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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 23, 2020 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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master barber of. desire an out of the era. of instigating abuse and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera. the next couple of weeks are going to be critical in our ability to address those surgeons that was see in florida in texas in arizona america's top infectious diseases expert warns of disturbing surges in several states as president trump heads to arizona to speak at a youth event. on our intake of this is out there a live from london also coming up a brazilian judge orders president bush so narrow to read
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a face mask in public. germany orders a 2nd localized lockdown after a coronavirus outbreak linked to a meat processing plant. and novak djokovic becomes the latest tennis player to test positive for coated 19 of the tournament he organized in the balkans. color america's top infectious diseases expert has warned of a disturbing surge in corona virus infections as the u.s. death toll climbs past 120000 testifying before congress at a fact she singled out the states of texas florida and arizona where u.s. president donald trump is due to address conservative activists later how she wore a mask during testimony a safety measure that's been mostly ignored by his boss and also brazil's president jalal so narrow he's not been ordered by a judge to wear
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a face covering in public brazil has the world's 2nd largest outbreak. meanwhile germany has reimposed lock downs into western districts up toward 1550 workers in a slaughterhouse tested positive for corona virus here in the u.k. which has the highest death toll in europe knock down measures being loosened further with pubs restaurants and cinemas to reopen start with the current $900.00 in the u.s. and fisher is live for us at the white house so allan tell us bit more about his testimony well what's been interesting is that we haven't had a great deal in front of congress from those involved in the administration and the fight against covert because the administration said they were busy in the fight against covert you'll remember that bill barr turned down a subpoena and to the photo appeared before the house committee just in the last few hours and he expressed concern because many people believe that the washed of
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the virus is over and we've seen many states reopening over the past few weeks notably florida texas georgia i know where the president is on tuesday and where we have seen a spike particularly since the weekend this doctor told members of congress is a concern. if you look at how we've been hit we've been hit badly i make anybody looks at the numbers we've had now over 120000 deaths and we've had 2 and a half 1000000 infections so it's a serious situation right now the next couple of weeks are going to be critical in our ability to address those surgeons that we're seeing in florida in texas in arizona and in other states they're not the only ones that are having difficulty. well we also had from dr fay chief denying that senior figures had been told that they had to slow testing so why is this become a big issue well dr folks you said they're actually going to be doing more testing
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over the next few weeks but flip back a couple of days to the president's gathering his rally in tulsa oklahoma where he said he was so concerned about the numbers of covert cases that he ordered his officials to slow down testing now the white house was asked about that and we were told that the president was only joking certainly that was a lie coming out of the briefing on monday but the president was asked about it before he headed off. and he said this. i don't kid let me tell you let me make it clear we have got the greatest testing program anywhere in the world we've had better than anybody in the world our test for the best in the world and we have the most of them by having more that we find more safe we did want to buy but one in 5000000. think about one the 5 if you look at other
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countries they did 1000000 fewer made in preventive because we did 25 a good way more by double triple quadruple any other gun. and i don't why is set trunk changing to catch arizona. well he is going down to the border wall he's landed in yuma which is very close to the border there if you remember that throughout the campaign he said he was going to build a big beautiful border wall 'd from course to course well the border wall is no 320 kilometers long 200 miles they hit that milestone and donald trump is going down to check it now he would obviously at this stage i'd like to have built a lot more wall but the problem is he doesn't really have control of the posturings that is in the hands of congress and house democrats simply won't give them the billions of dollars he says is needed to build a wall or wall that he told his voters that makes a call would pay for he's also going to hold students for trump event in phoenix in
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arizona the capital city of this state that's interesting that he's picked out his own a because that could well be a key state if there is a close presidential election there are 11 electoral college votes up for grabs there donald trump one arizona last time around by 48 percent of the vote beating hillary clinton by a fairly big margin but in the last 4 of 5 polls that have been conducted in arizona joe biden is beating donald trump and in one case beating him significantly and so the president wants to go down there and rally support and make sure that his supporters can see him he'll be at this event in a mega church in phoenix in arizona they have the organizers are saying they're going to wear a mask the mirror of others of arizona who's a democrat has also asked the president to wait i'm asking elected officials should set an example it's not clear whether or not the president will actually do that
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but this is part of the trump campaign theme they believe that they help when the election last time around by visiting states that hillary clinton by and large ignored are talking about wisconsin you're talking about michigan and you're talking about arizona well expect donald trump to be in a lot more of those states as we come closer to election day on the vendor of the ambition thank you very much indeed. as primary polling day in 6 u.s. states but in one of them there are concerns of voters being unable to cast their ballots fewer than 200 polling stations are available in the southern state of kentucky when there are usually 3000 there especially sparse in areas to home to mostly black people in jefferson county there was only one polling place open 476-7000 residents it's led to a record number of absentee ballot requests. a judge in brazil has ordered president joy above scenario to wear a face mask in public he's repeatedly appeared at busy events and greeted crowds of
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supporters without one the judge said he could be fined if he continues to disobey the ruling of tomorrow has been criticized belittling the risk posed by the corona virus brazil now has 1100000 confirmed cases the 2nd highest in the world and the 2nd highest number of deaths at 51000. let's talk to an america to understand human who's in chile's capital and also areas facemask request to order i should say at from by the john she has significant is that. well that's rather important it just raises again the question of what will bowl so now to do if given a direct order from the courts he has said in the past that he will not have bay the court not even the supreme court if it is shoes what he calls an absurd ruling he might decide that this is absurd he hasn't responded quite yet but remember he's been on a head on collision with the the courts now for quite some time 1st he had asked
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the supreme court to to force the governors to rather to take away from brazilian governors the right to declare lockdowns in their states it's a federal system the court refused to do that saying that it was against the constitution and then he's had more and more and more run ins with the courts especially over investigations involving his own children so this is just the latest and we will be looking very closely to see exactly what happens the next time he comes out in public which could be at any time and you see a chinese president is also coming under fire for a funeral he attended. yes that's right the president of a stampede at this 104 year old uncle but never lino been it out was an archbishop that died. and had a funeral on sunday he was buried but the problem is that 1st of all the protocol
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from the health ministry stipulates very clearly that no more than 5 people can go to a funeral of anyone suspected of having died of cold which mr did not have enough we know he had had cold did but he supposedly according to the doctors he recovered and then died shortly after of pneumonia however the new protocol under this pandemic also says that no more than 20 people can attend any funeral and in this case there were 30 including photographers and live music guitar players so president peña is being accused of having violated his own government's protocol there is a probe that's being. requested by at least one member of congress the health ministry has fired back again did nothing of the kind that he followed all the rules but there were a few count on the video you can see clearly that there were more than 20 people present whether this is a big sin or a little one it sends the message to a lot of people that the president has different rules for himself than the ones that he is asking his own countrymen and women to follow you see in human thank you
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very much a 2nd german district is being put back into knock down after a spike in cases linked to a meat processing plant 1500 workers connected to the factory in the state of north run westphalia have tested positive for coated 19 go to small county will join neighboring bound for a week of restrictions restaurants and detainment venues will be shot and people can only meet in public in pairs john mccain is in berlin he says reimposing knock downs has been seen as a disappointing setback. something around 2 thirds of a 1000000 people find themselves now thrust back into a coronavirus lockdown as a consequence of the number of corona virus infections that have been reported in a specific part of north rhine-westphalia the most populous state in germany in western germany this is a blow for the state and the man in charge of the state's army lash is a key conservative ally of angela merkel who had made much of the need to ease
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restrictions and now he finds himself reimposing those restrictions and they are being reimposed because of the incidence of coronavirus in the meat processing trade in that specific area it's also worth making the point that some 160 kilometers away from this particular outbreak another outbreak with a smaller number of infections but again in a meat processing area they start at a poultry farm the institute that collects sort of federal level the figures the numbers regarding the corona virus that's the robert cock institute but it says that it believes that abbot's was are particularly good place for the corona virus for to thrive in because of the refrigerated temperatures and the moisture in the air the important thing also is that the federal level ministers are still clinging to the the perception that these are isolated outbreaks and that in the main they believe the corona virus is still manageable one final thought their reproduction rate of the corona virus in germany right now is still above 2 remember ministers
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and said it should never creep above one if they were managing it well. still ahead this half hour saudi arabia says it intercepted ballistic missile hours and drones carrying bombs launched at it by yemen's heathy rebels last. as ration books family amazing to rest in atlanta and amnesty report cash long since recent abuses by police across the u.s. . how are the latest country to get flooding from these slow moving thunderstorms not what they are is ukraine is in the south next it's a rather weak looking line there was definitely a line in forecast wise i think the threat goes up into poland this is jury wednesday but anywhere really on the eastern side of europe could get
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a significant thunder so at the same time the west is getting warmer as more sunshine then thing else now from spain through france the british isles look at the forecast temperature from london for example says it 29 this general warm haze does affect the west for up to 30 at least on thursday and then it drops off again because it can last for long not in london not those temperatures are well above the average that's pretty warm of course in north africa now the winds being the telling feature the quite strong now here's a circulation here so we're up to about 30 on the coast where the hotter inland of course and something of a breeze down through egypt and into sudan big showers to south of that in these european highlands nothing spectacular an obvious little ark here that's one the worst was watching otherwise dishes of course go through x. tauriel west africa the region as far north as the gambia but not particularly heavy at the moment this is a sort of signal of course picks up the sand takes across the atlantic and comes the caribbean.
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some young. revolutionary thing. from political activism to incarceration. in part one of a 2 part documentary see how dizzy explains the single minded. the 1st sleeve of an independent bosnia herzegovina. is that baggage. from prison to prison on jersey.
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and one of the top stories here now to syria the u.s. is facing a disturbing surge in coronavirus cases in several states according to its top infectious disease expert at a fact sheet thank you to arizona where the president is addressing a political event later. a judge has ordered brazil's president triable sonora to wear a face mask in public he's repeatedly appeared at events without a face covering wall routinely dismissing the virus. and 2 areas in northwestern germany have been put back on the lockdown after a spike in cases linked to a meat processing plant more than 1500 people connected to the factory have tested positive. for the lockdown in moscow has been eased further even though the infection rate remains high gyms swimming pools and libraries reopened in the russian capital on tuesday restaurants and more shops also regime trading that people must wear face masks moscow has seen more than a 3rd of the country's total infections with around a 1000 more still being recorded every day russia as
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a whole has reported 8000 deaths. england will emerge further from its 3 months of lockdown next week the 2 meter distancing rule is being relaxed around one meter and families will be able to see more of each other most noticeably pubs and restaurants will be allowed to open in a move the prime minister hopes will start healing the deep economic wounds at some stage still fear it's too soon to know how reports. we will also reopen rest rolls and perhaps. relief for pubs restaurants hotels campsites museums and cinemas much of the hospitality sector allowed to emerge from lockdown and the news many have been waiting for the easing of the 2 meter social distancing rule while the experts cannot give a precise assessment of how much the risk is reduced they judge these mitigations
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would make one meter plus brutally equivalent to the risk to date if those medications are fully implemented but that this is good news for your business for us this is great news for us was a lifeline in terms of most of the things being written islam and thought we can now walk away and i think about how we are thought of before and this is really a place for people to kind of enjoy. runs a london street food market it ching to reopen in a sector that just weeks ago warned the prime minister that millions of jobs were at risk because a lot of these businesses small otters and owners they've all their money in the savings into this shock and this is where they make their bread you work you mean market so when they mean money we make money if they don't make money we don't want . one of those vendors is fresh pasta maker leonardo must see now we'll there and that. and more cost america and to the metal cattle and for buying my past there
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because i have a defense especially these that that is really important because you possible sit down in one. ramadi easy and mortar confidential into me that is a no confidence is really out per specs screens carefully distance seating you'll be ordering your drinks and food using app technology rather than going to the bar it's not the sociable pub and restaurant scene of all but to many people and indeed to the businesses involved it's vastly better than nothing there are some concerns that it's all happening too fast that the message in these new measures is that lockdown is over even though the virus hasn't gone away but the government has been quite open about it this is a political decision weighing the interests of the economy against the risk to public health jonah how al-jazeera london. south africa's jobless rate has hit what statisticians say is its highest ever level unemployment rose by one percentage
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point to 30 point one percent the 1st 3 months compared with the same period last year the country was already in recession before the pandemic hit 7100000 people an hour to work and presidency around oppose us has warned of more job losses as it emerges from a strict lockdown almost 2000 people are known to have died of coronavirus their. tennis world number one novak djokovic shows tested positive for kobe 19 after helping to organize a tournament where a number of other people caught the virus he's the 4th player who competed in the tour events in serbia and croatia to test positive with his wife also infected croatia at ease lock down measures before the recent event meaning players didn't have to observe social distancing rules has previously said he would be against taking a coronavirus vaccine. there is milan boscovich in belgrade says the matches were
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controversial. in a brief statement joke which tried to defend his idea of organizing committee tournaments by saying everything we did in past month we did with a pure heart and sincere intentions our tournaments are meant to unite ensure a message of solidarity and compassion throughout the region we organize the term and at the moment when the virus has a beacon and believing that the conditions for hosting deter had been met unfortunately the virus is still present. in his statement explain that he will be in karen team for next 2 weeks that he will be tested in 5 days but joke of each is the president of a union of tennis professional players many have been already against the decision to organize these tournaments where the crowd being present and really here in belgrade there was 0 social distance at the stands and implications might be major not only within the tennis circles but in serbia as well and in the creation.
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yemen's hooty rebels have targeted the saudi capital riyadh with a missile attack for the 1st time since a ceasefire ended last month 2 explosions were reported but saudi arabia says it intercepted 3 missiles and a number of drones who she said they hit the saudi defense ministry and the minute she base but no damage could be seen it's the 1st time riyadh's been targeted since march and the start of a coronavirus truce mama de la top is in yemen's capital sana'a he says the beauties wanted to send a clear message to saudi arabia. this kind of buildup of collation for by both sides has started with the latest oppression that we hope is described as the 4th deterrence operation that was launched monday night on saudi arabia the
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hope is claimed that they have launched 3 ballistic inside saudi arabia claimed that has intercepted one of these 3 missiles so far also they have launched the 3 drums operations on different military positions and brazen and run the whole thing is claimed and they believe that they have targeted the saudi defense ministry the intelligence and also the the king's air base so far they have the whole thing according to the tweet that has been circulated by the whole head of the diplomatic or political negotiating team he said that the whole but he hopes that the saudi arabia would react positively to their masses even though this is haven't had their targets the arab league says the conflict in libya needs a normal military solution it says a solution is to be found before a new battle can begin in the country's lucrative oil fields concerns
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a growing that the foreign backers of both the un recognized western government and the eastern based administration are risking an escalation egypt has threatened to intervene or france's president has hit out at turkey's involvement the front line is now settled on the city of see it after the wall of hell if i have to us forces or pushed back would i go ahead is in tripoli and says the un recognized government feels it's being treated unfairly. the tripoli to government is accusing the egyptian regime which has called for this summit of attacking libya sovereignty of declaring war war on libya and violating the sovereignty of libya by declaring war and by threatening to intervene militarily in case the government forces move on the strategic course to the city of sirte and now we have just been told
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that libya libya's internationally recognized government it is planning to downsize its diplomatic representation in the arab league on account of what it calls the double standard policy the league is adopting specially in regard to the libyan crisis now the government in tripoli is also accusing the egyptian regime of for mentoring in fact fueling the conflict by being biased in dealing with the libyan crisis by backing and supporting the warlords really for have to for several years now and their foreign ministry at their tripoli base the government is also accusing the arab league of violating its own it did the league's own internal panel by holding this summit without consent of the deliberate government. a private funeral service has been held for a shot brooks
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a black man who was shot dead by u.s. police offices earlier this month. around $200.00 mourners gathered at the church where the reverend martin luther king once preached in atlanta broke his death reignited protests triggered initially by the killing of george floyd in minneapolis last month the officer who shot him was fired and has been charged with murder brooks was being arrested for falling asleep at a drive through when he appeared to grab and offices taser. the u.s. has been rocked by weeks of protests against police abuse many of those demonstrations themselves included examples of heavy handed responses by offices a new report from amnesty international paints a picture of abuses in dozens of states and says reform is urgently needed report. some of the videos highlighted are now familiar chaos outside of the white house protesters cleared to make way for a presidential photo of police in minneapolis patrolling the neighborhood and
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firing projectiles of people sitting on their own front porches. but as protests spread across the country many videos highlighted by amnesty international didn't go viral in indianapolis a woman in a wheelchair and small children tear gassed by police go pray. little rock arkansas protestors kneeling and then to this we've got some good. in california protesters lain on the ground and hundreds react all across the country and members of the media deliberately attacked us it goes on and on and has happened all over the country according to amnesty international over 11 days in 40 states and the district of columbia they say these are $125.00 examples of verified police abuse overall takeaway is that it's not a few bad apples and it's not
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a few bad departments and it's not a big city problem or it's not an east coast west problem it's that we found these incidents everywhere al-jazeera reached out to several police organizations for comment but didn't get a response but the police do have strong defenders in the u.s. most of the incidents that i have heard about. you know are are chair gas or flash bang through or. pepper spray be used to disperse crowds and it's very difficult to tell from some of these videos about you know what is going on with those crowds of those crowds throwing projectiles approves of it act to them amnesty international hopes this site and all of these videos will lead to serious police reform and while that is happening in some places the federal government seems unlikely to be able to agree on how to keep these scenes from playing out again and again holding al-jazeera. a court in
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case john has sentenced a former president to more than 11 years in prison on corruption charges and must pick a time by if it was found guilty of illegally freeing an organized crime boss from prison he says the charges against him ah politically motivated by if was president from 2011 to 2017 and backed his prime minister sort of by jane pick off. in the 27000 presidential election the 2 fell out months into his successors term. a group of activists including north korean defectors who have invaded south korean police to fly propaganda balloons across the border half a 1000000 leaflets claiming that kim jong un and his family have killed millions of people were sent into the north along with books and money south korean government has condemned the move as activist actions have contributed to a recent rise in tensions including the north cutting avenues of communication and the north korean military has reportedly reinstalled loudspeakers along the border
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now the south is warning it not to undermine efforts to keep peace on the peninsula we will. use our military is monitoring the north koreans around the clock and maintaining military readiness please understand that we cannot tell you in detail about the situation but i have already said north korea will peak if it commits any acts that can thought the effort to improve the relations and maintain peace in the korean peninsula. and one of the top stories around 0 the top u.s. infectious diseases expert says several states are seeing a disturbing surge in coronavirus cases and in fact she says he's concerned by the outbreaks in texas arizona and nevada which have all seen record increases in the number of factions in the past week but he told a congressional committee the president has not ordered a slowdown in testing donald trump is appearing at an event in arizona as again
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claimed the u.s. outbreak appears worse because of the country's rate of testing. if you look at how we've been hit we've been hit badly i mean anybody who looks at the numbers we've had no over 120000 deaths and we've had 2 and a half 1000000 infections so it's a serious situation right now the next couple of weeks are going to be critical in our ability to address those surgeons that was see in florida in texas in arizona and in other states they're not the only ones that are having a difficulty a judge has ordered brazil's president to wear a face mask in public so i have both sonars repeatedly appeared at busy events without a face covering while retaining dismissing the threat of a coronavirus the judge said he could be fined if he continues to disobey the ruling brazil is now recorded more than a 1000000 current 19 cases and 51000 deaths with a number of infections continuing to rise. to areas in northwestern germany have
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been put back under lockdown after a spike in cases linked to a meat processing plant restaurants and detainment venues will be shot and people can only meet in public in pairs 11500 workers connected to the factory in the state of north rhine-westphalia have tested positive for coated 19. yemen's rebels have targeted the sound of capital riyadh with a missile attack for the 1st time since a ceasefire ended last month who the said they hit the saudi defense ministry and a military base but saudi arabia says it intercepted 3 missiles and a number of drones is the 1st time riyadh's been targeted since the start of a coronavirus truce there's a top stories do stay with us and i was there i'll have more news for you after the stream i finish.
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and. god god god god thank god dramatic video captured by a. late night on friday in washington d.c. protest is down the statue of confederate general pike in the last few weeks dozens of monuments have come down been pulled down already faced how much should we handle contentious mockers past that is our discussion today i'm femi oke hey you're watching the stream if you are following on.


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