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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 26, 2020 6:00am-6:33am +03

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really find the file a fresh take on al jazeera. iraqi security forces raid and iran backed militia group after warnings of upcoming attacks on baghdad's green zone. down jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up u.s. officials estimate 20000000 americans have been infected with the coronavirus 10 times and the confirmed cases. across. the u.s. house of representatives passes a sweeping police reform bill sending it to the senate but it has no chance of
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being approved. france germany and it's a call for an immediate cease fire in libya and for an end to all foreign involvement in the country. there are security forces have raided a base belonging to an iranian backed militia group 10 rockets were seized down at least 14 members of hezbollah detained along with commanders members of the group are now in the secure green zone demanding their release a large serious amount of fault it is in baghdad and sent us this update. the read on the kids had as well that babies in a southern neighborhood of baghdad was carried out on thursday night by the iraqi counterterrorism service in an effort to create and impending rocket attack on the green zone and baghdad international airport both of which houses u.s. troops now discounters in the wake of several such attacks 6 to be precise which
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have occurred throughout the month subsequently dozens of arms could have his bonafide risk arrived in the green green zone and they laid siege to one of the buildings belonging to the counterterrorism service demanding the release of the detainees claim that they were arrested illegally without an arrest warrant at the end of this case is in fact an official base belonging to iraqi security forces because of course at least on paper the tide has been that is part of the iraqi security apparatus now negotiations are ongoing at the moment between the leadership of the popular mobilization forces which includes the tiredness below and the prime minister's office and the iraqi security forces and whether or not these detainees will have been around now of course there are problems with rather than any they're asked to deny the government because the raid was carried out at
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the prime minister's orders the prime minister has just pointed last month has made it one of his priority is to to constrain the weapons in the hands of the state and to rein in groups such as the tide as well and of course he has also come under pressure by the united states in the wake of the latest rocket attacks to protect u.s. forces that are based here in the country the protection of those forces was one of the conditions that the united states listed during a recent strategic dialogue that was kicked off between iraq and. it states on the one hand we have pressure from the us on the new government and on the other hand there is a lot of resistance from ukrainian troops like the papist bala as well as some political parties against such actions now it remains to be seen how this will form it's very much a throwback to december 31st of last year when the type is below they'd see to the
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u.s. and the city inside the green zone after the united states attacked its base on the iraqi syrian border those events and the escalating caminiti in the killing of iranian general concepts and then one iraqi civilian there is a risk here that events could once again escalate so let's bring in yasmin i mean zaki she is an iraq analyst and former u.n. chief of communications for the mission in iraq and she joins us from memphis tennessee just mean how significant is the threat posed by these a rainy and backed militia groups to both the u.s. out sets and coalition forces in iraq and has not changed since the u.s. killing of the iranian general cost some sort of money well iran has had significant influence over iraq and it has for some time as of now it's not clear who is captured in the extent to which necessarily has hurt the iranian forces but
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you have to keep in mind that i we're talking about a country iran is a state it's not a terrorist organization organization meeting you know if you capture some of the officials or you capture or you kill customs for their money it's not necessarily going to significantly impact the foreign policy of iran in iraq in fact we haven't seen much change since december 31st and iraq's new prime minister must offer al qaida me and said he will be tough on these militia groups that target u.s. bases does this raid on hezbollah show that he's following through on this new tough talk. well a couple of things number one. of them is asserting control over the state since the defeat of isis it's been increasingly clear that the biggest threat to the iraqi state has been these shiite militias and so yes he is following through on this tough talk and he is also dealing with significant pressure from the u.s. to protect u.s. forces and u.s. coalition in iraq and yes when we've seen the u.s.
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carry out a number of recent strikes against hezbollah bases how much is this broadly about the u.s. fund to roll back iranian influence within these militia groups well i think it's quite significant we've been seeing this proxy war between iraq and sorry between iran and the u.s. go on for years now and the struggle has continued and likely what will likely see now is a stalemate between the 2 as they continue with this proxy war because they i think it's become increasingly clear particularly following the events of december 31st that these 2 countries are not interested necessarily going to war with one another but they are very much interested in motivated to continue this proxy war in iraq and just a final thought to yassmin are we likely to see any kind of immediate retaliate on the ground from iran or its militia postures but just raid by iraqi forces. it's
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not clear iran has lately been laying low because they don't want to give president trump. any farter or actually you know help him in the upcoming election and so what we might be seeing is a relatively subdued iran that's going to. hold retaliation temporarily and then just continue with these ongoing proxy attacks in the in the months that follow yes i mean zaki thank you very much for talking to al jazeera thank you thank you for having me. meanwhile iran's ministry of defense says a gas storage tank has exploded on the outskirts of terror ron this video was shared on social media people spoke of hearing a massive explosion officials say crews quickly put out the fire and that there were no casualties. now the u.s. centers for disease control believes the true number of americans infected by cove at 19 could be 10 times higher than the 2300000 cases that have been confirmed
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a country record in its biggest day the increase of new cases on thursday some states are now causing efforts to reopen their economies reynolds reports. the magic kingdom will not be seeing any visitors for now as the disney corporation has delayed the reopening of its amusement park in anaheim california pending new guidelines from the state government the pullback comes as sharply increased numbers of corona virus cases were reported in arizona california texas florida and more than a dozen other states the company still plans to reopen disney world in florida on july 11th but many floridians think that's too soon about 10000 people have signed a petition demanding disney delayed till the coronavirus numbers come down this is me isn't the only one now slamming on the brakes apple announced it would close 7 apple stores in houston after recently shutting 11 of its stores in arizona texas
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governor greg abbott who had previously pushed an aggressive restart schedule for businesses in his state hit the pause button on further reopening everyone now needs to understand the spread of copa 19 israel in the state of texas abbott says testing shows a massive outbreak and hospitals in major texas cities like houston are on the verge of being overwhelmed people started to act like it was summer and they started to act like it wanted to go back to parties knew lots of big things and it's coming back and it's quite right airline company stocks took a big hit on wall street thursday after new york new jersey and other northeastern states said they'd require travelers from covert hotspots to self quarantine on arrival we also have to. sure the virus doesn't come in on a plane again in washington president donald trump's economic advisor ignored the
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overwhelming evidence of a surge as a lot of positive declines in cases just as there are negative declines in cases so you know he said to walk through that but no we will not shut the economy down meanwhile the centers for disease control said the true number of people infected with codeine teen in the u.s. may be 20 times higher than reported that could mean as many as 23000000 people in the u.s. have been infected many without showing symptoms the c.d.c. calculated the new number based on blood sample testing from around the country for the presence of antibodies to covert 19 rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. brazil has announced almost another 40000 cases and more than a 1000 deaths over the past 24 hours president has said that he may have had the virus even though he tested negative health care workers are struggling to control the spread of covered 9000 in roulette villages that reports. the public
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health workers arriving at this riverside village in brazil are screening for kobe 19. this community sits on the edge of a tributary of the amazon river several hours from the nearest health clinic and many here like many. are falling ill she's tested positive for corona virus she says she's glad health care workers are on site. yes i'm surprised we weren't expecting this but thank god healthcare workers have been coming we're very happy to be able to get the service at home and it's better for us here to live in riverside communities and who have limited access. brazil has recorded more than a 1000000 cases of coronavirus making it the worst hit country in latin america screaming for corona virus has brought health workers to some communities that have never had contact with public health services. it's complicated to the difficulty of accessing riverside communities there are some that are very hard to
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get to but we are recovering day by day coming back from the difficulties that will always be there what helps us is this result. health workers in the field have identified hundreds of infections in this part of the country though many who become ill are often diagnosed too late. officials from the town of port there see some people live as far as 36 hours away making ambulance boats their only lifeline over the last we use the ambulance boats to get to hard to reach places bringing services to preserve the lots of people of mirage this makes a difference when battling covert 19 and today we are in a tireless fight during this time of the pandemic. coronavirus arrived to this part of brazil in april and has since spread farther upstream into more remote parts of the country but ended up below al jazeera and the world health organization says europe is also facing an upsurge in cases it's happening in countries like britain ease restrictions. pandemic didn't used to accelerate with
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a record number of the new group of those cases reported on sunday with 183000 confirmed in 24 hours last week europe so in peace in weekly cases for the 1st time in months time for a short break here now to 0 when we come back why senegal's government is giving away deep sea fishing rights. and the united nations marks 75 years since its charter was signed but it's a muted celebration that status. we've got some lively storms in the forecast across north america or over the next couple of days lots of cloud showing up on the satellite picture rolling off the mountain
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states for the northern plains central parts of canada to seeing some very disturbed weather spilling out of manitoba easing over towards the sketch one as we go on through the next couple days and eventually we'll see that wetter weather pushing across a good part of ontario so the midwest seeing some lively shallows possibility of some thunder reactivity maybe the odd tornado as well but showers lifea storms here down towards the south as well just around texas and arkansas for a time the west the weather will be up towards a northeastern corner pushing over towards new york state and 2 were new england live the showers possibly some localized flooding coming in behind across the upper midwest some showers too just around that western side of canada when a step towards the south and drifting in from the gulf of mexico a southerly wind that will pull the sahara dust that we've been speaking about for the past few days out of the caribbean i'm pleased to say this is the same in havana in cuba and in day in the tree that we've had some very gray skies this is
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dust this isn't right and we have got showers in the forecast over the next couple of days it will feel. when the covert 19 pandemic hit iran. a filmmaker cut adrift from his crew began documenting life from the lock down amid on going international sanctions. an intimate portrayal of isolation in one of the world's least understood countries coronavirus lockdown iran people in power on a 0. 0 . 00.
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welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here this hour iraqi security forces have raided a headquarters belonging to an iranian backed militia group south of the capital baghdad 10 rockets were seized and these 14 members of qatar and hezbollah are detained including commanders iran's ministry of defense says a gas storage tank that exploded on the outskirts of terror around videos on twitter showed a bright red light on the horizon officials say crews quickly put out the fire and that there were no casualties. on the u.s. centers for disease control believes the true number of americans infected since the pandemic began could be as high as 20000000 that would be 10 times higher than the 2300000 cases that have been confirmed. the u.s. house of representatives has passed a sweeping police reform bill brought by the democratic party the vote was held a month for the day after george floyd's death in police custody the legislation
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would reduce legal protections for offices and banned chokeholds. well just as that debate in the house was happening president trump criticized the democrats saying they were tougher to deal with than some foreign governments so which is the toughest the she did you know it isn't china. is it possibly russia or is it maybe north korea i should know the toughest regime to deal with or the democrats in the u.s. . the democrats in the usa are much tougher to deal with any of these people that we deal with. they're far more unreasonable and actually they're a little crazy but france germany and italy have called them forces in libya to stop fighting outside powers to end their involvement in the conflict to get talks back on track they should a joint statement saying in light of the growing risks of a deterioration in libya and regional escalation we call
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a no libyan parties to immediately cease fighting and to suspend the ongoing military buildup throughout the country and also urging foreign actors to end all interference and to fully respect the arms embargo established by the united nations security council when earlier turkey said any cease fire would depend on warlord and if i have task forces withdrawing from 2 key regions certain argue from turkey supports the un but government of national accord it also condemned russia for feeling instability by supporting after the jna recently pushed by tough task forces from tripoli on wednesday arab leaders called for a truce and peace talks samuel romani is the middle east analyst he says the joint statement by the 3 european nations is not sincere as they back opposing factions in libya. i think we should be teaching these emerging littering it's not against france germany and italy and the different perspectives and living off france imports half our italy is a supporter of the gin and to lesser degree turkish military intervention where
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germany is the not our that's our country in that year and i think that is more of an issue that the side actually got together the french and italians are actually able to discuss this and it is currently humanitarian and simpler than that i was important but the actual is the meant she'd be met with skepticism greatly because the current direction which calls for the launch of turkish forces contradicts the brillant process with your partner at the present is that what is after gets better at converting actual action because egypt is not militarily intervene and re in libya and yet strikes in one of the deep or that matter in any regional leaders and things as you and 27th fleet are the history of talking now and i actually deliver an. event best may actually carry as unlimited logistical or it strikes me as john with the added security or influence there would be an expanse of military intervention against turkey rather than the other hand is a bit more well an important player is losing confidence not that so my pivot towards one of the allies that we will sound like or balance that be emcees on both
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actor and yaps if you're looking at a multifaceted multipronged russian intervention in libya now the fight against corona virus has led to a partnership between 2 unlikely nations israel and the united arab emirates prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the 2 will work together in research and technology he says they agree meant was reached after months of negotiations the u.a.e. doesn't have formal diplomatic ties with israel the announcement comes just days before netanyahu has plans to an expanse of the occupied west bank. this cooperation will be in research and technology development 2 areas that will improve the health security of the entire region these are the result of continuous and intensive communications that took place over the past months this will bring a blessing to many in our region but the higher our strength and strength the more it will be able to deter our enemies and bring our friends closer to us now the plight of the rangar is expected to be included on the agenda of the association of
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southeast asian nations meeting on friday other topics likely to dominate the discussions include the reopening of borders off the lock down and the territorial dispute in the south china sea well scott highland joins us live now from bangkok scott so what will the economic recovery from a cope with 9000 like in southeast asia i mean a lot of countries there rely on foreign investment and economic engagement. yes there and it's interesting because when you look at why austin was formed these 10 nations it was to help with trade yes with inside the region but also reaching outside the region and what's going to be interesting moving forward and they're going to discuss this at this summit today on friday and that is how they're going to start working with the with each other they're going to hopefully help each other when it comes to economics their economic future collective economic future but also when it comes to infrastructure you know when you look at southeast asian nations they were pretty lucky when it comes to dealing with code 1000 and the
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spread of code 19 so they're going to continue their work together hopefully and one thing that's interesting you know they're going to come up with the plan kind of an agreement with the nations on how to move things forward economically but then also from an infrastructure standpoint too because when you look at those 10 nations or quite a range of development in they've got thailand was a very robust health care infrastructure but neighboring nations like cambodia and myanmar don't so they're looking at trying to get everyone together a little bit better so they can have much more of a you know a better approach when it comes to a situation like this and emerging from post cove in 1000 and scott china's involvement in southeast asia has always been heavy so is that a lot to increase. yes it probably will and this is a very interesting situation when you look at. other nations that invest heavily in the region china has been doing it steadily and very very at
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a very very quick clip over the last several years because they want influence in this very important region when you look at southeast asian nations it's 650000000 people so it's very very important it's very important for trade with china and manufacturing a lot of pipelines from here supply chains go up to china so they are increasing have been increasing their footprint when it comes to investment in these countries so you can imagine now because you have the united states kind of delayed when it comes to their dealing with cove in 1000 their recovery from cove in 1000 china's ahead of the game if you will so you can expect that china will seize that opportunity and to continue investing and getting into the nations here in southeast asia establishing those relationships now what's interesting too is that there's also been you know even a further cooling off of relations between the united states and china so china might even step it up because it's a geo political issue now too or china wants to come in come in strong in this region when the united states' attention is diverted but you look at the south china sea china the united states still kind of go head to head with that we've
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seen over the last week or so 3 aircraft carriers from the united states navy in the region in those disputed waters so this is something there and i think we have to keep a very close eye on when it comes to post code 19 geopolitics but also economy how china and the united states are going to impact this region i've got one of them bangkok's thank you. china has agreed to delay repayments of debts for cash strapped african countries that are struggling in the face of coronavirus one of them is senegal which is more than a $1000000000.00 to beijing it's now given chinese companies deep sea fishing licenses but not everyone is happy as nicholas hawke explains in the capital through. their back tired and hungry after weeks at sea when loading their meager catch in west africa's biggest artists little fishing port deep in the ocean they say are unmarked vessels carrying tons of fish describes it as
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a stolen treasure a catch she can only dream of. but. they were hoping to get them eyes on the ocean isn't like it used to be but i mean there aren't as many fish in there were too many boats and soon agrees waters depleting fish stocks doing. this in a fishing union accuses the government of favoring chinese vessels instead of protecting local fishermen with the help of senegalese authorities chinese vessels have been allowed to change their flag. in order to fish the country's territorial waters soon amar is a vessel that sailed all the way from china to the western coast of africa. where we export to china and to the. company but chinese run so we can ship in senegal there's no problem. china relies on senegalese fish to feed its population of 1400000000 people indebted in kastrup senegal need chinese money the most who are you have no agreement with the chinese government there are some chinese fishing
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vessels but why aren't you also get me questions about the european vessels why stigmatise the chinese they have their interest and we have ours and they are an important partner to senegal and it was. sending all those billions of dollars to china with the economy stalling because of the current virus outbreak people are going hungry president has been calling for african debt to be canceled in order to deal with what the u.n. describes as a looming food crisis china agreed to delay debt repayments most of the fishing vessels in the port of the car are chinese and this crew is getting ready to sail out at sea and out of sight in senegalese territorial waters are deep sea trawlers fishing illegally and destroying the environment. greenpeace describes these chinese fishing vessels as floating factories they are no match to face boat scientists predict that within
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a decade ocean ecosystems will collapse because of rising temperatures and overfishing despite this threat it seems for now the chinese are here to stay nicholas hawk al-jazeera the car. the united nations is celebrating the 75th anniversary of its founding document some 50 countries gathered in san francisco signed the u.n. charter back in 1905 today it has 193 member states as a democratic as a james beds. for the u.n. this was supposed to be a moment of celebration and reflection but coded 19 has meant a key milestone will not now be marked as planned by no battlefield of the 3rd reich the city of bell and back in 19452 months after the death of hitler with world war 2 still raging in the pacific a conference to create a new world order concluded in san francisco.
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on the 26th of june the charter that would govern the new united nations was signed . 75 years on the u.n. and the whole idea of international cooperation seems under threat the pandemic has led to countries fending for themselves rather than working together president trump even pulled the u.s. out of the world health organization the part of the u.n. that deals with global health emergencies meanwhile tensions between china and the u.s. continue to grow we need this kind of cooperation in the pandemic is just one example of. doing climate peace and security that was military in crisis the need for more foreign undevelopment agenda new clean up of the region one of those will be solved on the event to mark the anniversary of the signing of the u.n. charter will now be virtual as will be it seems the high level week of the u.n.
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general assembly in september an event that originally may well have had a record number of world leaders with president trump president putin and president xi all likely to attend now the assembly hall is likely to be largely empty with world leaders sending recorded speeches is there some disappointment that this is coincided with the 75th anniversary and you're missing an opportunity to reinvigorate multilateralism it is a party with of course very much prefer to have them here but not in places personal not places but the policy. with human contact coded 19 is not only highlighted the flaws in the international system it's also downgraded 75th anniversary events where key leaders could have come together to fix things james pays out 0 at the united nations now liverpool have won the
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english league title for the 1st time in 13 years it happened in somewhat anticlimactic fashion 2nd place manchester city had to be chelsea's to complete title race alive but attila. when for chelsea liverpool became champions of england with 7 games left in their season it's the 19th time the club won the title and it means the pool now the reigning english european and world champ. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera iraqi security forces have raided a headquarters belonging to an iranian backed militia group south of baghdad 10 rockets were seized on least 14 members of hezbollah detained including commanders al-jazeera simona fault and as more from baghdad. dozens of arms could have his bonafide reste right in the green green zone and the lead seat to one of the
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buildings belonging to the counterterrorism service demanding the release of the detainees claim that they were arrested illegally without an arrest warrant and this base is in fact an official base belong to iraqi security forces because of course at least on paper the type this bill is part of the iraqi security apparatus iran's ministry of defense says a gas storage tank has exploded on the outskirts of tehran videos on twitter showed a bright red light on the horizon crews quickly put out the fire there were no casualties the u.s. centers for disease control believes the true number of americans infected since the pandemic began could be as high as 20000000 that would be 10 times higher than the 2300000 cases that have been confirmed. the u.s. house of representatives has passed a sweeping bill police reform brought by the democratic party the vote was held a month to the day after george floyd's death in custody the legislation would reduce legal protections for officers and ban chokeholds it'll now be sent to the
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senate where it's likely to be rejected. france germany and italy have called on forces in libya to stop fighting and for outside parties to end their involvement to get talks back on track and he said any ceasefire would depend on warlord and if they have to oust force and withdrawing from 2 regions certain not just for he supports the un but government of national accord the jna recently pushed back up to us forces from the capital tripoli and the plight of the ring is expected to be included on the agenda of the association of southeast asian nations meeting on friday other topics likely to dominate the discussions include the we have putting a borders after a lockdown on the territorial dispute in the south china sea so those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after path station thanks so much about that a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of
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a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. when the coronavirus pandemic hit iran earlier this year filmmaker jamshid majid don't even begin documenting his own life under lockdown in a nation already reset by international sanctions the result was this intimate portrayal of isolation in one of the world's least understood countries.


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