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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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maybe has sound will host a special series of interviews with tackling the big issues about time marking the 25th anniversary of the biggest war crime on european soil since world war 2 will witness a ceremony paying respect to the victims of the said genocide. july on al-jazeera. chinese politicians approve a national security law for hong kong which pro-democracy campaigners say will crush political freedoms. as a whole round the sounds are alive my headquarters here in doha also coming up. the pandemic is actually speeding up but i warning by the world health organization
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cheever's coronavirus cases rise in many parts of the world with easing lockdowns. also one of england's most diverse cities has been told to continue pandemic restrictions even as the rest of the country is about to relax them and the white house says it will brief democratic politicians on reports that russians funded taliban strikes on u.s. soldiers in afghanistan. have you with us it's a development that whole cause pro-democracy movement have been fearing for years pro-government told called media are reporting that china's top legislative body has passed a national security law for the territory that will crush political freedoms the legislation aims to cement beijing's control over the semi autonomous territory and reshape the future of one of the walls major financial centers beijing has circumvented hong kong. only legislature to impose the legislation. brown is
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standing by for us with reaction out of hong kong but 1st let's cross over to beijing where katrina you is there for us live katrina good to have you with us this morning we talk us through the process as we know it in terms of what we think has gone on in beijing with regards to this legislation being approved. good morning well we know that china's standing committee met at 9 am local time today on tuesday that just about 2 hours ago to discuss this bill there are about 162 members in the standing committee this is china's top legislative body and reportedly 15 minutes or so after they met or they passed this law now we know that the standing committee has been discussing this national security bill since sunday and what we've apparently heard is that these 162 members now only one of these 162 people are is from hong kong the rest are from mainland china but these
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162 senate committee was split actually into sixteen's in the past few days to discuss the bill presumably discussing different parts of the bill that each of these 16 had 2 observers from hong kong who are members of china's national people's congress and they were observing this process of discussing this bill which led to this morning the bill being unanimously passed now this is an extraordinarily fast process this bill was only announced about 40 days ago during the opening of china's national people's congress in the name political assembly that happens once a year was announced during the opening speech which sleeker chant gave and now we are we are here 40 days later with this bill passed still no details we expect to hear more of that later today but usually this person takes you know at least a year in chinese have any kind of law passed so they really tried to fast track this whole process and i think after this there are
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a few 4 more legal steps to go but essentially they will completely bypass hong kong's only legislative procedure and this will be inserted into hong kong's many considerations or its basic war going forward of course the treaty you've actually touched upon the the the law will be seen by different committees has been seen by different committees and lawmakers in beijing it still has yet to be rubber stamped by the president so are there any pitfalls or do we just expect this to be sort of a foregone conclusion that it is just going to happen. we expect that this will pretty much be a foregone conclusion we don't know what the details are of course of course there are many things to be discovered it's all very hazy at the moment we don't know exactly what the war entails we do know that it defines various crimes under the law or secession subversion. of cooperation with foreign forces for example we nor
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the war in itself is going to pass it is going to happen seems like there's no going back from this point but whether what those details could be that those details are being discussed but it seems that the law or the totality of the law is going forward and governor also contextually in china many laws are passed away with the details kind of partially in place and going forward after the law is passed the nitty gritty of kind of sorted out down the line but we can expect that this law is going forward it is pretty much a foregone conclusion china is absolutely determined to pass this law because it really is seeing this as the only way to put its foot down and end these protests which have really been such a source of frustration and embarrassment for the chinese government treeview in beijing thank you let's cross over to hong kong brown is standing by for us the. reaction really can we expect in hong kong for this law apparently has been going to really come as any surprise to the city. you know that's right you
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know what happened in tiananmen square 31 years ago when so many people were killed by chinese troops that came as a shock to people in hong kong this new law really is and they've been anticipating it and as advertised it is now going to happen we've been hearing on tuesday morning from carrie lamb the chief executive of hong kong she didn't want to comment when she was asked what she thought of the fact that this law had now been passed she said that she will only comment once it's been confirmed and so far we haven't had confirmation from china's state controlled media which of course doesn't mean it still hasn't happened i think kerry of course is under pressure in so many different ways at the moment because it's been reported by state controlled media in china that she will now head a committee which will select judges for trials involving national security and people say you know she simply isn't qualified to be able to do that and there's
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been a lot of concern raised by the bar association here in hong kong they have expressed very very grave concerns about kerry lam really playing such a controversial role we know that this law is going to mean that chinese security agents will now be able to operate legally here in hong kong of course they've probably been operating here illegally for many many years and of course that china is going to it said be able to establish a security bureau here in hong kong to gather intelligence now all of this amounts to really the most serious development in hong kong since the handover 23 years ago tomorrow and yes there is unease among some people but there are plenty of people particularly in the business sector who welcome this war they say after more than a year of violent unrest they welcome anything that will bring a measure of stability because remember at the moment hong. kong's economy really
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is hurting and the covert coronavirus crisis has really compounded all of that so they hope that this will bring much needed stability and that's why we're seeing you know companies like h.s.b.c. one of the world's biggest banks throw its support behind this law but that came of course after a long period of silence from h.s.b.c. and a sort of belief that pressure was put on h.b.c. h.s.b.c. to actually qualify its position it didn't of course see it all why you say the law might be welcomed by some in the city itself the international community has been very critical of perhaps this legislation and others that are being enacted i mean what sort of repercussions can we expect because we do know that the u.s. and the united kingdom are certainly not happy with what's going on in hong kong right now that's right that's also going to hurt hong kong in another way but what you're going to see so hill is really people
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voting with their feet you know i remember being here you know more than 30 years ago in the run up to the handover at the start of a brain drain and what you're starting to see now is exactly the same sort of thing happening once more the brightest and best of the city leaving whether for the moment we will see what the reaction is as the day progresses thank you the worst is yet to come that's the warning from the world health organization on the current virus pandemic now the w.h.o. says it's far from being under control as the number of cases continue to surge globally it's sending a team to china next week to investigate the origins of the disease which is still unknown we are on one this to be over we all want to get on with our lives but the hard reality is this is not even close to being over
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although many countries have made some progress globally the pandemic is actually speeding up. the united states is top expert all infectious diseases is a recent surge in covert 19 cases largely because people are ignoring health guidelines to wear masks and keep away from each other down to the felt she call the community spread a recipe for disaster many southern and western states which pushed to reopen their economies are now seeing a spike in infections. a lot america is losing the battle against crolla virus but while countries with major outbreaks are imposing tougher lockdowns others are beginning to lift them let's turn to reports from desirous across the continent all are facing heavy economic losses from the pandemic. with the number of people
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infected by the covered 1000 virus continuing to rise several districts especially densely populated cities are imposing or reimposing tough new lockdown measures. here in one of cyrus the hardest hit part of argentina the authorities are putting tight travel restrictions back in place the ban on outdoor exercise lifted 3 weeks ago returns on wednesday when the shutters will also come down on all non-essential businesses. neighboring bolivia approaching 1900 deaths and with some regional health systems a breaking point has announced it will extend its quarantine until the end of july . however in mexico city restrictions are being eased with many businesses being allowed to reopen with not all that convinced the coronavirus is retreating. from our own people are not very well informed unfortunately we're not at the peak of this virus and i don't think we're prepared i think there will be
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a 2nd wave of infections. and in peru one of the worst affected countries in latin america the government says the end is in sight and his 100 day lockdown will end on tuesday the borders will remain closed and some still struggling regions will keep their quarantines in place. meanwhile the stock economic impact of the pandemic is becoming clearer the authorities in cuba have asked all of those who can to grow their own food for. ice so all the little bits of land i have flowers are pretty because they provide beauty but flowers don't provide food i removed a few flowers my wife had there and i started to sew food and i urge everyone to make the most of a bit of land a small parcel of home. and in brazil with nearly 58000 deaths and more than one in a quarter 1000000 people infected the government has announced a record 11 percent budget deficit the may a more than a 1000000 jobs lost so far this year as the country enters into recession trading
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restrictions in some cities are being lifted. president job as the economy is more important the more he calls a little flu. a more frequent protests indicate that increasing numbers of was illions don't agree with him. when osiris. well still ahead all al-jazeera the un security council holds a virtual session on the ethiopian a river nile dam project that's caused a bitter dispute between egypt and sudan. and there quite a mix of conditions across united states plenty of scout authentic selves you can see the showing up. and also want to see thunderstorms in all things you can see
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this rainbow payers over the skies in brooklyn now as we go through tuesday it's mostly dry across the southwest the winds are very strong that a wind warnings in place of course the fire danger has been elevated across the 4 corners but to the north of there very heavy rains working their way across western canada and also down across the northern plains some heavy rain across much of the north and in fact quite so few showers and some thunderstorms in the as we go through tuesday on into wednesday across the ohio valley and pushing eventually was a coward on this and the southeast meanwhile behind that it is mostly fine and dry still windy across the southwest although the tom ridge is not as high as they have been but want to show the pacific northwest 21 is the high in seattle and then down into the caribbean and central america some fairly strong winds bringing in plenty of shastri much of the caribbean to the northern islands that nichols hispaniola and on into cuba i want to show. they have here again across into costa rica and also across into panama mexico also picking up some fairly heavy downpours on she's
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descent into southern and western areas they'll continue on wednesday a little bit lice in nature and still the particular in cuba have on a c 3. a moment in time. the line. of the story. people are pretty calm and there is. someone else's. dream of your life inspiring documentary. filmmaker. on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you watch al-jazeera with me so rob a reminder of our top stories hong kong media are reporting that china's top legislative body has begun voting on a national security door for the territory criminalizing acts of dissent but imposing heavy penalties for offenders is expected to drive another way between china and the us also the world health organization has warned that the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is yet to come the u.s. is the hardest hit country its top infectious disease expert says the recent surge is because people are ignoring the guidelines. but of the english hospitality sector is due to reopen on saturday but pubs and restaurants in walled city will remain closed for an extended period government officials have
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recommended the current lockdown measures remain in falls in leicester for an extra 2 weeks for surgeon coated 900 cases jonah hill is in leicester and sent this report. lester in the english midlands the 1st major test of the government's ability to deal with post lockdown outbreaks of coronavirus enhanced testing here has revealed worrying numbers almost 900 new cases in just 2 weeks with clusters detected at recently reopened schools a supermarket and a sandwich factory. there are concerns the disease is spreading through multigenerational households in the city's large asian community i've been hearing of entire families being affected by corbett 19 and clearly this requires us to take extra caution back to where we are with regards to proper lockdown see how we can. prevent the spread of this virus and i hope that the government will take note
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of such a kind of scenario and give us guidelines with large parts of the economy said to reopen on july the 4th the lockdown in leicester is instead being extended and strengthened with schools and non-essential shops having to close again but local officials have complained that there isn't sufficient data upon which to base an appropriate response the government themselves in this report that acknowledged readily when you do more testing you get more positives the levels of testing are a few 100 per day and in a city that has a population in the whole urban area of the best part of $600000.00 only a very small proportion of the people in the city are actually being tested and as a result of that it's very difficult to draw conclusions about the presence of the virus within the community that may point to an essential flaw in prime minister
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boris johnson's plan to reopen the economy safely. contact tracing doesn't seem to be happening as well as it should be opening again various reasons although we do need a super tight just trace selection policy well then can we continue such look it's the government's test trace and isolate program is supposed to be the ultimate safeguard against localized outbreaks like this one in leicester spreading out of control but while testing numbers have greatly improved there are still big gaps in contact tracing and an app designed specifically to help has now been delayed until the autumn that's why accurate data is lacking about exactly where the leicester outbreak may have originated or where it's heading next and why scientists have warned that the lockdown in england has been eased too fast too soon jonah hill al jazeera leicester. medics in scrubs and face must have staged
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a protest in the spanish capital madrid demanding better working conditions of the some held signs saying i'm exhausted and we used our skin as shields as they called for greater job security and increased pay spain's health system has been overwhelmed by the crime the virus in the countryside one of the worst death tolls across the world. the want us to says it will brief democratic politicians on reports that russia paid taliban fighters to target american troops in afghanistan democrats were left out of an intelligence briefing on monday those briefings often involve both parties the kremlin and the white house are denying the reports alan fisher has will. from the white house podium a denial the president was ever briefed on the so-called bowing to kills the now say this that the u.s. receives thousands of reports
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a day on intelligence from their subject to strict scrutiny while the white house does not routinely comment on alleged intelligence or internal deliberations the cia director n.s.a. national security adviser and the chief of staff can offer confirm and neither the president nor the vice president were briefed on the alleged russian russian bounty intelligence. afghanistan is america's longest war american troops have been there for 19 years and despite talks of a peace deal there's no indication to leave anytime soon america helped contribute weapons to push russia out of the country in the 1980 s. and killed russian mercenaries in syria 2 years ago no according to the new york times it's payback type newspaper says the russians offered cash for kills coalition soldiers and general american soldiers in particular but from the kremlin another denial. 1st of all those statements are laws secondly if in the united states special services are still answerable to the u.s.
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president then i suggest focusing on president trump statement he really gave an appraisal of those reports he did in a tweet intel just reported to me that they did not find this info credible and therefore did not report to me or v.p. or simply another fabricated russia hoax that says the white house explains why there has been no response from the american side the story didn't stand up on capitol hill lawmakers have demanded an intelligence be focused on who knew what and when and if the president was in fact briefed intelligence sources tell media outlets not only is the information solid it was given to the highest level of the white house but there's still a lot of unanswered questions and while there remain unanswered there lies a potential risk to a president who's had a difficult relationship with russia from even before he took office alan fischer al jazeera 2 popular online social platforms have been suspended content related to
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us president donald trump in an attempt to restrict the spread of hate speech video streaming platform twitchers temporarily blocked trump's channel the social media site reddit has shut down a forum page popular with his supporters the tech industry is facing mounting pressure to address racial inequalities the u.s. supreme court has struck down the mall that places restrictions on doctors who perform abortions in the state of louisiana the surprise decision comes despite fierce opposition from conservative justices the vote was 5 to 4 with the conservative chief justice john roberts voting with the 4 liberal members of the court is the 1st big abortion case since trouble pointed to new justices shifting the court's political balance to the right. but as well i'm present because madeira has ordered the european union's envoy to leave the country within 72 hours the expulsion is in response to sanctions imposed on venezuelan officials by the e.u.
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for acting against the opposition run congress. you know. i've decided to give the european union ambassador in caracas 72 hours to leave the country so as to demand respect from the european union enough for european colonialism against venezuela enough of the persecution against venezuela 72 hours for the un besler to leave the country and nuff of colonialist intervention of the supremacy attitude of racism enough is enough. at least 23 people including children have been killed in the attack on a crowded market in southern afghanistan hundreds of people were at the cattle market in helmand province when multiple explosions told through the site the taliban or the afghan military are blaming each other for the attack. egypt has told the united nations it faces an existential threat from a hydroelectric dam that ethiopia is building on the blue nile river ethiopia is
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expected to start filing filling the ground renee's on stand with water next month but at a virtual meeting of the security council egypt board of cold flicked if the un doesn't intervene our diplomatic editor james bays reports now from u.n. headquarters in new york this massive down project has been a long running source of regional tension but is the date for ethiopia to start filling the now completed dam nears its becoming a major crisis with international dimensions it was the us that called for the 1st security council meeting on the issue after being urged to do so by egypt which relies on the oil for 90 percent of its water the matter. as of the group of consequences for the egyptian people and requires like our efforts to combat this global pandemic it commitment to uphold the theory of
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cooperation and to recognise that no nation is an island unto itself but the ethiopian ambassador countered that the un was not the place to discuss this the speed let me be clear that he doesn't believe the issues being discussed today he has a legitimate list in the security council it is bound to set a bad precedent and open a pandora's box this council should not be a forum for exerting diplomatic pressure if you're in a dispute with the choice of mediators you probably choose the one that you think is going to give you the best result diplomats believe egypt gambled on internationalizing this conflict hoping that the presence of the u.s. a permanent member of the security council with a veto would help its case for now that hasn't worked. this weekend the african union convened fresh talks and many council members believe it's those
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efforts that should take priority for now although the dispute is becoming angrier one analyst says he believes it's unlikely any of the countries involved will resort to force alternately especially in the long run the only way through egypt to secure those supplies is by cooperation with its upstream neighbors very much including you know if this escalated into any form of conflict it's going to make it much much more difficult for the parties to overcome the remaining obstacles to reaching an agreement on that and it really could set back relations in the long term at the end of the meeting both egypt and ethiopia asked for the floor again disputing the other's position diplomats believe the only way to resolve things is for all 3 countries egypt ethiopia and sudan to return to the negotiating table and make concessions in this dispute no one's going to get exactly what they want james
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al-jazeera at the united nations saudi arabia has been forced to remove a claim posted on the government website that the world trade organization has sided with saudi against cats are in the be in sport piracy dispute earlier this month the w.t. rule that saudi arabia was behind the pirate broadcaster b. out q which illegally streamed content belonging to qatar's b. in sports w t o spokesperson keith rockwell spoke to al-jazeera about the reasons for the original ruling. the panel found it be out q had been using. broadcast transmissions without permission from be in and broadcasting around saudi arabia what they found as well was that the saudi system did not provide them with due process under the law they did not have legal counsel and they were unable to bring any sort of judicial proceedings against b.
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out q now what the saudis have indicated because of the difficult situation that cats are in saudi arabia have now and have for the last 3 years the saudis said that for reasons of security they had to follow the steps they had followed and they should be exempt from the rules but what the panel said was there was not a plausible link between denial of be in access to the court system and the issue of national security the indian government has banned 69 mobile phone applications most of which are chinese phone companies have been ordered to block popular slight tick tock we chant and share it because of national security concerns the ban comes just weeks after only 20 indian soldiers were killed in the worst fighting in 4 decades along the disputed border with china a former police officer has pleaded guilty to killing and raping more than
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a dozen people in california in the 1970 s. and eighty's joseph james de angelo jr evaded capture for decades until he was arrested in 2018 the man that popularly referred to as the golden state's killer confessed as part of a plea agreement the vietnam war veteran is due to be spared the death penalty for a life sentence with no parole. boeing has begun safety test flights for its crowded at 737 back sandline a plane was banned from the skies in march 2900 after 2 crashes the killed almost 350 people the us federal aviation administration gave the go ahead for the test flights it said it would lift the grounding order only when it satisfied the aircraft meets certification standards. charges or with the whole robin remind of our top stories hong kong media reporting
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that china's top legislative body has approved a national security law for the territory criminalizing acts of dissent to dim posing heavy penalties for offenders beijing has circumvented hold calls only legislature to impose the law actually to you has more from beijing but this is an extraordinarily fast person as this bill was only announced about 40 days ago during the opening of china's national people's congress and the main political effect way that happened one thing year was announced during the opening speech for italy khatron gave and now we have we are here 40 days later with this bill passed still no details we expect to hear more of that later today but usually this person takes you know at least a year in chinese have any kind of law passed or they really tried to fast track this whole person s. the world health organization has warned that the worst of the crow virus pandemic is yet to come the u.s. is the hardest hit country its top infectious disease expert says the recent surge
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is because people are ignoring guidelines the entire says it will brief democratic politicians all reports that russia paid taliban fighters to target american troops in afghanistan democrats were left out of an intelligence briefing on monday the briefings are often involving both parties. the u.s. supreme court has struck down a law that places restrictions on doctors who perform abortions in the state of louisiana is the 1st big abortion case since trouble pointed to new justices shifting the course political balance to the right and egypt has told the u.n. it faces an extension threat from a hydraulic tree that ethiopia is building on the blue nile ethiopia's expected to start filling it with water next month but at a virtual meeting of the security council egypt's foreign minister warned of conflict if the u.n. doesn't intervene those were the headlines and back with more news in half an hour next on al-jazeera do stay with us it's witness. we understand the differences
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similarities have cultures across the world. so no matter where you call. out you see iraq bringing you the news and current affairs that matter to you. how does their. made up and the way we're losing them. all they are going to. lose their minds in the last. year many you know growing up here and. there may be a good deal.


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