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of the region so that we can't. blizzard has to quote it is declared the president of malawi making it the 1st african nation to elect an opposition leader in a court ordered rerun. i'm rob matheson and this is all deserve a live from doha also coming up a sharp rise in corona virus cases the u.s. records 125000 deaths and 2500000 infections. but. no time to be silent protests against famine side in colombia after the brutal
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killing of a mother and her daughter plus. a mickle of gauging the a stallion industrial freaky a woman gone looking at the reality of renewable energy is eventually her life in a coal mining. malawi's opposition leader has won the rerun of the presidential election lazarus to quit or got just under 59 percent of the vote that makes him the 1st african opposition leader to win power in a court ordered rerun out of my reports on a historic moment for african democracy. by the time lazarus chick and i was declared the winner of the presidential election read on. already knew from 80 unofficial results that he would be the next president what he wanted to know was exactly how much he had won by losing. it counted it was
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a $57.00 1st. positive and it was a majority of the. jews it is. just. a few hours. fortunately i was declared the winner president peter much erica say they'd been voting irregularities including violence and intimidation against his party election monitors. the moment of the. day there were. hot. and humid so if you do not buy this great. russia in february allows you to see over 10 metallica's victory saying there was evidence of a tempering that's why malawians voted again in a rerun of the polls last tuesday and let's say the result is unprecedented on the
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african continent it's not just rear it's it's unique in the african context we never had a election an old and then the results to be different than what the 1st round which was an old that result was so this is really the court stepping in to say that the elections were not run properly and then the electoral commission returning a different result in the rerun. the president elect is promising to fight corruption and create jobs are to be sworn into office a country of roughly 80000000 people will be watching him closely to see what kind of leader he's going to be how to al-jazeera. the justice minister of democratic republic of congo has been arrested as the country deals with a crisis over proposed judicial reforms the plan sparks demonstrations earlier this
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week with people blocking roads outside parliament. to send a has reportedly been taken to the prosecutor's office after police surrounded his home include chaucer and saturday. well london forces have killed 4 gunman during an attack and yet a good home near the border with iran does army says 3 of its soldiers were injured in the cross border assault tensions are high between the 2 neighbors with blondie accusing rwanda of arming rebel groups to oppose the late president. who dies suddenly earlier this month in the u.s. hopes for a quick reopening or being beaten back by a surging corona virus infections 2500000 cases have been recorded there so far and a total of 125000 lives have been lost both florida and arizona have set new daily infection highs forcing vice president mike pence to cancel campaign events there across the country record figures of cases have been confirmed every day for almost
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a week several states are taking steps to reimpose restrictions threatening a much hope for economic recovery gabriel elizondo is following the story from new york and he says the states that push to reopen 1st are now seeing a spike in cases. anyways the koran a virus outbreak in the united states is worse now than it was back in march april or even may when covered 1000 pandemic was in the northeast of the united states where i'm at right now in new york new jersey. now you're seeing it spread elsewhere florida texas nevada arizona these are the new epicenters that we're seeing and really troubling huge numbers out of those states particularly florida over 9500 new cases just in the last 24 hours that's a record tex's nearly a record in new infections in the state of texas as well and in harris county which
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is a 2nd biggest county in the united states it involves houston as well as suburban towns around houston 5000000 people just in harris county health officials they're saying that the situation there is severe and uncontrollable this is a virus it's spreading very quickly in many key states here what do all of these states that i just mentioned have in common one thing they didn't take it seriously from the beginning and as part of that they were all states they began to reopen at the end of may and are now seeing huge spikes and are now trying to pull that back a little bit and close again some sectors but clearly there's lots of problems here as this corner virus pandemic continues to really become more of a crisis now in the u.s. almost than it was even a couple months ago. india now has more than half a 1000000 coronavirus and factions with the crowded capital new delhi as the epicenter of the outbreak has led to worries about
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a shortage of medical equipment and a scramble to build temporary facilities for torah gave me has more. if there was any doubt that india is struggling to cope with the coronavirus pandemic this footage from the state of andhra pradesh seems to confirm it a day get carries away the body of a man he tested positive for caleb 19 is the latest shocking image from a country where the infection rate is surging and the authorities are unprepared in india's cratty capital more than 40000 people have tested positive in the last 2 weeks new delhi's hospitals only have capacity for around 13001000 patients and. we expected an increase in cases but it's been higher than we initially thought in the 1st week of june there was a shortage of beds in hospitals some people didn't get a bit and as a result the death rate also increased india is number 4 on the list of countries
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worst affected by the corona virus with more than half a 1000000 cases and more than 15000 deaths and the number of infections is expected to rise in the coming weeks the authorities are working to transform hotels wedding halls and spiritual centers like this one into cave in 1000 casts and his experts are advising the federal government to prioritize reducing deaths over containing the spread of the virus many. countries and it. is what it. is yes. the doctors say expanding services is not enough india's public health system has faced years of cutbacks the impact of k.p. 19 is exposing its inadequacies. and
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so we don't. really want to listen to anything and. literally we. will be like this because we don't want to not be the only who could be. new delhi is not alone in experiencing a surge of cave in 1000 infections other big cities across india are also suffering and several states have extended the lockdown some experts predict nearly half a 1000000 more indians could get infected in the next 2 and a half weeks the tour again to be al-jazeera. german chancellor angela merkel says the pandemic varies far from over as regional outbreaks give rise to fears of a 2nd wave lockdowns were imposed in western germany last week after an outbreak linked to a meat factory infected more than 2000 people markel says her goal is to get europe's economy back on track as germany takes over the rotating e.u. presidency next week germany has recorded
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a nearly 195000 infections and around 9000 deaths. next week the u.k. government will relax rules that forced all war arriving travelers to quarantine for 2 weeks instead britain will introduce a traffic light system with countries group based on their coronavirus infection rates it's a move which could throw a lifeline to europe's tourism industry paul brennan has more. the news of an imminent lifting of the u.k.'s blanket quarantine rules coincided with a cold gray drizzle in south west london a good incentive perhaps to consider a foreign holiday in the sunny mediterranean since june the 8th really all arrivals into britain have had to endure a compulsory 14 day quarantine or face a penalty equivalent to $1250.00 from july 6th british tourists will have a list of countries where they can go without having to self isolate when they get back it also opens up britain to welcome foreign tourists from those listed
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countries under a traffic light system only arrivals from red countries will still have to quarantine but there are signs that it's come too late to save this summer a random sample of shoppers in kingston found little appetite for last minute break yes to life for this year watch next year we'll leave it this year to be a staycation we'll see how it goes back for travelling too much hassle and too much of a risk well i left it in a test say i'm also conscious of trying to protect their health service and that kind of pressure on the system so yes in a way i think i'll say i'm probably continued self isolation and stay in this country that i'm going to list of green and amber countries is still being finalized and will change if there's an increase in the current 19 infection rates but for the travel and hospitality industry it's a breakthrough. most u.k. travel shops remain shut but online bookings and inquiries rose sharply following
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the government's quarantine announcement and several tour operators reported it was their busiest saturday ever well i think there are there it suits things that will definitely be happening which is 1st of all competitive pricing if you're trying to attract new business you don't put your prices up for a us that's one thing that we look at deals around and that's not just our members travel agents or prices also overseas hotels be very keen on getting brits pack again and i've also seen announcements by certain governments for example it's highly in one that they're going to encourage sites how. such a stay open later in the season european union diplomats are also considering this weekend whether to relax the current restrictions on travelers entering the e.u.'s external borders an announcement on vast is also expected next week for many though 2020 who'll be the year of the stay cation paul brennan al-jazeera southwest london . violence against women in colombia is worsening under coronavirus lockdowns the
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killing of a woman and her daughter a spark many to take to the streets of the capital bogota but. yet it reports those murders were just the latest in a long list of crimes. violence against women is nothing new in colombia but a spate of recent cases has people reeling. despite a coronavirus lockdown disposal testers took to the streets saying they can turn their backs on women being attacked and killed at a pace that depends seems to have made worse. crime rates have fallen in the country during the quarantine violence against women has increased by a plain 6 percent we're being killed more for being women than the coronavirus we are sick and tired we all think getting the virus but we can't accept this violence anymore activists say at least 315 women have been killed since the beginning of the year at least 100 in 10 of these murders are family sides with the victims
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killed because of their gender it's the entire structure of society that's just signed and our lives and well being to crush us it's like having a knee constantly on our necks it's time to take the new way protesters are blocking intersections different intersections neighborhood in the south that were just last week a woman was killed together with her 4 year old child allegedly by her partner even if she had reported in many times to the tory so protesters are saying that some disruption is needed to bring more attention to what is happening and pressure on the street. protesters scuffled with the police when they try to tag the walls of this military barracks. many or few years after 7 soldiers confessed on thursday of the rape of a 2. teen year old indigenous child congress passed a new law allowing for life sentences in cases of rape against minors which many
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here consider useless when few of those responsible are punished at all. it's ridiculous that the state focuses on this kind of action when we have 85 percent impunity in sexual violence cases it's evident they don't understand where the problem lies is just a band-aid over an open window and. the women's right movement is relatively new in colombia but it's growing as is the attention of the general public to crimes against women and the cry studio torie tease to do more to protect and listen to them and just you know what. still ahead on al-jazeera we're going to tell you what's latin american countries keeping covered 19 firmly under control and how it's become one of the most successful nations in the fight against the virus plus . cosmetic giants will remove words associated with whitening from their products
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in the face of the global backlash against racism. how it once again welcomes other look at the international forecasters say snow rains in china continue to cause a big problems lots of very wet weather thundery downpours and the flooding as a result of the ammonia by front which as you can see stretches its way across japan is pulling away from japan so as we go on into sunday and monday brought the scars will come back in behind just a legacy of showers the next pulse of heavy rain that will make its way to the north of shanghai row through the yellow sea push up towards south korea which will chris we go on through monday and eventually that will run over towards japan so make the most of the. dry in fine weather that we have all monday temperatures in tokyo that around 29 degrees celsius but me
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a showers across southeast asia some lively ones there around the philippines still seeing some rather wet weather into indonesia and the usual shalah stretch all the way up into the gulf of thailand joining up with a heavy rain that we have across the north east of india and the cloud showing up on the satellite picture in fact they southwest the monsoon now covers the entire country all in the 12 days. idea showers coming through the heaviest of which are right around the northeast of india through northern possibility that up towards a better ha and plenty of heavy showers in the west again. but. when the covert 19 pandemic hit iran. a filmmaker cut adrift from his crew began documenting life from the knock down made on go with international sanctions. an intimate portrayal of isolation and one of the world's least understood countries
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coronavirus lock down iran people in power on a. pool or. her. there are charges here a reminder of our top stories this hour malawi's opposition leader has been declared the winner of the country's presidential election rerun the electoral commission says that a circle got just under 59 percent of the vote but the ruling party of incumbent leader peter moore 30 wants the result and no. corona virus infections are surging in the us where 2500000 cases have been recorded so far and
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a total of 125000 lives have been lost both florida and out of zone that have set new daily infection highs. protests against famine side are taking place and with rights groups accusing the colombian government of being un able to protect women activists a coronavirus has forced many victims of violence to be locked in the bit abusers. all of them months of lock down restrictions costa rica is preparing to reopen the country to international tourists widespread testing has set it apart from other latin american nations are just still struggling to contain infections and all that apollo has more. a massive coronavirus testing campaign is underway in his palace district it's a response to a recent spike in infections in this part of the country but it's important to know you don't have the virus and to prevent more infections i think there are a lot of people that are infecting others and don't realize it i think mass testing
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is very important to prevent the spread of the virus. has applied a combination of mandatory social distancing a strict lockdown and wide scale testing it's a strategy that appears to have paid off the country is now the 1st in the region to announce plans for a gradual reopening to foreign tourists you see it out and. i want to announce the opening of the bill. even happened yet we're going to wait until august 1st this will happen for the international airports and this will only be allowed for countries that have a controlled transmission and remember you can we will follow a very strict health protocol so that everyone who enters the country can be traced . the city has announced a low coronavirus numbers means public spaces like beaches and shopping centers will soon reopen a cassette leak out with a population of just 5000000 responded early. in brazil population 212000000 and take over measures have been far less stringent the number of confirmed cases
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there has surpassed 1200000 the brazilian government's response to the pandemic has been widely criticized. although in the city of need to drive through testing is now available to residents here a positive test triggers an automatic contact tracing protocol in the city brazil averages about 3 tests per 1000 people and that to roy has already surpassed 40 tests for 1000 people this is key to following the infection rate and halting the spread of the virus they. need to know it was the 1st brazilian city to impose a law down and call for strict sanitation measures authorities say until brazil implements similar procedures nationwide the corona virus outbreak in the country will only continue to worsen. al-jazeera. in honduras the president there says the outbreak in his country is growing more complicated. as a country receiving treatment contract to the coronavirus last week is being
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speaking from his hospital bed is. the situation is obviously getting more complicated every day it is more saturated and important resources are needed in unity like strength this is a war between life and death and which we can only win if we manage to maximize the book ordinary measures. kosovo's prime minister says he's committed to strengthening ties with serbia despite tensions over the president's role in the war for independence of the law hoti has defended the conflict but admits that president hushing touches indictment for walk crimes at the international criminal court forced kosovo to postpone talks with serbia that she was a commander fighting against serbs in the conflict between 199-8999 serbia doesn't recognize kosovo as an independent state. by all we do. we should fully acknowledge fully respect the justice principle which is presuming
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innocence until there is a verdict from a proper court. to use force to respond to changes of the agenda of the last days of concern in the dialogue we as the government remarried committed to the process . some of the world's largest cosmetics companies have been criticised for selling skin whitening products in the wake of the black lives matter movement from space cosmetics brand l'oreal has now decided to move towards promoting whiter skin from its products unit lever decided to rename its fair and lovely line earlier this week and on thursday u.s. because methinks giant johnson and johnson said it discontinued 2 lines of products with the words fairness on the labels it's also planning to stop selling its skin whitening creams in asia and the middle east in a double murder it was the 1st indian american to be crowned miss america in 2014 she's petitioned manufacturers to stop making whitening products and she welcomed
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the news. this is an issue that i have been really advocating for 6 years now since the time that i won this america i remember the morning after i won i woke up to a headline in an indian newspaper that said if miss america too dark to be miss india and that was the moment that everything had changed for me you know i grew up hearing comments like don't go out in the sun you're going to get too dark or oh you'd be so much more beautiful if you're a few shades lighter and since that time i've actually been producing a documentary starting 2 years ago called complection that really aimed to untack this idea of colorism not only as it exists in south asia but many countries around the world and so to hear this news it's really the 1st step in moving forward to dismantle these arcade notions of color isn't globally just eliminating the products doesn't solve the issue or changing the name doesn't solve the actual
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bigger issue that we're talking about here and that is this ideology that their skin is considered elite that fair skin is considered the ideal is better than and darker skin complection and that in itself is racism so unless these companies can and not only companies that of course entertainment industries need naja is really dismantle these ideology that they themselves have built that they are skin and it is the only type of already scanned then we truly can't break the cycle of colors. residence in the indian city of god of the wrong close to the capital new delhi you have green house to keep their windows shut because of a swarm of desert locusts and is currently battling his worst infestation decades bombers in the area concerned about there some across pilots working from new delhi's international airport i've been asked to take extra precautions. pakistan has announced a wreck or to increase in fuel prices only days before the end of the financial
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year coronaviruses dented the economy which is strong for the 1st time in 7 decades most drivers will have to pay around 34 percent more to fill up although that varies depending on the type of fuel the move has prompted a wave of outrage on social media has more from islamabad. well the reaction albeit strong whenever the right where did it. all waited. about discovered at a time when the government had earlier announced a considerable reduction in the oil price because of a crash of oil price to go to the international market and now we are told that because they have hiked up they want to add on to the public and also the fact that they. need to wear the supply chain now because. there were reports of hoarding and export.
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that of god had led to a crisis situation with. the petrol station i know obviously coming out to diamond the government. because of the hard economic times and the opposition of god. i die munition but didn't really have a knock on effect across the economy because everything is dependent on the price of fuel and budget on it a major import. in australia there is growing concern that the nation's 2nd largest export coal will be the next victim of an escalating trade dispute with china that's opened up a wider debate on the nation's reliance on fossil fuel pressure is building on the government to invest in renewables as it recovers from the coronavirus pandemic we're going to gauge reports from the industrial city of wrong all on the country's east coast. inside this workshop in the city of large industrial
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gear boxes are being made and repaired most of for the mining sector but recently the business has turned to renewables also fixing wind turbines it now makes up 10 percent of the company's repair work and that's expected to double in the next 4 years. we see renewables an important part of her we know it's growing and we want to be there to support it. colin still making have defined will go on for more than a century but the focus is quickly shifting to cleaner technologies including the potential of building components for wind and solar and making cleanest. but history it doesn't have a national climate or energy policy and union leader. says that slowing investment what we have in this country is a policy vacuum and it's letting down our environment as much as it's letting down our coal miners while the use of renewable energy is rising as surely remains one
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of the world's biggest exporters of thermal coal and mines of being expanded the coal industry employs about 3000 people here locally and thousands across australia some experts believe that using renewable hard. grain steel is the most competitive option in the future to replace the jobs in call as demand for carbon products. that still some years away but there is huge debate about whether a strategy is post coronavirus economic recovery should be powered by clean technologies that would need government support what it's telling is that comply are all a meaningful role of providing alter employment but i only within a water industry develop a plan that diversifies is raisins in a variety of different industries 19 has cuts demand for coal forcing down prices there are also reports. it's that some chinese power plants have been told to stop
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importing it strongly in coal has tried tensions. with a large scale switch to renewables now inevitable pressure is growing for the creation of an energy policy to invest in projects that can protect job's and the environment gauge al-jazeera in the sea. this is all it is here these are the top stories malawi's opposition leader has been declared the winner of the country's presidential election the electoral commission says laws that are secret are got to just under 59 percent of the vote making him the 1st african opposition leader to win power in a court ordered rerun of the ruling party of incumbent li to beat them with a says it once the result an old out of a toss is monitoring events from zimbabwe's capital. and it's expected he's going to be thwarted in on sunday in the capital a long way he's in his mid sixty's he's
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a former pot he's the son of paul farmer in malawi he's a university graduate and he has managed. to galvanize taking the youth and he's promising them that when he became when he becomes president he's going to focus on public create jobs and fight corruption coronaviruses infections are surging in the us where 2500000 cases have been recorded so far and a total of 125000 lives have been lost florida and arizona have reported another daily higher for cases of covert 19 the u.k. is said to waive its 14 day quarantine for people arriving from countries it considers to be low risk for coronavirus it's expected to establish so-called air bridges with countries such as france italy spain and greece. protests against femicide are taking place in bogota with rights groups accusing the colombian government of being unable to protect women the demonstrations and in response to
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the killing of a woman and her daughter the white house has denied reports president trump was briefed on intelligence that russia offered bunty use to afghan fighters to target u.s. coalition troops both moscow and the taliban have rejected the claims the russian embassy in washington d.c. dismissed the u.s. media reports as dangerous and baseless news the prime minister of kosovo says that despite recent setbacks and efforts to normalize ties in serbia he remains committed to the process of dialogue is admitted that kosovo is president hushing touches indictment for war crimes at the international criminal court forced kosovo to postpone talks with serbia said he doesn't recognize kosovo as an independent state and those are the headlines coming up next it's the listening post could buy . in a highly controversial move israel was expected to our next several months in the occupied west bank. as nothing young's government tests the limits of regional
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diplomacy and security with the 2 state solution. israel and its. prime minister narendra modi's these countries agree. that try. to. basically. hello i'm richard burton you're watching the listening post working from home here are some of the media stories we're covering this week china india and the border dispute that turned.


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