling tourism industry. as the reports from the argentine couple got as i read with numbers still rising across latin america all possible solutions are being tried. as dawn broke over the believe in capital of indigenous worshippers welcome the i modern new year and asked the song that the in tea to destroy the carpet 19 virus. and it was just the thing with the ceremony to our sun god with the rising of the rays of the sun we've destroyed the corona virus at the same time we've asked for help for all of the people of the past and for the whole world bolivia has reported more than 23000 infections and 740 deaths it's suffer the corruption scandal in the health ministry or the health
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system is a breaking point some patients dying in the street because hospitals will fall divided by a few unmonitored my father died last tuesday at dawn in my house we kept the body inside the house for 2 days and now my sister has the same symptoms. the government in bolivia one of the poorest countries in the region says it's doing all it can it's a message repeated across the continent. but for these indigenous people from colombia's embury community it's not enough and at the moment the mother but. until now we've persisted during the pandemic no one from the colombian government has provided anything to us even after the last 6 protests there's no guarantee for us people here aren't going back we're not moving from here. they're camping in the capital after being evicted from their land locked down restrictions mean they've nowhere to sell their wares the surviving on handouts. meanwhile there were
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demonstrations in brazil home to more than half the 2000000 latin americans infected with the virus some criticized president john bolton are as handling of the crisis well of the supported him a reflection of the debate raging across the region where the number of deaths and of those infected by the covered 1000 virus continue to rise. al-jazeera. well to north america where there's been a spike in corona virus infections in several u.s. states with new delhi cases nationwide at their highest level in almost 2 months florida reported more than 4000 new cases on saturday while in south carolina another 1200 infections were recorded that's as locked down measures continue to ease in both states. we mentioned in spain state of emergency well it's been lifted more than 3 months after it was imposed to stop the spread of the virus the country's borders are now open to almost all of its neighbors without the need for
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quarantine many hope it's not too late to salvage the lucrative summer travel season as a haywood reports. the freedom to travel once again both within spain and further afield as its borders with most of the european union are finally reopened and one of the longest lockdowns imposed in march to stop the spread of the virus is completely left it isn't the end of it as you know many of us at that night i feel good because i can finally go home and i'm not scared to take this flight because there are health precautions in place i'm happy to be going back home. spaniards were told to stay within their own province until now so with the state of emergency ending roads and trains to take them perfectly soon filled up spain's economy relies heavily on tourism visitors are now starting to come back but it will be a wait to see if the numbers are enough to sustain the industry you know he's
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a pretty accurate bank but it's the 1st time i've seen this many people and it's good because we need to reserve if not we will be in trouble but this is much more than just about the economy for many people it's personal a lender who lives in a care home in madrid is now able to see more of a family more often gets able to. it's a long time since i've seen him she says after being reunited with her grandson. spain is trying to move forward from this crisis but more than 28000 people died from corona virus here and remain very much at the forefront of everyone's mind and that he would al-jazeera. yemen's banks southern separatists have seized full control of the island of the katra the southern transitional council says it's also deposed the governor of the island but yemen saudi backed government is calling it a coup is the latest move from the separatist group which wants to see
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a foreign state in southern yemen. reports. celebrating the new military again forces loyal to the self supplies southern transitional council to see took full control of the katra the archipelago is located in the arabian sea overlooking vital or oil and gas shipping routes through the gulf of aden babil manned and the red sea this is a major victory for the u.a.e. backed separatists who took over the city of aden 2 years ago and further expander that influence by announcing sell through in the south in april. by seizing so katra the s.t.c. moves closer to words achieving their goal breaking away from the north and reinstating the republic of south yemen that existed until 1990 which was united
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with the north the internationally recognized government of president of double months for handy condemned the action by the s.t.c. as a coup based in saudi arabia had he and his our allies feel betrayed by their host in riyadh what. will be what happened in sokoto is an occupation by the saudis and the immoralities i call on the government to resign and seek another honest partner. 5 years ago saudi arabia and the u.a.e. launched a major military campaign in yemen their stated goal was to defeat the who thiis. rebel group that seized the capital suddenly into 1014. the saudis and the emirates accuse iran of using the who are these to destabilize the region of a campaign still turned into a humanitarian disaster. thousands of civilians were killed millions face food
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shortages the u.n. considers yemen the worst humanitarian crisis in the world now that the separatists have captured so. they are likely to turn their attention to the provinces of. that i'm old and the the last areas in the south under the control of her his loyalists. the latest developments are likely to undermine the u.n. effort to end the war in yemen and start political talks between warring factions. the country now is more divided than ever raising fears among its people over a prolonged conflict more casualties and more suffering. libya's u.n. recognize government has warned egypt that any move to interfere in its internal affairs will be seen as a blatant declaration of war on saturday egyptian president ability there and sisi
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said he'd ordered his army to step in if libya's strategic city of sirte is attacked but egypt's foreign minister says his country backs a political solution to the conflict surtees under the control of the libyan ward cleaver hafter but the turkish backed g.l.a. forces have been advancing for several weeks mallika trainer is the is in misrata with more on the reaction from libya's internationally recognized government. several d.n.a. officials have responded to the president of the for the his c.c.'s remarks on saturday called the mystery that's the speaker of the high state council has said has denounced as he says remarks calling them a violation to libya's sovereignty the d.n.a. military commander was spoke to a little while ago he said that their forces are adamant and they will answer search now it's important to note that these are forces that know the territory and certain very well in 2011 forces primarily from here in this russia were
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responsible for entering search and capturing and killing one more gadhafi they did that of course with nato support in 2016 the same forces are the ones who went to sirte and liberated it from high school they did that of course with american support so these are forces that know the territory well they are confident they can enter sirte and they say that they will and you know the commander earlier told me that the d.n.a. or our forces will not stop until we in his words liberate all of libya from have to control and so what we're seeing is the genie forces out of the political officials here are adamant about. getting the police to have to out of the picture they say they won't negotiate with after and they're adamant about retaking or taking control of all of libyan land. well still ahead here on al-jazeera.
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serbia's president takes his election success but not all parties recognize the result. united in the face of oppression demonstrators and law but also the freedom of speech is under threats to stay with us here on al-jazeera. hello there also more severe storms developing 3 will central regions of the united states as we go through the next couple of days you can see hello subplot there are also plenty of yellow flashes indicating again the mall thunderstorms meanwhile out across the west it has been holes it has been dry and it has been extremely windy there are dozens of wildfires burning this is a particularly big one at the big horn fire it is cool to just outside tucson not having any evacuations but is only about 20 percent contained you can see it through all those canyons and so far 37000 acres or 15000 hectares of actually but
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there's no rain in the full cost hour zona temperatures will remain high and then you can see this line of what will develop into some significant thunderstorms all the way from the great lakes right the way through the central plains right there down towards the south and that system will work its way gradually east was as we go through tuesday french that rain beginning to push towards the eastern seaboard but again on tail end of this we could see some very heavy thunderstorms on this always out threat of tornadoes more showers fairly widespread throughout the caribbean but again the heavy rains particularly impacting costa rica on juris the yucatan peninsula as we go through monday and by cheese day we will some fairly brisk winds bring in more showers that at least for the next few days generally draco's cuba and across into haiti the dominican republic. rewind returns. i. think it's on the things down to
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0 entries by the compelling. value. rewind the games with magazine city under siege. if one is actually fixed on al-jazeera. news. you know all. of the work you're watching i'll just remind of our top stories the world health organization has reported a recording creasing global credit iris cases with over 180000 new infections on
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sunday brazil has passed 50000 deaths linked to the current virus as anger grows at present dr also laura's response. and yemen's u.a.e. supported southern separatists have seized control of the island of so-called southern transitional council says it's taken over government facilities and oppose the government yemen saudi government is calling it a coup. and libya's you don't recognize government has warned egypt that any move to interfere in its internal affairs would be seen as a blatant declaration of war on saturday gyptian president of the south that is he said his country had a legitimate right to intervene but egypt's foreign minister says his country that's a political solution to the conflict. serbia's president alexander of a church has declared what he described as a historic victory for his party in the country's parliamentary election but a number of opposition parties boycotted the poll saying it would be free of fat because of the choices control over the media manly has more.
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celebration but no surprise with a clear majority in the parliamentary election at. 13 president alexander who took says it's an historic victory for his ruling class and. we want the greatest confidence from the people tonight the biggest ever in serbia in times when a few believe we can do it this is also a warning from our voters to be even more responsible and much more diligent and to get the best results for our people. although president isn't up for election he's the leader of the center right serbian progressive party that's been in power since 2012 he's also be the helm for its election campaign as people don't see it in belgrade many say the president brewed a wave of popularity for his handling of the pandemic a strict lockdown with ease in early may the country has suffered only $260.00
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deaths so far in a country of 7000000. he spent much of the law making t.v. appearances although ted couldn't move the school you know the old teacher i expect mr future as the leader of the largest political party to begin a process to shift power from the hands of individuals to the institutions of the system so simple that those but i expect everything to be transparent and fair to be regular. been happy the leading opposition party aligned society have pointless and who will be playing to lack of fair vote in the dish and several of us. today serbia unequivocally said no to the regime of alexander virtue each tried normalities and madness which we have been exposed to in our previous years the boycott fulfilled its meaning it's completely exposed the regime and today everyone can see what serbia looks like. who teaches held many positions of
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power for ministry of information twice prime minister and then 2017 present. which many took to the streets in the days of protest against the strictly accusing him of having no store tarion power and the media. and all to his party's latest victory he has some challenging weeks ahead one is to solve a territorial dispute with kosovo and we had to talk to the been frozen for more than a year so be as long standing dispute with kosovo is considered to be standing in the way of belgrade ambition to join the e.u. nor about money al-jazeera. u.s. president donald trump says he would consider meeting venezuela's president because the doura despite his administration's campaign to oust him from leadership trump made the comments to u.s. news website he says he's having 2nd thoughts about his decision to recognize
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opposition leader as the digital it president of venezuela trump says he's turned down previous opportunities to meet but wouldn't rule out them in the future and donald trump's decision to hold a campaign rally against the advice of medical experts is coming under growing criticism at least 6 members of the u.s. president's campaign started tested positive for corona virus before the gathering even gann and ahead of his tell all book release former national security advisor john bolton repeated his allegation that the president is more focused on reelection than public health when he can the reports. after a federal court ruled his books publication could go ahead john bolton was once again in the spotlight. the former national security advisers book will be released to the general public on tuesday among the many statements critical of his former boss that obstruction of justice is a way 'd of life in the white house a view he says was shared with others in the president's inner circle look these
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were things that i could see some evidence of and they bothered me greatly members on both sides of the aisle in congress remain shoppy critical of bolton his refusal to give evidence and impeachment proceedings and his apparent willingness to profit from his criticism of john bolton is a political opportunist any profiteer he had the opportunity to step forward and participate in the house impeachment inquiry and share any information that he had about wrongdoing by president trump and other members of his administration and he declined the problem is that when you're selling a book you're not putting yourself in a position to be cross-examined so for 2995 you can monetize as national security clearance but under oath he would have an opportunity to answer questions and not just make assertions the white house has made clear it is contemplating civil or criminal charges against bolton but apparently unruffled by this threat he
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continued to lash out at president trump i don't think he's fit for office i don't think he has the competence to carry out the job there really isn't any guiding principle that i was able to discern other than what's good for donald trump's reelection other critics point to the president's decision to go ahead to the campaign rally in tulsa as evidence of his willingness to put people at risk in advancing his political agenda his supporters in oklahoma and to through scanners and temperatures were taken but you wore mosques in accordance with government health guidelines including children. and of course the president refuses to do so the highest risk gatherings are those that are large indoors where people can stay apart from each other more than 6 feet and where people travel from out of town 6 campaign staffers tested positive before the rally even began the incubation period is estimated to be up to 2 weeks so the president could be holding another rally or
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any infections during this one a fully accounted for. you organizers say they've been at the cations for a 1000000 tickets if so the bus majority of those who applied stayed away the shade told speeches by president and vice president to the expected tens of thousands in the oval area will abruptly canceled a possible sign that while the president may act as if the pandemic is over many of his rank and file followers do not my kind of al-jazeera washington. now there are concerns of freedom of expression is under threat in law but all human rights groups say defamation laws are increasingly being used to silence critics they've documented the detention of at least $100.00 activists since the start of the protest movement in october then a how to reports of beirut. it was a symbolic protest against laws that make it illegal to criticize politicians
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dozens gathered outside the justice palace in lebanon's capital after a wave of arrests that began with the birth of a movement against the establishment since october at least 100 activists have been detained what happened since the 70 that we're told was a very big oppression campaign. designed to suppress freedom of expression and i've been on this campaign has escalated recently they have been gathering outside police stations whenever an activist or protesters held at times they violently clash with security forces and more often than not it's their campaign that secures a release among them. who was taken in for posting a video online criticizing president bush leadership. people are committing suicide dying from hunger and deprived from their money in banks instead of searching for those who talk bad about you ask why they are doing. lebanese law
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criminalizes different nation against public officials with sentences of up to 2 years for insulting the presidency but rights groups say these laws are big used by the powerful against their critics the rate at which. i am more than 300 percent as the government. allegations of corruption began to surface and the come more prominent and public discourse yes start to use wanted to crack down on that. protests against the political class accused of driving lebanon's economy to the. ground recently turned into riots authorities are promising a tougher response when it comes to vandalism and planned to take what they call preemptive operations to prevent further violence this is raising concern among those demanding accountability and the change of leadership this is part of. the police day they are trying to implement even the prime minister said this is not
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a good option. which is by the good terms it can be. suppressed by army force those in power are being accused of creating an atmosphere of fear they may have intimidated some of their opponents others think they refuse to be sacked 700. china's controversial new security law could be enforced by hong kong within weeks china's top legislative body announced it will meet for another 3 day session next sunday but it's unclear whether the proposal is on the agenda details of the law or emerged on saturday revealing mainland courts will have jurisdiction over certain national security crimes and in hong kong pro-democracy labor unions have failed to get enough support to strike against the legislation the referendum it needed 60000 votes in support of strike action but just under 9000 people participated it's seen as a blow to the city's antigovernment protests movement which lost momentum due to
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a ban on public gatherings over corona virus. and a children have drowned in a river in southwestern china it happened in the city of cologne chongqing chinese state media say they drowned after one of them fell into a river and others jumped in to help the bodies of the elementary school children were recovered on monday morning they had gone to play by the river just the day before. hundreds of garment workers in bangor those have protested job losses due to the coronavirus pandemic that also demanding back pay saying employees of the windy group which supplies are and h. and m. have been laid off without proper compensation many clothing factories in bangor they're forced to shut due to the drop in global demand of say garment exports fell by 84 percent in april. record high temperatures have been reported in a siberian town located above the arctic circle temperatures of 38 degrees celsius
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were felled in the vertical yun sky on saturday its previous high was 37.2 degrees the town in the republic was the most extreme temperature range in the world with a low of minus $68.00 degrees much of siberia has seen unseasonably high temperatures this year causing a number of large wildfires scientists an indigenous leaders in mexico are battling to save the last pocket of tropical rain forest in north america it's thought 90 percent lack and a rain forest has already been lost to the forestation but will repel air travel to the heart of the jungle in the south of the country. the luck and the rain forest in southern mexico it's the region's last great tropical jungle. flying above the forest canopy reveals the scale of this wild expanse dotted by lakes waterfalls and agent ruins. al-jazeera followed
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a team of scientists with the nonprofit group now to tell me he counted. for the past 40 years conservationists here have been engaged in a dedicated effort to save what remains of the rainforest. we work on monitoring projects to increase our watch over the forests where we are now is on disability from truck cameras we watch the different mammals in the area that serve as indicators of the health of this ecosystem the luck and go to is home to hundreds of rare species many of them critically endangered like the jaguars. these scarlet macaws are part of the last wild population of this species in mexico. in the absence of conservationists these vibrantly colored parents would likely disappear from the region altogether the luck and go to rain forest accounts for less than a quarter of one percent of mexico's landmass yet is home to more than 25 percent of all the country's animal species. say
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a young man as he needs more for generations the luck and on my own have maintained a philosophy of living in harmony with the forest and. today they are part of conservation efforts led by scientists and are calling on the mexican government to do more to stop deforestation cup but if you look at enough the federal government fall from scaling back the extent of cattle ranching continues to promote and this one the main cause of deforestation so livestock farming and agriculture remains the most significant threat to the rainforest it's estimated that all but 10 percent of the lock and owner has been lost. so the local communities have begun developing new ways of making a living this butterfly farm for instance breeds a number of rare species and the sale of souvenirs keeps business afloat. the growth of adventure tourism in the region has also created jobs and helped generate important environmental awareness among members of the community and there are many . in the past people who didn't have
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a form of income to sustain themselves many people like myself would immigrate to the united states but now thanks to this project we could no longer have that need . at the current pace of deforestation one percent of the like and 2 in a jungle is destroyed every year but those who are fighting to preserve what's left insists it's not too late to reverse course and reclaim this important ecosystem. biosphere reserve. they want your deserving still rob a reminder of all top stories the world health organization has reported a recording freezing global crossing virus cases with over 180000 new infections on sunday brazil has the past 50000 deaths linked to corona virus and anger is growing they response of president dr paul sonora. has more from argentina's capital but as
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i was. there have been growing protests against him around the country people have been marching in sao paolo on sunday and in brasilia on sunday he failed to appear today there's been no direct response from him to that number of 50000 deaths a rim 1000000 people in brazil now infected with covered 19 virus among those were 21 for bullets from the corinthians football team in sao paolo one of the major teams in latin america of 27 players tested $21.00 were found to have the virus that will have an impact in the news in brazil there's been a spike in corona virus infections in several u.s. states with new daily cases nationwide at the highest level in almost 2 months florida reported more than 4000 new cases on saturday while in south carolina another 1200 infections were recorded you have in southern separatists of seize control of the island of the culture of the southern transitional council said it
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had taken over government facilities and deposed the governor yemen's government is calling it a coup and libya's u.n. recognize government has warned egypt that any move to interfere in its internal affairs will be seen as a blatant declaration of war on saturday gyptian president of the sisi said his country had a legitimate right to intervene but egypt's foreign minister says his country bank's a political solution to the conflict. so as president alexander chose to close what is described as a historic victory for his party the parliamentary election exit polls show the center right party took more than 63 percent of the vote but a number of opposition parties have boycotted the poll. or should follow all of those stories on our web site at al-jazeera dot com back with more news in a half an hour but next it's rewind to stay with us.
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now i just. hello and welcome again to rewind i'm melissa purana since we launched al-jazeera english more than a decade ago we've tackled many difficult and sensitive stories across the world today we rewind into august 2014 when the frontline series traveled to ferguson missouri and the midst of street on rest.


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