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tv   Inside Story 2020 Ep 183  Al Jazeera  July 2, 2020 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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draw a landslide as a jade mine in myanmar has killed at least $113.00 workers a pile of waste collapsed into a lake burying miners in a wave of muddy water the disaster in the middle ridge i can't region follows days of heavy rain. gunmen in mexico have killed at least 24 people and injured 7 others a drug rehabilitation facility it's the 2nd such attack in the city of north of the capital the area has become one of the main flashpoints of gang related violence that's something president and the rest manuel lopez obrador has often promised to stop since being elected in 2008. it's inside story now stay with us.
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an exciting occupied palestinian territory israel's prime minister wants to seize more of the west bank and the jordan valley palestinians and their allies denounce yet another land grab. spark more middle east turmoil this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan the west bank and east jerusalem are at the heart of any future palestinian state but occupied by israeli forces since 1967 and now threatened by an accession palestinian dreams of their own homeland look increasingly impossible israel's prime minister wants to the class
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sovereignty over illegal settlements in the occupied west bank and the jordan valley and even netanyahu wanted to begin an exception now at the beginning of july but his coalition government partner benny gantz says combating the coronavirus should come 1st the palestinian leadership major e.u. countries and arab states all object to an exception but the seizure of more palestinian land the seem to be in line with donald trump's proposals for peace in the region. we book which was with our view berkowitz embassador friedman and members of the delegation i spoke about the question of sovereignty which we are working on now and over the coming days our correspondents in west jerusalem and ramallah following events will start with al-jazeera story forces the 1st of july was the 1st date available to benjamin netanyahu under the terms of his coalition deal with his former rival benny gantz to start making real moves on an accession
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but he gave a pretty clear indication on the way in that he wasn't yet ready to do so saying that there were days at least of talks still required with the united states and some of his own ministers from his own party have been giving interviews to jesting it could be a matter of weeks not days certainly the blue and white party of benny gantz wants to see any annexation put on hold until coronavirus and the fallout economically of the pandemic are dealt with the blue and white foreign minister gabi ashkenazi giving an interview in which he said he wasn't aware of that neo's intentions but he wasn't expecting any imminent announcement saying the united states had yet to sign off on any final deal and indeed the u.s. approval does seem to be the key stumbling block here one israeli t.v. channel reporting that the united states wants to see concessions made to the palestinians at the same time as any annexation moves that could be difficult for netanyahu to sell to his right wing supporters particularly if you also has to endorse the trump plan in its entirety which of course also includes a palestinian state carry force at the inside story westerners let's hear now from
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al-jazeera abraham in ramallah on the palestinian reaction. the next station is still on the table whether it's partial or gradual for them it's seen as the final blow to the 2 state solution we've spoken to the general. and this is what you have to tell us if he has any part of the west bank but surely comprehensively whatever it is i believe the person would be destroyed and that any i would be responsible and sure that his responsibilities in accordance with the 4th geneva conventions and i think 49 meaning he would look at the garbage and nablus jerusalem. but certainly we will not sit on a table where the american israeli plan is on the table this is not a peace plan. is not a peace plan it's and the next edition apartheid dictation and we will not sit on
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any table. also tenet is not only related to the timing or the areas but the future of palestinians in. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said stimulus won't be receiving israeli citizenship and palestinians warn that annexation could make an overread bad situation even worse just to give you an idea of how bad the situation is is ready settlers have erected to illegal. bank in the south and in the north now palestinians are pushing for an diplomats to try and put pressure on israel to stop its annexation and the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has announced in may that the p.l.o. has stopped all and is not bound by any agreements with the u.s. and israel including security coordination with israel. for inside
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story. for dead. kates around 250 illegal israeli settlements and outposts have been built over the past 50 years all in violation of international law a separation wall cutting through palestinian territory in the occupied west bank has been built over the past 18 years the planned addicks ation would include the jordan valley a main agricultural and water source for palestinians israel's actions were recently boosted by a major shift in u.s. policy at the trumpet ministration announced that the settlements are not illegal and indoor stanek sation the white house also recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and move the u.s. embassy there. let's bring in our guests then for today's discussion we have with us from ramallah in the occupied west bank dr mustafa barghouti pleader of the palestinian national
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initiative the member of the palestinian legislative council from washington d.c. side out a cat adjunct professor at the american university in washington as well as the washington d.c. bureau chief of the l could staley newspaper published in occupied east jerusalem and from west jerusalem. political writer and diplomatic correspondent gentleman a warm welcome to you all on a car let's start with you as we record our discussion it is late afternoon wednesday july 1st the date set by netanyahu to take the 1st steps towards an exception and yet there's no sign of if how and when he intends to proceed why is that. he's waving 1st of all for a green or some kind of green light from washington d.c. we had this week a big group here of the u.s. special envoy i'll be back of each a question about to the middle east that has had 3 days of talks to have 4 days of
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talks over here in these with ambassador friedman and we've got that the now it cannot be they all talk together and try to get some kind of the siege and now they are back in washington and we're waiting to hear what the washington what exactly is going to happen until now like i said we are not expecting some kind of an announcement from the prime minister today still might be but at this point we do not know yet yesterday he said we're going to work on aid in the next few days meaning also he doesn't know exactly what kind of green light will there be an eva will be a green line there is suddenly reported that u.s. might want and that the now to give dumping to the palestinians if he makes decision to annex parts of the west bank so at this moment we really don't know when and if something is going to happen we're still like everyone waiting talked
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about kuti do you feel that it's a matter of when the not if israel will proceed with an expression to what extent is the u.s. administration key to how netanyahu moves forward now unfortunately this american administration. and south. who are crime. a workaround that includes an exception of griped it is in violation of a very international law and a war crime in the sense that israel is practically and strategically by building a league of settlements by any means of the is there killing very much. of this statehood and has created or previous as the more part by force the more. so are they actually it is not about tactic or that it will happen on the 1st live
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or don't live. there usually it is about israel is that it has to be stopped and has to be changed a strategy that is in means that liquidating post your rights and at creating a system get of bumpus which already exist before. them in the 1st bank and graham who does the you already mentioned a partner who will you mention 250 illegal settlements and 650 military checkpoints the whole system must be changed and we will never stop struggling for our freedom in this occupation is go over and build this system and the issue of mission is finished side out of cat has international condemnation of israel's stated intentions and talk of us appeals to to slow down with this got anything to
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do with the fact that netanyahu has made for damage so far the international community. has huffed and puffed and issue strong words will it do anything like introduce punitive sanctions against israel if it does move forward with with an accession plant. well there's been a great deal of condemnation adrian i mean we've heard this over the years israel has practiced creating an exception for the better part of the last 5 decades so there is nothing new except for one thing that you know our american administrations that say in particular in the past has kept some sort of daylight between them and the israeli position that the top administration has completely and. gone along and and eliminated whatever daylight there was between them their condition and and their israeli position so they have adapted and then netanyahu position it is clearly stated and indeed of the century in the so-called peace plan
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announced last january doesn't give israel the right to an extent the present of that 5 west bank so there is nothing you know there's been a great deal of pressure from america's ally than region of and that with our allies in europe and so on go slow down so while you know if these 4 for today there seems to be no major announcement on an annexation i believe that the process is going forward and exactly as netanyahu wanted and one other thing. the calendar is very important in the year out because he knows the u.s. is moving toward the an election where it is quite possible that the terms opponent the former publicist president joe biden could win this election and he did announce that he was opposed to an exception so chances are knowing that in the i'll know what he's done in the past that this process will move forward i'm a cast iron what's the mood within that you know his coalition right now will he be
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taking into consideration any misgivings by. the also the prime minister benny gantz. so if it if it were only dependent analogy i would go to implement a very low on 30 percent of the area but governments started saying this week for example that this is not the main issue of days when a government that you need to talk about covered 19 than i am and it seems that maybe dan's understood politically that that to now isn't exactly going to ask him what he greets on at the beginning we know the u.s. government wanted some kind of a consensus between the 2 parts of the israeli government but now it seems also from the statements of and it to me out that he's going ahead we've some kind of an extension even though guns might oppose that. so that that the
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situation right now we seem to the attempts to formulate some kind of sign of consensus this is. you can throw it away maybe the americans still wanted but it seems this is not at least from the outside talk of the 2 this is not a possibility right now and the question is like you said what will happen if. if god doesn't manage station and danielle doesn't want would he cause a rift in the government so. the big question is will it pass in the end because the 2 agreed during the coalition agreement that they don't need to agree about an annexation to go through if and this is the only issue they don't need an agreement but the question is what will happen when you. bring it to the government to a vote and maybe fall because blue and white guns party wanted leader did so so that's the political rift but it seems again do you are you asking if clinton
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youall is looking what gun to think about an extension at this point it seems we are past the stage that are now we are in talks with them are we can they also i'm talking to them eric and blue might is not an issue in the decision making on the tobacco to have an expression in any form goes ahead what will be the impact on the process that began 27 years ago we heard barack at the beginning of the program saying that the p.a. will be destroyed what would an expression of the west bank leave the peace process dead no hope of revival the peace process. and the slow argument because. randy has been casting and does their actions since 1900 feet when you hear the debate of days where your public again after i've been practically of course as a citizen should but i'm in the really experienced who listen to netanyahu. and i
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said you know mrs brown's victory here in this book published under the sun which should which you get if there's a whole. process and back if you spoke about the whole of the west bank of an israeli that thanks them he systematically destroyed every peace process going to every chance to assist solution and in my opinion presented that agreements up dead or slow getting them to the security coordination as they are yours there and i saw practically this is all the outcome of the thinking on does the next issue that sells mix it impossible for any palestinian state to be made that decision is a cracker means that israel has declared itself huntly or apartheid system or a price in the 21st century and much more surprised than was the events in africa a system based on racial discrimination that is the meaning of an exception and
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this would mean a lot to practicing 1st of all it's the end of course of the person referred and it means that palestinians have who unify their identities and their forces together and the conduct of the life of the supreme court ruling on violent. repression but also it means that i use a very powerful boycott divestment sanctions against the government and its policies but most of that includes means that he declared change of the person and go up. stairs and because the possibility of the solution we have not understood but to demand one democracy solution with equal national and civil rights and that's one democratic state it would not be. impossible. or do they have a number for the signal in the 1st sign is equal if not this is the word and.
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and that means one thing it was really does not mean the security interests are after this that is the exact the future since there were 6 or 8 but for the time being the most important thing is for the role of the sitters if you're perceived. you will see and hear them side our cap what do you make of what you just heard and i need to give you the reaction of a guy with this another question i want to ask you just move it well very quickly you know that tomorrow the says it correctly i mean the other process really seems to exist there when there was supposed to be a palestinian state said by 999 that never happened and then the our courts were virtually destroyed when. you know sharon marked the end to ramallah and 2000 and then you know occupied and your aunt's round in former president yasser arafat for
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for a long long time and so on they overtook many other places sell it all exist really and and then all and sort of rhetoric and in and out and in terms of code nation basically security coordination between the palestinian authority and there is really so that you know to really effectuate they are to a process narrow the outcome now the process that should have been crowned with their palestinian state had gone on a long long time gone ago as so that is no longer a viable case and i think that also in that booth he said that you know it is really in behooves the palestinian to look at where they have to look and how they can resist and what to fight for to lead to a spouse and then perhaps you know an ocean articulated by the great american journalist a lawyer he says they know when injustice is law and. and resistance is duty and you have to come up the creative way to resist this system or
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a battery that there is no holy supported ok turn is important. let's just suppose for a moment that that israel doesn't go ahead with with an exception for what for whatever reason would the palestinians as the jerusalem post suggested today be willing to think then under those circumstances to come back to negotiations. come back to what i mean look through number 80 and then the last time there were the who she is with in the 24 team and the israelis had agreed you know that that was during the 9 month period and the. second state john kerry if you recall and they were supposed to release to tell you as president that should have been released way back in 1904 and they didn't because they don't really want to negotiate anything with the palestinian and israel has always used the bush initial just to you know create facts on the ground to mannix more land. to make it impossible for athan if they had their marriage which we are where we are now so i think that when the
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palestinians say negotiate go back to the negotiating table what are the negotiating i mean you know the parameters and the framework for these people who should have been determined a very very long time ago you know but every time you restart the negotiation is restart from the point where things are now so the palestinian before going into negotiation they need to state exactly what they expect at the end of an outcome where they expect the end of that negotiation to be i believe that israel will not allowed would not allow a palestinian security marriage that the 2 state solution have mom been since you know really relegated to and achievable goal and a cast on a recent beginning here we are july 1st nothing has happened yet as we recalled this program late afternoon on weapons say. to what extent is netanyahu is an exception policy do you think a
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a distraction tactic to divert attention from his indictment on corruption charges i think i understand you correctly what you said in your last answer is that it's not yet a done deal it might not happen. netanyahu is looking at 2 previous you know israeli prime minister you know what he's looking at let's say at bendel yani he always speaks about he views nothing else right now the longest prime minister in israel or anything looking also we've all met and he's asking himself how can i really you know leave something for history how will i be remembered that's that's i think one of the main question he's leading him aser also the son of an historian so he's asking felt he feels oh he talks about iran preventing the iran from nuclear weapons that he talks he story he so i think for him yes if for him doing some kind of implementation of the israeli law is some kind of leaving
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a mark on the history books because of it and that. you know he might be remembered maybe as the 1st like you said as the 1st prime minister that is being indicted so i don't know i wouldn't call it a distraction but i would point his willingness really to go into the history books as someone who did a stab that will be remembered in this story and. won't be remembered like only for example of the oral form or to the act active through a nuclear war and other issues he doesn't want to remember the prime minister you know indicted for bribery he wants to be remembered as a prime minister who did steps on the ground and stuff. what do you think netanyahu his motivations and if and when israel moves forward with its stated intention what will annexation look like when it began gradually and in phases or fearing that its ally in the white house may not be reelected in november
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do you think it will go further and more quickly. well listen they sure it is not the same you know. back to the u.s. we say see it is nice but i think you're full of by the events. that piracy that initiated sentiment activists is love thy neighbor party which is vital in our boss and is a government that wants to annex that to practice. this cause labor party you i'm going there all of us ones i'm moving and the problem here is that the zionist movement is sending ground my sister you know. that it was an illusion to think you can reach a compromise. and just lose that solution which is a good sense practically i think for compromise for the palestinians is they would have or see a need that is going to 2 percent of this or hispanic for the steinway is a nice addition is the fact that we should have 44 percent number that the various
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move thing is not going to have a compromise so palestinians will make the conclusion and they are making good luck with the program my prime will go back the way it is in the good but it's time for the same nothing no forced process then perhaps a decision is and i should go for sure we're not sure you might want to leave the leaders you might want to play i was trying. but then think that i want the audience understand that's why that's the thing you know or show one or the leader of the different price he is the problem of the zionist movement that does not believe that we the palestinians are equal to that is. the does not believe that the as it was human beings and that uses discrimination as an official policy of the state of israel and that is very clear in the 6 national law that they have and
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can is and accept apartheid will not fluff we are out of time we have to make room for the news from atlanta couple of months many thanks indeed to you all for taking part in the discussion today the stuff about booting site out of touch at archaia stein. as always thank you for watching don't forget you can see the program again at any time just by going to the website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion you can join us at our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can join the conversation on twitter i handle at a.j. inside story from me adrian figure the whole team here in doha thanks for being with us we'll see you again by foot.
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hours g.m.t. on al-jazeera and come all santa maria with the top stories tension remains high in ethiopia 3 days after a popular singer and activist was not it a shot of him that has been laid to rest following a funeral in his hometown of just west of. it was his death that saw the violence that killed more than a. palace with this report. people gathered in addis ababa to school the casket of popular musician hutch on whom desa was shot dead on monday. this procession marks the beginning of violence that has.


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