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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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al-jazeera selects. be the hero the world needs right. washington. chinese politicians approve a national security law for hong kong which pro-democracy campaigners say will crush political freedoms. alonzo maman you want to al-jazeera live from doha coming up in the next 30 minutes . the pandemic is actually speeding up but i warning by the world health organization she 1st coronavirus cases rise in many parts of the world with easing lockdowns. also the white house says it will brief democratic politicians on the
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ports of russians from the taliban strikes on u.s. soldiers in afghanistan. and egypt says its dispute with ethiopia over its megaton project on the nile could lead to conflict if the u.n. fails to intervene. but into the program china's top legislative body has unanimously approved a national security law for the territory that may crush political freedoms it's the most far reaching development in hong kong's history ever since it was handed over to china in 1997 acts of subversion could now face a maximum sentence of life in jail critics say it'll be used to stamp out all forms of dissent and it comes after months of mass unrest sparked by fears of china's tightening grip on hong kong the legislation aims to cement beijing's control over the semi autonomous territory and reshape the future of one of the world's major
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sign. and szell centers adrian brown is standing by for us with reaction out of hong kong the 1st us cross over to beijing where katrina new is waiting for us in katrina really just talk us through the process of what we know about how this law and legislation has been discussed in beijing. we know that china's standing committee its top legislative body met at 9 am today on to say to discuss this and shortly after to vote on this or and shortly after it was passed unanimously now only one member of that standing committee is a is from hong kong but they did have 12 observers from hong kong during the discussion of this law which has taken place since sunday now we know it's a hefty law it consists of 6 chapters with 66 different articles underneath that and what is most concerning some legal experts is that state media here have flagged the fact that big gene will have jurisdiction over very few of those crimes
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meeting that extradition to the mainland will be possible also we know that life imprisonment could be one of the heavier or the heaviest penalties for breaking any of these crimes mentioned in this law we're still still waiting on more details we should have that later on today but moving forward we know there will be a national security office set up in hong kong most likely to be headed by somebody in china is a ministry of public security something involved in intelligence and there are a few more steps are for this law is actually implemented but ultimately it will be inserted into hong kong's basic law or its many constitution completely bypassing hong kong's foreign legislative persis and we have to remember that this has been a tremendously fast tracked purses a theme just about 40 days since this national security law was 1st announced or in china's national people's congress it's a lot largest political gathering earlier this year and usually these laws take years at least
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a year for this to be passed and that really does demonstrate beijing's determination to stamp out these pro-democracy protests which many say are basically have been a threat to beijing's power in hong kong for its part china's leaders say that that is not the case is national security law is about protecting hong kong stability hong kong's prosperity this is all about a fresh new start. for hong kong but regardless we have to also look at finally at the timing of this tomorrow is july the 1st the anniversary of hong kong handover from britain back to china and ultimately beijing seems to be sending a very strong message and that is that in hong kong it is beijing that is in charge between the e.u. in beijing thank you well let's get reaction from home going to brown is our correspondent standing by for us since we heard the news just a few hours ago adrian we've been wondering what the reaction would be from hong kong we're now getting more voices speaking pro-democracy leaders now speaking about their future intentions what more do we know.
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yes that's absolutely right even before local media announced that this law had been passed it was already beginning to have a chilling effect now joshua wang a well known young democracy activist has said that he's going to be resigning from the political party help to set up he believes he'll be a target of this new security law and he says he's leaving the party in order to practice his own beliefs privately also another member of the same party nathan law who's also announced his resignation and a smaller pro-democracy party called the hong kong national front has also announced it disbanding so you can see the effect already that that law is starting to have and i think actually that will please china's leaders because this law more than anything else i think is there as a warning now china has said in the past this law was coming it had warned that
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certain red lines had been crossed it had said there would be consequences now we're seeing those consequences in action we've also been hearing from kerry lam the embattled chief executive of hong kong who is contrary to mention has been completely bypassed in this process along with her legislature but she dodged questions about the new law at her choose the morning media conference she said she won't comment until the law has actually been confirmed as having been passed and we expect to have that confirmation later this afternoon as well as confirmed details of exactly what this law contains but according to state media during the past few weeks this law will allow mainland agents to operate legally on the ground here in hong kong where a new security body is also going to be a stablish so this without bells without doubt so hell is the most profound
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impact the most profound decision on hong kong since the handover from britain to china almost 23 years ago of course it is a developing story we'll check in with you later with the asian brown there in hong kong thank you. or china's top legislature has kept the draft of the law under wraps some details have emerged over the past few weeks so let's take a look at those the law criminalizes acts of secession subversion and terrorism and collusion with foreign forces and as we have been saying it will also allow members of the chinese security services to set up an operate an agency in hong kong beijing will get jurisdiction over some national security cases related to the city finally it will give hong kong's leader to power the power to choose judges that will preside over cases well tony tran is a legislator and convener of the pro-democracy camp in hong kong she joins me now via skype good to have you with us on the program it does seem that china has
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circumvented the legislature in hong kong how significant is that in the way that china now deals with hong kong in the future. well by posting this law i would say this is like. a test that the vacant of one country 2 systems . back in the ninety's the chinese government had commonest not only to hong kong people but to the world that hong kong were implement one country 2 systems that means we can kipped our own judiciary the legislature as well as the own administration but now you can see that by passing this law within like 40 days without any consultation in hong kong without disclosing the details of this legislation. this definitely by parsing the administration as well as they legislation home call and the details that you have mentioned of course is not
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confirmed yet but you can see that not only the legislation and administration is under pressure you can see also our judicial independence is all the also under a very great pressure in the sense that it may affect. the hong kong judiciary in the long run do you think that you will have any useful part in hong kong future in the weeks months and years ahead or are you now obsolete. well it's really very much depends on whether we can whether the chinese government still respect the legislature because. in hong kong we can all we always have freedom of. speech we can always have a freedom of expression but under this legislation which likely will be promulgated tomorrow or freedom and rights as still protected under basic law
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whether this law will come of. hong kong local legislature as well as the basic long so that means future is very uncertain although some people say that this legislature we're only at fact a small number of people but you can see that under the definition of a national security in china it covers a very very wide range of specs for example light economies education as well as religion so i really don't know what's what will happen in even tomorrow so it's very much a pence on whether ministration will exercise self-restraint very briefly then i want to ask you about your reaction to news that joshua longer nates in law are
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stepping down some you might say the high profile role they played in pro in the pro-democracy movement in hong kong what's your reaction to that and do you expect the international community to take you might say the mantle of criticism of the way beijing have handled this to protect the likes of joshua long and nathan law. well by passing this law within such a short period of time i do believe that the chinese government have a scary strong determination not only to send a warning but probably will take action that's of course i'm a bit pessimistic but i've told of course respect the decision of nathan as well as joshua that i understand that they are under great pressure but at the same time i think the they continue to fight for democracy in their own way
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but i do believe that the entire will will will be will be more so we can we may we may see some more impact on not even. the younger generations but also some of the political parties or organization. in the near future ok we shall see what happens tony a chance joining us from hong kong fuck you very much for your time thank you now the worst is yet to come that's the warning from the world health organization on the coronavirus pandemic the w.h.o. says it is far from being under control as the number of cases continue to search globally it's sending a team to china next week to investigate the origins of the disease which is still unknown we are on one this to be over we all want to get on with our lives but the heart of reality
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is this is not even close to being over although many countries have made some progress globally the pundit mic is actually speeding up. a surge in ukraine virus cases in the u.s. is causing at least a dozen states and cities to rethink their opening strategy it's the country's top experts on infectious diseases says the increase is largely because people are ignoring health guidelines donte found she has called it a recipe for disaster because there is kristen salumi has more. with long lines for tests and new coronavirus cases surging texas and other u.s. states that were some of the quickest to reopen for business are now worried that their hospitals are approaching capacity and rethinking their strategy and
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florida's broward county the famous fort lauderdale beach will be closed for independent state july 4th i'm hearing from our hospitals that there have been a large number of patient influx and if we don't control the spread we might have a situation where we have to ration health care for someone who is ill and that is definitely not a place that we want to be same for california beaches many people. were not necessarily being as responsible as they otherwise well as we would like them to be as a relates to practicing physical distance and social distancing people that weren't wearing their face masks and in california and arizona as well as texas they're closing bars and nightclubs after seeing infections rising people under 40 and masks will now be required in public and all of kansas and in jacksonville florida the city where the republican party plans to hold some of its national convention
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new york governor andrew cuomo blamed president trump for pushing states to reopen too quickly and called on him to issue an executive order requiring maston public nationwide states that were recalcitrant governors who said we don't need to do this. masks don't work or the political nonsense we heard now they're doing a 180 and you have the same states now wearing masks. he unveiled a model to simulate the mountain of corona virus cases that new york has overcome with new infections and fatality rates now at their lowest levels since the start of the pandemic and continuing to trend downward one leading global health. the expert says the states must act quickly and aggressively if we think about the things that are really risky most of the states open when their underlying level of cases was really so high they weren't coming down so i think it is meet the white
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house's own guidelines experts say even with these new measures in place it may now take weeks to start to see infection rates in these areas decline kristen salumi al jazeera well still ahead on al-jazeera forced to fling at all of the group accused of rights abuses of mozambique uproots hundreds of thousands from their homes. hello the course is very hot across much of the middle east on the arabian peninsula the winds have been strong of the last few days little bit to light as we move forward over the next couple of days not much at all in the way of cloud you see want to 2 showers very lightly scott it's right areas of turkey they'll continue eastwards as we go through choose a time which is fairly high most areas of the game up into northern afghanistan so
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28 is the high in kabul elsewhere those how much is all on the high side 46 in it q 8 and again the winds a strong coming through the interior and then through wednesday the time which is again it's in the sort of levels generally in the low forty's doha 4144 calls in to dubai a bit warmer back into riyadh and then through the eastern end of the bad again these temperatures maintaining that nice level the high twenty's maybe 30 celsius in a jerusalem then down into southern africa and have some pretty strong storms of course into where the western cape in the last day or so those winds have certainly ease but the showers astelin the 4 calls just running up the east coast and also beginning to push up into more coastal areas of mozambique and also to the north of that but he wants the child and thunderstorms across today all conga and still pushing out across the west a bit lighter on the gulf of guinea for the next couple of days that very heavy off the west coast of africa and is warming up as a sunny skies returning to port elizabeth with a high of 24. on
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the cost of europe at a crossroads deals with a rising china and a u.s. president who runs his allies also how the world's tech and investment money hasn't reached people of color and cyber attacks on the back seat make isn't the bertrand's. counting the calls on al-jazeera. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the. news and current affairs that matter to you. you. do lose the war. oh. play. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera needs a whole rob a reminder of our top story china's top legislative body has approved
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a national security law the hong kong criminalizing acts of dissent and imposing heavy penalties for offenders beijing has circumvented hong kong's own legislature to impose the law the world health organization has warned that the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is yet to come the u.s. is the hardest hit country its top infectious disease expert says the recent surge is because of people ignoring guidelines. it's been revealed that a senior white house official made aware last year of intelligence information that russia was offering to pay taliban fighters to target american troops in afghanistan now this contradicts statements from the u.s. president that he hadn't been briefed on the reports the white house is expected to bring to democratic politicians on the controversy as alan fischer reports. from the white house podium a denial the president was ever briefed on the so-called bowing to kills the now say this that the u.s. receives thousands of reports
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a day on intelligence america subject to strict scrutiny while the white house does not routinely comment on alleged intelligence or internal deliberations the cia director n.s.a. national security adviser in the chief of staff can offer confirm another the president nor the vice president were briefed on the alleged russian russian bounty intelligence. afghanistan is america's longest war american troops have been there for 19 years and despite talks of a peace deal there's no indication to leave anytime soon america helped contribute weapons to push russia out of the country in the 1980 s. and killed russian mercenaries in syria 2 years ago no according to the new york times it's payback time newspaper says the russians offered cash for kills coalition soldiers and general american soldiers in particular but from the kremlin another denial. 1st of all those statements are laws secondly if in the united states special services are still answerable to the u.s.
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president then i suggest focusing on president trump statement he really gave an appraisal of those reports he did in a tweet intelligence reported to me that they did not find this info credible and therefore did not report to me or v.p. possibly another fabricated russia hoax that says the white house explains why there has been no response from the american side the story didn't stand up on capitol hill lawmakers have demanded an intelligence be focused on who knew what and when and if the president was in fact briefed intelligence sources tell media outlets not only is the information solid it was given to the highest level of the white house but there's still a lot of unanswered questions and while there remain unanswered there lies a potential risk to a president who's had a difficult relationship with russia from even before he took office alan fischer al jazeera the us supreme court has struck down
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a law that places restrictions on doctors who perform abortions in the state of louisiana the surprise decision comes despite fierce opposition from conservative justices vote was 5 to 4 with conservative justice chief justice john roberts voting with the 4 liberal members of the court is the 1st big abortion case and strong pointed to new justices shifting the court's political balance to the rights egypt has told the united nations it faces an exit stensholt threat from a hydroelectric dam that ethiopia is building on the blue nile river that ethiopia is expected to start filling the ground renesas done with water next month but at a virtual meeting of the security council egypt warned of conflict if the un doesn't intervene our diplomatic editor james page reports from un headquarters in new york. this massive down project has been a long running source of regional tension but as the date for ethiopia to start filling the now completed dam nears its becoming
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a major crisis with international dimensions it was the us that called for the 1st security council meeting on the issue after being urged to do so by egypt which relies on the oil for 90 percent of its water. the matter of which i am addressing you today is of the growth of consequence of the egyptian people and requires like our efforts to combat the global pandemic it commitment to uphold the theory of cooperation and to recognise that no nation is an island unto itself but the ethiopian ambassador countered that the un was not the place to discuss this the speed let me be clear that he doesn't believe the issues being discussed today he has a legitimate list in the security council it is bound to set up by what president and opened a pandora's box this council should not be
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a forum for exerting diplomacy. if you're in a dispute with the choice of mediators you probably choose the one that you think is going to give you the best result diplomats believe egypt gambled on internationalizing this conflict hoping that the presence of the u.s. a permanent member of the security council with a veto would help its case for now that hasn't worked. this weekend the african union convened fresh talks and many council members believe it's those efforts that should take priority for now although the dispute is becoming angrier one analyst says he believes it's unlikely any of the countries involved will resort to force ultimately especially in the long run the only way egypt to secure those supplies is by cooperation with its upstream neighbors very much including you know if this escalated into any form of conflict it's going to make it much
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much more difficult for the parties to overcome the remaining obstacles to reaching an agreement on that and it really could set back relations in the long term at the end of the meeting both egypt and ethiopia asked for the floor again disputing the other's position when the diplomats believe the only way to resolve things is for all 3 countries egypt ethiopia and sudan to return to the negotiating table and make concessions in this dispute no one's going to get exactly what they want james 0 at the united nations saudi arabia has been forced to remove a claim posted on a government website that the world trade organization had sided with saudi against qatar in that b. and sport piracy dispute earlier this month the w t o rule that saudi arabia was behind the pirate broadcaster b. out q which illegally streamed content belonging to qatar's b. in sports w t o spokesperson keith rockwell spoke $120.00 about the reasons for the original
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ruling. the panel found that b. out q. had been using. broadcast transmissions without permission from be in and broadcasting around saudi arabia what they found as well was that the saudi system did not provide them with due process under the law they did not have legal counsel and they were unable to bring any sort of judicial proceedings against b. out q now what the saudis have indicated because of the difficult situation that cats are in saudi arabia have now and have for the last 3 years the saudis said that for reasons of security they had to follow the steps they had followed and they should be exempt from the rules but what the panel said was there was not a plausible link between denial of be in the access to the court system
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and the issue of national security nearly a 1000 people are being killed and more than 200000 displaced by an armed group in northern mozambique the fight to say they reject the government and want to establish political islam welcome web possible. beheadings kidnappings and touching of homes is what these people fled now they live in this camp in northern mozambique an armed group has been attacking villages in cabo delgado province for nearly 3 yes'. said doris. there are boys in there but not really it was about 5 in the afternoon when the attackers came and started burning houses i ran with my wife and i shot her they killed her in front of me i managed to escape they came with guns and machetes and started burning houses. the army has been fighting back but information is scarce journalists and research is found in the conflict zone arrested. so social media videos
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like this one film by a soldier can be seen from outside. and i haven't been going well for the army. posted by fighters from the group chose a military vehicle they captured. 2 years the group attacked only remote villages and said nothing. then 3 months ago he started attacking and briefly occupying towns in this message a fighter rejects the government and calls people to fight on the run i still flag i still is claimed responsibility for some of the attacks it's not clear if there's any real link between the groups but it is clear there are deep local grievances. mozambique's growing oil and gas industry is part of it one of the world's largest natural gas reserves has been found off the coast of copper delgado oil companies have moved in but people have remained poor was analysts say years of
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government neglect in the province have proved toxic it does tend. to state. all the international. companies. and. communities particularly in the us that. the army's response hasn't always helped i'm using both here the soldier filming orders others to set fire to an enemy camp except those that love you less orders have been accused of executing any man they suspect of collaborating with the armed groups the army and the government didn't respond to our request for comment. as the violence escalates more people flee there's little support in the camps and a shortage of food but it's not safe to go home malcolm webb al-jazeera.
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boeing has begun safety test flights for its grounded 737 max airliner the plane was banned from the skies in march 21000 of the 2 crashes that killed almost 350 people the u.s. federal aviation administration gave the go ahead for the test flights 737 max will be allowed to fly again when it meets the safety certification standards. your charges there of means the whole run the reminder of our top news stories hong kong media are reporting that china's top legislative body has approved a national security law for the territory criminalizing acts of dissent and imposing heavy penalties for offenders well these are live pictures coming out of hong kong where public anger at the passing of the law is already being felt a group of protesters have gathered defiantly at one of the city's main shopping
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malls condemning what they see as a draconian law that could spell an end to their city's ptolemy major brand has more from hong kong. even before local media and now instead this law had been passed it was already beginning to have a chilling effect now joshua wang a well known young democracy activist has said that he's going to be resigning from the political party he helped to set up he believes he'll be a target of this new security law and he says he's leaving the party in order to practice his own beliefs privately also another member of the same party nathan law who's also announced his resignation and a smaller pro-democracy party called the hong kong national front has also announced it disbanding so you can see the effect already that the law is starting to have. a surge a new coronavirus cases in the u.s. is causing at least a dozen states and cities to rethink their reopening strategies the country's top
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expert on infectious diseases says it's because people are ignoring health guidelines and head of the world health organization has warned the worst is yet to come and it's been revealed that senior white house officials were made aware last year of intelligence information that russia was offering to pay taliban fighters to target american troops in afghanistan now this contradicts statements from the us president egypt has told the u.n. it faces an existential threat from hydroelectric dam that ethiopia's building on the blue nile ethiopia is expected to start filling it with water next month but at a virtual meeting of the security council egypt's foreign affairs minister warns of conflict if the u.n. doesn't intervene because you have all of the stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com back with more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera but next it's counting the cost to stay with us. from young might be a. revolutionary thing. from political activism to
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incarceration in one of the 2 point documentary seen. explores the singleminded journey. the 1st leader of an independent bosnia herzegovina. is a bag of. from prisoner to president on jersey. hello i'm come all santamaria this is counting the cost on al-jazeera the weekly look at the world of business and economics this week europe does the continent deal with a rising china and a u.s. president who riles his own allies with the threats facing new york from the silent
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chinese economic takeover for a full blown try.


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