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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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in life under lockdown a made on growing international sanctions. and intimate portrayal of isolation in one of the world's least understood countries coronavirus lock down iran people in power on a jersey. and on the israeli government. it's an exception class the u.n. secretary general says that israeli plans to an expanse of the occupied west bank would be a serious violation of international law. and i'm a very unfit again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming out that the station with the reverse of the fact israel does believe. palestine tells the un security council that any israeli annexation is
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a crime. the president of kosovo indicted for war crimes he stands accused of nearly 100 murders. and the show must go on but when it's the british there's a industry struggles to find a way forward a bit the covert 19 pandemic. a watershed moment that will cause the most serious violation of international law that's how u.n. secretary general antonio gutierrez has described israel's plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank members of the un security council and the arab league have been meeting to discuss israel's move which could be put into motion as soon as next week most of them were united in their opposition with warnings that israel's unilateral action could trigger a major escalation in the region. if implemented these moves could dramatically
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alter the local dynamics during instability across the uk by palestinian terror and maybe beyond this cult has been marked by periods of extreme violence but never been caught in the risk of escalation been accompanied by endless school horizon so this isn't an economic situation so it runs our own in the region so whole time. it is crucial role stakeholders take action that will enable the parties to step back from the brink opposition is also coming from europe more than a 1000 politicians of sidle as a urging their leaders to stop israel while on the ground in the jordan valley in the occupied west bank out in gaza that been renewed protests against the u.s. backed israeli plans let's go well live to west jerusalem as a serious hour a force that could help us analyze all of this area all of the the criticism that we've heard today hold any sway with israel's government.
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well i think they would have priced in a good deal of this criticism already they've been hearing at least some of it for several weeks now and said it has been no public resigning from benjamin netanyahu the prime minister's stated plan to carry on with the annexation process from the 1st date available to him which is next week the 1st of july now there was a lot of very stark warning coming from very from a number of the players that the ambassadors and the spokespeople in this meeting you heard from the climate enough just then he talked about a descent into chaos being potential from an annex ation move the palestinian foreign minister also spoke and he talked about about an irreversible breach of relations between israel and the palestinians and he talked about consequences potentially emanating beyond the region as well from the israeli ambassador there
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was talk of the biblical claim of the jewish people on the area that they call judeo and samarium he blamed the palestinian rejectionism for having got to this point a lack of realism and that it was realism that was taking place now not what he said the was wrongly termed an accession by the palestinians by the europeans and others but i think a lot of the a lot of the scrutiny here will be on exactly what is happening in the united states among senior u.s. officials in washington d.c. they are meeting this week to discuss exactly how much and what will be green lighted if at all in terms of the annexation the signals certainly have been pretty positive but there was talk from the u.s. ambassador. kelly craft during this meeting she said that it took courageous israeli leadership to make of the hard choices required so does that mean that they will require something of benjamin. you know in terms of acknowledging publicly
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that this is part of the trump plan which also as part of it contains a palestinian state something that might be harder for him to sell to his right wing supporters here in israel and also 'd talking about holding the palestinian leadership accountable is that another attempt to try and get the palestinians to hold talks and potentially stave off an accession talks based on the trump plan which they have utterly rejected because of the annexation it also includes in the huge loss of territory within the occupied west bank that were would result i think it's very late in the day to try and make those sorts of appeals over there are reports that they have been made through various channels to the palestinian leadership what is much more likely seems to be a coalescing of opinion around a limited potentially to start with at least a phased annexation and indeed benjamin netanyahu as former rival and now coalition partner benny gantz appears to be coming on board with that having said that he's
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a he was opposed to unilateral an expression having said that he wanted other countries to be involved and be consulted on tuesday's vote to military correspondents here in israel and it was saying that if the palestinians didn't come on board than israel would have to move on without them so things seem to be aligning in benjamin netanyahu favor a week out from this date or a force that reporting live from west jerusalem harry many thanks indeed al-jazeera as neda ibrahim is in the jordan valley and has been speaking with the palestinian prime minister's advisor about their rejection of israel's plans. jackson. said that to me was a bit like there were the palestinian prime minister. actually mr bennett going on mentioned if you'll let the national reserve you change it by the. united nations that mentioning that the israeli state should.
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start but he didn't mention hundreds of the solutions but the united nations about that in fact that you be sure about establishing a palestinian state also about that if you could even if we didn't reject any opportunity we were able. to start negotiations at this i mean moment if this is according to the international law and united dissenters the u.s. is on to that a good deed and signed agreement between us and it was a lease signed mine i gave us was that. in the security economy of the ballistics and as a leech only on mine agreements it's it should be only what i have decided i was double with the u.s. secretary of state's says that it's up to israel to decide on the next i was there as alan fischer as in washington d.c. with more on my pompous response. we know that the trumpet ministration has given israel a lot of what it requested you remember that donald trump made
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a pre-election promise that he'd move the embassy to jerusalem he did exactly that he also recognized the annexation of the golan heights by israel as well that was a bit of a surprise but still something that he could crow about something that has been mentioned several times is donald trump strong links to israel benjamin netanyahu has called him the best u.s. president for links to israel in the history of the united states one might pompeo took up that theme when he was asked about the proposed an extension of the occupied west bank he referred to reporters there to the commissioner a peace plan or should it be called the trump peace plan that was drawn up by a son in law and senior councilor jericho who proposed this is a way forward in the middle east he says that the an extension question is one for israel but the palestinians really need to revisit the idea of that peace plan i regret only the 3 this refused to do just that. this simply
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this implicit reject do this we simply asked the country. this is not what i want to push in for peace and they chose not to live choosing to to threaten to bluster to assert that they're going to deny the ability to security progress that good for them just in the people so we spoke to kellyanne conway who is a senior counselor to donald trump here at the white house just a couple of hours ago we asked her about the proposed an exemption she again said donald trump is a real friend of israel's and we should expect a big announcement in the next couple of days we kind of know where that is going because in the trump peace plan he suggested that an exception would be something that he could live with even though we know that it could provoke a reaction around the arab world both politically and domestically. israeli police have shot dead a palestinian man in the occupied west bank police say that our cat rammed his car into an office causing slight injuries protestant officials are questioning the
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police account of accounts family say that he was driving to pick up his sister on her wedding day kosovo this president has been indicted for war crimes along with 9 others prosecutors at the hague say the president a chimp touchy and other suspects are responsible for nearly $100.00 murders other charges including forced disappearances and torture a special court has been investigating crimes committed during kosovo's war of independence in the 1990 s. al-jazeera is. now with us on the line from pristina. kosovo as president has withdrawn from a white house meeting with the serbia following his indictment today what are we to make of this. well and the indictment is certainly a very significant course of. action thought it was and was pressed. to be seen the other like it or is the former speaker of the parliament both of them were
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commanders of a constable the british an army in the war in one. of the war party but the people with a leader you more closely but representatives of nato were united nations for many years many times you must come from the questions related to allegations were brought up and he has always been oid and he wrong knowing. 'd the implications of the indictment in kosovo could be big and they are already starting to show as you said when the news broke that they thought 'd it was in his weight united states side and they the white house it was also meet with the serbian president to talk about the dialogue and always talk a lot about lies relations up there are many decades of tension. now possible present them have got a trip now it is wait. what's been the reaction to this indictment
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in kosovo. well if you will the 1st reaction was on well of course the moment rhaetian or me a veterans they say about the cost of the liberation army did not commit any crimes . that they were defending their families or m.p. all the army that committed. war crimes during the war and knowing you knowing the knowing was serbian army i must say that the news came as a surprise to many possible as a serious. reporting live from for stina in kosovo many thanks indeed happening. a u.s. appeals court has ordered the dismissal of a criminal case against donald trump's former national security advisor michael flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. during the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential
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election trump has repeatedly criticized flynn's prosecution the justice department asked judges to dismiss the case last month. we're going to weather update next here on al-jazeera then a diplomatic standoff in south asia india expels pakistani diplomats diplomats rather who are accused of spying is not about calls the allegations baseless of a race to find a vaccine for the corona virus has never been more crucial to some parts of south africa will tell you why. or. how i once again welcome some of the look at the international forecast skies are generally clear across much of the middle east a little more cloud into southern parts of amman as should the at this time of the year chance of one of 2 spots of drizzle down towards the fast have towards but not
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too much to speak of elsewhere is the hot sunshine yet again 42 celsius here in doha hotter still in kuwait at 47 celsius and something in between for baghdad as we go on into friday will notice the breeze just picking up around the gulf so little the dust and sand here in qatar for example temperatures pegged back fucking cold at that it's just 40 degrees celsius not hot sunshine meanwhile across northern parts of africa the usual showers there rolling off the open highlands pushing over towards west africa says the same in a liberia recently some very heavy showers and there are pockets of those a very heavy showers the thundering down poles pushing right across west africa sierra leone seeing some lively showers a shout pushing up towards guinea but sal easing up towards the gambia as a go on through the next couple days and of course we're still looking at some very heavy rain there just around the gulf of guinea southern parts of nigeria and cameroon also with
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a chance of flooding. frankest . 6 months tourism but the income stream is dead in the water what's been the result in poaching a lot quite significantly informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal and it really is citing in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for new policy and say countries like not always seem to grady but he read to me this the leading to over all continues inside story are now just 0.
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well again this is officer and this reminds you of the main news this hour the un security council is discussing israel's plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank secretary general antonio says that if implemented it would be the most serious violation of international. palestine's foreign minister says the israeli plan is the ultimate breach of the un's charter and the move will ruin any chance of peace. the cost of those president has been indicted for war crimes along with $9.00 of us prosecutors at the hague accuse president touched touchy of ordering atrocities during the 1990 s. . india says that it's expelling cough of the staff of pakistan's high commission in new delhi because of spying pakistan quickly rejected the allegations as baseless and demanded that india respond by hall think its diplomatic staff in islam about its salacious side of strains diplomatic relations between the 2 nuclear rivals was a serious kemal haida reports now from islamabad. as far as focused on is going to
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get denied doing indian highly gaijin on the other hand up against any foreign ministry if now come up with a list of india in 15 days i don't want the next of them in one day a day just one for them in pakistan during the bush stage treating bob however. i did this coming in i didn't diamond engagement along the line of control we divide the indian and pakistani administered to me in running high risk street when reports of the 5 violations by the board and not far away in that region again gandalf it being joined in india. in a deadly heat with the budget. detailed. big agent led the whole region in the words of instability and the idea indian
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government. i gave my gift on one side of god let me just a why leading the fire agreement and on the line of control. a cease fire and yemen's south has been broken just days after it was announced separatist faces fought with government forces in the coastal province of abyan no casualties have been reported the breakaway movement called the southern transitional council is fighting to reestablish the country of south yemen backed by the united arab emirates while yemeni government forces supported by saudi arabia the u.a.e. troop presence there has provoked a protest in the city of ties yemen's 3rd largest dozens rallied in one of the main streets calling for the emirates has no other coalition forces to end what they describe as an occupation. hundreds of protesters in the democratic republic of congo tried to storm parliament they rallied in the capital kinshasa over new judicial reforms members of parliament who shuttle to vote on measures proposed by
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the former president joseph kabila as policy the protests which aimed to prevent the votes were called by president felix she said katy's supporters. food counting is underway after the laureus presidential election rerun tuesday's election was ordered after judges overturned president peter with rekers narrow victory last year because a ballot box fraud he said the ruling was a coup hundreds of lawyers protested last week when mubarak a child tried to retire the chief justice election results is expected in the next 8 days. human trials for oxford university is covert 19 vaccine will begin in south africa this week the country grapples with the highest number of cases in africa with over 100000 faction's reporters of more than 2000 deaths as a serious father miller reports now from the eastern cape one of the poorest provinces is likely to be hit the hardest and less a vaccine is found soon. albert stearman was buried barely an hour ago
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his family says he died from covert 19 they wanted to bury him at their home and some dues are in rural eastern cape but locked on restrictions mean this is his final resting place not in a cemetery stared at a solitary grave in an open field to comply with restrictions just a few people attended the funeral the freedoms of tradition and custom replaced by social distancing rules. but i have never sold any respect to my father even when he worked at the mine. he died as a poor man now he has been buried like garbage because of the corona it is really really painful the local councillor says 33 people in this village have tested positive for corona virus but he thinks the number is far higher we don't have resources whereby people can test so people just undermine it as
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a simple they take it as a simple fruit then after a long time after somebody is dead then each whereby their this is called 90 days. and that funerals which usually attract hundreds of people are helping to spread the virus at the cemetery outside the small town of barking east police keep watch ensuring there are no more than 50 people attending the burial is short and people leave quickly the eastern cape is large much of a rural and people don't live as close together compared to other places so the spread of the coronavirus has surprised experts who are worried this province may be some africa's next epicenter some estimates say that as many as 80 percent of the people here make it covert 19 but in rural towns like this one medical facilities are understaffed and under-resourced this hospital and stack spread was closed when we filmed here stafford protested against the lack of personal
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protective equipment shutting some of the units authorities had district to travel between provinces to curb the outbreak and permits are required to make a journey here people are screened for the virus we passed through the site twice in 2 days on the 2nd day we were not screened at all along with dozens of other passengers in vehicles passing through temperature checks and collecting contact details only resumed once we began filming while the number of covert 1000 infections grow the government is still easing some of its restrictions and here in one of south africa's poorest provinces inconsistent plans and policies may add to the rising numbers. al-jazeera eastern cape south africa the international monetary fund is forecasting an even deeper global recession that it predicted early in the pandemic the i.m.f. chief economist said the global sweep of the crisis is unprecedented with 95
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percent of the world's countries now in recession due to coronavirus lockdowns shouted the good news about vaccines could speed up the recovery but the labor market will be slow to rebound and the nations must keep social safety nets in place this is indeed the worst recession since the great depression it was already the worst recession since the great depression in april when we had projected growth for 2020 to be at minus 3 percent but now at minus 4.9 percent that is even even more strongly true and no country has been spared both emerging market developing economies advanced economies have all been very badly hit during this crisis pubs restaurants and cinemas in england have been told that they can reopen next month following months of lockdown but fears are workers are awaiting news of when they can get back on stage and welcome audiences again almost 300000
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jobs depend upon the industry as just a whole reports now of london's west end the entertainment center of the capital being an actor. you you want to act. you know you want you want to be on stage or whatever you do if you're on cameras on t.v. you want to be doing work. on london's $1000000000.00 a year west-end pretty woman was set for a sold out from with actor mark holden among the cost then just weeks after opening coronavirus brought the curtain down. in our profession. 90 percent of actors are out of work at any one time. what are they doing the rest of the time in normal circumstances and we're not in normal stuff certain circumstances now we're in something that our generation has never experienced it's estimated that without a government rescue up to 70 percent of performing arts companies countrywide will
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close for good but the government has not so far included theatre among the businesses it's trying to protect some larger theater companies are already announced that layoffs are inevitable meanwhile andrew lloyd webber the creator of phantom of the opera is trialing thermal imaging equipment to test audience temperatures and make it safer to return eventually they will likely survive many smaller companies may not and for this it's no remedy. the fightback has been online like the sonnet a day program performed under the auspices of the tiny german street theater why does that promise so few be used here. but it's no match for ticket sales we all need financial help airlines are getting financial help we need financial help in the same way that most theaters that i think all think it is must have an audience to be able to pay their bills we need help because if we don't have audience coming
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into our buildings who are able to buy those tickets these buildings won't survive they will collapse a packed auditorium here is just 70 people social distancing will mean future audiences of less than half that size nowhere near enough to survive. and so to the writers creating new work but for fewer actors to keep costs down i think writers will have to find different ways of telling multicast stories it will still be the same story. will still have the same content but even under that adversity writers will trust try to find a way of producing the same story within only a couple of characters shakespeare produced plays like king lear and macbeth while in lockdown because of the bubonic plague now too there will be cauldrons of creative work bubbling away behind closed doors the question is what sort of theater world will exist to bring it all to life jonah hole al-jazeera london
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russia's total reported number of corona virus infections a supposed 600000 restrictions that are being eased despite the emergence of more than $7000.00 cases in the past 24 hours alone 8 and a half 1000 russians have died so far after contracting deal most. symbols of thailand's democracy of vanishing as monuments and historical buildings to take and altered or renamed pro-democracy activists use wednesday's anniversary of the 1932 revolution that introduced democracy to raise the alarm about the government's attempt to what they say is a raise history scott heide live reports from bangkok. early morning 88 years after the revolution that brought constitutional monarchy to thailand protesters gathered at the nation's monument to democracy. despite police warnings they projected historical footage of the people's party from 1932 as the revolutionaries
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read out their democratic manifesto ending absolute monarchy they also laid down a replica of a missing plaque that once marked the spot where the revolution began. their attempts to delete history by getting rid of items like the people's party plaque or any democratic symbols this shows that the government wants to devalued the revelation in 2017 the plaque was removed from royal plaza without notification it was replaced with one bearing a pro-monarchy message the area was heavily guarded on the anniversary journalists prevented from filming nearby raj had done none avenue is a historic district directly tied to the 1932 revolution lined with art deco buildings constructed after the transition to a constitutional monarchy the style was meant to represent the modern era or democratic architecture but in what's seen as a growing effort by military royalist conservatives to remove monuments and reminders of democracy the crown property bureau announced
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a renovation project will replace the art deco facade with a neo classical style to appear more thai. people have been using these historical sites as a political tool the government is becoming more worried and views the architecture as a threat to the ideology democracy monument here. the crown jewel of the art deco district designed after the arc de triomphe in paris to serve as the focal point for the grand avenue it was completed 7 years after the revolution the same year the name of the country is changed from thailand officials say they don't plan on altering the monument but some conservationists are skeptical it's not just russia done avenue where reminders of democracy are being erased to army camps bearing the names of revolutionaries were recently renamed and in 2018 in the middle of the night security forces removed the constitutional defense monument from this traffic circle in bangkok. so.
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one must. get about a party a short distance from where the constitution defense monument once stood there's a buddhist temple built to celebrate thailand's democracy the ashes of the revolutionary leaders are interned on the grounds a place of worship that has so far been untouched by the attempts to revise the nation's history scott hodler al-jazeera bangkok. it is really good to have you with us hello adrian fenty going to here in doha the headlines when i was there a the u.n. secretary general antonio has condemned an israeli plan to annex parts of the occupied west bank he told a security council meeting that the move would be a serious violation of international law 14 of 15 members oppose the plan protests taking place in gaza the occupied west bank the palestinian government says the israeli plan risks security in the region and beyond the un special envoy
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to the middle east peace process is urging israel to reconsider. in the middle east is dramatically all the lebanese during instability across you know by palestinians . and maybe beyond this call has been marked by periods of the extreme violence but never in the risk of escalation in somebody might include school ryan so this isn't an economic situation so it runs around in the region. in this crucial role steeples the action that enable the parties step back from. kosovo as president has been indicted for war crimes along with 9 other us prosecutors at the hague say the president touch and touchy and the other suspects are responsible for nearly $100.00 murders other charges including forced disappearances and torture a special court has been investigating crimes committed during kosovo's war of independence in the 1990 s. a u.s.
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appeals court has ordered the dismissal of a criminal case against donald trump's former national security advisor michael flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. during the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election the international monetary fund is forecasting an even deeper global recession than it predicted back in april the i.m.f. chief economist said the global sweep of the crisis was unprecedented with 95 percent of the world's countries now in recession due to coronavirus lockdowns she said that the good news about vaccines could speed up recovery and russia's total reported number of corona virus infections a supposed 600000 restrictions are being eased death despite the emergence of more than $7000.00 cases in the past 24 hours and those the headless bodies feel on al-jazeera after inside story with peta fixed.
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pro-democracy protests in thailand on the anniversary of the revolution which ended the absolute monarchy but almost 90 years later the political system remains controversial with military leaders calling the shots behind the scenes in government does real democracy really stand the chumps this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm pete adult he is is 88 he is since the revolution in thailand which was the end of the absolute monarchy and the start of .


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