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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. 'd al-jazeera. hello there i'm the star of the attack and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. with. china's new powers aquash hong kong descent and national security law will come into force within hours. police used tear gas to break up protesters demanding
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quicker reform from sudan's transitional government. nothing in the briefing that we have just received led me to believe it is a hoax democrats press the white house on just how much donald trump knew about allegations that russia paid taliban fighters to kill american soldiers. european union is opening its doors to visitors from 14 countries but not the u.s. amid a resurgence in coronavirus cases that. everybody has to chill and revisit a town and bresson where work is becoming increasingly scarce as paris johnson lays out his plan to rescue the economy. china is just about to impose a new security law on hong kong 23 years after it took back control and promised
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a one country 2 systems policy it's now been signed by chinese president xi jinping and will be enforced in the coming hours critics say the legislation erodes hong kong's freedoms our correspondent adrian brown reports. it normally takes a year for china's parliament to pass legislation this time it happened in record time just 40 days the new security law completed its passage after a vote by the country's most powerful political body the standing committee of the national people's congress in hong kong china supporters were also celebrating before the news had even being confirmed. a contentious measure the busy divided the city was once more defended by its chief executive the legislation oppose imposing legal principles such as presumption of innocence and protection of the rights of the sox that it will have no race respectively fact the critics here say the new law now threatens to stifle even small displays of dissent like this one in
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a local shopping mall on tuesday china is just causing passing a law without without even asking. for this and not going to the proper procedures the laws passing had an immediate political impact democracy activist joshua long announced he was resigning from the political party he helped found before the party itself was dissolved also desponding 2 other smaller political groups that advocated independence. for hong kong this is the most dramatic development since its return from british to chinese rule since then china's had thousands of troops garrisoned in the city now its secret agents will be able to legally operate here as well a body to gather intelligence will also be set up the timing of this new law is no coincidence wednesday marks the 23rd anniversary of hong kong's handover from
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britain to china police have sealed off the area around a convention center where locals and mainland dignitaries commemorate the event each year before the handover china promised that hong kong's freedoms including an independent legal system would continue for 50 more years to many people here now it seems that promise has been broken in july the 1st is traditionally a symbolic day marked by a large march but police have denied an application for another this year citing the coronavirus and the potential for violence several groups though are vowing to test the banned adrian brown al jazeera hong kong. now security forces in sudan have used tear gas against protesters demanding economic and political reform. activists organize marches across the country to pile pressure onto the transitional government some are calling for justice for those killed in the
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violent dispersal of a certain nastia and supporters of former president omar al bashir also holding rival bally's tell our correspondent helen morgan is in the sudanese capital khartoum for us here but there were calls for a 1000000 man march today i believe just how large and how significant have these protests been. well let's start there we've seen people coming out and taking to destry ahead of the scheduled time of 1 pm local time which is around 11 g people have taken to the streets 2 or 3 hours before that and that is not just in khartoum we've seen people in the western parts of the country such as central and western part of daraa for we've seen people in the southern parts of the country the north and the eastern part so it is indeed a nationwide movement just like the. professional association has called for as well as the resistance committees the bodies that are basically in every neighborhood calling for those. protesters or revolutionaries as they are to put pressure on the government to achieve the goals of the revolution and the clauses
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of the of the power sharing agreement which include appointment of civilian governors and forming a legislative transitional transitional legislative council so huge turnout tens of thousands across the country just like people have been organizing for the past few days and they have a former president and now that she still has a supporters i believe there were also plans for a counter protest has that gone. while we've seen the arrest of the acting head of the former ruling party abraham one dude who is also the former minister for foreign affairs during bush years there he was arrested last night with security forces accusing him of planning to sabotage and vandalize today's marches now we've seen security ramping up 2 days before today's protests we've seen bridges that connect the 3 parts of the state us how terms sudan and undermanned been blocked nobody's allowed to access we've seen heavy military presence around the roads leading up to the army headquarters to try to prevent protesters from getting to to
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the headquarters to start to to stage a sit in just like the one that was statement from the president ahmed bashir was overthrown and we've also seen supporters of the former president staging a protest over several times over the past few months but if you look at the turnout between the protesters supporting the former president i'm going to show you and those pro pro that the transitional government you can see a huge difference there today is protesters say that they're not calling for this government to be ousted what they're calling for is for this government to correct its path to correct the path of the revolution as they say because they say that this government has been given too many files to the to the military component of the power sharing agreement and not the civilians such as the peace agreement be konami emergency committee being headed by the deputy head of the in concert who is a member of the military so they say that they want to make sure that the civilians know that their term as per the power sharing agreement and that they stick to it just like the revolution has called for the situation will continue watching very closely here on al-jazeera had a morgan there for us in thanks ever. ethiopian prime minister and the other med is
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calling for calm after a popular saying it was shot dead thousands of fans followed how true condesa is casket to protest his killing the police are investigating just what happened to the musician who is known for his political songs about the rights of the oromo people ethiopia's largest ethnic group that they have often complained about discrimination. now donald trump's relationship with the only person is again being scrutinized after russia denied making bounty payments to taliban fighters in afghanistan to kill u.s. soldiers the u.s. director of national intelligence says the allegations are still being investigated president trump said he was not told of the intelligence reports because they weren't deemed to be credible while democrats in the u.s. say that despite a briefing from the white house on tuesday they still haven't gotten the information they need on russia's alleged bounties on the soldiers in afghanistan
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they're calling for a full briefing from the intelligence community. the president called this a hoax publicly nothing in the briefing that we have just received led me to believe it is a hoax there may be different judgments as to the level of credibility but there was no assertion that the information we had was a hoax while the chairman of the house intelligence committee says even if the information comes with cabby it's attached and should be a major factor in the president's dealings with russia as we look at these allegations. number one the president and state should not be inviting russia into the g 7 or g 8. we should be considering what sanctions are appropriate to further determine russia's malign activities not further ingratiating russia into the community of civilized nations well let's get more now from our white
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house correspondent kimberly halkett kimberly democrats have now been briefed to say what's the white house saying about these allegations at this stage. well i think you covered the headlines there allow me to expand on them further because that's really the news in all of this that essentially that the perspective of democrats is that they didn't get the briefing from the people they wanted the briefing they got a white house perspective they already know that perspective they wanted to hear from the intelligence officials and so they've raco there are sort of requests that this come from this information come from the director of national intelligence and also the director of the cia jeanne the house bill they also are concerned that the u.s. president has once again in their view centrally put forward his infatuation with lattimer putin someone they believe should be held to account and so you heard there from the house intelligence chair adam schiff stating that he believes it's time for sanctions against russia that russia should not be invited to the g. 7 to make it the g.
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8 or in other words be part of the community of civilized nations the white house has repeatedly said that the president did not know anything about this that he had not been briefed but we do know that 2 anonymous intelligence officials have come forward stating in fact just the opposite saying that they briefed the president back as early as february of this year and in fact this was further developed in an intelligence briefing that was given to the president and then disseminated more widely to the broader intelligence community so these are revelations that are increasingly not sitting well with not just members of the house of representatives on the democratic side but also we know some members of the republican side as well that say they want more information and they want to hear from intel officials what the president knew and when white house correspondent for us thank you very much candy. well that's plenty more ahead for you this news hour and treating the king
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of belgium expresses what he calls his deepest regrets for colonial rule in the congo. and in sport the fans challenger for a place and next year's america's cup has arrived in new zealand. now the u.k.'s prime minister barak johnson says britain's cannot continue to be in his words prisoners of the current virus crisis has outlined his vision for boosting the devastated economy after the pandemic now the full roadmap will only be unveiled next week but he says it focuses on attracting investment not cutting spending we must work fast because we've already seen the 2 generous drop in g.d.p. and we know that people are worried about their jobs and their businesses and we're waiting as if between the flash of lightning and the thunder clap with our
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hearts in our mouths for the food economic reverberations to appear well there are fears that unemployment in the u.k. could rise to levels not seen since the 1980 s. in the wake of this pandemic there as lawrence lee brings us the story of the british town with the 2nd highest unemployment rate in the country he reports from the rhonda valley in south wales where there are now more than 60 people chasing every single job. every shouted shop every collapsed business tells a story of lost hope there's barely a soul around volleyed hasn't had a single customer all day so he's closing early is not. all real is. but. they're going to help. give it in for 34 months this is ok. if you know losing everything everybody lose their
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job. the valley used to be thriving the largest coal seam in britain led to the villages being built around the mines but it's all been gone for 40 years and the community is a stranded there are now 63 people chasing every job here is the 2nd highest unemployment rate in the entire u.k. boris johnson's government was elected on an express promise to what he called level up provide vast amounts of financial support to the left behind communities around the u.k. like this and that was in december before the virus even came here all that's done is to massively amplify enormous problems that were already there. many of these places don't even have a railway line connecting them to the big cities but even if that's what the government side dhea of infrastructure spending looks like it's directly at all with what the rhonda says it really needs which is a new sustainable local economy to replace the one that disappeared we've suffered
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in the past where jobs have been created by large companies who come in and taken grants and exploited no wage labor and then up sticks and left as soon as the economic conditions change if we were able to invest in people owning their own businesses in the form of cooperatives people actually own in the means of production then they're more likely to stay in these communities and i see no reason it or why government can't be investing in that way now and what will johnson do to immediately replace all those jobs lost in the 1st half of this year big infrastructure plans take years to get off the ground if you want economics to represent a kind of centralized inclusive britain then you have to think other than just spend money on projects it's all about ensuring communities can be sustainable can thrive and people can find prosperity in every part of every kind of community in every city in every region of the u.k.
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goes a long way beyond pouring concrete on the economic situation in places like this is so dire that arguably anything is better than nothing but if what's on offer is something like a new railway line to get people out it isn't the same as finding ways they can stay largely al-jazeera in their own the valley. for. a live event now the u.n. security council is holding a virtual session on nuclear nonproliferation the focus here is on iran as the u.s. pushes for an extension of sanctions washington has also threatened to trigger the sanctions if the u.n. does not extend soon expiring weapons and barbara the woman that's now speaking as rosemarie de carlo she's the u.n. undersecretary general for political and peace building a fence that cessna its full implementation as well as faithful it here it's a resolution 2231 is also fundamental to regional stability let me conclude by acknowledging the leadership of his excellent city mr markets in debrett's mover
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in his role as the facilitator for the implementation of resolution 2231 and to assure him once again of the secretary it's all support i would also like to thank the coordinator of the brics german working group of the joint commission for the continued cooperation thank you mr president. i may have to see the detail of the sonics position i just want to ask colleagues to check if their minds are closed. the mother not only in a bar or a miss your mark it's there in the boat sparrow on the top misuse god's good mood why in your messy misapply he don't. speak in my capacity as security council facilitator for deep lamentation of resolution 2231 since having been appointed as
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facilitator for the with the implementation of resolution 2231 in january 29842 year period it has been an honor for me to serve this council in the exist science of this mandate. while carrying all of these tasks i've been able to count on the unwavering support of this good character. thank them for it. according to by a graph truly of the nodes only peers see as 2016 or if all the facilitator shall breve the other members of the council on its war and implementation of the president should every 6 months in parallel with the reports of matter but it's for a jury general the report of the facilitator is gained be a factual and object of account to which the security council is informed of the
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activity at least indirectly with 31 or much. in conjunction with the reports of the iraq general and the joint committee than agreed tanks that reflects the council's comments and approval and when submitted to the president of the security council it is a report that reflects consensus about it. and fortunately i have to inform you would that it's 9 transport of difficulty pooter as not been approved by all the members of this council informal consultations with the members concerned were held exhaustedly with a view to reaching a consensus but with no avail i would league like to take this opportunity to thank the members for that written governments and their active contributions so we knew of having no reports at this
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point of time i would like to brief you on some of the key i lights of the activities of the 2231 form what debt to place during the 6 months of the voting period. that is from 17 december 28th 19 to 20 treated june 20th 20. first the security council in the 20 to 31 for much elde to all informal meetings the closed video teleconference 1st a meeting on 30 mate the dean may 2022 discuss the 22 april 2020 space satellite launch by islamic republic of iran. and then a meeting on 22 june to discuss the findings and recommendations contained in the
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9th report of the secretary general on resolution $2231.00 prayer tweets public release so go and the to reveal a portrait he reports issue international to meet energy didn't see during the last 6 months in march and june where also signaled later that 22231 representatives for their information. 3rd i would like to sing member states sent over should communications i do address to the president of the of the security council the secretary general and all to myself which we are securely did within the 20 to 314 months during the this 6 months periods there was a total of $21.00 letters from 9 member member states so great
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it is letter. reflect the state of deliberations among the parties on the main topics at stake in relation with the implementation of resolution 22 don't you want. deeply regret that i'm not in a position to present the written overview of this contribution. central to our debate lastly i note that there were 4 proposals submitted to disagree council for approval try to provoke truman channel during the last 6 months in conclusion mr president let me simply join with the other bodies responsible for the implementation of resolution $22.00 that you want to secretary-general to join commission. in strongly regretting the deterioration of the current context which affects compliance with resolution 2231
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and the joint comprehensive plan of action i would like to end my briefing by reiterating paragraph 2 of reason who should 2231 which cause a bomb and i thought all member states regional organizations and international report sorry regional organizations and international organizations to take such actions as may be appropriate to support the implementation of g.c. below it including by refraining from actions that undermine implementation of commitments under its appealing i thank you. juror only seamers mark picks tinderbox member who said because your
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is not another bizarre. well you've just been hearing from our pecks dean who is the president has a resolution to see 31 that's a security council resolution that enshrines the j.c. p.r.a. or the iran nuclear deal he's been describing reports the detail of breaches of that dia well we do now expect to hear well this is an obvious and ongoing that's one nice thing we are hearing various different reports from different members of this group and this man here is the ambassador to the u.n. briefing on the work of the disappearance joint commission which the coordinates let's listen in mission established by the joint operations of plan of action and will therefore focus light eventually today on but i would like also to extend my gratitude to sector general i'm toying with terrorists and his excellency marc extended book boost where 'd the 4 serving serving us facilitated the limitation of
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resolution 2231 for the excellent color aberration over the past months and you convey my sincere gratitude for the work done by the colleagues in the un secretary it including you lucian through the procurement channel and the work to repair the latest report of the sic church general on the implementation of security council resolution 20 to 31 mr president nuclear 'd proliferation remains a global threat with potentially worldwide consequences but it's why we have the responsibility as members of the international community to address these challenges jointly for the benefit to world peace for generations the last week the international community celebrated the anniversary of the signing of the un charter. at that time 75 years ago the dishonest was done which caused by a nuclear weapons was fresh in memory it's in this light and with this memory in
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mind that we need to deal with the just pure way as a key component of the global not proliferation architecture that helps reduce regional and global security risks. but jessop in a way has removed the prospect of a nuclear armed iran from the regional security equipped most importantly it has done so in a verifiable way as the agreement provides for an unprecedented amount a.p.a. access and monitoring under iran's comprehensive sikorsky agreement and the additional protocol thanks to that additional protocol the i.a.e.a. has access in both declared an undeclared sites in iran and in key facilities the i.a.e.a. has installed 247 on line monitoring systems according to the i.a.e.a. is annual safeguards implementation reports iran's regular inspections have doubled compared to the period before to disappear. in addition since 2016 iran since the
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nuclear holds the highest number of dementor the axis 'd under the additional protocol it's important to remember that the additional protocol is implemented by iran as part of its disappearing commitments therefore loosing the gypsy pure way would also mean loosing the additional protocol of their access rights granted to the i.a.e.a. and accordingly edition of transparency unfortunately despite what its achievements the just spirit has been increasingly challenged as core the joint commission we have spared no efforts to engage with all remaining participants and other partners to find solutions within the framework of the just sit there and to address current difficulties including matters referred to the joint commission for a solution now more than ever a joint up international effort is needed to preserve the agreement an agreement
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that was indorsed by the international community through the adoption of the security council resolution 2231 i'd also like to reiterate our deep appreciation for the i.a.e.a. which place a crucial role in. and via fire verifying the entirety of iran's nuclear program including iran's commitments under the gesticulate we fully support the impartial and technical work carried out by the i.a.e.a. as well as efforts that facilitate the i.a.e.a. in carrying out its mind it i recognize that iran continues to fully comply with the nuclear related provisions for 3 and a half years including for 14 months after the united states from the security and reimposed unilateral sanctions which the e.u. and its member states as for the other remaining participants of the j.c. people a continue to deeply regret however it is deeply worrying that iran has decreased
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its nuclear related jason perlow really commitments we remain particularly concerned about iran's continued actually militiaman of low enriched uranium in excess of the just a stockpile and enrichment level thresholds its continued expansion of r. and d. advanced centrifuge and their recent trip to the distant fordo least a kitties are inconsistent with the nuclear related provisions c.p.o. it we urge iran to reverse the securities and return to full employment of its commitments without delay. at the last count commission meeting on 626 february the remaining participants in just confirmed that it to the nation to pursue all efforts to preserve the agreement for an effective implementation by all sites is key these efforts have continued over the past months and we remain determined to continue to work with international community to preserve the just secure way and
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you point to multilateral achievement and tossed by the security council resolution 231 mr president i would like to record. is nonproliferation agreement implementation and by iran of its nuclear related commitments is one essential part of the agreement here the agreement sets strict limitations regarding iran's access to both of him and high enriched uranium and establishes a comprehensive monitoring and verification mechanism the other essential element is the comprehensive lifting of sanctions promoting and facilitating the normalization of trade ringback and economic relations with iran the european union for its part lifted sanctions in line with this disappear obligations on implementation day to day it remains fully committed to working on the preservation of the agreement including towards your objective of normalizing economic and trade
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relations with iran and this spirit extensive technical support has provided to set up an operationalized instrument in support of trade exchanges inspects. mr president i'd like to address the issue of the possible snap back of sanctions and this council about which there has been recent speculation as the higher percentage has already set in many 2018 the us announced that it was and it's pretty special in the way this announcement was confirmed in a presidential memorandum since then the u.s. has not participated in any meetings or activities within the framework of the agreement and turn out to the procurement channel which was established under the next 4 of the j.c.b. array the procurement channel remains a unique nonproliferation transparency and confidence building instrument it is a key mechanism to prevent the misuse of nuclear or dual use site and sure that
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exports of such items are consistent with the disappear way we recognize the challenges brought about by the us withdrawal from the j c b r a and the reimposition of sanctions the procurement challenge however remains a un security council mechanism and the decision on a proposal for transfer is indorsed by all its. in the 9th joint commission report on the status of the procurement working groups decisions and on any politician issues submitted to the facilitator on 5 5th june and subsequently circulated as a document of the security council the remaining participants stated their commitment to continue receipt review in proposals in an impartial and independent manner in this context it is a positive signal that the channel continues to receive proposals specked all security council members to continue to support the preservation of the channel in line with resolution 2231. we also deeply regret the u.s.
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decision to end the 3 way of us covering the just nuclear projects in iran including the modernization project these projects 'd and doss by the council resolution $2231.00 serve the nonproliferation interests of all employed by the international community with assurances of the exclusively peaceful and safe nature of the rain in nuclear activities sed mr president today i said i'm focusing my interventional digits appear on nevertheless i'm very mindful of the series of events outside the nuclear demain which are in can eke recently worrying finally i should like to recall that in just the way it will have its 5th anniversary in 2 weeks the agreement remains. a multilateral diplomacy full implementation of the just simply way by all sides crucial it remains the only tool to provide the international community with the necessary assurances regarding ras nuclear program it is therefore essential that we do all we can't assert that we should not allow
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it to be get railed or degraded or to become irreparable nor should we assume that an opportunity will arise again in the future for the international community to address iran's nuclear program in such a comprehensive buttner i thank you very much. whom than just hearing their from off script he's the isn't bassa to the un and he was briefing the security council on this vets will missing on the way of the day c.p.o. is joint commission has also been reiterating the importance of that deal there on u.k. dale especially for the access to monitors of the i.a.e.a. to keep an eye on just what iran is doing and terms of its nuclear activities he says the day c.p.o. is under great pressure you remember president trump pulled the u.s. out and 28000 and now we're about to hear from the u.s. secretary of state mike compare that certain comments this morning i would like to say he made some comments about humanitarian assistance and garonne note states has
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tried to facilitate that while the coven issues inside iran again we offered our own american assistance to the iranians which was rejected by them so to suggest somehow that our sanctions are bad a humanitarian assistance to get into iran i think is a misunderstanding of the situation on the ground because of the plot a nuclear deal negotiated by the previous american administration the arms embargo on the world's most famous terrorist regime it's got to just fire on october 18th a mere 4 months from now 4 months this chamber has a choice stand for international peace and security at united nations founders intended to let the arms embargo on the islamic republic of iran expire betraying the u.s. mission and its finest ideals all 'd pledged to old if
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you fail to act iran will be free to purchase russian made fighter jets they destroyed up to 3000 kilometer radius but the cities like riyadh in delhi rome and warsaw are iterating crosshairs ron will be free to upgrade expand its fleet of submarines to further threat international shipping and freedom of navigation the strait of hormuz fortune gulf and the arabian sea. right away freedom purchased new investment knowledge of sports proxies and partners throughout the middle east including the mosque as well and the who thinks iran will hold a sort of damocles over the economic stability of the middle east and danger in nations like russia and china that rely on stable energy prices a runaway free to become a row weapons dealer supplying arms to fuel conflicts from venezuela to syria to the far reaches of afghanistan in november of last year president rouhani himself
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said quote when the embargo is lifted next year we can easily buy and sell weapons and of quote we should take him at his word herat is not responsible democracy like us or indeed we already know the tehran will do given the ability by more weaponry just consider the secretary general's unsecure 20202231 report that we're discussing today there were reports confirm that weapons used to attack saudi arabia in september 2001 thing were already to ration reporters also confirm the weapons interdicted off the coast if you have it in november of 2100 and every 2020 were iranian original iran is already violating the arms embargo even before its expiration date imagine for a nativity were sent shift authorized by this group if the restrictions are lifted
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and we don't need the secretary general's report to see what else the regime is doing in january around one should attack on a coalition forces in iraq with its own advanced missiles iran even as we sit here today supplies shia militias middle leisure groups like a peep hezbollah groups which have launched dozens of rocket attacks since the fall of last year against u.s. and coalition forces fighting the important continued campaign against dash kron a malicious ship mining attacks on commercial vessels in the gulf of oman. as it did in may june of last year nearly all countries have arms richer nations use them for defensive purposes and promote stability but not this love of republic of iran don't just take it from me or from the united states listen to countries in the region from israel the gulf countries in the middle east who are most exposed to iran's british and are speaking with
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a single horse extend the arms embargo this council has a responsibility to listen to the united states overwhelming preference is to work with this council to extend the arms of armor to protect human life to protect our national security and to protect yours impose our ships on tehran in various forms for 13 years and with good reason and to substantial effect when we unanimously adopted un security council resolution 1747 back in 2007 which among other actions prohibited armstrong 1st from iran united kingdom is represented to the council said quote at the proliferation by iran is not one that the international community can accept and the quote welcome that statement from the united kingdom from france and germany recently recognizing that lifting the embargo would have major implications for regional security and stability and
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also welcome the support of almost 400 members of the united states congress for those of you not tracking there is only 435 those almost 400 members supported my diplomacy to extend this arms embargo our concern is a matter of national security not partisan politics with off from iran's actions while implementing the j.c. a bit j.c.b. a way that the regime doesn't moderate when we lift sanctions are we going to accountability in fact it does just the opposite. while still claiming to remain in the deal iran by its own admission and is confirmed by the i.a.e.a. showing no signs of slowing excuse stabilising nuclear escalation iran is also accumulating dangerous knowledge for example late last year iran announced that its scientists were working out a new centrifuge the i.r.
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night that would allow tehran to richer and up to 50 times faster than the i r one centrifuge is allowed under the j c p o l even as iran pursues research that could threaten its breakout time judical weapon it's also deny he had special access to look at actions iran is obligated to provide this this council cannot simply hope that iran acts in good faith given its indisputable fact pattern the council must hold iran 'd accountable we all have a chance to do so close with this eclipse would appeal to our greater purpose article one of the un charter says the purpose of the un is to take effect of collective measures for the prevention removal of threat to peace consider the overwhelming evidence that i've detailed today that's a fraction of the 'd evidence available if iran isn't a threat to peace that demands a collective measure i do not know what is the council must reject extortion
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diplomacy president i recently declared quote iran will give a crushing response to the arms embargo on tehran is extended and of quote here we are a regime sister resorting to terrorism and violence perhaps you should take this threat seriously runs foreign minister will speak today hopeful tell us oh bill tell us whom he intends to crush and how he will crush them we're doing the embargo exert more pressure on iran to start behaving like a normal nation the world needs this to happen a long suffering iranian people need this to happen. so many 5 years ago founders of the un came together after the devastation of world war 2 to ensure that the world would never again have to face such force let's not shrink from the challenge of course simply because the seams are let's uphold the mission of this body to
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address the threats to international peace and security this logic of republic of iran presents us to real action in the name of this council extending the arms of thank you all through our need to be here today. join have seen sonic's in all those you. know you've been hearing that from u.s. secretary of state my comp aoe pushing for an extension to the arms embargo against iran that expires in october your remember the president trump pulled the us out of the j c p o a the iran nuclear deal back in may 28th teen despite opposition to that move by all the other parties the u.s. has since reimposed sanctions and since then for its part enron has increased its stock of low enriched uranium in excess of course as well let's go now to our diplomatic editor james bass who is at u.n. headquarters for us in new york james the u.s. is threatening to try to force a so-called snapback of u.n. sanctions on iran if it doesn't get this extension of the arms embargo that once talk us through the diplomatic calculus here. well it really is very
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high stakes you hear a lot of jargon let me try and take you through some of what you've heard here let's go back to the beginning or the beginning of this phase and we're coming up in 2 weeks' time to the anniversary of a hot day in the austrian capital the end in 2015 when the world did that landmark deal with iran the u.s. were on board at that time the obama administration then was in power in washington and that deal was signed with iran move on 3 years after president trump came into power he talked about it for some time finally just 2 years ago he pulled out of that iran deal and what we have now is part of the iran deal sort of part of the iran deal this arms embargo in fact that's been in place since. 2007 but in the iran deal they said that the ban on iran buying conventional weapons would end in
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october this year one of the benefits for iran in return for it giving up its nuclear weapons program the u.s. now under the trumpet ministration having pulled out of the deal is very angry about that some other of the members of the. way the countries that negotiated with iran are also concerned about that situation but the problem is this and mr pompei i didn't mention it in his speech he didn't explain why the arms embargo should be extended and shouldn't be allowed to and what he didn't explain is what he has made clear before and serve other members of the administration and that is if the security council doesn't extend that arms embargo the u.s. is threatening something called snap back which was one of the key provisions in the iran deal it was there if iran wasn't complying with the deal and it meant that you could have
6:46 pm
a vote to snap back all the international sanctions on iran and the. that that was constructed meant that a permanent member of the security council could trigger that on their own without anyone else having a say because it was a reverse or a resolution allowing veto power to trigger that snap back and that's now what the u.s. is threatening to do and the timeline of this i think to the other countries that are assigned to the iran deal is very worrying because the arms embargo is expiring in october russia and china on the security council don't look like they are going to support they have a veto to an extension of that and so you could get to october and there will be the snap back killing the iran nuclear deal of course that would just be a month before the u.s. election which may be the end of the trump presidency of course it could be the beginning of another term very very high stakes what's going on here showdown in the security council indeed and we'll continue watching all of those about them
6:47 pm
that's very closely james bays there our diplomatic editor live for us outside u.n. headquarters in new york thank you james well we can now cross directly to tehran where our correspondent said bag is waiting to speak to us said we are expecting to hear from the iranian foreign minister john had to reflate said what are iran's options here i mean they've threatened some form of retaliation if these u.n. restrictions are in u. . well iran from the very outset has said that the united states is in no position to extend this arms embargo because this according to president rouhani was an achievement of the agreement that this arms embargo would be lifted in october and it is iran's right now russia and china seem to be backing iran on this but as far as iran is concerned the united states left that deal they have no right to intervene but iran has threatened that there will be a reaction now let me take you back to some of the events over the last few years
6:48 pm
and ever iran has promised a reaction they have delivered so when. the coast of gibraltar iran said that they would respond respond and they seized a british ship in the strait of hormuz when united states killed general costs and so the money iran said that they would respond and they responded by targeting u.s. targets inside of iraq and when the united states left the 2015 nuclear deal iran gave it over a year for the european countries remaining in that deal to get around those u.s. sanctions and then iran eventually started a phased reduction of their commitments to that deal so iran is but iran is confident that this extension that this was a lucian the united states attempt to extend the arms embargo won't be successful that's because russia and china seem to be in iran's corner in fact foreign minister russian foreign minister sergio lever of. what the united states is doing
6:49 pm
is ridiculous and. is really is ridiculous and responsible so they could veto. something that iran is very keen on they see as their right to be able to buy and sell weapons i said back to our correspondent in the iranian capital tehran will be back for more reaction now thank you very much. well let's take you to some other news and the european union is lifting its external border restrictions for more than a dozen countries from around the world from wednesday but there have been some notable exclusions well let's get all the details from step fasten who's at amsterdam's once very busy schiphol international airport several standing in a very empty tomorrow but it seems it won't stay that way for very long though. well that's that's the question because this is indeed one of the main european hops and it's hard to imagine that last year more than 70000000 travelers were
6:50 pm
passing through this airport now with 14 countries opening up possible now to fly into the european union starting tomorrow nobody expects that millions of travelers will come back to the european union if you look at the list it's a very diverse list of countries like equador serbia canada australia is on the list these are not countries that supply a lot of tourism to the european union and absent from this list are the united states russia brazil and especially the united states a lot of americans millions of americans spend their summers here in europe in amsterdam in italy rome spain so they will be dearly missed here and its course was a very heated and long debate which are exactly resulted in this very short list and the main criteria that the european union has used is the way these countries have treated the covert 19 pandemic and their response at all today are
6:51 pm
transparency and they say that the united states of course is still dealing with an outbreak and russia hasn't been too transparent about their figures so that's why they were not included on the list but there was this debate spain of course also badly needing tourism euros had also a serious outbreak and wanted to be more careful for example greece and portugal who they weren't too worried so there was this kind of compromise and it means that the european union is actually talking at least with one voice now. steadfast and there for us live from schiphol airport thank you very much step. tangentially in your opinion as safety agency has suspended pakistan's national airline from operating in europe for at least 6 months that move comes after pakistan's aviation minister revealed that nearly a fair of his country's pilots had cheated in their exams most of them work for
6:52 pm
stage and pakistan international airlines on tuesday vietnam grounded all pakistani pilots working for vietnamese airlines touring. it is now time for the sport and his father thank you very much and the staff here while the africa cup of nations has been postponed for 12 months due to coronavirus the continent's biggest sporting event will now kick off in cameroon in january 2022 econ for the ration of african football made the announcement after video conference a meeting called for the tournament a wool were jus to finish in september but for now all international football on the continent is suspended or the cup of nations was just to kick off in cameroon next january but for all of the 6 rounds of qualifying are yet to happen the tournament is crucial to the finances of african football of the $21000.00 tournament in egypt generated revenue over more than $80000000.00 the women's
6:53 pm
africa cup of nations which was jus to happen later this year has been counseled more positively at club level women's champions league is to start in 2021. well we've been talking to african football right ahead about the complexities of organizing international games in the continent while the pandemic is ongoing. yeah i mean you're talking about a massive continent of more than 1000000000 people in 50 countries and each of them are dealing with this chronic virus very very differently so you have because it ranges from you know your tanzania's your group these. are a little more lax about the virus and maybe i don't have as strict measures to a country like we're right and all shares and all geria where the president said we're not going to open up any of our borders and sell the viruses with a gun so international travel is not only very very expensive due to the poor
6:54 pm
infrastructure but. the way that each country is handling things is very different and because it's such a large area of space it's not like you can bring all the national teams together and said you know a contact area and play some sort of chinamen tend to run through the qualifying matches so if the logistics of that are extremely extremely difficult and very very pricey as well the africa cup of nations is the flagship training mentor for the confederation that can for both for the continent in general but at the same time i think everybody understands the dangers of this virus and it's i think unfair said expect a country like cameroon that is set to host this tournament to really put everything on its back and try to push through a trade if they're not ready to deal with the virus and if they haven't sort of eradicated virus and their own territory because they're going to be welcoming a lot of different people from a lot of the compressor world while the head of the english premier league which had lost as a says he's organization isn't facing political pressure to approve the saudi
6:55 pm
backed takeover of newcastle united saudi arabia's public investment fund it will take a majority stake in the club but if the deal is approved this month the world trade organization ruled that the country helped to break international laws and was allowing a saudi based channel to illegally stream premier league games mosses hasn't been talking taking questions at home u.k. politicians about the recent we start off the make. i cannot comment in terms of timing on specifics on any particular take but in a perfect world take i was would happen. cleanly clearly in a night and i timely fashion sometimes things get complicated porter have made a big move in the race to the win of the portuguese a title the apostle you know by one nail on monday 98 to move 6 points clear of benfica at the top of the table congolese depend
6:56 pm
a chance sell with that goal defending champions benfica lost 2 nil low to moderate a mo is their 2nd straight defeat at the top to have 5 games left in their season. start all round a bend so will leave england next week in the 1st test against the west indies it would top level cricket making its return after nearly 4 months break stokes is a standing in for joe root hope be absent due to the expected expected birth of his 2nd tiled it will be the 1st time associates the side of the 1st test begins on july the 8th in southampton and will happen behind closed doors. and a play is dandy jordan and spencer lindsay of the brooklyn say they have both tested positive for corona virus the news comes as the league prepares to resume the 2020 season next month at the venues within disney world in orlando florida teams have
6:57 pm
already being a riving their head of the july 30th restart. i was very child like i said i've been trying to think positive bobby just think about ways you know. while staying say you know. maybe video games maybe don't so many martinis. so sure this. is going to be a challenge and i think that's what makes it is going to make it on. the 1st challenger has arrived in new zealand ahead of next year's america's cup the racing yalta built up for the new york iata club american a magic team has arrived in auckland ahead of the elimination series that will decide who takes on the royal new zealand yacht squadron in the $36.00 america's cup the main event is due to take place next month. and that's it for me in a cessna thanks so much sana well durham but you can always find much more on our website including all the updates as china and presents its new national security
6:58 pm
law in hong kong that's al-jazeera dot com. that is it for this news hour but i'll be back in just a moment with more of the day's news to stay with us here on out is there. some imprisoned dissidents to inspiration. from founding the independent state to fiercely defending his people from ethnic cleansing in the conclusion of a 2 part documentary series i just you know you expose the lies to the 1st
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independent bosnia herzegovina. is a big event. from prisoner to president on a jazeera. i wish i had it on to other working in asia and africa there'd be days where i'd be choosing editing my own stories and a refugee camp with no electricity and right now we're confronting some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and compromise because of the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is together that's why al-jazeera so important we make those connections. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects. every generation has a higher purpose. ours is. the new theory of the. china's new powers aquash hong kong descent and national security law has just come into us. hello again i'm a star here today and this is al jazeera live from also coming up. nothing in the briefing that we've just received led me to believe it is
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a coach and democrats press the white house on just how much donald trump knew about allegations russia have had to tell.


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