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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 26, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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iraqi security forces raid an iranian backed militia group after warnings and upcoming attacks on baghdad's airport and greens a. hello i'm daryn jordan this is out of syria lawyer from doha also coming up u.s. officials estimate 28000000 americans have been infected with corona virus 10 times in the confirmed cases france germany and italy called for an immediate cease fire in libya and for an end to all foreign involvement in the conflict plus.
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a live report from celebrate the club's 1st english league title win in 13. the rocky security forces have raided a base belonging to an iranian backed militia group 10 rockets were seized and at least 14 members of kut hezbollah detained including commanders members of the group are now in the secure green zone demanding their release al-jazeera some manifold and is in baghdad and sent this report. the read on the good side has been that babies in a southern neighborhood of baghdad was carried out on thursday night by the iraqi counterterrorism service in an effort to create and impending rocket attack on the green zone and by that in the international airport both of which house u.s. troops now discounters in the wake of several such attacks 6 to be precise which have occurred throughout the month subsequently and dozens of arms kotite hizbullah
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fighters arrived in the green green zone and they laid siege to one of the buildings belonging to the counterterrorism service demanding the release of the detainees claim that they were arrested illegally without an arrest warrant at this base is in fact an official base belonging to iraqi security forces because of course at least on paper the tide hizbollah is part of the iraqi security apparatus now negotiations are ongoing at the moment between the leadership of the popular mobilization forces which includes the tiredness below and the prime minister's office and the iraqi security forces and whether or not these detainees will be released now of course if they are released this would be rather embarrassing to the new government because the raid was carried out at the prime minister's orders the prime minister who was only just appointed last month has made it one of his
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priority is to to constrain the weapons in the hands of the state and to rein in groups such as hizbollah and of course he has also come under pressure by the united states in the wake of the latest rocket attacks to protect u.s. forces that are based here in the country the protection of those forces was one of the conditions that the united states listed during a recent strategic dialogue that was kicked off between iraq and the united states . it's on the one hand we have pressure from the us on the new government to act on the other hand there is a lot of resistance from even back rooms like the clappers bala as well as some political parties against such actions now it remains to be seen how this will unfold it's very much a throwback to december 31st of last year when the tide has below laid siege to the u.s. embassy inside the green zone after the united states attacked its base on the iraqi
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syrian border those and thence ended up escalating caminiti in the killing of iranian general customs with money on iraqi soil and there is of course fear that events could once again escalate well yes i mean i mean zaki is an iraq analyst she says the government wants to reduce the strength of armed groups operating in the country. the me is asserting control over the state since the defeat of isis it's been increasingly clear that the biggest threat to the iraqi state has been these shia militias and so yes he is following through on this tough talk and he's also dealing with significant pressure from the u.s. to protect u.s. forces and u.s. coalition in iraq we've been seeing this proxy war between iraq and sorry between iran and the u.s. go on for years now and the struggle has continued on will likely what we'll likely see now is a stalemate between the 2 as they continue with this proxy war because they i think
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it's become increasingly clear particularly following the events of december 31st that these 2 countries are not interested necessarily going to war with one another but they are very much interested in motivated to continue this proxy war in iraq iran has lately been laying low because they don't want to give president trump. any fodder or actually you know help him in the upcoming election and so what we might be seeing is a relatively subdued iran that's going to. hold retaliation temporarily and then just continue with these ongoing proxy attacks in the in the months that followed iran's ministry of defense says a gas storage tank has exploded on the outskirts of tara the video was shot on social media people spoke of hearing a massive explosion officials say crews quickly put out the fire and that there were no casualties. the u.s. centers for disease control of unease the true number of americans infected by
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covert 19 could be 10 times higher than the 2300000 cases that have been confirmed the country recalled its biggest day increase in new cases on thursday some states are not pausing efforts to reopen their economies from brown's reports. the magic kingdom will not be seeing any visitors for now as the disney corporation has delayed the reopening of its amusement park in anaheim california pending new guidelines from the state government the pullback comes as sharply increased numbers of corona virus cases were reported in arizona california texas florida and more than a dozen other states the company still plans to reopen disney world in florida on july 11th but many floridians think that's too soon about 10000 people have signed a petition demanding disney delayed till the coronavirus numbers come down this is me isn't the only one now slamming on the brakes apple announced it would close 7
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apple stores in houston after recently shutting 11 of its stores in arizona texas governor greg abbott who had previously pushed an aggressive restart schedule for businesses in his state hit the pause button on further reopening everyone now needs to understand the spread of coppa 19 is real in the state of texas abbott says testing shows a massive outbreak and hospitals in major texas cities like houston are on the verge of being overwhelmed people started to act like it was summer and they started to act like it wanted to go back to parties knew lots of big things and it's coming back and it's quite airline company stocks took a big hit on wall street thursday after new york new jersey and other northeastern states said they'd require travelers from covert hotspots to self quarantine on arrival we also. up to make sure the virus doesn't come in on a plane again in washington president donald trump's economic advisor ignored the
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overwhelming evidence of a surge as a lot of positive declines in cases just as there are negative declines case so you know he said to walk through that but now we shut the economy down meanwhile the centers for disease control said the true number of people infected with covert 19 in the u.s. may be 10 times higher than reported that could mean as many as 23000000 people in the u.s. have been infected many without showing symptoms the c.d.c. calculated the new number based on blood sample testing from around the country for the presence of antibodies to covert 19 rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. brazil has announced almost another 40000 cases and more than a 1000 deaths over the past 24 hours president jaya both an ira has said that he may have had the virus even though he tested negative health care workers are
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struggling to control the spread of cupboard 19 in rural areas as my to wrap up i reports. that public health workers arriving at this riverside village in brazil are screening for kobe 19. this community sits on the edge of a tributary of the amazon river several hours from the nearest health clinic and many here like many. are falling ill she's tested positive for corona virus she says she's glad health care workers are on site. yes i'm surprised we weren't expecting this but thank god healthcare workers have been coming we're very happy to be able to get the service at home and it's better for us here to live in riverside communities and who have limited access. brazil has recorded more than a 1000000 cases of coronavirus making it the worst hit country in latin america screaming for corona virus has brought health workers to some communities that have never had contact with pup. health services. it's complicated to the
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difficulty of accessing riverside communities there are some that are very hard to get to but we are recovering day by day coming back from the difficulties that will always be there what helps us is this result. health workers in the field have identified hundreds of infections in this part of the country though many who become ill are often diagnosed too late. officials from the town of port there see some people live as far as 36 hours away making ambulance boats their only lifeline . we use the ambulance boats to get to hard to reach places bring services to preserve the lives of people of mirage this makes a difference when battling covert 19 and today we are in a tireless fight during this time of the pandemic. coronavirus arrived to this part of brazil in april and has since spread farther upstream into more remote parts of the country. but al jazeera. and all the world health organization says europe is
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also facing an upsurge in cases it's happening as countries like britain ease restrictions on they make the news to accelerate with a record number of. cases reported on sunday with 183000 confirmed in 24 hours last week so an increase in weekly cases for the 1st time in months. france germany and italy have called on the forces in libya to stop fighting for outside powers to end their involvement in the conflict so talks can get back on track they issued a joint statement saying in light of the growing risks of edge to ration in libya and regional escalation we call on all the parties to immediately cease fighting on to suspend the ongoing military buildup throughout the country are also urging for not just to end all interference and to fully respect the arms embargo established by the united nations security council some irani as
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a middle east analyst he says the statement by the nations is not so see if as they back opposing factions in libya i think we should be teaching these emerging little green it's not you know it's france germany and italy and the different perspectives and living france imports half are italy is a supporter of the g.n. and to lesser degree turkish military intervention where germany is the not our that's our country in the tears and i think that is more of an if he meant that the side actually got together the french and italians are actually able to discuss this and there is currently humanitarian and simpler than that i wasn't one but the actual is the meant she'd be met with skepticism briefly because the current mission which calls for these larger drug forces contradicts the brillant process with your partner the president is that what is after gets better at converting actual action because egypt is not militarily intervene and your way in libya and yet strikes in one of the deep or that matter in any regional leaders and things that you know and 20 and even the history of talking now and i actually live right
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now if you don't best may actually carry is unlimited logistical or it strikes me john will be added security or influence there will be an expansive military intervention against turkey rather than the other hand while an important player is losing confidence not that so my pivot towards one of the allies that we will sound like we're balanced that b.m. sees on both actor and now and you have to if you're looking at a multifaceted multipronged russian intervention in libya. a lot more so to come here and al-jazeera including could malawi's presidential election a rerun provide a template for other african nations. dons national airline grounds more than a 3rd of its pilots over a fake license found more in the stay with us. how the weather is sat fat more hot sunshine across the middle east and hopefully the
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other the winds easing down some not so much the dust and sand to watch out for a little bit of the weather just around the far south of oman a think it will be largely dry having said that when it's not quite as intense here on cots die hard around 4142 degrees over the next couple of days and as you can see pretty much wall to wall sunshine few showers between the black sea and the caspian sea as we go on through the next day i'll say but other than that not too much to speak of but his showers meanwhile just spilling out of the highlands right across south sudan into the central african republic heaviest rain i suspect will be around the gulf of guinea just around that western side of cameroon southern areas of nigeria seeing more big downpours over the next day or 2 and we see the showers of course just around a good part of the democratic republic of congo you might see want to see showers just along the coastal fringes of kenya maybe into tanzania and also into somalia for a time somewhat of weather for
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a time to just heading towards south africa just around the western cape around the southern cape pagan temperatures back in cape town to around 15 degrees celsius that slides across the foss out with dry weather coming in behind. a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geo political. tensions not to mention the small matter of a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. a die fast range of stories from across the community from the perspective of a net let's journalists on jazeera. world war.
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welcome back a quick amount of the top stories here on al-jazeera iraqi security forces have raided a base belonging to an iranian backed militia group south of baghdad 10 rockets have been seized at least 14 members of kut has been auditing including commanders iran's ministry of defense says a gas storage tank has exploded on the outskirts of tehran videos on twitter showed a bright red light on the horizon officials say crews quickly put out the fire and that there were no casualties and the u.s. centers for disease control believes the true number of americans infected into since i'm going to began could be as high as 20000000 that be about 10 times higher than the 2300000 cases that have been confirmed. now the fight against corona virus has led to a partnership between 2 unlikely nations israel and the united arab emirates prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu says the 2 will work together in research and technology he says the agreement was reached after months of negotiations the u.a.e. doesn't have formal diplomatic ties with israel the announcement comes just days before netanyahu has plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank building. this cooperation will be in research and technology development 2 areas that will improve the health security of the entire region these are the result of continuous and intensive communications that took place over the past months this will bring a blessing to many in our region but the higher our strength and strength the more it will be able to deter our enemies and bring our friends closer to us. after weeks and see at least 90 during the refugees or on land in in the asia that boat was towed to shore by locals after authorities refused to let them land over corona virus fears were just a washington joins us live now from jakarta jessica said there have been reports
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that the refugees were going to be sent back out to sea so what's been happening to them. and it was quite unclear what would happen to this group before he gave refugees and we're waiting for the facts to come in it's now been established that they were $100.00 refugees on board among them children now initially what had happened was a group of chinese fishermen had found the group of refugees in a diminished waters and tried to toe them to safety the group was then left uncertain of what their fate would be while local authorities deliberated over whether or not they should be allowed to enter indonesian territory authorities and we understand were concerned about coronavirus fears but while all that deliberation was happening the local community was frustrated with the in decisiveness of the authorities and they ended up actually carrying the ring of refugees from the vessel on to shore but as to what happens next it's still quite
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unclear we understand that the group has undergone some basic covert 19 testing they currently in an immigration center waiting to hear what will happen next but it does seem likely at this point that they will be allowed to stay in but we are still on certain as to what the next steps will be all right to washington there in jakarta jessica thank you. pakistan's national carrier has grounded a 3rd of its pilots after an investigation found they cheated to get their licenses the fraud came to light during an investigation into a plane crash that killed 97 people and may. as more. are different his brother was among the victims in last month's plane crash in pakistan 98 people were killed when a pakistan international airlines flight went down in the southern city of karachi either holds the airline responsible. for them. within days of asif
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there my father also died of the shock and grief pakistan in the civil aviation caused this tragedy which was avoidable have the government taken action after all the previous crashes. there have been at least 10 plane crashes in pakistan in the past 17 years preliminary investigations suggest the crash in may was caused by human error investigators found the pilots were discussing the coronavirus pandemic minutes before attempting to land and reportedly ignored instructions by the air traffic controller. the investigation also cast doubts of the pilot training i seem to do has come under the spotlight after the aviation minister revealed the one in 3 of pakistan's pilots have acquired licenses through fraud are far. faster out of $860.00 pilots there are $262.00 i senses in the exams are dubious it includes other private airlines some are also employed by internationally or
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ones through their job and got over 150 pilots have been grounded immediately and inquiries initiated against the rest. the supreme court has asked the civil aviation authority to clarify the situation within 2 weeks of the pilot said they are shocked and are calling for a thorough investigation why were there renewed every year why would they even issue this is a big question on behalf of pakistan airline pilots association we are not in the works we do not accept any dubious method in a painting this license so we definitely them learned. a transparent inquiry into this and we should we should be informed who these people are and all the people involved whether they're in the civil aviation authority or the individuals involved experts believe corruption within pakistan deviation industry runs much deeper in many cases of corrupt pilot's license is that i've seen that as being institutional corruption there's just circle disconnections within the system. has
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go through everything with a fine tooth comb later on and out during his election campaign prime minister in non-con had promised wide ranging reforms and transparency in the running of the national carrier but 2 years on it has been no major changes to combat and demick corruption it's not just the pilot claiming false economic credentials is a much wider issue in pakistan even the minister would reveal the dubious license holders was himself suspended previously for holding a fake diploma the crash investigation has recommended scrutiny and now this is of a coup records related to fitness licensing training records and information about crucial jailing and rest periods during the previous month but the families of the victims say they are no closer to justice they are demanding that those responsible for ignoring passenger safety be held accountable for some of the job it does their . malawi's opposition candidate lazarus chuck where a claimed victory in the rerun of last year's presidential election early results
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of put him ahead of the incumbent peter the reka. human rights activist in malawi i'm not cheat and fighting for electoral justice as votes cutty continues are to choose days presidential run they say now is the time to be extra vigilant but what is more important is to make sure that. what has been done at all the polling centers is being restricted at the national doris and want. to guard that process. in terms of what they want a muscle what they voted for blair the activists mobilized thousands of opposition supporters after president peter metallica won last year's disputed election their anger led to the court's nullifying the result saying there was evidence of a temporary allowance voted again in every. month of anti-government protests
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leading up to the rerun bitterly divided the country some people blame the human rights dick in this coalition known as h r d c for the sometimes violent demonstrations but it was obvious that something had gone wrong so out say you know if you read this it should start to talk about what they were cheap but they should also learn a lesson was about what things how they could have done things a little bit better malawi is the 2nd country in africa to have a presidential election result overturned it 1st happened in kenya 3 years ago the little commission is under pressure to avoid another round of protests its official say this time though telling is being done manually to avoid allegations of tampering with computer service. this point is not speed. credibility we want to put in place a process not when we hope that this international. everybody across the country.
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that is their reflection on the water of. the man they say malawi's election is a test case for other nations in africa to see how allegations of voter fraud are handled and just how effective pressure groups are when it comes to keeping political elites. in check malawi civil society to whoever wins this election service or don't treat us. tributes have been paid to george floyd of the sport where he was killed in police custody exactly a month ago he died in minneapolis when a police officer pressed his knee against floyd's neck for almost 9 minutes away the protests then swept across the united states. and now the u.s. house of representatives has passed a sweeping police reform bill the legislation would reduce legal protections for officers and ban chokeholds it will now be sent to the republican controlled senate where it's likely to be rejected. a trumpet ministration as the supreme court to overturn the affordable care act also known as
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a bomber care but on the same day the government reported that close to half a 1000000 people lost their health insurance amid the economic shutdown turned to obamacare for coverage president trump tried to repeal the policy in 2017 but failed. running gun battles between rival mexican drug gangs have left at least 16 people dead the bodies were found in rule in a lower state in the territory of el chapo guzman scotto gang violence has been increasing this year 3000 murders were recorded in march the 2nd highest monthly tally on record while 117 people were murdered on june 7th the most violent day of the year you know. it was clearly between organized crime groups operating in this area and involved competition between gangs. to give you an idea in the last month we have seized 40 heavy rock falls 5 machine guns 2 berets 10 grenades 35000 cartridges and 24 vehicles in the temp area alone.
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now dust from the african sahara has now made its way to the coast of southern mexico the dust cloud is 5600 kilometers long weather experts say it's denser than it's been in over half a century that's reduced air quality and people are being of advised to stay indoors the so-called godzilla dust cloud is expected to hang over the region until the middle of next week now the corona virus outbreak is affecting a community in iraq's historic marshes for years its relied on its herd of water buffaloes to make ends meet but the pandemic is now threatening their livelihood cutting up as reports. this family begins its routine at dawn and their buffaloes always start their day along with them and this popular marsh in southeastern iraq. the calio family's income depends on the animals they sell yogurt and buffalo milk but demand has dropped and so have prices coronavirus
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restrictions means fewer visitors to the area. the virus is really hurting us and our sales and milk prices almost collapsed now we call even go get high to feed the animals and i know when we're in their head we've had to start selling our animals to buy tomatoes and meat and other things. when longtime clients like citic mohamed do make the trip they buy less a combination of curfews and job losses are slowing down sales in nearby provinces and whatever isn't sold is thrown away it had even you but never not given that. we buy milk from the buffalo breeders in the marshes but when we try to sell it nowadays no one buys it so now we're only buying a small quantity. before the outbreak 30 leaders of milk would sell for about $20.00 now they get 12 with little income many heard or seen no other option but to
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sell their powerful lives. they have no other jobs to turn to selling animals they've raised in care for appears to be their only option despite some push back say that if my father wants to keep selling the buffaloes i'll be very sad he knows how much i love them i hope he forgets about selling them. the marshes were declared a unesco world heritage site in 2016 they were drained by saddam hussein in the 1990 s. to punish and for sound travels over the years so wetlands and the community recovered but now the coronavirus poses a different type of threat. al jazeera. so small. now and liverpool have won the english league title for the 1st time in 30 years it happened in somewhat anticlimactic fashion 2nd place manchester city have to be chelsea to keep the title race alive but a 21 win for chelsea meant livable became champions of england with 7 games left in
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the season with the 19th time the club won the title and it means been a pole but now the reigning english european and world champions. despite restrictions on social gatherings due to coronavirus some fans gathered outside the poles until stadium to celebrate a moment the club lost experienced in 1990. 9 for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera iraqi security forces of raids of base belonging to an iranian backed militia group south of the capital baghdad 10 rockets have been seized down at least 14 members of qatari hezbollah are detained including military commanders al-jazeera simona fault in has more now from baghdad dozens of arms could have his bona fide risk right in the green green zone and the
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lead seat to one of the buildings belonging to the counterterrorism service demanding the release of the detainees claim that they were arrested illegally without an arrest warrant and that this base is in fact an official base belonging to iraqi security forces because of course at least on paper the type this bill is part of the iraqi security apparatus iran's ministry of defense says a gas storage tank has exploded on the outskirts of terror on videos on twitter showed a bright red light on the horizon officials say crews quickly put out the fire and that there were no casualties. the u.s. centers for disease control believes the true number of americans infected since the pandemic again could be as high as 20000000 that would be about 10 times higher than the 2300000 cases that have been confirmed after weeks at sea at least 90 ring the refugees are on land in in asia the boat was towed to shore by locals after
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authorities refused to let them land of a coronavirus fee is they've since been put up in private housing and given medical checks about 30 children are among the passengers. tributes have been paid to george floyd at the spot where he was killed in police custody exactly a month ago he died in minneapolis when a police officer pressed his need against floyd's nick for almost 9 minutes the death sponsored global outcry over racism and police brutality. and the u.s. house of representatives has passed a sweeping police reform bill brought by the democratic party and legislation that would reduce legal protections for officers and ban chokeholds can now be sent to the republican controlled senate where it's likely to be rejected those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the bottom line stated thanks so much in life and. from young like the. revolutionary. from political activism to it comes to race. in part one of the 2 point documentary
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seen disease explores the singleminded journey. is the 1st leader of an independent bosnia herzegovina. as a thank you. from prison to prison on jersey. hi i'm steve clemons and i have a question what would angela davis do let's get to the bottom line. my guest today is someone who is talking about fighting racism in defunding the police when it was considered way too radical she became a folk hero in the 1970 s. for standing up to the establishment in almost every way you can imagine she got fired from her teaching job at the university of california for being quote unquote too outspoken when she was one thrown in jail a movement of blacks and whites took to the street in protest until she was free musicians like the rolling stones and john lennon and yoko ono row.


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