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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 2, 2020 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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now all jews. and. more protests in ethiopia as a singer whose murder spot days of violence is laid to rest in his hometown. and i mean a lot of us is out there live from doha also coming out today maxwell a close friend of a convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein is arrested in the united states plus. the united states economy added almost $5000000.00 jobs president donald trump touts another fall in u.s. unemployment but the job market is still well short of regaining huge pandemic
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losses. more than a 100 jade minus a killed in a landslide to me in my in the west acts into this kind. they have been more protests and violence in ethiopia days after a popular singer and activist was killed by an unknown gunman a child who's been buried in his hometown was an icon for his country's biggest ethnic group the roma more than 80 people were killed in the days before the funeral now today reports now from nairobi. the funeral for theo paean singer john lewis was held in his native town as under arrest over his death spread from the region where he was seen as a huge. the crowds of bullets were not as big as and disagree to many saved. had been turned away by police and is in the funeral procession could
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turn into one of the protest. for the single was shot in the capital of the suburb on monday the motive for his killing remains unclear the musician and activist embodied the spirit actions of ethiopia slug just at the new group the o'moore his songs focused on the rights of all more people and became. in a series of protests that led to the downfall of the previous prime minister in 2000 he was out and is that we would not have had the kind of what a vision that we had between 20152018 you know yet we don't use protesting we would not have hired the political change that happened he'd been brought a current prime minister to power dozens of been killed in protests in or only this is such a loose killing 3 days ago along with others he had recently become critical of prime minister be ahmed to rule the musician had been imprisoned for 5 years when
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he was 17 for taking part in protests many like him fled into exile fearing persecution but he remained at home encouraging young people to speak out about the plight of with your present largest ethnic group. have long complained of being sidelined prime minister be himself on or on was released political prisoners allowed greater freedom of speech and lifted a ban on several position groups but many would almost say they continue to be marginalized so far the government's handling of this situation has really exasperated the situation instead of giving people the space to more. be one last year's nobel peace prize for his 40 brokering an end to a decades long standoff with neighboring eritrea domestic conflicts of proved harder for the prime minister to smooth over the millions of ethiopians have been forced out of their. on them now concerns still it is in the little more region
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could lead to bloodshed if a force by the prime minister called fail then he appears 1st attempt at 3 democracy could be developed before the next elections are held. by it will become . f.b.i. agents of the united states arrested a close friend of the under-age sex offender jeffrey epstein elaine maxwell is accused by many women of recruiting them for epstein and his wealthy friends to rape and to abuse the financier is reported to have committed suicide one awaiting trial last august in new york after developing a report with the victim's maxwell then tried to normalize sexual abuse with a minor victim through a process known as grooming for example maxwell would discuss sexual topics with the victim and i'm dressed in front of the victim or be present for sex acts involving the minor victims and. that's what his presence as an adult
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woman helped put the victims at ease. as maxwell and. this grooming process left the minor victims of sexual abuse let's speak now it's gabriel is on those following the story in new york this is an important story tell us more about the arrest and the charges that will be made. that's right big relief for many of the victims of jeffrey abstaining over the years who said for many years that could be maxwell was also involved in this and now prosecutors are basically saying the exact same thing she was arrested in new hampshire a state just north of new york in the early morning hours on thursday arrested without incident she is now in the custody of officials here in new york she's facing 6 different charges 2 perjury counts for lying to investigators while being
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interviewed a couple years ago 2 conspiracy counts and then 2 other counts as well including enticing minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts bottom line here prosecutors revealed in a press conference at the courthouse behind me just a few minutes ago what basically was happening was that elaine maxwell was a long time associate of jeffrey abstain and she was not only a business partner and friend of his but also the person that recruited under age women as young as 14 years old according to prosecutors to travel to various locations throughout the u.s. and even to maxwell's home in london according to prosecutors to engage in illegal sex acts with maxwell with steen and others epstein's i was found dead in his prison cell in new york last august it's important to note that this now raises the temperature on the royal family of britain prince andrew has been seen
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in photographs with a young woman and 1000000000 maxwell the young woman says that she was. traffic to . prince andrew maxwell the prince denies any wrongdoing denies that however in this press conference acting. prosecutor overseeing this case was asked about prince andrew involvement in this she said she would not go into details but prosecutors did say they would welcome prince andrew's cooperation as this investigation goes forward. in this case we watch very closely especially by as you say those women who before seafood for justice for years but what's the process now what happens next. well it's going to go to trial most likely will be the next step if it goes that far to a trial which we assume that's been most natural likely next step but probably won't be months away until we get to that max will be will be held in prison until
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then as far as we know the victims will have a chance to again come out and explain to prosecutors and potentially a jury in the future about what they claim are maxwells alleged role in this scheme to recruit young women for or for illegal sexual activities with with. with jeffrey f. students so but clearly there are dozens of alleged victims they've been speaking out for years and now clearly they're going to keep breathing a sigh of relief as they've been calling for years for maxwell to be held accountable for her alleged crimes the road that's the story in new york could get a result of thanks very much indeed thank you. the latest u.s. unemployment figures showed some positive signs for the world's largest economy $4800000.00 jobs were added in june that's more than expected in close to double the total of may the latest unemployment rate has fallen to just over 11 percent
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but the number of american seeking unemployment benefits that felonies slightly is still u.s. president donald trump says it shows the economy is coming back to life. this is not just luck what's happening this is a lot of talent all of this incredible news is the result of historic actions my administration has taken working with our partners in congress to rescue the u.s. economy from a horrible event that was formed took place in china and came here and they could have stopped it they could have stopped it nobody likes to write that but they could have stopped it they know it and i know that u.s. congressional leaders are meeting with top intelligence officials asking for more information about reports that russia offer the taliban money to kill american soldiers in afghanistan president trump denied being briefed on the matter before it was reported by media last week trump's democratic party opponents are demanding
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sanctions be placed on russia immediately the worst mining disaster for years in minn ma has killed at least 162 workers with more missing drowned it happened at a jade mine in pa can't reach it priyanka gupta has this report. a torrent of mining waste collapsed into a lake the landslide triggered by had the monsoon rain creating a wave of mud and water hundreds of miners have no time to scoop. dozens were swept away as rescue workers started piling up body bags to identify the dead the scale of the disaster became more clear especially during the rainy season when heavy rains. and then. we're seeing more and more landslides every year fortunately landslides and cuts in state are common
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or did 50 miners were killed in the same region of northern maine man last year. and another mound of mining waste collapsed 5 years ago killing $120.00 workers the world's most valuable j. despond here officially worth around $750000000.00 between 20162017 but the value of the trade is expected to be much higher because of the huge demolished in china which it is made to do to agree on of and. workers tried to escape poverty come here often as day laborers to look for their precious mineral in 26 in the garment actually suspended the issuance as a new license and expanding your speculations and try to begin a process of reforming and regulating the industry unfortunately despite a new law and policy that they're developing. the government's inability to regulate the environmental and social impacts of mining sector remains controlled
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by our whole armed groups the military itself and crony companies which are operating outside of the control of the government. the miners who died have braved the bad weather. disaster again struck the most secretive. trade. the most go to come in the program including a british judge rules against the venezuelan president nicolas maduro in a battle over doled worth a $1000000000.00 which is held at the bank of england. according france finds a government responsible for birth defects linked to a drug. however no surprises in the weather across the middle east hot dry and sunny sums it up
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rarely we are going to see a little more cloud just pushing towards the far south of a monument even catch a little bit of light drizzle here as the seasonal damp weather starts to push its way towards salada and beyond further north there we go dry and find temperatures getting up to 48 celsius sink us the last very very hot sunshine 42 here in doha what a brisk wind around as we go on through friday more so into west saturday a little bit of lift it doesn't sound certainly a possibility by this stage but further south you will see want to see showers so that western side of yemen and on the other side of the red sea it shows that the showers that we have through eritrea. pushing across the heart of africa some well i.v. rice still in place there across western parts of cameroon southern areas of nigeria still seeing some intense downpours and this heavy rains push right across west africa over towards liberia pushing up towards sierra leone and also through guinea heading towards the gambia as we go on through the next couple of days to sell in
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africa here it is a largely dry lots of sunshine coming through basin places the class connecting with the far south portal is about with a high of 70. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects.
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had a good idea what she had 0 remind of our top stories this hour and there are more protests in ethiopia 3 days after a popular singer and activist was murdered a child who does so who has been buried in his hometown of was an icon for his country simply because ethnic group the order m o. b i agents of the united states of arrested a close friend of the sex offender geoffrey epstein claim maxwell is accused by many women of recruiting them for epstein and for his wealthy friends to rape and abuse. the u.s. president donald trump says the latest job figures prove the economy is roaring back to life after taking it from the coronavirus kind of making 4800000 positions were added and the unemployment rate is falling as more businesses reopened. now a court in france has found the government responsible for birth defects linked to
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an epilepsy drug up to 30000 children were affected after doctors prescribe the drug to pregnant women the state has been ordered to compensate the families of children with congenital malformation at the pharmaceutical giant sanofi which produced the drug and doctors who prescribed it were also found responsible let's bring in mary martha in peppino in france she's the president of the association for helping parents of children suffering from anti convulsing syndrome which represents 7000 of the victims' families mary martin welcome to the program but 1st of all what is your judgment what is your reaction to this judge. yes sure a victory for the. church. means that once they've opened them a king now who was. $967.00
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so it's time we are way too as it's a government suppression of a knife that. don't. date information of the face you use it all. and they're all hundreds if not thousands of other cases out there what will happen now as far as the concert. could be let me. keep my. sanity it is worth sparing as a child. from a she. sat. in the street for me there once gentian. it's. one of them 99 more 85. don't be. no excuse me. because i. say the church
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say's it's a teaser was no no it's a moment you knew he thought so we are happy forever if you wake up to that means it's yours. and you have that nothing because there is a judge computed that it's worked it's not perceived wrote to you. know we talked to him once posed by the thank you so will you continue to fight for the other victims. yes i actually did i had a change. because it's not normal and. it can reach he's some of who he is you know in france you. know their properties and scenes 84 so i hope he may change those decision up to church maybe not have to be. trapped in you decision process he.
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told us after the government was found responsible for birth defects and linked to an epilepsy drug thank you very much indeed now the european court of human rights has condemned france for its treatment of 3 asylum seekers judges said they were forced to live on the streets in what amounts to inhuman and degrading conditions the government has been ordered to pay them compensation. pfizer reinforcements being flown into the russian arctic to help put out huge wildfire has and helped clear and burn off excess vegetation as strong winds of found flames in siberia which is having one of its hottest summers on record a 1000000 hectares of forest has already been destroyed despite the efforts of around 800 firefighters. now in this 1st plasma donation bank is opened in the early states and the worst affected area has started what is it calls the world's largest as my therapy trial to say treat infected patients with plasma from recovered patients could reduce the number of coronavirus there's been reports now
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from the that. the minister for putting it in but he would have been right to praise khan is the 1st person in delhi to have denatured his plasma after recovering from the corona virus and april as the number of infections continues to increase and dia he's planning to donate for a 5th time. down it can make a bad boy it feels really good to donate plasma i feel like i am saving the life of someone i have given plus back to that i'm helping their family returning happiness to their family. plasma therapy is tracing cover on a virus patient's around the world plausible from a former patient's blood to separated for a transfusion to an infected person plasma recovered patients contains antibodies which can fight the virus. trials to determine its effectiveness the continuing but doctors say the results so far are encouraging. for using box instead of the state of the.
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4 x. . centers across the world have sold their. course and. so by virtue of. existence. delhi's government has set up a plasma donation center to make it easier for patients needing the therapy is not only indicated that it will require a lot of people people struggling to find pause to those who have recovered i plead with you in life you get very few opportunities to save someone's life this is you . but unity coronavirus is connected to the deaths of around 800000 indians with more than 600000 factions as well as expanding testing and facilities the worst hit states of delhi and maharashtra a promotion plasma therapy my pastor's government says it's conducting the world's largest plasma therapy trial and 17 of the state's medical colleges while the state
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government here in delhi is organizing transport for diners willing to come here to this hospital with far more recoveries than active infections both states hope that indians who were once sick well now help patients in need elizabeth al-jazeera new delhi. high court has brought to venezuelan president nicolas maduro central bank from getting access to gold worth about a $1000000000.00 the bank of england where the gold is kept is refusing to release it president there at once so he has every right to the us a little help on its way to fight the coronavirus crisis but officials working from rival the opposition leader on quite a major competing claim to the goal demanding it stay in london the judges ruled in favor of. britain and many other countries recognize him as venezuela's president of the murderer calling harding is a latin america analyst and the former latin america editor at the british newspaper the independent and he says missouri desperately needs the gold to help
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when his weight is crippled economy. but the o.l. which is the usual hassle since that's when she actually exchanged one israel and their production is now down to less than a 10th of what it was a few years ago before major came into office and i think it's just collapsed and so there are of course the price of international price of oil is very low at the moment so international revenues that was well have got right down and gold which is produced in tennessee at as well as the reserves and held in london are a source of rather foreign exchange for them 'd that means selling their gold particularly to turkey to to russia to russia or ban routes and if his daughter to iranians were out of that meeting secretly shipped to iran which of course is against the sanctions on those countries imposed by the united states this is the way the 'd majority government is trying to transfer nonsense its operations in
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a very bad economic state the economy is actually collapsed gold is one of the few things that has to tend to. know than the senate in the united states has approved legislation to sanction china ever see implementation of a sweeping new security law in hong kong hundreds of people were taken into custody during protests in hong kong on wednesday the new law punishes subversion and what it considers terrorism carries a life sentence u.s. bill will now go to the white house for president donald trump signature let's go to she returns is on capitol hill in washington d.c. and she had one presumes the president will sign this and what will it mean. well we never know what all shot will do until until he does admit unanimous consent amongst democrats and republicans that in both the house and the senate. it's interesting we are seeing various actions being taken by the white house and the
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administration against china already as a result of hong kong the special status of of hong kong is being is being being changed and that about affect certain trade issues involving high tech material dual use material defense material there are also sanctions already in place because on some chinese officials because of what's going on in hong kong this these sanctions will be against banks who do business with officials who are deemed to be responsible for any crackdown on protesters in in hong kong and then already we had also other citations which are being worked on right now against china because of allegations of human rights abuses against the readers in shouldn't john and that example is quite notable because that's when we sort of trump donald trump israel politic he's been quite open he said he delayed those sanctions he delayed signing those sanctions after enormous support in congress for them because the trade deal was still being negotiated the phase one trade deal that trade deal has been signed up but we also know that the chinese wall and might compare the
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secretary of state to a week ago but there are red lines that they have that america shouldn't cross and if china was to withdraw from that trade deal for example it would be disastrous for donald trump's electoral platform because especially to agricultural communities in the u.s. so these are considerations that we have to take him to take into account having said that there might compare state mike pence the vice president very outspoken against china in the last few days about what's going on and these sanctions do seem relatively mild but as always we don't know where the president will sign whether he'll delay or have any ill will do anything else signing statements until he actually until he actually does it with these sanctions would you think that the effects are. then will ultimately trickle down and work against the people of hong kong themselves. and that means i think what we're looking at here is is against banks who do business with party officials to be part of the crackdown so i
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mean it's clear i think. something was up if for example the u.s. suddenly said all right we're going to crack down on capital inflows into hong kong or its trading position generally or capital inflows to china because all of these do have a ramifications for the u.s. as well economically and that's not what we're seeing at the moment it does seem does seem relatively mild but i haven't actually read all the small print i have to admit but this does seem to be only on the outer edge of what the u.s. could be doing right now. you have thanks very much for the chamber times reporting from capitol hill and despite the mountain international pressure china is refusing to back down let's hear now from devika poland reporting from hong kong. then uli enacted national security law has already been used against some of the thousands of protesters who defied warnings and took to the streets on july the 1st the 23rd anniversary of the handover from british colonial rule many are questioning the
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legislation's reach and how it's going to be enforced chinese president xi jinping passed the law after it was drafted in record time in beijing hong kong's legislative councillors legal experts and academics who would normally be involved in writing the law saw the text for the 1st time after it was an acted legislative council and barrister tanya chan is concerned that the law could be open to interpretation by police and prosecutors based on the chinese national security law national security covers a very wide range of activities including something related to economy religion. education media internet all these things will be included the law targets crimes defined as subversion sedition terrorism and collusion with foreign powers with the maximum penalty of life in prison but because of all bunkum needs
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national security law to suppress those troublemakers those traitors i believe we need the national security law to stay prosperous hong kong and the chinese government say the law is necessary to restore order in the special administrative region where anti-government street protests made the headlines worldwide the government and parts of the business sector have been trying to rally support for the new law saying it will bring stability to the city in fact the floating banner behind me celebrates the enactment of the law but there are concerns that it could put the city status as an international financial center at risk at least $27.00 countries have echoed concerns that hong kong's freedoms and rule of law are at risk britain's prime minister says. the legislation is a serious breach of the 1997 handover agreement which guaranteed freedom and autonomy for 50 years and china's warning of consequences if the british government changes overseas passport rules to offer a path to citizenship for nearly half of hong kong's population. we reiterate that
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hong kong affairs of china's internal affairs and foreign countries have no right to interfere for many in hong kong it's a new era one which brings the way they're governed and the legal system closer to the rest of china the bigger pollen al-jazeera hong kong. are less of a quick update of the top stories here in al-jazeera and starting with breaking news that we just brought you the u.s. senate has just approved legislation to sanction china for imposing sweeping new security lord hong kong hundreds of people taken into custody through protests in hong kong on wednesday the new law punishes subversion and what china considers to be terrorism of the u.s. bill will now go to the white house for president donald trump signature. there are more protests in ethiopia 3 days after a popular singer and activist was murdered a child who's been buried in his hometown of amber was an icon for his country's
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biggest ethnic group the overall. u.s. prosecutors are accusing dylan maxwell of playing a critical role in the jeffrey epstein abuse scandal she's been arrested by the f.b.i. on charges of sex trafficking i've seen is reported to have committed suicide while awaiting trial last august in new york. after developing a report with victims maxwell then tried to normalize sexual abuse with a minor victim through a process known as grooming for example maxwell would discuss sexual topics with a victim and undress in front of the victim or be present for sex acts involving the minor victims and epstein and that's what his presence as an adult woman helped put the victims at ease as maxwell and epstein intended this grooming process left a minor victim susceptible to sexual abuse. us president trump says the latest job
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figures prove the economy is roaring back to life after taking a hit from the coronavirus pandemic 4800000 positions were added in the unemployment rate is falling as more businesses reopen according to francis from the government's responsible for birth defects linked to an epilepsy drug up to 30000 children were affected after doctors prescribe the drug typically into pregnant women at the state has been ordered to compensate the families of children with congenital malformation it's the pharmaceutical johnson no feet which produced the drug and doctors who prescribe it were also found to be responsible. so stay with headlines on al-jazeera got more news coming up in news or in fact right after inside story as we see the aftermath.
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once a cathedral then a mosque now a museum i also fear is at the cost of a legal battle to convert it stumbles emblematic monument back into a mosque but why now what purpose would it and how political is the decision this is inside story. and i know that and welcome to the program i'm laura.


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