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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 23, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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some of their transactions. from minute to minute africa uncensored and publish those things that people don't want to even if it doesn't mean that the us truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. a spike in u.s. come on a virus cases it states the ease restrictions but that's not stopping new york city from reopening for business. hello i'm don jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the french president emmanuel macro slams turkey's role in the libyan conflict schools grow for a political solution to the crisis. activists and defectors send out propaganda messages from south korea to the north as tensions escalate between the 2 neighbors. got
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fidler in bangkok thailand while the people here are intensely proud of their unique culture there is growing concern of the erosion of the city's heritage and the culprit is urbanization. the rate of covered 1000 infections in the u.s. has surged across southern and southwestern states new cases of the virus spiked with bob's restaurants and other businesses reopened early the rock questions about whether restrictions have been lifted too soon rob reynolds reports in los angeles . 29 u.s. states and territories are seeing a spike in coronavirus cases several including arizona california oklahoma and texas reported record high single day infections governor rhonda scientist says worrying numbers of new cases involve young people. who were previously thought to
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be at lesser risk huge huge numbers of people particularly in that 20 to 30 cohort who are testing but then testing positive 62 percent of all new cases in florida for the week of june 7th are under the age of 45 decentest says some younger people have let down their guard i think that we've started to see you know some erosion in the social distancing from probably some of the younger population many bars in tampa have shut down after staff tested positive in texas governor greg abbott displayed a graph showing a sharp spike in hospitalizations $3200.00 per day to state the obvious. coben 1000 is now spreading at an unacceptable rate in texas and it must be corralled in arizona people stood in lines several kilometers long to get tested the state recorded more than 3000 new cases over the weekend bringing arizona's
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total confirmed cases to more than $50000.00 president donald trump reportedly was furious when his oklahoma rally on saturday flopped with a much smaller crowd than anticipated trump plans another campaign event in phoenix arizona on tuesday at his tulsa rally trump said he told officials to slow down testing because the numbers looked bad the white house spokesperson claimed trump was just making a joke and cast blame on the media it was a comment that he made and yes it's common that he made and passing for specifically with regard to the media coverage and pointing out the fact that the media never acknowledges that we have more cases because when you test more people you find more cases trump appeared serious not joking when he made the comment if it really was a joke many observers found it odd that the president would find humor in
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a pandemic that has killed 120000 people in the united states robert oulds al jazeera. for york city was once considered the epicenter of the u.s. outbreak well now it's cautiously reopening the virus seems to be under control that restaurants bars and haslam's a welcome the 1st customers they've had since mid march kristen salumi has more. some of the most important and visible sectors of the new york economy are now able to reopen for business the mayor of the city predicts anywhere from 150-002-3000 extension 00 workers will be back on the job this week right now i'm on 5th avenue in midtown manhattan where some of the most iconic high end shopping centers exist and what we're seeing is a bit of a mixed bag we've got open stores clothing stores here there's one open followed by another that's open followed up by a boarded up shop and in fact the rest of the block is still closed for business
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with some stores only doing curbside pick up. as for the city's $27000.00 restaurants they are allowed to have outdoor dining with table space 6 feet apart these are restrictions that are difficult for many establishment to adhere to nevertheless the mayor is hopeful that this will prevent some 5000 restaurants from permanently shutting their doors and 45000 people from losing their jobs office workers also allowed to go back on the job today but at 5050 percent capacity in their office buildings all of this with strict social distancing measures still in place anywhere inside or outside where you can't be more than 6 feet away from people masks are still required a cautious approach moving forward for the city of new york. now the world health organization says they've been wiring increases of the virus across latin america including a spike in cases in brazil over the past 24 hours the country has now recorded more
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than 50000 deaths a 1000000 infections the visions a deepening of a president jaya both now is on the. says he has repeatedly downplayed the threat of the virus calling it a little flu. authorities in croatia are investigating a corona virus outbreak in the city of the darling to a tennis tournament held on the weekend at least 2 leading players have tested positive after taking part in the event run by world number one novak djokovic he said it's been tested but the result is yet to be made public relations prime minister on direct link which has undergone testing after attending the event djokovic has come under fire for organizing the tournament with few health precautions in place they are. this is a really bad example of this behavior of people in question but i think it will make other people more careful from now on it is a warning for organizers of events like this owners of restaurants and others that
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measures have to be respected that's the only way they can keep the businesses open we have our health inspectors coming here and we will see what they can find out the french president says turkey is playing a dangerous game in libya that can no longer be tolerated in one year mark ross says ankara's actions are an obstacle to securing a ceasefire on tuesday the arab league will hold a virtual emergency meeting as calls grow for a political solution to the crisis in money as more the discovery of bodies in southern tripoli the military says the bodies belong to people kidnapped by forces of war the have. and it's not the 1st the un's top rights body or did a fact finding mission after the discovery of mass graves into huna previous stronghold of have to find his forces. after a 14 month military campaign to take control of the capital after failed the
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internationally recognized government recently recaptured. along with other towns in western libya. and on monday the chief international criminal court prosecutor said in the statement she would not hesitate to expand investigations and potential prosecutions to cover any new instances of crimes but there is a possibility of more violence to come libya's government forces in opposition to the west of so that the demand to have to both retreat from the strategic city on monday the u.s. ambassador to tripoli and the head of africa command met with libya's prime minister fayyad. they discussed efforts to stabilize the country but also how egypt has weighed in on the conflict egypt's president seems to have threatened military intervention if jan a force of opponents to it so that. his government calls a threat a declaration of war on the u.n.
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spokesman gave this warning. the last thing that libya needs right now is more fighting more. more military mobilization more transfer of weapons more presence of foreign fighters or mercenaries and that's been moved into pointing in the fischel meeting with president keiser eat french president a man you want to get takis intervention in the conflict he did say to his wanted to kick him out but he don't and again i have already had the opportunity to make this very clear to president i now consider this turkey is playing a dangerous game in libya and is in breach of all the commitments it made at the berlin conference tuckey has intervened in recent months providing support to government forces. france is being accused of supporting have to out politically something it continues to deny called has also spoken to us president trump by 3rd
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the leaders agreed on the need for a cease fire and libya and the resumption of new casey ations but with clear divisions between international figures weighing in on the conflict there remains the question who these divisions lead to more scenes of destruction in a country torn apart by years of war lure about the al-jazeera not donald trump is threatening protesters who are attempting to topple a statue of the former u.s. president andrew jackson at the white house with 10 years in jail demonstrators tied ropes around the statue as they tried to bring it down for about an hour jackson has been targeted recently for his legacy of supporting slavery and forcing native americans off their land trumper said he considers the former president a hero and see similarities between himself and jackson and donald trump says he delayed imposing sanctions on chinese officials over the massed attention of muslim
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leaders to protect the trade deal with china an interview with a news website access the us president admitted he did not want to upset talks with beijing china has rounded up around a 1000000 weakest and other ethnic groups communist party officials have rejected accusations of abuse saying the prison camps are necessary for national security. now an activist group made up mainly of north korean defectors have managed to evade south korean police and fly propaganda balloons carrying leaflets and money into the north the government in seoul had tried to stop them to prevent relations with the north getting worse john young has announced as it has millions of propaganda leaflets and thousands of balloons ready to fly across the border the 2 sides have agreed to stop provocations like these during a successful summit 2018. has more now from salt. the defected group involved is claiming this as a success it says that this launch took place during the hours of darkness monday
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through into tuesday from the city of paid you which adjoins the demilitarized zone separating the 2 koreas they say that on board these balloons that flew off northwards were around 500000 leaflets also hundreds of booklets and s.d. cards all different ways of carrying propaganda they hoped to be scattered across the countryside of north korea from the ordinary north koreans to get hold of these things and for them to be able to get their message across as you might expect it's pretty inflammatory stuff these leaflets attack in by name kim il sung he is the founding father of north korea a very revered figure but these leaflets talk about him being the slaughter of the nation this is pretty low read stuff it comes at a very sensitive time this week as the 70th anniversary of the start of the korean war so the group obviously wants to get its message across it says it had favorable winds and that these balloons were carried to north having said that the yonhap
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news agency here in south korea was reporting that a number of these leaflets have been found in the south so it remains to be seen just how far and wide these propaganda messages have spread. time for a short break here and al-jazeera when we come back we take a look at the key contenders as malawi prepares for a rerun of the presidential vote. venezuela's battle to unlock billions of dollars of gold reserves moves to britain's high court stakes. hello still hot in california's central valley and in arizona is hot enough still to have that fire risk on the fast to burning they still quite warm the eastern seaboard between the 2 of course is a rather familiar sight deep plywood white tops means thunderstorms anywhere really from texas eastward and then up through the appalachians and beyond is likely to be
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sundry and wet look at the temperatures $31.00 an author we're still talking well above where it should be this is quite warm washington d.c. shows to say it will be edged out slowly as that rain has not general direction but if anything a whole lot splitting into you've got she made sherri weather in the middle but the heaviest rain of all be thunderstorms once in georgia along the gulf coast back towards texas and beyond and all this time although it's not very woman san francisco in fresno for example in the central valley you could have 10 degrees to that that is jump science never satellite picture doesn't show it there is dust and sand in the atmosphere of the caribbean cable way from the sour that suppress the showers at least for 24 hours over the eastern caribbean and there aren't that many big showers over the major runs as you say there is a concentration has always of rain further west of nicaragua and costa rica expect yet more rain.
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capturing a moment in time. snapshots of all the lives. of the stories one people are free to talk back and and providing a glimpse into someone else's was the new uk pursuing in the dream of your life inspiring documentaries from entitlement filmmakers. witness on al-jazeera.
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welcome back to provide of top stories here on al-jazeera in the u.s. the number of deaths from corona virus has passed 120000 new cases of the virus have spiked over the weekend in several states across america south and southwest. but it's a different picture in the earlier epicenter new york city now it's cautiously reopening offices restaurants and hair salons businesses welcomed the 1st customers they've had since mid march. and the 1st president has accused turkey of playing a dangerous game by providing military support to libya's internationally recognized government and on your mark most as turkey is an obstacle to securing a ceasefire calls are growing for a political solution to the crisis. now has a vibrance rescued from smugglers boats in the mediterranean have arrived safely in sicily is the 1st time a rescue ship has been allowed to dock in italy since ports were closed the night well because of the coronavirus pandemic the torah gayton reports. it's the 1st
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time these migrants have slept in days they survived the journey across the mediterranean from libya to europe but only just they were saved by a rescue ship brum by the german aid organization c watch as the migrants were brutus show in sicily their dream of a better life is by no means guaranteed 1st their being transferred to a quarantine center where they'll spend the next 2 weeks. the 211 people on board the german ship were rescued from 3 separate boats last week. 70 people mostly africans were crammed into this boat reputed to be in distress last wednesday evening. the following night another rescue operation was underway they don't friday if the 67 migrants mainly from africa and bangladesh were saved about 70. illnesses off the coast of lampedusa they've been without water for 2 days this is happening because of the war and the conflict ongoing in libya which pushes
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a lot of people moving moving on and not necessarily staying in libya to earn. earn a salary. 3 years italy was the main route into europe for migrants and refugees but a crackdown on people smugglers in libya lead to fewer mediterranean crossings. this year there's been an increase with nearly 6000 people danding in a city safe that's almost double the number in the same period last year. this is the 1st time italy's allowed a rescue ship to dock since the government closed ports in april because of the coronavirus pandemic this summer the expectation is there be many more boats that will need rescuing full of people risking their lives in the hope of finding work in europe victoria gate and be al jazeera. the united nations security council has been discussing ethiopia's controversial grand renaissance dam project in egypt
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once said to stop ethiopia from filling the dam with affairs that will threaten its water supply from the nile talks between the 2 countries and a failed to produce the deal james bays has more this was right at the end of a close security council meeting that was actually on burundi and it was right under the gender rice and any other business the reason the security council is discussing the dispute is because of this letter written by the egyptian foreign minister to the president of the security council it's also an issue that is of deep concern to the u.n. secretary general here's his spokes person we're obviously watching very closely the developments of the various statements coming from the different parties around the grantee european renaissance them. from our point of view i think we urge egypt we are g.o.p. and sudan to work together to intensify efforts to peacefully resolve outstanding
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differences i think for us it's important to underscore the importance of the 2015 declaration of principles on the dam and that declaration emphasized that cooperation based on common understanding usual benefit good faith win win aspect and the principles of international law so at this point where we're targeting progress towards an amicable agreement in accordance with these with these principles members of the security council seem to have a similar position to that you've just heard from the un secretary at and that they don't want to take sides in this dispute they want the countries concerned to sit down face to face and try and sort things out diplomatically. foals are expected to open in the coming hours in malawi for a rerun of last year's disputed presidential election the vote was an old by the
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constitutional court because of widespread irregularities reports. malawi's main opposition leader who formed an alliance with the vice president says he's going to win choose days presidential rerun he lost to president 515-9000 votes in last year's election with the constitutional court ruled was marred by whites played by judges or did a rerun you know a lot of young people and that's the majority of malawians do not have better jobs are telling them that will work create jobs or what have been the story. i haven't actually heard for years that every young person involved in something that will build this country prison with erykah tried to stop the rerun but the supreme court 10 down his appeal when he then tried to force the top judge into early retirement opposition groups accused of trying to intimidate the judiciary the president
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denies the allegation it's only the 2nd time a presidential election result in africa has been overturned visible and the 2nd ability is crucial constitutional framework is there an independent judiciary is there i mean here was a win win and tradition of putting it down in demanding that elections must be held according to law and we have managed to get here so it's not perfect because as to a number of significant gaps but i think it's going to say they are also logistical concerns for months opposition groups demanded the removal of the organizers of last year's disputed election the initial commission now has a new man in charge who is under pressure to make sure voting and counting of ballot papers go smoothly this time for a 1st. time we were sworn in on the. problem and resulted. did offer to turn if. we made. it which meant that we had less than 2 weeks in order to prepare for an event in. the
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coronavirus to travel for international election observers organize a trying to keep voters safe bank urging social distancing mosque clearing and had washed all of which has now been widely seen campaigning. there. palestinian protesters are condemning israeli plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank the un's middle east envoy it was among several diplomats of the last rally in jericho israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is vowing to begin the annexation on july 1st and abraham is in jericho she says palestinians will continue to protest against israel's plans despite coronavirus. thousands of palestinians and tens of foreign diplomats have gathered here in jericho to prove that they expected the israeli move by the next thing the part of new york you buy it was the bank as of july 1st the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu can
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bring this issue to the table and palestinians are saying that they're trying to voice out their rejection they want to talk to foreign diplomats to try and talk to their countries to pressure israel not to go forward with its plans they want these countries to tell israel that they're going to impose sanctions of course this is that and this did not happen yet but palestinians hold that by doing gatherings like these they will crush or the international community of course gatherings have been banned because of a recent version of the koran have out of the palestinian official said that because this issue is a very important one gathering like these will continue in the next few days and weeks to try and pressure israel and to really tell the world what is going to happen when it comes to the israeli plan. high court judges in the u.k. are hearing the mature oh government's plea to force the bank of england almost
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$2000000000.00 of its gold the bank has held on to $31.00 tons of venezuelan bullion for the past 2 years because of british and u.s. sanctions president. needed to buy health care equipment medicine and food during the pandemic so again i go as more of that story. far from venezuela lies to some of its most prized riches 31 tons of the country's gold is held here in the vaults of the bank of england for safekeeping now there's a legal battle over who can access it president nicolas maduro or position leader why the whole model says he needs the 1000000000 to help fund the country's crumbling health care system during the coronavirus pandemic however attempts by venezuela's central bank to access the gold began 2 years ago just after my daughter won a contested election the bank of england never released it and then said last year it would recognise why daughter as the interim president not my daughter and
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despite that my daughter's lawyers say that diplomatic actions since have shown britain still recognised him as venezuela's leader well you know. you have recognised that government is an effective government. for example b.c.b.s. answered right well i. yes. yes and i. hope well i don't know of this you know this is very much. why those lawyers said the bullion is his to control the british government and more than 50 others around the world said they would recognize him as interim president however why those attempts to create a transitional government have been unsuccessful questioning over. transparency we. need and i think that's also one of the main problems. but
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also being. transferred. to other. sanctions and mismanagement have crippled venezuela as a commie and triggered a humanitarian crisis lawyers say the gold reserves amount to about 15 percent of its much needed foreign currency reserves the case is set for another 3 days and could set an important precedent in relation to other frozen venezuelan assets around the world and just who gets access to it. al-jazeera. decades of economic growth and investment have transformed bangkok for the time capitalist lost some of its unique features as a result of its rapid growth and modernization conservationists are now mobilizing to prevent further damage to the city's heritage as al-jazeera scott hartnell reports. worshippers and conservation is gathered for what was thought to be last prayers at the historic chalmette dubbed him shrine on the day the temples
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demolition was set to begin one of the largest landowners in bangkok to a long corn university's property management office was to start the relocation of the shrine to make way for a new condominium building but the developers did not show and those in prayer were left in peace to activists the planned removal of the temple is an example of a much larger problem. this is happening everywhere a handful of people who own the majority of the land in this country that no checks and balances if he she was not to do anything about this it will get worse no rot sod john was raised near the temple she says her family home was demolished to make way for new development. well i'm going to. it doesn't matter if you want to build buildings on this land but can't you just leave the shrine alone don't you want or even care to preserve this piece of history that's been here for over 100 years historic areas are increasingly being raised to make room for developments losing traditional structures and their locally owned businesses here in bangkok's
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chinatown the rich cultural heritage is steadily being eroded by urbanization while all the new buildings sit side by side one historian believes that part of the problem is rooted in the differences between the older and younger generations the symbiote if you have the space chinatown historian some tongue punit has lived in the historic district for more than 50 years he shows us so hang tight a 200 year old traditional chinese family compound it's been in the same family for 8 generations and they're committed to preserving it. this is a crisis we will see more cases of old buildings the old shrines demolished we can't wait for the government we have to try a best to preserve history and pass on knowledge to new generations i hope that the younger generations can delay the deterioration process. there are pockets of careful renovations being carried out but restoring buildings using traditional
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materials and labor is time consuming and expensive for developers there is often little financial incentive in preserving the city's past. university officials say they will carefully preserve the child may top him shrine when they move it to a new home but the action of a few local worshipers and activists has meant that for a short time at least the temple was left untouched scott harder al jazeera bangkok . a quick check of the top stories on al-jazeera the rate of covert $900.00 factions in the us is surged across southern and southwestern states new cases of the virus spiked with bars restaurants and other businesses reopened there are questions over whether restrictions have been lifted too soon runnels has more from los angeles on that new wave of infections today in florida which is seeing a big spike the governor there rhonda santas said that he's seeing
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a lot of new cases in people under the age of 40 which is kind of a new twist and he suggested that young people are sort of slacking off in terms of wearing masks and keeping proper social distancing the world health organization says they have been worrying increases of the virus across latin america including a spike in cases in brazil the country's now recorded more than 50000 deaths and many infections the french president is accused turkey of playing a dangerous game by providing military support to libya's internationally recognized government emanuel macross as turkey's an obstacle to securing a cease fire donald trump is threatening protesters who were attempting to topple a statue of former u.s. president and drew jackson near the white house with 10 years in jail jackson has been targeted recently for his legacy of supporting slavery and forcing native americans off their land trungpa said he considers the former president a hero and sees similarities between self and jackson. and trump says he delayed
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imposing sanctions on chinese officials over the last tension of muslim week as to protect the trade deal with china in an interview with a news website x.e. oss the us president admitted you don't want to upset negotiations with beijing china has rounded up around a 1000000 weak as other ethnic groups an activist group made up maybe of north korean defectors have managed to evade south korean police and fly propaganda balloons carrying leaflets and money into the north the government in seoul had tried to stop them to prevent relations with the north getting worse young young as announced it as millions of propaganda leaflets and thousands of balloons ready to fly across the border so those were the headlines in the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness statements on so much of. a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the
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small matter of a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. creates mr. sewell of the. book see women and young girls out on the way with 26 year old face. on it mary is going to be great be sure wife b t. b d i use it for you because you need to go for the horses.


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