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restraint just like iran ever stood their stand that the president of the islamic republic of iran put forward the whole mars piece and or hope that he can do it without us meddling some 6000 minds way from its shores mr president. the international court of justice clearly underlined in its $97011.00 advisory opinion unlimited and i quote one of the fundamental principles governing international relationships thus a stump this is that a party which is own or does not fulfill its own obligations cannot be recognized as retaining the right which it claims to derives from the relationship end of quote after the visually and explicitly seizing its participation in the
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j.c. puree at the highest level and having why are they to each and every one of its obligations under j.c. and resolution $2231.00 the united states cannot arrogate to itself any right under that resolution nor can it enable is trying to save its face we are so caught up with the ground for. the timetable for the removal of arms restrictions embodies in resolution 2231 is an inseparable part of the hard won compromise and neighboring the j.c. if you a participants to finally agree on the overall package of the a.j.c. pure un resolution $2231.00 the resolution explicitly urges and i quote its full implementation under timetable and of of. any attempt to change or amend the agree timetable is just tantamount to undermining
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resolution 2231 innocent tired the council must not allow a single state to abuse the process as specified in the letter of the president of the islamic republic of iran addressed to the leaders of the remaining j.c. to a participants on 8 may 29th in any new restriction by the council is against the fundamental commitments made to the iranian people in such a scenario iran's options as i already know to point to the remaining jase if you are participants will be fair. and the united states and any entity which may assist or acquiesce in its illegal behavior will bear responsibility mr president. the unlawful us unilateral withdrawal from the case if
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usa and the reimposition obvious sanctions and hated us responsibility under un a c r $22.00 that you are un charter and applicable international law the united states has also disregarded the decision of the international court of justice it is long overdue for the international community and in particular this council to hold the united states government accountable for the consequences of its wrongful acts including its malicious endeavors to a chicken amik terrorism on the entire onion nation very fully deprived them of food and medicine and. the of these statements have been corroborated by codes in the footnotes and irreparably harmed their economy and their standard of living.
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the united states must fully compensate the iranian people for our damages it has inflicted upon appallingly for no reason other than to satisfy domestic constituencies and personal aggrandizement but islamic republic of iran has shown in words and deeds our desire and our preference for constructive engagement we do not depend on others for our security stability or prosperity we have learnt to so d. depend on ourselves that is why more than 40 years of us pressure. through demonisation or war sanction or terror including the cowardly assassination our regions counterterrorism hero general hossam so that money has faded to bring iranian to their needs or affect people's
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decision making calculus for my final words let me again borrow from prime minister must at that speech before the security council in 1951 and i cook the council. we do not have failed to note the cogency of our arguments to the last yet this is not a legal body but primarily a political body charged with the highest political responsibility it will readily understand therefore that we would not be coerced whether by foreign governments or by international authorities i thank you mr president. well if you're just joining us we've been hearing there from the iranian foreign
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minister mohammad job and serif addressing eventual session as you can see of the un security council on nuclear nonproliferation nonproliferation he's sharply criticized the united states for its behavior since withdrawing from the new kid deal back and may $2800.00 a bully also questioning why the u.s. hasn't been fully reproached the reef also question the european approach to the current situation and thanks russia and china for their concern well let's go now to our diplomatic editor jane spays who is at u.n. headquarters in new york for us james no surprises there from iran including some sharp words for the europeans and how she thinks her own wants to play this. well i think iran knows that it has a very tough time ahead in the coming months remarkably some would say the iran nuclear deal has still survived it's almost 5 years old in 2 weeks time of course is the biggest hurdle was when president trump pulled out of it he said for
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a long time he was going to do it he did do it finally just over 2 years ago and it's still in place but it's not doing very well in some ways certainly the european countries are not happy with iran's compliance iran because it's not getting the benefits it wanted from the deal because the u.s. is not part of it is not certainly a hearing to us in full and is increased its enrichment but not anywhere near the levels of weapons grade the latest challenge is about something that's actually in the deal a time table in the deal in october for an arms embargo on iran that's been in place since 2007 to expire meaning iran can buy conventional weaponry under that now the u.s. is saying we need to extend that arms embargo the rest of the security council i think are not in agreement with that and certainly we know that russia and the china very strongly not in agreement with that and probably is permanent that was the security council use their veto that then leaves something that wasn't
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mentioned in today's meeting but as we mentioned numerous times by u.s. officials which is the threat coming from the u.s. and the threat is if you don't extend that arms embargo if you don't keep that arms embargo in place then we're going to declare something under the iran nuclear deal that was called snap back that means that all the original international sanctions can be read triggered and the way this was done in the iran nuclear deal it was sort of a reverse version of a u.n. security council resolution meaning a veto holder one of the 5 permanent members has all the real power here it means that the u.s. could trigger this snapback other members of the security council say no the u.s. left the nuclear. deal they shouldn't be able to do this but the u.s. remains a permanent member of the security council and he's threatening to do so so we've got this date coming up at the end of october with it seems almost certain the security council won't be able to extend the bombs a bargain like the us wants and the us saying it's going to trigger snapback if the
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iran nuclear deal is still alive by october if they took a snap the back of that may well almost certainly will be the thing that will kill it well james this is all incredibly high stakes given that's not that could potentially be the death of the day. what does the u.s. want to try to achieve i mean it is also an election year is this about a timetable. well i think the us is very very. concerned about iran that's certainly the position of the administration they do not like what iran is up to in the region they do not want to iran having any nuclear capability you're right though the timing of this of the potential snap back in october and then just a couple of weeks later the u.s. election could iran be persuaded to survive all those sanctions for a few weeks and not pull out of the deal and destroy the deal certainly iran at the
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moment is playing hardball they're saying if snap back is triggered and i've heard this from iranian officials most of myself then it's over it's over and if if if there's a new president of president trying doesn't win the election then president biden if they've had to snap back a president trump has declared it president biden will have to start all over again again with the international community and work on a new nuclear deal remind you that the last nuclear deal took well over a decade to negotiate terms the euro parents were very keen to try to keep the day c.p.o. i live where are they out on all this now. well they're in a very difficult position because i think now because the trumpet construction pulled out of this deal and as a result iran more to show that it wasn't happy about that and it's not getting the economic benefits that it was promised under the deal iran is not fully complying and also we've seen certainly in the region attacks on saudi arabia by the who
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theses and claims that iran is supplying weaponry to them so europe is in a difficult position is not happy with iran and it's certainly not happy with the u.s. and it is going to be very careful about its unease with the u.s. position on this because we know what president trump is like when he's challenged even by his allies they know he's unpredictable in a no he can be vindictive so yes the europeans in some difficulty here jane phase that have an attic as a speaking to us from outside u.n. headquarters in new york thank you very much james well let's now go to our correspondent us a bag he is live for us in the iranian capital tehran as a can you talk us through what iran's options are at this stage obviously there's a very strategic diplomatic game being played here but if the u.n. does renew restrictions they also threaten retaliation. yes they have and when iran does that and things do tend to follow through now iran's options are that they could leave the j c p o all together they could stop i.a.e.a.
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inspections so far they've been cooperating but they could say look you're no longer allowed to inspect our nuclear sites currently the i.a.e.a. have 247 on line monitoring of those sites iran could leave the nonproliferation treaty altogether and all of these options for iran not only have regional consequences but international consequences iran very much today a foreign minister devolves really expressing the frustration and anger from the political establishment here in tehran act not only the united states but the united nations and the europeans involved in the j.c. . iran is concerned they entered into this agreement in good faith one of its achievements was that the arms embargo would be lifted and long would some of those sanctions and iran would be able to trade now that hasn't happened iran says that they have been patient and they've had that phased step back from the commitments to the j c p
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o 8 and this agreement is on its last legs so if iran does retaliate. as they have threatened it could be unpredictable and could essentially destabilize the region but iran part of its political ideology here and is and is painted throughout that speech by jihads reason is that basically themselves as the underdog and they see the united states as a bully and they want to stand up to the united states and they're asking the rest of the world to hold the united states to account for what they are doing currently and the facts the sanctions are having on the iranian people and said one of the things that struck me in that speech was a relief as he said that the remedial measures that iran had taken after u.n. u.s. sanctions were imposed have had no impact on monitoring but the i.a.e.a. does say that iran barred entry to its inspectors to 2 locations i believe in just in the last few days there was that mysterious explosion at what's really have to be a missile site so can you give us
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a read just what is the state of terror on its nuclear program at this stage. well so far what iran has done in regards to the nuclear agreement that the measures that they have taken have reduced the saw for example the nuclear enrichment was around 3.6 percent they've just made it to above 4.6 percent all the measures that iran has taken they've shown the international community the visa completely reversible that the i.a.e.a. has access to iran's nuclear sites and these 2 specific sites as fast iran is concerned a military side and they are not a part of the nuclear deal 2015 nuclear deal and that's what divides reeve throughout his speech was saying that the i.a.e.a. should not be used as a tool and that people need to stand up along other countries us as well as institutions indicating that the i.a.e.a. need to stand up to the united states now the current status of iran's nuclear program is that iran has always maintained that they do not want
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a nuclear weapon that this is for peaceful means that their nuclear program is for peaceful means for the energy needs but they don't want a nuclear weapon however the united states and some other countries in the region don't believe them but if if if iran decides not to grant i.a.e.a. access to the rest of its nuclear sites that could be the end of the j.c. could be the end of may other cooperation with the institution and could the vents could spiral into something far greater and we'll continue watching all of those very complex dynamics very closely indeed a sad bag there for us in the iranian capital tehran thanks and let's bring you some other news now and the european union is lifting border restrictions for travelers from more than a dozen countries but americans remain excluded because the u.s. is now the wilds coronavirus hotspot our correspondent said fasten is that amsterdam is usually very busy schedule international airport she says it's been
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virtually empty for the last 4 months and people on it's necessarily expecting a rush of travelers right away. these 14 countries are very diverse we have poor guy on the on the list serbia is on the list of candidates on the list but very absent from this list are the united states russia and brazil which are very important and big countries and especially americans millions of americans travel to the european union after a year so they will be dearly missed here. council has said that they use a criteria looking at the number of infections per 100000 citizens in the country that's the criteria they say they have used and it's around 16 infections per 100000 people in a country that's not the united states which has a new outbreak of 19 as we speak russia also doesn't have it under control but again it doesn't mean that there's going to be a huge influx of tourists now and of course it's
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a very economic important factor to have tourism back on track and this is the summer season is starting now and a lot of business here in the netherlands but also we are very much relying on it and with this policy the e.u. is now showing some kind of unity because they haven't shown any unity during this whole covert 900 pound damage from the start every country has done its own thing it has had its own policy with border internal borders also being close now been gradually lifted us while so it is important to have a common policy a common border policy as they. say it's called because the internal borders are all open and people can travel freely so there is a huge risk that if one country does about a thing as the other that of course the pandemic here in europe could start again. now israel's leaders are reported to be at odds about the planned annexation of
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parts of the occupied west bank prime minister benjamin netanyahu was set to move forward within the next $24.00 alex but benny gantz says their priority should be fighting the coronavirus correspondent carry forth that has more from west to reflect on those divisions between down from the. differing messages coming from both of them we've just heard from benjamin netanyahu he's finished his talks with the u.s. envoy berkovitz who's been here for the last few days for discussions with senior israelis also and did not run of talks the israeli at the u.s. ambassador david friedman as well netanyahu tweeting that that he'd had these talks on the issue of israelis call it extending sovereignty to parts of the west bank and that the work is continuing and would continue in the coming days or perhaps a signal that nothing major may well be announced on the 1st day of
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a double to netanyahu to start making moves on an exception july the 1st as for benny gantz he again has been saying that the priorities should lie elsewhere in a t.v. interview he said the 1000000 people who'd be left unemployed during the coronavirus economic consequences and the problems that the pandemic had caused in that arena that they weren't worried about annexation and the government should commit itself to working on the economy netanyahu again saying that the government could handle both dealing with the coronavirus of the economic consequences while at the same time acting on other important matters namely or at least very broadly hinted at being an exception and so the 2 men are very much at odds. now lockdown measures are being reimposed across latin america as the region struggles to get its corona virus outbreak under control but some countries are
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lifting restrictions claiming the battle against the virus is being one that reports from buenos aires. with the number of people infected by the covered 1000 virus continuing to rise several districts especially densely populated cities are imposing or reimposing tough new lockdown measures. here in mortal cyrus the hardest hit part of argentina your thought is of putting tight travel restrictions back in place the ban on outdoor exercise lifted 3 weeks ago returns on wednesday when the shutters will also come down on all non-essential businesses. neighboring bolivia approaching 1000 covered 19 deaths and with some regional health systems a breaking point has announced it will extend its quarantine until the end of july . however in mexico city restrictions are being eased with many businesses being allowed to reopen or the not or the convinced the coronavirus is retreating.
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banning any form our own people are not very well informed unfortunately we're not at the peak of this virus and i don't think we're prepared i think there will be a 2nd wave of infections. and in peru one of the worst affected countries in latin america the government says the end is in sight and his 100 day lockdown will end on tuesday but borders will remain closed and some still struggling regions will keep their quarantines in place. meanwhile the stark economic impact of the pandemic is becoming clearer the authorities in cuba have asked all of those who can to grow their own food for. ice so all the little bits of land i have flowers are pretty because they provide beauty but flowers don't provide food i removed a few flowers my wife had there and i started to sew food and i urge everyone to make the most of a bit of land a small parcel of home. and in brazil with nearly 58000 deaths and more than one in
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a quarter 1000000 people infected the government has announced a record 11 percent budget deficit the may and more than a 1000000 jobs lost so far this year as the country enters into recession trading restrictions in some cities are being lifted. president job as the economy is more important the more he calls a little flu. of a larger and more frequent protests indicate that increasing numbers of was illions don't agree with him. one osiris. well the mangere season in pakistan is looking bleak for farmers they've been hit hard by the krajina virus pandemic and the locust attacks have also severely damage the for years suspended flights and high freight charges have also brought down exports of some of the of it reports us it's the busiest time of the year this market. creates are packed and shipped from on. to local and international buyers. but
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2020 has not been a great year for farmers and retailers we have export quality mangoes but due to the lock down we won't be able to export our mangoes to any country and faced the losses this year pharmacy a double blow from coronavirus related health issues and locust infestations has already cut their exports by half and that's been compounded by export restrictions if you travel bans even that 50 percent is not going to be exported because the reasons fear shipment faeries going to greece and also there are a lot of recipes in different countries so it's going to be a disaster i think for all the crops last year pakistan's mangoes raked in $1000000.00 as the food exporters association says they were able to export $130.00 metric tons the prospect of not being able to sell means many have not even harvested their fruit the lot of exporters also cut local jobs in some of the most
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impoverished parts of pakistan. the world bank estimates by the sun's export for me a drop around a 3rd because of global economic shock widening budget deficit high inflation and shrinking foreign investment is dragging the economy even further down analysts predict pakistan will need to borrow $15000000000.00 to cover costs using what it has the government plans to push so-called mango diplomacy to try and open up new markets it's offered incentives to mingle farmers to encourage exports where do you have the best. sound ever made was. looking for a new market. but officials need to act fast as a fruit is highly perishable as the mango season peaks in july dozens of available varieties have already been affected by changing weather restricted flights and border closures with iran and afghanistan people in pakistan call it the king the
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fruits of the economic impact of the crew and endemic and even spirit royalty some of your job is there. well that's it for this lesson don't go away because i'll be back right on the street or in a couple of minutes with a full news hour for you here on al-jazeera to stay with. july on al-jazeera in a controversial move israel is expected to unacceptable settlements in the occupied west bank how will the world react in a not so sweet a story chocolate's heart of darkness expose the continued use of child labor on cocoa plantations president putin will try to stay in power beyond his final term
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with an attempt at changing russia's constitution maybe has sound will host a special series of interviews been asked tackling the big issues about time mocking the 25th anniversary of the biggest war crime on european soil since world war 2 will witness a ceremony paying respect to the victims of the sort i've done so genocide. july on al-jazeera. from imprisoned dissidents to inspirational leader. from founding the independent state to fiercely defending his people from ethnic cleansing in the conclusion of a 2 part documentary series i just see a world explores the rise to power of the 1st movie or of the independent bosnia herzegovina. is a bag of bridge. from prisoner to president on a jazzy. the trade tensions could cut global
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economic growth by $700000000000.00 we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in the government has shifted focus from saving lives to save the economy. counting the cost on al-jazeera. holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the world on al-jazeera the way disease outbreaks have impacted dense urban areas like during the flu pandemic in the early 1900 has played a role in how our cities look and run urban planners reacted to that flu and other outbreaks changing how cities were zoned and led to updated infrastructure like ventilation and improved sanitation but after what's been learned from pandemics and their influences on our skylines and way of life we also need to keep pace and adapt it's easy to assume that cities are fertile ground for spreading viruses and diseases millions living working at commuting in such tight conditions but one
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expert says it's about much more than just density it's about how all this was put together and how it's run. this is al-jazeera. hello again i'm the star and this is the news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes. telling you to. china's new palace aquash hong kong to send a national security you know has just come into force. the u.s. government's top infectious disease expert warns the number of daily new coronavirus cases could rise 210-0002 immediate action if not take.


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