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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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issues about time marking the 25th anniversary of the biggest war crime on european soil since world war 2 will witness a ceremony paying respect to the victims of the sort of done so genocide. july on al-jazeera. the north korean leader scales down rising tensions with the south kim jong un suspends plans for military action. relations between south asian neighbors india and pakistan touch a new love we'll have a live update from islamabad.
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sami's a band this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the u.n. secretary general calls on israel to drop its controversial plan to annex parts of the occupied west bank. and easing restrictions on a fragile health system threatened to worsen the spread of covert 19 in iraq. north korea has announced spending plans for military action against the south state media says the decision was made during a meeting of the ruling party's central military commission overseen by leader kim jong un sister kim yo jong who is in charge of relations with the south warned of possible military action recent tensions had seen an end to all of fishel dialogue in
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a joint lies an office was blown up south korea says it believes the meeting was very unusual and it's paying close attention said it would keep working to stop provocative acts including sending propaganda over the border from young i said. that is behind recent actions. we saw the report from the north and we are reviewing it in a close serious way we will monitor the situation our government's stance remains the 2 koreas should edge here to the bilateral agreement apart from this we stressed again and will continue to sternly respond to acts such as sending anti north leaflets which creates tensions between the south and north and threatens the safety of people in the border area. that speak to rob mcbride now he joins us live from seoul so rob this is a bit of a sudden the escalation turn around what's from today. we know that there does tend to be a patent to these kinds of things we do see an escalation and then
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a sudden deescalation and often it is north korea that is pulling the strings maybe the north koreans have calculated that this particular escalation has run its course has served its purpose it has grabbed international headlines it has reminded the united states of where the korean peninsula is it has had the effect of unnerving the south koreans may be pushing them towards trying to find some extra measures maybe humanitarian aid the kinds of things that south korea can do despite international sanctions but certainly south koreans are this wednesday giving a guarded welcome to this but there is the cavity at the at the defense minister has pointed out that is this is only putting on hold of these military measures he would rather see a complete withdrawal of them we were expecting the kinds of measures being the deployment of extra forces along the d.m.z.
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it would have increased tension along the border but this does seem to be on the face of it at least a genuine deescalation window that a lot of the articles attacking the south korean defector groups have been launching these provocative balloons with propaganda into north korea they have suddenly disappeared from north korean web sites also these loudspeaker system that often blare propaganda across the barbed wire that in recent times as have relations have improved they've been taken down in recent days they're being put back up again well this wednesday we have reports that once more they again do seem to be taken down by the north koreans does this mean any progress in the broader. it really we have to wait to see exactly what could be happening next it could well be that we are entering a phase of wait and see as far as the north koreans are concerned they've made
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their point if you like maybe they want to see how south korea north east asian neighbors will respond to this as they tackle with other things of course like the coronavirus more particularly maybe they want to see what happens with the u.s. as election as they get into election season but it is interesting to see how the personal fortunes of the main actors in north korea have also been affected by this particularly kim yo jiang the sister of kim jong un who has become increasingly powerful has increased her stature during this latest spat interestingly kim jong un has been out of it until the very last moment when surprise surprise he appears with this gesture of large yes basically dialing down the tension and interestingly a day before this very important anniversary the 70th anniversary of the start of the korean war comes along with this gesture to try to deescalate things once more
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so it plays very well internationally and also of course plays very well to his domestic audience as he appears to be once again the person who can singlehandedly dictate the direction of into korean relations. there from seoul. the u.n. secretary general says israel should abandon all plans to and next parts of the occupied west bank and turn over terror said it would be the most serious violation of international law a day earlier thousands of palestinians rallied in jericho more than 1000 politicians across europe have signed a petition opposing the annexation process which could begin july the 1st. they consistently message that annexation be not only against international law but it will be a major factor. that it will be something that their mind what they are saying which is a 2 state solution in each israelis and palestinians continue to get any respect
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each other than get into each other so. i hope that this voice of reason it is not only my own. os that will be hurt. by israeli authorities or that annexation there's nothing in the 1st like a palestinian man has been shot dead by israeli police after he allegedly rammed his car into an office or in the occupied west bank palestinian officials say they're skeptical of the police's account of why diehards death his family say he was driving to pick up his sister on her wedding day israeli police say one of their officers was lightly injured by the vehicle. iraq is seeing it unprecedented rise in the number of corona virus infections doctors warn the health system is close to collapse there are $32000.00 reported cases the government ministers say the peak is yet to come so not a fault in reports from baghdad. 10 days after the government decided to park the
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ease the curfew in iraq the rate of covert 19 infections is rising with more than 1800 new cases recorded a day showed that the. last few days saw an unprecedented increase in the number of new infections which suggests that the situation in iraq is about to reach its peak . officials and doctors have wanted iraq's health system is nearing collapse field clinics are being opened to cope with the growing number of patients a charity helped set up this temporary hospital bed but the dot international fair iraq's health sector has been chronically underfunded and the latest school crisis has made matters even worse doctors say they lack medical supplies including protective gear and according to the ministry of health hundreds have fallen sick. but on the streets of baghdad life appears to go on as normal many iraqis don't observe social distancing or the requirement to wear masks in public some blame the
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government for not doing more to help iraqis comply with government measures i know more about your mom than the health ministry is not making too much effort they didn't provide people with gloves all masks there are people who don't have any money to afford them there's almost no government support for small businesses hit hard by the pandemic and while many shop owners say they can't afford to stay home this juice bar owner wants a full lockdown to contain the virus but one that is enforced equally and live out favre out of court on it. so i just have. to fight to corona we demand the government to impose a. if you for 15 days close all the roads don't let anyone go out at the moment everyone has a special badge and they go around as they wish with a protein that getting medicine while they have no disease. despite the increasing cases the government appears to want to ease travel restrictions preparations are
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underway at baghdad international airport to resume flights. over to the. in the beginning we will open up internal flights and hopefully once we can deal with the virus we will open up the entire airspace. when the passengers depart we will examine their temperatures and we will sterilize them and special tunnels before they enter the halls reopening would give a boost to iraq's economy but many fear it could further deepen a health crisis that the government is struggling to contain seem awful to al-jazeera but the bat. india has announced it's expelling hoffa stoffel focused on high commission in new delhi over alleged spying popstar was quick to reject the allegations as banks lists demanded india reduce its stuff by hoth in the slum of bad in response they'd still a to sign of strain diplomatic relations between the 2 nuclear rivals spray and come on high they joins us now my from stand by and so come on this spying ryle has led to everything from the arrests of pigeons to now diplomats being expelled is
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the much of an appetite to escalate this any further. whether that's the real question here i mean everybody just gave and specially given the fact that tensions are running high along india from jail with china by the saudi foreign ministry saying that the b j p leg made by their in their mo d. which fired day. it is a trait of destabilization but it's done in india like there was a cute d.h. out there of michigan 5 violations along the line of control but this is coming i didn't change and given the fact that but he's done it now i think that movie is primarily good i would get danger from detroit should be being made to go inside it
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given that mr bush made also not forgetting the fact that china and india have had a decent day and the chinese troops are also now active and don't be actually controlled rigid not far from the line of control of their separate pakistani and indian administered kashmir and not to forget also that no netball is also reading get it brought here disputes. outright that would in their parliaments of pakistan obviously reciprocating and work is considered a quick. n.d.o. prosecuting the focus on the diplomats of a sphere right and also keeping links regather is still going to i didn't read but it sounds good nice part thanks so much for the update from islamabad back. still ahead. we're now seeing a disturbing surge of infections the top u.s.
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infectious disease expert warns that progress against the pandemic is being threatened. back home and unemployed we look at communities in crisis as remittances from migrant workers dry up. how to the latest country to get flooding from these slow moving thunderstorms not what they are is ukraine is in the south next it's a rather weak looking line there was definitely a line in forecast wise i think the threat goes up into poland this is jury wednesday but anywhere really on the eastern side of europe could get a significant thunderstorm at the same time the west is getting warmer as more sunshine then thing else now from spain through france the british isles look at the forecast temperature for london for example on thursday 29 this general warm
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haze does affect the west for up to 30 at least on thursday and then it drops off again because it can last for long not in london not those temperatures are well above the average that's pretty warm of course in north africa now the winds being the telling feature the quite strong now here's a circulation here so we're up to about 30 on the coast rather hotter inland of course and something of a break dancer egypt and into sudan big shasta south of that in these european highlands nothing spectacular an obvious little arc here that's one the worst was watching otherwise dishes of course go through x. tauriel west africa region as far north as the gambia but not particularly heavy at the moment this is a sort of signal of course picks up the sand takes across the atlantic and comes the caribbean. kenyan journalists in pursuit of press freedom and justice i. think esp a situation where someone says they cannot afford pain killers and investigating
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government corruption and the national health care system some of the transactions . of money that isn't makes in africa uncensored and publish those things up people don't want to publish even if it doesn't mean that the us care truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera tom take a look at those headlines now north korea has announced its suspending plans for military action against the south state media says the decision was made during a meeting of the central military commission overseen by leader kim jong.
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un secretary general antonio dad as is urging israel to drop its plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank he says the move would devastate hopes for fresh talks on a 2 state solution. india has announced it's expelling harf of the staff of pakistan's high commission in new delhi over alleged spying pakistan was quick to reject the allegations as baseless. at least 2 syrian soldiers have been killed and 4 others wounded in israeli airstrikes the missiles hit a military outpost near the city of psuedo in the south positions in other regions were also targeted. i would obvious being accused of providing support to syrian intelligence and helping president bashar asad rebuild infrastructure the french magazine already and $21.00 quotes a report by
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a non-governmental organization called justice and liberty for all it says the u.a.e. has financed the construction of buildings and thermal power stations in damascus or providing training to senior military officials fear a ease relationship with damascus has warmed since the a morality is reopened their embassy in 2018 last week the us warned about this after the cesar act came into effect the us law threatened sanctions against anyone caught doing business with asset his associates or government job rubin is a former u.s. deputy assistant secretary of state and the president of washington strategy group he says the u.a.e. is actions in the region haven't gone unnoticed. the u.a.e. right now is really on a fine line with washington in large part because of its adventurism in the region and with the war in yemen which is deeply unpopular here in washington amongst
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democrats and republicans and president trump had to veto a bill that tried to stop american funding of the saudi military actions in yemen and said u.a.e. has really burned a lot of bridges certainly with the democratic party and now clearly with its gamesmanship with syria and costs are it's turning a lot of heads so it's built a lot of public support here in washington but it this stage it seems like it's squandered it is well in the u.a.e. he does need to be concerned about what's coming next not only from the trump administration but even from a potential biden administration when it comes to its engagement in the region certainly on syria as a cornerstone issue a political process which has eluded the united states in the international community is what's needed to end it and it is not part of that then they'll be on the outside as it looks like they're being lined up for being in the near term libya's internationally recognized government is rejecting arab league coals for
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peace talks saying the push is coming from allies of wolves. and that's the government's full says advance on the city of said it's egypt is warning of a military intervention i'm not the one had reports from tripoli. arab league ministers met via video link to demand an in to foreign military intervention in libya and they said neighboring countries have an important role to play in india in the crisis is. the cut that we have followed with great concern and condemn the internationalization of the libya crisis aggravated by the open involvement of foreign militaries repeated violations of the un arms embargo in all directions and the systematic recruitment off mercenaries and foreign fighters. the un recognized the government in libya had downgraded its representation in the meetings concerned
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that the arab league which is based in cairo is a strongly influenced by egypt. on saturday egypt's president opted for to his sisi threatened what he called external military missions across the border. and several other members hold back the arab league statement including the united arab emirates so i would arabia jordan and sudan are actively supporting the warlords have to against the government it's a position that has infuriated the government in tripoli we're all weaponization of the. only. peace doing her murder. forces. and this is really a question. or 2. after the thwarting
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have to if it's to seize the capital to bag the libyan forces continue to advance east in support of the you and the recognized a government egypt says the red line for its own security is serviced delane to do for our and the aid a base housing advances russian warplanes according to the u.s. military russian pilots supporting the russian medicine in support of how after forces loyal to the government of national accord are right now on the outskirts of sirte which is a gateway to libya's main oil fields in the east they feel they have half that on the run but that's only been the case since turkey fully committed its resources to the d.n.a. earlier in the year and egypt has watched it the change in the balance of power with increasingly lower. tripoli.
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the top u.s. infectious disease expert is warning the next few weeks will be critical in controlling a disturbing surge in chrono virus cases anthony found she testified in congress that he had not been told to slow down testing despite claims to the contrary by the president president joe biden reports. saturday night in tulsa no masks required donald trump used his 1st campaign rally since the start of the kobe 1000 pandemic to talk about a spike in cases in the south and the west when you do testing to the extent you can to find more people you go to find more cases so i said to my people slow the testing down. and even though several trump campaign workers and 2 secret service agents tested positive for covert 19 the president stuck to his call while heading to his next campaign rally on tuesday.
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i don't get let me tell you let me make it clear we have got the greatest testing program anywhere in the world we have better than anybody in the world our best the best in the world and we have the most stuff by having more than we find work. less than an hour later on capitol hill a hearing about the white house response members of trump's coronavirus task force said there could be a viable back scene by the end of this year but they disagree with the president's view on testing knowledge i know for sure but so my knowledge none of us have ever been told to slow down on testing that just is a fact in fact we will be doing more testing dr anthony felt he and his colleagues testified the pandemic is not over after 3 months of stay at home policies and now
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ongoing. anti-racism protests urged people to stay vigilant and as you wear a mask and you're in a situation where you're getting animated in a demonstration or in a rally or wherever you are avoiding as best as possible the urge to pull your mask down and shout more than 3 months into the public health crisis and there is still a confusing message coming from the highest levels of the u.s. government rosalynn jordan al-jazeera washington president trump has visited arizona or one of the states that's emerging as a hot spot he inspected newly built sections of the wall being built along the mexican border trump attempted to credit his new war with stopping both illegal immigration and the coronavirus arizona announced 3 and a half 1000 new infections on tuesday a daily record in france the candidate for paris man who is backed by president
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emanuel my call is warning the race could become a confidence vote in his leadership i've no surprise ian is trailing behind 2 opponents in the polls voters will cast their 2nd round ballot on sunday after a nearly 3 month postponement because of coronavirus restrictions. police in thailand and anti-government activists foresee each other as they gathered to mark the revolt of $932.00 which ended the absolute monarchy in the country after a short struggle the police allowed the event to go ahead the gathering was illegal under coronavirus regulations. people in malawi are waiting to find out who will be the next president feel like trial commissioners 8 days to announce the result of tuesday's rerun vote a call the cloud last year's election invalid citing widespread irregularities explains. president peter wasn't impressed in february
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when malawi she does cherie overturned his victory in the last election judges ruled it was marred by widespread balloting so malawians voted again in a rerun despite the coronavirus campaign many voters weren't wearing masks or ensuring social distancing voting was generally peaceful except for some violence in opposition strongholds in central. this river a sharp. turn to happen. there will be. moving. through. there will be a body but. the main opposition leader. says he is confident this time all the election officials will act professionally to ensure credibility he appeals to all malawians to remain peaceful. there is no reason really to result of violence this is
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a peaceful country and we all need to vote this fall and we all need to respect one another and we do not need to fight. a vote it is the fight we need the winner needs to secure more than 50 percent of the vote president has so far refused to sign a proposed law providing for a run. if election in 30 days if needed some analysts warn that could create problems and therefore you would think that the most strict form to route would be simply for the president to assent to the view because if he did then we wouldn't even be standing here asking the question was it would be structured from what we say is every doesn't happen with so many days and then you have an election which involves a contest between the 2 countries and whether there is an outright winner or a runoff many analysts say essentially this election is a 2 horse race between what who has been praised for infrastructure but criticized for failing to tackle corruption and who's promising to fight corruption and create
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jobs the election result is expected within 8 days how do al-jazeera. millions of migrant workers have found themselves out of a job worldwide as economies ground to a halt due to the pandemic and that's meant an end to the remittances they send home elizabeth purana reports on the impact being felt in south asia. up the wahhabis back home in pakistan after 7 years working in saudi arabia he has a new life and his old home in swat. i was earning good money from my family but because of the pandemic everything shut down i lost my job it was difficult to ride there without a job so i returned home. he's opened a fruit and vegetable shop so he can continue supporting his family but the $60.00 a month he's ending is a fraction of the $400.00 he used to make as a laborer and saudi arabia. of the y.
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this one of $40000.00 pakistanis the government says have returned home after losing their job or the seas it's a similar picture in neighboring india which is the world's biggest receiver of worker remittances at least $50000.00 and workers have returned from 30 may workers from india and pakistan sent home more than 100000000000 dollars last year. the world bank expects the amount of money sent by all foreign workers to their families will fall by 20 percent this year as millions lose their jobs and return home. and do you do crude. international has sent 25000 workers overseas in the past 15 years but their business has virtually ground to a halt. because it's a kind of you can you cannot use work but this will be able to do sinking no because. the industry is sinking. permission says are especially important in low
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and middle income countries more than foreign investment and 8 you know we have images economy was acting as a bit of a sacrificial also for these families literally. you know poor families. announcing the standard of living giving education to their children and giving better health care the united nations says the loss of money will be an evenly spread and warns that tens of millions of families who rely on remittances will fall below the poverty line this year elizabeth pradhan al-jazeera new delhi. all right let's take you to celebrations now being held across russia for the country's 75th victory day parade you can see the live pictures there of the soldiers marching becoming the military parade to mark the surrender of nazi germany in $145.00 now you might recall it's usually held in may it was delayed this year because of course of the coronavirus.
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and let's take you through some of the headlines here in al-jazeera now north korea has announced it's the spending plans for military action against the south state media says the decision was made during a meeting of the central military commission overseen by leader kim jong il and south korea says it believes the meeting was very unusual and is paying close attention. we saw the report from the north and we are reviewing it in a close serious way we will monitor the situation our government stance remains the 2 koreas should edge here to the bilateral agreement apart from this we stressed again and will continue to sternly respond to acts such as sending anti north leaflets which creates tensions between the south and north and threatens the safety of people in the border area the un secretary general says israel should abandon all plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank and turn over terror
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said it would be the most serious violation of international law but they are thousands of palestinians rallied in jericho more than 1000 politicians across europe have signed a petition opposing bionics ation process which could begin july 1st. a palestinian man has been shot dead by israeli police after he allegedly rammed his car into an officer in the occupied west bank but when i die hards family say he was driving to pick up his sister on her wedding day israeli police say one of their officers was lightly injured. india has announced it's expelling half of the staff at pakistan's high commission in new delhi because of alleged spying pakistan quickly rejected the allegations is baseless and demanded a similar response from india to have the number of its diplomats in the slammer bat those are your headlines it's inside story now as
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protests rage over police brutality and coronavirus grips the nation campaigning on the election trail has been forced to take a back seat will the presidential candidates ever hit the road and sell their brand of politics to americans before the vote follow the u.s. elections on. what's keeping millions of children away from school worldwide unesco says it's poverty and discrimination and coronaviruses making things even worse so what should be done to secure education for all and cannot get the privileged this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm peter dobby girls immigrants ethnic minorities
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and the disabled just some of the world's children at risk of not getting any education.


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