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tv   Selling Out West Papua  Al Jazeera  July 1, 2020 2:33am-3:01am +03

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an investigation seductress did the trump campaign colluding with russia did you at any time of the merge the former f.b.i. director james call me in any way shape or form to close sort of back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know next question doctoral field washington on al-jazeera. west papuan indonesia is home to the largest remaining rainforest. in the resource companies are paying as little as $5.00 a day for these ecological paradise through questionable land grabs. me so that they will get a little shock and. a genetic one not even from up on the. indigenous tribes accused south korean ron paul johnson of plundering west papuan for a piece of the $300000000.00 in revenue is pure fantasy that's not the case at all
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what i want to east investigates allegations of fraud and human rights abuses did lead deals worth billions of dollars. 1000 kilometers from the indonesian capital jakarta west papuan is a lot as it gets. the province is a rich tapestry of with plans survives and forests where indigenous tribes complete the central. local ranger like he said since home for indonesia's biodiversity he's found. success on the globe you can say well i'm a walking in the us house of the. new york in the me. so i'd be careful but in this
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area that i'm up i think i'm going to go myself if i'm saying i'm going to go out really have so much i can buy them but i can get up and. look it up on what i'm buying us but i'm. big into nature has some of the fastest deforestation rights in the wode. he said his west pump was wilderness and hundreds of digitas tribes and now on the grounds. of the big number you know mother you want to live it but it will be done singing yemeni government taking you up on a snake it's a take it only hit on me that i mean. i'm not in silicon valley and i said i'm going to do it up and then when they got a couple done with ali cherry about the legal. investigation the issue isn't easy soldiers monitor the logic to get something from. the ok ok so.
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listen up when separatists have been fighting to gain. independence from indonesia to 50. foreign observers rarely granted intrigues to these threats to wimbledon 30 people were killed in clashes with the army last year. but we've gained special access to west pop woods conservations a. dozen is near and up on the ground. there are military heists like this one because of the national politics. because. as we head deep into the hostile west. we see widespread destruction the locum site he's.
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more than a decade ago in indonesia has been dubbed the reach to the resource sector and allowed companies to buy up tribal land. to companies that benefited from just selling a careened out of pasco b. to national whose major investments up based in south korea. in a year long investigation with journalists from among the bad and the good could put one on one east has uncovered evidence which the just some of the steel provides crude and was sitting. 6 we've not found a full bore. but this cover for the 2 that i. defeated me at because i'm not here to come out of there before specter got up i just focus on the government for the time a clip of how was minus 05 is the leader of the man trying he's
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showing us the run fish to land spanning more than $3000.00 hake days he says they forest was destroyed in 2012 when a posco internationalised featuring cleared all the trees and planted oil palms without they consent. why. would you. become dynamic. going up with a while. and with. modest told the company there was a long standing agreement between them and dubbo and then neighboring tribe the marines to share the land. but these documents showed the land deal only had agreement from 2 marine. staff on the small was here. last. week. i mean and what most about that.
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is so cool. but also on that committee demolition possibility this company kopi t b i a hold the forest for $5.00 a head with an estimated total land size of $200000.00 while linus has tried got nothing leaked documents showed that the company expected to make more than a $1000000000.00 from the timber and plantation. a few months after the deal korean giant posco international. retaining its owners as local manager. of. the company. we spoke to both marine elders who admit to taking the
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company's money documenting one of the signatories damiana has begun a buffet possible concedes the honest it's more as was included in the deal here i'm a member but i'm to. tell you what i do to bed. basak posix signed a deal leasing the land to the company for 35 years after which ownership would be passed on to the indonesian government in return the marine eldest says he's tried would receive cause and housing but he alleges they received no benefits do you feel any guilt given all the land was destroyed now not by a new you know i'm up a new woman a fairly new it took on. my men a good opinion one on them up. to me sung up it depends on. let it go up when your idol you go up and then jump and run then. who don't look
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global you've got a monitor that can only put on. the muni. posco international denied the deal was fraudulent they claimed the project provided adequate compensation and was approved by all levels of government. documents forced linus on the praise to his ancestors asking for. but he's also resorted to more confrontational measures. for my long and we can go do peace and war. long ago. but also. coming must not talk about the end up he didn't pay me for. my car come it didn't pass and him. this amateur footage at a roadblock the posco international's plan tension shows armed forces firing
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a rifle. in a confrontation with florida and other tribes. he says such you can become even more hostile. and love. with. someone you come up with a lot of. than mark by. about a pickle could walk. we need telling us and that is something like i. had some to go. i mean. better. go international argue dealings with local communities predated the acquisition of the land and in the statement deny all allegations of fraud and its conduct what the company. local manages provided sufficient consultation to help
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tribes determine ownership and compensation on the indonesian customary law. but a 2009 legal document leaked to want to one east states the same local manages with trying to acquire land without verifying the onus were pasco international claims the so-called insufficiency was resolved in 2011. but making notes provided by the company revealed they were still resolving tribal land boundaries on linus is blocking 2016 more than 3 years off to the forest was destroyed. and other indigenous communities accused karoonda whisp up with biggest pomo producers of taking their land in simla to speak. mistiness thomas tribe and 5 other clans claim they would never told the forest had been sold in 2010.
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and it got it and he had no name and i'd bet. on a fine of all and you know what. i mean find something he's not. going out and question cannot. have a muscle got a new day. ok. let me ask. you that. i'm young and you can. get over there if i felt very. religious say they would not employed to work on the project and gave 50 families just $100.00 each one 7th of what they demanded. by.
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the. same sustainability officer. denies the allegations the company has violated people's rights they're all called. misunderstandings but all in all i think if you want to take a survey with the residents there or do the world war all over the problems we join the way 11500. we've got the war there is a road. to christie to some roads and also we have to provide what one for so exhausted all night in that but the next 20 schools 6 to 6 most
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essential just a lot of development. local store in a picturesque worked with kareena after one of the company's subsidiaries approached him in 2014 with promises of development for local tribes. begin a bigger man of. color about the door imo you do b.m. by most i doubt there are. more in general but i'm very country where. some are going to only. impressed with korean goes south beach pétrus persuaded his tribe and 10 other clans to sell their forest for $8.00 a heck there. they also asked for houses electricity and school scholarships but he claims corrino avoided putting the deal on paper and instead gave them simply
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$1000.00 among other gives me the sort of if you need to continue concern at the most of them well because he didn't or when you know by naomi by 'd adding a model. they want their mail that was misquoting this quote in unison what if you don't so that nothing but it's a photocopy got it to my daddy don't. we that's a recent contract the klan's rejected the deal but petra says the company obtained government approval to build the plantation anyway by misrepresenting tribal discussions as an agreement there might be a comparable muldrow that work document us here does that option i did read those at the light the board game on a. process he didn't even talk a lot and i now argue. to such attack is to produce fear living transparent we have been open we have work conducted a proper lucian's prove the laws and regulations when the russian government it's
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not true that not go through the proper channels. korinos conduct has been the subject of a 2 year pro by the forest stewardship council or at their say a global certification body to sustainable timber. after legal threats from the company the certification body only published a redacted summary of its investigation which recommended corrino be stripped of its f.s.a. membership the redacted report also found corrino violated the human rights of west papuan and destroyed 30000 hc days of fi conservation value forest in potlucks it is almost impossible not to choose primary force we get convert of all 60000 hectares of forced into law. and obviously there was a you know destruction of up environment of values. in excerpts from the uncensored report seen by one a 18th the authors found corrino benefited from close military ties to obtain
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economic advantage. they estimate west papuan tribes lost $300000000.00 in these team big deals and said corrino acquired land for as little as board dollars behead . the deal also it misleading accusations is part of the contacts on those reports that the cia decided to maintain membership with us here's the decision earned the happy with the decision in a recent response to the redacted report corrino recognized there may have been some shortcomings in some of our operations what are the shortcomings of course there could be improvements and specifically i guess we could build more schools for the better if i could just to pop in. here so i think it was its own life i think we crept on would cripple and. based on industry data one o one east estimates quinto exported would be worth more than $320000000.00 from
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their project a figure the company denies but it's clear tribes got mega sums for their land is that fair compensation for the transfer of their land and resources to create or market dictates the price not us. you know west papuan town we meet nicholas now who is a a tribe's now he says he worked with corrino and pasco international to acquire forests nicholas confirms it deals he witnessed some tribes were only offered 5 dollars a hectic. career is the august negotiations are genuinely uncle william well can hardly needed time to middling athena. now i need to know one property cannot have doesn't. nicholas is a driving force in many tribal negotiations with your highness good to get see who
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is from one of west palm with most powerful political families in 2007 when gibbs the was an elected local government leader he promised these lands would deliver incredible prosperity. photos obtained by one to one east show gives easy in a hotel with a career no director allegedly signing concession documents government map shows no one day alone gives he granted permits covering 160 down his days of rainforest the companies that will light his soul to careened and pasco international. into. by the buggy and are you part of virginia and an awesome upper genuinely daughters into mcgovern the only elevator. anything. on this remote property johana school begins he is currently under house arrest unrelated corruption offense we contact him by phone. down.
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and out the top back. gives he denies he's local government approved the permit he blames national politicians who were in power at the time of the deal that it took up on our part of $100.00 up at the time after. the stuff to conduct if after that. and. i just about i took them on. what connects posco international anchor window to the contentious land deal is this korean businessman command crew who appears in many of the persian isn't documents we've been kind to them true started trying time. because it's a time lucrative last story good scene and all the politicians then sold them to both companies for tens of millions of dollars. nicholas meyer who's
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a says he received a $300.00 monthly stipend from kidnap crew to help facilitate land deals for him i'm not one of rollins i want to know to dump it on book and it can will go knocking what we haven't got a hold on there we can fall very right there are some better ones are. there laws room. about you know good to know as compared with the fact that i'm wrong about in print doesn't want to come only on a couple obviously a glass window tomorrow. in such manging one i want to east has confirmed q. man crew paid as little as $5.00 a head did to tribes to de forest. this document shows he was the director of p.t.b. ira the company that brokered the controversial land deal which led to the destruction of linus on this forest. damiana stone
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a buffet buffy this he met him and crew during the negotiations and in a traditional ceremony they split this pig skull to mock the deal had been done. you know didn't look too good to begin with. yeah we had a bowl full of a couple up on down the mob even then a couple of mummy could turn. into not going to. and it was kim nam coup who then signed a contract to sell his cop the p.t.b. ira to pasco international the price $10000000.00. with help from the korea center for investigative journalism we cool keep them could. only be good to be. with you when you don't. care about are going to. come a look at communicating don't belong to. one another warm. good of
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a muslim is another sort of calling also as an onlooker. this was not the only deal kim namco who was brokering one on one east has financial statements which show in 2030 a careen no shell company in singapore made a payment of nearly 22000000 dollars to an unnamed consultant described as an expert in giving plantation rides. we asked him and crew about the payment quote on low intelligence. will could talk as a number one. so we did and in a recent statement careened over executives confirmed that the $22000000.00 consultant is kidnapped. they claim the payment gave them ownership of his company and almost 40000 head days of west papuan rainforest. karim doe says that translates to around $560.00
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a day for the land. give them crew pocketed at least $30000000.00 from land sell to the palm oil giants the west papuan tribe say they got very little or nothing at all he refuses to discuss these deals. oh they are busy they are well. korinos $22000000.00 time right question as a plantation permits have little or no cost in indonesia and we're company looking to brucia be a former prosecutor at the u.s. department of justice is an expert on financial crimes. what kind of expert is paid that much money at a market rate. and what kinds of things besides expertise are being provided do you think your thorough he should be investigating this case that law enforcement ought
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to be taking a hard work at cases in the palm oil sector where there are huge unexplained payments to consultants there are possible signs of corruption there certainly are lots of bribery chases you know where the term consultancy is used as a euphemism for bribe payments through an intermediary or a bag for corrupt publications. nation government declined to comment. corrino denies any involvement in bribery or any wrongdoing in this matter after looking 760 square kilometers of pasco international and careened or say they have stopped large scale deforestation which pop up but now. both companies have lost palm oil deals with my detritus and brands likeness like. some indigenous tribes say they feel robbed karoonda makes no apology some rights groups like
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reno should return cuff 3 land resolve tribal conflicts in fairly common site local communities the last livelihood the damaged ecosystems will careen don't do that. little americas returned to apathy centerpiece the we up part of it those illegal means little agreement with the bush indonesian government and resident. we big public opposition would stay happy yes there are those who are not happy with it but that's not the field will people . in a bid to protect nation farmers indonesia's current government banned new palming licenses for 3 years but that ends in 2020 want
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a change in political power could leave west cop with isolated communities open to a new wave of i'm sure if you listen best to. the opaque system that's led to past land conflicts and corruption remains. with vast profits to be made how long can west pop was pristine wilderness survive . play an important role. ringback
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hong kong marks 23 years after the territory was handed over from britain to china just hours after a sweeping new security law comes into force. come about the same this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up i would not be surprised if we go up to 100000 a day a dire warning from the top coronavirus expert in the u.s. the situation is going to get much worse. u.s. democrats say they're not being briefed.


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