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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 25, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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be the hero world needs right. a us university predicts 180000 american coronavirus deaths by october as infections surge in several states. following down jordan to sound as iraq live from doha also coming up. serious violation of international law the u.n. chief implores israel to abandon plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank which arab states say could ignite a religious war. fisherman and rescue nearly
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a 100 rangar refugees now indonesia says it plans to send them back out to sea. and australia's biggest airline qantas is set to cut 6000 jobs saying it has to shrink to survive and. new coronavirus cases in the u.s. have risen to their highest levels in 2 months it's now recorded almost 2 and a half 1000000 infections and 121000 deaths researches the university of washington and now predicting that nearly 180000 could die by october what about half of the 50 states are seeing a surge cases are rising in the states seen here in dark orange and going down in the grey the states shaded light orange a stable experts say large parts of the country are on the verge of becoming overwhelmed his mike hanna. cases of the virus are peaking in at least 9 u.s.
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states most of them ones that dropped mitigating measures earlier than others like texas where the number of people being hospitalized has doubled in the past 2 weeks and people got. complacent people got a little bit overly confident in our ability to manage you know more normally and people started to act like it was summer and they started to act like they want to go back to parties knew lots of big things like and it's coming back and it's writing us quite frankly in florida where hundreds are lining up for testing as the state sees more than 5000 cases of a single day and in north carolina where the opening up of the state has been rapidly reversed so today i'm announcing that north carolina will pause and continue our safe or at home face to for another 3 weeks and this is not where we planned to be or wanted to be but it is one of 2 important decisions that we need to may to effectively fight this disease. the other important decision
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is to make the wearing off masks meant a tory measure now being implemented in a number of other states including california it's a mandate in the state of california because it not only protects you it protects others and it sends a message to people that we are not out of this pandemic president trump continues to appear in public without a mask as do most of his supporters and there's an emerging political aspect to the spread of the virus based on population republican controlled states are recording new cases at twice the rate of those governed by democrats once the epicenter of the pandemic new york state along with its neighbors new jersey and connecticut is clamping down on movement from affected states so we are announcing today a joint travel advisory people coming in from states that have
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a hard infection rate most quarantine for 14 days lis is a smart thing to do we have taken our people the 3 of us these 3 states through hell and back in the last thing we need to do right now is to subject our folks to 2 another round. the surgeon infections is yet again impacting on the new york stock exchange stocks slumped in rueful recognition that with one model predicting 818000 deaths by october this pandemic is far from over my kind of al-jazeera washington. a plan by israel to annex parts of the occupied west bank has been condemned by the united nations secretary-general as a most serious violation of international law and one of the terrorists has appealed to israel to change its mind while the arab league was warning that if it doesn't there could be a religious war our diplomatic editor james bates reports from u.n.
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headquarters in new york. with the clock ticking towards the july deadline for an extension of the u.n. secretary general made his position to the security council extremely clear if implemented and accession constituted of serious violation of international law grievously harmed the prospect of a 2 state solution and the count the possibilities of a new will of negotiations i call on the israeli government. it's an exception class palestinian foreign minister maliki says the israel of benjamin netanyahu doesn't believe it's bound by international norms or laws israel thinks as has been its experience so far that it will not be fined or oppressed and it's believed that security council resolutions are binding for other international course have jurisdiction over others sanctions are
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full others israel's ambassador danny de known went back in history to justify an exception. everything more that led the people of israel out of egypt. into the land of israel we don't live in the land yeah that one of. the jews here believe and exit the road sovereignty in their land but the vast majority 14 out of 15 members of the security council are following more recent history the councils own resolutions when israel took east jerusalem the west bank and gaza in the 1967 war the security council declared in numerous subsequent resolutions that these were occupied territories since then large parts of this palestinian land has been taken over by israeli settlers but this is the 1st time in 52 years that israel has
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come close to declaring sovereignty and taking permanent political control it it's never been our internet to impose a solution the only country that could stop it is close ally the us ambassador kelly craft said little on the issue of annexation but speaking at the same time as her in washington d.c. her boss the u.s. secretary of state was clearer this isn't about it's really extend its sovereignty the question is are these you really just make some might see that as a green light for israel certainly israel is now in the driving seat it's not clear if it will actually carry out an exception and if it does when it will take place and how much of the west bank will be annexed james al-jazeera of the united nations now in a moment we'll hear from nida abraham in the jordan valley has been speaking to one of the palestinian prime ministers advisors but 1st the area for set in west
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jerusalem explains how the initial stages of the annexation could actually look. a lot of the scrutiny here will be on exactly what is happening in the united states among senior u.s. officials in washington d.c. they are meeting this week to discuss exactly how much and what will be greenlighted if it's all in terms of the annexation the signals certainly have been pretty positive but there was talk from the u.s. ambassador kelly craft during this meeting she said that it took courageous israeli leadership to make of the hard choices required so does that mean that they will require something of benjamin netanyahu in terms of acknowledging publicly that this is part of a trump plan which also as part of it contains a palestinian state something that might be harder for him to sell to his right wing supporters here in israel and also talking about holding the palestinian leadership accountable is that another attempt to try and get the palestinians to
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hold talks and potentially stave off an accession talks based on the trump plan which they have utterly rejected because of the annexation it also includes in the huge loss of territory within the occupied west bank that would result i think it's very late in the day to try and make those sorts of appeals over there are reports that they have been made through various channels to the palestinian leadership what is much more likely seems to be a coalescing of opinion around a limited potentially to start with at least a phased annexation. 3 text. that to me was a bit like their. prime minister. you . actually missed the pentagon on mentioned a few international resolutions. by the. united nations that mentioning that the israeli state should. start there but he didn't mention 100 of
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those if you just want the united nations about that in fact that you feel about establishing a palestinian state also. we didn't reject any opportunity we were able. to start negotiations at any moment if this is according to the international law and united dissenters illusions i'll do that a good deed and signed agreements between us on the israelis signed. into law a security economy bellatrix and as a leech agreement it's it should be for all what they have decided i was able to look at least $94.00 of the refugees including 30 children have been rescued in indonesia waters they were found by a fisherman on monday off the boat capsized off the coast of a province the refugees have been stuck on the boat since then malaysia and indonesia favor destinations for a thing violence in myanmar and poverty and refugee camps in bangladesh. and that's
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more now from jakarta. there's still a lot that's yet to be established about this case including what will ultimately happen to them there are at least $94.00 people who were on board that vessel but of course local sources on the ground tell us that the number could in fact be much larger at least perhaps more than $100.00 we have heard from local authorities on the ground a local military tunnel told al-jazeera that there is no intention to allow the raid to enter into an asian waters and then later enter into an asia let's hear what he had to say a few moments ago. the photos that we have given them not just sticks and now we have to police watching them taking turns with national search and rescue team and also with the military we are planning to fix the boat we will give them more logistics then we will push them away from indonesia territory guarded by the navy and historically indonesia never signed the 959 convention on refugees but this
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country does have a history all accepting refugees and all the refugees so human rights organizations are appealing to the central government to intervene to say something to allow these refugees to stay in indonesia of course part of the reason for that strong demand is that a number of these refugees which children we believe at least 13 were children and all sources tell us that a number of them appeared to be around the age of 3 or 4 so we will continue to monitor the situation and hope to hear from the central government soon. time for a short break here and when we come back. i'm john hendren in louisville kentucky where police gunned down brianna taylor in her own bed we'll have our conversation with her mother coming up. scientists are working to verify the hottest temperatures ever recorded and one of the coldest places on earth stay with us.
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hello clear dry and hot conditions continue throughout much of the middle east and the arabian peninsula to the north into turkey we have seen a few bits and pieces of platinum we could see a few more as well but this is showing you the dust in the last few hours as well you can see how it extended across much of the south and it continues to do that over the next few days the winds are very strong really blowing through the interior quite strong as you can see through much of iraq on jewels and of course funneling further towards the south of the temperatures also set to increase slightly 41 in doha on thursday and then by friday that time into likely to increase to $43.00 but at the same time the winds are increasing so it could be very wholesome and dusty in those winds certainly will be very warm indeed the best conditions and how much is through the eastern end of the mad so 26 in beirut warmer in jerusalem with a high over 29 meanwhile down into southern africa we've seen plenty of activity across central regions but in particular out across much of west africa these are
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some scenes coming out of monrovia and in liberia there has been flooding here but many countries throughout west africa have seen heavy rains throughout much of june it will continue cool throughout thursday further to the south it certainly won't be dry but we have got another front just sliding towards cape town on thursday that will bring the rain also some brisk winds and sunny low the temperature will just 15 in cape town. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and go around the world for the chinese and not that stupid things guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our 1st president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part one on
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a jersey you know. the end. of the. welcome back a quick amount of the top stories here on al-jazeera new coronavirus cases in the u.s. are present to the highest levels in 2 months now recorded almost 2 and a half 1000000 infections and 121000 deaths and u.n. secretary general has urged israel to abandon its plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank the arab league warned the move which could begin as soon as next week could ignite a religious war. and the u.s. sect of state might compel us open about the annexation plans he says decisions about extending sovereignty for israel to make insist the palestinians should have
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joined in negotiations. now australia's largest airline qantas is cutting $6000.00 starve to reduce costs and survive the pandemic it will also ground $100.00 planes for at least a year and keep $29000.00 workers on leave for months the c.e.o. alan joyce says he's hoping to save $10000000000.00 over 3 years in a sponsor to what he says is the biggest crisis the industry has ever faced to a nickel again joins us live now from the town but nicholas so this is clearly a very uncertain time for anyone working in the airline industry so what more do we know than about these qualms as job cuts. well it's really isn't a good day for astronomy is ideation industry in general really 6000 jobs is 20 percent of the quantas workforce flights canceled planes grounded this is a very significant decision full these shelling a.v. and ation industry of course since the pen to make his. shot it's international borders and most of those planes have been grounded and the government has been
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using its job cape program to fund the payment of those workers job's but of course that is not going to be lost in forever and at a press conference the chief executive officer joyce said that he had no choice but to make those decisions today to make sure that qantas does go into the future but the child workers' union has slammed the decision saying that will consume be losing their job until at discussions happen with the government about what can be done here and they come out we know that quantas and even virgin australia had received financial help from the government but now quantas is looking to raise more new money how much trouble is quantas actually in. good question what we need to remember that quantas inversion of the 2 main and lines in a strike at the time in april. in an ounce that you would be placed in full retreat ministration these showing government did provide funding to make sure that
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essential routes would stay open but that was always going to be a short term option now alan joyce has said that these decisions that are being made now to x.x. 1000 stuff will save all the jobs into the future he's confident about the future of the company of course its shareholders will be hoping he's just says it will be hoping that it will be going well as well but we need to remember that this is a very uncertain time for the ideation industry i mean this is meant to be a year of celebration full quantas it is it sent 10 arrays that meant to be celebrating 100 years of course they would be much celebrating happening right now all right to make a gauge their income but nicholas thank you for that and germany's enough times it has clinched the deal to secure a $10000000000.00 government rescue package the carrier's top shareholder agreed to it at the last minute it will mean the government takes a 20 percent stake in the fans that are secured
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a deal with the cabin crew union to cut hundreds of millions of dollars in spending within 3 years while avoiding layoffs. now the shooting death of 26 year old briana taylor at was one of the cases that spot i'll grant across the u.s. brown who was shot and killed by police off the officers entered a house looking for drugs one of those officers involved essence been fired but brown his mother says that's not enough john hendren a porsche now from louisville kentucky. for brianna taylor's mother the firing of one of the officers who took her daughter's life is a beginning and that's all it's a start. it's not justice. just has to make a palmers as requires criminal charges against all 3 officers who gunned down in her home as they searched for someone else in dismissing brett hankinson from the louisville police force on tuesday the city's police chief said i find your conduct a shock to the conscience i am
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a law in stunned you use deadly force in this fashion. i think. brown it was sue of be so proud to see these people adi's different people all around the world are just different age groups everybody coming together and is standing for something the protests following on his death have led to changes louisville has outlawed no knock warrants required body cameras anytime a warrant is used and created is civilian review board it's going to take more to really deter officers from engaging in this type of behavior so the conversation needs to continue it needs to go much deeper and it needs to get to the root of why . certain officers can get away with with behavior exhibited and you know they cost briana her her life the u.s. she says needs to admit that american style policing is not working and look to
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other countries for leadership it was after midnight when police came here and knock the door down with a battering ram briana taylor's boyfriend who had a gun license and says he thought the place was being invaded fired a shot police fired back 20 times into 3 apartments they say they came here because a drug suspect had used this address but by that time they'd already located him inside they found no drugs just be on his body. now across the street from city hall where leave those leaders can always see them is a permanent protest in brianna's name just to know are you knew she would do something great and. i though this isn't the way i would have wanted it to be. it's the way it landed. in the inn and definitely still be helping people so definitely sustained in
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a war change can come at an unimaginable cost a cost briana taylor's mother says no $1.00 else should ever have to pay john hendren and 0 louisville kentucky 3 men have been charged with the murder of a model in georgia one of them a retired police officer a grand jury has indicted travis mcmichael greg mcmichael and william bryan jr aubrey was out jogging when he was chased and shot footage of the shooting in february leaked online sparking nationwide anger a statue honoring christopher columbus in the u.s. state of connecticut has been removed rival groups traded insults as construction crews work to dislodge it and the city of new haven city officials decided to take it down off it was vandalized last week columbus is known as the 1st european to make contact with the america is associated with the colonize ation of the region's indigenous people. and in charleston crews have removed a statue honoring john c.
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calhoun an early vice president whose defense of slavery helped me the nation to civil war the structure of calhoun proved difficult to dislodge dozens of people were there to cheer as it finally came down the world health organization says it expects corona virus cases to hit 10000000 worldwide in the next week it's pushing latin american governments once again to work more closely against code 19 deaths in the region past 100000 this week and many countries have seen infections jump by up to 50 percent. unfortunately the pandemic for many countries in the americas has not peaked and they are not reaching a low level of transmission within which we can achieve a sustainable exit from from from from. public health and social measures we would really. stress to governments in the americas that there needs to be an all of government approach there needs to be very clear communication with
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citizens around the measures that have to be taken for self protection for community response up to 12000000 mexicans are estimated to have dropped out of the workforce because of the coronavirus pandemic many are in danger of falling into extreme poverty john heilemann reports now from mexico city. i want to think about is are exhausted after a normal day search for food. if you want to see how cove it's affecting the poorest in mexico they invite you to the 2 rooms this family they share there's a dozen becomes is the last we start at 10 am and come home at midnight just looking for food where we can get milk nappies enough for all of us. before the pandemic nicholas had a job as a security guard and once he sold sweets in a market between them they could feed the family were well that's all gone once he told us when we 1st met her at a soup kitchen and embedded i mean every year since the start of the pandemic from
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much we haven't had work and my 2 little ones my mom and my baby depend on me so i have to deal with it. this donated food is the only reason they're not starving. and all along the country's development agency says the pandemic could tip more than $10000000.00 into extreme poverty and it's already happening we went to 16 soup kitchens across the capital all of them told us that lines of grown men he said they're serving 3 or 4 times more meals than before what we found coming to the soup kitchens is that there's a lot of people here from the informal sector street vendors rubbish collectors market workers people that already for and this is just tip them over the edge. even as the need has increased the number of soup kitchens and cells has phoolan those turning out to feed people like the benito rum braced. up and then more because of the pandemic signal kitchens closed down and so people said to us please
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don't close to if you do what are we going to go. fishing it's a salient question politics but told us that the federal government say programs don't really work for those in the informal sector like nancy wilson like id's income prove that they've lost their jobs she's grateful for what she does get from charitable soup kitchens. she cleans toilets he wants to trump a little but i think you know. by the end of the day the families eating the battles won tomorrow they'll join the queues again. john home now does it or mexico city. now the world media logical organization is investigating a record high temperature for the arctic after the siberian town of registered a high of 38 degrees celsius heat wave in the region has been linked to wildfires an oil spill and a surgeon in 6 is charlotte dallas this is fukui and
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a siberian town located above the arctic soup who it's known as the pole of coal. these days the temperature is up to $38.00 degrees celsius every day our family comes here to swim in our beloved river. it was here last saturday resilience only they recorded the hottest temperature for the arctic the world meteorological organization is seeking to verify reports of a new temperature record north of the arctic circle this is a reportage 38 degrees celsius. climate nonprofit berkeley earth calculated the temperatures across russia have averaged 8 degrees high of the norm this year that's the largest anomaly if a scene in a country's average the heat wave has lit a match to the arctic one of the world's coldest regions is witnessing
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a record number of wildfires there are 50 alone in the siberian republic of soka. the woman climate has created a surgeon in 6 this is not to take on the door it's mosquitoes. it's liberia's permafrost institute a menace thanks outside in 28 degrees. for the arctic victims ship aloft is the chief scientist here everything in the arctic is built on permafrost when the ground remains frozen for at least 2 years straight it is touring but if you're. going there as warming in general in northeast russia and northern regions global warming is reflected in higher temperatures during winter when tis are warmer and moderate and the 1970s the cultus temperature here was negative 55 celsius even negative 64 now if it gets to just negative 45 degrees it is considered very cold. the melting permafrost means the foundations of buildings and
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infrastructure is compromised officials say it was the reason a fuel tank collapsed in the northern city of moralists can many more than 20000 tons of diesel fuel soaked into the soil and flooded a river that feeds the arctic ocean it is the worst environmental disaster in the region in modern history but you know stop us used obviously the consequences of the accident for the ecosystem and water biodiversity are significant so the cultivation and recovery of the area will take a long time scientists say the arctic one of the coldest places on earth is sounding alarms it is sick and while remote is not in isolation meteorologists say siberia is unusual hate drove up may's temperature to the warmest even across the northern hemisphere and most likely around the world ballasts. now scientists say they've discovered a massive object around 800000000 light years from the earth it was identified last
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year and is around $2.00 times the weight of our own solar system sun scientists say it could be the smallest black hole ever discovered a collapsed star either way i say the discovery is revealing more about how objects are formed in space. for a quick check of the headlines here on the al-jazeera new coronavirus cases in the u.s. have risen to the highest levels in 2 months it's now recorded almost 2 and a half 1000000 infections and 821000 deaths researchers at the university of washington are not predicting that nearly 180000 could die by up tobit states of new york new jersey and connecticut have imposed quarantine periods for travelers from other states with a high infection rate but florida is one of those states its governor has defended his government's reopening plans and resisted making mosques compulsory but on
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wednesday is that knowledge the severity of the numbers what we're seeing in florida is really rapid transmission in that 18 to 34 age group and you're seeing a lot of cases come up and granted they weren't being tested at this at this at this level a couple months ago but i also think they're testing positive at a higher and higher rate. the un's bosses urged israel to abandon its plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank town of the tears made the comments at a virtual meeting of the security council the arab league warned the move which could begin as soon as next week could ignite a religious war fisherman of rescued at least $94.00 running the refugees off the coast of indonesia province officials have told al jazeera and like it's done the refugees back to see australia's biggest airline quantas is cutting $6000.00 staff to reduce costs and survive the pandemic could also ground $100.00 planes for at least a year keep some of the $29000.00 workers on leave for months c.e.o.
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alan joyce says he's hoping to save $10000000000.00 in response to what he says is the biggest crisis the industry has ever faced and germany's lufthansa has clinched the deal to secure a $10000000000.00 government rescue package that carriers top shareholder agreed to it at the last minute it will mean the government takes a 20 percent stake earlier secured a deal with the cabin crew union to cut hundreds of millions of dollars in spending within 3 years whilst avoiding layoffs and 3 men have been charged the murder of barry in georgia one of them a retired police officer a grand jury has indicted travis not michael greg michael william bryan jr. was out jogging when he was chased and shot. those were the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after witness statements of watching. a global pandemic mass protest demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of
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a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. shadowy side creates mr rees suit the. book see remain on this one though it would to 6 face nice. and it might read it's going to be the great be shown to the wife b t. b d i use it for you because you need to go for the horse must be. put on the whip.


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