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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 23, 2020 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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al-jazeera. and. the rebels in yemen have announced the launch their largest military operation across the border saudi coalition says it intercepted just one ballistic missile. hello again i'm come on santa maria with the world news from al-jazeera leaders from the arab league are discussing the ongoing conflict in libya with more pressure building for a political solution to end the fighting. also version for president in malawi of the judges and the results of last year's disputed election as
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a rerun happening. our long national hibernation is beginning to come to an end. and they're easing lockdown restrictions further cinemas and restaurants in england will open next month. from britain's foreign secretary condemned a hoot the missile attack on riyadh calling for an end to hostilities and to allow humanitarian efforts to resume the attack was part of what hootie rebels say is their biggest military operation against saudi arabia yet 8 drones and 3 ballistic missiles have been fired towards the kingdom since monday and the who say they plan to launch even more for its part the saudi coalition fighting in yemen says it's intercepted a ballistic missile it was heading towards. riyadh on tuesday the spokesman claimed
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they attacked the defense ministry and a military base in the capital among other targets was. in response to the continued and just blockade and brutal aggression on the great people of yemen and our great country the yemeni armed forces launched the biggest attack on the capital of our saudi enemy riyadh using drones and a massive number of ballistic missiles we stress once more that more fierce attacks and military operations on the enemy will be launched so the blockade is lifted and till our freedom and independence are gained more from the home of a lot of now in yemen's capital sanaa who told us the who does want to send a clear message to saudi arabia this kind of build up of collation for by both sides has started with the latest oppression that we hope is described as the 4th deterrence operation that was launched monday night on saudi arabia the
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hope is claimed that they have launched 3 ballistic missiles saudi arabia claimed that it has intercepted one of these 3 missiles so far also they have launched the 3 drums operations on different military positions and design and run the whole thing is claimed and they believe that they have targeted the saudi defense ministry the intelligence center and also the the king's air base so far the whole thing according to the tweet that has been circulated by the whole head of the diplomatic or political negotiating team he said that the hope he hopes that the saudi arabia would react positively to their masses even though this is haven't had their targets. also today libya's internationally recognized government says it has rejected the arab league calls for peace talks so long as the initiative comes from the allies of all khalifa haftar egypt's president called on
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the government of national accord to stop its offensive against east of the capital and threaten military intervention itself the world's troops have been retreating and losing ground since the g.n.a.t. launched a turkish back to france of in may the french president is accusing turkey of playing a dangerous game in libya that can no longer be tolerated also syria's foreign minister weighed in saying his country supports a cease fire and also backs the forces loyal to the leaf after leave me alone. today libya is a victim of foreign interference the foremost of which is the turkish aggression that aspires to control its wealth in principle we support the ceasefire and we call for the resumption of the 5 plus 5 talks at the same time we support the libyan national army led by khalifa haftar and we support all institutions in eastern libya we came on the unity and sovereignty of libyan territories also we
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stand side by side with our brothers in the arab republic of egypt to defend their national security and the arab national security more mahmud other one had now in tripoli mahmoud if the internationally recognized government is rejecting it because initiatives are coming from the allies of khalifa haftar i mean that tells us so much doesn't it that it is really in libya all about the allies in the proxies in the supporters rather than the libyan parties themselves. well it's ironic because the egyptian regime is claiming that it's trying to eliminate foot intervention in libya but in fact the government in tripoli has been accusing the egyptian regime of fueling the conflict by supporting get the war truly for have to for years now and the government here in tripoli
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says that it is not. attending it's not taken part in the arab league summit in fact it has stated that it's downsizing its diplomatic or presentation in the league on account of what it calls the double double a standard policy adopted by the league in regard to the libyan crisis meanwhile as you know command that the tripoli because the government has rejected the call by egypt saying that it cannot accept any peace calls from egypt because the egyptian regime has been derailing several proposals to cease fire in the past in fact. the government now is accusing the egyptian regime of violating get libya's sovereignty and declaring war on libya that old saw follows the speech by the egyptian president of the for
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a few days ago threatening to start military intervention in libya. in case the government forces move on the strategic coastal city of syria it now the foreign ministry at the tripoli based government here in tripoli also says that the league is violating its own internal panel by holding this summit without the consent of the concern. the country of libya and also it's a violation of the united nations security council given the fact that the international internationally recognized government in tripoli should be the only legitimate body in a presenting libya abroad not the one who is in tripoli for us thank you and. we've also got my trainer he's out in the coastal city of misrata east of the
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capital and sent this report the g. and a with turkish support has been able to take control or take back western libya or other now position to the west of sirte and what we're seeing is a lot of you know political maneuvering by various countries but what's important to note is that these forces that are in the west of sirte are primarily from the city of misrata and they know the area very well they know the territory the ins and outs of sirte they they went into certain 2011 and captured and killed more mortgage duffy and in 2016 when i still took control of these are the same forces that went into sirte and liberated it from isis of course they did that with american support u.s. africa command carried out airstrikes at the time and we saw we saw u.s. delegation coming into libya yesterday meeting with the d.n.a. janay leadership so you know forces here on the ground say they will not negotiate with after they say that they will they will enter search based the d.n.a.
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and turkey are saying that they call for a cease fire but they insist that forces retreat from central libya's best specifically in sirte. ethiopia is accusing hackers based in egypt of attempting cyber attacks on both government and private websites ethiopia's security agency says the attacks were aimed at pressuring the government over the opening of the largest hydroelectric dam on the river nile ethiopia plans to start filling the reservoir next month but egypt and sudan fear reduced supplies of water for them. england is further listing its coronavirus restrictions gradually reopening the economy there british prime minister johnson announced most tourist and leisure attractions will be able to reopen from the 4th of july country's 2 metre social distancing rules also to be reduced to one meter which would allow most of the hospitality sector to reopen. today. we can say.
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that our lone national hibernation is beginning to come to an end and life is returning to our street and to our shops the past is starting to come back and the new. optimism is palpable. lockdown restrictions that were being reimposed in northern germany where 1500 workers connected to a meat processing plant tested positive restaurants and entertainment venues in north rhine-westphalia being shut and people can only meet outside has this is the 1st german state to restore emergency measures since they began easing them back in april when it came in belin. the reimposition of lockdown in the area of greatest low in the state of north rhine-westphalia is a blow for that state and its prime minister armin lashed to keep conservative allies of angular americal the hope amongst the all forest is that they will be
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able to keep this as an isolated outbreak it's worth bearing in mind that this particular this meat processing firm tourney is more than $1500.00 workers they have tested positive for the virus plus some of their family members and 2 dozen other people who are not connected with the plant as i say the hope is to be able to treat it as an isolated outbreak the interesting thing here is that the people who collect the figures of new infections and the rates of infections across this country have been looking into what it is about the meat processing industry that has seen several different outbreaks in this country over the course of the past few months during this pandemic this is what they had to say is skeptical there are indications that 2 aspects could play a large role in spreading the virus in avatar was one is the temperature the air is cooled to keep the meat cool and this could play a role another factor that is not insignificant is that aerosols can be formed
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because the air is damp the important thing to stress here is that ministers have always said they are led by the science by the numbers during this pandemic the mantra had always been for ministers but once the rate of infections of new of new infections and the reproduction rate of the virus got above one well that was a dangerous sign for the country and the point right now is the robert cock institute says that the stable measurement of the virus is considerably above one which leaves the question for ministers at a federal level what do they do next do they treat this is just isolated outbreaks or might they at some point need to introduce more lockdown measures the question will be answered when the numbers come through. in the news ahead we start. a new reports details schools of human rights violations committed by us police in
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just 10 days and falling victim to the coronavirus demick we look at students around the world with lost all access to their education. hello there is in effect few showers across northern areas of asia of course the bulk of the rain has really been stellar calls into the central and eastern areas of china but also the very heavy rain has been generally to the east of japan sunny showers in. wall showers as we go through wednesday to say the bulk of the rain is to the east but the next mass is working its way throughout wednesday across much of the korean peninsula some very heavy downpours at times is all tied to this frontal system trading back into more southwestern areas of china and this will actually become a little bit heavier on thursday working its way just to the south of shanghai bit clearing across the korean peninsula but at the same time that very heavy rain
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beginning to push again into western as a japan but timing is not too bad one in a socket $26.00 across into seoul but again of course that does come with want to lingering a shower as plenty of rain this time now into central areas of india this is all part of pauls of the southwest monsoon rains that we have as well across the west by the way down into carola but a drier day wednesday and thursday across into edition off into west bengal but all the while the rains are making more headway up towards the north into the dash and also out tools the west into raja stan so up into new delhi because he. is not too bad 33 is the high the still those rains though in the west. for. a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the
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bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. every generation has a higher purpose ours is to stay home. the top stories this hour on al-jazeera britain's foreign secretary has condemned a hooty missile attack on riyadh calling for an end to hostilities and to a humanitarian efforts to resume in yemen the attack was part of what hutu rebels say is their biggest military operation against saudi arabia get
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a saudi coalition intercepted just one listing. libya's internationally recognized government rejecting arab league calls for peace talks so long as the initiative comes from the allies of war khalifa haftar egypt's president who has threatened to send troops over the border called on the government in tripoli to stop its offensive against after us forces and england is further loosening its coronavirus restrictions gradually reopening the economy there british prime minister johnson announced most tourist and leisure attractions will be able to reopen from early july. an update on the election in malawi where voters are choosing their next president though this is a rerun of last year's election that was an elder by the constitutional court because of ballot rigging president people with a record tried to stop this rerun but the supreme court turned down his appeal church members and non-government organizations volunteer and as election observers to try to ensure fairness this time around it's out of
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a task the following developments from harare for us tell us what more you're hearing how do specially about that issue of things being free and fair after the controversy of lost time. voting is being going generally well across the country except for some parts in the central region with some incidents of violence have been reported the incident with last year's election wasn't so much the issue between a voting it was an issue basically of the result judges ruled that some of the ballot papers back then the results would change using typewriter correction fluid if that some people voted more than once it was interesting with this one is that this time the winning candidate had to get more than 50 percent of the vote and that's where the that's where some of the problems could arise because president peter metallica so far hasn't signed a bill that says if no one gets more than 50 percent of the vote then there has to be a runoff within 30 days between the 2 leading candidates so the concern is if after this rerun no one gets more than 50 percent of the vote what's going to happen next
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if that bill hasn't been signed into law that means possibly parliament will have to sit again and have a meeting or the makah go to court the electoral commission is saying that this time they will not be rushed they want this election to be as credible as possible they say it could take them as long as a today to make sure things on order because they're under a lot of pressure to make sure this election is free and they know it's a national election observers because the coronavirus pandemics are right now a lot of churches micheline n.g.o.s on the ground trying to monitor these polls a lot of people seem to relieve the churches on the ground the church is respected is trusted and people hope that as many as possible of the church officials remain neutral just briefly harder is there any strong challenge to. his rule. well when you listen to all of the i'm in the speaking thinking to be in a canoe and people say this election is quite exciting especially for young people in malawi they're saying for the 1st time they feel reinvigorated they say the fact
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that this time the word has more than 50 percent of the vote to win means that there will be no one who can come in challenge that is out there is the obvious glaring mistake within the counting process if they feel that the fact that because the judges was so independent in their decisions when they basically did rule in favor of peter much when he said he won the last election they feel that whatever issues come up this time around they'll also be independent and put their foot on the grantley people feel that maybe this time things will be different this time the nation could run more smoothly but of course all eyes are on this new electoral commission is now a new hit the former one has been fired they'll get a new man who is now in charge will be a more assertive or make sure that no irregularities happen on the ground and the result when announced will be 3 and we have a lot of in town so that the update on the elections in malawi a group made up mainly of north korean defectors has managed to evade south korean police and fly propaganda balloons into the north but the ones carried leaflets
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money and memory cards which usually contain south korean t.v. dramas and music carry those over the border the government in seoul had tried to stop them and is condemned its activism like this which was one of the causes of recent tensions between them and it's also the north korean military's report of the re-install it's propaganda loudspeakers along the border the south is warning it not to undermine efforts to keep peace on the peninsula we want to know our military is monitoring the north koreans around the clock and maintaining military readiness please understand that we cannot tell you in detail about the situation but i have already said north korea will pay if it commits any acts that can sort the effort to improve the relations and maintain peace on the korean peninsula. more on the star now from seoul with pride as far as we can tell the d.m.z. itself remains quiet but i think it is true to say that given the recent very fast
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unraveling of relations across that border there has been an uptick in tensions we have the north apart from apparently reinstalling these loud speakers presumably once more to start blaring propaganda out across the barbed wire the north has said that it is going to reestablish guard posts just inside the d.m.z. which had been taken away as a way of deescalating tensions there have also announced that they're going to start they're going to resume military exercises near the d.m.z. so there is a rise in tension and of course it's not helped by this evolution launches like this one the defectors themselves will claim this as a major success but it remains unclear just how many of these balloons have actually made it across the d.m.z. into north korea it is not a very exact science and in fact at least one of the balloons and some of its leaflets has been discovered in south korea and in fact to the southeast from where
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it was launched so it's not clear how many balloons have made it the whole intention of it though is to spread leaflets said to be around $500000.00 leaflets were sent up with these balloons also booklets and really with very incendiary propaganda attacking the person the kim il sung he is the founder of north korea and a revered figure so it will certainly enrage the north koreans as should any of these leaflets and other propaganda material end up in north korean territory. a chinese institute says there is an increasing risk of military conflict with the united states because of tension in the south china sea the national institute for south china sea study says the increased u.s. naval presence in the pacific could threaten peace in the region also says washington and beijing are been locked in a power struggle ever since donald trump became president. obviously got. a new report out from the united states is painting a picture of widespread police abuse in the days following the death of unarmed
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black man george floyd amnesty international focused on the violence seen in the demonstrations after floyd's death and says police reform is urgently needed more details in this report from patty telling. some of the videos highlighted are now familiar chaos outside of the white house protesters cleared to make way for a presidential photo of police in minneapolis patrolling the neighborhood and firing projectiles of people sitting on their own front porches. but it's protests spread across the country many of the videos highlighted by amnesty international didn't go viral in indianapolis a woman in a wheelchair and small children tear gassed by police well praying. little rock arkansas protesters healing and then this week the fetus. in california protesters lain on the ground and hundreds react all across the
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country members of the media deliberately attacked. it goes on and on and it happened all over the country according to amnesty international over 11 days in 40 states and the district of columbia they say these are $125.00 examples of verified police abuse or overall takeaway is that it's not a few bad apples and it's not a few bad departments and it's not a big city problem or it's not an east coast west coast problem it's that we found these incidents everywhere else in your reached out to several police organizations for comment but didn't get a response but the police do have strong defenders in the u.s. it's a tinderbox and people including police officers can on occasion older react i don't think is any question about that but you know most of the incidents that i have heard about. you know are are cheer gas or flash bang units or.
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pepper spray used to disperse crowds and it's very difficult to tell in some of these videos about what is going on with those crowds of those crowds throwing projectiles needs to be attacking them amnesty international hopes this site and all of these videos will lead to serious police reform and while that is happening in some places the federal government seems unlikely to be able to agree on how to keep these seeds from playing out again and again patty calling al-jazeera. donald trump says protesters who were attempting to topple a statue of the former u.s. president andrew jackson in the white house could face 10 years in jail demonstrators tied ropes around the statue as they tried for around an hour to bring it down jackson a slave owner has been targeted recently for his legacy of forcing native americans off their land trump says he considers the former president
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a hero and sees similarities between himself and jackson. long. ago like bad language but. they're. not taken down i. want to make that clear. and silicon valley companies are pushing back against the u.s. president's latest executive order which limits the entry of immigrant workers it is estimated more than $200000.00 skilled workers will be affected by the new plan restrictions which go into effect on june 24th kurdistan's former president has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for corruption back and forwards found guilty of ordering a convicted criminal to be released from prison he denied the allegations and supporters say the case is just politically motivated he was an ally of the current president but the pair fell out shortly after the 2017 election. doctors are
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warning of rising coronavirus infections in southeast australia the state of victoria tightened restrictions as 17 new cases were reported one person went to work after being diagnosed others apparently socialized with family and friends despite being told to self isolate few cases have been detected elsewhere in australia and lockdowns are being. well this whole coronavirus emergency is really highlighting some of the social inequalities in the world on the digital divide as well homeschooling for example during the pandemic it means students need a computer and a connection to the internet many in south america don't have either a latin america editor the cinnamon reports from chile on how students of coping when schools and universities a shot. this student has a decent computer a quiet place to study and of course high speed internet they're indispensable especially now that schools and universities in chile have been closed for months
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and classes as well as assignments are all online. but for 47 percent of chileans these are luxuries well beyond their reach on the eve of a total lockdown in chile's capital we followed my little andersonville in to an internet cafe that's been their salvation. here they look up information for dylan's homework. and print out the assignments they'll need to later email to the teacher. back at home they just plain that even that will now be impossible because the internet cafe can't open under lockdown so there's a local i only have one mobile phone with a very limited intimate plan and that's not good enough to watch crosses on line the connection always fails. to share the same phone. who has 2 other small children was attending night school to finish their studies but with no money for internet or a computer what was difficult before is now hopeless she says i think in the wake
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of i told my teacher that i'd better leave my space to someone else who has the means to keep up with the curriculum and exams on line. chile has 1st world digital technology but only if you can afford it 90 percent of the students at this university rely on government loans or scholarships and now they risk losing them if they cannot keep up with their courses online law student camilla regaled me explains why even though her campuses closed students have decided to go on strike if you move the theory we wanted to make the digital divide visible we're asking that the state guarantee a constitutional right which is education and today education is impossible without access to internet. congress has in fact just passed a bill that would oblige internet companies to provide free service to all students who receive government help which are the majority while the pandemic lasts but of
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a lot of through no fault of their own simply because they're poor and this unveils the reality of the crisis we're living through that has a strong social impact. it's a social thought line that with the pandemic is highlighting growing demands for digital rights to be considered a human right you see in human al-jazeera sent the adul. half past the hour here on al-jazeera these are the top stories hooty rebels in yemen of announced their largest military operation across the border targeting the defense ministry and a military base in riyadh the saudi coalition says it intercepted just one ballistic missile libya's internationally recognized government is rejecting arab league calls for peace talks so long as the initiative comes from allies of war khalifa haftar egypt's president descent troops over the border called on the
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government in tripoli to stop its offensive against after forces. england is further listening its coronavirus restrictions and gradually reopening the economy prime minister johnson announced most tourist and leisure attractions will be able to reopen from july 4th where the 2 major social distancing rule is to be reduced to one meter. today. we can say. that our long national hibernation is beginning to come to an end and life is returning to our street and to our shops the past is starting to come back and the new. optimism is palpable. lockdown restrictions though are being reimposed in northern germany where 1500 workers connected to a meat processing plant tested positive for restaurants and entertainment venues in north rhine-westphalia being shocked people can only meet outside in pairs it is
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the 1st german state to restore emergency measures since they began easing in april . for his i'm a lawyer choosing the next president last year's election in fact which is an old by the constitutional court because a ballot rigging president paid him with a record tried to stop the rerun but the supreme court turned down his appeal church members and non-government organizations are volunteering as election observers to try to ensure fairness this time and a group made up mainly of north korean defectors has managed to evade south korean police and to fly propaganda balloons across into the north the balloons carry leaflets money and memory cards which usually contain south korean t.v. dramas and music the government in seoul the tried to stop them and is condemn the move. that's not for today thanks for your company the stream is coming up next as protests rage over police brutality and corona virus grips the nation
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campaigning on the election trail has been forced to take a back seat will the presidential candidates ever hit the road and sell their brand of politics to americans before the vote follow the us elections on a. high after the ok and you are in the stream the journalist noir restaurants executive editor of a very popular online publication. she has just been found guilty of sniper libel with one of her former colleagues ray sanchez jr look just like tell us about what is going on in the philippines today i am sure you have a point of view you may well even have questions so the way to do that is the child is dad jump into the chat and you can be part of the conversation running it's very sad to see you and your am.


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