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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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every generation has higher purpose. hours if. you believe. china's new powers to question hong kong dissent and national security law has just come into force. hello again i'm a star and this is al jazeera live from also coming up. nothing in the briefing that we've just received led me to believe it is a coach and democrats press at the white house on just how much donald trump knew about allegations russia paid taliban fighters to kill u.s.
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soldiers the police used tear gas to break up protesters that demanding quicker reform from sudan's transitional government. and it's not safe to go home we need some of the 10s of thousands of people who fled killings and kidnappings by an armed group in northern in recent weeks. that china is imposing a new security law on hong kong 23 years after it took back control and promised a one country 2 systems policy it's been signed by chinese president xi jinping and is now in force critics say the legislation erodes hong kong's freedoms adrian brown reports. it normally takes a year for china's parliament to pass legislation this time it happened in record time just 40 days the new security law completed its passage after a vote by the country's most powerful political body the standing committee of the
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national people's congress in hong kong china supporters were also celebrating before the news that even being confirmed. a contentious measure that spits it he divided the city was once more defended by its chief executive the legislation oppose imposing legal principles such as presumption of innocence and protection of the rights of the sox that it will have no race respectively fact the critics here say the new law now threatens to stifle even small displays of dissent like this one in a local shopping mall on tuesday china is just causing passing a law without without even asking of. police and not going to the proper procedures the laws passing had an immediate political impact democracy activist joshua wang announced he was resigning from the political party he helped
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found before the party itself was dissolved also desponding 2 other smaller political groups that advocated independence. for hong kong this is the most dramatic development since its return from british to chinese rule since then china's had thousands of troops garrisoned in the city now its secret agents will be able to legally operate here as well a body to gather intelligence will also be set up the timing of this new law is no coincidence wednesday marks the 23rd anniversary of home kong's handover from britain to china police have sealed off the area around a convention center where locals and mainland dignitaries commemorate the event each year before the handover china promised that hong kong's freedoms including an independent legal system would continue for 50 more years to many people here now it seems that promise has been broken july the 1st is traditionally
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a symbolic day marked by a large march but police have denied an application for another this year citing the coronavirus and the potential for violence several groups though are vowing to test the ban adrian brown al jazeera hong kong. well let's take a closer look at some of the main elements of this legislation china will set up a national security agency in hong kong it will not be supervised by the local government and that agency will have jurisdiction over what the law describes as serious cases trials involving national security secrets can now be conducted behind closed doors maximum sentence there is life in prison and the local government will also set up a national security committee chaired by the chief executive and decisions made by that body cannot be challenged in local courts formosan leigh is the founding chairman of the united democrats which then became the democratic party of hong kong he was also the face of the democracy movement before the handover back in
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1907 he explains how hong kong's power is being eroded. my party will stay on and i will stay in hong kong of course we realize that the prospects of our being put into prison would be very high with the passage of this law but what is really frustrating is that even though b. no this law will be operative tomorrow none of us have seen a copy of it so we don't know what sort of offenses we might be committing tomorrow i mean this is ridiculous but i'm not too concerned about the actual contents of it because i expect them to be very good code in and and reasonable but the real impact on is much further it is much more serious than that what this piece of legislation in fact for me means. is that when the british government returned hong kong to the people's republic of china
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23 years ago it was on the promise of dumb show pink the then paramount head of china that hong kong will be run by hong kong people with a high degree of autonomy which means that apart from defense and foreign affairs we the people of hong kong will be masters of our own house in terms of the executive power educated power and judicial power now but a person who does not everything is. instead of hong kong people born in hong kong is now the communist party bordering on instead of being enjoy a high degree of autonomy now the communist party will be ruling with comprehensive power control now this is what this war is all about that they are now actually defining the new position. which is just another chinese city we have
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no degree a country and all that is this is a problem. they have complete control even our courts this is what we would do not read every case but this code at the ready to do some small number of cases china. now donald trump's relationship with vladimir prison is again being scrutinized after russia denied to making bounty payments to taliban fighters in afghanistan to kill u.s. soldiers the u.s. director of national intelligence says the allegations are still being investigated and president trump says he wasn't told of the intelligence reports because they went deemed to be credible all democrats in the u.s. say that despite a briefing from the white house on tuesday they still haven't gotten the information they need on russia's alleged bounties on the soldiers in afghanistan they're calling for a full briefing from the intelligence community the president called this a hoax publicly nothing in the briefing that we have just received led me to
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believe it is a hoax there may be 2 different judgments as to the level of credibility but there was no assertion that the information we had was a hoax well the chairman of the house intelligence committee says that even if the information comes with cabinets attached it should still be a major factor in the president's dealings with russia as we look at these allegations. number one the president i state should not be inviting russia into the g 7 or g 8. we should be considering what sanctions are appropriate to further deter russia's malign activities not further ingratiating russia into the community of civilized nations well our white house correspondent can be how it has more from washington d.c. . the perspective of democrats is that they didn't get the briefing from the people
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they wanted the briefing they got a white house perspective they already know that perspective they wanted to hear from the intelligence officials and so they've there are sort of requests that this come from this information come from the director of national intelligence and also the director of the cia jeanne the house bill they also are concerned that the u.s. president has once again in their view socially put forward his infatuation with lattimer putin someone they believe should be held to account and so you heard there from the house intelligence chair adam schiff stating that he believes it's time for sanctions against russia the russians should not be invited to the g. 7 to make it the g. 8 or in other words be part of the community of civilized nations the white house has repeatedly said that the president did not know anything about this that he had not been briefed but we do know that 2 anonymous intelligence officials have come forward stating in fact just the opposite saying that they briefed the president
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back is early as february of this year and in fact this was further developed in an intelligence briefing that was given to the president and then disseminated more widely to the broader intelligence community so these are revelations that are increasingly not sitting well with not just members of the house of representatives on the democratic side but also we know some members of the republican side as well that say they want more information and they want to hear from intel officials what the president knew and when. now ethiopian prime minister ahmed is calling for calm the populace saying i was shocked ted thousands of fans followed her child who deciles casca to protest his killing the demonstrations then turned violent a doctor has told reuters 8 people were killed in the police investigation just what happened to the musician who is known for political songs about the rights of the aroma people here ethiopia is known just as they've often complained about
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discrimination. now thousands of people have also rallied in sudan accusing the transitional government of taking too long to introduce reforms. security forces in the capital khartoum use tear gas to break up those crowds someone's economic and political change while others are calling for justice for those killed during the protests last year and supporters of former president omar al bashir also holding rival rallies correspond to morgan is in khartoum she says the call to protest through crowds across the country. people coming out and taking to the streets ahead of the scheduled time of 1 pm local time which is around 11 g. people have taken to the streets 2 or 3 hours before that and that is not just in khartoum we've seen people in the western parts of the country such as central and western pondar for we've seen people in the southern part of the country the northern and eastern parts so it is indeed an nationwide movement just like the the sudanese for of professional association has called for as well as the resistance
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committees the bodies that are basically in every neighborhood calling for those protesters or revolutionaries as they turned to put pressure on the government to achieve the goals of the revolution and the clauses of the of the power sharing agreement which include appointment of civilian governors and forming a legislative transitional transitional legislative council so huge turnout tens of thousands across the country just like people have been organizing for the past few days seen the arrest of the acting head of the former ruling party abraham one dude who's also the former minister for foreign affairs during bush years there he was arrested last night with security forces accusing him of planning to sabotage and vandalize today's marches now we've seen security ramping up 2 days before today's protests we've seen bridges that connect the 3 parts of the states of term sudan and undermanned being blocked nobody's allowed to access we've seen heavy military presence around the roads leading up to the army headquarters to try to prevent
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protesters from getting to to the headquarters to start to to stage as they say just like the one that was staged when former president i'm going to show was overthrown well still ahead here on al-jazeera. it was. here in the wilds town where unemployment's become a way of life so is there any hope for the future. human patterns of consumption that destroying a natural habitat and threatening the survival of one of the straightest best loved . head of the civil heavy rain across all central and southern areas of china all this county can see is all tied to the same trailing front also this mass here is all part of the same system this came across the korean peninsula this is why all these the fishing boats were brought in to shore because obviously it was very
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heavy rain and also some very strong winds now that will move across towards japan as we go through wednesday but still ahead of that we've also got this strange deal with eastern areas of honshu and again trading back this system into the 7 southern and eastern areas of china tends to rev up again really these heavy downpours again will just exacerbate all those of flooded areas and they will see that rain across a japan push across into qaida as we go into day and then india the usual heavy rains the monsoon doing very well this year but it does of course cover the downside of flooding but lots of activity there. but securely out across the west of the skies across mumbai some big strong thunderstorms produced a rainbow now as we go through wednesday the rains very have again through the west and gas that again to be more extensive across areas of maharashtra knows heavy in the far northeast not on wednesday but a thursday the rains very much back in the 4 calls and actually a very hot day in new delhi maybe a thunderstorm but a high of 40. rewind
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a care bring your people back to life i'm sorry but dates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues from bond did you know these distance rewind continues with the return of the lizard king steve shall be one of many star projects $300.00 species are going extinct every 24 hours and a lot of that is attributed to wildlife trafficking rewind on al-jazeera. oh.
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hello again. let's remind you of our top stories this hour china's president has signed a new security law for hong kong which many fear will end its freedom and independence the legislation has come now into force on the 23rd anniversary of the handover from british colonial rule when china pledged one country 2 systems. and democrats in the u.s. say they still don't have the information they need on russia's alleged bounties on american soldiers in afghanistan and follows a briefing from the white house on tuesday. thousands of people have rallied in sudan accusing the transitional government of taking too long to introduce before the security forces in the capital khartoum used tear gas to break up the crowds. now the army in northern mozambique is struggling to stop attacks by fighters affiliated to eisele hundreds of people have been killed and 200000 have fled their homes and cover delgado province in the past 3 years and soldiers sent to confront
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the fighters battling for an islamic state are also being accused of abuses where purports. beheadings kidnappings and torching of homes is what these people fled now they live in this camp in northern mozambique an armed group has been attacking villages in couple other province for nearly 3 years. there boys. it was about 5 in the afternoon when the attackers came and started burning houses i ran with my wife and i shot her they killed her in front of me i managed to escape they came with guns and machetes and started burning houses. he's been fighting back but information is scarce journalists and research is found in the conflict zone arrested. so social media videos like this one film by a soldier can be seen from outside. and i
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haven't been going well for the army. posted by fighters from the group chose a military vehicle they captured. 2 years the group attacked only remote villages and said nothing. then 3 months ago he started attacking and briefly occupying towns in this message a fighter rejects the government and calls people to fight on the run i still flag i still is claimed responsibility for some of the attacks it's not clear if there's any real link between the groups but it is clear there are deep local grievances. mozambique's growing oil and gas industry is part of it one of the world's largest natural gas reserves has been found off the coast of copper delgado oil companies have moved in but people have remained poor was analysts say years of government neglect in the province have proved toxic it does tend.
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to state. all the international. companies. and. communities particularly in the us that. the army's response hasn't always helped i was able to hear the soldier filming with his others to set fire to an enemy camp yet those are they view the soldiers have been accused of executing any man they suspect of collaborating with the group of the army and the government didn't respond to our request for comment. as the violence escalates more people flee there's little support in the camps and a shortage of food but it's not safe to go home mo come where does iraq now the king of belgium has for the 1st time in the country's history expressed what he calls his deepest regrets for colonial rule of africa king philip
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acknowledged that acts of violence and cruelty were committed and the wounds are still being felt and what is now democratic republic of congo his message was sent to president felix just to carry on the 60th anniversary of independence. belgium's king leopold seized part of central africa in 885 and then ran it for personal profit historians say as many as 10000000 people died during his rule from murder starvation or disease after his ownership of congo ended in 1800 the country over to the belgian state several statues of a uphold have been vandalized or torn down in recent weeks as part of protests against racism while during belgium's colonial rule mixed race children were kidnapped from their families and placed an orphanage is 5 of them have filed a lawsuit against the belgian state accusing it of crimes against humanity their lawyer says babies born to belgian and congolese parents were known as children of
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shame. it didn't work because it comes back again so much that it remains anchored painful when we were small we did not realise because we lived we survived in a way after we've distance it is painful. now a journalist accused of spying and instigating protests in iran 3 years ago has been sentenced to death. ran a channel in the popular messaging app telegram he used the platform to post videos and information about protests in the country ruffalo was arrested in 2900 returning from paris where he lived in exile now the european union has banned pakistan's national airline for at least 6 months because of safety concerns they use as safety agency acted after pakistan they v.a. minister revealed nearly a 3rd of airline pilots had cheated and their exams and the minister blamed human error for the pakistani international airlines crash which killed $97.00 people last month and in another development vietnam has grounded all pakistani pilots
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working for its airlines well the european union is lifting border restrictions for travelers from more than a dozen countries but americans remain excluded because the u.s. is the world's coronavirus hotspot step bason is that amsterdam's schiphol international airport she says it's been virtually empty for the last 4 months and people aren't expecting a rush of travelers straight away. these 14 countries are very diverse we have on the on the list serbia is on the list of canada's on the list but very absent from this list are the united states russia and brazil which are very important and big countries and especially americans millions of americans travel to the european union every year so they will be missed here. council has said that they use a criteria looking at the number of infections per 100000 citizens in the country
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that's their criteria they say they have fused and it's around 16 infections per 100000 people in a country that's not the united states which has a new outbreak of 19 as we speak russia also doesn't have it under control but again it doesn't mean that there's going to be a huge influx of tourists now and of course it's a very economic important factor to have tourism back on track and this is the summer season is starting now and a lot of business here in the netherlands but also we are very much relying on it and with this policy the e.u. is now showing some kind of unity because they haven't shown any unity during this whole covert 19 from damage from the start every country has done its own thing it has had its own policy with border internal borders also being closed they now been gradually lifted us while so it is important to have a common policy a common border policy as they. call because the internal borders are
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all open and people can travel freely so there is a huge risk that if one country does about a thing as the other that of course the pandemic here in europe could start again while britain's prime minister says people can't continue to be prisoners of the coronavirus crisis 1st johnson has outlined his vision for rebuilding the economy and he says recovery will focus on attracting investment not more austerity. we must work fast because we've already seen the vertiginous drop in g.d.p. and we know that people are worried now about their jobs and their businesses and we're waiting as if between the flash of lightning and the thunder clap with our hearts in our mouths for the food economic reverberations to appear
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while some fear that unemployment in britain could rise to a 40 year high because of private 19 lawrence lee went to the ronda valley in south wales where coal mining has long gone and now more than 60 people chase every job vacancy every shuttered shop every collapse business tells a story of last hope there's barely a soul around volleyed hasn't had a single customer all day so he's closing early it's not their summer clothes and on this shop. all raise. but. they're going to help us. do you pretend it's for 34 months this is ok. if you know you lose everything everybody lose their job. through the valley used to be thriving the largest coal seam in britain led to the villages being built around the mines but it's all been gone for 40 years and the community is a stranded there are now 63 people chasing every job here is the 2nd highest
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unemployment rate in the entire u.k. boris johnson's government was elected on an express promise to what it called level up provide vast amounts of financial support to the left behind communities around the u.k. like this and that was in december before the virus even came here all that's done is to massively amplify enormous problems that were already there. many of these places don't even have a railway line connecting them to the big cities but even if that's what the government side dhea of infrastructure spending looks like it's directly at all with what the rhonda says it really needs which is a new sustainable local economy to replace the one that disappeared we've suffered in the past where jobs have been created by large companies are coming in and taking grants and exploited no wage labor and then up sticks and left as soon as the economic conditions change if we were able to invest in people owning their own
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businesses in the form of cooperatives people actually own in the means of production then they more likely to stay in these communities and i see no reason it or why government can't be investing in that way now and what will johnson do to immediately replace all those jobs lost in the 1st half of this year big infrastructure plans take years to get off the ground if you want economics to represent a kind of centralized inclusive britain then you have to make other than just spend money on projects it's all about ensuring communities can be sustainable and thrive and people can find prosperity in every part of every kind of community in every city in every region of the u.k. goes a long way beyond pouring concrete on the economic situation in places like this is so dire that arguably anything is better than nothing but if what's on offer is something like a new railway line to get people out it isn't the same as finding ways they can stay largely al-jazeera in their own the valley. now
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a dire warning has been issued about one of his trainees best loved animals m.p. say koalas will become extinct in new south wales within 30 years unless action is taken to protect them from aussie appeals are being wiped out as the eucalyptus trees they depend on for fares cut down victoria gate b reports. they are one of the 2 animals australia is most famous for but unlike kangaroos koala numbers are falling fast a year long parliamentary inquiry delivered this dial warning with their government hunter venture in the koala will become extinct in new south wales before 2050 this is extremely concerning of course to everybody who cares about koalas and from what we heard during the inquiry of course that's pretty much everybody in new south wales and across the world koalas are found naturally in the
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wild in 4 of australia's 6 states new south wales queensland victoria and south australia 8 years ago there were $36000.00 koalas in new south wales that total fell to less than half that 15000 as eucalyptus trees and the leaves they eat were cut down to make way for farming and development and this is unprecedented bushfires killed a further 4000 of the slow moving marsupials which couldn't escape scientists describe the situation as an ecological disaster you might be able to spot one or 2 koalas but the ret reality uses those populations are becoming on viable and that's why it's so critical and that's why the 25th time from now needs to be put in place because they cannot survive at these lower numbers and we have more fires it's just going to get worse. the report by the state government of new south wales makes 42 recommendations to increase the koala population but that's the same governments
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a campaign is that allowed even encourage the destruction of koala habitat by relaxing lose controlling the amount of land farmers can clear of trees victoria gate and be al-jazeera while there is obviously much more on our website including all the latest as china imposes its new national security law and hong kong of course updates to on the pandemic that's al-jazeera dot com. hello again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines china's president has signed a new security law for hong kong which many fear will end its freedom and independence the legislation has come into force now on the 23rd anniversary of the handover from british colonial rule when china pledged one country 2 systems democrats in the u.s. say they still don't have the information they need on russia's alleged bounties on american soldiers in afghanistan it follows
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a briefing from the white house on tuesday thousands of people have rallied in sudan accusing the transitional government of taking too long to introduce reforms security forces in the capital khartoum used tear gas to break up those crowds have been morgan has more from the capital. people are saying that this is not a protest or right these are not protests to demand the ousting of the government they're demanding that the government remember why they came to power remember why they were appointed in the 1st place which is to to to to deliver peace justice and accountability for those who were killed so it's obvious that there are this government still has support from the people. at least 4 people have died during protests against the killing of a prominent singer in ethiopia a child who desa was shot dead on monday prompting mass demonstrations in the capital and across the country police are investigating what happened to the musician who's known for his political songs about the rights of the oromo people
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the european union is reopening its external borders to travelers from 14 countries from wednesday but americans remain excluded because the wild is now the world's coronavirus hot spot the list will be reviewed every 2 weeks the king of belgium has for the 1st time in the country's history expressed what he calls his deepest regrets for colonial rule and africa king felipe acknowledged that acts of violence and cruelty were committed and that the wounds are still being felt in what is now a democratic republic of congo. a journalist accused of instigating the 2017 arraign in economic protests has been sentenced to death. used in messaging platform to post videos and information about iranian officials well those are the headlines i'll have much more news for you here on al-jazeera to rewind stay with us.
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hello and welcome again to rewind. since the launch of al-jazeera english back in 2006 were built up a library of award winning films and here on rewind we're very visiting some of the best of them today we're reminded to 2013 when we went undercover on a wildlife smuggling trail.


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