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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 25, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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the. the. al jazeera. hello i'm barbara sara this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes we don't want to shake. the u.n. chief implores israel to abandon its plans to an exceptional ments in the occupied west bank which the arab league warns could ignite a religious war. cos of us president pulls out of a meeting at the white house after he's indicted for war crimes over almost $100.00
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murders. and warnings parts of the us could soon be overwhelmed by a resurgence of covert 90 with new cases near their late april peak. and in school liverpool move within touching distance of the premier league title the closing in on a big win of a crystal palace that would take them to the brink of the championship. un secretary-general antonio has urged israel to abandon its plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank calling it a watershed moment and the most serious violation of international law members of the un security council and the arab league have been meeting to discuss israel's move which could be put into motion as soon as next week our diplomatic editor james baker has. with the clock ticking towards
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a july deadline for an accession the u.n. secretary general made his position to the security council extremely clear if implemented and accession constituted of serious violation of international law or grievously harmed the prospect of a 2 state solution and the gulf the possibilities of a new will of negotiations i call on the israeli government we're bound and it's an exception class palestinian foreign minister maliki says the israel of benjamin netanyahu doesn't believe it's bound by international norms or laws israel things as has been its experience so far that it will not be fined or asked in its millions that security council resolutions are binding for others. international course have jurisdiction over others sanctions are
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well others israel's ambassador demeter non went back in history to justify an accession ever more that led the people of israel out of egypt. over into the land of israel we don't live in the land that gather one of our jewels or believe in an exit out sovereignty in the land but the vast majority 14 out of 15 members of the security council are following more recent history the council's own resolutions what israel took east jerusalem the west bank and gaza in the 1967 war the security council declared in numerous subsequent resolutions that these were occupied territories since then large parts of this palestinian land has been taken over by israeli settlers but this is the 1st time in 52 years that israel has come close to declaring sovereignty and taking permanent political
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control it is never been aren't yet to impose a solution the only country that could stop it is close ally the us ambassador kelly craft said little on the issue of annexation but speaking at the same time as her in washington d.c. her boss the u.s. secretary of state was clearer decisions about his release and it's this is it is this is a decisions that you really just made some might see that as a green light for israel certainly israel is now in the driving seat it's not clear if it will actually carry out an exception and if it does when it will take place and how much of the west bank will be annexed james al-jazeera of the united nations. richard fall is a former un special rapporteur for occupied palestinian territories and current chair of global law at queen mary university here in london he joins us via skype
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from a a yellow kava in turkey sir thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera the u.n. secretary general calls the potential enix ation by israel a most serious violation of international law do you agree with him and how do you read this potential move by israel yes is no question that it is as flagrant about lation international law as you can imagine. back in 1967 after the. israeli occupation of the west bank east jerusalem and gaza a unanimous security council resolution concluded that no territory can be acquired by force and that's been viewed unanimously including by the united states in the past and so it's not even an interesting question from
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a legal point of view it's so clear that israel is defying international law and is counting on its past impunity and counting on the geo political muscle of the united states to be able to manage whatever reaction occurs whether this is a correct assessment of the situation remains to be seen as a lot of pressure building up against an exaggeration including even in israel itself i mean you mentioned that this is a clear violation of international law but international law only has teeth if there's people behind it willing to to enforce it and i suppose what we've seen all just now but in the past decades is that no one really has shown that kind of willingness think this now at least takes away the pretense for the international community that a compromise can be found that we are working towards
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a 2 state solution. yes i think that's the politically explosive dimension of this undertaking it strips away the the delusion that a compromise was what the united states and israel were seeking and it makes rather clear that what is happening is the imposition without diplomas of a israeli version of a one state solution and that is a radical political step it is in a way confirming the de facto annexation that has been taking place ever since 1967 in the form of a stablish ing more than 240 israeli unlawful settlements in the west bank as well as creating
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a network of jews only roads that connect the settlements to israel and also the separation wall built on. palestinian territory which the world court declared by a vote of 14 to one was a serious violation of international law what do you think will be the impact of all of this son nick station which have a form it takes both all on the palestinian territories themselves but also in the wider region we've already heard the arab league you know use quite explosive language saying it could ignite a religious war. yes i think it's uncertain how this will play out if israel in fact goes ahead with the annexation plan that netanyahu has projected ever since the
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election in these various elections that israel has recently had in the past of cos when israel and next to go on. around it when the u.s. moved its embassy to jerusalem there was a lot of hostile discussion coming from the arab world but nothing really happened and so one wonders whether this time it will be significantly different is there more than rhetoric at work here and as far as international laws concerned it's true that it needs enforcement to be affected but when it has geopolitics behind it can be very effective the problem here is that israeli but i'll ations of international law had
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geopolitics behind those violations so it's that. can fluence of what the u.s. is doing and what israel is doing that makes this such a distinctive reality and this has been reinforced by the fact that israel's own an exception plans call for an unprecedented deference to the united states to give its approval and as your earlier report indicated the american secretary of state. indicated that it was up to israel to decide. had its sovereignty over the west bank and so do one has a very unusual situation where a country is conditioning its claims on approval by another country
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and the other country isn't taking responsibility for what the claims that will be made so it's very uncertain and complex what will happen and it's very controversial even in israel where on the one side there is the great pressure that israel should pursue its expansionist agenda while donald trump is still the us president and on the other hand there is the fear that this will create instability in the neighboring countries at possibly great consequences harmful consequences for israel so it is a moment of decision i think it is indeed richard fault former un special rapporteur for occupied palestinian territories sir thank you so much for having
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joined us we know it's very late where you are havoc in turkey so we really appreciate it thank you thank you for having me. cos of us president has pulled out of a meeting with servian officials at the white house on saturday after he was indicted for war crimes prosecutors at a court based in the hague say that hashem touchy and 9 other former separatist fighters are responsible for nearly $100.00 murders other charges related to enforce the disappearance and torture a special court has been investigating crimes against ethnic serbs during kosovo's war of independence in the 1990 s. al jazeera is of me i am attach a small fish to well. because of all precedent hushing thought she and the former speaker of the parliament a couple of a silly who has also been invited were commanders of course of the liberation army during the war in 9099 many times they were confronted with questions related to alleged war crimes then they always been annoyed and the wrong doings and the
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implications of the indictment thing possible could be big and they are already starting to show possible precedent have already canceled his trip to washington on saturday. at the white house he was supposed to meet with the serbian president to talk about the dialogue and the ways how to normalize relations between kosovo and serbia after many decades of tensions the 1st to react after the indictment was made public were the cause of a liberation army veterans they say the course of the liberation army did not commit and they work crimes and they were only defending their families from serbian forces who were committing systematic atrocities in kosovo one of those invited indicted is the president of the democratic party of costa he says the charges are politically motivated. i hope would be to answer for them as they're
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not all covered. with these controversial statements the prosecutor is trying to hide the real motive which looks like it's political i want to assure people that i will not allow this prosecuted to denigrate the kosovo liberation army. we were forced to defend ourselves and our people and their country and we would do it again if they want to accuse us we will prove with facts that the k.l.a. fought an honorable war for kosovo against one of the most aggressive in the world led by a serbian criminal gang. us president donald trump has hosted his 1st international visitors since the coronavirus pandemic he welcomed polish president under a do that to the white house to discuss the fence trade and energy 2 days running in a closely contested general election on sunday and he's hoping that the visit well give him a boost at a joint press conference trumpery yes or a said that u.s. troops would be moved out of germany because of how little it pays nato what some
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of them going to poland paying a very small fraction of what they're supposed to be paying should be paying 2 percent and they're paying a little bit more than one percent depending on how you calculate you could also calculate they paid it that being less than one percent but if you assume they're paying one percent that's a tremendous. delinquency let's use that word delinquency so we're going to be reducing our forces in germany some will be coming home and some will be going to other places but poland would be one of those other places other places in europe well in freshers' life for us at the white house and was listening to that news conference delinquency that's quite a strong word that the president is using there to describe countries that according to him don't pay their fair share. for nato who were the main points do you think that came out of that news conference between the polish and american president. well the to be fear brother was
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a great deal of news certainly were donald trump was talking about something that he's talked about on previous occasions that he believes the number of countries haven't reached the 2 percent threshold for spending on defense that need to require is of course that was set at a summit in wales it's 2024 is when they're meant to hit that figure so the fact that many of them haven't done it right no isn't really a strong argument from donald trump but he believes that he's managed to cajole more countries in to spending a lot more and defense one of those would be poland that has spent a great deal of money renewing its military including on us fighters and that's really donald trump's driving point that he wants to see money spent and he wants to see money spent on weapons being sold from the united states now he's already talked about moving troops out of germany he said at the news conference they had 52000 at one point they're going down to 25 the actually of 35000 at the moment the
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plan is to go down to $25.00 at least a 1000 of them will be moved to poland and certainly donald trump held out the possibility that a few more possibly up to a 1000 more could well join them in poland was the polish president pleased about this well i think he's always happy that people will move across donald trump said that when the 1000 troops score then poland will be paid for it so if there's more to go or not entirely sure the polish president has budgeted for that but he also expressed his concern that the americans were pulling out of germany he didn't want to send their own message to russia he wants to make sure that the russians understand that need towards eastern flank is still strong so wasn't perhaps entirely in agreement with donald trump but it's certainly a theme that donald trump has a ton to again and again he believes it's a success that he's managed to get countries to pay more in defense something we'll hear a lot more about between now and november the 3rd al officially the latest there from the white house silence thank you. well staying in the u.s.
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knew her and a virus cases there have risen to their highest level in 2 months with about half of americans 50 states seeing a surge more than 2300000 infections and 121000 deaths have now been reported across the u.s. both numbers are the highest in the world new jersey and new york and connecticut have imposed quarantine periods for travelers from other states with a high infection rate but secretary of state my pump says he's confident the u.s. and the will be able to agree on a range plans for the resumption of international travel there have been reports the european union is considering temporarily blocking americans from traveling to e.u. countries. california's governor and gavin newsome says people shouldn't be surprised that the state is experiencing a spike in corona virus cases he ordered californians to wear face coverings when in public last week sparking more resistance from residents who say that they
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believe the emergency is over we're still in the 1st wave will get through this there will be a vaccine we will get to a point where we can substantially go back to the way things were with modifications so we never go through this again there's no doubt that will happen be optimistic not pessimistic but let us be responsible at this moment to meet it head on with the new reality that we are seeing an increase in spread as more people mix as the economy opens up as more people are out and about the world health organization says half the world's kovac $1000.00 cases are now in the americas where more than 2 $122000.00 people have died it's urging governments across latin america to work together as cases surge across the region. the pandemic for many countries in the americas has not peaked they are not reaching
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a law level of transmission within which we can achieve a sustainable exit from from from from. public a little social measures or extreme public health and social measure so i would characterize the situation in the americas in general central and latin america in general is still evolving not having reached its peak yet speaking of not reaching the peak brazil is just reporter more than $42000.00 new coronavirus cases and $1185.00 deaths in the last 24 hours taking its total number of deaths to nearly 54000 there's also been a record rise in new virus cases in mexico which reported more than 6200 infections late on tuesday there are now nearly 192000 confirmed infections and more than 23000 people have died but the country has been criticized for
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a severe lack of testing to get more now from john holeman in mexico city so tell us a little bit more about the situation in mexico what reaction has there been to the fact that we are now seeing another record rise. i think that depends on who you talk to if you talk to scientists and you talk to medical professionals their reaction to that would be why are we easing the law down in the country we need people to stay at home we've been speaking to people in intensive care units and ambulance workers over the last month and they've just been saying everyone should just be staying at home of ways we're going to get overwhelmed the medical system in mexico hasn't been overwhelmed so far but that's their worry now on the other hand you've got the government that saying guess we need to bear that in mind the countries coronavirus saw google has got tell had said the mets group of law and the curve by now and it obviously hasn't done that
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we said we also bear in mind that we've got to get working again and that's the country's president's point of view as well mexico's economy is going to shrink more than 10 percent according to the international monetary fund this year that's more than brazil which you just spoke about there which has even more cases so their thinking is that unless we can get this moving again the economic misery is going to be greater perhaps even the what kovac can inflict on the country especially for the poorest take a look at our piece now to see how they're being affected right now. i'm about to give birth as are exhausted after a new day search for food. if you want to see how kind of it's affecting the poorest emits could they invite you to the 2 rooms this family that sharon dinners or doesn't become is the last we start at 10 am and come home at midnight just looking for food where we can get milk nappies enough for all of us. before the pandemic nicholas had a job as a security guard and nancy sold sweets in
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a market between them they could feed the family were well that's all gone now and she told us when we 1st met her at a soup kitchen that they can but i believe every year since the start of the pandemic from much we haven't had work and my 2 little ones my mom and my baby depend on me so i have to deal with it. this donated food is the only reason they're not starving. and all along the country's development agency says the pandemic could tip more than $10000000.00 into extreme poverty and it's already happening we went to 16 soup kitchens across the capital all of them told us that lines of grown men he said they're serving 3 or 4 times more meals than before what we found coming to the soup kitchens is that there's a lot of people here from the informal sector street vendors rubbish collectors market workers people that already for and this is just tip them over the edge.
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even as the need has increased the number of soup kitchens and cells has phoolan those turning out to feed people like father benito rum braced. up and then more because of the pandemic similar kitchens closed down and so people said to us please don't close to if you do when are we going to go. fishing it's a salient question politics but told us that the federal government say programs don't really work for those in the informal sector like nancy wilson like id's and calm prove that they've lost their jobs she's grateful for what she does get from charitable soup kitchens. she cleans toilets he wants to trump a little but. by the end of the day the family's eating the battles won tomorrow they'll join the queues again. so we talked a little bit there about what the government's doing in all of this and there's
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been a bit of surprise in mexico because it hasn't really unveiled the widespread stimulus packages or help packages even for the poorest that we've seen in other parts of the world it's been more of a continuation of the programs that already exist with a few others tacked on what it is doing instead is trying to open up the country gradually more than half of mets carry states now are in a situation in which hotels can have half of their capacity can open to half their capacity the same for restaurants and for parks and for sports centers and really the government's hoping that by doing that it can alleviate the pressure on the economy and especially on the poorest served by a survey by the national institute of statistics in the country said that more than 12000000 mexicans are out of work aren't getting paid at the moment and you just saw in there a poor here how that is affecting especially the poorest in this country so the
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government's really trying to weigh up the risks from coated the risks from so many people out of work for so long john with the latest there from mexico city john thank you. victory day celebrations have been held in cities across russia delayed several weeks by the coronavirus a military parade and their show commemorating the surrender of nazi germany in 145 was staged in moscow it came a day before voting starts in a crucial referendum senate a year ago has won. a show of might designed to commemorate and sister our russian patriotism. the 75th anniversary of the soviet union's victory of a nazi germany pulled out all the stops with 14000 troops from 13 countries
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and military hardware old and new paraded in moscow's red square and a rare appearance in public of the russian president since the lock down. it is impossible to imagine what would have happened to the world if not for the red army its soldiers did not look for war or of the country or glory all honors they sought to finish off the enemy win a victory and return and paid an irreparable price for the freedom of europe. to victory day celebrations had been perspiring from may 9th because of the corona virus pandemic despite more than 7000 infections still being registered every day and worries that large public events were a hazard many still willing to take the risk turned up. on one hand you understand somehow that you should follow the restrictions but on the other it's such a great holiday and it's a shame to be hiding somewhere our grandfathers were dying despite everything and
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what we will be hiding because of the coronavirus. like other countries during this pandemic russia's economy is in crisis as is its health system and proving to be the biggest challenge in vladimir putin's 20 years of leading the country. his approval ratings have slumped to record lows despite efforts to restore the country's global influence and russians are about to judge that in a vote on contentious constitutional reforms which could see putin's rule extended until 2036 it doesn't have anything positive to show these economic growth is weak russia's cultural influences decreasing and it's by national influences even more so all these promises that he made to the population they don't to be more or less empty and the parade is an unmistakable thing. harnessing a victory from the past to distract from a troubled present maybe patriotic sentiment but the question is whether putin will
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be able to sustain that in an uncertain future. al jazeera. well let's talk more about this with maria well from the institute of european russian and eurasian studies at george washington university she joins us live now via skype from moscow madame thank you for joining us on al-jazeera perhaps holding that kind of a parade is not necessary or ideal during a pandemic why do you think it was so important for vladimir putin to hold that now . well i think that. rip which and expects that the parade will give himself a boost in will remind the russian people that they are citizens of the great nation the nation that what was victorious 75 years ago in the su was talking recently to the public also victorious over the pandemic but the coronavirus so it least for the duration of the television coverage of the parade people should
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feel the koreas and proud in the television event itself in russia traditionally is the most important one of the most important television events of the year huge audiences watch the parade in the television quality of the coverage has been superb actually state of the art so people who are watching. could 3 really enjoy or at this magnificent spectacle just how long the effects of this spectacle will last is anybody's guess but i think giving a boost to the morale is one of the purposes in which i'm personally this reminds me of for once to see. is the leader of this victorious nation victorious begley in hopefully victorious now i guess the positive feelings from the spectacle should
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only really have to last a couple of days because that's when this so-called referendum a is going to be staged it's going to last a couple of days. talked to us through the point of that referendum what is actually what it's aiming to achieve and whether you think this will have swayed the vote in any way. well the vote it sails is actually not there referenda in the what it is legally is very hard to understand its legal status is vague this is the popular vote on constitutional amendments of which there has been 206 yes the vote will ask the russian people just one question do you approve the changes to the constitution which already is a travesty of popular will also the vote last for one week this is unprecedented in russia usually it's one day only and there is even technically been formally no
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opportunity for in the pin subs of a ship and. so the vote is indeed a farce. in. administrators in russia are high and low on the pressure to deliver a good result in a result the thoughts and desires because i think he feel leaves he seems to believe that this vote will. strengthen his legitimacy in one of the in mindanao one of the 206 amendments is. without going into detail enables him to run 2 more times in 2024 in in 2034 it's 6 year term both times through $2836.00. at this point in time the vote looks to many people in russia as something either on the caly year or
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a travesty of popular will. and. despite that there is no doubt. the authorities will announce their result that will look solid whether people will feel that it is sol it is again it different question maria lipman from the institute of for european russian and eurasian studies at george washington university madam thank you very much for having joined us thank you thanks for having me. as loads more still to come in this news hour including buried in a hurry the coronavirus puts an end to south africa's traditional funeral ceremonies plus. the show must go on but without government help it could be the final curtain for many years and then sports pakistan's cricket tour of england gets the go ahead despite 10 of
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their players testing positive for corona virus. reminder now the top stories on al-jazeera the un secretary general has urged israel to abandon its plans to an exporter of the occupied west bank calling it a watershed moment at a un security council meeting the arab league warned that the move which could begin as soon as next week could ignite a religious war kosovo's president has pulled out of a meeting with serbian officials at the white house on saturday after he was indicted for war crimes prosecutors in the hague say that touchy and 9 other former separatist fighters are responsible for nearly $100.00 murders and new coronavirus cases in the u.s. have risen to their highest level in 2 months with about half of america's 50 states seeing a surge that's led to new york new jersey and connecticut to impose
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a quarantine period for travelers from other states with a high infection rate. the i.m.f. says the coronavirus pandemic is a crisis like no other and the damage to the economy is wider and deeper than originally thought global output is expected to shrink 4 point one percent this year compared to a prediction of 3 percent back in april estimates for 2021 are also down global output could grow just 5.4 percent as opposed to 5.8 percent and that's only if there isn't another outbreak the growth has been slashed to part 20.5 percent advanced economies will be particularly hard hit the u.s. is not expected to contract 10.2 percent in 2020 well the e.u. will shrink 8 percent latin american economies saw some of the largest downgrades
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mexico brazil and argentina are expected to contract between 9 point one and 10.5 percent the only major economy expected to grow is china but even that prediction has been cut from 1.2 percent to just one percent in 2020 this is indeed the worst recession since the great depression it was already the worst recession since the great depression in april when we had projected growth for 2020 to be at minus 3 percent but now at minus 4 point one percent that is even even more strongly true and no country has been spared both emerging market developing economies advanced economies have been very badly hit during this crisis. coronavirus lockdowns of broad job losses for millions of migrant workers in the un predicts many will fall below the poverty line the international labor organization estimates there are approximately 164000000 migrant workers globally nearly half of
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them a women many are now trying to return to countries that are already grappling was weak economies and rising unemployment nations are being urged to protect the much migrant worker rights and use their skills when they return home elizabeth per annum reports now on the impact across south asia. up the wahhabis back home in pakistan after 7 years working in saudi arabia he has a new life in his old home and swap with i think that they're going to get in the us i was earning good money for my family but because of the pandemic everything shut down and i lost my job it was difficult survive there without a job so i returned home. he's opened a fruit and vegetable shop so he can continue supporting his family but the $60.00 a month he's earning is a fraction of the $400.00 he used to make as a laborer and saudi arabia. of the why there's one of $40000.00 pakistanis the
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government says have returned home after losing their job or the seas it's a similar picture in neighboring india which is the world's biggest receiver of worker remittances at least $50000.00 and workers have returned fence really may workers from india and pakistan sent home more than a 100000000000 dollars last year. the world bank expects the amount of money sent by all foreign workers to their families will fall by 20 percent this year as millions lose their jobs and return home. and huge recruitment agency international has sent 25000 workers overseas in the past 15 years but their business has virtually ground to a halt. because it's a kind of you can you cannot use words but this was what you thinking no you can do to stay in the industry is sinking. permission says are especially important in logan middle income countries more than foreign investment and 8 you know we have
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images economy was acting as a bit of a sacrificial also for these families and literally you know poor families and the enhancing the standard of living giving education to their children and giving better health care the united nations says the loss of money will be an evenly spread and warns that tens of millions of families who rely on remittances will fall below the poverty line this year elizabeth pradhan al-jazeera you daddy. well india has reported its highest daily increase since the outbreak began with about 16000 new coronavirus cases recorded on wednesday the government has called in the army to manage new treatment centers with thousands of additional hospital beds being set up in the capital new delhi where than 4 150000 infections have been recorded and almost 15000 virus related deaths india's government believes the peak of new cases is still some way away. burundi's government has been accused of
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falsely reporting information about the outbreak and downplaying its severity health workers have told human rights watch that cases aren't being accurately recorded and that testing for the virus isn't adequate broady has confirmed there are 144 cases and only one deaths the unexpected best of the outgoing president. this month was officially blamed on a heart attack but many suspect that it was actually linked to the coronavirus. human trials for oxford university's covert 1000 vaccine have begun in south africa it's the worst affected country in africa with more than 100000 cases and more than 2000 deaths and is from either military ports now in from the eastern cape the poorest provinces are likely to be hit the hardest unless a vaccine is found soon. albert stearman was buried here barely an
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hour ago his family says he died from covert 19 they wanted to bury him at their home and some dues are in rural eastern cape but locked down restrictions mean this is his final resting place not in a cemetery stared a solitary grave in an open field to comply with restrictions just a few people attended the funeral the freedoms of tradition and custom replaced by social distancing rules that. they've never sold any respect to my father even when he worked at the mine. he died as a poor man now he has been buried like garbage because of the corona it is really really painful the local councillor says the 33 people in this village have tested positive for corona virus but he thinks the number is far higher we don't have resources whereby people can test so people just undermine it as a simple they take it as a symbol for them after
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a long time after somebody is dead then each whereby the lord knows this is called 90 days concerned that funerals which usually attract hundreds of people are helping to spread the virus at the cemetery outside the small town of baqubah east police keep watch ensuring there are no more than 50 people attending the burial is short and people leave quickly. the eastern cape is large much of a rural and people don't live as close together compared to other places so the spread of the coronavirus has surprised experts who are worried this province may be some africa's next epicenter some estimates say that as many as 80 percent of the people here make it covert 19 but in rural towns like this one medical facilities are understaffed and under-resourced this hospital and stack spread was closed when we filmed here stafford protested against the lack of personal protective equipment shutting some of the units authorities had district to travel
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between provinces to curb the outbreak and permits are required to make a journey here people are screened for the virus we passed through the site twice in 2 days on the 2nd day we were not screened at all along with dozens of other passengers in vehicles passing through temperature checks and collecting contact details only resumed once we began filming while the number of covert 1000 infections grow the government is still easing some of its restrictions and here in one of south africa's poorest provinces inconsistent plans and policies may add to the rising numbers for me to malaria al-jazeera eastern cape south africa. a group of asylum seekers who were rescued in the mediterranean have tested positive for coronavirus the 28 migrants who are being held in a quarantine ship off the southern italian coast italy has banned the migrant
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rescue ships from docking in its ports until the end of july as part of measures to control the pandemic it's been transferring those saved at sea onto large ferries which must weight of its coast. and amnesty international report says police and forcing coronavirus lockdowns across europe have disproportionately targeted ethnic minorities the report looked at 12 european countries and says minorities and marginalized groups have been faced with violence discriminatory identity checks forced quarantines and fines amnesty calls it a disturbing patter of institutional racism within police forces. first as economy is slowly coming back to life after months of lockdown pubs and restaurants in england now have guidance on how to open but the country's theatres are still waiting for news about how they can welcome audiences again almost 300000 jobs depend on the industry job the whole reports now from london's west end. being
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an actor. you want to act. you know you want you want to be on stage or whatever you're doing if you're on camera it's on t.v. you want to be doing well. on london's $1000000000.00 a year west-end pretty woman was set for a sold out run with actor mark holden among the cost then just weeks after opening coronavirus brought the curtain down in our profession. 90 percent of actors are out of work at any one time. what are they doing the rest of the time in normal circumstances and we're not in normal stuff certain circumstances now we're in something that our generation has never experienced it's estimated that without a government rescue up to 70 percent of performing arts companies countrywide will close for good but the government has not so far included theatre among the
12:46 am
businesses it's trying to protect some larger theater companies are already announced that layoffs are inevitable meanwhile andrew lloyd webber the creator of phantom of the opera is trialing thermal imaging equipment to test audience temperatures and make it safer to return eventually they will likely survive many smaller companies may not and for this there is no gravity the fightback has been online like the sonnet a day program performed under the auspices of the tiny german street theater why does that promise so few be used here. but it's no match for ticket sales we all need financial help airlines are getting financial help we need financial help in the same way that most theaters that i think all think it is must have an audience to be able to pay their bills we need help because if we don't have audience coming into our buildings who are able to buy those tickets these buildings won't survive
12:47 am
they will collapse a packed auditorium here is just 70 people social distancing will mean future audiences of less than half that size nowhere near enough to survive and so to the writers creating new work but for fewer actors to keep costs down i think writers will have to find different ways of telling multicast stories it will still be the same story. will still have the same content but even under adversity writers will trust try to find a way of producing the same story within only a couple of characters shakespeare produced plays like king lear and macbeth while in lockdown because of the bubonic plague now too there will be cauldrons of creative work bubbling away behind closed doors the question is what sort of theater world will exist to bring it all to life jonah hole al-jazeera london.
12:48 am
a u.s. appeals court has ordered the dismissal of a criminal case against donald trump's former national security adviser michael flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. during the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election trump has repeatedly criticized flynn's prosecution the justice department asked judges to dismiss the case last month. and a u.s. police officer involved in the shooting of a black american woman in march has been sacked 26 year old brianna taylor was killed after being shot 8 times police entered her home in loose fill kentucky without warning with what's called a no knock warrant the city's police chief says officer brett hankinson violated procedure when blindly firing into her apartment 3 men have been charged with the murder of a mood i bury in georgia one of them a retired police officer
12:49 am
a glynn county grand jury has indicted travis mcmichael greg mcmichael and william roddy bryan jr our bree was out jogging when he was chased and shot 3 times in february footage of the shooting in brunswick was leaked online in early may sparking nationwide anger. pharmaceutical giant a buyer will pay as much as $12000000000.00 to resolve numerous lawsuits over claims that its weed killer product roundup calls us cancer the company lost a lawsuit in 2018 by a school grounds keeper who claimed roundup clore caused his non hodgkins lymphoma since then thousands of lawsuits have been filed buyers c.e.o. says the situation to settle was the right one to end the long period of uncertainty but the settlement doesn't contain any admission of wrongdoing or liability. after weeks of increasing tension on the korean peninsula north
12:50 am
korea has announced its suspending plans for military action against the south the north state media says that the sit in was made during a meeting of the ruling party's central military commission chaired by kim jong il the leader sister came jong who's in charge of relations with the south had warned of a possible attack and the few days ago the north blew up the joint liaison office. police have used tear gas to disperse crowds of protesters in the capital of democratic republic of congo hundreds of demonstrators blocked traffic outside the parliament thinking chasa there angry a new judicial reforms proposed by former president joseph kabila sparty which m.p.'s would use a vote on president of felix if she could skate the supporters organize the demonstration in an effort to stop the vote. still ahead this news hour
12:51 am
we'll hear from the american racing driver who says he is being unfairly challenged .
12:52 am
now here is that the but the sport. thank you so much probable liverpool are in such a distance of the 1st english league title win since 1990 they've beaten crystal palace 4 nil so moved 23 points clear at the top of the table goals from trent alexander on mohamed salah have been you know and saudi armani securing the when it
12:53 am
failed its 2nd placed manchester city failed to beat chelsea on thursday and liverpool will be crowned champions. big said 7 they refuse to in the italian league title they've just lost 32 to us alonso and stay 4 points behind leaders events in some a land outside chance of catching you also taking the hits with their game against the smaller poised it suits him into did take the lead late so on there was still time for smaller to grab an equaliser that finished 33 and into trial you've a by 8 points. nascar driver bubble wallace says he's upset the people are now questioning his integrity the f.b.i. has concluded that wallace wasn't the victim of a racist act his fellow drivers put on a big show of support ahead of monday's race in alabama after a noose was found in wallace just seeing garrett but the f.b.i. say this evidence it had been there since october the noose is a symbol connected to lynching in america's slave history and wallace is nascar's
12:54 am
only full time black driver i was relieved just like. so many others to know that he was targeted towards me but. it's still through a shooting to know that you know people are always going to test you and always just going to try to debunk you and that's that's what i'm trying to wrap my head around now from from you know santa fe you know this stuff and i reported it when it was 'd news that was 'd brought to me it was 'd information to me now england's cricket board house confirms while she's there that pakistan's tour of the country is not in downs that is despite 10 pakistan players testing positive for corona virus none of the players will fly to england from pakistan on sunday those that do travel will spend 14 days in isolation upon arrival in the u.k.
12:55 am
cricket writes dean wilson says it's important to tour does go ahead. that there is a real desire to get international cricket up or running again of course as the 1st set of matches against the west indies to come before the pakistan series so there is quite a long lead in time i think the key here is about getting healthy players those who tested negative for around a virus out of pakistan where i believe the virus really is taking hold at the moment and getting them to the u.k. where infection rates are quite low at the moment we've still got over a month to go before that series is due to start and as long as all the players who then here continue to test negative able to play and train in a fire secure bubble where the risks are quite low then that series should go ahead as planned where in the you know the english summer this is when cricket really was
12:56 am
supposed to be up and running over here for many of the other countries around the world things haven't been hit too hard because. you know pre-season tends to run from sort of september october time into kind of april may time so when this virus is kind of taken hold this would have been a slightly quater time for many of. the playing nations but of course you know it's still ongoing and so we've got a lot of cricket to come there is a good supposed to be a global cricket tournament in australia in october the world t 20 world cup and that looks very much to be in doubt now 2 more goals being forced to pull out of thursday's p.j. vincent connecticut g.t. coronavirus former us open champion graeme mcdowell and full time made you in a bricks kept both out because they kept these have tested positive nick watney and cameron champ are also missing after positive tests this is the 3rd tournament since golf restarted without fans. you just you can't be selfish you have to it's
12:57 am
a big picture thing and you need to do not only what's best for you but most importantly it's best for the tour because one mistake that someone makes could end up ruining you know other guys or potentially you know suspend the tour again and after weeks of heated negotiations major league baseball owners and players have finally agreed on a plan to start the season 60 games will be played between july the 23rd and the end of september behind closed doors some owners have opposed the move saying the players' salaries will outweigh the income generated by the games players expected to report to training on july 1st. ok that is how you sports is looking for now let's get back to pabra in london and they thank you very much for that and that is it for this news hour do stay with us to be back in just a few minutes with the latest on all of the day's thanks for watching join me in a few minutes.
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a 2 part series. on 0 observes the lives of 2 children. over 20 years. where insights into circumstances that shape lives. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of me starts with blood and lands the story on how to see around. rewind macare bring your people back to life i'm sorry but dates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues from bondage to no use distance rewind continues with the return of the lizard king steve shall be one east of projects $300.00 species are going extinct every 24 hours and a lot of that is attributed to wildlife trafficking we want on al-jazeera
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understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world is another matter with. the news and current affairs that matter to you the the way. we are at a watershed moment the u.n. chief implores israel to abandon its plans to an exceptional ments in the occupied west bank. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up cos of us president calls out of a meeting at the white house after being indicted for war crimes warnings that parts of the u.s. could soon be overwhelmed by every serjeant's of covert 90 and a mother go.


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