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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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in that state apparatus. people in power examines whether forging a new constitution can turn the page in the most unequal of the world's 30 wealthiest nations chile in a chaise legacy on a jazz. this is al jazeera. but they're on the clock this is a news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. china's move to squash hong kong to send to national security laws passed that could send protest leaders to jail for life. if it was their job. we visit a town in britain where work is becoming increasingly scarce as promised johnson lays out his plan to rescue the economy. it's not safe to go home we need to some
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of the 10s of thousands of people who fled killings and kidnappings by an armed group in north. and in sport african football bosses will be making some big decisions in the coming hours next year's cup of nations in cameroon may have to be postponed due to the impact of coronavirus. so then china is about to impose a new security law in hong kong 23 years after it took back control and promised a one country 2 systems policy the controversial law was passed unanimously in beijing just 40 days after it was proposed anything it defines as acts of secession subversion terrorism or collusion with foreign forces could lead to life in prison and critics say the law will be used to stamp out all forms of dissent that have already been spontaneous protests in hong kong and some opposition parties or
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they've announced that they are going to disband the u.k. the e.u. japan taiwan they've all criticized the law but china has dismissed their concerns as interference in internal affairs while we're going to be speaking to a jim brown hong kong just a few minutes but 1st to katrina you in beijing and katrina meetings have been going on i guess he's a briefings right now because the law has been passed but we're still waiting for precise details only. that's right we know the standing committee voted to pass this law about 9 am local time today on tuesday and this afternoon 3 pm local time we had china's hong kong liaison office hold power alone meetings one in beijing and one in hong kong to discuss this law now we understand that all the hong kong delegates to china's n.p.c. the national people's congress which is china's polman were attending those meetings it seemed to not be
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a very long meeting perhaps when for about an alice and the delegates exit in and spoke to the media saying that they didn't hear specific details but they were more briefed on the spirit. the spirit of the law than the law in some nation so we're not given any details yet but we have heard from beijing's commission for legislative affairs and the hong kong macau office saying that they will give a press conference tomorrow morning wednesday local time at 10 am so we may have to wait for more details then and certainly that would be enormously symbolic for the chinese government because it's july the 1st it is the anniversary of the handover of hong kong from britain back to china 23 years ago right and that's going to be one to watch sure tomorrow and wednesday the international community very critical of this u.s. threatening issue all sorts of threats the u.k. doing the same and we could be regional response as well and you wonder how beijing is going to reply to them that's right we haven't heard details yet but
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many foreign governments are suspecting that this law is going to crush hong kong's freedoms and rights and they've made complaints they have their condemnation of this leaders in taiwan the u.k. and japan have spoken about this now china's foreign ministry are very displeased with this reaction the general spokesperson spoke to the press earlier today and this is what he had to say in response. so. china has already made clear its position on the japanese opinion regarding hong kong issues hong kong's affairs a chinese internal affairs that there is no place for foreign interference this improvement of the legal system and its enforcement mechanism for upholding national security in hong kong is in accordance with the one country 2 systems rule . the chinese government has been at pains to try to convince the international community and the public that this law is good for hong kong and they
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say that this is designed to defend whole coast ability its prosperity of course it's having a very hard time doing that and not only have we had these criticisms the us has actually said in the lead up to this law being possibly a will potentially remove some of the special conditions given to hong kong which allow it to function as a global international financial center now china has been furious with this response saying that they will not be intimidated by this and they will retaliate although as you get we don't know exactly what countermeasures they might put into play or a katrina that's the picture in beijing katrina you there let's gets reaction out of hong kong adrian brown is there in the asian as katrina was saying we have to watch what happens on july the 1st that's tomorrow that's wednesday which is the anniversary of the policy from britain to chinese mainland but the passing of this law has already had an effect on how people are going to operate in hong kong.
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absolutely it's been a chilling and as you say an immediate political impact the young pro-democracy activist joshua one of course known all around the world announced on tuesday that he was resigning from the party he helped to found just a few hours later the party itself was dissolved also to smaller political groups that advocate independence to hong kong also announced they were desponding so that is a measure of the sort of atmosphere there is in hong kong at the moment we went out in the streets earlier on today just to speak to ordinary people at lunchtime to try and gauge their opinions their feelings about this law but none of them wanted to come and that's very unusual here in hong kong now the chief executive carol lam who wouldn't speak to the media about this new law on choose day morning has though been speaking in an international address for the united nations human rights
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conference that's taking place in geneva she as you might expect defended this law saying it was going to improve hong kong's legal system and significantly she said this new law would not be used retroactively so people who have committed offenses like you know desecrating china's flag or desecrated one of china's symbols will not be prosecuted but this is more of what she had to say to that united nations conference no central government could turn a blind eye to such threats to suffer n.t. and national security as well as christophe's of their ship of state power all in all these acts have crossed the one country red line and court for a wrestler to action as the highest organ of state power in china the national people's congress has to constitutional power and the duty to enact national security legislation for the hong kong as they are.
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well nick more than 30 years ago i covered the run up to the handover here in hong kong and i can remember doing many stories about people leaving in hong kong joining what was called the brain drain well the same thing is happening now i spoke to a young man a few days ago who is leaving with his 2 children and wife he sat there in front of me saying i feel like i'm a criminal a dissident talking to you about why i want to leave hong kong which is why he also didn't want to give his identity but the fact that he felt compelled to say that again gives you a measure of the atmosphere in hong kong at the moment now people like him are going to be leaving i think in their droves they're going to be voting with their feet you know for him times that 510203040 perhaps 50000 and this is the brightest and best of hong kong what will happen well almost certainly that void will be filled by skilled workers speaking english from across the mainland yeah it's a very big day isn't a settlement no doubt brown thanks very much indeed i'm pleased to say we're joined
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now by martin lee he's the founding chairman of the united democrats which became the democratic party of hong kong martin lee welcome to the program and now the new york times recently wrote a view that you've dedicated your life to bringing democracy to hong kong while still working within the system you're described as a moderate yet even you were arrested in april how do you assess this day. well my party will stay on and i will stay and of course we realize that the prospects of being put into prison would be very high but the passage of this law but what is really frustrating is that even though be known this law will be operative tomorrow none of us have seen a copy of it so we don't know what sort of a friend says we might be committing tomorrow i mean this is ridiculous but i'm not too concerned about the actual contents of all because i expect them to leave the
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cold and and reasonable but the real impact on is much further much more serious than that what this piece of legislation in fact for me means one. is that when the british government returned. to the people of china 23 years ago it was on the promise of dumb shopping then paramount ahead of china they said would be run by hong kong people but a high degree of autonomy which means that apart from defense and foreign affairs we the people of hong kong will be masters of our own house in terms of the executive legislative and judicial now with the president of this not everything is changing instead of hong kong people who are in hong kong is now the communist party boarding instead of being enjoyed
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a high degree of autonomy now the communist party will be ruling with comprehensive power control so do you think it's do you think this is a statement is this it is there no way back now. well that they are now actually defining the new position. which this is just another chinese city we have no. degree of economy and all that is this is a problem they have complete control of even our courts this is what they would do not read every case but they they could at the ready there is they should do some small number of cases china may actually decide. will you continue to fight we continue to take the risk perhaps of life imprisonment we're already seeing disbanding of some you say that your party is going to stay but some democratic parties have been disbanded already i know we're going to stay no doubt
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about it we have done nothing wrong all these years everything i did is farm calm and i've been following the basic law keeping the basic law which is i mean the constitution but it now appears that the one country 2 systems called assessment change china which is google with comprehensive power of control they can do anything but our government our government is completely on its knees look at our chief executive she should be defending our system is supposed to be a different system could china but she is not she was not entirely on her knees and so is the majority are legit it is entirely. the minority of the democrats very much at their mercy but we are going to stay do you think the international community can bring any influence to bear i mean the u.s. has threatened to eliminate the special conditions to allow to allow hong kong to
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operate as a financial center of the u.k. offering up the possibility of life in the u.k. for residents of hong kong the e.u. today saying it deplores the lauren we need to decide what to do they say the question is is all of that going to make a difference i'm sorry the question is is all of that going to make any difference . i don't know. one person in china the head will decide what you do and of course the connection is sure china to go back to dumb show promise to let it go through with a high degree of autonomy that was a promise which the british government returned to china and that congress has to be here to. militarily we appreciate your time chairman of the united democrats thank you very much i pretty well the head of the world health
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organization has warned the coronavirus pandemic is not even close to ending and in some areas the rate of infection is speeding up in australia a testing blitz is underway in melbourne after a spike in cases parts of the city have been locked down again with people only allowed to leave their homes for essential trips rest the country is easing restrictions as infections drop in the u.k. the city of leicester has also been a lot to down almost a 1000 new cases were reported there over 2 weeks known as central shops are shut and most schools will close on thursday the rest of england is preparing to further loosen restrictions and to reopen pubs and restaurants this weekend let's bring in general who joins us live now from leicester and as i say lester reimposing restrictions on the standard laws had to be changed in the process. yes well managing this localized lock down is going to be key to figuring out how to manage future localised lock downs as they now seem to be inevitable nick in the
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coming months perhaps longer than that until there's a vaccine and coronavirus finally goes away so lester becomes the 1st u.k. city to go back into lockdown off the back of figures released last night monday night by the health secretary matt hancock illustrating quite why one in 10 new infections happening nationwide are now happening here in leicester with 6 to 10 daily hospital admissions as opposed to just one on average in other n.h.s. trusts and also evidence pointing rather worryingly to the fact that while other localised outbreaks have successfully been snuffed out at source of food production facility here a factory there here in leicester they seem to have lost control of their outbreak which is now said to be spreading within the community and particularly through multigenerational households in the large asian community in the city so this is a $350000.00 person city it goes back into lockdown essential travel only in and out of the city nonessential shops closed today schools on thursday the pubs and
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restaurants won't open on saturday as they will do in the rest of the country and it's a sort of giant reminder if you like for people who thought the corona virus was over verde it's not and how they manage things here as you say with changing laws giving local authorities greater powers and so on to try and enforce compliance how they do all that is a template now for what may very well happen in other big population centers across the country i can see here johnson making a speech on my screen right now in dudley not too far from where you are at the moment talking about how the country how he plans for the country to recover from all this. quite a contrast isn't it just 50 miles away from here also in the english middens or is johnson's trying it appears to deflect attention away from corona virus and particularly criticism of the government's handling of coronavirus to talk up a sort of bright new post coronavirus future the location is all about the audience
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he's aiming this speech very much at what is called the formal redbelt the labor party working class heartlands of the past one by the conservative party in the election back in december of their promised boris johnson's promise to get breaks it down and to level up this part of the country with the rest of the country the so-called left behind here by global capitalism so he's making big infrastructural spending promises here build back better is the latest 3 word slogan aimed at building roads schools hospitals environmental spending as well he's comparing himself in this speech to franklin d. roosevelt the us president who helped pull the us out of the great depression with his big new deal spending promises in the 1930 s. but critics already rounding on the detail of this speech pointing out among other things that the spending just $5000000000.75 pounds $7000000000.00 or so is a fraction of what roosevelt spent these are not new promises they come straight out of the tory party manifesto of last year and of course if he's trying to draw
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attention away from coronavirus well just 50 miles away here in leicester. if it's doing anything but exactly they're in a nutshell is that jenelle thanks very much indeed well there are fears unemployment in the u.k. could rise to levels not seen since $1800.00 in the wake of coronavirus currently reports now from around the valley in south wales where there are a number than 60 people chasing every job. every shouted shop every collapsed business tells a story of lost hope there's barely a soul around volleyed hasn't had a single customer all day so he's closing early if not. all raise. but. they're going to help us. do you pretend it's for 34 months this is ok. if you know lose everything everybody lose their job. the valley used to be thriving the largest coal seam in
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britain led to the villages being built around the mines but it's all been gone for 40 years and the community is a stranded there are now 63 people chasing every job here is the 2nd highest unemployment rate in the entire u.k. boris johnson's government was elected on an express promise to what he called level up provide vast amounts of financial support to the left behind communities around the u.k. like this and that was in december before the virus even came here all that's done is to massively amplify enormous problems that were already there. many of these places don't even have a railway line connecting them to the big cities but even if that's what the government side dhea of infrastructure spending looks like it's directly at odds with what the rhonda says it really needs which is a new sustainable local economy to replace the one that disappeared we've suffered in the past where jobs have been created by large companies who come in and taken
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grants and exploited no wage labor and then up sticks and left as soon as the economic conditions change if we would be able to invest in people owning their own businesses in the form of cooperatives people actually own in the means of production then they more likely to stay in these communities and i see no reason it or why government can't be investing in that way now and what will johnson do to immediately replace all those jobs lost in the 1st half of this year big infrastructure plans take years to get off the ground if you want economics to represent a kind of centralized inclusive britain then you have to make other than just spend money on projects it's all about ensuring communities can be sustainable and thrive and people can find prosperity in every part of every kind of community in every city in every region of the u.k. and that goes a long way beyond pouring concrete on the economic situation in places like this is
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so dire that arguably anything is better than nothing but if what's on offer is something like a new railway line to get people out it isn't the same as finding ways they can stay largely al-jazeera in the wrong. now the army in northern mozambique is struggling to stop attacks by fighters affiliated to eisele hundreds of people have been killed and 200000 to fled their homes and coverdell cardo province in the past 3 years and soldiers sent to confront the fighters battling for an islamic state of being accused of abuse of welcome weapons for. beheadings kidnappings and torching of homes is what these people fled now they live in this camp in northern mozambique an armed group has been attacking. province for nearly 3 years.
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there are boys in there but not really it was about 5 in the afternoon when the attackers came and started burning houses i ran with my wife and i shot her they killed her in front of me i managed to escape they came with guns and machetes and started burning houses. he's been fighting back but information is scarce journalists and researches found in the conflict zone arrested. social media videos like this one filmed by a soldier who can be seen from outside. and i haven't been going well for the army. posted by fighters from the group chose a military vehicle they captured. 2 years the group attacked only remote villages and said nothing. then 3 months ago he started attacking and briefly occupying towns in this message a fighter rejects the government and calls people to fight on the run i still flag
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i still is claimed responsibility for some of the attacks it's not clear if there's any real link between the groups but it is clear there are deep local grievances. mozambique's growing oil and gas industry is part of it one of the world's largest natural gas reserves has been found off the coast of copper delgado oil companies have moved in but people have remained poor was analysts say years of government neglect in the province have proved toxic it does tend. to state. all the international. companies. and. communities particularly in the us that. the army's response hasn't always helped
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others in both here the soldier filming orders others to set fire to an enemy camp get those that have been told as have been accused of executing any men they suspect of collaborating with the armed group the army and the government didn't respond to our request for comment. as the violence escalates more people flee as little support in the camp and a shortage of food but it is not safe to go home malcolm webb out is there as. well if that is on which is me not to david also who is a security consultant who specializes in counterterrorism and organized crime and joins us from london david autor it's a very real problem in northern mozambique why has i still been so successful in taking territory in the north. of course so these you say look all of them as a shoe that you know cause you so soon to be truly to be in the support of a tribe that you work with miami. the up to date it themselves.
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and now pretty in the northern part of the couple going to probably you know while they've taken a lot a lot of the territory in most about cryo but of course you understand the nature of these territory one fact that it's a huge who's one of about 3000 meters it's also a natural forest region and you don't be you know some of the political it will be consensual you know probably you know not even be sometimes you can be a kind of receive and the appropriate somehow like you know all the way around the young pre-teen it will be in nigeria in the early 2000. yeah i was going to say there is a very great similarities on the aisle they easily able to recruit people into the front that we had to fight for that cause that given that you even have the similarity of nigeria which is also oil rich and yet you have a lot of disparity of income of course you know they have the it wants. to recruit
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we need this region there's a lot of multimillion companies around upgrading these we don't examine being too tile they received. you know well you know guys you know one of the most reaches region you know if i may say i think what the you know the president you know president as we've been music should do if i went in new cannot be soon learned that these are going to do anything pretty nice to you is to give back and you know perhaps have an equal that's if you're in the nigerian government and not your in defense ministry speech or leave that you will be stuck we scorn me fighting the gays but we're i mean you see no way you cannot get it will not represent the need to have that kind of an african populace what is happening in mozambique nigeria has not had a great deal of success in fighting back her has it. yes but what nigerians are
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stone to you will not allow who are around to take the kind of territories that they have to get people to sleep before you know before 2050 so i think what you know mostly because it's not to allow them to display military trucks you know and you know ron rale been there. and and if you look at the tragedy of her own treatment nigeria you can see that at the un what's more amusing to look back at that moment something that's when it wasn't even mentioned. and stop soon enough what's not to allow them to actually win because it's a mindset that. you know because that is dangerous. but the entire country turns out you know some money out of kenya and of course you'll be saudi enough the region do something deborah to appreciate your expertise in this thanks very much for joining us thank you
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a journalist accused of spying and instigating protests in iran 3 years ago has been sentenced to death. run a channel on the popular messaging app telegram he used a platform to post videos and information about protests in the country hala was arrested in 2019 after returning from paris where he lived in exile a reporter as had begun is in terror and i said tell us more about the sentencing and can can he appeal. yes right he can appeal but and he's telegram child came to prominence in late 2017 folding protests around the country now those protests started in the city of mush and spread around the country now he is accused of corruption on the rich kids with it a death sentence here in iran he's also him and he's telegram channel news also accused of instigating some of those protests teaching people how to make more the tough cocktails as well as working with us french and israeli intelligence services
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but he's also seen as insulting the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini which is seen as a very serious crime here in iran. so the interesting thing here is the slightly curious is that had fled iran do we know how he came to be arrested. well there are reports that he was lured to iraq where he was detained and then handed over to iran now he is the son of a prominent cleric here in iran his father actually came out publicly and disowned him following some of those allegations but he is a political insider he knows how the system works and he's telegram channel routinely carried stories exclusives revealing documents that alleged corruption incidentally something the government here now is trying to fight against corruption but he this case has gained international attention because he's seen as a prominent opposition journalist type figure but this verdict comes at a time of economic hardship for the country there's rising unemployment rising
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inflation the economy has shrunk and it comes at a time of crippling u.s. sanctions and the krona virus pandemic some people believe that there could be further protests because there are reports of a diesel price increase now we saw protests back in november falling a fuel price increase and analysts believe it's a matter of when not if protests will happen that this verdict could be a warning to those people that are perceived to be working with outside forces outside countries to meddle in iran's internal affairs to instigate protests not to take those steps but he does have the right to appeal this death sentence it will go to the court of appeal if it's up held them to the supreme court but taking into previous cases just the death sentence is unlikely to change or as a thanks very much. thank you. or a busy news day but the weather march is only. yes as well we've had this have a range of course we've had widespread flooding but little bit of improvement i think on the way of the next few days let me show you 1st of all the satellite you
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can see in fact the last as it's been quite a bit clearer but there's still quite a mass of really rather severe thunderstorms all the way out towards the baltics that look at this even warsaw and the capital has been inundated with floodwaters that has a say things all set to improve now of the next 3 days we couple for seasonal thunderstorms certainly on thursday some fairly widespread rain generally close much of poland look at the i the day on the side it is fine it is good sunshine some good time which is so all of that will help now when it comes to temperatures as sunny is very warm across the east in europe and actually care across much of the south is just north of us in the cloud in the rain for now so look at this plenty of sunny skies plenty of empty beaches as well across into greece. and then into madrid the temperatures also have been well i would go 13 on celsius which is much above the average for this time of year so they've been yellow he posted for madrid as people calls trying to keep cool but the mosques make it that much more difficult makes it that much warmer so through tuesday more rain across much of the northwest have you spells across into scandinavia but look at that much better across those areas of poland still fairly cloudy picture we could see want to 2
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shows just pushing into the west on wednesday but again it should be a mostly clear day that rain is further cross the west becoming quite extensive across areas of france but again elsewhere the place to head is going to be the to spain with how much is actually getting back down to the normal levels and of course across into athens time which is generally in the mid thirty's and some very nice sunny skies nick empty beaches we can dream yes and call me just with. jenny thank you very much thank you and still ahead here on al-jazeera why the israeli prime minister's plans to annex the occupied west bank may be on. the threat of potentially a proportional ethiopia's dam to speak with you don and egypt take center stage at united nations. coming up to. reports are making a big move in the race to win the 14th street title and it will be in fact a more. from
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fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such demands as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against east amounts we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for future generations the breastpin pioneering future energy. if you are in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when miss somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world college chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our 1st president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part 2 on
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a jazzy. hello again you're watching al-jazeera updating our top stories we're hearing that china's president xi jinping is in the past us on the national security will be imposed on hong kong could see those convicted of such a session subversion or collusion with foreign forces spend life in prison critics say this is beijing's way of caution dissent. the u.k.'s prime minister boris johnson says britain's cannot continue to be in his words prisoners of coronavirus crisis he is he's outlining his vision for boosting the devastated economy after the pandemic. journalists accused of instigating the 2017 iranian economic protests
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has been sentenced to death we call and use the messaging platform to post videos and information about the rainy and officials. the increase in corona virus infections in the us is forcing at least a dozen states to rethink their strategies to reopen businesses america is a leading expert on infectious diseases blames people for ignoring health guidelines for trying to be found she is warning that ignoring social distancing or wearing a mask is a recipe for disaster christensen has more. with long lines for tests and new coronavirus cases surging texas and other u.s. states that were some of the quickest to reopen for business are now worried that their hospitals are approaching capacity and rethinking their strategy and florida's broward county the famous fort lauderdale beach will be closed for independent state july 4th i'm hearing from our hospitals that there have been
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a large number of patient influx and if we don't control the spread we might have a situation where we have to ration health care for someone who is ill and that is definitely not a place that we want to be same for california beaches many people. were not necessarily being as responsible as they otherwise as we would like them to be as a relates to practicing physical distance and social distancing people that weren't wearing their face masks and in california and arizona as well as texas they're closing bars and nightclubs after seeing infections rising people under 40 and masks will now be required in public and all of kansas and in jacksonville florida the city where the republican party plans to hold some of its national convention new york governor andrew cuomo blamed president trump for pushing states to reopen too quickly and called on him to issue an executive order requiring maston public
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nationwide states that were recalcitrant governors who said we don't need to do this. masks don't work or the political nonsense we heard now they're doing a 180 and you have the same states now wearing masks. he unveiled a model to simulate the mountain of corona virus cases that new york has overcome with new infections and fatality rates now at their lowest levels since the start of the pandemic and continuing to trend downward one leading global health. the expert says the states must act quickly and aggressively if we think about that these are really risky most of these states are open when their underlying level of cases was really still high they want coming down so i think it is meet the white house's own guidelines experts say even with these new measures in place it may now take weeks to start to see infection rates in these areas decline kristensen lummi
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al-jazeera looked at measures of being reimposed across latin america as a region struggles to get its corona virus outbreak under control but some countries are lifting restrictions claiming the battle against the virus is being one of my reports not from want to satirise. with the number of people infected by the covered 1000 virus continuing to rise several districts especially densely populated cities are imposing or reimposing tough new lockdown measures. here in one of the hardest hit parts of argentina the authorities are putting tight travel restrictions back in place the ban on outdoor exercise lifted 3 weeks ago returns on wednesday when the shutters will also come down on all non-essential businesses. neighboring bolivia approaching 1000 cobbett 19 deaths and with some regional health systems a breaking point has announced it will extend its quarantine until the end of july . however in mexico city restrictions are being eased with many businesses being
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allowed to reopen with not all that convinced the coronavirus is retreating. from our own people are not very well informed unfortunately we're not at the peak of this virus and i don't think we're prepared i think there will be a 2nd wave of infections. in peru one of the worst affected countries in latin america the government says the end is in sight and his 100 day lockdown will end on tuesday the borders will remain closed and some still struggling regions will keep their quarantines in place. meanwhile the stock economic impact of the pandemic is becoming clearer the authorities in cuba have asked all of those who can to grow their own food for. ice so all the little bits of land i have flowers are pretty because they provide beauty but flowers don't provide food i removed a few flowers my wife had there and i started to sew food and i urge everyone to
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make the most of a bit of land a small parcel of home. and in brazil with nearly 58000 deaths and more than one in a quarter 1000000 people infected the government has announced a record 11 percent budget deficit the may a more than a 1000000 jobs lost so far this year as the country enters into recession trading restrictions in some cities are being lifted. president job as the economy is more important the more he calls a little flu. of a larger a more frequent protests indicate that increasing numbers of was illions don't agree with him. when osiris. to israel now where the nation's leaders are reported to be olds about the plant i think they should have parts of the occupied west bank the prime minister benjamin netanyahu was set to move forward within the next 24 hours let's get more on this from harry fawcett who's in west jerusalem and harriet clearly there are tensions between guns and
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netanyahu what we read into this. well yes it really came into the open i think on friday with the statements of benny gantz as parameters for an exception included in them guaranteeing equal rights to any palestinians who live in areas which might be annexed. some kind of reciprocal moves between israel and palestinians of an exception did go ahead judging by the frankly awful body language between the 2 men at the sunday cabinet meeting it didn't go down well with netanyahu and then on monday gantz had a meeting with senior u.s. officials who are here for talks about an accession dream which he said the july the 1st date was not a sacred 1 july the 1st being the 1st date from which netanyahu is able under the coalition deal to start making moves on an exception and then after that as well he said that that he thought that the coronavirus was an issue which had to be tackled
1:42 pm
1st and that everything else can wait until after that will netanyahu this morning tuesday morning in talks with another senior u.s. official on iran said that they had important things to discuss things that could not necessarily wait for coronavirus to be over he also said before that that the annexation issue is one that was not forgotten says party that they want to factor in it that it was something that was to be negotiated between him and the united states so it does seem that there is significant daylight between them in terms of the way they're wanting to present this the question is whether there will be significant moves made from the 1st date available which is tomorrow the 1st of july right so all we then any closer to knowing what they will actually do tomorrow on july the 1st well. yeah i mean neither man has really made a clear and decisive statement as to exactly what their policy will be and i think
1:43 pm
part of the problem for them and for particular phonetic you know who is to judge exactly what the united states is going to greenlight in a meeting with some of his could party. members of the knesset the parliament on monday it was reported that netanyahu was hinting that there wouldn't be anything major announced on july the 1st wednesday because he was talking about the various diplomatic complications and other issues that had to be taken into consideration and saying apparently that he had always said that annexation would happen sometime after july the 1st so that is being seen as a pretty broad hint that there won't be anything decisive done what he can do from that day does either bring it to the cabinet for government approval or to the knesset the parliament for parliamentary approval and begin the process from july the 1st but as he says the key issue is really what is happening with the u.s.
1:44 pm
whether the trump administration is happy for netanyahu to make a limited onix ation of perhaps a small group of highly populated settlements illegal israeli settlements close to the green line and which would likely be negotiated away if there were to be a 2 state solution negotiated in the future whether you can do that without fully committing to the trump plan in the creation of a palestinian state which loses him support on his right if he were to do that so there is still a lot of complicated factors to iron out and it may be that they aren't ready to do that just yet all right we'll see how pans out harry from time inc thanks a lot. the ethiopian prime minister up met is calling for calm after a popular singer was shot dead thousands of fans followed by choosing who dresses caskets to protest against his killing of the police are investigating what happened to the musician who's known for political songs about the rights of the older and more people. ethiopians of largest ethnic group but they've often
1:45 pm
complained about discrimination. protesters gathering in sudan to pile pressure on the transitional government's. yes security forces were placed on high alert talked about it was called for a 1000000 man march demanding reform of security agencies and the results of an investigation into the violent dispersal of the sit in last year supporters of the former president and while bush of also called for a rival rally. picking a belgian has for the 1st time in the country's history expressed what he calls his deepest regrets for colonial rule in africa concrete but knowledge that acts of violence and cruelty were committed and the wounds are still being felt in what is now the democratic republic of congo his message was sent to the president a few days to kitty on the 60th anniversary of independence well belgium's king leopold seized part of central africa and 885 and run it for personal profit
1:46 pm
historians say as many as 10000000 people died during his rule from murder starvation and disease after his ownership of congo ended in 1800 to the country over to the belgian state and several statues of leopold have recently been vandalized or even torn down in recent weeks as part of protests against racism well jury belgians colonial role mixed race children were kidnapped from their families and placed you know finishes 5 of them have filed a lawsuit against the belgian state accusing it's of crimes against humanity their lawyers says that babies born to belgian and congolese parents were known as children of shame because i. didn't want to see it comes back again so much that it remains ankit painful when we were small we did not realize because we lived we survived in a way off to with distance it is painful. senators ending up on voted to decriminalize homosexuality 12 months after banning same sex relationships the
1:47 pm
proposed law is being sent to the president for approval it's one of few the few african countries to reverse the bad decisions dividing opinion in the country where homosexuality is widely regarded as taboo. egypt has told the united nations it faces an existential threat if the un does not intervene in the opening of africa's largest hydroelectric the un security council has met to discuss the tussle over water in the blue nile river here's our diplomatic editor james bays at u.n. headquarters in new york this massive dam project has been a long running source of regional tension but as the date for if you just start filling the now completed dam nears it's becoming a major crisis with international dimensions it was the us that called for the 1st security council meeting on the issue after being urged to do so by egypt which relies on the oil for 90 percent of its water the matter of which i am addressing
1:48 pm
you today is of the group of consequence people and requires like our efforts to combat this global pandemic it commitment to uphold the theory of cooperation and to recognise that no nation is an island. but the theo p. an ambassador countered that the un was not the place to discuss this to speed let me be clear that he doesn't believe the issues being discussed today as illegitimate in the security. it is bound to set up but christened and opened a pandora's box this council should not be a forum for exerting diplomatic pressure if you're in a dispute with the choice of mediators you probably choose the one that you think is going to give you the best result diplomats believe egypt gambled on
1:49 pm
internationalizing this conflict hoping that the presence of the u.s. a permanent member of the security council with a veto would help its case for now that hasn't worked this weekend the african union convened fresh talks and many council members believe it's those efforts that should take priority for now although the dispute is becoming angrier one analyst says he believes it's unlikely any of the countries involved will resort to force ultimately especially in the long run the only way through egypt to secure those supplies is by cooperation with its upstream neighbors very much including you know if this escalated into any form of conflict it's going to make it much much more difficult for the parties to overcome the remaining obstacles to reaching an agreement on that and it really could set back relations in the long term at the end of the meeting both egypt and ethiopia asked for the floor again
1:50 pm
disputing the other's position what diplomats believe the only way to resolve things is for all 3 countries egypt ethiopia and sudan to return to the negotiating table and make concessions in this dispute no one's going to get exactly what they want james al-jazeera at the united nations. police in bangladesh have charged a ferry boat owner and its captain with murder following monday's river disaster at least 33 passengers drowned and several remain missing after 2 ferries collided near the capital dhaka 5 others have been charged in connection with the scene can and the would go into. quite a bit is in the australian state of new south wales will become extinct by 2050 if action isn't taken to protect the parliamentary inquiry found that the previously estimated 36000 kuala population is most likely less than half of that quality one thrived in australia are struggling to survive with habitat loss and climate change
1:51 pm
. you might be able to spot one or 2 koalas but the ret realities of those populations are becoming on vogtle and that's what site critical and that's why the 25th time frame now needs to be put in place because i cannot survive in these lower numbers if we have more it's just going to get less. still hadn't spall the next edition of africa for poles because total minutes could be perspiring and they would be hit with.
1:52 pm
who's. the author.
1:53 pm
let's get on this for his act thank you so much nic often football bosses face making some big decisions in the coming hours next year's cup of nations may have to be postponed due to the impacts of coronavirus the confederation of african football holding a video conference meeting qualifies for the tournament in cameroon with jews to finish in september but for now all international football on the continent is suspended for the 2021 cup of nations is due to kick off in cameroon next january but 4 of the 6 rounds of course yet to happen so and is crucial to the finances of african football the $2900.00 formants in egypt generated revenue of more than $80000000.00 also being discussed the future of women's football in africa there's uncertainty about the women's africa cup of nations which was jus to happen later on this year more positively at club level it's hard to women's champions league will get the green light we've been talking to african football right some moms are here about the complexities of organizing international games on the consonance or the pandemic is ongoing. you're talking about
1:54 pm
a massive continent of more than 1000000000 people in 50 countries and each of them are dealing with this chronic virus very very differently see how it goes it ranges from you know you're tense in the your group these. are a little more lax about the virus and maybe i don't have as strict measures to a country like we're right and all shares and all geria where the president said we're not going to open up any of our borders and so the virus has been begun so international travel is not only very very expensive it's important to structure but. the way that it's countries handling things is very different and because it's such a large area of space you can sound like you can bring all the national teams together and you know a contact area and play some sort of chinaman ted to get runs through the qualifying matches so it the logistics of that are extremely extremely difficult and very very pricey as well but the africa cup of nations is the flagship training mentor for the confederation that can for both for the continent in general and i think investigative sense of that kind african spirit of the chinaman it's more
1:55 pm
unifying i think than any other continental football tournaments in the world and it's very very important not only financially with. that is how cap makes most of its money through sponsorship obviously and through television but symbolically it's quite an important tournament and media person that can tell you that my morals inside when i hear that the fact when i hear that the arab nations made late . porto have made a big move in the race to win the portuguese title they beat percy for her one nail on monday night to move 6 points clear of 10 feet at the top of the table congolese defender chance someone bamber there with the goal defending champions benfica with a lost sale some aren't simo it's their 2nd straight defeats the top 2 have 5 games left in this season's. i'll be a place down right jordan and spencer dinwiddie of the brooklyn nets say they've tested positive for corona virus the news comes as the league prepares to resume
1:56 pm
the 2020 season next week at venues within disney world in orlando florida teams already arriving there head of the july 30th restarts. i was very child like i said i've been trying to think positive bobby just think about ways you know. while staying say you know. maybe video games maybe do also means my teammates. this. is going to be a challenge and i think that's what makes it's going to make it on. the n.h.l. has announced 26 players testing positive for kobe one thing that includes 15 who are part of the league's so-called phase 2 return supply parts goetia last training in small groups is not yet clear if this will delay the n.h.l. overall 3 stops planned. major league baseball was sent to complete a 60 game season amid the us covered crisis but already plays a pulling out ryan zimmerman is a veteran of world series champions the washington nationals but he's opted out of the 2020 season because of health concerns for himself and his family members
1:57 pm
teammates john ross has also decided not supply and for us president barack obama joined athletes and activists in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of baseball's negro national league and i will be the bridge. thank you for the tip your cap campaign on as the players you can pay to demand compensation formed in 1920 the league was a response to the exclusion of black players from major league baseball. today i'm tipping my hat to everybody the negro leagues who left a century long legacy of talent and spirit and dignity our country so here's a satchel paige just gives up about everybody else including 3 brave work who did us all proud. ok plenty more support from a star that i thought is it for now nick and yet also a bit later governor said that if these are on
1:58 pm
a budget battle be here but more news just said. frank assessments tourism but income stream is dead in the water what's been the result seen touching go up quite significantly and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al jazeera. july on al-jazeera in a controversial move israel is expected to unacceptable settlements in the occupied west bank how will the world react in a not so sweet a story chocolate sauce of darkness expose the continued use of child labor on
1:59 pm
cocoa plantations president putin will try to stay in power beyond his final term with an attempt at changing russia's constitution may have sound will host a special series of interviews be asked tackling the big issues about time marking the 25th anniversary of the biggest war crime on european soil since world war 2 we will witness a ceremony paying respect to the victims of the so that the next genocide. july on al-jazeera. it's very difficult as a chef or restaurant or to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving is going to be good seafood by nature is a hybrid model and sometimes trump is raised using production drugs. that are not approved for use in the us the f.d.a. simply isn't testing enough on the imported market to really find all of these violent president take note on al-jazeera. when you see big
2:00 pm
groups of people walking through europe they're all individuals with children the lawyers you have to hear all of them and to treat them with something within respect. that a new theory by. china's move to squash hong kong to send a machinable security law is passed that could send protest leaders to jail for life. for you watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back also ahead it was it was the chill we visit a town in britain where work speak coming increasingly scarce as boris johnson lays out his plan to rescue the economy is not to say it's not safe to go home.


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