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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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the. the. the in. china's move to squash hong kong dissent and national security law is passed that could see that could send protest leaders to jail for life. play watching al-jazeera live from a world headquarters with me fully back also coming out this is not even close to being over a warning the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is yet to come as infection surgeon countries rethink reopening measures republican politicians in the us demand action
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against russia if reports are true it paid taliban fighters to kill american soldiers in afghanistan it will be used to choke. prime minister is said to lay out his plan to rescue the 5 john economy we visit one town way unemployment is high to hear what needs to be done. thank you for joining us it's the development hong kong democracy movement feared the most china's top legislative body has unanimously approved a national security law to be imposed in the territory acts of secession subversion terrorism or conclusion with foreign forces could face a maximum sentence of life in jail critics say it will be used to stamp out all forms of dissent a protest against the new law have been held in the past few hours it follows months of unrest driven by fear of china's tightening grip on hong kong the
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territories appeal as a major international financial center stems from its. liberal values and independent course which are now widely perceived to be at risk all be speaking to agent brown who is in hong kong in just a few minutes for more reaction from there but 1st to katrina you in beijing katrina this was a swift and secretive process and we're still waiting for the exact details to emerge. that's right we know as we speak 3 pm local time that's just gone 3 pm here and they joining the hong kong liaison office here in the capital have called a meeting to all hong kong delegates who are members of the national people's congress that is china's polman so as we understand they're having a closed door meeting to be told the details of this national security law still don't know details out in public yet but the beijing office has also announced that tomorrow wednesday morning local time at 10 am local time there will be a press conference so we could expect some more questions and some more details
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about the nitty gritty what exactly this national security law entails and we may have to wait when's a morning local time for that but we do know that china standing committee its top legislative body held a meeting 9 am local time today choose day to vote on this law and it was unanimously passed shortly after by the 162 members of that body it's a hefty law they discussed it's a 6 chapters including 66 articles that they've been discussing since sunday we were told there were 12 hong kong observers taking part in that discussion but so far we are yet to hear the exact details as i mentioned earlier we do know that life imprisonment could be on the cards as one of the penalties and also beijing will have jurisdiction over some of those crimes so extradition to the mainland could also be on the agenda when this law comes to pass now we know that this law was extremely fast tracked here in beijing only 40 days since it was 1st announced
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during china's national people's congress and that's incredibly quick when you consider morsels in china take years to pass so this really demonstrates beijing's determination to stamp out these pro-democracy protests which many attal analysts say were simply too much of a threat to china's power in hong kong china's leaders on the other hand say that these protests were true destructive they're too much of threat to the region stability. to its prosperity that this law mocks a fresh start but of course at the end of the day critics say this will invariably crush freedoms in hong kong but we have to look at the date that this is all happening tomorrow is july the 1st the anniversary of hong kong's handover back from britain to the mainland so this is very symbolic for beijing and they're making a stand and sending the message that at the end of the day it is beijing who is in charge in hong kong thank you katrina for the moment katrina you in beijing there let's get reaction now out of hong kong adrian brown is there for us adrian of the
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passing of this noise seems to be having already an effect on the politics of hong kong. yes that's right an immediate effect in the past few hours joshua wong a well known pro-democracy advocate has announced that he is leaving resigning from the party that he helped to found another member of that party is also resigning now joshua wong believes that he's going to be a target of this stupid law and says it is you know wants to continue his beliefs and practices in private another musical party that advocates independence but hong kong has also announced its disbanding the former chief executive of hong kong c why long has announced in a facebook message that he will offer $130000.00 u.s. dollars to anybody who can provide they provide evidence of somebody breaking the new national security law so that gives you a flavor of the mood here in hong kong at the moment as you said in your
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introduction have been a few minor protests but i think a real test will come on july the 1st when symbolically there is a large mob has happened of course last july the police service denied one protest group an application to hold such an event but as i say we'll know on wednesday whether people are going to be prepared to test that new law because of course the police have said they will arrest anybody who defies that ban which also defies social distancing regulations the government has also announced this social distancing regulations they are going to be extended for a nother 2 weeks so that should ensure i think from the government's perspective the people will stay off the streets but maybe not. ok adrian thank you for that adrian brown live for us in hong kong. the corona virus is far from over that's the warning from the world health organization the agency says
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a pandemic isn't close to being under control as a number of cases continue to search globally the w.h.o. is sending a team to china next week to investigate the origins of the disease we all know this to be over we all want to get on with our lives but the hard reality is this is not even close to being over although many countries have made some progress globally the pond is actually speeding up the increase in infections in the u.s. is forcing at least a dozen states and cities to rethink their reopening strategies a country's top expert on infectious diseases brains people for ignoring health guidelines dr anthony found she has called it
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a recipe for disaster al jazeera is christian salome has more. with long lines for tests and new coronavirus cases surging texas and other u.s. states that were some of the quickest to reopen for business are now worried that their hospitals are approaching capacity and rethinking their strategy and florida's broward county the famous fort lauderdale beach will be closed for independent state july 4th i'm hearing from our hospitals that there have been a large number of patient influx and if we don't control the spread we might have a situation where we have to ration health care for someone who is ill and that is definitely not a place that we want to be same for california beaches many people. were not necessarily being as responsible as they otherwise as we would like them to be as a relates to practicing physical distance and social distancing people that weren't
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wearing their face masks and in california and arizona as well as texas they're closing bars and nightclubs after seeing infections rising people under 40 and masks will now be required in public and all of kansas and in jacksonville florida the city where the republican party plans to hold some of its national convention new york governor andrew cuomo blamed president trump for pushing states to reopen too quickly and called on him to issue an executive order requiring maston public nationwide states that were recalcitrant governors who said we don't need to do this. masks don't work or the political nonsense we heard now they're doing a 180 and you have the same states now wearing masks. he unveiled a model to simulate the mountain of corona virus cases that new york has overcome with new infections and fatality rates now at their lowest levels since the start
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of the pandemic and continuing to trend downward one leading global health. the expert says the states must act quickly and aggressively if we think about the things that are really risky most of the states are open when their underlying level of cases was really so high they weren't coming down so i think it is meet the white house's own guidelines experts say even with these new measures in place it may now take weeks to start to see infection rates in these areas decline cristen salumi al-jazeera the white house says it will brief democratic process on reports that russia paid taliban fighters to target american troops in afghanistan democrats were left out of an intelligence briefing on monday the kremlin and the white house are denying the report alan fisher has more from washington from the white house podium a denial the president was ever briefed on the so-called bowing to kills the now say this that the u.s. receives thousands of reports
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a day on intelligence and they are subject to strict scrutiny while the white house does not routinely comment on alleged intelligence or internal deliberations the cia director n.s.a. national security adviser in the chief of staff can all confirm and either the president nor the vice president were briefed on the alleged russian russian bounty intelligence. afghanistan is america's longest war american troops have been there for 19 years and despite talks of a peace deal there's no indication to leave anytime soon america helped contribute weapons to push russia out of the country in the 1980 s. and killed russian mercenaries in syria 2 years ago now according to the new york times it's payback time newspaper says the russians offered cash for kills coalition soldiers and general american soldiers in particular but from the kremlin another denial. 1st of all those statements are laws secondly if in the united states special services are still answerable to the u.s.
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president then i suggest focusing on president trump statement he really gave an appraisal of those reports he did in a tweet intel just reported to me that they did not find this info credible and therefore did not report to me or v.p. possibly another fabricated russia hoax that says the white house explains why there has been no response from the american side the story didn't stand up on capitol hill lawmakers have demanded an intelligence be focused on who knew what and when and if the president was in fact briefed intelligence sources tell media outlets not only is the information solid it was given to the highest level of the white house but there's still a lot of unanswered questions and while there remain unanswered there lies a potential risk to a president who's had a difficult relationship with russia from even before he took office alan fischer al jazeera still ahead on al-jazeera why the israeli prime minister's plans to an
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exotic by the west bank may be on hold. a threat of potentially of this proportion . down disappeared with sudan in egypt take center stage at the you weigh. and there's still a very unsettled picture that i will central and also northwestern areas of europe now all the rain is coming from this one area of low pressure and this current of cadigan sea right there across the central eastern areas is the old times that same system meanwhile across the northwest it has been issued a pardon me look at this this is a picture monday morning and wimbledon the calls normally it would have been the 1st day of wimbledon but of course instead it's household being closed but there's a plenty of showers coming through across much of the northwest in fact more heavy rain as well into all central and eastern areas of poland just what we do not want
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to see because just look at this this is the southeast and the floodwaters have still to recede and they really are very widespread and as you can see very deep of know some guys this has been a long time before this a flood waters really do care but at least on tuesday there's a break from all the rain is quite a cloudy picture but you can see that real heavy rain is pushing well 'd up into western russia on up into northern as a scandinavia some more rain as well working its way across into sweden and also denmark every shot of much of the u.k.'s michel's pushing into northern france the low countries and then rainy way from there again 12 scattered showers but really for the most part it should be dry wednesday is another very unsettled day the rain again very widespread across the u.k. some heaviest spells into northern germany and again or russia storms into southern france. frank assessments tourism but the income stream is dead in the water what's been
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the result seen perching quite significantly informed opinions there has been a very restive political rhetoric that has become very normal in israeli society in-depth analysis of the day it's global headlines it's time to do you say our country not only disintegrating brittany fish the baby we call continues inside story on al-jazeera. the a. welcome back a recap of our top stories on algis year at china's top legislative body has unanimously approved a national security law for hong kong ill make acts of descending legal with heavy
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penalties for those who break the law critics say this is beijing's way of washing dissent w.h.o. is warning the coronaviruses saw from being under control this case is continue to surge globally there's been a spike in the u.s. because of people ignoring social distancing guy fights and the white house says democrats will be briefed on reports russia paid taliban fighters to target american troops in afghanistan it's been believed senior officials knew about the allegations earlier this year but the president says he wasn't told. feather reports israel's top leaders prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the main coalition partner his main coalition partner benny gantz are odds about the country's planned an accession of the occupied west bank as now was set to move forward with the plan as early as this week as get more from harry fawcett in west jerusalem for us so it seems that there are tensions between gantz and netanyahu over the spline what can we read into this harry.
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well yes it's a little bit difficult because benny gantz isn't yet coming out with an absolutely firm declaration of his party and his own position on this but he has been in recent days been giving hints at least pretty broad ones that he wants to see at least a delay in any immediate moves on friday he released a statement talking about his parameters among which were ensuring that any palestinians who would be subject to an expression living in and to be annexed lands would get equal rights saying that he would advance bilateral moves with palestinians if an exception were to proceed and then on monday in talks with senior u.s. officials who are here ahead of this july the 1st state which is the 1st state from which mr tomorrow we're talking about from which who can move ahead with annexation plans he said in that he said to them at that date was not sacred and later in the
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day saying that everything that isn't to do with fighting the coronavirus can wait until after the coronavirus now netanyahu came back against that pretty sharply almost immediately saying that blue and white the party of dance was not really a major factor in annexation again in talks this morning tuesday morning with the u.s. official brian hook the envoy on iran affairs at the meeting on iran during a brief statement ahead of that he said that there were some things that were important enough even to talk about and deal with during coronavirus making a pretty broad allusion there the key question really and this is something that one of netanyahu own very close associates was saying on the radio this morning. apologies for that we seem to have lost our connection with harry fawcett there was talking to us about mr benjamin netanyahu was a planned announcement of. the occupied west bank which is expected to do on
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wednesday but there seems to be tensions with this coalition partner benny gantz we'll have more on this story for you throughout the day here of course and they're returning to the coronavirus crisis and knock down measures are being re-impose across latin america as a region struggles to get its outbreak under control but some countries are lifting restrictions claiming the battle against the virus is being won. for some by a cyrus. with the number of people infected by the covered 1000 virus continuing to rise through districts especially densely populated cities or imposing or reimposing tough new lockdown measures. here in borno siris the hardest hit parts of argentina your thought is a putting tight travel restrictions back in place the ban on outdoor exercise lifted 3 weeks ago returns on wednesday when the shutters will also come down on all non-essential businesses. neighboring bolivia approaching 1000 covered 19
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deaths and with some regional health systems a breaking point has announced it will extend its quarantine until the end of july . however in mexico city restrictions are being eased with many businesses being allowed to reopen were not all that convinced the coronavirus is retreating. as an authentic going in for a moment people are not very well informed unfortunately we're not at the peak of this virus and i don't think we're prepared i think there will be a 2nd wave of infections. in peru one of the worst affected countries in latin america the government says the end is in sight and its 100 day lockdown will end on tuesday but borders will remain closed and some still struggling regions will keep their quarantines in place. meanwhile the stark economic impact of the pandemic is becoming clearer the authorities in cuba have asked all of those who can to grow their own food for. high so all the little bits of land i have
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flowers are pretty because they provide beauty but flowers don't provide food i removed a few flowers my wife had there and i started to sew food and i urge everyone to make the most of a beautiful and a small parcel of home. and in brazil with nearly 58000 deaths and more than one in the quarter 1000000 people infected the government has announced a record 11 percent budget deficit the may a more than a 1000000 jobs lost so far this year as the country enters into recession trading restrictions in some cities are being lifted. president job no roses the economy is more important the more he calls a little flu. of a larger a more frequent protests indicate that increasing numbers of was illions don't agree with him. when osiris as a u.k. begins to live small coronavirus restrictions one city will remain under lockdown
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barely 2 weeks after it began reopening the prime minister has ordered all schools and non-essential stores in leicester to shut after a recent spike involving $1000.00 cases a new local measures will be reviewed in 2 weeks the city accounts for 10 percent of all countrywide cases with a high incidence of infections in children and the british prime minister is said to lay out his long awaited plan later on tuesday on how to jumpstart the economy after the damage caused by coronavirus with widespread fears unemployment could rise to levels not seen since the 1980 s. or is johnson is being called on to invest heavily in the poorest parts of the country now honestly reports from rhonda valley in south wales where they are currently more than 60 people chasing every job. every shouted shop every collapsed business tells a story of lost hope there's barely a soul around volleyed hasn't had a single customer all day so he's closing early is not somebody who was in the
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industry of. all raise. but. they're going to help us. give it in good hands for 34 months this is ok. if you know lose everything everybody lose their job. the valley used to be thriving the largest coal seam in britain led to the villages being built around the mines but it's all been gone for 40 years and the community is a stranded there are now 63 people chasing every job here is the 2nd highest unemployment rate in the entire u.k. boris johnson's government was elected on an express promise to what he called level up provide vast amounts of financial support to the left behind communities around the u.k. like this and that was in december before the virus even came here all that's done is to massively amplify enormous problems that were already there. many of these places don't even have
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a railway line connecting them to the big cities but even if that's what the government side deal of infrastructure spending looks like it's directly at odds with what the rhonda says it really needs which is a new sustainable local economy to replace the one the disappeared we've suffered in the past where jobs have been created by large companies who come in and taken grants and exploited low wage labor and then up sticks and left as soon as the economic conditions change if we were able to invest in people owning their own businesses in the form of cooperatives people actually own in the means of production then they're more likely to stay in these communities and i see no reason at all why government can't be investing in that way now and what will johnson do to immediately replace all those jobs lost in the 1st half of this year big infrastructure plans take years to get off the ground if you want economics to represent a kind of diverse decentralized inclusive britain then you have to think other than
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just spend money on projects it's all about ensuring communities can be sustainable and thrive and people can find prosperity in every part of every kind of community in every city in every region of the u.k. goes a long way beyond pouring concrete on the economic situation in places like this is so dire that arguably anything is better than nothing but if what's on offer is something like a new railway line to get people out it isn't the same as finding ways they can stay largely al-jazeera in the role of early one of the biggest acts in the world is now fighting for its survival sack just ole will file for bankruptcy protection at quebec superior court on tuesday has been forced to cancel all of its shells around the world because of a pandemic in montreal based firm says it will cut $3500.00 jobs 95 percent of its path. medics in scrubs and face masks have say face masks have staged
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a protest in spain's capital. i somehow sign saying i'm exhausted and we use our skin as shields accounting for greater job security and increased pay spain spain's health system has been overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic. in venezuela president nicolas maduro has ordered the european union's envoy to leave the country within 72 hours the expulsion is in response to sanctions the e.u. imposed on venezuelan officials for acting against the opposition one congress. i've decided to give the european union ambassador in caracas 72 hours to leave the country so as to demand respect from the european union enough a european colonialism against been a spoiler enough of the persecution against been a swale or 72 hours for the un besler to leave the country enough of colonialist intervention of the supreme assist attitude of racism enough is enough egypt has
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told the united nations it faces an existential threat from a hydroelectric dam that ethiopia is building on the blue nile river it will be as expected to start filling the grand renaissance dam with water next month but at a virtual meeting of the security council egypt warned of conflicts if the un doesn't intervene diplomatic editor james bays reports from un headquarters in neil this massive dam project has been a long running source of regional tension but is the date for if you start filling the now completed dam near is it's becoming a major crisis with international dimensions it was the us that called for the 1st security council meeting on the issue of to being urged to do so but egypt which relies on an oil for 90 percent of its water. the matter on which i am addressing you today is of the growth of consequence of the egyptian people and requires like
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our efforts to combat this global pandemic it commitment to uphold the theory of cooperation and to recognize that no nation is an island unto itself but the ethiopian ambassador countered that the un was not the place to discuss this the speed let me be clear that he doesn't believe the issues being discussed today has a legitimate list in the security council it is bound to set a bad precedent and opened a pandora's box this council should not be a forum for exerting diplomatic pressure if you're in a dispute with the choice of mediators you probably choose the one that you think is going to give you the best result diplomats believe egypt gambled on internationalizing this conflict hoping that the presence of the u.s. a permanent member of the security council with
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a veto would help its case for now that hasn't worked. this week the african union convened fresh talks and many council members believe it's those efforts that should take priority for now although the dispute is becoming angrier one analyst says he believes it's unlikely any of the countries involved will resort to force alternately especially in the long run the only way for egypt to secure those supplies is by cooperation with its upstream neighbors very much including you know if this escalated into any form of conflict it's going to make it much much difficult for the parties to overcome the remaining obstacles to reaching an agreement on the go and it really could set back relations in the long term at the end of the meeting both egypt and ethiopia asked for the floor again disputing the other's position when the diplomats believe you only way to resolve things is for all 3 countries egypt ethiopia and sudan to return to the negotiating
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table and make concessions in this dispute no one's going to get exactly what they want james al-jazeera at the united nations. again i'm fully back with the headlines on al-jazeera china's top legislative body has unanimously approved a national security law for hong kong ill make acts of dissent illegal with heavy penalties for those who break the law beijing bypassed the territories legislated to impose a long train a u. has more from china i got this call was extremely fast tracked here in beijing only 40 days since it was 1st announced during china is national people's congress and that's incredibly quick when you consider most laws in china take years to pass so this really demonstrates beijing's determination to stamp out these pro-democracy protests which many attal analysts say were simply too much of
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a threat to china's power in hong kong china leaders on the other hand say that these protests which are just wrapped in there are too much of threat to the region stability to its prosperity that this war marks a fresh start. the world health organization is warning coronavirus is far from being under control as cases continue to surge globally there's been a spike in cases in the u.s. because of people ignoring social distancing guidelines the increase in infections is forcing at least a dozen states and cities to rethink their reopening strategies. the medics in scrubs and face masks have staged a protest in spain's capital madrid somehow sign saying i'm exhausted and we use our skin to shield their calling for greater job security and increased pay spain's health system has been overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic the white house says democrats will be briefed on reports that russia paid taliban fighters to target
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american troops in afghanistan they were initially left out of a debriefing on monday it's been revealed senior officials knew about the allegations months ago but president trump says he wasn't told. there are reports that israel's top leaders from ministers benjamin netanyahu and main call his main coalition partner benny gantz are at odds about the country's bond an expansion of the occupied west bank and to now was set to move forward with a plan as early as this week and egypt's foreign minister has told the u.n. it faces an existential threat from a hydroelectric dam that ethiopia's building on the blue nile he warned of conflicts if the un doesn't intervene ethiopia is expected to stop filling it with water next month you're upset with headlines on i'll just have more news for you after inside story to stay with us on july 1st russians had to the polls to vote on constitutional reforms including changes that could enable putin to remain in
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office to 2036 but with a drop in approval ratings for his handling of the pandemic are they willing to leave the wait for an even longer presidency follow legal developments on a disease. how should u.s. police forces be reformed as protests against police brutality go on so the calls to cut funding even abolishing that law enforcement agencies but is that the political will for genuine change this is it's a story. hello and welcome to the program in morocco and the killing of george floyd last month the triggered protests across the u.s. and elsewhere against police brutality the 4 minneapolis officers who arrested the 46 year old black american a back in court.


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