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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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played important role. al jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the game this is the news live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes and call on the israeli god. it's an exception the u.n. secretary general says that israeli plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank would be a serious violation of international. palestinians a gathering in one of the areas that may be annexed the jordan valley to protest against the move. a diplomatic standoff in south asia india expels pakistani
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diplomats accusing them of spying it's not about calls the allegations baseless. of the race to find a vaccine for the coronavirus has never been more crucial for ruled parts of south africa and it's for the england cricket board say the series with pakistan will go ahead despite pakistan announcing that and if that play is of tested positive for corona virus. a watershed moment that will cause the boast serious violation of international law that's how u.n. secretary general antonio ted as has described israel's plans to addicks parts of the occupied west bank members of the u.n. security council of the arab league have been meeting to discuss israel's move which could be put into motion as soon as next week most of them were united in
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their opposition with warnings that israel's unilateral action could trigger a major escalation in the region. if implemented these steps could dramatically alter the local dynamics during instability across you don't quite understand. and maybe all this culture has been marked by periods of the extreme violence that never all at the risk of escalation been accompanied by endless school ryan so this isn't an economic situation so it runs around in the region so whole time. it is crucial role staples to take action to enable the parties step back from the brink opposition is also coming from europe more than a 1000 politicians of side of their leaders to stop israel while on the ground in the jordan valley in the occupied west bank and in gaza that then renewed protests against the u.s. backed israeli plans we have several correspondents covering developments made abraham is in the jordan valley harry force that is keeping an eye on the situation
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for us from west jerusalem but 1st let's join our diplomatic editor james base his at the united nations james what more did the u.n. secretary general have to say. well there were strong comments from the u.n. secretary general very very clear that this would be a severe violation of international law and a threat to the 2 state solution this is really he believes i think his last chance to try and persuade the israelis to think again that this would be a very very big mistake for peace in the region but also for israel itself i have to say his comments are no surprise because the un's position on this has been set for a very long time in fact i'd go as far as say set for about 52 years since the 1967 war when israel at that point took parts of jerusalem it took the west bank in gaza they were declared occupied territories yes since then we've had israelis
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letting the settlers take part of that land but never before have we had israel saying that it's going to permanently say it politically controls those areas that they are israeli an exception that's why this is such a big deal and that's why many believe this could be the end of the whole idea of the oslo process and the 2 state solution what's the u.s. have to say about this. well we heard in the meeting from kelly kraft who is the u.s. ambassador to the united nations worth telling you that almost security council there are 15 members and it's pretty clear to me they're all one by one speaking and in fact the last one of them is france that speaking right now the current president of the security council they all 14 of them support the position of the secretary general's amec say she would be an appalling idea and a breach of international law the only one that doesn't support that position is the united states buster craft making it clear that the best way forward was for
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people to engage with the trump clan but of course most of the international community have rejected that plan and don't see it is particularly serious option worth telling you that while kelly craft was speedy her boss was speaking as well the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o and he seemed to suggest that it was up to the israelis whether an exception should take place so potentially a green light but i believe you'll be hearing more about a little later we may well be back with you or james within this news hour for further analysis from over there many thanks indeed our diplomatic as the james bays there at the u.n. here is why israel's annexation plans are so controversial the occupied west bank including east jerusalem is part of historic palestine which is james was saying there's been under israeli occupation since 1967 and over half a century israel has built around $250.00 settlements and outposts in violation of international law more than 640000 israelis live these illegal settlements spread
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across the west bank which makes a future palestinian state nearly impossible last year israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu unveiled his plan to unilaterally declare israel's sovereignty over the settlements built on occupied land it also included the most fertile parts of the occupied west bank known as the jordan valley in a radical shift from previous u.s. policies president donald trump in january proposed that. would recognize israeli settlements as part of his middle east peace plan let's speak out what is there is hurry for such is life for us in west jerusalem what's the israeli government response harry to all of this this outpouring of criticism. well we haven't heard it yet we will hear from the israeli ambassador in due course at the u.n. meeting i think what benjamin netanyahu will be considering those to what extent
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the warnings that we're getting from all of these speakers to what extent he's already potentially priced them in to his annexation plans and also what will be the outcome of the discussions that are currently going on in washington d.c. among senior u.s. officials as to how much to greenlight whether to greenlight the annexation there worsen clues in kelly craft the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. in her speech a little earlier she talked about it needing courageous israeli leadership to make the tough choices required now that could be a signal that the united states may potentially want some kind of explicit acceptance of a palestinian state which is in the trunk plan albeit one which is much smaller and much more constricted than the palestinians want hence the rejection of it by the palestinian president and senior palestinian leadership especially given the fact that it would also see 30 percent of the occupied west bank be annexed under that
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plan but to sell it to right wingers to settlers it may be difficult for netanyahu if he has to at the same time acknowledge and publicly endorse a palestinian state and there was also a message from her to the palestinians talking about how they would have to be held accountable for what happened and the illusion that annexation potentially in allusion as well to the prospect of if they didn't gauge would that mean that the united states could put the brakes on an expression that is certainly there been reports to that to that extent but that is the message that is being sent through various different channels of course it is very late in the day though and the palestinians have been very clear that they are really reject the trump plan they are really reject any moves to. it's an exception so i think the prospects of that happening remain pretty slim you talk about prime minister netanyahu having priced in the criticism here does that mean that this basically all comes down to to the
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u.s. and as long as israel has the backing all of the trumpet ministration it it perhaps would would go along and do it regardless of the criticism. i think that is something that the messaging is coming from the netanyahu government and there are certainly some considerations which seem to be being made about how to minimize the potential blowback and fallout the prospect of a more phased annexation one which begins at least with heavily populated areas close to jerusalem close to the green line ones which have been earmarked in previous mooted 2 state solution deals which would be israeli in the future in return for land swaps with a future palestinian state but of course that's in an entirely different context one which would be part of a negotiated settlement not which one not one which is a unilateral annexation the other consideration that he's had to be making in the
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run up to a list is exactly how his former rival and now coalition partner and defense minister benny gantz would behave he has long said that he would want to delay a unilateral move that he wants to see other stakeholders such as jordan such as international community brought into it that seems to be shifting pretty rapidly in the last day he's talked about having to move ahead without the palestinians unless they engage so he seems to be coming much closer to the netanyahu line even in the course of this week i was there as harry for there live for us and western risler many thanks indeed let's bring in abraham is in the occupied west bank jordan valley we may have to interrupt you we're waiting any moment now to hear from the palestinian foreign minister but what we do what's the mood there. there are hundreds of palestinians protest that he did it and village it doesn't it
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or than badly and it is one of the areas that is expected to be an expert and the palestinian government has scheduled a meeting here with the participation of senior p.l.o. officials senior officials to show their solidarity he didn't say solidarity the prime minister said that they are their people and they want to show that this land is there is it's not for israel to grab it or up for the palestinians even up to there is where you are and i don't know if we have enough time but we are joined here now by the adviser palestinian prime minister mr much i mean i love it and we know that coming here. how was the road wasn't that is a journey how was the road for you see the roads and the and want to see you know to answer all of the time. that we had arrived at this location actually we find is that i mean is it looking today when finding life politics and the prime
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minister and other ministers. through a rigid old difficult road. to see it point out that they want to know that there is a series of projects announced by the prime minister of the world that your god how expected to help people out here i mean is that are you going to allow them to be. actually projects. only ford is an extension really sorry to interrupt but the palestinian foreign minister riyadh. is speaking now to the u.n. security council be saying let's listen in. it means your next decisions and actions will determine the course of history and the fate of nations there is no doubt this is such a moment. for now unfortunately that there i've heard this really. seems it will not stop at the crossroads says the
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implications of insourcing because it is drunk on power repelled by infinity impunity what if it by one single thought that it has been under the influence of for a thing is grabbing maximum velocity and lumps with minimum listing and. this realm is under the illusion that this is the decision and once it reaches it it will need able to enjoy the view it ignores that there ought cannot look into the earth and continues down hill the woods and his belief in other conflicts if you will too and walk the rest of the regime combining along ism and other tyrants it does not occur that
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humanity has been down this road before and that for one colonial powers and liberation movements alike have all reached the same conclusion such a regime cannot prevail and will only lead to more injustice instability and insecurity. as many times before israel seems that term and to ignore that big red spot sign the international community the victims seem like us israel things as has been gives experience so far that it will not be fined or oppressed in its millions that security council resolutions are binding for others international course how good distinctions or others sanctions are
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full others israel judges cannot be just the only way to bias the words israel is the one shielding egypt prove accountability and involving it by considering its illegal actions as so-called reality is that need to be indorsed rather than rehearsed is the only testing that is all ringback of the international community thinking its call on yet another tight will prevail all over the collective international will to advance regional peace and security and to preserve the rule based multilateral all are we must prove it wrong. the international community remands committed to the rule of international law
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and to the international consensus on a just solution for the 1st time question it of course is an exception in or uncertain terms as reaffirms in recent weeks by statements made from capitals from every color mobile that we look. but the lower position also remains and wavering on the legality of israel's policy including settlements this wide international front reflected in the gathering in the jordan valley just today is a hook with a broad but is palestinian and international bodies ation in the order up ministerial meeting held yesterday and in this high level security council meeting it is a strong and remains our best or mr president members of the cancer
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israel needs to know that exceeds ssion will have immediate and than dibble repercussions. that is why we have a call on the international community to adult effective measures including sanctions that certain exception and all other unlawful policies that have occurred there been around for years it must also be meet clear that any station with the reverse of any impact israel's deletions with palestine and that is. the law courts were supposed to transform us into peace partners but regrettably israel continued waging a war against biased in your lives and biased you have rights it has baileys of the state its and that are of the agreements and with any say sharon is thinking
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a decision that will defeat the voting the us these are course we're supposed to be the way for an end of occupation and if i finally 7 emerge they cannot survive an extension. as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the u.n. charter let us honor the u.n. and the misses and principles respect for the principle of equal rights and 7 of them a nation of peoples respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction a suppression of acts of aggression and the will have vision of the threat or use of force against the rhetorical integrity or political independence of any state and efficient whether virtual or the little gradual or immediate is the
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ultimate breach of the un charter and cannot go all unchallenged from the legal perspective an exception is not only unlawful it is a crime under their own statute probably political perspective it would ruin the chances for israeli by stealing and regional peace prize security perspective this is utter nonsense as kids are polices international human being i know of nice borders that can be defended with a system of military control and submission that only fuels and bios it is. the secret it enables or or element as the report by the fenians israelis and region. the only explanation for it is an extremist ideology
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rooted in denial of the police you know right in this land this regard support international law and negation of history it isn't this ideology that has undermined negotiations i'm tired of hearing. with israel using negotiations as cover for it is for its continual continuance of the amazing. this ideology in force or in that active the palestinians should be grateful that israel was ready to give them back and be part of their own and. fragmented and besieged believes understands the palestinians may even be allowed the ball is the fate of their own. union money was shish ans must even have individual patient to achieve peace not an accident but you're waiting organization and calling it peace we the palestinians remain committed to
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peace we have presented our position in writing all of the final status issues but the core of it we have never detracted from any proposal we have made to find the compromise and like israel which saves we must make the renegotiate all over again with each new government in israel we have accepted the longstanding terms of reference and international law as the basis for negotiations while israel has rejected unbelievable we accepted the $3967.00 borders agreement to hang a historic compromise in combating only 22 percent of historic palestine and yet israel has 3rd not an effort to undermine its borders the entire
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world because nice's the significance of that of peace initiatives and the promise it holds for our vision what is there isn't any peace initiative even with a us plan. israel says it is or any of the arab immediately whatever parts of our lands that land and lawfully grants it why don't we 1st sing about it estimate pushing the rest indefinitely this is why we call for an international peace conference and the motherland development that is a that will help advance peace by holding the part of the parties accountable ensuring negotiations are neither is what the nor a time wasting existence while israel finalizes its colonial plans or
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rather that negotiations are the path to just and lasting peace while israel asparagus not efforts to erase the police $167.00 borders the green line the world must consulate in them including by a good night in the state of palestine and by making an even a liberal improvement over the getting in line event life interesting has the power to help us change course before it gets is to link the power to help end the israeli occupation and some vision the 2 state solution the power to save lives the power the preserve our global order in fact they have a legal and moral obligation to use this power through all nunberg mission and none has distanced or illegal actions distinction and accountability of holding
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their obligations it is the only path to ensure israel abides lights on. and the end allow me mr president a thank you for convening this important meeting i also wish to express our appreciation for this event in a journal with us for his reports underline and relentless everts and those of his envoy bloodbaths peace it's a good thing answer is an illusion including 2334 were implemented he says would be the reality the model even to that allow me also to seize this opportunity to back to secure the area of that ability and the ministers for their participation today as a clear signal of the urgency of the gravity of the matter i also wish to abandon your country and council members present and lingering for the consistent principle
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stances a glooming against an expression allow me finally to find the countries other groups including a lot of group which has been pretty mobile asked in the in the lead up with this meeting the lazy now that you that continue working to advance freedom justice and peace conscious of how this puts us for our asian and the world is the president the secular religion on his or board my like didn't though nancy of reversing this dangerous tragic to me we are are we are at the crossroads and to reverse course before it is too late the international community must be called of the steering wheel thank you mr president. well that was the palestinian foreign minister at our maliki there speaking i remote to the un security council israel is testing the resolve of the international community he said needs to go but
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annexation will have immediate and tangible repercussion use is described any israeli annexation as a crime let's listen now to work danny danon has israel's ambassador to the u.n. although it really isn't they reject they be out over the jewish state they last won a palestinian state beside a jewish state but at the expense of a jewish state they rejected the u.n. but these unplanned 943rd in every jet they did everybody's very law fell for it since in recent decades they have completely reject every law of the all negotiation instead of working towards peace they are promoted we generally that end that low if you get a shot of terrorism either when didn't they didn't we face today
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between reality. and rejection of. their reality even. once peace and security the palestinians unfortunately and then again choose rejection of them over any realistic solution. there are a commonly significance bijan opportunities most notably where the trance peace initiative it is an important milestone for the region and these are presents i think mean for gente opportunity as by be mr benjamin netanyahu as they did during his white house visit in general it is you know he the man has agreed to let go she a piece in you know on the basis of this peace plan even later with this plan responsiblity and in full cooperation with the united states
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while maintaining is awareness peace and minutes and 30 days into us we expect the international community to make it clear to the palestinians that their refusal to engage will not is balanced by this interest is that president and then taking them down by the at chanute solution that's may have been developments many years ago i'll no longer realistic by the palestinian leadership but if you were to split step the consequences over there are these actually that they have built the force narrative of the conflict and continue to fight a war that i'm listing solutions that do not include
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a jewish state and unfortunately the palestinian leadership even encouraged to do so by some in the international community well chosen to even hold the palestinians rejection in the you know all reality they have adopted the palestinian narrative in believe that to out and spend solutions on you that will. still relevant. it's good to see that even decades later there are some in the international community i'll still unwilling to admit that the palestinian the will never really interested in a genuine practical solution to the conflict instead of confronting the palestinian leadership they have tried to appease them by by every ratan bill of goods the palestinians that will serve and these upholds of blindly accepting the palestinian narrative and demands as not and they will not lead to
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a lasting and then a bookend to the conflict mr president there is a strong and and deniable connection between the jewish people and their story homeland overdue there and same area is said to be true for both millenia and no palestinian propaganda that can change that the official statements and policies of the well of the decay shall textbooks the ph rabbis to erase the jewish people ancient claim to the land of israel they were wonderfully by to breed jews as you will be and colonists that must be expelled. many in the international community of and that this course narrative which stands in complete contradiction to history and
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international law we will speak about international law in the military should give their the sag workstand its sovereignty it will be doing so with respect to every as all of each does already to maintain illegitimates he stole a car and legal claim mr president. the bible in the cornerstone of the religion of the activated fold in millions use 1900000000 muslims and to want to be period of christianity around the world but then go back to the bible in the bible god did you ever amen it was jealousy 1315 years to call our to show that our at this time and then
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a $1000000000.00 ago last. fall the land will use be a given to you and you will be stand there for israel after being promised all of the land ever and so to build a home in heaven or in the house of judea mr president the jewish claim to the little with it all the will in history ever since moses led the people of evil out of egypt with china devil and to the land of israel returning to the lead to gather one of their ground jews have believed and exercised sovereignty in the promised land even when the woman destroyed the 2nd temple in there in the sea and the jews were advised on the whole jewish community that sort of vibe in jerusalem and elsewhere in our homeland the story
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out of the pack of scattered across our land around the world including the bridal style security council chamber at the little jewish connection to the land on the ass of battles you know no one can find the spoils of the jungle as an image of one soldiers carrying the spoils of the took form the holy jewish temple as they exiled use of the home. there now are these are the facts another 50 or a 100 years old but thousands of you all so do i will history in the land of israel and to out of that time in the day article are the jewish people never once willing we start our claim to our homeland is a story of the jews returning to the land of israel in the late 19th century and
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joining the rather than sister was never left you know the story of the fall when people call and i read in a foreign land but one of the native people and realizing in their engines on lead me to her that as long before the founding of the palace you know start with the and its propaganda machine the international community recognized the right of the jewish people to the land and i heard my calling on germany pissing about international o. in the land instead of in balfour declaration the restated the objectivity of achieving a quote establishment in palestine of a national home for this jewish people their natural home included they entire lead
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entire land of israel including julianne to varia during their family no conference which formed the basis for the legal relation of monday is them the ally adopted in britain other food the provisions. in 1922 the league of nations there that enabled the land west of the jordan river in its entirety with their all the only unloaded to a jewish family and united in $45.00 the un shall under its founding its founding document it was time i did the 80 of the charter specified and i quote nothing in this chapter will still be construed in all of itself to other in any manner of the rights whatsoever or anything else or any people or the terms of existing international instruments which members
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of the related nation of they respect the belief if. it other was the league of nations recognition of the right of the jewish people plus states in their homeland was embrace once again one of the men's souls of the international law the united nations shall there is the further than those who oppose even legal claims that if there were no in order one lee mischaracterized any potential is very decision to extend is over and theme of this barrel of oil as so whole an exaggeration these objects should be thought of the me racing a palestinian force narrative one of them in the assessment of the discovery cult illegal facts let's be honest let's be clear this p.l.o.
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is not and never was a state and that has never been this somewhere in this territory never. prove me wrong on that mr president. another objection we hear to you that a blind sovereignty will harm regional stability we hear these few minutes ago we will hear these arguments many times before in 948 if all israel declared independence we were warned not to do so because we all who knew me and of the dream of a jewish family in ny released the statement after receiving the wall and the liberation of 2 of the lead event was one of the repercussions of extending sovereignty to the united states the on to the left in 981 the federal
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vision similar to what we in today i mean is there a lead in declared that the case you know is very low in the golan heights an issue in the middle of the deposit there are many friends in the region and even there with a plea all of us who will in the chamber in the security council in 2018 when the u.s. moved its embassy to juggle if we were warned or let them do it would. be over the region israel will continue to hold an important interest which includes every ality and see if you will be between israel and all unstable and not allow sound in the international community to try and intimidate us with lack of violence mr president the final objection is one that we have held today at the blind sovereignty will
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and any chance of negotiation and they are was negotiated and well other negotiations. instead of speaking with us they mentally minister on maliki is coming to the u.n. security council why we cannot meet in our mullah or enjoy the land is there that repeated clean about it to be a to the negotiating table. if you time where they even reply. it will only to egypt but then in the bath if you will really feel that there's been awful. even then i didn't slam speace blown before all of that been published blaming him about the lack of negotiations you not only want your destructive to peace. i blaming israel you actually said that and the bus
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with the last in a long line of excuses not to come to the bush or in table a solution is going to come only through all they wrecked the grocery ations. mr president the discussion over the extension of even there is 70 percent of the area i think that there somalia that is not stand in the way of peace what spending the way of peace its part is in yeah we jettison him and then courage when the day gets over some in the international community it is time that the palestinians be alive that an exemption isn't a losing strategy it is time that the international community to the reality them over with generation of them i thank you mr president. then he down on israel's ambassador to the u.n. speaking remotely to the u.n.
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security council about israel's plan to annex areas of the occupied. west bank the decision we face today he said is between realism and rejectionism the palestinians time and time again have chosen rejectionism zz rejectionism rather we expect the international community to make it clear to palestinians that rejectionism will reflect negatively on palestinian interests he said palestinians are never interested in a genuine productive peace agreement let's get some analysis now from our diplomatic editor james bays who is at the u.n. in new york of course james before that we were listening to where the palestinian foreign minister riyadh maliki what do you make of what you heard. well i think it was interesting listening to donny down on the israeli ambassador we're telling you he's the outgoing israeli ambassador his replacement has already been named so this is the one of his final appearances before the security council
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and really when you listen to some of his justification for israel's position you do arsk which history do you choose where you are starting points in your end points because he was going back to ancient history talking about an ancient plane to debt and so mariya which is of course what israel calls the west bank and said there was a legitimate historic historical and legal claim but of course the security council of the vast majority of the security council and the un 14 out of 50 members of the security council and the u.n. secretary out they look at the history and the law as outlined by their own body the un security council and international law in recent years and clearly the security council's come down with numerous resolutions the position has been pretty clear for 52 years since the 1967 war that is when israel took parts of jerusalem it took the west bank and it took garza and those were declared
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occupied territories now since then we've seen certainly israel allows settlements to be built israeli settlers in some of these areas but what israel is now proposing is something very different different it's proposing that in some areas that we annex ation which means permanent political control israeli sovereignty over those areas it really is a game changer that's why i think everyone is so concerned and certainly the palestinian foreign minister minister said that israel thinks it could ignore the courts it can ignore security council resolutions it can ignore sanctions and on the last one of those the palestinian foreign minister said he'd like to see countries around the world because the security council won't be able to impose sanctions because the u.s. will use its veto but he'd like countries individually to do that diploma. because the james bays live at the u.n. then let's bring in our forces in west jerusalem perry the palestinian foreign minister saying that israel is testing the resolve of the international community
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it needs to know that i make sation would have immediate and tangible repercussions . indeed yes he is saying that the continued march towards an exception would be one which would be not just hugely harmful to the palestinians but would also irreversibly he said and any prospects of a negotiated settlement that is very much in line with the kind of language that we're getting from other speakers during this during the session of the or security council dunny done on by contrast was saying that the problem was not an exception if israel intended to do it indeed he even challenge the very term an exception and that would be to fall for the palestinian narrative that israel was extending sovereignty to an area that it had as james was saying a millennia old claim on. but he was saying that the the real problem is the
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fact of the palestinians are negotiating haven't been negotiating now that of course is challenged by what has been said by. others that there should be another process not one dictated by the trump plan but one which would come from the quartet of interested parties in the in the middle east peace process one that should be a multilateral process saying that the palestinians already submitted what they wanted to see out of such a process and that they remained open into going into one that the problem for them is one of rejecting the united states under the current administration as an honest broker given that it is adopted so many lines of policy so close to the netanyahu administration and that is why they rejected the trump plan before it came out and why now they have seen it since january and have seen the kind of territorial loss
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that they would. they would experience at least inside the west bank itself but they rejected again and so that is the very clear palestinian position done on saying that it is part of a pattern of rejectionism and that that is the key issue at hand not what israel may or may not do after the 1st july. i was there as high for the bell live in west jerusalem let's go back to our serious need out abraham who's in the jordan valley in the occupied west bank and has with still the adviser to prime minister. we had that had been on the israeli ambassador to the united nations saying the palestinians were never interested in a genuine productive peace agreement. in the event that rejects that name is not going to be my guess is that that's i mean
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i said they had 5 therefore the palestinian prime minister erdogan talked about that in. the public. but you. actually missed that one on mentioned a few of the national resolutions in it by the. united nations that mentioning that an israeli state should. start that but it didn't mention that it looked as if you just but then i didn't mention about that and that you'd be sure about establishing a palestinian state also about that if you could get a good message we didn't reject any opportunity we went a bit and we are motivated to start negotiations at this any moment if this is according to international law and united dissenters delusions on do that a good deed and signed agreements between us i was only signed my getting worse was that i end up in the security economy of the ballistics and as i ended each own agreements. to be shown let's have the side then rose petals will i mention the as
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just a nuisance the arab league respect and what. the pals think we are not and the palestinians are going to do not about that aspect of it that's actually what we want that is to establishing a palestinian state on the quantifiable scent of the acidic about his guy instead of don't mention the historical context of the house at the context actually that. why is the united nations but this in atlanta not been for this event gives the palestinians more than 50 percent of the historical land of palestine palestine accepted the 1988 that it's well established it's estate on that one to do a better cent of palestine and this is that was their solutions it is the solution that the whole international community accepted it's a historical concession by the palestinians will actually get it to give us nothing but legalizing. legalizing this situation where we can't even get from one place to one of us thank you so much growth has to be hind us that has been going
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on for a couple of hours there is the ending now and so did. well as the myriad of issues that it must have is beer palestinians reject that would really stand here and they are not. many thanks they don't need to abraham in the jordan valley and the occupied west bank let's bring it out who's at the white house for us out on the u.s. secretary of state might bump a 0 within the last hour or so i was asked about israeli and accession plans at a press briefing what did he have to say. well you know that the trumpet ministration believes it's been a great friend to israel is something that benjamin netanyahu said on several occasions donald trump of course went ahead with this pre-election promise of moving the embassy to jerusalem he also excepted the an exception of the golan heights and so he backed the peace plan drawn up by his son in law gerry krishna
6:50 pm
that became the trump police find for the middle east might pompey or was asked about the possibility of an exception on the west bank but he had a fair but to that peace plan and he criticized the palestinians saying that they had again rejected a golden opportunity to improve their lot politically and also for their people. i regret only the house to this refused to do just that. this is a plea to simply reject do this and we are going to do as you please not outlined in the vision for peace and they have chosen not to they've chosen to threaten to bluster to sort of begin to deny the ability to do security produced for them instantly and people. know we can recognize the track we're on because the israeli ambassador to the u.s. has been here at the white house during the course of the week he has been talking about the possibility of the u.s.
6:51 pm
giving new york clear to the annexation might pompeo himself says that that is a decision for israel not a view shared by kellyanne conway who of course is the senior counselor to president donald trump she was here at the white house a couple of hours ago my colleague chris sheridan asked her about the ambassador's visits and if there was an announcement coming anytime soon she said that donald trump is a big friend of israel and that we can expect quote a big announcement in the next few days so donald trump has a news conference with the polish president in the next couple of hours here at the white house no doubt he will be asked about an exception i'm due to be in that news conference so i plan to ask him that if no one gets there before may still be interesting to see what the president's reaction is that there are many who believe that the white house really just gives israel the green light to do what ever it wants and we know that the palestinians refuse to engage with the peace process
6:52 pm
what was unveiled by gerry cousteau because they didn't believe they'd been consulted anough at the time of the move of the embassy to jerusalem many people predicted that there would be widespread violence across the middle east in the end there wasn't as much had been predicted that almost led the white house to believe that there was to use an open. little quote from another time in another place an acceptable level of violence and in fact in the days afterwards they suggested that things hadn't been as bad as expected so really they don't see much of a downside by giving the israelis the go ahead particularly and in election year when donald trump has touted his ties to israel so strongly particularly with evangelical voters on his there as alan fischer reporting live from the white house in washington many thanks indeed and let's bring in our 0 senior political analyst my one bashara who's with us via skype now one you have been able to see me but i've been able to see you for much of the last hour been watching your reaction not
6:53 pm
even a raised eyebrow there's a certain inevitability sort of what we've heard over the past hour as. yeah you know when you heard it once we heard that wasn't done. and especially the last speech that i'm honestly there was so much so much inaccuracy so much super mation so much selective interpretation so many allies and politicians do that you know you would expect that diplomats you know as it were dogs and dishes start their suits was going to present their countries and which way including lying with a country so i would expect that and there is no you know it's only my eyebrows as it were but there were some i mean it's really hard to argue with everything that's been said or to explain or to contextualize but there aren't there is complete things that need to be said one you know intimately east people have been praying for 4 decades and centuries 1000000 years for god to give assurance and give us his
6:54 pm
opinion but he doesn't and those who continuously you know invoke going to be god in order to steal the land of others is not exactly acceptable according to international law it's not exactly legitimate because everyone can invoke some biblical ethic that sort. what the palestinians impose is 1081300 years of presents continuous by the stimmung presence in either side it was called so doing that but which mandate it was called for during the ottoman empire was even also during the crusades this was it by the skin homeland or even 100 contiguous years so if things really get past that i want to invoke some biblical anecdotes from 3000 years ago you know let it be but where does international law form on this and that i think we've heard in the secular general of the united nations by saying that israel must mustn't do this because this it negates international law
6:55 pm
the 2nd point briefly again it's about history what what better than 100 percent in israel today if something was such a minority even in this movement even in israel it's not put 7 p. years branch right because i know isn't that your present was always a minority but the last century and impact in the beginning of the 20th century zionism itself was something like 2 percent represented 2 percent of the jewish people the jews you know have their own opinion jews have multiple opinions is right this is not speak for the jewish people today this is a sign ism then certainly did not but if you watch people and then on does not report god he speaks for prime minister nothing you know who is trying to steer by the senior lands it's called a spade a spade palestinian foreign minister said that the drivers and of israel a drunk on power. to an extent though is this down to to prime minister netanyahu
6:56 pm
or to the trumpet ministration in the in that it wouldn't be happening the prime minister netanyahu wouldn't be considering even doing this if it weren't for the fact that trump is in power in the us. let me start with the last part of your question certainly this wouldn't been happening today the waits have been. i should be in that weak position but prime minister netanyahu is into the i don't think he would have been considering he's indicted and he's going to he's going to be spending time in court if it weren't for the support of that from administration from family and the right so people are late and you know and now its position and you know it's an exception plans are quite happy in concert from mr mission and that is happening because trump thinks he has an addict or old base as we heard from fisher that he's dissatisfied with it but when the next election your earlier point i think that's very important because syria that's runs contrary to what and
6:57 pm
best that ben has said about but sitting at a junction so if anything what increased appetite. the israeli government over the last several years look at us but there it's not that serious rejectionism expects to compromise the movement by the stimulus have compromised over the last quarter 'd century the more initiatives that accepted the more israeli apartheid for expansion and for british miss and court. and who are backing 6 in the order is a priest all right many thanks indeed out serious senior political analyst no one the show that. will lead is just about it for the news hour i'm afraid we didn't get much more news in other than the. meeting at the u.n. security council we will take a breather for a couple of moments and they will come back with some more analysis and we'll tell you about what else is happening in the world today
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a syria just coming on and stay with us here on out in syria. join our global community to call the crisis is just slapped is the phrase that blessing upon my sin upon my human health equals global health keeping you up to date who was the voice situation where we have a human rights prices that persist beyond the health crisis your questions is a dialogue just nothing we are now approaching a crossroads this is an opportunity that we must both miss the stream on al-jazeera
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a jersey. if you want to help save the world. i call on the israeli government. it's an exception class the u.n. secretary general says that israeli plans to addicks parts of the occupied west bank would be a serious violation of international law. but i get i'm adrian for the game this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up that i think station with every bit of severely impact israel's relations with the stein and the.


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