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we want on al-jazeera to stand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so no matter what you call the news and current affairs that matter to you the end the end in the end. we are at the watershed moments the un chief implores israel to abandon its plans to annex settlements in the occupied west bank. the law hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up kosovo's president calls out of a meeting at the white house after being indicted for war crimes warnings that parts of the u.s. could soon be overwhelmed by every serjeant's of covert 90 and a mother grieves for stolen baby the starving videos highlight who reflect
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practices in thailand elephant training school it's. the at. the end. un secretary-general and 20 good ted asia's urged israel to abandon its plans to an expired it's of the occupied west bank calling it a watershed moment and the most serious violation of international law members of the un security council and the arab league have been meeting to discuss israel's move which could be put in motion as early as next week or diplomatic editor james bays reports. with the clock ticking towards a july deadline for an accession the u.n. secretary general made his position to the security council extremely clear if implemented and accession constituted of serious violation of international law or
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grievously harmed the prospect of a 2 state solution and the gulf the possibilities of a new will of negotiations i call on the israeli government ban it's an exception class palestinian foreign minister riad el maliki says the israel of benjamin netanyahu doesn't believe it's bound by international norms or laws israel things as has been its experience so far that it will not be fined or asked in its millions that security council resolutions are binding for others international course how the jurisdiction over others sanctions are full others israel's ambassador danny de non went back in history to justify an exception everything more this led the people of israel out of egypt with time
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a day over into the land of israel we turning to the land that gathered one of the . jews have believed an exodus out sovereignty in the klamath glenn. but the vast majority 14 out of 15 members of the security council are following more recent history the council's own resolutions what israel took east jerusalem the west bank and gaza in the 1967 war the security council declared in numerous subsequent resolutions that these were occupied territories since then large parts of this palestinian land has been taken over by israeli settlers but this is the 1st time in 52 years that israel has come close to declaring sovereignty and taking permanent political control it is never been aren't yet to impose a solution the only country that could stop it is close ally the us ambassador kelly craft said little on the issue of annexation but speaking at the same time as
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her in washington d.c. her boss the u.s. secretary of state was clearer decisions about this release that it's that is it is this is a decision is being released made some might see that as a green light for israel certainly israel is now in the driving seat it's not clear if it will actually carry out an exception and if it does when it will take place and how much of the west bank will be annexed james al-jazeera the united nations russia file is a former u.s. special wrapper tariff for occupied palestinian territories he says the move confirms that israel is imposing a one state solution. it strips away the delusion that a compromise was what the united states and israel were seeking and it makes rather clear that what is happening is the imposition without
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diplomacy of a israeli version of a one state solution and that is a radical political step it is in a way confirming the de facto annexation that has been taking place ever since 1967 in the form of a step wishing more than 240 israeli unlawful settlements in the west bank as well as creating a network of jews only roads that connect the settlements to israel and also the separation wall built. palestinian territory which the world court declared by a vote of 14 to one was a serious violation of international law. plus
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of us president has pulled out of a meeting with serbian officials at the white house on saturday after being indicted for war crimes prosecutors had a court based in the hague say that hashem touchy and 9 other former separatists fighters are responsible for nearly $100.00 larders other charges relate to enforce disappearance and torture the special court has been investigating crimes against the thanks are obscuring costs of us war of independence in the 1990 s. al-jazeera as avni hamet has has more now from. kosovo president bush imports he and the former speaker of the parliament a couple of a silly who have also been invited were commanders of course of the liberation army during the war in 9099 many times they were confronted with questions related to alleged war crimes than they always been annoyed and the wrongdoings and the
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implications of the indictment in kosovo could be big and they are already starting to show possible precedent have already canceled his trip to washington on thought of the. at the white house he was supposed to meet with the serbian president to talk about the boy long and the ways how to normalize relations between kosovo and serbia of the many decades of tensions the 1st the react after the indictment was made public were the cause of a liberation army veterans they say of course the liberation army did not commit and they were crimes than they were only defending their families from serbian forces who were committing systematic atrocities in kosovo. u.s. president donald trump has hosted his 1st international visitor since the coronavirus pandemic began he welcomed polish president andrade to the to the white
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house to discuss defense trade and energy today is running in a closely contested general election on sunday and he's hoping the visit will give him up. well during their joint press conference trump reiterated that u.s. troops would be moved out of germany because of how little the country pays to nato with some of the troops going to poland. germany's paying a very small fraction of what they're supposed to be paying should be paying 2 percent and they're paying a little bit more than one percent depending on how you calculate you could also calculate they pay that being less than one percent but if you assume they're paying one percent that's a tremendous. delinquency let's use that word delinquency so we're going to be reducing our forces in germany so will be coming home and some will be going to other places but poland would be one of those other places other places in europe new coronavirus cases in the u.s. meanwhile have reason risen to their highest level in 2 months with about half of
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america's 50 states seeing a surge in new york new jersey and connecticut which were badly hit early on are imposing quarantine periods for travelers from other states with a high infection rate more than 2300000 infections and 121000 deaths have now been reported across the u.s. both numbers are the highest in the world well mike hanna is live for us in washington d.c. so mike when we looked at the numbers it obviously isn't great especially for certain states but overall what is the current of our situation like in the u.s. right now. well to put it in a short word it's chilling as of about an hour ago that is 5 o'clock there was some 36000 new cases recorded on this particular day this is the highest since 2 months
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ago so clearly in a number of states the infection figures are beginning to rocket and in a number of states as well the number of hospitalized patients which is a key indicator of how the virus is operating is shooting up as well most of the using creases are in 9 states in particular including incredibly popular states like florida and texas so certainly this is a major cause for concern and the washington university has released some new statistics predicting that by the beginning of october there could be some 180000 deaths from the corona virus in the united states in the areas where the outbreak was initially at its highest that is new york state and those next to it those have been going down steadily in recent weeks that is the one bright point in what has been happening and it's for that reason as you mention that the new york connecticut and new jersey have imposed
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a restriction on people coming in from 9 specific states they will have to undergo self quarantine for 14 days so obviously great concern about these particular numbers particularly as a number of states continue to open up and drop the mitigating measures that had been in place and the spike that we're seeing is in states that opened up 1st those states that dropped the mitigating measures before others are the ones that are now showing this massive increase in coronavirus cases yeah because of course it's hard to compare the states for example with any european countries because it's so much it's a much much bigger place but is there any sense of understanding or knowing whether the peak has been reached you mentioned that we could be looking at $180000.00 deaths tobar but when it comes to infections any idea if the peak has been reached or when it might be reached. well the country's senior
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epidemic monitors are making very clear that they cannot say that a peak has been reached on a nationwide basis certainly it would appear in particular areas new york state as i said the peak has been reached the figures show that over the last few weeks but generally taking a look at the national aspect of it very difficult to say whether it has happened or whether it is going to happen in the near future now another very interesting aspect to this is that the most of the states that have been peaking in recent days per capita are republican controlled states twice as much per capita as democratic controlled states in terms of rates of infection now this is significant because it shows that the virus and the tracking of the virus has assumed a political connotation president trump has been insisting for example on not wearing a mask he pushed republican governors to open up earlier than other states or they
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were more willing to follow his instruction so there's a political aspect to all of this and i must mention too for example the democratic national committee has just announced that its convention in waukee in wisconsin will actually be virtual most of the delegates will be operating on a virtual basis but republicans on the other hand president trump gotten a fury because the original site charlottesville in north carolina the governor there said he couldn't have the event without social distancing mitigating measures in place president trump said he didn't want that he is now going to make his acceptance speech and jets and will florida with no mitigating measures in place it would appear so this whole political aspect is becoming a major issue not only in terms of the spread of the virus but in terms of how it is going to impact on the election later this year. mike hanna with the latest from washington d.c. mike thank you and we're going to have more coronavirus news short being clued ng
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days after iraq started easing restrictions warnings that cope at 19 is threatening to overwhelm the health system plus. the show must go on the bottom without government help it could be the final curtain and for many u.k. theaters. hello there are still some pretty cloudy skies across the southeast of australia down across in tasmania and notice a swell of crowd here this is bringing some rain showers into the north island of new zealand some breezy conditions those day into towns mania with a few more showers wanted to lightly scott achiles across areas of new south wales but mostly dry if cloudy but the rain showers pushing into the far west of western
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australian study through friday if you will on the way the next front pushes in so cloudy skies showers a high of 21 for you in path and very cloudy across the southeast of australia and still will see the showers into northern areas of the north island then off into asia now particularly central southwestern has a china this is where the trench rains have been there the seasonal rains but this again is days and days of torrential rain just look at it cascading down the mountains down the streets of this town thousands of people have been impacted by these floods across the southwest and there is more in the for cause as we go through thursday very heavy rain across the south across the east and pushing across into western central areas of the japan as well as we go through thursday into friday temperatures not too bad but a very west end to the week 29 in tokyo and scattered showers elsewhere through northern china with showers in beijing and a high of the city. but
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. when the covert 19 undemocratic iran. a filmmaker cut the drift from his group to began documenting life on them up i made ongoing international sanctions. an intimate portrayal of isolation and one of the world's least understood countries coronavirus locked down iran people in power on a. the and the the way. of the back is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the un secretary general as urged
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israel to abandon its plans that are next parts of the occupied west bank calling it a watershed moment at a u.n. security council meeting the arab league warned that the move which could begin as early as next week could ignite of religious war kosovo's president has pulled out of a meeting with serbian officials at the white house on saturday after he was indicted for war crimes prosecutors in the hague say that hashem touchy and 9 other former separatist fighters are responsible for almost $100.00 murders and coronavirus cases continue to rise in more than half the states in the u.s. that's led in new york new jersey and connecticut to impose a parenti in period for travellers from states with high infection rates. the world health organization says half the world's covered 1000 cases are now in the americas where more than 222000 people have died in mexico up to 12000000 people
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are estimated to have dropped out of the workforce many are in danger of falling into extreme poverty and are relying on food banks john heilemann has more now from mexico city. the last to give voters a reduced rate after a new day search for food if you want to see how close it's affecting the poorest image they invite you to the to this family they shared and then as a diversion for summers is the last we start at 10 am and come home at midnight just looking for food where we can get milk nappies enough for all of us. before the pandemic nicholas had a job as a security guard and nancy sold sweets in a market between them they could feed the family were well that's all gone now and she told us when we 1st met her at a soup kitchen that they can but i believe every year since the start of the pandemic from much we haven't had work and my 2 little ones my mom and my baby
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depend on me so i have to deal with it. this donated food is the only reason they're not starving. and all along the country's development agency says the pandemic could tip more than $10000000.00 into extreme poverty and it's already happening we went to 16 soup kitchens across the capital all of them told us that lines of grown men he said they're serving 3 or 4 times more meals than before what we found coming to the soup kitchens is that there's a lot of people here from the informal sector street vendors rubbish collectors market workers people that already for and this is just tip them over the edge. even as the need has increased the number of soup kitchens and cells has phoolan those turning out to feed people like the benito from racists. and then more because of the pandemic similar kitchens close down and so people said to us please don't close to if you do when are we going to go. fishing it's
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a salient question politics but told us that the federal government say programs don't really work for those in the informal sector like nancy wilson like id's and calm prove that they've lost their jobs she's grateful for what she does get from charitable soup kitchens. she cleans toilets who want to try and pay a little but the best you know what you are by the end of the day the family's eating the battles won tomorrow they'll join the queues again. john homan how does it or mexico city. iraqi is seeing a sharp rise in the number of corona virus infections after the restrictions there started to be eased doctors warned that the health system is now close to collapse almost $35000.00 cases have been reported and the government says the peak is yet to come so wonderful to me reports now from the capital back that. 10 days after
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the government decided to partly ease the curfew in iraq the rate of code with 19 infections is rising with more than 1800 new cases recorded a day showing that the. last few days saw an unprecedented increase in the number of new infections which ingests that the situation in iraq is about to reach its peak. officials and doctors have wanted iraq's health system is nearing collapse field clinics are being opened to cope with the growing number of patients a charity helped set up this temporary hospital at baghdad international fair iraq's health sector has been chronically underfunded and the latest let's call crisis has made matters even worse doctors say they lack medical supplies including protective gear and according to the ministry of health hundreds have fallen sick. but on the streets of baghdad life appears to go on as normal many iraqis don't observe social distancing or the requirement to wear masks in public some blame the
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government for not doing more to help iraqis comply with government measures i am all about giving you money on the health ministry is not making too much effort they didn't provide people with gloves or mosques there are people who don't have any money to afford them there's almost no government support for small businesses hit hard by the pandemic and while many shop owners say they can't afford to stay home this juice bar owner wants a full lockdown to contain the virus but one that is enforced equally and without favor out of court on it. so i just have. to fight to corona we demand the government to impose a proper curfew for 15 days close all the roads don't let anyone go out at the moment everyone has a special badge and they go around as they wish with a protein beginning medicine while they have no disease. despite the increasing cases the government appears to want to ease. travel restrictions preparations are
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underway at but that international airport to resume flights. to. in the beginning we will open up internal flights and hopefully once we can deal with the virus we will open up the entire airspace. when the passengers depart we will examine their temperatures and we will sterilize them in special tunnels before they enter the halls. reopening would give a boost to iraq's illing economy but many fear it could further deepen a health crisis that the government is struggling to contain seem awful to al-jazeera but the. persons economy is slowly coming back to life after months of lockdown pubs and restaurants in england now have guidance on how to reopen but the country's theatres are still waiting for news about how they can welcome audiences again almost 300000 jobs depend on the industry john the whole reports from london's west end. being an actor. you want to act.
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you know you want you want to be on stage or whatever you're doing film cameras film t.v. you want to be doing well. on london's $1000000000.00 a year west-end pretty woman was set for a sold out run with actor mark holden among the cast then just weeks after opening coronavirus brought the curtain down in our profession. 90 percent of actors are out of work at any one time. what are they doing the rest of the time in normal circumstances and we're not in normal stuff certain circumstances now we're in something that our generation has never experienced it's estimated that without a government rescue up to 70 percent of performing arts companies countrywide will close for good but the government has not so far included theatre among the businesses it's trying to protect some larger theater companies are already
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announced that layoffs are inevitable meanwhile andrew lloyd webber the creator of phantom of the opera is trialing thermal imaging equipment to test audience temperatures and make it safer to return eventually they will likely survive many smaller companies may not and for this there is no gravity the fightback has been online like the sun it a day program performed under the auspices of the tiny german street theater why does that promise so few be used here. but it's no match for ticket sales we all need financial help airlines are getting financial help we need financial help in the same way that most theatres that i think all think it is must have an audience to be able to pay their bills we need help because if we don't have all coming into our buildings who are able to buy those tickets these buildings won't survive they will collapse a packed auditorium here is just 70 people social distancing will mean future
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audiences of less than half that size nowhere near enough to survive. and so to the writers creating new work but for fewer actors to keep costs down i think writers will have to find different ways of telling multicast stories it will still be the same story. and still have the same content but even under adversity writers will trust try to find a way of producing the same story within only a couple of characters shakespeare produced plays like king lear and macbeth while in lockdown because of the bubonic plague now too there will be cauldrons of creative work bubbling away behind closed doors the question is what sort of theater world will exist to bring it all to life jonah hole al-jazeera london police have used tear gas to disperse crowds of protesters in the capital of the democratic republic of congo hundreds of demonstrators blocked traffic outside the
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parliament thinking chasseur they're angry at the new traditional reforms proposed by president by former president joseph kabila party which has a majority in the national assembly members of parliament to a shuttle to vote on the changes. after weeks of increasing tension on the korean peninsula north korea has announced its suspending plans for military action against the south the north state media says the decision was made during a meeting of the ruling party's central military commission chaired by kim jong il the leader sister kim jong who's in charge of relations with the south had warned of a possible attack disturbing video has emerged of cruelty to elephants in thailand wildlife shows are a major tourist attraction but they've been claw closed because of the pandemic animal welfare experts are urging the thai government to ban the show's permanently
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when hey reports from bangkok. this has become a familiar yet still painful routine for. it's the 4th time she's had one of her calves taken from her the latest 18 month old shoe is to the to another adult and taken away her are tied to a tree in tyler is clearly distressed the as is buju very. far away chained up crying out for her mother it's really traumatic for us elephants and a while especially male stay with their mother. most entire life they would stay back social hurt with their mother. assists on the videos some of which is too disturbing to show we shot secretly at an elephant training school in a province northeast of the thai capital bangkok the techniques and punishments
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such as being beaten or prodded with metal hooks while being forced to walk while their legs are bound together and designed to make them compliant all in the end to entertain too. 6 many want to close encounter with one of thailand's national symbols or another animal 4 years ago one of the most popular wildlife attractions the tiger temple was raided and closed because of allegations the owners were trafficking big cats and animal parts soon after the park was given permission to reopen elsewhere these elephants that are among thousands captive in thailand will also be heading to parks and zoos but the coronavirus pandemic has meant the tourism industry here has ground to a halt almost 200 animal welfare organizations wrote to the thai government asking them to use the opportunity to reset the industry they've heard nothing back we really. raise more strain last years. and
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the long run and also ensure that the current generation of captives and. al jazeera also approached the tourism authority of thailand for a reaction to the video but it declined the concern is that when the borders reopen operators will be desperate to make up for lost revenue and the elephants will be trained and put to work harder than ever when hey al jazeera bangkok. and the reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the un says israel's plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank is a watershed moment and it will call cause a most serious violation of international law members of the u.n. security council and the arab league have been meeting to discuss israel's moves which could be put in motion as soon as the next week most of them were united in
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their opposition with warnings that israel's unilateral action could trigger a major escalation in the region if these moves could dramatically alter the local they're not triggering instability and probably don't quite understand. and maybe beyond this call has been marked by periods of extreme violence never risk the risk reason being accompanied by a new school crisis so this isn't an economic situation so the pressure on the region. is crucial role stables and take action in the neighborhood. cos of us president has pulled out of a meeting with serbian officials at the white house on saturday after being indicted for war crimes prosecutors at a court based in the hague say that hussian touchy and 9 other former separatist fighters are responsible for nearly $100.00 murders other charges relate to inforce
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disappearance and torture the special court has been investigating crimes against ethnic serbs during call civil war of independence in the 1990 s. coronavirus kay says in more than half the states in the u.s. are rising and that has led new york new jersey and connecticut to impose a quarantine period for travelers from other states with a high infection rate. and there has also been a record rise in new virus cases in mexico with more than 6200 infections reported late on tuesday more than 23000 people have died there but the country has been criticized for a severe lack of testing. those of the top stories take stay with us people empower coronavirus lock down iran is that axed by. al jazeera which every.
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when the coronavirus pandemic if you run this year filmmaker jamshid mage you don't even begin documenting his own life and to look down in a nation already beset by international sanctions the result was this intimate to trayvon as a nation in one of the world's least understood countries.


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