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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 25, 2020 6:00am-6:33am +03

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and apartheid in south africa nelson mandela and. face to face on just. a us university predicts 180000 american coronavirus deaths as infections in several states. alone daryn jordan the saudis they are a lawyer from doha also coming up. next station in the serious violation of international law the u.n. chief implores israel to abandon plans for an expanse of the occupied west bank which arab states say could ignite a religious war. fishermen rescued nearly
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a 100 bringing the refugees now in the major says it plans to send them back out to sea. and australia's largest airline quantas is set to cut $6000.00 jobs and it has to shrink to survive the pandemic. new coronavirus cases in the us have risen to their highest level in 2 months it's now recorded almost 2 and a half 1000000 infections and 121000 deaths and researches at the university of washington and now predicting that nearly 180000 could die by october when about half of the 50 states are seeing a surge especially in the south and southwest cases are rising in the states seen here in dark orange going down in the grey the state shaded light orange a stable where new york new jersey and connecticut have imposed quarantine periods for travelers from the states with the highest infection rates. we work very hard
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to get the truck viral transmission rate down we don't want to see it go up because a lot of people come into this region and they could literally bring the infection with them the. infection rate formula will be 10 per 10000187 day rolling average or 10 percent of the total population positive on a 7 day rolling average so any state that has an infection rate above that would require a 14 day quarantine as of today the states that are above that level are alabama arkansas zona florida north carolina south carolina washington utah texas that's as of today well for weeks florida's governor defended his state's reopening plans and resisted making mosques compulsory but on wednesday run to scientists that knowledge the scale of the infections what we're seeing in florida is really rapid
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transmission in that 18 to 34 age group and you're seeing a lot of cases come up and granted they weren't being tested at this at this at this level a couple months ago but i also think they're testing positive at a higher and higher rate a plan by israel to annex possibly occupied west bank has been condemned by the united nations secretary general as a most serious of international law. has appealed to israel to change its mind while the arab league is warning that if it doesn't that could be a religious war and i think that it's a james bays reports from u.n. headquarters in new york. with the clock ticking towards the july deadline for an extension of the u.n. secretary general made his position to the security council extremely clear if implemented and accession of course to the most serious violation of international law. grievously harmed the prospect of a 2 state solution and the cut the possibilities of
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a new will of negotiations i call on the israeli government will ban it's an exception class palestinian foreign minister riad el maliki says the israel of benjamin netanyahu doesn't believe it's bound by international norms or laws israel things as has been its experience so far that it will not be fined or passed in its millions that security council resolutions are binding for others international course have jurisdiction over others sanctions are full others israel's ambassador danny de known went back in history to justify an accession. everything more that led the people in the well i will. finally go there into the land of israel we don't live in the land yeah that one of.
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the jews here believe and accept that it's not really the. land but the vast majority 14 out of 15 members of the security council following more recent history the councils own resolutions when israel took east jerusalem the west bank and gaza in the 1967 war the security council declared in numerous subsequent resolutions that these were occupied territories since then large parts of this palestinian land has been taken over by israeli settlers but this is the 1st time in 52 years that israel has come close to declaring sovereignty and taking permanent political control it's never been our internet to impose a solution the only country that could stop it is close ally the us ambassador kelly craft said little on the issue of annexation but speaking at the same time as her in washington d.c. her boss the u.s.
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secretary of state was clearer this isn't about it really to extend its sovereignty the question is are. you really just make some might see that as a green light for israel certainly israel is now in the driving seat it's not clear if it will actually carry out an exception and if it does when it will take place and how much of the west bank will be annexed james al-jazeera of the united nations well in a moment we'll hear from leader abraham in the jordan valley who's been speaking to one of the palestinian prime ministers advisers 1st though how the force that in a western loosely explains how the initial stages of the annexation could look. a lot of the scrutiny here will be on exactly what is happening in the united states among senior u.s. officials in washington d.c. they are. meeting this week to discuss exactly how much and what will be greenlighted if it's all in terms of the annexation the signals certainly have been
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pretty positive but there was talk from the u.s. ambassador kelly croft during this meeting she said that it took courageous israeli leadership to make of a hard choice is required so does that mean that they will require something of benjamin netanyahu in terms of acknowledging publicly that this is part of a trump plan which also as part of it contains a palestinian state something that might be harder for him to sell to his right wing supporters here in israel and also 'd talking about holding the palestinian leadership accountable is that another attempt to try and get the palestinians to hold talks and potentially stave off an accession talks based on the trump plan which they've utterly rejected because of the annexation it also includes in the huge loss of territory within the occupied west bank that would result i think it's very late in the day to try and make those sorts of appeals over there are reports that they have been made through various channels to the palestinian leadership what is much more likely seems to be a coalescing of opinion around
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a limited potentially to start with at least a phased annexation. pretext that i'm going to be like that to me was a bit like their poor the palestinian prime minister 3 times over going to exact. quote. you. actually missed the pentagon on mentioned a fuel at the national reserve lucian's. by the. united nations that mentioning that israeli state should. start but he didn't mention hundreds of positions for the united nations about that and to give a shit about establishing a palestinian state also about that if you could get a good message we didn't reject any opportunity we were able and we are motivated to start negotiations at this i mean moment if this is according to the international law and united dissenters the us is on to that
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a good deed and signed agreements between us i was a list signed agreements what was that. security economy of the ballistics and was it a leech only on line agreements it's a dish only what i have decided i was able to look. now at least $94.00 hanger refugees including 30 children have been rescued in the nation waters they were found by fishermen on monday after that boat capsized off the coast of the province the refugees have been stuck on the boat since then the latest in the nation a favor destinations for a thing violence and me i'm on poverty in refugee camps in bangladesh where jessica washington joins us live now from jakarta jessica so how are the all sources coming then to deal with these families. still a lot that's yet to be established about this case including what will ultimately happen to them so as you mentioned there are at least $94.00 people who were on
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board that vessel but of course local sources on the ground tell us that the number could in fact be much larger at least perhaps more than $100.00 we have heard from local authorities on the ground a local military told al-jazeera that there is no intention to allow the raid to enter indonesian waters and then to enter into an asia let's hear what he had to say a few moments ago. but. we have given them not just sticks and now we have to police watching them take you to international search and rescue team and also with the military we are planning to fix the boat we will give them more logistics then we will push them away from your territory guarded by the navy. but historically indonesia never signed the $959.00 convention on refugees but this country does have a history all except being refugees and all the refugees so human rights organizations are appealing to the central government to intervene to say something to allow
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these refugees to stay in indonesia of course part of the reason for that strong demand is that a number of these refugees which children we believe at least were children and our sources tell us that a number of them appear to be around the age of 3 or 4 so we will continue to monitor the situation and hope to hear from the central government. washington there in jakarta jessica thank you. time for a short break here not just iraq when we come back pushed into poverty by the content we spend the day with a family struggling to get by in mexico and 70 years since war broke out on the korean peninsula we hear from veterans what they remember and why they now feel about more of them stay with us. and other civil service to developing 3 will southern regions of the united states
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you can see that also. plenty of thunderstorms and that is what we will see developing again as we go through thursday quite aligned real life in texas right the way across the southeast and up towards north carolina to the east of d.c. so it's a cloudy day we should be mostly dry high 28 degrees and the united states east and central canada down across into northern plains quite a rash of showers and thunderstorms it all becomes a little bit more organized on friday works its way this line of rain showers through central eastern canada and pushing down across the midwest and the great lakes but all the while skies are clear out tools of acidic northwest and a high of 27 in seattle is about 6 or 7 degrees above the average for june meanwhile across into the caribbean the showers a back in the 4 coss very widespread particularly through the windward islands strong winds bringing the showers across into cuba not too bad across the central america but the some very heavy downpours particularly to coastal areas over mexico again it's all tied to that line of thunderstorms in the southern u.s.
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you'll see more showers as we go through friday very well scott said but certainly by friday more in the way of heavy downpours through central and southern i was in mexico with a high of 24 in mexico city. kenyan journalists in pursuit of press freedom and justice i have a feeling very desperate situations where someone seeking by the culture can afford being clean and investigating government corruption and the national health care system some of the transactions espionage and the killer. of money that is unexplained to africa and sunsets and publish those things up people will want to publish many of the doesn't matter to jaska whose truth is it anyway on al-jazeera .
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welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here this hour new coronavirus cases in the u.s. have risen to their highest level in 2 months it's now recorded almost 2 and a half 1000000 infections in 121000 deaths. the u.n. secretary general has urged israel to abandon its plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank the arab league warned the move which could begin as soon as next week could ignite a religious war. and fishermen have rescued at least $94.00 ring the refugees off the coast of indonesia's r.j. province officials there have told al jazeera their law could send the refugees back to sea. australia's largest airline qantas is cutting $6000.00 staff to cut costs and survive the pandemic says it also ground $100.00 planes for
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at least a year and keep $29000.00 workers on leave for months c.e.o. alan joyce says he's hoping to save $10000000000.00 over 3 years in response to what he says is the biggest crisis the industry has ever faced and germany's lufthansa has clinched the deal to secure a 10000000000 dollar government rescue package that carries top shareholder agreed to it at the last minute it will mean the government takes a 20 percent stake the fans only secured a deal with a cabin crew union to cut hundreds of millions of dollars in spending within 3 years whilst of voiding layoffs. and the international air transport association known as i ata says government should avoid imposing koren tain on arriving passengers it represents 290 airlines around the world and says restrictions on overseas visitors like in the u.k. for instance will put the travel industry on lockdown instead it says governments can reduce the risk of infections with a series of measures like temperature checking testing and contact tracing the
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global aviation industry is expected to lose more than 84000000000 dollars this year. if we implement what we call mohanty layer health prole incendiary check system we use to a minimum risk of contamination either on board of from one region or one country to another so it's based on the c.u. we have controlled temperature check at the before departure. meant that joy wearing off mask. sanitizing and this infection of the rather minimal catering service on board temperature check your rival and health care ration before departure all of that. we we have evaluated minimize the risk of contamination on board of from one complete one of them and when the testing system will be ready at the testing for passengers would guarantee that it would be
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absolutely safe to fly the international monetary fund is forecasting an even deeper global recession than it predicted in april the i.m.f. chief economist said the global sweep of the crisis was unprecedented with 95 percent of the world's countries now in recession because of coronavirus lockdowns she added that good news about vaccines could speed up recover it but the labor market will be slow to rebound the nations must keep social safety nets in place. this is indeed the worst recession since the great depression it was already the worst recession since the great depression in april when we had projected growth for 2020 to be at minus 3 percent but now at minus 4.9 percent that is even even more strongly true and no country has been spared both emerging market developing economies advanced economies have all been very badly hit during this crisis a u.s.
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appeals court has ordered the dismissal of a criminal case against donald trump's former national security advisor michael flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. during the probe into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election trump has repeatedly criticized flynn's prosecution is particularly. when michael flynn had the highly important job of national security advisor the f.b.i. came to the white house and he lied to them about contacts with the russian ambassador that's a crime he pled guilty to it twice but he later tried to take it back and then under attorney general william bar the justice department tried to throw out the case the judge in charge was debating it but now an appellate court has intervened ruling the flynn case has to be dismissed the decision written by a trump appointed judge there could be further appeals in the case but the president is claiming victory i'm very happy about general flan he was treated horribly he was treated very very hardly by
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a group of very bad people this all happened on the same day that congress is investigating how the justice department is handling cases involving the president's friends like roger stone convicted of lying to congress obstructing justice and witness intimidation the justice department overruled its only lawyers to ask for a lesser prison sentence i was repeatedly told the department actions were not based on the law or the facts but rather on political considerations is just political relationships and the acting u.s. attorney was afraid of the press other witnesses issued a dire warning and i am here because i believe that william barr poses the greatest threat in my lifetime to our rule of law and to public trust in it that is because he does not believe in its core principle that no person is above the law but bar has his defenders so as to achieve justice because what motivates him. and motivate his decisions and that's all that motivates his decisions i think we're fortunate to have a person of his temperament talents and convictions you know office during this
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difficult time in history at least one congressman says barr has to go we should teach me to your bar because he is writing on the rule of law that seems unlikely because in this era questions about politics influencing are usually nonpolitical department fall along party lines political gain al-jazeera. now a statue honoring christopher columbus in the u.s. state of connecticut has been removed rival groups traded insults as construction crews worked to dislodge it in the city of new haven city officials decided to take it down after it was vandalized last week christopher columbus who was known as the 1st european to make contact with the americas is associated with the colonization of the region's indigenous people and in charleston crews have removed a statue honoring john c. calhoun vice president whose defense of slavery helped lead the nation to civil war the statue of calhoun proved difficult to dislodge dozens of people were there to
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cheer as it finally came down cities nationwide are debating the removal of monuments to confederate era leaders in protest against racism and police brutality . the world health organization says it expects coronavirus cases to hit 100000000 in the next week it's pushing latin american governments once again to work more closely together against cope with 19 deaths in the region past 100000 this week in many countries have seen infections jump up by 50 percent. unfortunately the pandemic for many countries in the americas has not peaked and they are not reaching a low level of transmission within which we can achieve a sustainable exit from from from from. public health and social measures we would really. stress to governments in the americas that there needs to be an all of government approach there needs to be very clear communication with citizens around the measures that are to be taken for self protection for community
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response up to 12000000 mexicans are estimated to have dropped out of the workforce because of a pandemic many are in danger of falling into extreme poverty the whole one reports now from mexico city. i don't want to think about is are exhausted after a normal day search for food. if you want to see how cove it's affecting the poorest in mexico they invite you to the 2 rooms this family they share there's a dozen but sometimes is the last we start at 10 am and come home at midnight just looking for food where we can get milk nappies enough for all of us. before the pandemic nicholas had a job as a security guard and once he sold sweets in a market between them they could feed the family were well that's all gone nancy told us when we 1st met her at a soup kitchen and embezzling i believe every year since the start of the pandemic from much we haven't had work and my 2 little ones my mom and my baby depend on me
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so i have to deal with it and. this donated food is the only reason they're not starving. and all along the country's development agency says the pandemic could tip more than $10000000.00 into extreme poverty and it's already happening we went to 16 soup kitchens across the capital all of them told us that lines of grown men he said they're serving 3 or 4 times more meals than before what we found coming to the soup kitchens is that there's a lot of people here from the informal sector street vendors rubbish collectors market workers people that already for and this is just tip them over the edge. even as the need has increased the number of soup kitchens and cells has phoolan those turning out to feed people like the benito from racists. and then more because of the pandemic signal kitchens close down and so people said to us please don't close to if you do when are we going to go. fishing it's
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a salient question politics but told us that the federal government say programs don't really work for those in the informal sector like nancy wilson like id's income prove that they've lost their jobs she's grateful for what she does get from charitable soup kitchens. she cleans toilets he wants to try and pay a little but you know. by the end of the day the family's eating the battles won tomorrow they'll join the queues again. john homan how does it or mexico city. protesters have returned to the streets of lebanon's capital having lost patience with the government's promises to repair the economy some protesters fought with police when they tried to clear them from one of beirut's main roads lebanon's currency has lost more than 70 percent of its values and. economic lockdowns during the pandemic of any light matters worse. in the democratic republic of congo protesters have tried to storm parliament to oppose reforms to
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the judicial system body of former president joseph kabila is pushing legislation that could reshape the courts and who may answer to tell us how they are reforms the. police fired tear gas to clear 100 striving to force their way into the parliament building in the capital kinshasa. they are supporters of president felix she candy infuriated by what they see as a traditional power grab in parliament. was his party the union for democracy and social progress says the proposals would muzzle the judiciary and undermine the independence of judges a ploy they say to protect the party of former president joseph kabila the as 100 surround parliament others set fire to properties owned by kabila and his associates that hate him and after his law reform is very dangerous to our justice
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system we are here to express our opposition we didn't vote for m.p.'s so they would support such reforms and parliament. if passed judges would be under the jurisdiction of the justice minister a position held by the opposition party of former president joseph kabila the common front for congo or f.c.c. it also holds a majority in parliament and government. department is blocking the development of this country we say no to this law it would create trouble in our justice system the former ruling coalition must be aware that we are the food. and we have power. below supporters say their proposals are meant to fight corruption by defining the oversight powers of the justice ministry. head c c chief knew me well manya issued a warning to protesters. careful protesters must realize that
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everyone knows how it starts but not how it is congolese politicians have been seen by many as untouchable a perception that appears to be changing on saturday the president's own chief of staff to talk ameri was sentenced to 20 years of hard labor for stealing public money he is the highest official ever convicted of corruption in the d.r. c. . the conviction has earned praise for the president and the courts but there is clearly disagreement about how independent the courts should be. done al-jazeera. thursday is the 70th anniversary of the start of the korean war which technically at least never officially ended tributes are planned not only on the divided peninsula but in many of the countries who were drawn into the conflict reports from seoul. events to remember those killed 70 years ago and the veterans who have died since i have
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a particular poignancy this anniversary. the war began on the 25th of june 1950 with a surprise attack by troops across the border that separated north and south korea . you're right you're going to go around noon people started flooding into town carrying kids on their backs telling us the north invaded in artillery shells began falling down town. some of these veterans were still at high school at the time but what quickly recruited into the army as the south reeled from the attack. they showed us how to shoot a rifle a few times and then send a separate hill to go into battle we spend the next 3 months in the trenches. the war lasted 3 years with millions of chinese troops importing the north and a multinational u.n. force led by the us supporting the south. to this day there's been no formal end to
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the war only an armistice in spite of attempts to secure one most recently during improved into korean relations. peace is a right that we korean citizens deserve to relish making a peaceful korean peninsula with no chance of yet another war is a duty by the people upon the state estimates vary but as many as 3000000 people are thought to have died in the korean war around half of them civilians that's a disproportionately heavy toll that means the war's legacy is still felt just as keenly 7 decades on in both koreas north and south. surviving veterans in the south complained of insufficient pensions and many feel abandoned by the country they helped save. it was our sweat and sacrifice that led to victory and to the remarkable development of our country. is more time has passed it's
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become a forgotten war the appreciation for those who fought and were injured has faded a lot and with each year there are fewer to remember 1st hand what happened as their generation fades robert bright al-jazeera so. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera a new coronavirus cases in the u.s. have risen to the highest level in 2 months it's now recorded almost 2 and a half 1000000 infections and the 121000 deaths researchers at the university of washington are now predicting that nearly 180000 could die by october the states of new york new jersey and connecticut have imposed quarantine periods for travelers from other states with a high infection rate. where florida is one of those states its government has
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defended his government's reopening plans and resisted making mosques compulsory but on a wednesday when the sound of that knowledge the severity of the numbers what we're seeing in florida is really rapid transmission in that 18 to 34 age group and you're seeing a lot of cases come up and granted they weren't being tested at this at this level a couple months ago but i also think they're testing positive at a higher and higher rate the u.n. secretary general has urged israel to abandon its plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank and tonio good ted has made the comments at a virtual meeting of the u.n. security council. they are oblique warned the move which could begin as soon as next week could ignite a religious war. fisherman of rescued at least 94 rangar refugees off the coast of indonesia's province or officials have told al-jazeera they're likely to send the refugees back to see. australia's biggest airline quantas is cutting
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$6000.00 staff to cut costs and survive the pandemic loads of ground under the planes for at least a year and keep $29000.00 workers on leave for months the c.e.o. alan joyce says he's hoping to save $10000000000.00 over 3 years in advance to what he says is the biggest crisis the industry has ever faced the recovery includes a $1900000000.00 package to raise its capital germany's lufthansa has clinched a deal to secure a $10000000000.00 government rescue package the carrier's top shareholders agreed to it at the last minute it would mean the government takes a 20 percent stake. secured a deal with a cabin crew union to cut hundreds of millions of dollars in spending within 3 years while avoiding layoffs or those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after whose truth is it anyway thank you so much it. as countries begin easing coronavirus restrictions scientists warn of a 2nd wave of infections and the last to leave them. and the name of god and
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many fear the economy is the prioritized about for human life until fall before people come yet again the focus and they are here the one spike in public 1000 faces we bring you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus condiment special coverage on a. day they. did .


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