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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 22, 2020 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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site people who look down on them as a skilled migrants now say they're essential to control the virus and receive messages on the scene that we'll let you know so i was a nurse back what i'm doing is not all that different from helping others. new york continues to emerge from its coronavirus lockdown as other u.s. states see infections rise. daryn taylor says al jazeera live from london also coming up brazil's coronavirus crisis shows no signs of slowing as hospitals are overwhelmed protesters battle over who to blame. the name change and the state tensions between china and japan in that dispute over uninhabited islands in the east china sea. the 1st migrant
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rescue ship allowed to dock in italy since the corona virus outbreak 18 groups concerned many more will follow. more americans have now died from covert 19 than were killed fighting in world war one that's the stark new situation in the united states where the number of deaths from the pandemic has passed 120000 new cases of the virus so spiked in several states which have pushed to open their economies and come out of lockdown a dozen states in the south and southwest reported record increases in new infections over the weekend as well as increases in the number of people in hospital those affected include florida alabama and oklahoma where the president held a campaign rally on saturday. new york city was once considered the epicenter of a global outbreak but it's now cautiously reopening with
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a virus seemingly under control restaurants bars and hassles have welcome back to the 1st customer since mid march that's going on now to rob reynolds who's in los angeles and robot california is just one of a number of states experiencing a spike in cases. yes that's right lauren public health officials are alarmed across the country at the surge in new cases in a number of states or 29 u.s. states and territories that are recording spikes in coronavirus positive cases 8 states including florida arizona california texas and others reported new single day high positive cases including for example in florida which has 100000 positive cases altogether since the beginning of the pandemic there were on monday 4th 4th more than 4000 positive cases and that's
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a new all time record for that state many of these states were among the 1st to loosen restrictions on. public places opening up the business is opening up restaurants outdoor dining that sort of thing and they are where we are seeing many of the spikes here in california there are also rising number of cases single day total on saturday for california 4515 that's a record high but public health officials here particularly in los angeles county which is really the epicenter of the disease in this they say they're also monitoring data about hospitalisations and the overall number of deaths and those data points indicate to those officials and experts that in california things are actually relatively stable and trending towards a decrease in corona virus cases a lot of numbers here but
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a lot of data lauren but that 3 is part and parcel of how to tell this story and how officials view the situation and the president is facing scrutiny of his remarks regarding testing talk us through that. well the president was in tulsa oklahoma on saturday that is one of the states we're talking about in terms of spikes he said that testing is a double edged sword that the more you test the more people turn up positive and that makes the numbers look bad and by extension makes him look bad so he told the crowd he had asked his officials slow down the testing please now the officials in the white house immediately started to walk that back after public health officials and doctors expressed horror and consternation at the idea of slowing down testing they said the president was just making a joke he didn't seem to be obviously looking for laughs when he said it
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in tulsa and it raises a couple of questions one of which is why the president would think that a disease pandemic that has claimed more than 120000 lives would be a fit subject for humorous remarks and also the fact that the president actually doesn't have and never has had any kind of nationwide testing program in the u.s. the federal government supports the states with the materiel and equipment but it's up to each state to do the testing by themselves and the states are not all equal in that regard there are a number of states that haven't really reached minimal requirements 0.01 final thing another rally by president trump for his reelection campaign scheduled for phoenix arizona another hot spot on tuesday lauren reynolds thank you very much indeed. the world health organization says there's been no worrying increases of
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the virus across latin america including a spike in cases in brazil over the past 24 hours the country passed a milestone of $50000.00 deaths on sunday and has more than $1000000.00 confirmed infections divisions a deepening of a president julia boorstin hours handling of the crisis and next year brian has more. brazil's deep divisions playing out on the streets of its major cities with some marching in support of president. and opponents determined he should step down but. we are here in defense of democracy and asking for an aura to leave this president who asserts the people's power and is committing atrocities does not deserve to govern our country . protesters are angry at bolton hours response to the pandemic he's openly disagreed with advice from his own health ministry calling covered in this who flew
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saying measures such as social distancing accosting jobs and a more dangerous than the virus itself. those feelings echoed at rallies in brazil's commercial capital sao paolo where some more mosques showing the president who is often seen without one. hair and support of our president. we want to go back to work we want support for shopkeepers support entrepreneurs these people here in sao paulo today are in support of brazil. but brazil is struggling to beat the virus with some doctors warning that hospitals a swamped with more than a 1000000 confirmed infections what critics say is the president's chaotic response has seen local authorities step in to take their own measures but judging by the crowds at protests and the shops there's not much social distancing being done many say what rules there are and not being enforced. on rio de janeiro's famous
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copacabana beach also in our supporters stood with brazilian flags staked into the sand where just weeks ago they were crosses laid and protest against the 10s of thousands of deaths. the mortality rate among brazil's indigenous people is twice as high as other brazilians the military's been sent into. health communities with tasting but some in the amazon region say it's too late and accuse the president of abandoning them. for feeling heroic weakness sometimes i can feel it in my heart i feel weak as the virus continues its relentless spread so too does anger about where the president is to blame elixir brian al-jazeera. tutors of voters in buenos aires. figures for brazil had won 54000 infections in one day how is the president responded. well he has not
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responded in fact he has remained in silence after the world health organization to announce that 54000 people have been infected in brazil in the past 24 hours this makes it to over 1000000 people infected in the country over 50000 people have died because of kovac 19 most papers in the country important newspapers like for you this help follow has criticised a precedent from remaining silent for failing to pay tribute to those who died to covert 19 they're saying that the president is basically ignoring this milestone that brazil reached this past weekend another newspaper or global said for example that it will turn out of bears the responsibility for the end finished tragedy that exists in brazil today he also say that is what the most scary is that according to the world health organization we have brazil has still not reached its peak so certainly that's not so warry about what's happening brazil with the virus spreading at least to $82.00 municipalities around the country reaching areas
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remote areas deep in the amazon affecting indigenous communities vulnerable indigenous community that have no hospitals or other resources in order to pacify the current situation and all of this is happening as brazil is stuck in an enormous political crisis with crisis with people taking to the streets to protest against the president saying that he should rest and nate because of what's been happening of the country of the lack of federal action to prevent the spread of coronavirus and then there's also national supporters who are also taking to the streets who are saying that the president was right to prevent lock down all around the country because this would have an enormous impact in the colony from the very beginning jai eatables on at all was a staunch opponent of the lock down saying that it would hurt the brazilian economy that it would end up costing more death than the virus. itself well informed
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governors had 4 polls in the governor's help out of the governor of riyadh and 8 are employing polls not downs but they have been opening up in the past few days in spite of the surge in cases in brazil tears of a thank you very much indeed the head of the world health organization is warning world leaders against criticizing the pandemic saying it's undermining efforts to combat the coronavirus the greatest threat we face now is not the virus itself it's the lack of global solidarity and global leadership we cannot see it is fine by me with a divided world the one who is in desperate need of national unity and global solidarity the politicize issue of the point to make has exacerbated. ultimately the problem is i shown that we are humanity one humanity. none of us are suv
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until all of our eyes are safe india has reported another daily record of new coronavirus cases with more than $15000.00 confirmed on monday that brings the total to nearly 430000 aking india the world's 4th worst affected country 14000 people have died of it health experts fear hospitals won't be able to cope or foreign embassies have warned their citizens to leave the country due to lack of beds despite the rapid rise in infections from mr narendra modi relaxed most restrictions weeks ago to try to revive the economy. there fears the corona virus outbreak could spin out of control in south sudan it has recorded almost 2000 confirmed infections but the true number could be much higher united nations says cases spreading rapidly and threaten to overwhelm the health system battered by years of conflict country of 12000000 people has only one permanent infectious
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diseases unit with just 100 beds and 50 health workers have contracted the virus. and not running territorial dispute over a group of islands has been reignited by a japanese local council the chain known as in japan and die you in china lies just northeast of taiwan in the east china sea and both china and japan along with taiwan claim ownership now are local authorities voted to change the name of the administrative division covering the islands emphasising the japanese name and drawing criticism from china where islands are remote and uninhabited but they've been argued over for hundreds of years japan 1st claim sovereignty in the late 19th century after serving them for a decade or recently japan has had missed them since 972 when they were returned by the us which had trusteeship for in the 2nd world war but the issue of oil and gas
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rights means the dispute has festered since then leading to a fresh point in 2012 when japan bought some of them from a private owner as agent brown reports the move looks set to deepen tensions. at the southern tip of the japanese archipelago a cluster of uninhabited islands now on the frontline of what may be a new flashpoint they lie close to significant oil and gas deposits strategic shipping routes and lucrative fishing grounds to japan they are the cuckoo islands china calls them the dar use but for 50 years they've been administered and controlled by tokyo taiwan also claims ownership china's government had warned japan against changing the status of the islands and is now reportedly deployed coast guard vessels to the area as it has done many times before. it's a serious purgation against china's territorial so empty that
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a japanese type possibility in the name it's illegal and invalid it cannot change the fact that though you island blog china they formally abort that 11 more made with japanese site sign asked large. ban for diplomatic status and a 3rd of the right to for their react to. the rising tensions in the east china sea come as china's military continues to assert its maritime claims in the nearby south china sea and while its soldiers are involved in another sovereignty dispute with india it was also where is the. india and china will search. that the chinese are a bit of article this dispute has often stirred nationalist sentiment 2012 saw violent anti japanese protests in many chinese cities after japan's government brought 3 of the islands from their private owners and although monday's renaming
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decision was taken by a municipal council it could still inflame passions once more what makes the waters of the east china sea so potentially turbulent is the high profile of another military this warship evidence of a 60 year old treaty which obligates the united states to defend japan if it's a target it's a treaty that's yet to be seriously tested adrian brown al-jazeera on cong. still to come on al-jazeera tensions rise on the korean peninsula as both the north and the fact is in the south the belief that campaigns had to vicki anniversary. president time to stop the country's election being rerun it cannot go smoothly during a pandemic. hello
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big thunder soulsby wandering around central and eastern europe it seems the days now despite the current cloud behind my head this is the active area now i think for tuesday it is quite a specific line that takes you through ukraine towards her mania just missing hungry and that was the song balkans and northern greece this is all fairly humid air quite warm but the storms have been damaging the bottom get to wednesday this bit of a break in that line the focus is more into poland slovakia the bits of austria but again anywhere is prone to at least a few showers and all this time that our west the sun's been apart from want to shout maybe in spain we just see a rising in temperatures are just overlaid the colors to show you it feels warm and last through not record values necessarily in london is it 30 degrees the average is 20 but the record is such 6 so we're off that but it's certainly a very warm spell for a few days and that extends all through north africa with the breeze up enough
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through egypt maybe sudan and chad to least pick up the dust the showers are still building not big ones in the ethiopian highlands of moving through west africa mostly the coastal the dew ridge far north as the gambia. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such demands as a global power developing to the basement company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against mr brown as we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and the viral mentally sound energy solutions for future generation the brush fire nearing future.
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or monitor up stories here now because there are more americans have now died from covert 19 the were killed fighting in world war one the number of deaths from the pandemic has passed 120000 cases of also spiked in several southern states as they begin to reopen their economies. world health organization says there's been warning increases of the virus across latin america including a spike in cases in brazil of the past 24 hours countries recorded more than 1000000 infections and 50000 deaths. china has condemned a decision by a local authority in japan to change the status of a disputed island train the measure asserts japan's claim of the uninhabited
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islands in the east china sea owners in japan and dar you in china. north korea is being urged to call off plans to launch thousands of balloons into the south in the biggest of a propaganda campaign against its neighbor and follows a week of rapidly deteriorating relations between the 2 states are so bright has the story. north korea says it has 12000000 propaganda leaflets printed and 3000 balloons ready to carry them south across the border depicting south korean president moon jay in pyongyang says they represent the wrath and anger of the north korean people up we do not have any intention to reconsider or change our plan at a time when north south relations have already broken down last week north korea demolished a joint liaison office on its side of the demilitarized zone in the surest sign yet
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of relations unraveling. the office was opened after a successful summit in 2018 which also agreed to stop provocative propaganda moves by either side north korea has accused the south of breaking that agreement by allowing defectors who make calls human scum to float propaganda balloons into north korean territory despite having freedom of speech guaranteed in the south the government here has tried to curtail these provocative acts. one defective group that had threatened to float bottles filled with rice and propaganda messages into north korean waters has been prevented from doing so with this appeal from the south jungle and you are the south korean government has already announced its stance regarding the leaflet campaign the government is blocking efforts to send anti north korea leaflets and commodities we urge north korea to stop their plan to
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distribute and the south korea propaganda leaflets that will only worsen into korean relations. but another defector group says it will launch a batch of propaganda balloons to mark the 70th anniversary of the start of the korean war later this week threatening to increase tensions even further robert pride al-jazeera seoul. hundreds of migrants arrived safely in sicily after they were rescued from the mediterranean is the 1st time a rescue ship has been allowed to dock in italy since ports were closed because of the pandemic but there are concerns the number of people trying to make the journey is rising for years italy was the main route into europe for migrants and refugees with nearly 660000 arrivals from 2014 to 2019 but a crackdown on smugglers in libya led to a fall in mediterranean crossings this year there's been an uptick more than 5 and a half 1000 people have landed in italy so far that's almost double the number in
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the same period last year 6 boats with more than $100.00 migrants arrived on the island of lampedusa in just the last few days to regain the reports. it's the 1st time these migrants have slept in days they survive the journey across the mediterranean from libya to europe but only just they were saved by a rescue ship run by the german aid organization sea watch as the migrants were brought ashore in sicily their dream of a better life is by no means guaranteed 1st they're being transferred to a quarantine center where they'll spend the next 2 weeks. the 211 people on board the german ship were rescued from 3 separate votes last week. 70 people mostly africans were crammed into this boat reported to be in distress last wednesday being made. the following night another rescue operation was underway that on friday of the 67 migrants mainly from africa and bangladesh was saved about 70
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kilometers off the coast of lampedusa they'd been without water for 2 days this is happening because of the war and the conflict ongoing in libya which pushes a lot of people moving moving on and all necessarily staying in libya to earn. earn a salary. for years italy was the main route into europe for migrants and refugees but a crackdown on people smugglers in libya lead to fewer mediterranean crossings. this year there's been an increase with nearly 6000 people danding in italy so far that's almost double the number in the same period last year. this is the 1st time italy's allowed a rescue ship to dock since the government closed ports in april because of the coronavirus pandemic this summer the expectation is they'll be many more boats that will need rescuing full of people risking their lives in the hope of finding work
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in europe the turia gate and the al-jazeera. the saudi government says yemen's government and a southern separatist. have agreed to a ceasefire in the abyan region and a starting peace talks comes after the southern transitional council took full troll of the island of so-called child saturday internationally recognized government called it a coup or separatists want an independent state of south yemen and a backed by the united arab emirates. a syrian doctor living in germany has been arrested for alleged crimes against humanity about is accused of torturing an inmate at a prison in homes in 2011 john mccain is more from battling the offenses that this individual is suspected of having committed relates to the period of time in the 1st year of the syrian civil war specifically to the last few days of october the start of november 2011 when this individual was working as a doctor at
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a hospital in the city of homs people have come forward here in germany to say that the individual concerned mistreated maltreated and indeed tortured in their words an inmate at the prison at that time prosecutors here are using the testimony of 2 of the witnesses who spoke to them to proceed against this individual who was taken into custody on friday this individual has been working as a doctor in germany since coming here in 2015 what makes this case interesting is that in acting against this individual the german authorities are using the principle of universal jurisdiction which governs certain serious offenses crimes against humanity war crimes that sort of thing in this case as i said the witnesses say that the offenses that this doctor carried out in 2011 were tantamount to torture and it's on that basis that the german authorities are proceeding against
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him. malawians head to the polls on tuesday night historic presidential election rerun last year's result was an old due to allegations of widespread rigging with ballots seemingly altered with correction fluid a new vote is around who knows how much us or what. malawi's main opposition leader who formed an alliance with the vice president says he's going to win choose days presidential rerun he lost to president 515-9000 votes in last year's election with a constitutional court ruled was marred by whites played by judges or did a really good. one that the majority of malawians do not have better jobs are telling them that work real jobs or what have been theirs. have a measure of the service that every young person involved in something that will
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build this country prison was ready to try to stop the rerun but the supreme court turned on his appeal when he then tried to force the top judge into early retirement opposition groups accused of trying to intimidate the judiciary the president denies the allegation it's only the 2nd time a presidential election result in africa has been overturned visible and the 2nd ability is crucial. to. from work is there an independent judiciary is there i mean we hear the whistle going and going and traditional food and come in demanded the elections must be held according to law and we have managed to get here so it's not perfect because as to a number of significant gaps but i think it's going to say they are also logistical concerns for months opposition groups demanded the removal of the organizers of last year's disputed election the initial commission now has a new man in charge who is under pressure to make sure voting and counting a ballot papers go smoothly this time or a 1st. time. we were on the 9th of june and the problem and
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resolved about the date of illusions unity between the 3rd of through we made a decision to go through the route which meant when we had less than 2 weeks in order to prepare for. the coronavirus pandemic i just had to travel for international election observers organize a trying to keep bill to safe by encouraging social distancing mass clearing and had washing all of which has been widely seen during campaigning. there the f.b.i. has launched an investigation after a new swiss found in the team garage of our wallace the only black driver in the us racing or no station that has car the noose was found on sunday before a race in alabama was cancelled due to poor weather as cars pledged do everything possible to find out who was responsible just 2 weeks ago wallace successfully campaigned to get the confederate flag banned from all racing benny's
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archaeologists have discovered what they believe is the largest prehistoric structure in britain a circle of 5 metre deep shafts 2 kilometers wide has been discovered just west of the world heritage site of stonehenge it's believed it was constructed for half hours and years ago by nearly if it people a sophisticated way in which the pits positioned suggests the early humans used accounting system to track the holes across long distances. top stories on out as there are more americans have now died from code 19 than were killed fighting in world war one the number of deaths from the pandemic has now passed 120000 new cases of the virus have spiked in several states which pushed to reopen their economies and come out of lockdown a dozen states in the south and southwest reported record increases in new
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infections over the weekend as well as increases in the number of people in hospital. york city was once considered the epicenter of the global outbreak but it's now cautiously reopening with the virus seemingly under control restaurants bars and has analysts have welcomed back their 1st customers since mid march. the world health organization says that there have been worrying kris's of the virus across latin america including a spike in cases in brazil in the past 24 hours the country's now recorded more than 50000 deaths and divisions a deepening of a president dry of arson iris handling of the crisis head of the u.n. health body has urged leaders not to politicize the pandemic. the greatest throat we face now is not the virus itself it's the lack of global solidarity and global leadership we can model that's it this pandemic with a divided we're the one who is in desperate 'd need of national unity and global
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solidarity the politicizing of the plunder mique exacerbate the. china has condemned a decision by a local authority in japan to change the status of a disputed island chain a measure asserts japan's claim of the uninhabited islands in the east china sea now in a sick cat who in japan and value in china the islands line their strategically important shipping route and also claimed by china and taiwan. north korea is being urged to call off plans to launch thousands of balloons into the south in the biggest ever psychological campaign against its neighbor john yang says the balloons will carry 12000000 propaganda leaflets across the border. there's a top stories do stay with us the news continues after the stream thanks for watching so you have it.
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i am free ok and you are in the street the journalist maria ressa is executive editor of a very popular online publication of brown but she has just been found guilty of sniper libel with one of her former colleagues ray santos jr what does that tell us about what is going on in the philippines today i am sure you have a point of view you may well even have questions so the way to do that is the you cheap china is then i jump into the chat and you can be part of the conversation.


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