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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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for his handling of the pandemic are they willing to leave the wait for an even longer visit the follow developments. lazarus to quota is declared president of malawi making it the 1st african nation to elect an opposition leader in a court ordered rerun. matheson this is all to 0 a live from doha also coming up a sharp rise in corona virus cases the u.s. recalls 125000 deaths and 2500000 infections. russia denies claims that it is offered bounties to taliban linked fighters in afghanistan to kill u.s.
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coalition forces plus. i'm. looking at the reality of renewable energy eventually. in the coal mining in. the malawi opposition leader has won the rerun of the presidential election got just under 59 percent of the vote making him the 1st african opposition leader to win power in a court ordered rerun this poll took place after opposition parties allege widespread irregularities with the original ballot which president putin with 39 really won but mostly called once the electoral commission to cancel the results of this 2nd vote and call a 3rd election. monitoring events from zimbabwe's capital. plazas to close when wasn't too much of
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a surprise since people voted in choose days presidential rerun different polling agents had been doing their own tally they had unofficial results which clearly show that she clearly was in the lead although waiting for was for the later commission to officially announce just by how much she'd won and he won by 58.5 percent of the votes that he is now the president elect and it's expected he's going to be sworn in on sunday in the capital a long way he's in his mid sixty's he's a former pasta he's the son of poor farmers in malawi he's a university graduate and he has managed throughout his campaign trying to galvanize especially the youth and he's promising them that when he became when he becomes president he's going to focus on poverty create jobs and fight corruption and the say this is a big deal for africa a continent sometimes known for disputed elections and post-election violence they saying that for months into last year's disputed election we saw human rights activists opposition groups also pay should loops going on to the streets demanding
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fresh election the court ordered the read wine with a weight in the thing that there's a sign perhaps that pressure groups in africa do have some kind of power and immense amount of power when it comes to perhaps holding those to account in institutions and holding political elites also into account growing masterson this from the electoral institute for sustainable democracy in africa i spoke to my short time ago and he told me the result is significant. it's not just rear it's it's unique in the african context we have never had a lection an old and then the results to be different than what the 1st round which was an old that result was of course the only other case where an election was an old previously was kenyan 2070 so this is really the court stepping in to say that the elections were not run properly and then the electoral commission returning a different result in the rewrite so it's
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a completely unique event in the african continent president says he wants a 3rd election is going to get him well he's now on the other side of this because he's alleging the regularities that he denies took place in the 1st election there are some very interesting synergies here in the court judgement that in all of the elections the votes affecting 1400000 votes were tallied up by the court and were considered as evidence and in this particular case the president is allegedly saying that the votes of about 1400000 voters have been affected by various irregularities in the rerun as well so it's going to be very interesting to see of course the sense that that is coming out of this right now is that the the victory margin in this case is so large that it would really be a very unusual circumstance where the court would a null these elections again the victory margin by to clear here is simply too
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large to be bridged by even even a court order finding irregularities on the scale of the last moment. the justice minister of democratic republic of congo has been arrested as the country deals with a crisis over proposed judicial reforms the plan sponsored demonstrations earlier this week of people blocking roads outside parliament said his team to the uk or send a has reportedly been taken to the prosecutor's office after police surrounded his home in kinshasa on saturday. and the u.s. hopes for a quick reopening are being beaten back by surging corona virus infections 2500000 cases have been recorded there so far and a total of 125000 lives have been lost both florida and arizona have set new daily infection highs forcing vice president mike pence to cancel campaign events there across the country record figures of cases have been confirmed every day for almost a week several states are taking steps to reimpose restrictions threatening
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a much hoped for economic recovery bill elizondo is following the story from new york and he says it's the states that push to reopen 1st that and now you see a spike in cases. anyways the coronavirus outbreak in the united states is worse now than it was back in march april or even may 1 of the covered $1000.00 pandemic was in the northeast of the united states where i'm at right now in new york new jersey. now you're seeing it spread elsewhere florida texas nevada arizona these are the new epicenters that we're seeing and really troubling huge numbers out of those states particularly florida over 9500 new cases just in the last 24 hours that's a record tex's nearly a record in new infections in the state of texas as well and in harris county which is a 2nd biggest county in the united states it involves houston as well as suburban towns
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around houston 5000000 people just in harris county health officials they're saying that the situation there is severe and uncontrollable this is a virus it's spreading very quickly in many key states here what do all of these states that i just mentioned have in common one thing they didn't take it seriously from the beginning and as part of that they were all states they began to reopen at the end of may and are now seeing huge spikes and are now trying to pull that back a little bit and close again some sectors but clearly there's lots of problems here as this corner virus pandemic continues to really become more of a crisis now in the u.s. almost than it was even a couple months ago. german chancellor angela merkel says the pandemic there is far from over as regional our brigs give rise to fears of a 2nd wave lockdowns were imposed in western germany last week after an outbreak
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linked to a meat factory infected more than 2000 people markel says her goal is to get europe's economy back on track and germany takes over the e.u. presidency next week germany has recorded nearly 195000 infections and around 9000 deaths while leaders and celebrities are pledged their support in a coronavirus fund raising drive that's raised almost $7000000000.00 stars of music film and sport joined the european commission president on the land for the online event the money raised will help the search for a vaccine and efforts to make it available to poorer countries the e.u. placed a further $5500000000.00 to help vulnerable countries recover from the pandemic indeed we will only end this pandemic when it has been ended everywhere and that means every person in the world having access to tests treatments and vaccines no matter where they live and where they are from or what they look like we need to
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invest in producing vaccines at unprecedented speed and scale and a task of this size can only happen if the world unites we need our best scientists to work together we need our global health organizations to join forces and we need governments business and financial faced to step in and provide funding. next week the u.k. government will relax rules that forced all arriving travelers to quarantine for 2 weeks instead britain will introduce a traffic like system with countries group based on their corona virus infection rates it's a move which could throw a lifeline to europe's tourism industry o'brien has more. the news of an imminent lifting of the u.k.'s blanket quarantine rules coincided with a cold gray drizzle in south west london a good incentive perhaps to consider a foreign holiday in the sunny mediterranean since june the 8th really all arrivals into britain have had to endure a compulsory 14 day quarantine or face
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a penalty equivalent to $1250.00 from july 6th british tourists will have a list of countries where they can go without having to self isolate when they get back it also opens up britain to welcome foreign tourists from those listed countries under a traffic light system only arrivals from red countries will still have to quarantine but there are signs that it's come too late to save this summer around them sample of shoppers in kingston found little appetite for last minute break yes to life for this year and watch for next year we'll leave it this year to be a staycation we'll see how it goes back for travel too much hassle and too much of a risk when i left it in a test say i'm conscious of trying to tax the health service and that kind of pressure on the system say yes and i think i'll say i'm probably continue south isolation and stay in this country that's. the list of green and amber countries is
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still being finalized and will change if there's an increase in the current 19 infection rates but for the travel and hospitality industry it's a breakthrough. most u.k. travel shops remain shut but online bookings and inquiries rose sharply following the government's quarantine announcement and several tour operators reported it was their busiest saturday ever and i think there are 2 things that will definitely be happening which is 1st of all competitive pricing if you're trying to attract new business you don't put your prices up very high so that's one thing that we like a good deals around and that's not just our members travel agents or prices also overseas hotels be very keen on getting brits pack again and i've also seen announcements by certain governments for example it's highly in one that they're going to encourage states how. to stay open later in the season european union diplomats are also considering this weekend whether to relax the current restrictions on travel as entering the e.u.'s external borders an announcement on
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fast is also expected next week for many though 2020 will be the year of the stay cation paul brennan al-jazeera southwest london. protests against famine cited taking place in bogota because rights groups are accusing the colombian government to being unable to protect women in demonstrations in response to the killing of a woman and her daughter they were murdered by the woman's partner and that the latest in a long list of more than 300 gender based killings of this year the situation's being made worse by the coronavirus lockdowns alessandra m.p.'s he's at the protests in bogota he says violence against women has risen significantly in just the pos few months. there has been an increase in the number of killing women during the last down the coronavirus locked down with women stuck at home and that they ended up being victims of the violence in most cases or in many of these cases
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their partners now while most crimes of gone down during the lockdown in colombia being almost sides in general robberies violence against women that has actually increased by 8.6 percent and there are organizations that are following this and they say that a 100 in 10 families sides are killing women on account of their gender this year in colombia more than have happened during the last down they want the tory these to do more about it the impunity is a big issue here unfortunately in these cases that there have been all the 4 sentences so far this this year 65 people have been captured but most of those trials are now moving forward so these women are trying to bring attention to the public of what's happening in colombia and in particularly what has been happening during the law down now violence against women is not thing new unfortunately in
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that country colombia is 2nd only to mexico when it comes to violence against women in the region but these people are saying more needs to be done we understand we should be home because of the law down but we're out here protesting to ask for people to protect women in this country. to the head to knowledge and into political deadlock on the island has a new prime minister leading a unlikely coalition government. bowing to pressure of facebook and i'm just warning times from some continent as well big companies provide good sized because of hate speech concerns. how i once again welcome saw the look at the international focus to say snow rains in china continue to cause
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a big problems with lots of very wet weather thundery downpours and the flooding as a result of the amount you buy from which as you can see stretches its way across japan is pulling away from japan so as we go on into sunday and monday brought the skies will come back in behind just a legacy of showers the next pulse of heavy rain that will make its way to the north of shanghai row through the yellow sea push up towards south korea which will chris we go on through monday and eventually that will run over towards japan to make the most of the dry and fine weather that we have on monday temperatures in tokyo but around $29.00 degrees celsius but he is showers across southeast asia some lively ones there around the philippines still seeing some rather wet weather into indonesia and the usual shall stretch all the way up into the gulf of thailand joining up with a heavy rain that we have across the north east of india and the cloud showing up on the satellite picture in fact they southwest the monsoon now covers the entire country of in the air around 12 days. and he has showers coming through the
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heaviest of which are right around the northeast of india through northern parts of bangladesh up towards a better ha and plenty of heavy showers in the west again. in a 2 part series. 0 observes the lives of 2 children. over 20 years. or insights into circumstances that shape lives. in a rapidly changing. 20 years it. starts with birds and land the story to see you around.
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we want to go to 0 a reminder of our top stories this hour malawi's opposition leader has been declared the winner of the country's presidential election rerun electoral commission says in last august chocolate out won by just under 59 percent of the vote but the ruling party of the incumbent leader piece a month or once the result an alt. that are surging corona virus infections in the u.s. were 2500000 cases have been recorded so far but a total of 125000 lives have been lost both florida and arizona have set new daily infection times. in the u.k. is relaxing the rule that requires all travelers to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival people will soon be able to travel to countries that are deemed safe to visit without going into self isolation bind they return. island
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has a new prime minister may hold moxon will lead to historic coalition is fianna foil party's working with longtime rival finn a gala for the 1st time along with the green party that ends months of political deadlock so your gear go has more. for a while nicole martin was known as the leader in waiting but on saturday that delay was over arriving to be sworn in as arlen's new prime minister heading a coalition between his policy phina for oil and his longtime rival finagle. a government of 2 center right parties propped up by the smaller green party or trade parties come from very different traditions we do not and cannot be expected to agree on everything however we have been able to agree on core democratic principles and on a balanced and comprehensive program we are conscious of the fact that we have to
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work hard to build trust with each other and with the people we have a juvie and privilege to serve in this power sharing deal martin replaces his predecessor until the end of 2022 then the leadership will rotate back to leo veronica today civil war politics and in our parliament 2 great parties in the fall of an ego coming together with another great party to green party to offer what this country needs a stable government for the betterment of our country and for the betterment of our world. no one party won a majority in february selection talks of forming a coalition dragged on for months complicated by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic but not everyone is backing this union the left leaning shin fein will lead the opposition it came a close 2nd to fianna fáil in a surprising surge of support in the election this was a man's a fish in fame to enter into government and a mandate for a government for
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a change faced with the prospect of losing their grip on power fianna fáil and finnick a have circled the wagons for all the talk of the shin fein surge its tax policies and policy links with the ira paramilitary group proved to contentious for consideration as a coalition partner but voters who backed their vision of free health care for all and more available housing have not disappeared either but the electorate voted in unprecedented numbers christian thing in february and that's not reflected of course in the composition of this government so i think in the longer term this will be a beneficial out compression pain because now they are the leaders of the opposition and and they will be organizing inductee possibly over the next 5 years martin now faces an economy struggling because of a housing crisis the global pandemic and bracks it the challenge will be how his new coalition government will maintain a unified front in these unprecedented times sunny al-jazeera
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iceland's president is expected to be reelected for a 2nd term in a landslide voting is close to the final result is not yet seen but the outcome is in little doubt with polls suggesting go to your huntsman has over 90 percent of voters support the role of the president has been the main theme of the campaign most powers lie with the government country headed by prime minister cuts when jakob's daughter. kosovo's prime minister says he's committed to strengthening ties with serbia despite tensions over the president's role in the war for independence of the law hoti has defended the conflict but it meets the president crushing touches indictment for war crimes that the international criminal court forced kosovo to postpone talks with serbia that he was a commander fighting against in the conflict between 1980 s. and 1909 serbia doesn't recognize kosovo as an independent state.
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by only. we should fully acknowledge fully respect the justice principle which is presuming innocence until there is a verdict from a proper court. to do so despite the changes of the agenda of the last days of concern in the dialogue we as the government remain committed to the process. demonstrators are filled a park outside police headquarters in the u.s. city of aurora colorado protesting against the death of a line from a plane a black man who died in police custody last year colorado's governor has promised to re-examine the case of things death as one of many being given renewed attention following the death of george floyd last month facebook says it will start flagging up more posts that break its rules ahead of the u.s. election in november critics have accused it of failing to act on hate speech prompted by a bot to boycott by some of the world's biggest advertisers like c o'brien reports
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. when the us president suggested protesters against racism and police brutality without and said that when the losing starts the shooting starts to as a put a warning on it saying it glorifies violence facebook did nothing its c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has often argued that the platform should take a hands off approach but now that's changing and it will tag posts that break its rules if we determine the content maybe we need to follow in sort of private people of their right to vote to take their content out no matter who says. social media platforms have been under the spotlight as global outrage grows against racism and discrimination sparked by the police killing of george floyd and may but they're not focusing on the importance of truth and evidence and verifiability the sort of contributing to a whole lot of these sorts of very underhanded
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a very dangerous information came. on friday 2 of the world's biggest advertisers coca-cola and unilever pulled their promotions from the platform. unilever is also removing content from twitter and instagram until the end of the year well the $100.00 companies have joined a campaign called stop hate for profit which accuses facebook of not doing enough to combat hate speech the campaign said in a statement faced with this tidal wave mark zuckerberg responded today with a small number of small changes we've been down this road before they've made apologies in the past one of those apologies wasn't 2018 when zack a bit was called to testify in congress over his company's handling of use the data and how it was exploited to meddle in the 2016 u.s. election we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake while facebook's shares dropped 8 percent on friday analysts believe this controversy won't hurt the social media giant in the long run they are the
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total power in the me of last year even amid criticism which is very similar to what you're saying. their advertising revenues last year 2927 percent and nearly $70000000000.00 u.s. dollars so knows that he's the king and he's the gatekeeper with the november presidential vote just 4 months away facebook has already taken down a video posted by donald trump's reelection campaign and the president's lashed out at social media platforms efforts accusing them of censoring conservative views brian al-jazeera 1st dispenses a professor of political science and african a studies at john hopkins university he says the black lives matter movement has created momentum for more political change. when i talk about victims of police violence like george floyd george floyd was positive of. tested positive for kobe
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and was a bouncer and a truck driver. arbor a who was killed not by police but by police action but by police like action he was he wanted to be an electrician but he couldn't graduate because it didn't happen to wishing the next has to be linking the this protest up with labor diamond there's a reason why when i go to the convenience store to shop every employee is a blast the last asked for me that's what the next step is we're in the middle of a political struggle right now we've been in the middle political struggle for a little bit but we're in political struggle with a tendency that arguably is and its death throes and they're not going to go down the house of representatives just about it today to make d.c. a state that's not going to get out of the senate but still just that action alone actually kind of gives us more resources can allow people who are organizing with
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this to double down a bit more and they able to creation of new institutions that can consistently push that fight forward it's been dubbed the good zillah dust cloud and it's now happening across several u.s. states the plume which came from the so hot of desert and north africa has traveled over 8000 kilometers and i was struck this from florida to nevada meteorologists of long the dust cloud which is over 5 fuzzing kilometers in length well hang over the region until next week. in a survey of is growing concern that the nation's 2nd largest export coal with the next victim of an escalating trade dispute with china and that's opened up a wider debate on the nation's reliance on fossil fuel pressure is building on the government to invest in renewables as it recovers from the coronavirus pandemic nicolo gauge reports from the industrial city of long gone on the country's east coast. inside this workshop in the city of willem gong large industrial
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gearboxes are being made and repaired most of the mining sector but recently the business has turned to renewables also fixing winter it now makes up 10 percent of the company's repair work and that's expected to double in the next 4 years for us we see renewables an important. we know it's growing and we want to be there to support it. colin still making have defined for more than a century but the focus is quickly shifting to cleaner technologies including the potential of building components for wind and solar and making cleanest. but astrology it doesn't have a national climate or energy policy and union leader. says that's slowing investment what we have in this country is a policy vacuum and it's letting down our environment as much as it's letting down our coal miners while the use of renewable energy is rising as surely remains one
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of the world's biggest exporters of thermal coal and minds are being expanded the coal industry employs about 3000 people here locally and thousands across this trailer some experts believe that using renewable hard to circle grain steel is the most competitive option in the future to replace them jobs in coal as demand for carbon products. that still some years away but there is huge debate about whether a strategy is post coronavirus economic recovery should be powered by clean technologies that would need government support what is telling is that comply or all a meaningful role of providing alter employment but i only within a water it is for developed plan to diversify as is raisins in a variety of different industries 19 has cuts demand for coal forcing down processes there are also reports that some chinese power plants have been told to stop importing astroland coal has tried tensions escalate with
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a large scale switch to renewables now inevitable pressure is growing for the creation of an energy policy to invest in projects they can protect jobs and the environment gauge al-jazeera in the gong. this is all it is either of these are the top stories malawi's opposition leader has been declared the winner of the country's presidential election the electoral commission says laws that are stuck where no one by just under 59 percent of the vote making him the 1st african opposition leader to wind power in a court ordered rerun but the ruling party of incumbent leader peter says it wants the result an old out of a toss is monitoring events from zimbabwe's capital harare and it's expected he's going to be thwarted in on sunday in the capital
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a long way he's in his mid sixty's he will form a pot. of pork in malawi he's a university graduate and he has managed to. galvanize just making the youth and he's promising them that when he became when he becomes president he's going to focus on public key create jobs and fight corruption corona virus infections a surge in the u.s. where 2500000 cases have been recorded so far and a total 125000 lives have been lost florida reported a record daily high of more the 9500 new infections from saturday all out of his own of them recorded over 3500 cases. protests against femicide are taking place in bogota with rights groups accusing the colombian government of being unable to protect women in the demonstrations that are in response to the killing of a woman and her daughter. the u.k. has said to waive its 14 day quarantine for people arriving from countries it
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considers to be low risk for coronavirus it's expected to establish so-called arab reduce with countries such as france italy spain and greece ireland prime minister martin will lead to a historic coalition for all parties working with longtime rival finegan for the 1st time along with the green party and ends months of political deadlock. demonstrators a field of park outside police headquarters in the u.s. city of auto colorado they're protesting against the death of a lodge in mclean a black man who died in police custody last year colorado's governor has promised to reexamine the case with things death is one of many being given renewed attention following the death of george floyd last month and those are the headlines coming up next on al-jazeera it's inside story by.
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the u.s. imposes visa bans on chinese officials in retaliation for beijing his policies in. the un and also call for action to defend human rights in china but will the international pressure lead to change this is its own story. hello welcome to the program on iraq on the united states is taking its 1st steps in response to beijing's national security law the hong kong secretary of state mike pompei it is imposing visa restrictions.


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