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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 23, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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every generation has a higher purpose. ours is. a propaganda war as tensions rise north korean defectors in the south launch leaflets . young is bringing back loudspeakers at the border. sam is a damn this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up hong kong's leader tries to downplay concerns over the controversial new security law which many fear will further erode the city's autonomy coronavirus cases spine kin southern u.s.
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states raising questions of frustrations be lifted too soon and iraq league leaders prepared to discuss the worsening conflict in libya as egypt threatens a military intervention. a group made up of mainly north korean defectors has managed to evade south korean police and fly propaganda balloons into the north the balloons carry leaflets money and memory cards which usually contain south korean dramas news over the border the government in seoul who tried to stop them and condemned the move activism like this has been one cause of recent tensions between the neighbors. the north korean military has reportedly reinstalled loudspeakers along the border now the south is
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warning it not to undermine efforts to keep peace on the peninsula we will continue to know our military is monitoring the north koreans around the clock and maintaining military readiness please understand that we cannot tell you in detail about the situation but i have already said north korea will pay if it commits any acts that can thought the effort to improve relations and maintain peace in the korean peninsula or they can tell us the details of the situation but maybe iraq mcbride candy joins us live from seoul what is the situation at the border is it escalating there. as far as we can tell the d.m.z. itself remains quiet but i think it is true to say that given the recent very fast unraveling of relations across that border there has been an uptick in tensions we have the north apart from apparently reinstalling these loud speakers presumably once more to start blaring propaganda out across the barbed wire the north has said
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that it is going to reestablish guard posts just inside the d.m.z. which had been taken away as a way of deescalating tensions there have also announced that they're going to start they're going to resume military exercises near the d.m.z. he said there is a rise in tension and of course it's not helped by this balloon launches like this one the defectors themselves will claim this as a major success but it remains unclear just how many of these balloons have actually made it across the d.m.z. into north korea it is not a very exact science and in fact at least one of the balloons and some of its leaflets has been discovered in south korea and in fact to the southeast from where it was laurent so it's not clear how many balloons have made it the whole intention of it though is to spread leaflets are said to be around $500000.00 leaflets were sent up with these balloons also booklets and really with very incendiary
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propaganda attacking personally kim il sung he is the founder of north korea and a revered figure so it will certainly enrage the north koreans as should any of these leaflets and other propaganda material end up in north korean territory rob the south korean government is not supporting these balloon activists why take us through some of the political calculations that are going on. it is difficult for the south korean government because on the one hand they have got to guarantee freedom of speech and as far as the defectors are concerned they would just be exercising they say their right to free expression but of course everybody knows that acts acts like this are highly provocative so the south korean government especially at a very sensitive time this week as the 70th anniversary of the start of the korean war they've been using all sorts of laws by laws regulations to try to prevent these launches they have prevented other launches taking place and other attempts
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to get propaganda such as propaganda messages in bottles sent with rice. in the coastal waters around career with the aim of ending up in north korea they've prevented that but not this launch and the unification ministry that's the department that handles into korean affairs has condemned this and of course we have condemnation coming from north korea itself they have used this is the premise for destroying spectacularly the joint liaison office last weekend and threatened of course to launch their own balloon south carrying they say 12000000 leaflets all attacking the south korea's government or a bribe there thanks for that hong kong's chief executive has sought to reassure the public about a controversial national security law from beijing many fear the legislation will erode the territories autonomy carol lam admitted she hasn't seen for details of the war but said rights will be protected. in the content
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published so far it's stated clearly that the law must respect and protect human rights and for human rights and freedoms to be protected the law is in line with the international covenant on civil and political rights and the international covenant on economic social and cultural rights it's also stated clearly that these rights include press freedom and freedom of assembly. emily lau is from hong kong's democratic party she says carrie lamb come down and see the law protects human rights. and no one in hong kong including carrie lamb has seen that the bill it's kept secret and what they are saying is that the law may be passed in the next few days maybe on sunday or following monday and then it will be revealed i mean have you heard of anything more ridiculous if you're going to pass
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a law on hong kong i think common decency would mean that the hong kong people should be consulted and be allowed to express their views but they say the draft law is as secret so nobody can see it so without seeing it how can carry lamb come out and for everybody by saying oh don't worry a human rights will be protected independence of the judiciary will be intact i think that's nonsense the former chief justice of the quarter final appeal mr andrew levy has made you know statements it's published in today's english and chinese newspapers and he has a track he made some comments last month but now he is expressing concern because there is a suggestion that kerry lamb would be allowed to pick the judges to try these national security cases which of course is unheard of in our judicial system and
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there is also suggestion and very very worrying suggestion that in certain cases the communist party set very small number of people who are charged with offenses could be sent to mainland china. so they would not get protection of the hong kong legal system. the rates of corona virus infections in the u.s. has surged across southern and southwestern states new cases of the virus spiked baal's restaurants and other businesses reopened the well grounds of folds from los angeles 29 u.s. states and territories are seeing a spike in coronavirus cases several including arizona california oklahoma and texas reported record high single day infections governor rhonda scientists says worrying numbers of new cases involve young people who were previously thought to be at lesser risk huge huge numbers of people particularly in that 20 to 30 cohort
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who are testing but then testing positive 62 percent of all new cases in florida for the week of june 7th are under the age of 45 decentest says some younger people have let down their guard i think that we've started to see you know some erosion in the social distancing from probably some of the younger population many bars in tampa have shut down after staff tested positive in texas governor greg abbott displayed a graph showing a sharp spike in hospitalizations $3200.00 per day to state the obvious. coben 1000 is now spreading at an unacceptable rate in texas and it must be corralled in arizona people stood in lines several kilometers long to get tested the state recorded more than 3000 new cases over the weekend bringing arizona's
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total confirmed cases to more than $50000.00 president donald trump reportedly was furious when his oklahoma rally on saturday flopped with a much smaller crowd than anticipated trump plans another campaign event in phoenix arizona on tuesday at his tulsa rally trump said he told officials to slow down testing because the numbers looked bad the white house spokesperson claimed trump was just making a joke and cast blame on the media it was a comment that he made and yes it's a comment that he made and passing for specifically with regard to the media coverage and pointing out the fact that the media never acknowledges that we have more cases because when you test more people you find more cases trump appeared serious not joking when he made the comment if it really was a joke many observers found it odd that the president would find humor in a pandemic that has killed 120000 people in the united states robert oulds
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al jazeera the arab league is due to hold a virtual emergency meeting on libya as coals grow for a political solution to the crisis the french president says turkey is playing a dangerous game in libya that can no longer be tolerated or about money has more discovery of move in from tripoli the military says the bodies belong to people could not buy food of war with honey for how. and it's not the 1st the un's top rights body ordered a fact finding mission after the discovery of mass graves in dar huna previously a stronghold of have to and its forces. after a 14 month military campaign to take control of the capital after failed the internationally recognized government recently recaptured term along with other
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towns in western libya. and on monday the chief international criminal court prosecutor said in the statement she would not hesitate to expand investigations and potential prosecutions to cover any new instances of crimes. but there is a possibility of more violence to come libya's government forces in opposition to the west of so that the demand to have to both retreat from the strategic city. on monday the u.s. ambassador to tripoli and the head of africa command met with libya's prime minister fires as. they discussed efforts to stabilize the country but also how egypt has weighed in on the conflict egypt's president of the fatah seems to have threatened military intervention if jenny forces opponents to it so that his government calls the threat a declaration of war on the u.n. spokesman gave this warning. the last thing that libya needs right now is
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more fighting more. more military mobilization more transfer of weapons more presence of either foreign fighters or mercenaries and that's been more than the pointing in the fischel meeting with president keiser eat french president a man you want to get takis intervention in the conflict did you took his own did you take him up but you don't and again i have already had the opportunity to make this very clear to president i now consider that turkey is playing a dangerous game in libya and is in breach of all the commitments it made at the berlin conference tucky has intervened in recent months providing support to government forces france has been accused of supporting have to. be something it continues to deny called has also spoken to us present all trumped by phone the leaders agreed on
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a need for ceasefire and libya and the resumption of negotiations. but with clear divisions between international figures weighing in on the conflict there remains the question who these divisions lead to more scenes of destruction in a country torn apart by years of war durables money al jazeera now the saudi coalition fighting in the yemen says it has intercepted a ballistic missile headed towards riyadh a coalition spokesman says the attack was launched from the yemeni capital sana towards civilian targets in the kingdom 8 drones and 3 ballistic missiles have been intercepted in salvia space since monday fighting has resumed in the region of yemen hours after saudi arabia announced it had brokered a cease fire between government forces and southern separatists but they all followed the sovereign transitional council taking control of the island of.
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yemen's internationally recognized government denounce the seizure as a coup the separatists backed by the united arab emirates are fighting to form the independent state of south yemen. still ahead on al-jazeera putting young lives at risk mothers in indonesia face an uphill battle to get their children vaccinated during the pandemic plus. i'm scott heiler in bangkok thailand while the people here are intensely proud of their unique culture there is growing concern of the erosion of the city's heritage and the culprit is the urban ization. hello big thunderstorms been wandering around central and eastern europe it seems for days now despite the current cloud behind my head this is the active area now i
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think for tuesday it is quite a specific line it takes you through ukraine towards her mania just missing hungry and that was a song balkans and northern greece this is all fairly humid a quite warm but the storms have been damaging about time to get to wednesday this bit of a break in that line the focus is more into poland slovakia and bits of austria but again anywhere is prone to at least a few showers and all this time further west the sun's going to apart from want to shout maybe in spain we just see a rising in temperatures are just overlaid the colors to show you it feels warm and last through not record values necessarily in london is it 30 degrees the average is 20 but the record is such 6 so we're off that but certainly a very will spoke for a few days and that extends all through north africa with the breeze up enough through egypt maybe sudan and chad to least pick up the dust the showers are still building not big ones in the ethiopian highlands and moving through west africa
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mostly the coast so they do reach far north as the gambia. frank assessments tourism but the income stream is dead in the water what's been the result in poaching a lot quite significantly informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal and it really is citing in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for new policy and say on the street that he cannot all be seen to grady what he's written in this stability over all continues inside story on al-jazeera.
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come back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now south korea has condemned the launch of propaganda balloons over the border into the north a group made up of mainly defectors managed to evade police and launch balloons carrying leaflets and money. there's been a spike in corona virus infections across the southern and southwestern parts of the united states it's led to questions about whether businesses were allowed to open too early. arab leaders adieu to me to find a diplomatic solution for the libyan conflict egypt threatens military intervention tensions are escalating between turkey and france who support opposing sides. the risk is growing that china will end up in a military conflict with the united states over tensions in the south china sea
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that's one of the findings of a report released on tuesday china's national institute for south china sea studies says being increased u.s. naval presence in the pacific could break the peace in the region the report says washington and beijing of been locked in a power struggle since trump took office in 2017 speak to katrina you in beijing so quite a stark warning there of a breach in peace to what extent does this reflect official policy. well this report is by the think tank the national institute for the south china sea and it's based in heinen which is in the south of the country it's a well funded think tank and it is also directly affiliated with china's foreign ministry so it's very accurate in terms of its reflection of government thinking of course the report in question here at the u.s. military presence in the asia pacific reports 2020 it's quite heavy 100 different
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pages and s'posed to inform china's strategic direction 3 years to come and basically the main line in this is that since president trump took office and 27000 there's been an increased risk of conflict because according to the report the u.s. has shifted its defense and military strategy from countering global terrorism to maintaining u.s. supremacy in the pacific region as well as containing china as a rival power and it says there's evidence of this in the way the u.s. has been beefing up its military forces both in quantity and quality that since 2017 u.s. does joint led military exercises for example have increased by 17 percent specifically in the asia pacific region and also there's been an increase in phone ups which are freedom of navigation operations in the south china sea as well every year since 2017 converse lee according to the report it says that china does not
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see the u.s. as a rival china does not want war and all must be done to prevent any skirmishes in the south china sea from escalating into a regional war with the neighbors of these of china would be forced to choose between either side now it is true that tensions in the area have been escalating just last week the u.s. sent in 3 aircraft carriers into the region all at once which is quite rare for them to send that many ships at one time but the u.s. says that they've been dissed by movements in the south china sea which is disputed territory by china china's coast guards have been robbing malaysian boats have been circular. securing some islands claimed by the philippines had been establishing its own administration of regions in the spratly in paracel islands which are disputed so according to us their concerns and their movements are warranted they say that china has been using the quote $1000.00 pandemic as a cover international distraction if you like in order to mount their own
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aggressive hostile actions and increase their own presence in the south china sea all right thanks so much katrina you donald trump says he delayed imposing sanctions on chinese officials over the mass detention of muslim wiggers to protect the trade deal with china in an interview with the news website axios the us president admitted he didn't want to upset negotiations with beijing china has rounded up around a 1000000 the wee goes and other ethnic groups communist party officials have rejected accusations of abuse saying the prison camps are necessary for national security health experts in indonesia are warning efforts to contain coded 19 could lead to an increase in preventable but potentially fatal childhood diseases the pandemic is disrupting mass vaccination efforts with some programs suspended jessica washington reports from jakarta. this is what it takes to get
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a child safe and healthy in the indonesian region. as part of a community health service known as policy under this team of medics goes door to door checking the health of local children and vaccinating them to support these but these are the sygate that you both have you know we give them vaccinations for tuberculosis polio and measles we need to boost their immune systems and keep them safe good i was worried that my child wouldn't get vaccinated i'm grateful that they came to take care of us. and these medics administer more than 80 percent of all docs and nations across the country for free and while the children of this rule village were able to get their vaccinations thousands more in other provinces are missing out in west java this mother is anxiously weighing up the risk. my son is 9 months old he should have gotten his measles vaccination last month but
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he hasn't had the chance i'm afraid of taking him to the health clinic. in her community word vised by the local government to temporarily stop working 3 months ago as part of covert 19 restrictions parents in urban areas are instead encouraged to go to health clinics some health workers say it's not that straightforward. yet i want to have my mind amaury that children will miss out on compulsory immunizations because their parents do not have the money to go to a private health clinic. more than 80 percent of inoculation programs in indonesia have been disrupted by code 19 and the government says it's trying to get them back on track the health ministry is advise in provinces on how to resume vaccinating safely during the pandemic. or. during. international public health groups say
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there are safe ways to resume vaccination programs in indonesia and around the world by making sure that medics have adequate personal protective equipment in tunisia the country seems. to me it would seem each year since it's a city new without these inoculation programs the fear is that the next mass outbreak could be one of an entirely preventable disease jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta donald trump says protesters who are attempting to topple a statue of former u.s. president andrew jackson near the white house could face 10 years in jail demonstrators tied ropes around the statue as they tried to bring it down for around an hour jackson is being targeted recently for his legacy of supporting slavery and forcing native americans off their land trump says he considers the
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former president a hero and sees similarities between himself and jackson. the u.s. state of kentucky will vote in primary elections later on tuesday concerns over the number of available polling places fewer than 200 voting stations will be available compared to 3700 in a typical election year there especially spots in areas where black votes is live from seeing widespread accusations of voter suppression john 100 has more. critics say the kentucky primary is a recipe for disaster specifically the suppression of black votes that's because due to the coronavirus of the state is closing more than 9 in 10 polling places going from 3700 statewide to just 200 that's not a big problem in rural areas but it is an urban areas like here in jefferson county where there are 600000 registered voters in just one place to vote and that's here at the kentucky state fair in exposition center this is also where half of the
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state's black voters live and there's reason to believe there will be high turnout among black voters this year and that's because james booker a black candidate is running for senate against a mcgrath on the democratic side of that ticket the winner will run against mitch mcconnell the republican leader of the u.s. senate blacks are also likely to vote in big numbers because of the recent killing of briana taylor a black woman killed in her own home by police executing a no knock warrant but looking for someone else. decades of economic growth and investment have transformed bangkok but the thai capital has lost some of its unique features as a result of its rapid growth and modernization conservationists are now mobilizing to prevent further damage to the city's heritage scott haile explains. worshipers and conservation is gathered for what was thought to be last prayers at the historic chalmette dubbed him shrine on the day the temples demolition was set
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to begin one of the largest landowners in bangkok to a long corn university's property management office was to start the relocation of the shrine to make way for a new condominium building but the developers did not show and those in prayer were left in peace to activists the planned removal of the temple is an example of a much larger problem. this is happening everywhere a handful of people who own the majority of the land in this country that no checks and balances if he she was not to do anything about this it will get worse no rot sod john was raised near the temple she says her family home was demolished to make way for new development. well i'm going to. it doesn't matter if you want to build buildings on this land but can't you just leave the shrine alone don't you want or even care to preserve this piece of history that's been here for over 100 years historic areas are increasingly being raised to make room for developments losing traditional structures and their locally owned businesses here in bangkok's
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chinatown the rich cultural heritage is steadily being eroded by urbanization while all the new buildings sit side by side one historian believes that part of the problem is rooted in the differences between the older and younger generations the symbiote if you have the space chinatown historian some tung punit has lived in the historic district for more than 50 years he shows us so hang tight a 200 year old traditional chinese family compound it's been in the same family for 8 generations and they're committed to preserving it. this is a crisis we'll see more cases of old buildings old shrines demolished we can't wait for the government we have to try a best to preserve history and pass on knowledge to new generations i hope that the younger generations can delay the deterioration process. there are pockets of careful renovations being carried out but restoring buildings using traditional
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materials and labor is time consuming and expensive for developers there is often little financial incentive in preserving the city's past university officials say they will carefully preserve the child may top him shrine when they move it to a new home but the action of a few local worshipers and activists has meant that for a short time at least the temple was left untouched scott haidar al jazeera bangkok . china has launched the final satellite in its navigation system designed to rival networks such as g.p.s. state television showed the launch live from the mountains southwestern china the bay do network is being seen as a major step in china's race in the space sector dominated by the american global positioning system and the european union's galileo.
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and let's take you through some of the headlines here in al-jazeera now south korea has condemned the launch of propaganda balloons over the border into the north a group made up of mainly defectors managed to evade police and launch the balloons carrying leaflets money and memory cards the north has reportedly reinstalled loudspeakers along the border to broadcast its propaganda messages to the south through. our military is monitoring the north koreans around the clock and maintaining military readiness please understand that we cannot tell you in detail about the situation but i have already said north korea will pay if it commits any acts that can throw at the effort to improve relations and maintain peace in the korean peninsula there's been a spike in corona virus infections across southern and southwestern parts of the united states it's led to questions about whether businesses were allowed to open too early at the same time new york wants the country's epicenter is now easing restrictions arab leaders are due to meet to find
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a diplomatic solution for the libyan conflict as egypt threatens military intervention tensions are escalating between turkey and france who support opposing sides and saudi coalition fighting in yemen says it's intercepted a ballistic missile headed towards riyadh a coalition spokesman says the attack was launched from the yemeni capital sana'a towards civilian targets in the kingdom. the risk is growing china will end up in a military conflict with the united states over tensions in the south china sea batts one of the findings of a report released on tuesday china's national institute for south china sea studies says increased u.s. naval presence in the pacific could threaten peace in the region those are your headlines the news continues after inside story. as protests rage over police brutality and coronavirus grips the nation campaigning on the election trail
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has been forced to take a back seat will the presidential candidates ever hit the road and so their brand of politics to americans before the vote follow the u.s. elections on a just. why did separatists in southern yemen seize a remote island in the arabian sea fighters backed by the united arab emirates are accused of carrying out a coup. so what makes the island so valuable to yemen's warring sides this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i am wrong on the latest flashpoint in yemen's 5 year civil war is a remote island in the arabian sea so quarter is sometimes compared to the famous galapagos islands in the pacific the plants and animals on the world heritage site
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are found nowhere else on earth now they're in a war zone the sudden transitional council have deposed the island's governor.


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