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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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rhona virus locked down iran people in power on a jersey. if you want to help save the world here's sneeze in your elbow. the israeli government. is an exception class the u.n. secretary general says that israeli plans to an expanse of the occupied west bank would be a serious violation of international law. and i get i'm adrian finnegan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up that makes the show. absolutely packed israel's relations with palestine and the
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palestine tells the un security council any israeli an exception is a crime. a major victory for donald trump's former national security adviser an appeals court dismisses criminal charges against michael flynn after he pled guilty . in the show must go on but when it the british theatre industry struggles to find a way forward with the covert 19 pandemic. a watershed moment that will cause the most serious violation of international law that's how u.n. secretary general antonio gates had as has described israel's plans to an expanse of the occupied west bank members of the u.n. security council of the arab league have been meeting to discuss israel's move which could be put into motion as soon as next week most of them were united in their opposition with warnings that israel's unilateral action could trigger
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a major escalation in the region. if implementing these tests could dramatically alter the local dynamics jury and civility and probably occupy part of them in turn and maybe beyond the call that is being mocked by periods of extreme violence that never before had the risk of escalation been accompanied by a political horizon unfolded on an economic situation both fronts arlen and the region so hold on it is crucial for all stakeholders to take action that will enable the parties to step back from the brink. opposition is also coming from europe more than a 1000 politicians have signed a less an urge in their leaders to stop israel while on the ground in the jordan valley in the occupied west bank and in the been renewed protests against the u.s. backed israeli plans. well let's take a look at why israel's annexation plans are all so controversial the occupied west bank including east jerusalem is part of historic palestine which has been on the
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israeli occupation since 1967 of a half a century israel is built around 250 settlements and outposts in violation of international law more than 640000 israelis live there these illegal settlements are spread across the west bank which makes a future palestinian state nearly impossible last year prime minister benjamin netanyahu unveiled his plan to unilaterally declare israel's sovereignty over these settlements built on occupied land it also included the most fertile parts of the occupied west bank known as the jordan valley in a radical shift from previous u.s. policies president donald trump in january proposed that america will recognize israeli settlements as part of his middle east peace plan let's bring in our visitors harry force of his life for us now in west jerusalem it would seem that it's israel the united states versus the rest of this world on this issue of the
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annexation of the occupied west bank harry. that's largely that of how it seems yes i mean given the fact that there was such unity in a lot of the language that was being used to criticize the potential annexation to try to prevent it by warning of the kind of fallout that there could be regionally and indeed in terms of the situation in the occupied west bank the bilateral situation between israel and the palestinians the damage the irreversible damage in the words of the palestinian foreign minister to the prospects of a 2 state solution and a negotiated settlement to the conflict but you're right i think some of the most interesting aspects to all this because to some extent benjamin netanyahu will have been considering all of this that he has been warned about today in advance of this move some of the more interesting clues guy think can be discerned from what the
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u.s. ambassador was saying as she talked about israel needing courageous leadership to take some hard choices now could there be something read into that in terms of whether the united states would demand from netanyahu some public acknowledgment all recommitment to the trump plan in its entirety which of course does include a palestinian state no matter one that is much smaller and much more constricted than the palestinians want and that is something that he has found a hard to sell to right wing settlers to other right wing is here potentially could find out how to get through the israeli parliament the knesset she also talked about the palestinian leadership needing to be held accountable as well so is that a signal to the palestinian leadership that the united states remains open to some kind of negotiation based on the trump plan which could head off an exception in advance where with just
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a few days to go before the 1st of july that seems to be the that the most. malda in assessing it very unlikely given the fact that palestinians have rejected the trump administration in its entirety is not an honest broker being far too close to the israelis and they've rejected the trump plan because of the very an exception that we are talking about and so as far as the israelis are concerned danny done on the israeli ambassador to the u.n. he was going way back into st talking about the biblical claim that israel has and that it is therefore historically and in terms of international law legitimate it is not an annexation it is an extension of sovereignty to which the jewish people have a proper claim well i mean as far as the united nations is concerned as far as the palestinians are concerned as far as the international community is concerned it's not a a question of biblical claims it's a question of international law as things stand now and there was
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a very overwhelming opinion in the u.n. security council that an exception move would be against such law question is whether that will have any real weight when it comes to the 2 main players as you say united states and israel out of there as her aforesaid life and western islam harry and effects and say that's bringing in abraham who's in the occupied west bank jordan valley you've been at a process. what's what's the mood there right now. so the protest has just ended and we you probably can see the empty chairs behind me people have left but they've had a very strong message to deliver with heard from them as well as palast senior palestinian officials and they were mainly saying that they are here to say they are against israeli annexation and that although many of them are not expecting much from the united nations security council but they are hoping that they can do
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protests and do gatherings that can raise their voice to the international world it's worth mentioning that gatherings have been banned due to a recent surge of the coronavirus cases but for palestinians they say that this is a very important political moment and they need to raise their voices on monday we've seen thousands gathering in jericho to mark the closeness of the date of july 1st which is the date when the israeli government can start annexing parts of the occupied west bank and they said that's an excellent any part of the bank is a problem for the palestinians because we've heard from israeli media talks about the gradual implementation of that execution plan this is also rejected by many palestinians and the palestinian government and no senior officials who've met to here in a symbolic move have also announced a couple and
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a group of projects to help people stay in the jordan valley and face the continuous. measures to drive them out of the lands are seriously to abraham that lives in the jordan valley and the occupied west bank the secure life out of washington well just their silence for sure is that the white house some of the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o fielded a question about the potential attic sation of the occupied west bank during a press briefing there within the last hour or so what did they say. well he's been speaking at the state department just 3 kilometers away from where i'm standing here in the white house grounds we know that the trumpet ministration has given israel a lot of what it requested you remember donald trump made a pre-election promise that he'd move the embassy to jerusalem he did exactly that he also recognized the an extension of the golan heights by israel as well that was
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a bit of a surprise but still something that he could crow about something that has been mentioned several times is donald trump strong links to israel benjamin netanyahu has called him the best u.s. president for links to israel in the history of the united states well might pompei or to cut that theme when he was asked about the proposed an extension of the occupied west bank he referred to reporters there to the cushion or a peace plan or should it be called the trump peace plan that was drawn up by a son in law and senior councilor jericho who proposed this is a way forward in the middle east he says that the an extension question is one for israel but the palestinians really need to revisit the idea of that peace plan i regret only the house to this refused to do just that. simply this of leaders rejected this out of hand we the country. was outlined in the
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vision for peace and they have chosen not to they've chosen to threaten to bluster certainly going to deny the ability to do security progress for them yesterday and people. so we spoke to kellyanne conway who is a senior counselor to donald trump here at the white house just a couple of hours ago we asked her about the proposed an exemption she again said donald trump is a real friend of israel's and we should expect a big announcement in the next couple of days we kind of know where that's going because in the trump peace plan he suggested that an extension would be something that he could live with even though we know that it could provoke a reaction around the world both politically and domestically too and that means that we're expecting that announcement to give us an idea that yes the united states is very much on board with that idea it's also good for donald trump's reelection prospects or at least that's what the trump campaign and the white house
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believes donald trump has often said he is a big friend of visual he believes that plays particularly well with evangelical christians and it's certainly something that he would like to do to try and shore up his base as we move closer to november the thought out as there as alan fischer reporting live from the white house in washington many thanks allan israeli police have shot dead a palestinian man in the occupied west bank police say that. rammed his car into an office causing slight injury is part of syrian officials are questioning the police account though their accounts family say that he was driving to pick up his sister on her wedding day. we're going to weather update next here on out 0 of them the president of kosovo indicted for war crimes he stands accused of nearly 100 murders . at a cooling off for now north korea dials down the threats of military action against the south.
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but. more very heavy rain into central and southern parts of china say this big long line of cloud that is of course these are seasonal rains the my you buy your fronts we have had flooding down towards the southwest of china i know where from around with you up towards and away province that wessel weather is going to continue just dragging its way across a similar area just pushing up towards the northeast through shanghai as we go through thursday rolling across southern parts of south korea eventually pushing on into japan it will slide across western japan across ahana she was to go on through friday brought us guys still a few showers that by sky started to push their way back in behind a few showers into the far east of russia northeastern parts of china by using
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generally try to produce here at around 30 celsius generally try to get to hong kong a humid 30 to the top temperature here meanwhile we have the usual showers across southeast asia still some rather lively ones for a time into indonesia i think the philippines seeing the wetter off the weather over the next 7 the showers continuing through thailand pushing up into i mean ma into bangladesh once and raise do very nicely now that pushing their way up towards the final. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories one people are free to come. back again and providing a glimpse into someone else's work out you are pursuing in the dream of coffee a life inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers.
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witness on al-jazeera. the. color again this is al-jazeera the 2nd of its remind you of the bad news again the un security council is discussing israel's plans to an expanse of the occupied west bank secretary general antonio good television says that if implemented it would be the most serious violation of international law. us secretary of state by comparison as that extending israeli sovereignty in the occupied west bank is a decision that early israel can make he criticized palestinians for refusing to take part in peace negotiations. hundreds of protesters in the democratic republic
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of congo have tried to storm parliament they rallied in the capital kinshasa over new judicial reforms members of parliament was shuttled to vote on measures proposed by the former president joseph kabila as party the protests which aimed to prevent the votes were called by president felix shisha katie's supporters. food counting is underway after a. presidential election on tuesday's election was voted off the judges overturned president peter with that he has narrow victory last year due to ballot box fraud he said the ruling was a coup hundreds of lawyers protested last week when with a beka tried to retire the chief justice election result is expected within the next 8 days. after weeks of increasing tension on the korean peninsula including the destruction of the joint liaison office north korea has announced that it suspending plans for military action against the south the north's state media says
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the decision was made during a meeting of the ruling party central military commission chaired by kim jong il and the leaders sister kim yo jong who's in charge of relations with the south but warned of possible attack. well south korea says it believes the meeting was very unusual and that it's paying close attention it said that it would keep working to stop provocative acts from its soil those include sending propaganda leaflets over the border which pyongyang a said is behind its recent actions. we saw the report from the north and we are reviewing it in a close serious way we will monitor the situation our government stance remains that the 2 koreas should add here to the bilateral agreement apart from this we stress again and will continue to sternly respond to acts such as sending anti north leaflets which creates tensions between the south and north and threatens the safety of people in the border area thursday is the 70th anniversary of the start
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of the korean war it was seen as the 1st major conflict in what was called the cold war between east and west commemoration service is due to be held in the many countries that took part and on the korean peninsula itself i was here as well but pride reports now from south korea's capital seoul. events to remember those killed 70 years ago and the veterans who have died since have a particular poignancy this anniversary. the the war began on the 25th of june 1950 with a surprise attack by troops across the border that separated north and south korea . around noon people started flooding into town carrying kids on their backs telling us the north had invaded in artillery shells began falling down town in order to you know some of these veterans were still at high school at the time
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but were quickly recruited into the army as the south real from the attack. they showed us how to shoot a rifle a few times and then send us supper hill to go into battle we spend the next 3 months in the trenches. the war lasted 3 years with millions of chinese troops supporting the north and a multinational u.n. force led by the us supporting the south. to this day there's been no formal end to the war only an armistice in spite of attempts to secure one most recently during improved into korean relations. peace is a right that we korean citizens deserve to relish making a peaceful korean peninsula with no chance of yet another war is a duty bestowed by the people upon the state estimates vary but as many as 3000000 people are thought to have died in the korean war around half of them civilians
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that's a disproportionately heavy toll that means the war's legacy is still felt just as keenly 7 decades on in both koreas north and south. surviving veterans in the south complained of insufficient pensions and many feel abandoned by the country they helped save. it was our sweat and sacrifice that led to victory and to the remarkable development of our country. is more time has passed it's become a forgotten war the appreciation for those who fought and more injured has faded a lot and with each year there are fewer to remember 1st hand what happened as their generation fades robert bryde al-jazeera so a u.s. appeals court has ordered the dismissal of a criminal case against donald trump's former national security adviser michael flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. a jury investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election
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trump has repeatedly criticized flynn's prosecution the justice department asked judges to dismiss the case last month let's get more of this now from our serious political hay who joins us live from just outside washington what are we to make of this passy. this is such a highly unusual move by this d.c. appeals court but this whole case has been highly unusual let's not forget michael flynn was the national security adviser he pled guilty twice to lying to the f.b.i. that is a criminal offense riginal a the prosecution said he was cooperating so he put patient then he stopped cooperating and they said he should get 6 months in prison that's when michael flynn said i'm going to withdraw my guilty plea well in a very unusual move the federal judge overseeing the case said i need somebody to argue against this because the justice department said go ahead and drop the case so he got a retired judge to argue against flynn and so this was ongoing and now this appeals
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court has issued a ruling saying that the case should be dismissed that the judge doesn't have the authority to go against what the executive once again really unusual we don't see these kinds of moves in any other administration especially when it comes to someone as close to the president as michael flynn let's not forget again he was fired for admitting that he lied to the f.b.i. so is it over no it's still not over not necessarily the judge in this case could ask the supreme court to review this 3 court 3 judge panel decision it was a the decision was sent by a tramp appointee or any member of the 9 members of the district appeals court could come out and say we need an overall review of all 9 justices so it's continuing but this is the president says this is a great decision on serious political hay reporting live from just outside washington many thanks to. kosovo's president has been indicted for war crimes
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along with 9 other former separatist faces prosecutors at the hague based court say the president hasn't touchy the other suspects are responsible for almost $100.00 murders other charges including forced disappearance and torture a special court has been investigating the crimes against ethnic serbs during kosovo as war of independence in the 1990 s. monday's ceasefire in yemen is being breached by fighting in southern coastal province of beyond no casualties have been reported last fall you have any government forces backed by saudi arabia a battling separatists who are supported by the united arab emirates the breakaway movement called the southern transitional council is fighting to assist reestablish the country of south yemen with a troop presence has provoked a protest in ties yemen's 3rd largest city dozens rather than one of the main streets calling for the iraqis and other coalition forces to end what they
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described as the occupation. iran's president says the un's do clear watchdog risks losing its independence that's after the i.a.e.a. asked her han to clarify if undeclared nuclear activities took place at 2 sites back in the early 2000 some rouhani says those are baseless accusations from enemy states our position towards the i.a.e.a. was based on cooperation within the framework of the law we're concerned that the i.a.e.a. will be exploited by israel and america by returning to old files dating back 18 years ago we will continue to deal with the agency in a principle of cooperation but we hope that it will not be subject to american and israeli pressure. germany's health minister is warning of a 2nd wave of corona virus infections from regional hotspots all to reporting hundreds of new cases connected to a meat processing plant more than 600000 people in western germany are now back on
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the lockdown bars gyms and cinemas are closed again and only 2 people from different households can meet in public the international monetary fund is focusing an even deeper global recession that it predicted that april the i.m.f. chief economist has said that the global sweep of the crisis was unprecedented with 95 percent of the world's countries now in recession due to the current juta coronavirus lockdowns she added the good news about vaccines could speed up her recovery but the labor market will be slow to rebound and nations must keep social safety nets in place. this is indeed the worst recession since the great depression it was already the worst recession since the great depression in april when we had projected growth for 2020 to be at minus 3 percent but now at minus 4.9 percent that is even even more strongly true and no country has been spared both emerging market developing economies advanced economies have all been
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very badly hit during this crisis russia has reported the corona virus infection rates have now surpassed 6 100000 restrictions being eased despite more than $7000.00 cases being reported in the last 24 hours alone 8 and a half 1000 russians have died so far after contracting the corona virus. victory day celebrations have been held in cities across russia moscow sold the annual military parade airshow commemorating the surrender of nazi germany in 1945 the parades usually held in may were delayed this year due to the coronavirus pandemic . police and forcing coronavirus lockdowns across europe of disproportionately targeted ethnic minorities of marginalized groups with violence discriminatory discriminatory identity checks and forced quarantines and fines that's according to a new report from amnesty international covering 12 e.u.
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nations that exposes local reports this is a disturbing pattern of institutional racism within police forces the reports echoes wider concerns raised by the ongoing black lives matter process. pubs restaurants in cinemas in england have been told that they can reopen next month following months of lockdown but fears are workers are waiting for news of when they can get back on stage and welcome audiences again almost 300000 jobs depend on the industry job a whole report style from london's west end the entertainment center of the capital . being an actor. you want to act. you know you want you want to be on stage or whatever you do if you're on camera and film t.v. you would be doing that. on london's $1000000000.00 a year west-end pretty woman was set for a sold out run with ak to mark holden among the cost then just weeks after opening
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coronavirus brought the curtain down. in our profession. 90 percent of actors are out of work at any one time. what are they doing the rest of the time in normal circumstances and we're not in normal stuff sort of circumstances now we're in something that our generation has never experienced it's estimated that without a government rescue up to 70 percent of performing arts companies countrywide will close for good but the government has not so far included theatre among the businesses it's trying to protect some larger theater companies are already announced that layoffs are inevitable meanwhile andrew lloyd webber the creator of phantom of the opera is trialing thermal imaging equipment to test audience temperatures and make it safer to return eventually they will likely survive many smaller companies may not and phyllis that is no remedy the
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fightback has been online like the sonnet a day program performed under the auspices of the tiny german street theatre why does that promise so few beauty. but it's no match for ticket sales we all need financial help and lines are getting financial help we need financial help in the same way that most theaters in fact i think all think it is must have an audience to be able to pay their bills we need help because if we don't have audience coming into our buildings who are able to buy those tickets these buildings won't survive they will collapse a packed auditorium here is just 70 people social distancing will mean future audiences of less than half that size nowhere near enough to survive. and so to the writers creating new work but for fewer actors to keep costs down i think writers will have to find different ways of telling multicast stories it will still be the
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same story. will still have the same content but even under adversity writers will just try to find a way of producing the same story within a couple of characters shakespeare produced plays like king lear and mack breath while in lockdown because of the bubonic plague now too they will be called drones of creative work bubbling away behind closed doors the question is what sort of theater world will exist to bring it all to life jonah hole al-jazeera london. it is good to have you with us hello everyone fit here in doha the headlines from al-jazeera the u.n. security council has been discussing israel's plans to addicks parts of the occupied west bank secretary general antonio says that if implemented it would be the most serious violation of international law most members of the arab league are
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united in their opposition what if these dramatically alter. during instability and crossed. and maybe beyond this has been my experience of the stream but never. the right. need an ongoing situation. in the region. it is crucial. to take action the. u.s. secretary of state mike compare says that extending israeli sovereignty in the occupied west bank is a decision that only israel can make he also criticized palestinians for refusing to take part in peace negotiations. a u.s. appeals court has ordered the dismissal of a criminal case again. donald trump's former national security advisor michael flynn pleaded guilty twice to lying to the f.b.i. during the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential
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election and later said it was and truculent last month the justice department asked judges to dismiss the case because of a us president has been indicted for war crimes along with 9 other former separatist faces a special court has been investigating crimes against ethnic serbs during kosovo's 19981999 war of independence prosecutors at the hague based court said the president had some touchy and the other suspects are responsible for nearly $100.00 other charges including forced disappearance and torture hundreds of protesters in the democratic republic of congo have tried to storm parliament they rallied in the capital kinshasa of a new traditional reform these members of parliament will shuttle to vote on measures proposed by former president joseph kabila as party those are the headlines more news for you here on al-jazeera after witness next.
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